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Full text of "Leabhar na n-Urnaighe Comhchoitchionn, agus mhiniostralachd na ..."

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at |http : //books . qooqle . com/ 



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Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Digitized by VjOOQ lC 

-*>"''^<-'V. \.-7'^ 




Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Digitized by VjOOQIC 



ISleACb^i T 3)e4tt39A1c e^le ija b^^sl^tr^j 


tÌ.ij^AsUir 6AtAi)Ac A5Vf £]]i]ov^à Aoi)c>i5ce ; 



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i ' ; j * • ' '^ ^ ^ / ' 
AB NA CBVB^AltìdLt) Itf,'.}f:. GOODJnNy 

. ' ^f' pÌ3i;nwk.otT9*rt, ; 


\ J^ air na riac ag Ti^ an ChamMuadaxri a eCeaiharchmnn 

; ^udùòwriy 

I • ', 1825. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 



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Digitized'by C^OOQIC 

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tìqibvgìxò (dftD^t^ 1)4 atoioe 45Vf 1)41 ^Afbije. 
iC|ie|8 ai^^ori) tttAOAfjxìf ; A5Vf, Up l^foccAV. 
^fii)&f5jce "^^c^b^c ÌÌ^^<gCì7f 4 <$)ecAtbfb foUftÒ^)^*^ 
OtlA b<&|t«^1beA&A, iEpifqleAÒA, A5Vf Soffse^U^ 

cttii) vf :k.|be v^ ii)lil|A6t)A. 
<fefibu5A <rtf ofOfbftAUcb Svfpe^ft ai) ^fS^Afii)^, i)o 

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<n|i)fOfbfiAUcb fiAffbeAÒ ^ufblfse 9(tAp|DeAi), bo 

bejc beAi)c4 f Ap i&eAn)polU 
^lOfOfbft^Ucb ^A^fbeA^ l^fifobAibeAC CWAOfpgi), 

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<S)fibu5A CvAfttt' bo ;d&Abfilf b S^5V 

itort)AOfD DA D^AÌ)?^'-EfT>§f, :< V - 

(feftbujA ?ì6Uca6' da *rfAftb. 

X^bAffie ÌJvf6eACAff ^t)^ CAftèff ^fiefc ZUve, 

^ombA^Afft, Do Ì\ifblfU5<v6 i^efftge Dè, A^vf 4^ 

ÌÌftefceArt)D>7f , A DA5Af6 ^eACACCAf b» 
tÌD CÌPf AlCAfft, DO X^f A|ln> ÌAfbi^ 


:••!•••'.• • 

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I • • • • 
• • • • . •, 

• •*•.• « 
• '^ . • • 
' *• • ••• 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 








Ht Sund. 


lealah 2 


Deut. 12 

Deut. 3 




Whit Sunday 




Ist Les. 


Isaiah I 





Acts 10, 


-4^. Christmat 

Trin'Uy Sund, 


V. 21 

Ist Sund. 



Ist Les. 

Gen. I 

Gen. 18 




2dLes. < 

Matt. 3 

1 John 5 

-4^ -E/JÌyiA. 

Jfter TrinUy 

ist Sund. 



Ist Sund. 

Josh«a 10 






Judges 4 

Judges 5 


5$ . 



1 Sam.2 

'1 Sam. 3- 



, 58 















2 Sam. 19 


Gen. 1 












9, to Y. 20 





In IjerU : 

. ^ 




IgX Sund. 





2 Kings 9- 














43 , 


14th , 

Jerem. 5 

Jerem'. 22^ 



Exod. 5 




. . l Ist Les. 




Exek. 2 

Ezek. 13 


Heb. 5, to 




jl?asler t)ay: 

V. 11 





Exod. 12 

Exod. 14 

19th ' 

Daniel 3 

Daniel S 


Rom* 6 

Acts 2, V. 



Micah & 





Prov. 1 

Ist Sund. 

Num. 16 

Num. 22 


. Prov. 2 



, 23, 24 




12 ^ 


Deun 4. 

Deut. 5 













. 26th 





■ EVEV. 


t EVEK. 


Psalm 19 

Ps. .89 


. P3.2 

Ps. 115- 








. 118 

Ash Wednes* 





Ps. 24 











Ps. 22 

Ps. 69 

mU Sunday 

Ps. 48 

Ps. 104. 


. 88 







Digitized by VjOOQIC 

nMxmisliit €mnf^t^it^iom, 


aeAC^ T De^rS^^TÈ^ e^le ija b^AsUife, 


«. ij^AsUir 6AtAi)Ac A5vf ìÈ]|1|0Ua6 A0f)CM5ce ; 



xlr tut bpmModk mar chanUtr m raèdh^r iad a tTampUlìtf^,. 

AB NA Cmfk: a\ tÌÒLÌ) Std\H. GOODJriN, 


JÌ0U8 air na rSac ag Tigk a» ChaiMMàair^ a cCeatkarchmnn 


/1 ^^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ lC 






•••• •-•• 

• * • • ^ • 

• • • • • 

• • • •« 


%!) £A.|le|Dbefftj iD^iille le £U|t i)a Det3|o9I 

iC|ie|6 ai^tori) ^tAi)A]?'vrf ; A^vf, ^ij 1^|0ccav. 
®f*'?M3P^ 1>c<ib^c 6^6gc>^ 4 <S)ecAtb]b (oU|t6^«l 
3tA b<&^^l^eA6A, /&}>]\'V]le^6Ay^^Yx Sojfse^U^ 

cuii) vfàsfbe v^ ii)IJI|a6i)a. 
<£)L|ibu5a <n|0]Ofb]iAUcb fiv|peni ai) 2Lf3eA|ii)A, t)o 

A1) 4i0lf)A01!) 3l<lOlÌ)CÀri 

^1i)10fb[iAUc6 fiAifbeA6 ^uibliJe Q(lApii)eAi);» bo 

bejc beAi)c4 f <^5 3£eAii)poll. 
^jOlofbit^tUcb^ ^AifbeA6J^1obAibeAC 3lA0|i)gi), 

A bcfsib. 
^tOlofbjtAUcb i0^ifbeA6 tyc^ I^livti^je cts cun> 

^oife, T b|of Abvt6 cvti) f tigStiA ^ c^ foi) fèii). 

tì)fibu3A Ai)i6btvbA'^3ntu5<\l:-'* '- ' ' '" 

;SoUun)t)<x]3 Ài>;5^6fV?|2-^' '-''* 

<S)TibutA itvAiftc bor ÌyAbmfb SW9ir 

iton)AO|i) i)A i)X)A5>?^^Ett>§?> :\ '^' • 

<fetibu34 %&Uca6* i)a ^^Ajib. 

l^b^vtlie ÌSyr]6e^CA]Y <^d\ CA|tètf Ì^ftetc ZUrie, 

£,oit)b<v3<vtti, Do i\itbliu3<v6 J^etftge X)è, A^vf ^; 

JÌfiefceAn)t)\?f , A 1)^3^16 ^eACACc^tb* 
tii) c^rAlcAiit, 1)0 l?f A|ln> ÌAtb^.. 


»••• •% •••* ••••• 

• • ••* • •• V .•::•• 
•V.: :.••:: :••; 

• •**•: •*• ••••••• • 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 










I^aiah 2 , 


Deut. 12 

Deut. 3 








Ist Les. 


Isaiah I 





Acts 10, 


JÌfì, Chrisimas 

Trinity Sund. 


V. 21 

Ist Sund. 



Ist Les. 

Gen. 1 

Gen. 18 






1 John 3 

Jijter £pi]iJu 

4^ rnni^y 

ist Sund. 



Ist Sund. 

Joshva 10 






Judges 4 

Judges 5 


5S . 



1 Sam.2 

ì Sam. S 



. 58 














2 Sam.l2 

2Sam. 19 


Gen. 1 

















In Ijent :■ 

, ^ 




Ut Sund. 





2 Kings 9 














43 , 


14th . 

Jerem. 5 

Jerem'. 22^ 


£xod. 3 

Exod. 5 




. ) Ist Les. 





Exek. 2 

Ezek. 19 


Heb. 5, to 




JBaster ììay : 

V. 11 





Exod. 12 

£zod. 14 

19th - 

Daniel 3 

Danìel 6 


Rom. 6 

Acts 2, V. 



Micah & 

AfterEaster : 




Prov. 1 

Ist Sund. 

Num. 16 

Num. 22 


. Prov. 2 



. 23, 24 




12 V 


Deut, 4 

Deut. 5 


















Ash Wednes' 

Good FrHay 



Psalm 19 

Ps. 89 






Ps. 102 






Ps. 69 


« 88 



WÀit Sunday 








Ps. 48 


Ps. IIS. 

, 118 
Ps. 24 


Ps. 104 








S. Andrew 

Prov. 20 

Prov. 21 

Eàster Week : 




Ist 1^3. 

Exod. 16 

Exod. 17 



Matt. 28 

Acts 3 

Ist Les. 

Isaiah 9 



tov. 18 

to V. 17 


Exod. 20 

Exod. S2 






1 Cor. 15 

V. 15 

tov. 9. 

to V.' 15. 

& Stephen : 



Ecclus 5 

ist Les. 

Prov. 28 




Acts 6, v. 

Acts 7, V. 








A. John : 

to V. 30. 








Deut. 10 

2 Kifigs 2 


Rev. 1 

Rev. 22 


Lukè 24, 

Ephes. 4 


V. 44. 

tov. 17. 


Jer. 31,to 

Wisd. 1 


V. 18. 



Nu.ll, V. 

Circumàsim : 

V. la 



O&à. 17 

Deut. lO^ 


1 Cor. 12 

l Cor.l4, 

V. 12. 


to V. 26. 

• SdLes. 

Kmn. 3 



iSam. 19 

Dciit. 30 


V. 18. 

T :t«tLe9. 


Isaiah 49 



1 John 4, 



V. 12, to 

tov. 14. 

ìlConversion of 

V. 23. 

V. 12. 

8. Bamabas : 


S. Paul: 




Ist Les. 





Acts 15»to 

, 2d Les, 

Act6 82, 

Acu 26 

S, Jokn Bap, 


to T. 22. 

Ist Les. 

Mal. 3 


Pi^c. ofthe 



Matt^ 14, 

r, Mary 


Wisd. 12 

S, Peter: 

tov. 13. 



Eidus. 1 





Eccles. 2 




Act8 4 


& James 



hefore Easter 

S, Bartholom, 



Ist Les. 

Hosea 13 


S. Maithew 



2d Les. 

John U, 

S. mcìiael 





Gen. 32 

D«n. IQ 

hefore Easter: 


Acts, 12, 




Jerem. 31 

to V. 20. 

tov 16. 


John 1 a 



Job 1 

Good Friday: 




Gen. 22, 


\ AU Saints 

to V. %Q, 

Ist Les. 




' John 18 


V. 10. 

V. 17. 

'^asier Even : 



Bey: 19, 



Exed. 13 


tov. 17. 


Luke 23, 

Heb. 4 


tov. f. 

V. 5«. 



thjì; oauìì ndar, with table *' usasons. 



a-«tQ<e i»«»aeo»o-MC« 

15««^ |«^««o^cj2;S225?22-8Sg3 ISSSSSSjS 






,;^M9«o beveo^udoot^oooop-KNm^oieQ^ioQO Se9ieo>^tO ^ 



&#Me<i«o'^i««o«o ** |;«eo'^»ocer%aoo8o»M*s 

3- ^ 

•d i c^'^coco 


co I ìat^Oif^o 



-* e^ « '^ «0 «D w-ee oi o »-< «-eo ^ »6 S?5Sà,25 S eì&S S ^S SSfS §è 

Digitized by VoiOOQlC 



3 3 «o»M 

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e%<« fle«M'<#*oceK>iCoa»9'-«e<ico'^>oce»^oe 

Ssl^**Ssl^*«S2S2? |2S|«Ì« 


1-^ « eo "iwo « r* » » o w^ 9« lo "« «9 <© t>» 0© » o Ti^ 



g Tji «0 O t>» » O j^ 2 2. Ì ®^ **'*•*§ ^ «'*•«•§*'« -i ^' « ^ •*» >? 

C4 >-i, 


4 <i 

HS*»«032;g«g |g,g|. 

f-i e« OQ <« le ee t^eo oO'-io«co'<«>oo i>oo e» o s^ 


Digitized by VoiOOQlC 


_.• ■ . MAY. 

'11""'"**^— ssssssg&ssRsassasRsl 

I ^2252S^8l^«>»:e2S22S8à S^««»|«^»2| 

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5s • 







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32 g'««'*'«»t>.«» I «»2SS^ J^^'^'^^ J I •••*'*«o I » 


|w«^^««23s ,g«j5j,S;gg, 







:::;;:: :1*: : : : : ; 



i n Mii ! n 


^ 04 00 ^'*e «& tNiCD 9» O^ 2 2'^ ''^ ^ ^°^ ^^ •"I l^ «6 ^ H9-< 

Digitized by VoiOOQlC 



H £W 



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'^ 10 ^ ao «o t»oaa> o ^ e« 9b ^ »e «D-t>»oe o» 







Digitized by VoiOOQlC 




M7«*««et^Q0»9««««»'«aO«D £ M«9<«|iief»>%«0»0<^«««^ « 

60««««»^aO«D C 



>H Cì Q4«0 

'-«(Meo'^*o«et<«QOi9sO"^e^c«9'5tiioot^co9dO — ff^eo'^'CQe 





•^ ««| «0 ■« «9 O l>«0 0> 

O^J WOT^MflO-^ji OO J 01 «9 ■* •00;jèq« '^ g; 

o » £ (5 

co ** 


'^ooeo I eq'4i<oeo'SMiot«»0 Ip-i 00*^:5 

o<M-^o'^'«ooeo ieq'4i<oeo 



» ,«■ 91 «0 Ti« ua ce ** ^fl 

•So>p-4«^«»ot*o^co»olf«OiOf«»o I F^m^«^o*3<«oeQ i oe«i^ 









Digitized by VoiOOQlC 









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i=.«..,«„«„««, „.,,,,,«, 

«» .aafea^88fe8^99^9s8i8^Si I I I68S 
8 . . 



Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^ì^ny]t i)A ^Ai»»#. 

A ttùf oniul^ na MMdliBe^ IfigMdh m Miniitefr rt bM« 
f huth aonradh eiocin^ no nids mò dona ràitibhse na Scriop* 
turdoleanas; agus ann sin d^a iè » nidh Itta fcriobhm 
n ndiiddh n» jTtite teMim fiiu 

bo fi^pe j-è, Asrf bo d^ fè ai) UÌ6 Af bl]r^]OT>Ac T 
Af c§|tc, rAO|tf m6 f è A AD4m bèo. Ì5f ec, XTÌii, 27, 

ttbii7M3]tD 11)0 c]oj)cA, A5ttf AP^fifo pfpA^ $f n)a 
ènpe A ccori)i)M6^, IPf . li. S, 

/oU6 1)^5^16 òrt) peAp4^ìbfe, Ajrf fSjttof r^lH) 
11)0 c]opcA. S?f. li. 9, 

f(f ]Ab ]66bA|tcA 3Dè f ]»|eftAb b|i]fre x ti]i 
ottd]6e b|tifce Asuf èoiijtwbitìrgce, a ì)è, v| ^f^Ai;^ 
PAftcrifoe, l?f. U. 17. 

lteÀ.brt6 bo c|t6|6e, T Df beAbAiJ, T ]r|Uì6 ònin 
A») XìseAltDA btt|i T)D|A : oi|i ac4^ fè 3|t4tfAri)ril 
^5^r c|t6cMTteAC, ii)aU crm f eiftje, Ajrf Uo bo 
C|i)èAl, T AcA AiC]t$CAt A]]t rn) A i)olc. i^oeliL 13, 

iife A]t cX]5eA^DA iDlA beADAf C]t66A]]teA6A T 
iDA|èeATÌ)i>rf5 5]6 5ii]t CAiPAl6eATDA]itDe DA A5AI6 { 
Di »d6 bttri)lìf5eAiDA]i bo Jiic ad 3t]SeA]tDA A]t dDia^ 
^ flo^Al AD A 6li5*1^) ^^ ^ ^^P r^ ltori?ìr#t 
Dad- ìx. 9j 10, 

«• t]5§]tDA, fWAèbA] J iDè, Aib iDA|Ue U bfieii:* 
eArijDAf : Dl A$ cfei^tj, beAjU 50 D^^At)PA Utfrit* 
Di6 8]0TD» J^e]t. X, «4. — IPf , vi. l. 

DèADA]6 Aieiti5^} p|]t bo |^]fwb ftiojA^Jb DefiiM^ 
Hfb, 4!ac, iìi. 2/ 

Ì^ffiedcA]6 iD^, ^ ftAÒA]6 iDè bfoQfoije iDAÌAfi^ 
^S^ bèAftìf6 iDè ftff ; tC AèAfft, bo f 6a(A]6 4D* a* 
•aSai6 Defriie, A^uf Ab ffAjD^fe, Asrf d] t?1r fD^ 
ItAAfaBiA llOri)AefA t»P 5'4]P«<) 6^^1Dr Vrc. XV. 18, 19. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

VHtfk tk]i cttìt) b|te]ceÀn)T>Aif lè bo fe4^}ihfo^ì)C'^ 
^1S> ^ ^ 3tt5eA|ii)A : o]ji t)] f l|tèAi)C4|i i)6ac bèo 
AD criAgDAlHr^' ^r- cxliii. 2. 

I>^ T)Ab|tAn) DAè fef ^l pè'ACAÒ 0]t>fi), Ac:8iTD>?b b^ft 

i!)eAlU8 |:ein, A^ur DÌ bf>?ì a DfìltiDe A^^f) : D^ 

DAbibAH) A|t bpèACA]6e, Aca^e^ifOD f^|t]D«AC A^vf 

. €eA|tc ]te A|t bpeACA]5 bo TÌ)A]ceAn) 81id, Asuf ]tè]i 

I^Iai)a6 ò DMle D«tTt)^irtèADCACb. 1 Co. i. 8, 9^ 

tt l^|t^]t]te ]t6 ]ODri)>?De? acA Ap £iCft]opc\?Tt bXfi 
ll)bporbtt5A6, A D]OTDAb bA]C]b, cjutd A]t D]ol]OTDAb 
peACA'b Ajvf TD6]ilocb bAbTD^ll AjV-f bf AO]];b|i> ; 
-^J^r "^AC ]ODbeADCA 6^D A be]C aj 3Ab^]l a le]c- 
f 5è]l DO 6a cctt]t f A èMrt) A b]riA8D>?H X>è ®t]lecYn)- 

AteAlJ Ajt D^CAlÌt D«ATb6A; ACb A DAbTbA]l f^ 

c]td]6e ttiDAÌ, >?rt]]|ol, A]C]t]geAC, Ajuf vTDO]beAC, 

èVTD TDA]CeATT)DAr b]:4ll5A]l ^ODCA, C]lè DA TÌ)A]C]fOf 
ASYf C]tè DA C|t6CA]]te 5AD C]Ì]CfeAD. ^5Uf ^]& 

50 Dbli5tD]b 5AC >Fle AD) A]t bpeACA]8 OAbTD^]! | 
5f]A5DA]]f Dè sobuTDAl; 5]6eA6 Af co]]t 6^d 50 
^6 A]]i]5 ];d bo 6èADA6 ad cad bo D]TDÌb C0TÌ)C]t>ii>- 
1 tt8A A^vf ceAÒb A ccoTb&i^]t Acè]le, cttTD b>76gcxff 

bO tAbA]ttC f^ DA l)]0lTT)A]t]f bO 5lACATDA]t 6 DA- 

lAiDAib, A a6tt)oIca ]t6 o]]t6eA]iCA bo cttp 6f:A]]tb, 
A b|t]ACA]t yt6 DAOTÌ)èA be]fbeAcb, A^uf da De]ce 

b]A]ttM6 AeA ]t]A'CbADAC, T DA CC]tWA60]5 COIDA]P 
bOD CO]tp A^ttf bOD ADATD. ^jTDetfD 3Vì6]Tt) AJUf 

AèèMDSiTD ]ib, AbfTìrl Hb*ì?lo ad fo UcA]]t, TD]|^bo 
cO]beAcb, ]tè' 3IAD C]t6]6e, Ajuf ]tè ^lo^t ùtÌ9aI> òuxt) 
CAtAO]]te DA D3]tAr i)eAti)6A, A3 ]tA8 viD 8]A]5]*e, — 

faoisditi gl)ene«raxlte, l^ radha aon phobal uUe a ndiaigb 
ati Mhihisteir^ ar a nglùinlbh. 

ii, ?^CA]>]V 9t]leè(»ii|4cbA]6 Asuf A8bAlè]i6cìi]i0, 
èuA8tDA]t A]t eAt]t^ib A^rr ^i* rs^T^^ ^ ^o tM j* 
c]bfe iDA]^ CAO]tcA|b cA]Uce; bo UA^iDAft 30 
|tÌ6 m6]i n)eAD3A 1 tD]AUA A]t 5C]taì8ceA6 fè]D : bo 
C]ADkC>?5eAtDA|t A DA3A]6 bo 6l]^eACA b$ò>cs^9 < 
^)?^5^v^4 5A» b^D>^tD i^ 9e]ce liv8 c6]|i b^ bta 


ftèAOArb ; ^5vp t)ì 6K>fl fl^lijce Afi b]c ]o5^1^« ^c^ 
CttfA, A EblS^^ltt;^) bèAPA crid<^4fYt6 0|VA]b> n^ 
f e4òA|5 liòbocb^ : 4^0]5illre, a l)bè, ad *]tMi)$ 
Abtb^fjeAf A cc]oi)cA t £46^1 ]i A]i ^r)A]f 40 liicb 
4ca 4]C|i]65C ; Do ]iè]]t bo JjlUTboAC^ b|!OjUK^ 
CV' bOI) Ò]ns6 b4004 A O'JofA Ì]t]Ofb 4]t ct]5g]ttr4* 
^5Wf AO0C4I5, 4 ?4c<V]ft JtOCJtÒC4J]t]6,4}t4 fOt)fC^% 

(do cc4]C]:e4n7 4]t u^be^rè^ ò fo 4ii)ac 50 b]^4> 
f|]tc©4]tc, it)e4fA]t64, itttii)5ld|]te b^on)4 i)4«ibcA 
|fè|t)-» ^ii)ei). 

Àn Absoloid, nò an maith'eomlinàs peacaidhe, chanas aii 
aagart amhàin^ ne aheasamh ; ar mbeith don phobal ar a 
nghiài^ do ^nath. 

DJf^ ^]lectini4Cb4c, tic4]]t 4ft Xc]5gft94 ;9of 4 
£|t]Ofb, lè i)AC ti)]4i) b^f 41) psc4i|6, 4Cb lè|t fe4^ 
4 t>o^jUe46 6 04 loèb4]b ■] 4 6e]c 04 be4C4]6 ^ T 
bo Ctt5 cuTb4èb "^ 4]ètre 64 <rt]Otf cè]]i]b, %bfolò|br "t 
<n4]c§n)0Af 4 bpgC4]<> b4^cti]f> T b]:0]^ll]^u546 64 
pobUjb, 4 lobèjc 4k.]6fi]6gè 601 b: S40]t4]6 fè^ f Y4f- 
5l4]6 fè'40 rr}^]t> bo 0| A]C]t]5^c4r 50 fì]i]ò©4C, i 
èttefb]Of 4 ^feoff5^4l be^-è^jSèe 50 bfOijl^fbMc^. 
H|iO©|IO 5M6rDlb è 4]C]tj3 f^it]iJeAC4 bd C464ftic 
6^^ vll«^p]o]t4^b (3!t40ibc4; cart) 04 o^jcefe bo 

M»oe JÈO 

èA^Opf) ^]f OOC 4C^Tl>A0]b ^O 6èA04n) 4^f^ 04117- 

fo, "^150 ]tA]b AO Cìfb ejle b9^]t robeACA 04 6].4]§ f6 
^jojtjUo 45Vf 040ibc4 ; Att tb66 50 b]rè4bt:4io frA. 
6eotS èe4Cb cvii) 4 fò|5 t]o\fiòyi^e^ony cpè ;3(df4 
Cpt^'f b ^tt t£] Je4]t04. 

Preagoroidh an pobul ann so, agus ag deireadh gach or- 
BuighChe eile^. AMEN. 

Annsoin sleachdfaidh an Ministeìr, agus deara se 
'f igheama lè ^or sdchloide ; ar mbeith don phobal mar an 
ccàdna ar a ngluinibh, agus do ràdh mar aon rfs^ ann s6 
igiirfdB aim gach ^t eile don tseirbhis dhiadha ndèantar 

tc«: i>%c4ttt, 4cA 4tt ogtb, SX40Tbè4tt h^]^^; 
Xt^e46 bo t*]054cb ;- ^$1)C4]% bò co]l 4]^ ct^Uibt 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

ttj^tenjìbDe &òib bo cioSt^iàeAf -<^fi 1)^3^16 ; ttsui* 
t>A citeofiAib fip criij CAeAiàtèj *tcb f ao|i n^ * 
oU : (S)i]i ^i* IgC |*è|T) AD ntogActt, T ai) crny^cty^ 
^S^f ^^ 3^1 1^ S<> *^ì^'^ ^^T 50 b|t4id* fliijèt). 

Ann sin siiit an «eèàdnft dèaraidh te» 

JJ^yies. ^srf c^rib A|1 tDbèil bo !Ì)oU6 6f Àt]t^» 
4SaS. * ^ *^^* ^è'J^ ^«icf i]i ànn) f]Vho f AoytAÒ ? 
/|te5. i& A Ìl5eA|ti)A, bèAD^ c^pAb cuip gws,- 
tJAii) lii> ! • 
▲nn 80 $1 BeflBamh sùas doniomiàn, àdeàraidh an 8àgàrt> 

eiò]^ bo i>ttcAt|t, T boi> ^rt^^c, T bot) Spio|tAbi' 

/|te. <nA|t bo b^ A|i ccttf, AtX A i)Oif, ^srf bìAf 
JO bttne, f A05AI 3Ai?citic. ttii)ei). 

Sa5* ^oWèfe At) Ei5eA|ti)A. 

«Ftte. 00 ftAlb At1)l1» I)è I1)<^CA» 

Aniitoin a d^arthar no canfar an tsàilmsi leantfats lèath m 
muìgh do dhomhnach casg, alr ar hordùigheadh.^ui oilef 
agus nì coir a lèaghadh ann so ar a naoimhèadl^^ÌAl^M;- ^o- 
mhi ar bith^ ach a neagar ghnàthaidhe na Psft^. ^ 
Psal. xctr. * 

Venite, exultemns Domino, * 

KA5At6, bèADArt) IrAcjAjite crtx) ^vZyteAfiVAt 

bèADAH) fttAirt) 34i]TibeAc bo CAHtAic Att fUD^fjce* 
XaSaii) bo lAcAiit A A|5ce tiè cAb^c bì?à<gc>Tf t 

1 bèADArt) frAirt) IrAcjAtitgc c>^5è |tè pf Aln)ìfb« 
CMit tf Dt A rt)ò]t AD £l5eA]tDA : T »15 rt)ò|t òf ciop 

t)A Drtle Ì)èe. 

5oDA latrt) AC^t^ "^l* *^tce 6ottt)De DA »Atn)Ai> : ^ 

Ìk]\\^^ DA CCDOC tODA CriDACC'^b. 

^f letf AD rt)^tt, T è tfètD bo tttDe] : T bo èm)A^b4 
A l^n)A AD tfeAtiAD cttttrt). 

^^5^1^> bèADArt) A6ttA, 1 clAÒDArt): f tlMo«> Att 
t^sHoe 6f cotfje ADÌIsoAttDA A^t cAjirò^Jceottu 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

<i D|V5 11)4^ eircige a yrc, i>v c|ittA|6|5« Wni 
ccTtò|6e.: rt)A|t i>o|i|i)eAb<V||t a *!1e|t|bAb, Ari|>»l ]f * 
lo ^Af f^b f Ai) bf ^f AC ; 

Jf^^]t A-|t cv||\eAbA|t bv|t i>Aic|te cacu^;^ ofmm s 
bd 6eA|tb>i?5eAbA]t tiTè, 4150^ bo c<^CAbA^ t90{b- 

So b] njè Sa f|cc|ob bl]^6A|i) A|t rt)o 6uAi6|te^ 
IHf At) i>5ir>eAU-cfo^ T a bubjt^: ^f pobAÌ feAc- 
jiXi)^c A 5C|td|6e ]Ab, ") i)|ott bA|ci;e 6d].b 190 fliSr 

±)4i|t ib|o5ìf5iof a9 «)fe]]t5: i)ac .]iACA|bif 4^ 
fceAC b<w xYA\n)r)e^x. 

0l6||t bo i^'licAiit, n boi)<lìlA*: *] bop <Spy>]tAb 

^A]t bo b} A]t ccvf , Ac^ A ^(r> 1 ^l'^f S^ b]i4c : 
f ^05^1 JAH c]iìc. ttn)ei). 

Ann siii lesnfaid na Psailm ana ordughadh mttr atiid or< 
duighthe : Agus ag deireadh gach Psailine thrid an mblMdb« 
ain^ agus mariingceadna iar ccrìochnadha, Benedicite, Btm 
nediehis, Magnifìca^ ^ngaa Nunc dUnUHi, dèarthar* 

<Sldm bo xfiit^\^ -^ boi) ^c : *] b^ ^SfyjojCAb 

/^èi <nA]t bo b] 4^]t ccun AC«^ 4^ ^oif>^^ bt*f 
jobrt^: £»4k054J^ 5^0 c}t]c. tifDeD* 

Ann sm Mgltfidhett go soiUexr^ do^^ ghnth èh<$chh>iidè, aa 
C^ead L%hion, ar na thabhairt as an tSdn Tiomtfk^ tnflr. 
•U orduighthe san oCaikndeir (inuns mbk Làìghto 
Chinnte orduighthe don La d^eadna) : ar mheith donlèu^ 
theoir na sheasamh^ agus dà iompodh fein> ar a mow w 
IbUT ft gdninfid a mbiaidh do laftnair uiìe è. Agua iar lia 
dèarthar no canfùi&ear Ingiedhilg an dtaintie dÀ ngoirw 
idàat. 7> Deum ìmiamui, go ketbeadihiiit tfiiMuite 

CaaùmfStaÈigtt, W gtd^ nile L%hMii gtir eH^fr tiott Mhliiifii* 
tèir aràdh, Ann so thosaìdheas, a leithid so ^ Chaihi^ySi' 
mà 'Bana dà leithiil m> d» chaibidiT> da Iskìuà m è^ 


XietbBfli* : Agus « udiaigh gadi uile L^iBboih^ Ann m» 
' 4ino«fanui4hea8 an Chead> nò aa Daraj LeigUos. 
Te Deimi* 

^oUttrAo^b tY'5 4 Sb^ < 4^ii9^6tf)ìb 5y|i ttl a9^ 

ti8|tA|6 Al^tAUtO ^U iM-! At) tUtAy(i tÌ0t^'W6>?. 

<jii)t)A]f, T A bpftbOitiot^AcbAib io$c*. 
Ì>>fCfB etti)S]b bo J.!)Aè t)4^XbeA]tìfrb|t)]6 : Agrf 

. t^A SeA|U^]t)f6r 

SlAOtÌ^tA) àlAOtÌ^tA, StAOtt)£A r £]^«A]t1)A Ì)]A 

tC c^b 9(teAtt) A5tef £AUti) Ut; bo t96]t6A£b : ba 
Sl6]]iefe. ^ , , , ^ 

ito|TÌ)qoi)ol 5l6]itDA]i i)A i)tt]>ftol r nfolX]h ta^ 
£èA5èaAlU]5eAÒb t)A btif A^]6eA6 : tDoU]b cuu. 
^luAj^uAfAl i)A ^A]]tc]]teAc: tt)oU]6 cf. 
tC ij^AjUff i)AOfi)CA A]t ireAb Atr beii)*]t) ^fU t 

t4t) ttCcAyt : bo tt)d]t8ACb 5^1^ c]t]c '^ 
* Saoi) ^fW, ot)6]tAc t A^uf f1o]i; 

tlAft At)^ scèAbt)A Ai) «S]>].o]iu^b 31aoi«) : Aty £0117- 

Jff cu 3fit,]5 t)A <8l6]|te : <6 a £b|t|^of b ;^ 

Jff ttt ^AC f1jO]ti>iT6e : a i)tCcA]3i. 

tCi) CAi) bo SAbA]f 0]tc Ai) bìf^e bo f A0]t4!fcr tft^ 
f*ACA]6i tv b]tO]^ DA J56]5e. 

tCo tAD bo ]fy5 tu bttA]6 A]t peADA]» aD bA|f t 
bfOf 5A]l cii ]t]05ACb De]ti)e bo 5AC '^le c]te]bti)eAc.> 

tCcA tr bo f^p6e A]t U]n) 6e|f X)è r a DS^l^ a^ 

£]ietbnj1bi>e so^tqttef a Ctt r cutD be]è Ab l>]te]è- 
eAii) ojtAtD" 

®]JfDeuD5 S>r6tDlì> cv, <^Vb]5. |tèb. f e]ttb]nb i doc 
btfUAf5Ail cv Lè fc]:Ml tb6]tlfiA]C fè]D« 

CAbA]]v f^ beA]tA A DAttteAti)' iD4^]Ue |fè ts<p 
f4M>rt)^]b r A D^slè]]! f]0]ttì]6e.. 

4k^ %Se4i>D% f 4ÌìJk].l b<> fphAÌ pip s 1 beAfnfgf 


?(6TbolTDAO^» cv : 30 U«teAri>ì«l ; 

'^Sttf ^^n)AO]r> z%}vn) too ffoìi: fAojAl s^n 

^otjCAiàj <fr -^^ ti5eA]i^A : a^i ccoDSt^^iÌ a- V]tA 

34^1) peACAÒ I 

, <b A £|5eÀtiDA, bèA!> t|t6cAi]te oitA^o < to^4f> 
C|iÒcAi|te o|i*A]^ ! 

^ A ?&i5eA|it)4^ tè|5 bo C]i6cA|]t« a DiM^r <'T^lti 
ti)Ati AC^ A|t n)ìfiji5ji> ]0ÒA& ! 

tì> A ÌìgeAitijA, lopAbf A bo Cìf^ T94 1Q0 ri)^$^f i 
^i lèi5 "'^P^ Am5A|t ofiAti) 5)0 bji^ l 
Nd afn cllAkftie ie ! 
Bene«lieite, omnia Opera Domitir. 

<&,|ftf^ A tle <&ib|teACA AD £]5eA|t9A, beA$vi8# 
*^ tl5eA|ti>Ai njolA|6 è, T ipd|tA]5e è 50 f|0t|tif6(ff. 

<& Ifbfe A ^ii?5le Ai) £i5eA]tT>A9 beA9Y]6e At> 
Xi5eAfii)A t hjoIa^ò è, t ti)6ftAt5e è 50 |;o]|iv]6e* 

tìr ifbfO A ^lAiC|gri)i)A]f, beApv]6e ai) XijjeA|ti)AJ 
H)oIai6 è, *! Ti)òttAi5e è 30 |^o|t|tvi6e. 

^ Hbfe A CIÌ;)f5eA6^ acaoi òf c|o§ pA ft<H** 
iitAitDeit)C],beA5vi6e Ai) SiJeAfPA: ti)olAi6è, ^^yrf 
ifditAije è 50 ijomvi6è. 

Ò ^bfe A vjle £vn)AcbACA ai> £ì5eAitDA, beAD-' 
ri6e AD" EiJeAitDA- : idoIai^ è, A^ttf tD6ftAi5e è 50^ 

^ t|bf e A ^t^iAD Ajttf A <8eAlA|^, boADTibe At^ 
X^ JeAtiDA : idoÌaiA è, T. iDOtt^ise è 50 ||p^ftvi6e. 

ti) ti^f^ ^ iileAlcADA 9Xeiri)e, beADV)6e ad .^15* 
«AttDA t rDoUi,6 è, A^ttf TDÒitAiJe è 50 uotttv|6e. 

<S) ijbf e A iLeACAD4r A^^f a Ìttttcc, beADVi6e ad^ 
ligeAttDA: 1D0U16 è,. T iDottAtse è 50 ffofitvi^e. 

è t^bfe A ìBaòca X)è,. beADvt^e ad 3^Ì5eAtm^> 
ii)oUi6 è, Ajttf iDdttAiàe è 50 tiOttivi6e. 

tì> t^bf e A teiDe A^ttf a ieAf, beADVi6e ad^ 5^5* 
«AttD<v : 1D0U16 è, A^ttf tD^tiAi^e è 50 |jO|ftvi6e.. 

ifc ti^f® ^ <8e)ri)ni6 A^ttf a SAri)tiAi6,i beADV)6e^ 
ÀD tt^eAt«jA ? Wai.6 è, 1 iDà|i^lSe è jo tiot|iyt.*«*.> 



4ft ^%f€ A Ì)n4cbA ASttf a Sioca, bftA5>r]6e At 
X]$èAYti|A: n)oUi8 è, T Tnòji^ise è 50 ^o^ribe, 

V ^Ìfe A Sfoc Ajuf -A iWACb, beA$Yit5e ai) l]^- 
eA]ii)A : n)oU"|6 è, T TtjioiiAiJe è 50 ^0]|iv]j>e. 

^ ffbf e A SeACA ^iSl^^ ^Z^ ^ &vèMbAy bèAp* 
V|6e Ai) 2u]3eA]ti)A, ìt)oU]6 e, A^ùf iDdjiAiSe è 3© 

<fr ]fbfe A <S>]6ceA6A Ajuf a iDAO]te, beA$v]6e 
Alt^lS^ATt^-^s TUoU]6 è,T Tn6]tA]5e è 30 ]fO||iv]6e. 

<& ]jbfe A èoU]f, A3ttf A Ìo]tCAbA]f, beA$V]6e 
49 tfSeA]ti?A : fi)oU]6 è, T iT>d]iA]5e è 30 ]]0]]tv]6e. 

<& ]]bfe A Ìe^gceACA A^ttf a ofottllA^ beA^V]6« 
Ar> X]3eA|tT)A; tdoU]6 è, T nid]tA]3e è 30 ]?e|]ir]6e. 

6 bèAi)A6 A1) SaUtt) a9 K]SeA]it}A bo beAQlrSAÒ: 
fi)olA6 f 5f è, A^ttf iDO]tv]3eA6 è 30 ]^ò]]tv]6e. 

^ fjbfe A èlè]bce A^vf a itDO]c, beADV]6e ad 
XfSeAftDA : TirolA6 fr, A^ttf tDojtAiJe è 30 ]]0]]tv|be. 

5fe ]]bfe A V]l« ^e|ce ^Uf a A]t ao XAUtt), b§D- 
V]6e AD X] JeA]tDA : tt)oU]6 è, A^vf tt)6]tA]3e è 30 

<S> ]fb]^ A Io]b]teACA, beADT]6e ad X]3eA]tDA 5 
ffi)oU]6 è, *] tt)Q]tA]6e è 30 ^0]ftV|6e» 

• • ]]bfe A il^A]]t3eA6A A^ttf a tv|lce, beApv]6e 
ADX]3eA]tDA : tt)oU]6 è, T tt)6]tA]3e è 30 |]0]|tv}6e. 

d ]]bfe A <rt]0lCA tt)6]tA, A^ttf A/wU D] fD4itt)Ar 
4iD fDA l)Mf5eA6A,beADT]6e ad X]SeA]tDA : tt)oU]t> 
è, 1 tt)6]tA]3e è 30 ]|0]|i>r6e. 

. À^ifbfe A v]le 4vdIa]6 A tjtt]e]]t, beADV]6e ai^ 
tÌ3eA]tDA : Tt)oU]6 è, T tt)6]tA]6e è 30 ]]0]]tv]6e. 

<fr ]fbfe A v]le ti]i)tt)]6e A^ttf 4AUA]5e, bjDV]6e 
AD XI JeAiiDA : tt)oU]6.è, T Tt)6]iA]6e è 30 |50]]iV]6e* 

• ^ A /tiAì) DA DX)A0]DeA6, beApv]6e ad X]5èliDA* 
iDoU]6. è, ^, tD6]tA]Se è 30 ]]0]]iV|6e. 

' ^ .beAD^6eA^ Jf]tAel ad X]5S}tD^ s idoU]6 è, 1 
i»6]tv]5eA6 è 30 ]]pniV]6e. 

<& ]|bfe A »A5A]]tc AD X|5eA]%DA, beADV]6e a9 
£]5eA]iDA : .Tt)oU]6 è, T TD6]iAi5e è 50 ]]0]|tv]6e. 

^ Ijbfe A èeA]tbf 65ADCA]6e ad XigeA^tDA, bjD^ 
^•^.AD. KtS*Af«)A: iQoU^6 è, A3itftt|6];iAi5e^3<» 


^ Ijbfe A ÌAòiije tj^tointA t »n)U a jc|id|6ceAd, 
beA^vòe Ap S^5e-^|t|)A : moU|6 è, T ìt)6|tA|5e è JO 

(^ A %o<^i)jAr, <tf AiftiArf, A^rf A ^fOf Ael, b$6* 
M6e Ai) Z]^<èAjiDA : it)oUi6 è, i^5uf fi)d]tAiSe è 50 
. 0l6fft bo i)ticA]tt, ic. 

^Aft bo b] Aft ccùf, Tc* 

Ann ùn ar an modh gceadna Lèighfìgliesar an Dara Lèigtiiott^ 
ar na bkoain as an Tiomna Nuaidh. Agos dà èfa sin an 
Fonnso leanas; aoh muna ttig a leigheadh •gCaibicUl an 
J^9 nò ar aon S<Mflgeil Làe Eoin Baisde. 

fienedictU8« Lakei«^ 68* 

^n)A6 beAVAt^e At) X]5e^Yti)A JDfA JfftAet: ^ 
fov 5ttf% f fof ftMj fè ArSttf stt|t f iUfSAil fè a pobU 

ttsttf bo C65 fè fd4f A6Attc 1)41 fUii)ce 6>»$e: 4^ 
btfs Dbl^lbf A f e^jtbf oSAt)c>r6e f èft) ; 

JDo |tèt]t ti)A]t bo UbA]]t f è Cftè bèal a Jr!k]6tA6 
t)^ori)àA fè]i): bo b^ a^ 6 cuf ai) boti)4^]i); 

0o 5c>ni)bèo^6 fè]f^ 6 A]t DA]tt)b]b : T 6 U]ti) 
S^^c ^le 6^De A5^ bf >?l f iUc 6^9 ; 

0o i)bj^i)A6 f è Ai) cft6cA]]te bo 5e4^lU6 b4b]t DAf c- 
]t<2Cììb: ASTf 50 5Cìfrt)i|èocA6 fè a cjon)DA DA0tt)C4^ 
r^f D ; 

ttSttf 4^ AD tt)]0D4^ lè A bCttS fè tDÒfb bttb]t4^* 

b^tD A]t DACA]]tDe : 50 6cf ttb]tA6 f è 6%d ; 

<8o n)hè\n)]t 5A1) e^^U A]]t A]t f A0]tA6 6 Uf li) 4 , 
DÀti)Ab : bo ctttD f ef ]tb]]| bo bèADAiD 66 f è]D, 

tt DAOtbèACb T A b]n]tèADCACb DA f ]A6DXfff$t) t 
A lAèc]b A]t tDbeACA mÙ. 

ttsuf cttfA, A le]Dib, 50]]tf ]ceA]t 6ìoc i/^A-|6 ai^ 
cè Af tt]]tbe: 6i]t ]tAè>?6 cu ]toitt) aSa]6 ad ^tjsgit^ 
DA bvllìbttjA6 A fli5eA6; 

£0 tAb4k^]tc èolMf D4^ fUfDce b^ pobAh cftè 
ii)A]ceAii)DVf DA bpeACA6y 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


t^tj r^ H^ ^5 ^mS^ ^9 |O0Ab 4iti& ; 

JDo CA&A]ftc fO|ll|^ boi) bjtoipj bo b] pA fìrfiA 
4^ i)bo|tcAbAf , A^uf ^ rSAjle Ai) b<*|f ; T bo 6jo|t5A6 
<^P 5<^of A f l| je i^ f ioàò^iM. 

Olòfit bo i)^c^|t, Tc. 

^A|t bo bf A]t ccttfj TC* 

Kò an tPsailmsi : 
Jubilate Dea Psalm c. 

2)èADA]6 f aA|TD lvAC5Ai|teAc cuft) ad 5tì5**A|tDA, 
* caUit) vle: bèADr|6 rejjtbtf bot) £]5eAfti7A ^ 
lttAC5A]|te, c|50 ò|* co}$e a A]5ce fiè 54^||tbeACVf* 

U]o6 A f ]0f A5Aib 5V|i bè ad X]SeA|tDA ]f D^a ; 
tfè bo |t]D* !?De, T Dt H* f ^ • If fi^e a 6AO]i7e, t 
CAO]]t|à A ]eb]]t. 

«]D5i6 A fceAC AD A SOAcvfsib TDA]lle |tè CAb- 
A]]tc br]6eACìrf, ]Oda c>?]tcib lè fDolA6 : fDolA]6 è, 
T beADMà ^ ^imD- 

d]]t ]f rDA]C AD S»]5eA]tDA, ]f fìo]]t>T6e a ^itdc- 
A]7te t T A f iTt]De o §]DeAlAC 50 5]DeAlAC. 

0l6i]t bOD^cA]]t, Tc. 

*!lA]t bo b] A.]t ccuf, ^c. 

Ann sin eanfuidlithear no dèarthar Cr^dh na nAhsdot, ri8 
an MinÌRtèir agus ris an hPobal, na seasamh: achd ar na 
Laìthihh air ar hòrduxdheadh Creidh Naomh Athanasiùa 
do lèaghadh. 

£]te]b]n7 A dX)]à ad c^èA]]t ^]leAcatDACbACy 
£]tuCA]5eo]]t Deirbe A^uf caIid ad : 

^Srf 1 D-^fof A 4:]t]0f b A AOD ^AC, Aft cSi5g]tDA ; 
JDo 5AbA6 dD^p]0]tAbQ!lAorì), )SIu5a6 l6 41'^]te <ì)]5, 
b^ttlA]D5 l»Aif f ^ !^o]Dc 5l^]ola]C, CèAD5lA6. ]tè 
C]tO]C, f uA]]t b^f, A^vf bo bA6lA]ceA6 ; X)o caAi^ 
f è ^òf 50 bif]t]OD ; Do è|]tje fè a ]tif ad c]teAf U 
d tt7A]tb>^b ; 3t)o c>?Ai6 f uAf A]t OdeArb, ^5Vf ac^ 
DA f^ije A]t l^]fb 6e]f Dè a D^CA]t tEtfleA'cuibAè- 
bAi6; %f ]]D c]OcfA fè bo CAbA]]tc bjteice a|ì 
(eoÒAfb, AJUf A|t TbA]tbu]b» 


. 11 

f)^on)t4^ itoti)co|cc)o$ ; itan^o^ v^ SIaoiì); ^Aic^tt) 
f)A blPeACA^ ; A}T^]VÌ^ ^^ ìCoIi>a ; A5uf 4^V ^Uf 
f]0fft>f6e. ttnjei). 

AgoB isr siiif nafaOmaighthese a^ leaiì&mhaiii^ ar nbeith do 
niomlàn, «r a nglàimbh oa cratlihtheach ; ao Mkùfltèir ag 
reaìuhràdh re hard ghuth^ 

00 fiA|& Ai>2Lt5^^^^ Ti}A]lle Yt]bx 
•F. tt^vf tD^]lle ]iè 60 fp]OYi4^6f<4, 
^. Se^prpAOib <S>(iij^. 
ti Xbl^eAftpAj bè^!> C|t6c4i^]ie o|tA^$ 
^. ti £b|t^of6, bèAì) cftòcA'iYte o|t4^|$, 
t( £bl3^A]tOA, bèAO c|ioc4^]^e o^|p. 

Ann Bin dèaraidh an Ministeir^ na Cleiridhj agus an Fohal. 
Omaigh an Tigheama re hard ghuth. 

ttri DtCcAiit, ^»c^ A|i De^ktn, 9!Uon)CA^ J5Aiim) ; 
X|3f|8 bo 7i]05AÒb ; DèADC4^]( bo co}l 4 ^DCCAlMÌy, 
fO^j^ i)]rfO]t 4 peAii) : £AbAf]t 6>rt) a 1)106 a|ì DA]t4^Q 
lAeceAti)Y|l : tCsuf ti)A]C Òvn A|t cc^opcA^ ti)vn 
ti)4]ciD]bi)e 65]b bo cioiicAijeAf a]ìqA3A]6; ^jttf ' 
DA C|teo|tA]6 ]D.crtD CACA)5ce^ tCcb f ao|i ]Q ò olc* 

Ann sin dèaraidh an Sagart, na ■hwamh, 

tì) A Ì|5eA|tDA, CA)fbè]D bo cfi6cA]]te o]tA]D ; 
^. tC^ttf c)o61a]c 6ìiri> bo f Uida6. 
^. <S> A 2Lb'),5eA]tDA, CA0TÌ)A]D AD l^ìs ; 
J*. ti^iif effb l)i) 50 ^]%6eA]]teAÒ9 a9 cad bo 
5r]6tDìb c4. 

S. 4rbA]6 bo <rtfD]f cè]]t)6 lè f]]te^DCAèb; 

J*. tC^rf bèAD 'bo pobAÌ C05CA f è]D f iibA]lcgc, 

S; <^ A tjJeAttDA, f Ui)A]5 ^o pobAt ; 

^. tC^ttf D^AìJr)6 co)6fteACb fè]9. 

^. C6 A Ì)5eA]iDA, CAbA)]t ]|6cc4i]D>& A]t l]D ; 

/. tC]i A D^6bA]i DAò bfwlDeAc o)le bo d] c]to)b 

A]]t A]t fOD> ACb CUfA ATÌ};^]©, ^ A 2)è. 

^. <!) A £^, bèADA 5IAD «]t cc]t6)6ce ]oda]D ; 
/. tt^rf DA bei]t bo JSp]0]tAb 9tA0ii)ÌA rA]D* 



Ann 8in leanfuiilli trì hOraide ; An chead, don Làe> n gcèad- 
na a ta orduidhthe ag an gComaoiii ; an dara ar son Siòtb<« 
chàna ; an treas ar son Gràsa ar mbeatha do chaitheamh 
ffo mhaith. AgUB nì malairtfir chaoidhche an dà Orrtha 
dhèighionacha, achd dèarrthar go laetheamhuil iad ag 
Omaigh na Maidne ar feadh na Bliaghna^ mar a leanaa j 
jn> mbeith do niomlin ar a ngluinibh* 

An dara bOraid^ ag ianniidb Bioththàna* 

46 A Ìè, ir tt5bA|i boD cfìocò^^i), i ]f 5]t^i^- 
teo]ji bOT) ftèi6««AC9 A3 a]ì a ijèoÌAf bo he\t o]%c 
>c4^ A]i iDbeACAr f^o^riòe i)a f^f aiì), A^uf A5 a]i 
f AO]|i]; ^oml^D bo f •i]ib]f ; /L^on}^]t) |d, bo f^Aji-. 
Ìf ò5ADCA]6e dmU, a^ s^è v]le ]o|fr]56 A]t d4mì)'» 
Ab ; ]ODAf 50 tt)be]C ]|De ac^ A5 cv]t A]t DbdcA]f 50 
b]0i)5rì)^lcA AD bo òuti)bACfA, 3AD oa^Ia yi6]H| 
DeA]tc eAfCA]iA]b a]ì bic, c)t^ -JofA 4li|*ìofb a]ì 
b3L]SeA]ti)A. «4ii)eD. 

An treat Oraid, ag iarruidh Oràsa. 
<S) A lt];$eA]tpA, A]t D^cA]]t DeAtbÒA, a 2)è Ql]« 
leAèatt)AèbA]6 A^ttf f]0]]tv]6e, bo CV5 ]]D.flÌD 50 
cttf AD Uèfe ; 4;;ttìi;6A]5 ]ÒD ]]D U bo tt)6]tCtttt)Acò ; 
T cAbA]]t 6^D 5AD Cì(rc]it) A 0|tt6 I b]>eACA6 A]t b]c, 
i)i ceA5iì)^]l A DAOD ipè 5ttAf ACb ; ACb 4 D5Djori)- 
A]tCA ^le be]C 0]tbv]5ce lè bo fC]tt]tA6fA, ]ODAf 30 

DbftADAtt) bO 5D^C A D]6 ACa^ fì]iettDCA AÌ) tf ]A5-^ 

PA]fef#, c]tè ^of A £]t]ofb A]t ciJ5eA|i^A, ttnjeij. 

Ann a cCoruidhibh i^gus an altibh i nd^antar caiuttQirfachi^ 
ann so leanas an Aintium. 

Awft sÌB l^ighthior aun so na cùig hOraide«e leanat^ achd 
amhain an tan lèighthior an Liodatn ; agus ann sin leightior 
an da or«id dhiegbiepacha ambaini mar ^UM »itijgbe 

Oràid ar lon Mhordhachd an Righf 
4> A t]5eA]tpA A]t t)<CcA]]t DeAri)6A, 0]]t6è]]tc ^ 
èvrifAcbA]6, A »15 ^^ 1<15C«a6, a t]5eA]tDA da 
ccj jeA]tDA6, AOD ^]v]tA]6ceo]]tDA bp]t]pDf A]6ca6^ 
bo è]6 db A.]tb*AèA6]]t a bfv]l bA]C|teo|tA]B A]t aq 
ccAUri) ; 0v]6tDlb è^ 50 ]io]6|^è]oUAè ^eACAD U 



<S£<Ml^tC ; A5ttf l\ot) è |iè Jfi^ir^ bo* ^p]0)iA|» 
StAotiyt^, Att n>o6 50 ^cUop^A f è 60 5i;i4^c òrti> bo 
toÌAfA A^uf 50 ffubolA^ f è At) bo f llje : l^joo è 50 
bfon^AbATÒ^l lè cfobU^còe t)eAtb6A ;' CA6A|ttc 60 
fAojAÌ ^Ab4 tt^^Ue |tè flAjfjce, A^uf lè coi^Aj ; 
i)eA|tCA|8e cvfii 30 TDbeÀ]t^6 r è* c|ie]^ ^3«^ bu^iS 
A|i ^ i9A]tbbe >fle ; A^uf f A- 6^0)6, bè|f v^ beACA- 
fo, CAbA]|t 60 bvlcurt) f olA]f A^vf f O0A]f fto]|tM6ej 
c|tè ^of A £]tiofb A]t cX]5eA]ti)A. fCttjei?. 

Oràid ar son na Treibhe Riogha. 

tC J^hè H]leAcuti)AcbA]6, a c]ob]t^b 5^6 ì^ 
tbA]ceAfiA, 5x?6ii)]b 50 b^^ib^l cù ai) £]teAb il]0$4^ 
56 b]OTi7l^i) bo beADvjA^: l^]oi) ]Ab lè bo «Sp]0]tAb 
dXAOtbcA ; b|i)A f A]6b]]t ]Ab lè bo 5]t^f a ijgtb^A ; 
cy/i\i ]tAC 0]]tcA ]tè 5AC 'vfle fOijAf : A^uf be|]i ]Ab 
ètttij bo ]t]5eACb f]o\^^àe fè]Vy c|tè .ìJof a iC]tìofb 
A]t cX]5eA]ti)A. tÌTDei). 

Oràid ar son na hfiaglaid agus an Fhebail. 

ft Dbè ®t]leACvit;AcbA]6 A^vf f]0]]tM6e, òf cu 
fè]i> Aii)A]i) bo 1)] n)ò|]tri)]0]tb>?lib ; £>f]i a tjuAf 4 
A]t i)4Afb'v?cc A5Vf 4Ìiv]t^]b]5, A^vf A]t 5AC ^le 
t^obAÌ bo cArob cu leò, Sp]0]tAb fUiDceATÌ)A]l bo 
5|t^f : tt^vf bo]]tc o^tCA b]tucb 51)àcac bo boA^- 
ACb, ]OÒAf 50 ccA]ci)èoti)>?b]f 50 ]?]]t]^AC leAC : 
£io61a]C fo, ò A Xb]5eA]ti)A, cvti) ot)d]tA 4i]t i)?ib- 
ocA.]b A^vf A]t f)4b]0]t5ìfj6ceo]]t ^ofA 4i]t]0fb. 

Aon dOràillibh Naoimh Chrisogtom* 

tt Dbè lft]leAcvti)AcbA]6, bò CV5 5]t^f a 6\r9, ^ 
DO]f, Àf i)0]ti)A]6ce cofi)co|cc]oi) bo bèAi)Aii) bO]D- 
Ti>è]i) ftv^Ab; Ajvf JeAlUf, ai) c]t^ C]tM9^^1b 
b|f 1)0 c]t]tt]t A5Cg9 A cè]le a$ b^l W1i> S^ cqvb- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


'|tÀt|t 86|fe À t)Aècì^t)5eAbA ; Sio]n)l]oT) Aijo|f, 6 a. 
Xbi5eA]n)A, TD|Ai)A A^Tf 3ìfr6e bo fe]|ib|f eAC, itjAlt- 
'lf ìt)d bttò bloit)cvbA]6 66|b ; A5 CAbA||ic 6ì?9 f ad 
rfAogAlfA f]Of tfiiti^efe, A^vf a$ fA'cfAOS^l 
Ac4v lè ceACb ao beACA ri)AftcAt)AC. ^tt)ei). 

SCor. xiii. 14. 
<8(6 fiAib 5tt^f A A]t cI.t5eA|ti)A Jof a £|tìofb, T 

5|t4^6 JDè, A^ttf CttlDAt) AD ^p]0|tAlb aiAO]tt), tt)A]ll& 

t]§e >?le 50 f |0|]t>r6e. ttttjet). 

Ami «0 chrìochnuidlieas Ordugha Umaig^the na Maidkne« 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


<&lti)r]5 v^ 3Xo]t>^* 

Attuf Umvighthe na Noine, leighfidh an MinÌBteir re hàrd« 
gliuth aonràdh eiccein, no nios mò doaa ràitibhae na Scrìop* 
. tur do leanas ; agus ann sin deava aè a nidh ata Sciiobhtha 
a ndiaidh ua fiaìte cèadna ain. 

tcad zAt) totijpòiàeAf Ai? hjiocòynye 6 v^ C]òvtA]^ 
bo ji]^e xè^ ^"S^T ^^ ^ì T^ ^VV]6 Af bl]fb|Oi)AC "1 
Af cftnc, f A0jip>y6 fè A A.i)AiD bèo. i^r^C. xTÌii. ^T^ 

<i6ii)>^]iD it?o c]oi)CA, A^uf Ac^ 11)0 psca6 6f n)0 
cy^v^ A coon)i)>?6e. J?f . li. 3. 

jFohiÒ W5A]6 on) peAC^]bf e, Ajrf f 5|t]0|; rA]ii^ 
11)0 c]opcA. J?f. li. 9. 

tif ]A& ]ò6bA|iCA I'è fp^ofiAb b]t]f»^ J ^|t 
c|t6]6e bft]fce A^uf con)n)b]v>f5cc, a l)è, t)] 6èA9| 
CA]tcv]fi)e, J?f. lli 17. 

ile^br]6 bo C]i5|6e, T i)] beAbAiJ, T f ]U]6 cum 
^V 5L|5CA]ti)A bujft t)J)(A : o]]t- ac^ fè 3]t^f Afbr]! 
Ajrf cftòc^fiteAc^ idaU crn) f e^ftje, Ajrf Ui) b# 
c|DèAl, T AC^ A]C]tgcAf A]]t rrt) A Dotc. ^oel ii, 13. 

^è A]t cÌ]5eA]tDA X)|A beADAf c]tòcA]]teA6A "i 
ii)A]ceAn)Dvf, 5]6 jtt^t cAèA]6eAn)Ai]tDe da a2;a]6 ; 
V] n)à bun)N5eAit)A]t bo 5ÙC ad 2t]5eA]tpA A]t dI)]a, 
bo f]obAl Ap A 6l]5C]b, doc bo c^jt fè \ion)^v^ 
Dad. ix. 9, 10. 

ti. t]5g]tDA, f ti)ACbA]5 ii)è, ACb it)A]Ue lè b]teic- 
eAn)i)Af : D] ad cf e]]t5, beA^lA 30 pbèADCA De]iii- 
1^6 6]otD. ^ejt. X. 24. — jPf. vi. l. 

DèADA]6 A]C]t]5e; o]]t bo ^^t^vjb ]t]05ACb D^ii)# 
li]b, ^TIac. iii» 2. 



Ajvr 6èAtiì?6 ìt)è fir; % ACAiit, feo pèACAi6 n}h ^ 
t)A3Ai6 ueiiije, Asur Ab rHSiJ^f^j ^S^f »>ì VV^ ^^ 
^e^rbA bo Tt}AcrA bo 5Ai|iTn 6i6to, l^vc. xv. 18, 19* 
ai^ cèi5 cun?b|ieiceATÌ)DAir ^ ^o fe^V^V^Ò^^^' 
A]3, <& A 3ti3eA]ti)A : oì]t Di rì]tèAt?CA]i tjeAÒ 6èo 

DA DAbjlAtt) DAC bf^l pèACA6 0]Ì>?D5 ACA-Tt)Mb b^|t 

tDeAllA6 re]ir, A5ur i>i bf^rl a Drim^^ A5ì?d: X)*.- 
i)AbTÌ)ATD A]t bpèACA]6e, AcASe]]fOD rlM^^-^^ ^S^f 
ceAjtc |te A|t b]>eACA]6 bo Tt)A]ceATt) 6^^^? f S^ 1^1* 
95IADA6 6 DMle DeiTt)flpèADtACb» 1 4k). i. 8, 9. 

tC ^jiSs]t\ie ti6 iODtì)M0f , ACA AD Scttiopcì?]t bA]t 
ii)b|iorbtt5A6^ A DÌOTDAb «à]C]b, cutD'A]t Dlol]OtDAb^ 
yeACA^6 Asvr TD6]tlocb bAbtb^il A^vr brAai]tb]D; 
Asvr DAcTiODbeADCA 6^D A be]C A3 SAb^]l a le]è- 
rSèil DO 6a ccu]t r A è^TD A bfiA^DMH 2J^ lft]lecviD- 

ACbAlS Alt D%CA]]t DeAlÌ)6A; ACb A DAblDA]l itè- 

cjft6]6e urbAl, ^tt]]}ol, ATC]tiJeAC, AS^r ^TDO]beAc, 

CVTD TDA]CeATÌ)DAr ^r^S^l'' 10DCA, Cltè DA Tt)A]C]Or 

Asvr c]iè DA c]t6cA]]te 5AD c]t1creAD. ^S^f 31^ 
■30 Dbli5n)]b SAÒ >?le atd A]t bpeACA^b OAbTb^]t ] 
DriA5DA]]| Dè 50 1)utì)aI ; 5]6eA6 a^ coi]t 6-%^ 50^ 
|i6 Ai]t]5 ^D feo 6èADA6 AD CAD bo DÌtDÌb coii)cltìiD- 
|u6a Agvr ceAcb a ccbTÌ)6Ai> Acèile, cutd b-^gc^ìf 

^O CAbAlltC fA DA l)]0lTbA]Cir ^O 5lACATDA]t 6 DA 

l^eiTbAib, A A^TbolcA it6 oiii6eAitCA bo cuit 6r Aifib^ 
A 'bftiACAit it6 DAOTbcA beirbeACb, A^ur DA Deièe 


bÒD co]tp ASur boD ADATD. tBi]TVe^r) 5>f6]TD A^ur 
acc\?dSiid lio, Abr>fl ifb yiXe ad r^ lACA]]t, TDit| bo 
co]beAcb, inè 5IAD c]t6]6e^ A^ur itè sl^it utdaI, cutd 
CACAOiite DA D31*Ar DeATb6A, AS 1t^6 vrt) 6]A]5re. — 

Faoisdin ghenearailtej ìè radha aoM phobal uil^ a ndiaigh 
* aii Mhini«teir^ ar a nglùinibh. 

% %CAiit ®ilecttn)ACbA]6 ^5»^ A6bAlcit6c>r1ti6, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


tihre iDAit cAO|iCA|b C4i]llce; bo leAi)An^(^|i ja 
|ioii)5]t iDeADSA T tDlAijA A|i 3e]to^6e0A6 |!è]i| : bo 
C]09cvr5eAipA|t a da3<^]6 bo 6l]5ceACA bg9>75eff : 
b|r^5bAn)4 54^1) b|i)Aii) da ijeice br6 cdiii 6ìt9 b<^ 
6|DAfi) ; ttsttf bo |tiDeAiDA]i da Dei^e DA|t òò||t »0 
bèADAti) ; U-^yy V} bf:\5l fUfDce a]i b]c ]Oda]D. fCè^ 

Cttf A, A Xb]5eA]tDA, bèADA C]lÒCA]]te 0]tA]$^ Q^ 

peACA]S itobocbA : £o]5]llf e, a X>bè, At^ b]tlptJ5 

AbtbìlgeAf A CC]ODCA : ÌAbA]]t A]t ADA]f A1> Uòt> 

ACA- A]C]t'|6gc ; Do ]tè]]t bo SsIUiìjdaca b^ o]U]f5 
Cr bOD C]D§6 bAOPA -^ D50f^/t[t]Of|9 A]t c^igeftDA. 
tC^ttf A0DCA]5> A %CA]]Ì ]tOC]t6CA]]t]6, A]* A fODfAD, 

00 ccA]C]reATn^ A]t TDbe4^A 6 fo ati>aò 50 b]4i6A, 
]r]]tceA]tc, meAf A]t6A, ^ttii) 5l6]]te b^tnDA pAOipèA. 
fè]D^ %ii)eD- 

An Absolòid^ nò an maìtbeanihntts^ peacaidlie, chanas m 
sagart an^hàin^ ne sheasamh; ar mbeith don phobal ar ft 
ngluinibh do ghnath. 

JD5% l9:]lecttTt)AcbAC, ?t<A]]tA]tXc]55]ti)A-*>fA. 
44t]Ofb, lè DActD]AD b^f ADp$CA|6, ACb lè]t ]:eAt]t 
d òo p]lleA6^ 6 DA loòbA]b. 1 a be]c da beACA]6 ; ^ 
bo Ctt5 CttiDAcbT A]CDe 6a ^]D]fcè|]tib,%bfola|b Ti 
4lA]t|^ti)DAf A b]>§CA]6bA]C]t]f, T bfOfl^iiSAb 6a» 
pobU|b) 4 tDbè|c A]C]t]6gc 6oibr <Sao]]A]6 ]^t ]nrAf- 
5U]6 f^ AD ni>è]b bo D] A]C]t] JgcAf 50 fì]t]DeAC, i 
c]te]b]Of A èo]f5èAl beADAiJèe 50 bfoi)5tbMtA.. 
lft]TDe ]}D 5>i6iD]b è A]C]t]5 ff i]i]DeACA bo CAbA]]tc 
^^^D> 1 A Sp]0]tAb 3C(Aari)CA ; CtttD Da Defcefo bo 
CA]CD|gti) le]f Doc AC^mAOib bo 6&ADAtD ADf4^ D^ÌD- 
TO, T 50 ]tA]b AD c>?b e]lè.b5^]i iDbeACA da 6]a]5 f(i 
f |6]t5UD A^vf DAOii)CA ; A]t 11)66 50 bf èAbf aid f A^ 
6eo]2; coACb cvid a f 6]5 tlO]jt6ì?5e^pD> vx^ Aapib 
£4i;of b A]t c£]5eA]tDA* 




^i^nnsòih sleacb^aidB an Ministeìr, ag^s deara aè or^ m 
^ Tigheama ; ar mb^ith don phobal mu an ccèadna ar a 
ngluinìbh, agus do radh mar aon tì&. 

IljèAÒ bo ]iìo3Acb; J)gi)tA|i bo co^l a|ì tCAUrò, 
TDtttt i)iqo|t -^|t veAti) : XAbAi^t 8w -^ V}y^ ^V- 
UA|Uii> Uecgn)>il; ^jvf tt)A]t 6^^ 4 cciom^^, Tt)>qi 
rn^]trt)]t:>V& òò\h ho Gio^c^ijeA^f a|ì DA5A16 ; tÌ5»r 
T)A citeottAiè fiò CYit) eACA]3ce, %cb fAOjt f ]§ 6 
. olc : <fe]|i Af Ij^c f è|D A^) it|05A^b, T ai) cvti)Acb, 
AjYf A-i) sloift, 50 bfi^c A5Yf 50 hji^t* ?tn)ei). 

Ann àn ntur-an eoèadna dearaidh se. ^ 

tì) A 'ti5eAtti)A, OfSAfl^ A|ibpYf>?b! 
Jf|ie5. ^5Yf c>?|tf lb A]t tDbè]l bo rt)oU& 6f A]]tb. 
^^5. tì) A X)è, b|i)<v beicf i]t àuri) f i^ bo f AOftAÒ '. 
^]te5. (& A Ì]5eA]ti)A5 bèADA c<vpA6 òun) cud5- 
^ i)^n) liD ! 

Ann 00 ar scasamh sùas do niomlàn, a dearaidh an Sagart. 

0l6]]t bo D^A]]t, ^, bOD ^AC, ^. bOD ^]>]0]iAb 

^]te. ^A]t bo H ^ì^ tzdXi AC^ a DO]f, A^Yf b]4wf 
^o b]tàc, f A05AI 5AD c]t'ic. ttToeD- 

^A5. ^ol>f6fe AD £]5eA]tDA. 

^]te. ®o ]tAib AiDm X)è n)olcA»- 

Ann sin a dAirthar no canfuigihear na Psailm a nordùgha do 
reir mar ataid ordaighthe. In sin Leighean doij tSein- 
tiorana, mar ata ordaighthc r agus na dhiaigh sìn, Maffni" 
fjcaf, no Caintic na hÒighe Beannaighthe Muire, mar ata 
ag leanmeatn. 

Magnyicdf. Lukei. 46^. 
tC6tt)0Ul6 TDADATD AD X]59A]tDA : A^Uf bo 5D] 

190 ]^io]tAb 5l^i]tbeAcuf a dDìa ido èUD>?5ceo]]t. 
X5o ^nÌ3 3^^ Ì^^^ X^ • ^l^ ^">1^ ^ ^ADòsUise^ 



he^ryyi^te b^oit). 

<fc]]i bo |i]ne Ai? cè A c* crrijACbAC t)e]òe tt)0]tA 
bAìbr^: A5U]* ^f i)AOTt)c^\^ ti]i)ìt). 

^3^r -^^^ -^ c]idCA|]ie 6 6ìtn& 50 6]i)e : boi) 
b]%e]ti) A]t A b]r>ìl a eAsl^. 

X)o ]i]Se ]*è 5i)]on) la]b]]t lè i)-^ l^iD : bof]»|teA5 
fè DA bAO]i)e rAib]ieAC-A- a fn)YA]i)c]5e a 5|io]6eA6» 

X)o CA]]i>;i)5 fè i)A bAO]i)e cvTÌ)ACbACA Af a 
5CA]C]]j]b : Ajvf bo ^]tb>ff5 fè i)4. bAO]pe y|ì)Ia. t 

1)0 l]oi) fè T)A bAO]i)e oc]tACA lè i)e]C]6 Ti)A]ce : 
A^uf bo c>?]i fè aA6 i)a bAO|i)e f A]6b]ie ^otrn)^ 

Do C65 f è fYAf -ÌfritAel A f eA]ibf 05Ai)c>?6e, aj 
è>iTÌ)i)]v^A6 A]t A c]tòcA]]te : Tt)A]t bo UbAf^t f è ]tè 
A]t DA]C]teAC>ìb, f4b]tAbATD^ A5uf A f]ol, 50 b]tÀÌ. 

0lo]]t bo D^CA]]t, Tc^. 

i^. 4lAft bo b], Tc, 

No an tPsaiImsd ; aclid ar a NaoidHeadh lA deag dòn MBi^ 
ar a lèighthear i a rèim gnaithidh na Psàlm. 

Cantaie jDomina^ Psalm xcYÌii.. 

^ itAD>f6^ 60D 3L]5eA]tDA CA]pc]C dìia6: òift bo^ 
]t]De r^ Defce ]0D5ADcaca. 

I)o c^]tcA]6 A Uti) 6eAf : A^uf a ]I]3; DAOtf)CA è 

I)o c>r]t AD 2L]5eA]tDAA fl^D'V'5A6'A duida]!: a 
]tA6A]ic DA cc|DeA6AC bfOfU]] j fè a fi^èvDCACb. 

X>o cYtbD]5 fè A c]tdcA]]te A^uf a f1]t]De;D0 cjj 

^rf^^^I^* ^ CODeAbA]t CèO]tADA DA CAltÌ)AD mU 
fl^DV5A6 A]t DDèDe. .^; 

JDèAIT' f YA|tD lYACj^ìJteAC CUtD AD ^b^JeAttDA, A 

caWiì) ^e : bèAD t:ttA]D CA]5f Y]]t, bè-AD S^tf^gCYf, 

A^Yf CAb^tt TD01a6v 

£ad>ì5 cutD AD X]5eA]tDA ]t]f AD cclai]t|}J: ]t]f 
AD ccU]]t]}5 A5Yr ]tè 5rc f aIid* 

»è fc\?c A^Yf ]tè 5YC AD co]tDec : ^ bèADA]6- 
fuAitD lYAC5?i]]teAC df cojDe ad lÌ3eA]tD4 Ap »15,. 



-^^i) fAotAl c^^i ^3rr Ai) bite^tt) cori)M5iof a^. 

BrA]life]f i)A. b^l&oe A n)bAfA pA cèfle, bè|i)b^f 
V^ flèjbcè luAC5^||ie of co|&e a9 £ì5eA|ti)A : ò||t 
AC^ f è 4^5 c$cb bo b]^e]C b]te|ce A]]t ai) ccaIaiì). 

X)o 6èA^A fè b]te]ceAtt)OVf A]]t ai) ccaUiì) |tè 
f ]ft«Yi)CACb : A5itf A]]t i)A pO]bleA6A]b |tè ceA]tc. 

0lo]]t bo i)tCcA]]t, ^c. 

^A]]. »0 b] A]t CCVf, ^c. 

AùXL 8ÌB Lèighion don Tiomna Nuaidb^ mar ftta ordaighthe; 
•gus iar sin Nunc dimittis, no Cainntic Shimeoin, mar 

Nunc dintiitii* Luke ii. 29» 

tt t]5eA]ti)A, A DO]f lè]3eAf cù bo f eA^tb^ro^Ai)- 
??X&e A f ]o6ci^]t) : bo |tè]it cf oca]1. 

i6]]t bo coDCAbA]t n)o f ^le : bo f l^i)f5A8f a, 

aioc bo vlln)>f5 cit : a bf ] A6t)vr]] i)A ^^ pob^jl ; 

Soluf bo bèvi)A8 fO]ll|} bo t)A £]i)eA6ACì?b : T, 
jlò]]^ bo pobvl ^]*]iAel. 

<Sl6|]t bo i)%èA]]t, Tc. 

^Ajt bo b] A]t ccvf, Tc. 

No an tPsaihn so ; achd amhain ar an Dara La deag doiD 

IkvM misereaiur, Psahn Ixvii* 

<5o |tA]b 2)]A c]tocA]]teAC 8^^ a^v]* 50 it)beA5- 
5ì?e f è ]}D : Ajvf bèAl]tA8 |tè a A5A]8 0]tv]Dr A^vf 
50 n)A C]tdcA]]teAC 8u]d è ; 

JoDbvf 50 DA]ceADCA]t bo fl^Je A]t ad ccaIaid r 


^lA]b]f DA po]bleACA cit, A Xib^ • a f oa^^ tDol* 
A]b]f DA ]>0]bleACA v|le cu. 

(b bèADA]b DA C]DeA84^CA luAC54^]]te A^vf b]b 
5À]]tbeAC : 6]H t>o bèADA]]t b]te]ceAtt)DVf Af]t da 
bAO]D]b 50 ceA^tc, A^vf c]tèo]tocui]]t da c]d»a6aca. 
A|]t caIad). 

^olA]b]f DA po]bleACA cu, A Ìè^; A feA6> id<4*- 
A)b|]* DA |>0]bleACA v]le ciu 



tC^ Ifì) bo 6èATiv^6 ad CAUnjVbifeAC : T be]5-r 
eocA^6 D]A, èA6oi| a|i t)X)|A fè]i) ^jg. 

ISe]oeocA0 D]A |j5 2 ^"S^T b]A]6 a eAjlA i^^n: 
r\\e -cèoftASvb ija caItì)ap. 

0l6||i &o i^ticAiit, Tc. 

^A| b] A|i cciif, Te. 

Ann 8in dèarthar nò canfuìdhthear Creidh na nAhsdoIr rìs 
an Ministèir, agua ris an bPobal^ na seauunh. 

^lte^bìti) A i)3DiA- AT) ct(cA]]t ?K|leAcaTi)Ac.bAC, 
£|tacA|5eo|]t i)e|n)e A^uf CAlii)Ap : 

ttjVf 1 1)JfOf A ^^lt^Ofb A AOI) <tìAC, A|t cStjgt^DA J 

Xo ^AbAÒ di) Sp]0]tAb 9(lA0TÌ)y ÌIu3a6 lè ^^}ie ifclj, 
b-/ttlAii)5 pA]f |r^ ^0]vz f^ol^^c, £eAi)5lA6 |tè 
ctto^c, f uAijt b^f, A^vf bo l)A6lA]ceA6 ; J^o cjuai6 
fè iì5f soblfnio^ ; Do èittge fè a |t]f ad cjteAf U 
n)A|tb>(ib ; I)o c>f A]6 f ^Af A]t aieATÌ), tisvf acA 
VA^ prje A]t U|TÌ) 6eif X)è a DttcA]! ia|leAcuii)AC- 
bA]6; ?tf ]]D C]OCfA fè t>o cAbA]]tc b]te]ce A]f 
beo6A]b, Ajttf A]t iì)A]tbtt]b. 

it]te]b]ii) AD fA Sp|0]tAb tCAOTÌ) ; tÌD ^SA^lA^f 

4r)A0TÌ)CA itoTÌ)CO]CC]OD ; Xittl1)01> DA Od AOTÌ) ; ^A]CgtÌ) 

DA bl?eACA6 ; Ì5]f è^^tje 1)a £oIda ; A^ttf ad bjCA 
fjo]]t^6e. ttii)eD. 

Agus iar sin, nahOmàighthefieag leanamhafn^ tr mbcith do 
nìomlan ar a nglùinibh go cràìbhtheach ; an MÌnistÀir ag: 
reamhràdh re hard ghutn, 

€Jo |iA]b Ai) £]teA]tDA ii)A]Ue ^t^b : 
J^. ft5Vf iDA]tte ]tè bo f|>]0]tAbfA. 
.^. X)eADtDAO]b <&]tDS3. 
^ X])]5eA]tDA^ bèAD c]t6cA]]te 0]tA]D 
,if^. tC Ìb^1of6, bèAD c]tòcA]]te o]tA]D* 
fi iLl;]5eA]tDA, bèAD c]tòcA]]te 0]tA]D. 

Ann 8ih dèaraidh an Ministèir^ na Cleiridh^ agus «a PòbaT^ 
Omàigh an Tigheama re hard ghuth. 

^]t DttcA]]f, Ac^ A]t DeATÌ), 9(lA0TÌ)CA]t J5a]DtD ; 
£1556 bo ]t]05Acb ; XèADCAjt ho to]l 4 ad ccaIatì), 



n>tt|i r)]t}0]i 4 t)0Ari) : 2bAbA||v 6v?5 a i)iu6 aii i)<i|i^ir 
l4ieceATt)V|l : tCsuf it)Aic 6^i) A]i cc^oìtca, TpY]t 
n;3i|icn)^bi)e 66]b bo cio^cAjseAf Afi 1)^5^16 ; %5U]- 
P4i cfteo|tA]6 i5 crrt) CACA|3ce, %cb f Aop 11") 5 plc* 

Ann sin d^araidh an Sagart, na sheasamh, 

tì> A ttJeAittjA, tAifbèit) bo c|t6cAi|ie 0|tAi5 ; 

"^- ^5**r c|o6U]c 6>n7 bo fl^i)A6. 

^. <S> A 2ubl5eAttt)A, CAorbAiT) ai) »t5 ; 

"^' ^S^r e]fb l|$ 50 c|t6cA]iieAC, ai) cai) bo- 
Jr|6tD]b cu. 

S. i8rbA|6 bo ^|t)]rcènt]6 lè f ||te^t)CAcb ; 

•^- ^S^r bèAP bo pohAl C03CA r^iD fttb^]lc^c. 

^. (S)a £l5eA|tDA, tl^DA]5 bo pobAl ;' 

J^, ^5Uf DaADvi6 co]6|teACb f è]D. 

S. (ì) A Ìt5eA]tDA, CAbA]]t ]j6ccà]D lt& A]t l]D ; 

if . tt]t A D^6bA]t DAC b]:>?l DeAC 0|le bo t>] c]tO|b 
A]|t A]t fOD, Acb cttf A AiD-ew]!*, ^ A ibè. 

S. (^ A ì)è, bèADA 5IAD A]t CC^p]6CfS }O^^^Vm 

•f . tÌ5Vf DA be]]t t>o Sp]ajiAb aCUorbèA ttA]D. 

Ann ain leanfnid trì hOràide ; an chead on La ; an dara ag 
iarruid sithe ; an treas ar son congnaimh a naghaidh gacE 
uile Ghuasachda^ mar leanas ar ndiaigh; agus dearthàr 
an da Oràid dheighionach go letheamhuiU ^g Ornà^ na 
Noine, gan chlaodhchlodh. 

An darah Oràìd^ ag Omaighthe na Noine. 
tì) A Ìè, 6 CC]CC]b 5AC >^l« Tt)]ADA DAOtDCA, 5AC 

vjle 6eA5C0fbA]]ile, A^uf ^ac v]le 6g50]b]te ; £Ab- 
A]]t boc feA]tb]:65ADCA]6e ad cf]ocÀ]D ub dac 
bfèAbAD AD bòti)AD v|le bo tAbA]|tc; ]ODAf 50 
n)beic A]t 5C]t6]6ce cIaod cvn) vidIa^a bob A]C]ot)- 
CA]b]], A^uf iDA]t AD SceAbDA A]t TDbe]c 6>fb cvtb- 
bA]§ce C]i]dbf A 6 eA^lA 4 D^tbAb, 5ob]!èAbAtDAOff 

A]t DA]tD]t]t bO CA]CeAfb A fOC]tA]6eACb A^Uf A 

fVA]bDeAf, C]tè lvA]6eACb 5ofA £]i]Ofb Ajt SlitD- 
v]5ceo]jt. tin)eD. 



Anh treasOràid^ fà chongnatnh a nagauUi gach 'uìle (^uaid. 

tì) A Ìl3Spi)A, 5Yt6Ti)ì6 cù, f 0]ll^6 A|ì DbO]tCACb ; 
Asuf lè bo ii)6|ic|iocAi|ie crrbbAiJ ^S 6 jac Y^le 
co9cAbA-i]tc AjYf 3A6bA i)a boì6cefe, cjiè 5|tti6 
l)AO]ì) ^|c Aft Sl;8ii)Yi5ceoi|t JFofA 4.[iìofb. fltDei). 

Ann a cCoruidhibh aguslonaduibh a nd^tar canntdreachd, 
ann so leanas an Aii^tiumi 

Oràid ar son Mhordhachd an R%h. ^ 

<f) A t>]^e^\if)A Aft i)tCcA]]i xye^rhÒAj 0]|t6è|]tc *| 
cYr9AcbA]6, A il]5 r)<^ |t]5ceA6, a &^$eA|ti)A t)^ 
cc]JeAftijA6, MV £»clY]tA]6ceo]Tt!)A bp|t]0$fA]6eA6^ 
bo c]6 db ^]tbCACAO]]t a hfr]l bA]Cfteo|tA]b A|t ai) 
ccAlAti) ; 0Y]6ti)]b cu 50 ]tO]6]CC|olUò f eACAi) l6 
bo C]Dettl A|]t ^]t i)ti]tb ttSèl*^^ ]t65]t^f Ai0ì?U »Ì5 
;Si£$>ISlSÌC ; A^Yf l|oi) è ]tè 5]t-8tfA bo ^f»]0]tA]b 
9!Iaotì)ca^ A]i n)o6 50 jcUoi^f a f è bo Spac CttH) bo 
colAf A, A^Yf 30 ];YbdlA6 fè AT) bo f l]5e : fC]oi) ò 

50 lj|0T1)^bATÌ)Al lè C]06lA]CCe l)gTt)6A ; CAbA]]t 60 

^ f A05AI f AbA n)A]llè ]iè ]'l^]i)cte A^Yf lè coi)A5 ; 
f)eA]tcA]6e CYH) 50 iDbèA]tA6 fè c]t#]]] A^Yf baA]6 
A]t A i)A]fi)be Y]le; A^Yf fAr 6^016, bè]f pa bgcAfo, 
CAbA]]t 60 bYÌ CYH) folA]f T fOT)A]f f]0]]i>ì6e, c]tè 
Jfof A £]i]Of b A]t c£]5eA]ti)A. ?4n)ei). 

Oràid ar son na Treibhe Riogha. 

ti Dbè ^]ieACYii)ACbA]6, a C|ob]tY]b 5AC Y]le 
ii)A]ceAf A, 5Y]6n)]b 50 bvTÌ)Al cw. ad £]teAb ^]05a 
56 l)!Ort)lA-i): ÌC]Oi) ]Ab lè t>0 i6p]0]tAb 9(lÀorì)CA ; 
bèAi)A fA]6b]]i ]Ab lè bo 5]t4^fA i)eATÌ)6A; CY]]t 
]tAC 0]]tcA ]iè 5AC Y]le f ot)Af ; A^Yf be]]t ]Ab cyid 
bo ]i]5eAcb f']0]]tY]6e f è]t), c]tè -3fof a £]t]Ofb Ajt 
cX]5e]tOA. ^Ti)e9. 

Oràid ar son na hEaglaid^ agus an Phobail. 

I tC i)è lit]leAcuti)AcbA]6 A^uf f]0]]tY]6e, òf cit 

1 f è]i) ATÌ)A]i) bo Df iDÒ]]tti)]0]tbY]l]b ; £Y]]t a i>ttAf 
I A]lt A]t i;ieAfbY]CC A5Yf £u]t^]b]5, ASttf A]t 5A# 



\?le ^cbdX bo t^oh cu leò, <S]>]0|tAb flÀ]i)ceAtnAil 
bo StvAf : ^3Vf bo^^c 0||ica^ b|tùcb ^pàcaò bo 
beAnAcb, lop^f 50 ccAict)èofi>Yìb]f 50 fì|i|5eAC 
le^^c : £]o81aic fo, 4$) 41 CblS^^^PA, cvri) 0i)O|tA iii|i 
t)t46boc:&^]b T 4i^it iji8|b|0|t5ì(?bcèO|it ^ofA Ì}tjofb. 

Aon dOràillibh Naoimh Chrisostom. 

tC Dbè ttt]leAcyHf flicbA]6, bo cvj Sjt^f a b>?^, a 
V0]Xi ^V' iK)Tti)A]6ce corì7co]cc|oi) bo bèApAtò bo]i)- 
n)è]i) cv^Ab ; ^svf seAlUr, ai) c]t^c c]tvròèocAib 
b]f Dò c]t]v]t A^ceAD A cè]le av b^lDiOf ], 30 cc]itb- 
ftA]|t 6ò]b A i)ACC>fi)5eA6A ; Sio]n)l]ov a i)0]f , ^ a 
XbiseAjtDA, n?]ADA A3W]* 3M6e bo fe]]tb]feAc, «)A|t 
]f .n>d btt6 b]0fDCvbA]6 6ò]b; A3 CAbA]]tc 6\ìd fAD 

Cf AQ^Alf A f ]0f Cf ì]t]Def e, A3Vf Af) f A Cf AO5AI ACA^ 

lè .ceAcb AD beACA ti)A]tcADAC. ^ii)ei)u , 

2 Oor. xiii. 14. 
C<& ItA^b 3tt^f A -^n ci]3eA]tDA ^of A it]t]Ofb, •^ 

3]t^ Dè, A^Vf CttlD^D AD «Sp]0|tA]b aÌAO]ib, TDA]lle 

l]De ^le 50 f ]0]]tv6e. ^CtDeD. 
Aim so chriochnuidheas Qrdugba Ornàighte na Noiae. 



4^e^b dl4om ^i^v^^^if. 

ÀirBaFeaitaUiliso; Là Nodhlac^ La chiim » dbi L& dhèag» 
fl, Mbathvt9> La Cft^, DeaTdaom Deaagfaahhala, Donh« 
nach Cìnnccise^ N. Eoin Baisde^ N. Sl^eppmif, N. Pbar« 
. thalo^^ N.Mhatha, N* Sl^omoin^ agas N. Jud^ N. Aindnaa, 
agus air Dhomhnach na Trìonòlle cànfìiidh no d^aidh 
an Ministèir agus an Pobal^ na seatamh^ ag Chrnà^h na 
M^idne, an Admhàil ia ar gCreidimh ChrìoBtaig^e, da 
ngoirthear go C9i|x;heaim> Creidh N. Athanasiaif^ a nioBfld 
Chi^jidhe }xu NagsdaL 

Quicunqijae <?u}t. 

e9Ì> bè Uìt iDJA^ A fU^r^^S : c^ 5^6 ìfle i)ìS 
^f |tÌAÒ&^i)AC 66 AP £|te|beATi) iCAco]l]ce ^q c<295- 

^ièb n^yiJA Ccojo^Al6 5^6 ì?le 6>f?4>e ad ^H^J^SI^ 
cèAbDA 50 blorpUa, 4^5rf 5^»? Cftt^iU^A.b: 54^ 
è0OTA&AJ!^;^ÌtA.CA fè A ipug^ 50 f|afl^6^. 

^5^r ir r^ rP ai) Ci%e|i>e^TÌ? ^^ ceilfce : . ttw 
ijDf^t bo 4^8|t^8 4^ c£|t|oi)ò|b, ASVf Swoi;$|i*>> 
pUo.i)6aÒ*>; * 

0A$ òoiìDe<if3A6 i)A bJ?eAfi.fA9 5 ^A ^^5 IWW -f-^ 

<ì>11t Ac^ A01) l^eAitfA bp i)^Ai|t» ^e4fif> ^e 

bojD ^AC : Agrf ^eAfif A o^jle fep^) ^pffO|tAb S^^on). 

0|6eA6 Af Aop Ì)|<V5ACb bo i>UcAiit, ASTf 6W 

^AC, A^vf boi) ^piOjiAb aiAori) : Ai) <8l6||t (^\iii* 

lo^AP, A9 ^$it6Acb .coiri)-nojtv>?.6e. 

^flAlt A cA AD c^CAHt, iD^it AD 5CèAb^ AC^^t) 1 
<nAc: A3Vf tDA]t AD scèAbfA AC^ A9 fi^^aiiU^ 


ttD c?tcA^it 5AD cjfj^v5A6, ?Cd tlAe 5W? è>r^ 
V5A6 ; A5vf AD ^iopAb 80tAori) 5AD citvcrJiUÌ!, 


Digitizedby VjOOQIC ^ 

26 t>|i«i6 aiAoit) tic4i)A|j^r' 

aièAmcxiDK^ce AD c^CAlii, D6Att)C>iiD|{6cft .Ai) • 
^AC : Ajvf Ai) Spto|iAb aiAOii) !)eAfi)CMiD|?bce. 

?tD cttcATTi rìottiM6e, ad 5*ac rl^m^^ • ^s^r 
AD ^piojtAib ORaoìì) rìoni^èe ; 

i8]6e^6v] t]K] rìottiì?6g ^Ab : Acb aod crjot|i>?8e. 

^Aji AD 5C|bi)A VT ^nll^ ^^ ctii DStbcìffTDH^ce, 
DA c|iì DSri)C|ivcAi6ce : Acb aod DeAtì)C|iVCA|6ce, T 
AOD DeAtbcì^tDH^ce. 

/ <tlA|l AD JCèAbDA AC4^ AD cftcA|it IftileAcribAC- 
bAC, AD *^4C tfttleAcvtbACbAC : A5wr ^V ^pipT^b 
tttAOiD IftileACVtbACbAC ; 

tC5vr 5l6eÀ6 dì cfi^ 5ftileAcvtbACbAi6 ^Ab : Acb 

AOl? IftlÌeACVlbACbAC. 

^Aft ^V SCèAbDA ir ^l^ ^^ cftcAllt, ir I>1A <W) 

^AC : 1 ir ^^ ^^ SpioiiAb aiAOtb ; 

tCjur 51^^^^ '^ì '^T^l '^^^ 1-^^ • -^^^ ^^^ •'^l^* 
'^Hap ad 5CèAbDA ir XiseAjiDA ad cttcAi|i, ir 

3tl5eA|tDA AD ^AC : A5vr ir ^ISSP^^ ^^ Spio^Ab 


tC^vr 5i6eA6 Dì cpì S^JeAitDA&A : ACb aod 


<6ìlt Atb>?ltDAttcoiii)èi5D|6ceATt }\r) \i)T a DFiftiDe 
ApTorbAigeAtbAil: Abtb«^il5obp>fl5AC»eAftrA p^ 
leic da' DiA A5vr DA IblseAitDA ; 

<flAit AD 5CèAbDA coi]tiD]or5Ai6 AD £]teibeAtb 
tACoilice oitAiD : a ]tlt6, ttc^ib c]ti I>èe ad,' d6 
C|tì )Lì5eAtti)A6A. ' 

0(1] 6èA]tDA6 AD cfCcAVft 5 Dgc : D] tD^ bo C]tvc- 
M5eA6, DA bo 5e|DeA6 è. 

<& DftCAllt A»bA]D A CAr AD ^AC : DÌ bèADCA, t)^ 

c]trcA]5ce, Acb ^eiDce. 

<S) ì)%tA\^ 1 ÒD ^AC, A CÀ AD fip]0]tAb SdAOtb : 
d1 bèADCA, DA c]tvcAi5ce, da 5e]Dce, Acb A5 ceAcb 

VACA. - . • 

^Afi ']|D ACA AOD tltA]]t AD, D| cpi b^lcpeACA ; 
AOD ^^C) t)l cpì ^eic : aod SpiopAb àlAOtb, Dl* 

cpl J6p10]tA]b QdAOtbCA. 

tCsrr ^VT^ 3L]tìoD6ibre Dt 6]:>fl aod ]to]tbe, do 
A DbiAiJ AitO]le : Dì br>?l aod ]r «?^ 1?^ ir ì*^s^ ^^ 


tCcb Ac^ib^ !^À ctiì^eAiif Ai)A 5o1)>ffe coii^dnt- 
"S|6e lè cèilè : Ajvf coirbiot^AÌ). . 

tC|i ino6 a5 3AC ì^le i^eice, tf>Aii bo fiÀi6eA6 
|u>iTi)e : 5r|i c6tii ai) ftoijbACb f a9 ]èitioi)6ib, Ajrf 
A9 itpiotfèib f A i)t(oi)OACb, bo a6|ia6. 

t»lìi)e up cè bè, lèii ,i^iA!) A f UijrjA^ : CAièf i6, 
AD tijeAf fo be|c. Aj^e^ Aiii ad 'S»^]or)à]h. 

*^1Mr fi^j ir TilAcbAi)AC cvfi) fÙHJce fiotit^^: 
A citeibeAii) 50 ceAitc ttJAii ai) ^cèAb^A 5V|i jAb 
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bo IS]ie]i DAOfi)CA Ajrf bo 2t]ti)c]U$e]]iA6 ; cfift bo 
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Asrf bo 5l?4^]f ; c]iè bo IJ^^f ti)0]ilrA]è A^rr ètt6- 
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Oi^juf bo WA.'|icf5AlS A$ bo A6|tAè f litiSeAC frè^tS •• 
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CACb bO CAbAf ftt 'h^ hp^ A ^CO^CAbAfflC, A fl] Aòb* 

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t)A]ri>b]b, A|i Db|beArtco]]i]b^ T Aji ii)'^rlMSceo]|i](S 
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bo CAbA]]tc A^r]* bo co]tbèAb cvti> Aft DUf^e^jbe^ 
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lAeceAtbvfl : ti^ttf tDAfC 8^5 Aft ccfogcA, idvh, 
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be^c 50|iCA]6ce U 5èi|ileA|>«^tt)Aii) 4^fi b>c, 50 
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ii)A]i 50^11 Ati ctÌAfDH). 

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eAbAfi Ar]i tii)tit^ ^"^$9 OA 5])tott)AtiCA 0i|t6eA|iCA bo 
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tì) A*^ic X>Abi, bèAD cii6cAiiie oiìaid. 

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f 6f -bo fiofi. 


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eA|ii)A 4|i1orb, è|rb Ifp 50 5|ttirAm4. 

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CAiTie oitAi9; 
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cftdcA|)ieAc A]|t A|i QèA^cfutAr ; T A]t roi^ sUfjie 
cfÌQiD^A rfll '^AID VA l)>fle o]lc bo cìfll§n)A]% Jo 
ltd|ceA]ic; 1 beoijAis 6ìf5, a5 Aft i)>rle bttA|6TteA6. 
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qtdcAffte, A^vr r^l^Mf ^<> 6èAi>Aiì),A5COii)i)Ai6e 
6ìifc A'i)Aorì)CACb A^ar a i)5lA]òe beACA, cvn) cop- 
6[tA T bò 5lò]]te,^c|iè A|t c£]5eA|ti)A JForA' i£|t]orb^ 
Aft p^op ì]b]]t^6ce^o|tt A^uf tt6bocÀ]b. tCnoep^ 

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i)0]r, A]t f)0]ti)A]6ce cori)co],cc]ot) bo 6ftAPArì) bo]i)» 
.rì)è]i) cv5Ab;,A5vr geAllAr, aij c]t;8cc c]tìfòèocA]b 
b]r 1)6 C]tiv]t ASceAD A cèile a9 ctt]i)rt)r], 50 cc]aD* 
TtAiit 65]b A i)ACCìft)5eA6A ; £o|rì)l]oi) a r)oir> 6 a 
El)]JeA]ii)A, iD]At)A A5ur 5>ì6e bo fe]]ib]reAc, iDAlt 
ir id6 btt6 b]eTDcvbA]6 66]b; A5 CAbA]]ic 6i?D r^^ 

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Anii 10 chriochniiidheas an Liott^n. 



«ir Shiòcaraibh airighe ; os ionnraidhte roimh an dà Oràid 
dha^bìonaoha dan Lk>ttan> no Omaidhe na Maidnc agua 
na Noine. 

Ag larraidh Fearthaìnna. 

<6 A Ìè, ?CcA]|t ijeAtìjÒA, bo geAll c|ièb ^ac 
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Ajvf A fì|tèAi)CACb, 5AC i)]6 fdJijAf boi) beACA 

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50 bf èAbf AT!) CO]]lCA 1)A CAlìbAI) bf ^JiJaiI CUTl) Aft 
5C0TbfY|tCACb, T CVT1) 1)01)d]iAf A, C]tè -Jof A £]t]Ofb 

A]t cX]5eA]ti)A. ^Ti)ei). 

Ag lamiidh Soinine. 
^ A £I>]5eA]ti)4^ A £)è llt]leAcvTÌ)ÀcbA]6, bo bÀ]c 

A1) bOTÌ)A1) ìfle A 1)A01)VA]]t, ACb OÒC bpeA]tfA$A, 

cjie peACAb A!) bM^e, A^uf ]A]t ]fi) bo seAll bob 
ii)a]tc]i6cA]]te 5AI) A f5]t]0f n)A}t ]|i) a jtìf 50 hji^t ; 
0M6ti)]b cii 50 bitn)Al, A]t f 01), 5U]t c>?lleATi)A]t 50 

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"vffSe, 5]6eA6 A]t Ti)be]c f]0]tA]C]teAc 6^0 ^1")]?^ 

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CO]YttA DA CaItÌ)AD bf 4lt5A]l DA DATD f è]D ; A^Vf 50 
DbèADATD f 05WTD C]tè bO ]TDACbA6f A TDA]tAOD A]t 

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idoIa6 A^vf 5l6fft bo cAbA]]tc ^'^c, c]tè 5of a £]t]Of b 
A]t cX]SeA]tDA. ^TDeD. 

A naimsir Dhaoirsi agns Gorta. 

<B A Ì)è, ?CcA]]t DeAti)6A, A5 A]t bob C]o6lACA]b 
A DfeA]tCA]i) bo ty\z]tt)f ad caIatì) bejc co]ttcACj 

Digitized by VjÒOQIC 

36 d]ti)M5ce A3t^ÌJ|teAcbì?6eAC>ff. 

b|feAC ceACb A]jt e^^lUc, ^svf l]Oi)mA]|ieAèb ^lft 
]Af5; 0%f6rn}b cu, 4^4)|tc eftvA^.c^f jbo pobA|l; 
A^vf cdil]^ c]tè bo ii)AiceAf ai) SA^pe.Asvf ai) 
6^o^]t|;, ACJa^fHAOYb b|!vUD5 6 è^A^ f^ii lOflkòArA, 
bo |on)f 06 50 c|t6cAf|teÀò ^am f Aoift^ 1 liODti)4^]|t- 
e^cb, c]tè 3|ti6 -JofA £]t,ìofb Aft cX'^^eAtti^A ; tyX . 

CCU^IDAO^b, TtJAlUe IgCf A A^Vf Al) ^f 10|tAb QdAOlÌ), 

5AC ìfle oDòiit A^ttf 3lòi|t, A Doif A5Yf 50 b|i^Ci 

No 80« 
* A Ì)è, ^iCAffi CfldCAflllb, bf0JDp6|6 50 CApM3 

SAjDe ii)0]t A5Vf 6A0]|tK cttiD Mo^W^l^^èb A5uf 
f AO|]t]^ A S;jitn)AHtiA, ]te Ijf ad f ^i6 i^lifeA; JDèAD 
cjtocAiite ojtAiDj lODAf 30 b}:ìff5e-^6 fjDe, ac^ a 
DOif b^]t ]nDACbùjA6 l^ DA f^ii)A]l]5D bATÌ)^^, ciAb^ 
A D^tD ")A]t AD 5CèAbDA : ^èAb'VfJ po^CA DA PaI- 
ti)AD W bo beADu5A6 DeAii)6A ; A^uf apOCAj6, 50 
DbèADÀ]fD Ac^ A5 3UCA6 bo fèiVe 30 fA1]tK^5 
uf A]b 6] cvTD bo, Jloijtef e, .cvid cAbA]tèA DA .^>iD3e 

ACÀ A]t]ACCADAf, A^ttf A]t 5C0tl)fV]tCACb ]rè]D, C]tè 

-Jof A £]t]of6 A]t c£]5eA|ii)A. ftiDeD* 

AMimsìr Chogaidh aguB liwgaìle. 

<) A ì)è tlt]leACttti)ACbA]69 a ISI15 da i)>?le ]tfj- 
ceA6, A^vf A ScivftA]5ceo]]t 5AC 'v?lè •Dejce, dÀò 
è]b]]t lè c]tèAcv]t 4 b]c ctt]t a dA5A]6 bo cuii)ACb, 
lè tDbAiDeÀD 6 èeAftc ]>eACAi6e bo i^ACbujA^, ^ 
A be]c p]tòcAi]ieAc boD Ivcb bo 5^16 ]!io]tAic]t]6 ; 
'€fM6TD] 50 butDAl, coiti)èib T fAO]t HD 6 Uii)Aib 
A]t DAti)Ab ; cUoi6 a DUAbAJt, U5A]6 a tDlof CA]f, 
A5Vf cì?it A Deiii)TDb]ii5 a jceAljA ; ]0i5Af, Ajt 
tDoeic AittDCA 6^D lè &o cof !)A6f a, 30 TDbeiCTDlf 
]-AO]t 50 b]t^c 6 A D>ìle j^uAf Aèb, cuid 5l6j]ie bo 
CAbAijtc b\?c]^, A0DCAbA]ic6|]t 5AC >?le bvA]6e; citè 
luAi6eACb bAOiD ^ic .ìfof a iCitiofb A]t c3Lf5eA]tDA. 

A naimsir Plàighe coitchinn^ no Aicide. 

1È'A 3bè ^il^ttTÌ)AcbAi6, bo c^rit pUi5 ad it>]?^i]ii3 
Aiit bo pobAl Fè]D fA bjrAf AC, ]:a da 5C05A6 eAf- 


3cèAbi>A, bo TÌ)A|ib befc TDìle Ajrf z\i] f\tc\h lè 
pl^lg Ai) A]rt)^^AV |tì5 D^ibf ; ACb, bo cun)b4^)i ^n 
c^b e|le, A|t 5co|ìì)1)1A&a8 bo t^òc^^fie ; ÌèAi> 
cjittA^se b^ò i)A peACCA^Ò bocbAf a, a c-8^ a t)«f f Af ^t 

A|t SCOAItCttgAÒ^lè CftOlD AfC^b ATOf lè ^§5 ; fOÒAf 

ii)A|i bo 5Ab ctt A i)VA]]t]fi) of|t^|l jtèfbcfb, A5vf bo 
ctt^Aff Af ci)e bo t)tC|i)5^l TbiUceAC f^vft 5 pfAi^Ab, 

TI)A]t AF) 5CèAb1)A 50 T1)a6 COfl UaC A tJOf f A1) pl^lj 

-•5ttf A1) 5AI4 b|t5i)ACf A bo 6]b]|tc VAJ^, cjiè -Jòf a 
£|t]Of b A]t cXì5eA|ii)A. ^ii)ei). 

À Seachdmhuinìbh an Luaitbreamhàin lonràidhte gach uile 
Là ar son na miidnnflre bhìos da ngàbhàil anOrdaibh 

fC i)è ^f leACttrì)AcbAf b, A]t t)t(.cA]{t i)eAn)bA, bo 
ceA9A|5 6w'f è]t) iÈA^lAff coibcoiccgi) lè f ^l ìi)6|t- 
IttA^c bo^fc 6]lif ; i/èAC 50 c|t6cA]|teAC 0]|tc]6fe, 

A^ttf f A 1)ATDf A C|te6|tA]6 A^ttf fC]V|lA]6 ]1)C]$ bò 

fe]itb]fì5, DA b^AfbìTCC A^vf tio6A]]t]6 boc^t^bA^ 

A|t TÌ)06 DAC leA5f A]b 3^ bobAD A IAtÌ)A A]]t AÒD 

.Dgc, ACb C05A bo 6ÌDATÌ) 50 f ]71|D?ac T 50 CTtlÒDA 
A]]t peA]tfADA]b b]Af ]0TDCttbA]6 cttiD fe]]tb]fe b<> 
6§DAtb ^ ^]D|Ofc]t^lAcbDAOii)CA c^Sa^Ia]]!. ^5ttf 
CAbA]|t bo 5]t^f A A5ttf bo beADvjAb DeAii^^A, bo da 
bAO]D<^ bo]]tbe6ccA]t ctttD 0]f]cce daotì)ca 4 b]c ; 4 
">o& 50 5Cif]t]:]b bo 5l6]]tf4 T fUDV5A6 5AC mW 
6ìfDe A]t A5A]6, lè DA iDbeACA "ì lè da cceA^Afj, 
C]lè ^Of A £]t]Of b Aft cX^5€^]tDA. tÌTDeD. 


U 2>1)è ®:]leACttTÌ)ACbA]6, A,b]tODc6]]t jac '^le 
6e]5C]o6lA]C]65 boo]]ib]6 ad i^A^lA^f ]OTDAb b<6]t- 
bA]o lè bo f 0]]tA64c 6]a6a ; 0>fi6iD]b 50 bwii^Al co, 
CAbA]^ bo 5]t^f A bo D^ìle 6ì?De A5 a bf^l 5A]]tTi| 

'A]t'fA5A]l CttlD AOir 0]f]5^ DO tD]D]OfC]tMACbA 

]Dce]f ; ASttf l]OD ]Ab lè fmve bo ceA5A]f5, Ajttf 

lè Digibc]ODCACC boACA, 4 ti)o6 50 Db|DA]b fe]]tb]f 

f])t]DeAC a9 bo UcA]]tfe, cvid sl6]]te c^DtDA ò]|t- 


dbyGoogle ' 

8eitie«^ AjHf cAijtbe t45A5U]f e ijAotbcA, c|tè A>f a 
Oraìd ar:6M| Md^ ChùirCe b» PtirMineittte. is ioBleÌRkte ui 

nA'm95Aè^^ro.5o,3eDg|t^llce, Asrf 5.0 rpen-o^lcA 
4T^^^V^<^yij^^^Vt^ ^^1l*l|n)eii3c^3„Ac>ei a noir coTb- 
*1ii^lWep«6 Àjt »^3 itòèit^ibciò 1 nostt^rArijAil: 
00 tda6 coil leÀc AjcoiÌMlìtleACAvlebQbìitìuj^ 
T bo roiitbiv3A6, cvrt) ;2iit&AÌ5ce bo slònte, iDAi*|r 
**^5*^1I» ^t^SI^ 09$ftA, Asuf roi^^ir 4 Dttii%b. 
HK5 ^vf Au &|<^AÒb; loÙAr 50 idWic 34^6 t^6 
bèA50itb>?6ce A^ur rocitAibce lè ija ijbàttcACbr^D, 
Af^ V^ Imi9 ^f i:eAi|i: A^ur ir bioDsm-aLlcA, cuin rice 
^gjarf'fp^Air^ riH^^3^rrÌ1*ciitc, citeibin? Asrr 
<yw)^HH ^o 6Aii>5t;^itt5Ab eAbjt>f5c|tib a ijìfle geft)- 
e^Uò* <8u|6ii?|b ro 50 bwpAÌ, asv^ ^ac ujle di6 
<^w^ 4|j:^.1t1ACb4J>AC, 6ò>bi}po, 6u|§>e, A^uf bpt> 
4^Wr S<^ blo«)U«, A, ^i^ 1 >. D^ibipft5>y6e 
*>r4 -^IH^rl* ^n 't?^3^4iiDA Ajur <vp>^l^nyi6ceo|n 
1!i§b<>A0ìf6ce. ^Tnei^ 

OteRar soii Ardriaghluightheora. no Ria^liMglitheoirigb na 
hBeireann, noch id iouràidhte andiaidh na humaiSe a 
deu-theai' ar èon an treihh Riogha, a WiftiothoTadh na 
maidae. ^m teathnona ; no a nuair a deii>thear na Ko^ 
^i^ai»*^n» lwTOaidi«(guidh^aflidthùgo hùm^^ 

Ni gBÌthear guidhe ar son Ardrioghluightheora èt hith co 
'ndeantar a mhiniughadh. ^ 

4imar<^« l*iiift Tawii§te,, agiu mar aQ ge^a^a TWieama 
Ja^Oid^iiuacli, no Tigheani,^^ sin d^ntar guidhe 
arja^ille,che0c. . --r -— r 0—*« 

ffc'Ìiè «ileACttTbAcbAi6, ua6 a cci*iaUd 346 ìrte 
DeAitc, 5!^6ioib tà 30. bWjAÌ bo f^AitbosAue^ 
X>i)Airce DA b*11teADiA bjeAt)vSA6, A^^r «^^feÀ|^ 66 
AD clo^6eAii),bo ipiwcA^, l^ C€ho^itc Asur ci%5cAiite, 
Doc ba W3 Ap ciiseAi^UA 4pbèuiDAÒbÀÒ ai| »t5 66 



A9A l^^ii), A fiè||i bo èoU lie^v^Kste, a]ì f oi) b^b^t) 
t)A DbAo^tje fo, T Ai) ititèibiTÌ) fioji ac^ toj^^S^e 
A^ A]in}eAf3 : %o^\itt]^èlè boJji^fA, CAori)Aib fe 

lè bO f 0||lA6A|tC, ASttf Ctttt)bA]^ è Tè bÒ CAÌÌA]lCAf . 

0ui6?D]b Ctt t>o /to]n)t\veò\ 50 l)u|le a OfeAt)- 
uJaS ; C|ie5]ir]5 a ccoTÌ)Ai|ileACA cvitt) bo 3l6||«ie à 
i)eA]icvjA6, Ti)A]C|f bo ceATDpu]!, opditA Al) 1|l]$ 
beADu]3ce, bìb]D A^ttf bjfig da ìl]05AcpA fo: 
% X)è cjioeA]]i]5, cAbA]]t 6^d ad 5M6e fo, A|t fOD 
-Jof A ^iifofb A]t ^UDtt]5ceo]|t A^uf /^-AfSiAicdrti 
AiD^]D* ^TDeD- 


^ t>è lt;]UAènmAcbA]6, ^ODA^ bV^ M UnH^B 
cotbDV]5eAr sac u)le cuiì)acca CAlti)a]6e, 5iH6toit> 
cà 50 b<^ii)Al, XADA]fce ']ODV]le Asuf )Sl]A$lu]5ceo]]i 
Y09«lU D4^ lÌ^o^AròCA f d A beAD«$A6 : tlsVT tA^^A^ 
60 AD clo]6eATÌ) bo ]otdca]ì ad bo c^bei<b ^S^f 
bo eAjlA Doc bo tn^ 4 cXiseAfiDA tC]tbcVTbAÒbAC 
AD ^]5 60 ADA ÌAtfÌ)9 A5«f ttf A]b A 6èADAii) 6e bo 
^]t* *><> ^ol^ beADa]3ce 1 bo ^oca]1 : ÌCòDftvi5eA6 
bo^]iAfA è, cO]TÌ)D^A|icii}3;eA6 bo ibA]ceAf è, as^T 
cac^Dvi^a6 bo romA6A|iC ft. 0v]6f9]b cft, 
AD £o]ti)C]oi>6l 50 l)ii]ie A beADn$AlS c]ied]iv]5 a 
ccoibA]tileACA CttfD bo Sl6r]ie a DeA]icv5A6) >9Atcf f 
bo 2teATD]>ttil, od6]ia ad *^1S beADviJce, ASttf bìb]D 
^S^r *>ins ^^ 3t]03ACCA fo. ti iè c]idCA]]i]S» 
CAbA]]i 6>fD AD 5vi6e fo, a]ì fOD -SJof a 4S]i]0fc a]ì 
SlADa|5ceo|]i A^vf ^uAf5Ah75^|i Ati)A]D« tttDeD. 

Oraid, no Omaidh da nd^ntor ùsàid ar son ndi uile staide 
Daoineadh, sa nam aach ordiiij^thear «a Liettiin do ràdh.. 

^ A iè, tt^vcAisceoiii Asiif £yH»bAtisceo]fi ad 
c]Dt6 6AODA «]le, Sttt&TDlb 50 h^m'l c4 AttfOf 5AC 
tt]le fO|]ic Ajttf fCAtbe bA0]DeA6, 50 tbA6 co]l leAC 
eolAf bo f l^sceACA bo cAbA]}it 6*]^^ bo fUDV§iA6 
frAlUtD bOD v]le 4iiDeA6k 4&o b^]T*1^ 3«!^^^ *1* 
fOD 6eAjfCA]be «a b^slAife^Acetlice ; cuio 50 


40 ^iiijvjce Ajvf l$fteAcbr|66ACì^f . 

ii)be|C cjje6]iA]6ce A^uf fqr|iAi6c;e lèbo SpiO]tAb 
n;A]Cfe, Ajt n)o6 50 bcAi|ti)3]f|6 ad TÌ)èi6 A&ri)A]6gf 
i^Sttf SO|fiìb§f £]iìofbu]6]6 6]ob fèyx) cun) fl]5eA6 
l)A p]]tl5^j ^5Uf cvti) Ai) cite]b]ti) bo coi)5it)&|l a 
i)A0D6Acb f]>]OfiA]b, A 5qeAt)5Al fìce, T a b]:]]i- 
|i)CACb beACA. i/^A 6eo]6, tAobii)Aoib lè bo ri)A]Cgf 
ACA]t6A A1) ri)èib A]t A bf v]l AOi)cf 6]tc bvA]6]t]6, po 
Ari)5A]]t bo CAob ]DC]De, co]]tp, i)0 ri)AO]De, [* 50 

• Deartharsoantan 1)A]]t]6 À1) b]t01)T AC^ A^: ]Am\f6 Alt 
naàdJUheanPhobaiL 1)0]t1)A]5Ce ;J 50 t1)Ab CO]l IgC COTt)- 

f 0]tcAcb A^vf ]:6]]tcii) bo cAbA]]tc b6]b bo ]tè]]t a 
]t]ACbAi)A]f ]:A- le]c, A5 cAbA]]tc ]?oi5ibe 66]b ]:ao] 
i)A i)VAlA]6]b, A5Vf f AOi]tfe foi)A 6 t)A i)ì?le baiA6- 
A]tCA]b : ^5Vf 5^611)] b f6 A]t fot) iSfof a^ £]t|0fb. 


Qriid is fèidìr do radh a ndiatgh oeachdair do na hOràidibh 

* A ^è, b^]t D^b^ft A^vf f eAÌb 6]leAf Befc aj 
f^]t6èAi)Ait> c]t6cA]]te A5Vf A5 cAbA]]tc tt)A]ceAri>- 
t^^ir? 5^^ ^T* i>0]ti)A|6ce ttri)lA ; A^vf 516 50 bfì^l- 
ti)]b ceAi)5Ailce A^vf c>fb]t]6ce lè flAb]tA&^ a]ì 
b]>eACA]6e, A]t a f oi) ]]1) bèAi)A6 c]tttA]5e bo ri)d]t- 
c]t6cA]]te A]t f ^AOileAb, cvti) oi)6]tA^of a £]t]Ofb 4 
T)iC]b]oft5>fì6ceo]ft A^vf Aft i)^6boc^ib. ttti)ei). 


Breathbhuidheachas Ghenearàllte. 

ti £>è. QI]leAcvri)AcbA]6, ticA]]t i)a b^le cft6c- 

A]]te, be]]ttD]bpe bo f e]]tb]]f6 ri)]6]OD5ri)4^lcAf a b>f6- 

eACA]f it6 4iì)Ia A^vf ]i6 A]5]oi)CAèA Òyic frAb ìfle 

ri)A]ceAf Ajttf bo c]i)èAl 5]tÀ64C birD^ A^ttf hs>, 5AC 

• BftirtJtor «0 m to)i fa^- 'vrle 6^i)e. [* 0o l)4ìS ^^ì^- 

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bo co]]tbi]tc f vAf , f «^D cfi6cA]]te 6e]5ioD^i6 bo ]t]^e 


ScvfljbAc, A3Yf A' t>ìfl0 beA9ACbA OA /beACAfo ; 
Acb òf.ceA^ A !)i<>t9Uii>f f^ b0 5]U6 èA3COi«i||6<A 
bpr AfSAllt AD boi9Ai9 i^^ cSfsgìiijA ^of a X|i|Of« ; 
F^ fl|5^^ 9A t)5Jt^r, AjttT bòccAf PA jUfite. ttjrf 
5M&fi||b Ctt cAbA]|t 6^9 AO ceAftc cèAbfA ||9 Affibo 
"^le cfidcAì|ie, joi?Af 30 fi^beit Aft seftot^ce b^Ò^ 
5^ TÌtH^eAC 5 Ajttf 50 ScwsipAOf f bo njolAòf a of 
^ll^ 9Y beAb AtbAff) Uft tpbè^l, Acb a9 a]ì 
iDbeACA ; lè U9 f è|ij bo tAbAf|t& fvAf bob f ei|t- 
6ir^> ^S^r lèbefc A5 ifvbAl A9 bffASDìfif A t^AOi^c- 
ACb A5vf A b|rjf«feA9M69 A^ÌAeèe ir|ie, cjpè ;9of a 
£ftfofb Aft cìi5eAfti)A ; ba ftAf b niAf lle |tf ocrA *i 
At) iS|>fOftAb aiAorÌ) 3^6 ^le oi)6i|t Ajt^ 5^*11*» 
r^oSAÌ gAt) c]if è. tttDep. 

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^ A ibè Aft i)1CcAfft DeAtQlw^ bo be^ft ft^ beA|t^ 

lè bb f OffiAÒAflC 5|tkf AlbAfl A9 CèAbfeA]fCA|9 1 

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ccAlAib) cttti) ttf ^|be A^ bìf oe s ^e]fui)fbl»^&ìcA:ff 
tttblA 6MC frA tt)Aft 6eoi)Afl> tk a#^ 4 ii)6f|yif AèbA9^» 
freAftcAfp A0fb]i) bo cvft f A, 6eof5 ^^5^1$ 4 b^lS* 

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bo bf fì ciftft9, cvì9 Aft ì9Òftf 0^590 bo fOfftbfffb 
f9f6f095bAlA, T cttrt) $lo]f*e ttÌ9«)A i)A0I9ca ffèft^, 
cftè bo citòcAf fteA)>A A t).9of A £ftfOfb i^fi«£f$s^|t9** 


Aar io& flDÌEUime. 

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pUfS 6èfSf09A]S feApCA^A A5ttf UffSOAèA 9feAtÌ)- 
t9eAf AftèA, AJttf bOb CftdCAf fte CV5 ÒAbAf fi AtV^ 

f oftcAcb b^ft 9A9t9A9A lof f A9 ccIaoc15& bg^Af bfè 
t)A b-^ft^fifte A bcftiic cvbAi6; Ìièfftt91» t^olAb ì 
Slèift bob f4f9»9 9^ott)èA f^ bo c]t5cAf|te, A5vf 
ftoillfeòcAt9 bo 59AC bo cii)èAl giti6AèrA 6 Jef^- 
folAò go sef DfoUc, cftè -Jof a Jtfiìofb 4 cX|3§ft9A. 


Ar KMi Faininge* • 

A A titA^ft 7tòc|i6cA]|t|6, »è]fc boc TbA]ceAf 
gjt^f ATÌjAil lè bo|n)A]6ce c|i:eiibèi8 c^AjUi^f, Asuf 
blOTDpoiS Aji T)bAO]|Hf ASHf ^l^ T^S^ÌSe ctiìD f AO^^if e 
A^uf fAi|iKT)5fe; lie|]iìi?]b b'vròeACAir ttiìjU 6ì?c A|t 
A foi) fo bo cfòblACA6 fpèjfAlcA ; A^ttf 5v]6n)jb cu 
bo c]i)èAl 5tt:8i6AC bo 3i):Jiccoi)5b^il 6^$, T^Af -^o 
cc]ttb|tA6 A|t ccaUtii a cojtcA 50 fAi|tnij5 8^^, 
cttn) bo à^l^^r^ 1 ^l^ foUifpe, cftè ^ox^ £|^ìofb 
A]t cX^geApijA. tÌTijet). 

Ar 8on-8iothehàiìft agiu Saònidh o ar NaimhdBbb. 

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cofA!)CAbob fe]]tb]]]b A i)aJa]6 a i)àri)Ab; So]]t- 
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Ar son aitheachda Siothdiàiia Poihlighe ionar dTir. 

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CTi6cA]]teA6A 6^D> c]tè i^of a Cjiiòfb 4 cXiseApDA. 


ifcfiijttijce Ajttf ISfieA^btt^^eAcvii*. 43 

Ar son ar Saortha ò Phlàìgh^ nò ò Aicid Choitchinn oile. 

tì) A Xb^3eA]ti?A Ì)|A,bo |t|pe coeAÒ^^ 0|tAi? }:4^|t 
bpeAcÀi6e, ASttf bo con)cr)^o]6 ]$ f4i|t 5C0|tCA Ife 
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eiCAslA]];; c]tè Jfof A £]tiof b A]t c£i5g]ti)A. ^ii)eD. 


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viì)Ia, T lè]i 5C]tttAr C]t0]6e, i)a b^fle piODwf acA 
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0]6eA6 6 bob ] bo to]l}\ bob TbA0C|t6cA]]te, A]]t A]t 

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A5Vf bo ]teArb]tA6Aitc o]tA]b7 cjtè ^ofA it]tfofb.A|i 
cXi5eA]tDA. ÌCiDeD. ^ 




T»bhair aiie, go ràidlitetr a nOiriha chiimte da each Dcnnh- 
nacb^ nò da Là Saoire ar bith^ ar a mbeidh Bhlgi^ ag 
Ornaig^ na Nòine is faicse dfaò roimhe. 

Ux) itèAb l>oii)t>^p bo v^]àth^]i)z. 
tt Ì)è milstcvti)<^cbAi6, CAÌ^ ST^^^fA ^^V 0|b|i<gc4 

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3lò|tii)A|i, bo bjie^e btieice Aijt beoÒAib A^vr a||ì 
ibAttbì?*, 50 DbèADAin)9e è^itje èvrt) da beACA 
iDA|tcADA|Se, cnibrèAD bott)Ài]ieAr 1 bo r^tV]tAr 
iDAille leAcrA Ajvr AD %lO|ÌAb aiAOf^ A DOtf T 
50 bttAC, tin)eD. 

I8 còir a nOrrtha iSn do ràdh gach aon lA, maraon leia na 
hOrrthaibh eile ar feadh na hAidmheinte^ go ttigidh 
oidhdie nOdlac. 

ft D^pir^ll- ^OiD. 13. 8. 

G(^A bì0& riACA A5 AOjDèAC 0]tAlb, ACb AìÌ)AlD 

|b rè|D ^ S^^6v5a6 a cèile. <6i|t ad c] 5tt«i6- 
A^geAr A corbA|trA bo cotti)ltoD r^ -^O bliSeA6. tì)]]i 
DA bAlceADCAr^, aiA bèttD A6AlcitADvr, af A bèvi> 
bttDibAttbA6, 9(Ia bèvD 50]^, a^A bèttD rì^^*^- 
bttètse, OdA bèvD r^l^cj ^3>^r 5^^ AicDe etle 6^ 


tti) iÈ&Ab X)pfl)i)AC bo i)U)bn}e]t)t. 46 

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fOfO r^ At) 5it^6 coytì)1]o9a6 ai) bl^Se. ^i^vf iji), 
tiè iDeAt PA bAiTD^ite, 5Y]t ìD]qb 6^0 A DOif rDttfS- 
U6 6 cobUb : ò]|t ]f 501^^ 6^D a DO^f A]ì flitD- 
vJaS d^ a DVA^Tt bo cfte]beAtDAtt. X)o cya]6 a 
DO]6ce to|iA|D5 A^vf bo 6|t^ ad Ù |t]D: MtD^ f]D 
ce^lseAiD VA1D oib|ieACA ad bo|tCAbìff, T c>?tteATD 
HTDA^D è]beA6 AD uf olA]f» ^^ublATD 50 crbA]6, Aii)- 
A]! f A l6 ; D] A 5C|tA0f DA A »De]f5e, d^ a fèÒTD- 
1tAbd]]teAcb D-^ A iDACDVf, d^ à sceADA^iYtA^c i>-ei 
bcDvc. ttcb c>ff[t]6 viD^fìb ad ^ISgTtDA 4fof a £|t|of b, 
A5ttf D^ b]o6 citjtATD DA coUa oitA|b A iDlADS^fMb. 

%D«6oif5èAl. ^Ac. xxi. r* 

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CAD^AbAft 50 ìJeAcp4^i5e, 50 fl^AD DA DoW6eA6, 
AD l?t> bd ci^ lof A b]Af bejfciobAl va6, A5 it4^6 
|t]v, JTDqT;]6 boD bA]le a c;8^ Af bv|t 5COTbA]ft, T 
A|t AD iDbAll bo JeAbcAOf Af aI ceAD5>?lce aDj A^vf 
f eA]|tAè DA f ocA]|t r f5AO]li6, A^vf cAb|tA]6 CV5- 
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ftfb, Ab]i^6]f, 0o*bf>rl fè]6TD A5 ad bXigeAitDA 
0|]fcA : A^vf lè]5f f 6 f è va6 A]t ad iDbAll ] Ab. tt^vf 
c^]D]c f 6 ^le cviD c]tìce, ]obAf 50 5co]ibl]ODf M6ce 
AD D]6 A bvb]tA6 c|tèf AD bf 4k-]6, a be]]t, <9bl]t6 
bfD5]D ^ìoDj J^èYc^ Ac^ t>o ll]5 A5 ceAcb cu^Aby 

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tC^vf bo ]iDè]5eAbA]t da be^fciob^, A^uf bo ]tib- 

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CAf aI A^ttf AD b]tOTDAC lèO, A^Uf bO Cì5]teAbA]t 

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A]]t A TD>fD. ^5ttf bo leACDV]5eAbA]t rt)0}K^r)ho 
6AO|D]b A TDbftìfc A]]i A cfl]5e, A^vf bo 5eA]]tAbA]t 
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A]]t A cfl]5e ]Ab. ^5vf be C65A6 ad flwAj bo b] 
]toiTb^, A5Vf,DA 6]A]J, 5^i]t, A5it^6, ..66fAbAbjo 


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bvl bZoj^A A fb^c 50 b^Aiuq*«^lèrD, bo è^ ad cAè4 
vle A^ i)A c(m7iDbo5Aò» 45 1*^, CH ly^ T<> ^ ^5"f 
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l)ì?le iSqqopc^ i)AOn)CA bo f ;]if obAè òitrD f^oe bo 
ceAgAfs; Ea^]|ì 8^ a oèifceAcb, AlèAj;A6^ ^ 

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c/0CA]l l)AOri»CAf A, 50 bf èAbf AH^ YI1)sIaCA6 ASTf 

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AiJèe i)A beAÒA f}ofliYi6o^ t)oc bo cy; cufA 64^^ 
AV ^tt £»lAi)ìii5ceo)|i Jof A £)ito|%b ^ti)ei). 

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'è^^S^fS ^® rSrtebAb tAba toftvf 30 tDbèiebÒfcòAf 
^5^9, c|tè f 5|5ib T cfie òorf)^titAcb Da fjT^ìòbc^t*. 
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ti^tti -JofA £|itofb^ ]ogvf 50 t^a6 t^ibiii Ito^o 
1)A0dca6aò |iè h^t) Dèvl A1Ì):3^]D, I^iA eAboD tCfcAiti 
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5AbAi6 cttSAib A cèiie, bo fièliitD4| bo jAb Ìt^ìot^ 


tti) DAftA X)oti)i>Ac bo t;^]bii)e]Qc. <17 

l^òe c^je, cnn) slòilte I^è, ttsYf a beinim, 30 

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bo 6Ait)3i)1>3A& : tÌ5Uf lo^uf 50 iDolfAÒ i)a Cid- 
eAÒACA I>iA A]i f 01) A c[t6cAi|te ; bo ]iè]|i ti7A]i ac^ 
fSH^oftcA, ti]% A i)^b4f A A]bii)eòcA tDè s^ a TOSfS 
PA 3£ii)èÀ6Aè, A5Yf bo 6èai)A iDè ce6l bob a]I)td. 
tt^ttf A. be]|t fè A itìf, 3DèttDAi6 5^]]tbeAÒvf, a 

itlDeAbACA, T1)A|IU Jtè DA pobAU ttSUf A ]i]f, 

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p^ìbleACA tt]le, n)o\^]6 è* ttjvf a jt^f a be]|t 

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4S]DeA6ACA A t)bdccAf a5« tt^ttf 50 1]0D'Ai6 D]a 
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6 c|ie]beATÌ) 6A0]b, ]0Dttf 50 Tt)A6 it)6]be bv]i Dboc- 

èAf, C]lè CttTÌ)ACbA]b AD ^ptO]tA]b 9tlA0]tÌ). 

ttD So]f5èvU «vc. xxi. 25. 

tt3»f bè]b coti)A]tc^5e ad r^ ^l^fT), ^5»^ a9 
fA DseAWs, A5Vf Ai) fDi<v ]tèvlcA5^b ; A^ttf coid* 
it)b^tiSA6 i)A 5£]D]6eACA 4 ^Vi bCAlAti)C]tè uAthXf^ 
A3 bà.i]tf ]3 t>oì> f A]]]t3e A^vf bo da coòìfb ; Asvf 

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be]c A5 ]re]ceATÌ) ]t]f da De]C|b C]oc]rAf ^ ad boii)ADJ 
6|]i c]to]Cf ]teA]t CttTÌ)ACbA De]n)e. tt^ttf a^ ^d bo 
c]i?]b ^AC AD b>?De A^ceACb A^D^ttU U cvttiACbA T 
U 5l6]]t iDd]]t. tt^vf AD CAD c]ODr5ADC4 DA De]cen, 
bo bèADATÌ), ]:èACv?6 f ttAf , A^ttf c65bA]6 bA]t SCjd; 
orft ]f fo-^rr bAO]b bA]t b]!VAr5U6. tt^vf a biib- 

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1^13^5 ^Z^T ^^ b^^ c]tA]D ; AD CAD rs^l^lb a DbvylU 

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5V]t ItOSVr AD rATÌ)]tA6 AD HD. ^r ">4 Kl^^AO^b]], AD 

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5v]t Ab ifosttr Ac4k. ]t1o§AcbDè'. tt be]]t|iD ]t]b 50 

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Apb v\ ]tACA]b iDo b]t| AÌfiAfA co]tc 30 b|t4è. . 



tì) A ibìS^AI*')^ Sof^ /t^]OXbf bo c>;]i 4 ^o cèAb 
reACb bo ceAc&Ai|ie rA]c cvti) bo f ^3« brllTbvgAÒ 
|%ori?Ab ; ÌCoi)CA]6 50 n)b]:è]b||i lè Ti)]i)ifcèj]t]b A^uf 
lè ]!eA6ii)ApcA|5ib bo ]tttii)6]ATÌ)]tA|5 A]]i ai) ii?o6 
5CèAbi)A, bo f l]3e brllrijrgA^ A^uf bo ]tè]6eA6, lè 
lOìijpS^ c]io]6cg6 i)A i)eAfÙTÌ)Al crn) c]t]opACb i)a 
b]:]]tèAi)9 ]0$A]* A]t bceAcb bì?c ai) bA]tA feAcb cuti> 
b]te]èe bp b]te]c A|]t Ai)'bpn)Ai), 30 Ti)be]CTi)]b lè 

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bo DeACA]6 A^r]* ^ ]X]r]tA6, Ti)A]lle le]f a T)ttcA]]t 
A5U]* le]f AT).S]?]0]iAb 9Xaotì), aoi) D]A 50 bft^c, 
fAOjAl 5A!) c]t]c. ?Cn)ei). ' 

ti i)i6p]]X]l. 1 £o]]t. iv. 1. 
00 ii)a6 bA?i)W6 TÌ)eA]*]frf b>ffi)e^]]5e, iDA]i Ti)]i)]f- 

bè]]t]6 Aft^Ofb, T TDA]l fS6T1)A1)CACA flÙ]Pb]ATÌ)- 

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cACAib, 50 bfvj5C]6 DeAC bìleAf . ?i]]t tdo f ODf a ]f 
^à b§5 TDO f^ A iDb]te]C<gii)DVf bo 6ènDAii) bAO]6f è 
o]tAiD, D^ 1J6f A n)b]te]ceAii)Dttf bAODA : ACb f 5f, 
D] b6]]t]iD b]teAc 0]tAn) f è]D. <&]]* D] ]reAf ac 6Ari| 
Dì6 A]t b]c 60TD CAob f è]D; 5]6eA6 Dt f AO]tAD TfD iDè: 
Acb A -fè AD £ì5eA]tDA AD c] ]f b]te]ceATÌ) o]tAiD. 
IÌt]iDe ]]D. DA be]]t]6 b]te]c A]t ao]dì6 ]to]ri) a daid, 
Do 50. bc]5 AD £Ì5eA]tDA, Doc f o]Uf eòcAf De]ce 
folA]5eACA AD bO]tcAbA]f, À^rf Docbf rf ]t^D Da 
5Cttoi6eA6 : A^uf ad V^^o 5èttbA]6 5AC AODn)olA6 

ttD So]f5èAl. . <n:^c. xi. 2. 

tC^ttf AD CAD bO.CUAlA]S 40]D AD fA b]>]l]Of ÌJD 

5D]ori)A]tcA 4;]t]0fb, A]t 5cr]t b]]] b^ 6e]f5fòbUb 
rA6, A bttbA]]tc fè ]t]f, ^D JCttf A ad cè rb bo 6] 
cmt) ceACbA, và AD.n)bfA fiifl A5A]d ]ièb ACAfftAC? 
tt^ttf 4 bf]t55]tA b-;^Of A A.brbA]]tc fè ]t]tt, <9n)C]5]6 
^S^r mHtS ^45o]D DA D^ice bo cWdc] A^rf bo c^cf : 


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bAC4^l3, sUiKATi 1)^ lobAitS Ajrf bo cUn]t> 9^ 
bo6A|]S b^rSceAti i)a n)^]fihy Asrr Ac4t at) So|f- 
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ìfjce At) cè, DAc bpirSe fCAi)i)A]l ]o9ATt)t*A. tt^Yf 
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i>]6 A5^ i)beACAbA]|i aii).ac f lii) bf^f ac b;^ f $ca]i; ? 

A1) 510lcAC bA b05A6 A5 A1> 1)5A0]C ? ACb C]ièb è 

Ai) p]6 A5^ i)beACAbA]]i aii)Ac bA rèac^i) ? bMOe ^ 
cA, Afi i)A èAbvjA^ ]iè b^Ab>r5]b iD]De ? •Fèrc, ad 
n)^DC]]t c>ff]ieAf èAb^^Se iD^De joiDpA ]f a bc]j;c]6 
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Wb» 50 be]Tb]D, 1 i)]6 Af id6 dA' 1f^]6. *]^ a f è f o 

AD Cè A]|i A f5]i]0bCA]i, •FèttC, C>ff]i]TD]Ì 1D0 ceACb-i 

A]|ie liòrbAb, Doc ìfUTbèocAt ^o fl]Se ]idtbAb. 

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tC D4]>]fC]l. #]l. iv. 4. 

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D#Af ba]WD]bc]be ]rollAr ba da h^lò 6A0]D]b. ^tCcà 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^tiV^otfsèvi. ^ot^. i. 49. 

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fWbAfse-^ò^etiYf AÌèSn) fASAific ^ijuf l:eb]cì bo ^m> 
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pèt^JÌCrfjpfb. ^nr ^FWT*^5S^Att:be, t|tèb^te? 
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f^ò. tift A 4)A6bAt*r<5tD A biìbtiAbvti tttr» ^t^ ^> 
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bereAD, A5ur a bubt*«b«Cfitt^y, <ttt a DAbbAttrotD 
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V6 3&ltA|:, d6 ad yA\6 vp'ì *t)b ^ptte a34 Si6]v 'bi5|b, 

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Aft &A:fr'5 '^otD. 

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^mDe^lseif^awf6,:bb lèf^ '6«r»^^m<^ 


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*M> be|C 50 lAècgnjA^lb^]! i)aci)ya)>a6 ^è bo Sp^o- 
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HiO»fA A5t»r AUJ«ì>fOHAb^0è^AA0|^ltf^A.50 b^^C, 

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bfifACArt A ^19406 r^^^ ^f i?31ada6 4^T?ÌAC>fi,6.9/» 
<Ì6 cplb rè]i), ba fy^ r^^ ^ ^m ^ÌV VA '':16T\S4ÒÌ9A 
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boD ceiDe Ur^TT^SA. Ucty ^]y ad ^C A bjem f^, , 

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bO|tCAbAf c^f^e è. Z)o CM]teA6 b>iDe 5 Z>ia, b^ft 
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4*2 . 


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bo ti)A|ibAbA]|i|f <^1b|fi AV ceAti)|»oll A5Vf a T)AlcdY)t. 
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i>ATDÀ]t ]>€aca6, b]tèu5Dtt|6iD]b e]feAD, 1 D] bfv)l 

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<tD ^0|f5èAl. 45o]D.^xi. 19. 

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cl!t^6e AÈriA&Dttm cACAqite aOè, 

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bo <96rep9 A5 Tt^6, i6|itiS, A^vr ^Ab a VM]6y)^n 
A3vr A ii)^CAitt ctt5Ab, Agvr ceic bo d4t5ii>c, AS^r 


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Digitized by VjOOQIC 

ft Ì)è tK|leAcyTÌrACbAi6 A^vf f foTfi'WÒe, frèAè 

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% ij^lfcil. iltott). xii. 16. 

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Digitized by VjOOQLC 

^iVr ^V^ V^ pi 4i)a6 30 \i0 f 0f9A|tCAc. tis*]- 4^ beffi 
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tt^vf bo flaDVf3eA6 a f eA]tbf05ADCA]6e Af]t a * 
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coDCAbA]]tc, A^vf ]OfDcd]tttf ]D C]tìb 5AC Mle cacV 
A]5e, c]iè -Jof A iC]t]Ofb A]t cX]5eA]tDA. tÌtDeD* . 

tt D^pifCfl. ÌltofD. xiii. I.^ , 
Sfo6 5AC ytiW ADYiD uiì^aI bo D4 CttibACbA]'b acI^ 


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fè Ai) clo|6eAib : d]|t A fe feA]tb|W3Ai)c>i6e Ì>è è, da 
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tit) 6off3èAl. ^TIac. viii. 2S, 

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fè boD CAoB'e]le 30 xj|t da D©ei]tsènDeAC,. ojifft- 
.UbAf^ biAf bov6AO]Dib^A]|twA9»A^|wJA»Afv;»eAii)A]D9^ 


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è A|i scvfbije 610C, A ^of A, <ft]C Dè ? ai) bcA]t)]c 
ctt Ap fo b^n^cèvf Ai6i)e ]iO|ti)e a i)A]ti)]f]t ? ^^tif 
too b^ f eAlb n)ò\i ti)vc a bf Ab vaca A5 ]i)5ilc, ' tt^uf 
toO]A]]iAbA]tDA bgtbA]!) ACC'^i)5]6 A]]tfeAi), A5 ]t:a6, 
'•Ha cejl^eAp ctt A ti)AC ]^§, lèi56^d 6vl fA cc]tèab 
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Ti)vc : A^vf, f èvc, bo c>?c ai) c]tèvb ìffle bo pA]ll 
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a5 ft)A b>?f5|6]b. ^5Vf bo ce|ceAbA]t t)A bttAC- 
>ìll]5e, A5Vf bo cvAbA|t bot) CAC|tA]5, A^vf bo ]d- 
]feAb4 i)A t)eice]] \?le, Asvp fdf v^ ve]te bo e]]t|5 
bOl) IttCb AD A ]tAbAbA]t DA beAtt)A]D. ^S^f , f èvc, 
bo caAi6 AD CACA]]tW?le A idac bo ceAStD^]! ^ Jfof a ; 

ASVf.AD CADbO CVOCAbAJt.è, X>p ]A]]tAbA]t4 ]1DCgCb 

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f( D<^CA. 

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bo coD5ri)À]l bo 5DÀC AD bo f]]tcfte|beAtb; -JoD^f 
30 tDbe]C AD bftYD5 bo c>i]t|0f a DboccAf ad bo 
5]t«ifA]b DeAtt)6Af A Atb^iD, 50 b]t^t cof adca lè 
bb ti)6|tcvibACb, cftè '/3fof a £.]t]or6 ^l* cSi5eA]iD** 

\ ... 

^ D^pifcil. £ol. iii. 12. 

iBI]tDe ]|D Cìf[t|6 iotD^]b, tDA]t clo]D C05CA, DAOtb- 
CA lODtb'^D Dè, jDlàe c]tòcA|]te,^ cA0]De, ùtbUcb 
^bc]be, ceADf Acb, t f d]5]b ; A5 CAbA]]tc iotDCA]]i 
6i«^ ce]le, A5vf A5 tDAicugtb 64^ ce]le, id^ c^ 5St«^T) 
A5 DeAC A DA5VÌ6 A]tpile ; AtbMÌ CV5 £]tiofb tDA]C- 
gti)DAf b]bf e, 50 tDA6 bAtbW6 ];i) 6èttD4f jjbfe. ?ÌC6 

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6f Cjo^ r)A ne^ceA^f A yHe b^oò Aj'^b CAtjicAÌiAèby 
•i)dc Af coiTt)èeAt)5Al bioi)3n)&lcAcbA. a0. ^3«r 
bio6 fìòcc;Ì!tii) Dè A3 ]t|A5Ui5A6 hrji scftòibeAb, 
cvrD A b|:>?lci f df Ajt bvfi DSAi|in) a ijèri)coftp : 1 
b]j;i&b>i6eAC. 93jo6 b]t]ACA|t iitiìofb oa coiijO^be 
\Oì)>fih 30 f A]6b||i r^ wlè èA3i)A ; b:8i bv^i T0ut)^ 1 
b^ bv|i bte^5ur3 |?è]t) a r^liDMb, A^vr a b|roTÌ>fb 
ii7olta Dè, T A 5C^i<)C|Cib rb]0]tAbalc-^ A.5 bèui)- 
AtD ceo]l bot) S'i3eA]ti)A a5 buft 5C]t5|6ctb tDA]Ue 
]iè 5eAD. ^Sttf 5]6 bè A]t b]c t?i6 èèuDCAO] a 
n)b]tè]q]i i)6 a DSJott), bè<M)CA]t ]Ab Mle a ijA|t)n) 
Al) £]5eA]tDA JorA, A5 bfte]C b>?6eACA]r fe]^ T*^ 
iJjA eAboD AD cticAijt c]t]b]]oi;. 

ttD S?0|r5èAl. *flAC. xiii. 24. 

^r cortDA]l ]t|o5ACb De]ti)e ^ bvoe bo cmqt f\0\ 
T9A]t AD A freAftAD : A^vr ad c^D bo b^ibAft bAO]l^ 
«A scoblAbl, c^]D|c A f)^in4^\^ "] bo cìf]i fè caijAÌ 
c]t]b AD 5C]t>?CDeACb, ^ bo ]rt)C]5 f è ^we, tis^f 

AD CAD bO f af AD 5eAtbA]l, A^ur Ctt5 r^ A CO]tA6, 

AD ]]D bo fO]ll]^5 AJ) C05AI è f è]D. ^cb A]t bcgcb 
bo feA]tbfd5ADcx6e f\jL ad c]50y a bubftAbA|i ]t]fy 

^ cJseAftDA, A Dè DAC r]0l tDA]C bo Ò^]% CV AD 

cfeA]tAD ? A]it A D^6bA]tro]t> c^]c Ar A bfiJigAD T'è 
AD C05AI ? ^5vr A bvbA]]tc r^lTtOD ]t]Ù, i6Ar5CA]tA 
^f5]D bo tt]De x^ ^Z^T ^ bvb]iAbAji D^ feA]tb- 
fogADc^e ]t]r, ^ t)4v]ll leACb A]ft a DA6bA]tf o]D 
30 DbeACtDAO]rDe ^ 50 3C]ti?DeocAtDAorr^ b]focA]]i 
A è:è]le ]Ab? ^5ur a bubA]]tc r^Tr^^^^./W^ ^) 
})^]\l ; AT]i eA^U, A5 c]i^^eAgAb ad co5a]1 bAo]b 
50 tDbeADf a6 ]]b, ad c]t>iCDeACb a^ a f ]tèvri)Atb a 
DAO]DfeACb ]t|r. i,?>ìId5|6 6ò]b A]tAOD f ^r ^<> 50 
bcj AD fd5n)A|t: A^vr a DA]tD]fnA DF65tt)A]]t b|ttA 
iD|]f ]»ètD Ittcb buADA, £]t>»Dt5ì6 A]t cur AD cogAl, 
A3vr c^AD5W6 è DA |>uiJAÌ>A]b bo chid a W]r5Òe,.-]^ 
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^ Digitizedby VjÒOQIC 

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tCi) <So|f5èAl. ^AC xxiv. 23. 

ttd H^ ^^ ^^l^ A0$btt|i9e ft]b, /èuc, a. cà £ft|Ofb 
AÒ fo, O^ ^S fttb; 1)^ Cfte]b[6 fr» <&ì|i eifièocvfb 
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b^ffceAcS 50 f AbAftcAC ; fODAf sobfuAffcèolcAOf 


tit) SoH)t)AÒ Sèptuagesìma. 7% 

50 qidc^i]teAc lè bo ti^Aicsr^^ f^e, ac^ bji|i'3cs]tc« 
PlAp-fl^Ò p^]i SCOjiCA, àrm 51^11*6 ctCijrD^ f è^p, cjtè 
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AO!) X)] A 50 b]t^, ]*^03aI 5AP c]t]c- ftìijeo. 

ti i)£]>]|X|l. 1 £o]t. ìx. 24-. 

ti i>e 1JAC bjnifl A ^fOf Aj^b, aij b]te.Am bìor aj 
co]ii?|t]c ]tè cèile 50 ]t]OCA|b n(?le, l^o6 5r]t Ab èrin- 
i)b^i)e be^iteAf ai) jeAll ? 0o ida6 b^^ipW^ 6Jp- 
CAO]|5 ]t|oc, ]o9v]* 50 ,tDA6 è]b]]t l|b 5906^^6. 
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fi)A b>ne D(e]C]b. tttrr ]r >i?")e bo Dlb ]]AbrAD ]?i) 
citTi) co]%diDe c]trÀ]U]5e b^rAj^iil, ACb ]De criii 
co]t6iDe D4Tbc]irA]lli5e. ttiiDe ]ìd a^ aidW^ ]t]0C- 
-^^l^H? ^l ^4 f ^ ciiAm]iD ; Ar AtbW6 bo D]id r^^^lP^ 
V) TDA]i DeAC buA]ieAr AD cAejt : ACb Cì?]t]iD V.^ 
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tÌD ^oir^fe^J^l* Hac. xxl. 

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]5ce, po crA]6 a idac lè. bèl]t5e ad Ue bo cufi 
Ìrcb oib]te A]]t cttA]tArb4xl ad a f jDeAibw. tt^ttr 
CA]t èir ]tè]6]5e ]t]r AD Ittèb oib]te a]]i pisiD r^ l^> 
bO Cì?]t r^ AD A ^lDOAibAiD ]Ab. tt^rr A]t Dbttl a 
TDAC 65 c|TDceAU AD c]ieAr _ttAf]t, bo CODAl]tC fè 
b]toD5 e]le bioibAO]DeAC da reArAib Aift ad id4S^^> 

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ttgrr bo ]iD6]5eAb4r<^^' ^ I^ÌT 4 t)]iDCscb a idac 
66 qiDceAU ad r«iro<J^6 A^tt^ ad DA0ibi6 1)iiA]|t, bo 
]tiDe r^ w)^l* ^'J 5CèAbDA. tt^ttr ^V' Vlà^^^ iD=^c 
65 A bciTDceAU ad CAODibA6 brAiri bèA^, f tt'A]]i r6 
b]teATD e]le da reArATD bìOTbAO]DeAC, A^rr a bt]^ 
rè ]t]tt, £]tèAb ]?Ab]r>flc]]| br]i reAr^ib aD r^ F«^ 
AD Ue b^iDAOiDeAè? tt be]]tib UAbfAD ]t]r> t^l^ 

, Digitizedby VjOOQIC 

74 tit) rorbtMC Sexagcsima. 

roìf r>4ti coD5ti>Ai6 bì^ije A|t b^c Aip cvAtiAr^Àl ìrS. 

^ be||i feifeAP ]titt, ^iDè|5|f TnA|i AD^cèAbi)A boD 

f\^»n>A}V; Asur jiòbè ijì6 brf cd]it bo seuBcAOi 

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A5Vf CAbAjt^' 66ib A bcvAfiAf bAl, A5 cofV5A6 òd 

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-tisttf À|t bceACb bot) b|tìi?i)5 ob c:ii|i)ic a bc|tnòeAU 

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fglA0A6 ^6fb, bo itiD^AbAit iDODAbAli A DA5^6 f ||i 

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"è'A^ tj] 6eA]tDAbATt 0bA]]t ACbAODttA]]t Atb^lDj A5ttf 

<»o;6M]if]l ]Ab A.^coitbtDeAf ]t]De, b|otDC>?|itDM]i]6|D 
Asttf ceAfbAC AD Ue. ti^ttr A]t bf |teA5]tA 66f ad, 
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• À5 bèADAtt) tA5c6]tA oftcf A : ^ t)è D^]i ]ièl6i5 cv 
]t]otD A]]t piàfD ? 2t6]5 1^^^ ^^ ^^^ 'F^1^> ^^t* 
]tDC]5 : A fi iDO coilfi A cAbAiitc bOD cèn c^iDlc f A 
6ei]teA6, d)^]ì cv^ tDè 6^c]i. ?4 Dè dac ceAb^Ssc 
6^IDf A AD Dì6 ]f coil leAiD f èiD bo 6èADAtb ]tèlD 
cSjfb fèiD ? ^D bfì?l bo f^lf? 50 bolc, A]Tì fO'D 50 
bfexlftD]] tDAÌè ? ^f iDA]t ]?D bè]b DA bAOiDe bè]5- 
^ODAC Af]t cof AC, Ajiif DA cèAb-bAOfDe q TOifts^ : 

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flD JDotDD^c ]tè ]fa]6c|ò]t Sexagesim% tyo AD;bi|A 
ÌDoiDDAC ]toiib -^ioitgAf . 

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'Dte6]5^A DA0D]6 b4i DbèADtDA0]b fèjD; tCoDCAi^^xo 
.t]i6cA]tieAè, A]i3C0fA]Dc lèrbo ctttbAcb 6 jac vile 
•bìoiiAC, citè ^ofA £]i]Ofb A]t cX]5eA]tDA. fitDeD. 

Digitized by LjQOQIC 

%V ^orì)t)Aè SexageMma. 71 

tC T)C|»|fC|U 2 £ot%. xi. 19. 

J^^V^^ tib b4bO)!)e 5^1) cè^U 50 co^lce^DAc, ba 
*1*l3 50 bf^l !i* r^l^ c6]ll]6e. tf)ffi fomcA^WAOu 
^^ Ti7be|ffeA8 i^eAC ^ i>bAO|]t|f |}b, txd |*l^eA6 osò 
Ifli, biji ti|beAi)A ijeAC bu]i jcìft) b^b, bA i)^]tbM5« 
DeAC è f è]i)9 biK TDbHAfloAÒ ^oac ffb a]|ì a 94546« 
%f A bCAob eAfoi)o^A A be|]ifn} fo, Amìffl rDA[t 
ftè]iiy|ft)e Agbf Ai). ^-^ feA6 |ì6f 5^6 bè a]i bic Q]i> 
Af A bf>?l i)§è e]le b4it)A, [lAb]ir]ìi> 50 ii)]ce|ll]6e3 
At4v]Ti)f e n)ATt Ai) 5Cèybi)A bÀi)A Af • f(.i) iSAbfiìf69 
|Abf At) ? A f eA6 ii)|fl 11)4 ^^ 3Cèabi)A. tCn -3tf hacI^ 
ì(|6 ]Ab ? A f eA6 ii)|fl f 6f • ^i) bo f]ol ^bTtJ^bAiQ 
tAb ? A f eA6 1D]fl 1DA|i A1) 5C&Ab1)A. tM) nDjPff* 

bèfiteA^A bo ^|t]Ofb |Ab? £lAb]iìi|ii) i9A]t 6ìfi|« 
ib^cè]lt|6e] Ac;)^]it)^ a 5C]0# f a cII]1];d, i)V>rMoi^ 
ii)M]t^ -^^ f^oe]*'nfe) 4» ii»lbMLUA6ì7b D]Of ]t5 ib^j A 
b]rft]Oftti)^b D]Of iD]ei)CA, a DSn^r ^♦^ir S« «HWC* 
«^ttA]]t iD^ 6j3^ f ]CceAb b^Ue Acb aod, c^ bvA^fto 
ò v^ ^ubAfStb. JDo ^AbA^- bo f lACMb o|tAii> qif 
l^tt^e, bo 5A^a6 0]tAiD èiiDitA]]t bo clocT^b, bf alA]p5 
iDè lvD5b]t]feA6 zji] l)VA]]te, bo b] iDè lo 50i^O]6ce 
A DbttbA]5èvi) DA f A]]]t5e ; a D4»]f bfi]b 50 iD]D]C, a 
95ÀbA6 AfbDS6, A TdWaO^aI b^OèAIDDAC, A IDbAO^Al 
5 TDO C]i;^6, A iDbAO^Al 6 D4^ C]Ds6AÒMb, A TDbAO^Al 
f A 5CAt]tM6, A tDbA05Al f A bf ^f AC, A IDbAOjAl f A 

^V^WS^j ^ iDbAojAl A tD5f 5 6g]tb]ti]c]t5c bf Mlf a; 
A bcx]tfe Ti A iDb]t]feA6 C]i5]6e, a bf 4(e 50 iD]D]c, 
A D6cA]taf A^ttf A DÌOCMD, A bi5]tO]f5C]b 50 1D]D]C, 
A bfoACb A5vf A lofDDoèttìtàe. ^f cjod d^- 00]è- 
eADf^^ boD CAob atdmJ, ad dì6 c]5 0]tAiD 50 Uec- 
eAitml) c4-]tAn) p<^ D^le eA^Nf^A^. Sj\^ b]Of Ia^^ 
Aicaf DAC iDb^iDfo U5 ? C]A j;e]b 0]lbè]rD, A^vf daò. 
rDbjTOfO boiD lof5A6 ? ^fxy è]5§D iDO]t6^]l ba6èai)« 
AiD^ If Af D<^ De]C]b bgDAf ]tèiD èv^cftvAf bo 6^aD 

iD^ftS^^l. tit4t A f ]0f A5 JD]A, eA6QD tCCA]]liA]| 

citS*-*^^^ •'^r^ £]t1o]t) Aci^ beADMje bo f^oft, i)Aè 
bfMT]TD A5 b^vDAit) b|i^]5e. 


76 ^t),£oii)]OAc Secagesima. 

tÌQ €o]f5èAL Xac. viiL 4. 

tiì) CA!) bo cfiM9lS bM6eAi) vdòjk^ Ajrr ^^95^6^11 
*r 5^^ ^^^ CAC|tìi3 c^se^op, bo UlAmr^ a jcor- 
AiinACb i%]a : £)o crA]b rioUb6|]i 4i]7i]5e Ati>AC bo 
cv]t A f]\ rè]ij : Ajar A5 Ctt|i ai) rrìl b6, bo tìfc 
CMb be coir ^Ar rliS^A^ ; ^5ttf *>o bfir Ja6 f * corA]b 
bAoipe è, A^rr bjceAbAfi èAi^Ufc a pAOfft è. ttsar 
bo n^c c\fb e|le A]|t cA]]tAic ; Axrr Ajt bf-jir b^> bo 
feAfi5 rèj bo b]t]5 pAc ]tA|b CA]]%^AC A]5e. tC^ur 
bo c\?c cvb eile a njeArS ^^llS'JlS; ^Z^V ^^ bf^^r 
b09 be]l5i)eAc a t?A0]i7f eAcb ^t^r^ bo cAcbAbA]t ^. 
^S^r bo cvc Cì^b e]le a bCAlAiì) fbA]c, A^ur ad cap 
bo f ^r r^) ^3 f^ coftAÒ cèAbAC ua6. ttsrr A[t pa 
|i^6 ro 65, bo è]5 yèy &]6 be as^Jv brr]t]b clvArA 
crn> è]rbeAÒbA, è]rbeA6 rè* ^S^r ^^ f l^f T*^" 
eAbA]t.A 6e]rc]obr|l be,*A5 ]tA6, ^l*^^ ^ <^V ^or- 
AtbUcbro]i) ? ii^ur-^^-^^^cbua ^r ]* ^ r^ i r ^'» ^» > ^rbAO|b]{ 
cr^A^ 7rfr9ty]ATl:rpA ]t]05ACbA X>è bA^cpir^AÒ : Acb 
bo cAc e|le a ccorAii?UcbMb ; ]ogrr A5 V^}c^ì) 
b5|b PAC bfÀ]CF]bìr, A^rr A5 clr^tjjjp b5|b oac 
^Cìf5]:]b]r. tis ro AO corAiì)Ucb : A r^ Ap riol 
bft|ACA]t Tè. ^Csrr Ai) b]teAn) ub co]r Pa rMs^A^ ^ 
A ]fAb eirbeAr; VA 6]à]5 ^x) c]5 ai) b]AbAl, A^rr 
co5br]6: r^ ^V b]t]ACA]t a^ a 5C]t5j6è, beA^U 50 
3Cjie]br]b]r A5ur 50 rU]DèoccAO| .]Ab. ^isuf ap 
b]teAi?) ub A]]t At) 5CA]]ttt]C, ijoc apcat) bo cltt]i)]b, 
3Abr]b cttCA ap b]t|ACAjt iDA]Ue lè 5^]]tbeAcrr; 
ACb V] bfrjl ]?]tèun) aca r^> wc c]te]beAr ^«'«^6 . 
CAmr]U, ASttr f ]UeAr ^ ^' V^]r ^ t)A]iO]f]i ai> cac- 
A]5ce. ^cb AT) P]6 ub bo cu(c a ipeArs ^^ P^^^lls- 
i;eAC, A ]jAb ro bo è|r6, ACb A]t t)]ii)ceAcb b5]b, 
iOuccA]t ]Ab lè cu)tATi) Asur lè TA]òh\ieAf A3ur lè 
rA]ii)e !)A beACA, A^ur !)i CAb]tr|b co]tA6 rACA. ^cb 

At) V]Ò bO CU]C AT) fA CaUìÌ) ìÌ)A]C, A |]Ab fub èjfb^i 

eAf }i]r At) TDb]te|C]]s A^rr cup^iijAr è a 5C]3i5|6€ 
focnA]6 ri)A]C, T bo be]]i]b coftA6 rACA a br5f3|b« 


il^ JDof^nitc 0KaiquiigeMin«. 77 

fCr^ ]>onfi)M Quinquagesbna, và av Sorir^Ac .|io]ft) 

^ A tfSe^itpA, bo ceA5À|r5 ^'^JJ V^c f}ù, Mt) t)p 
A|t vo]hf>eM^ r]le 5*0 CA]tcAi>ACb ; £r||t C115419 
]M ^|0|tAb 0(tAomc4^, ^^uf bòf |tc 419 ^tft 5Cfd|6cf& 
C)o6l4CA6 ^òòoYjtSeAitc ub pÀ CAftCA^ACbA, M9- 
Cf^Albflo i5>Ajtoccl^!)<^ Asvf 54C r|le frb^f lce ; si*> 
bè ACA sj^tr t n)eAfbA|t a 6e]c i9A|t6 Ab UcAi|ife. 
tiO!?CA]b f o 4 f oi) cfiof 1) <fi|'c Jof A £fttofb. tinmi. 

^ 9^1fC|l* 1 £oft. xiii. 1. 

€^|o6 5oU|bèo>'af9 ftè ceAi)5èn|b bAOfi^e A^iif 
AivjeAl, A5ttf 5AT) SitAb toSAti), uf bftt]lTn) a^ 
in^Ji ?|iAr A5 bèroAtì) f itA]n)e, ijò iD^ft c]n)bAl aj 
clri5]peAcb. ttyrf bfpb 50 n)be]c |rA]6eAb6]|tsèb 
ASAn)^ ASrf ro n)be]C f |Of da i)r]le Ttr|i)b]AtSniA6, 
Ayrf 5Aè vilè edlAf A^Art) ; Axuf b^o^ 50 tobef c 
AT) CftefbeATÌ) ufle A^An), Àf ft Slèrf 50 bfèitbfnTS 
ftèfbce ACftujAÒ, Asrf n)è befè 5Ai)SftA6, Df bfrrfl 
^fffeACb fOQAn). tt^rf bfo6 50 5c4^fCfrfD a bfrql 
A^An) ftè bocbAf b bo cocr5A6, A^rf 50 b»f ttbftttf9 
.11)5 coftf> bA lof5A6, A^ttf n)è befc 5AD Sti<^6, Wf 
bfMff l CAftbA 6a)Ì) ad* t(c:^ ai) 5ftA6 f Abf6f SfbeAC, 
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G 2 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

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A]ct)e A^Ati) ; Acb ad cad ]]D A]cèoDAb bo ]tè]]t 194 

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AD 5lù^6 ]r 11)6 6]ob ro. 

ftD So]r5èAl. ICvc. xviii. Sl. 

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|g|j^]tt, ^èvc, cèA5iDA0]b jy^x 50 b<94i]turAlefD, T 
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fè AD flu^i A5 5Ab^]l CA]]t]r5 b]!]A]r]tv]6 r^ cttèb 
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r* 60, A5 1146, Afièb ir tDHD leACb id)| bo 6j^da5 
6tt]c? tisttr A bvbAiiw r«1«o% W *1$«^PW^ tDO 


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pobA^l) i(^|C A (fìirl A D^]A •' 

tÌD <6o]f5è4l. ^ÀC vi. 1(5. 

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Mh^I bfOTD «f|Pt«A]b, 50 brèfbftAiD cdf6ce Wftjfii^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

4^1 bob b)iì(beA6 b|46Af4i a l^|r)]tèAi)CACb A^of a 
bffofiDAorbcACb, crn) coqò)%4i *i bo Sl6||tefe, Atttk 
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lè)f Ai) ^|>]0)tAb StVAotb, A09 r)A, f ao$aI 5AI) c)t)c. 
^»9ep. • • 

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bè||i)6 IDè, )iè )?5)5|b fAbA, a rDbrA)6eA)tCMb, a 
)t)AcbADaf, A DAtb5A)t, A tDbìiU)6)b, a bp)t)OfaD>fb, 

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b4i)f , A^ttf, f èrc, ACÀtD^b bèo ; rDA)t f iDACbì?5Cc, 
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A{)t b)c ACA, 5iieA6 bo feAÌbMSeAf da l)>)le De)ce., ' 

tÌD So)f5èrl. <nAC. TÌ. 1. 

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b)r^f AC, bo crtD 50 5CM)if g6 ad b)AbAl CAca$A6 q. 
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fi 9i£ptr^f l. 1 3tef, iv. l, 

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v^fOe Ai) ^lèuf Ai]i A]i cd|]i 6AO]b ffabAl, A^uf co|l 
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S»]|tuf A3Vf S]boD. ^3uf, fèttc, CÀ]D]C beAD bo 
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A 'Èì^AttDA; 3]6eA6 l^^f^ctb da co]lètD CT?b boo 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

fb|t^lle4^c rweAf 6 b6|tb a bq5eA]tt)A |rè]0. tCft 
b|r|teA5|tA b^ofA ai) cAVfo^Q, a bubA]]tc f & ]t|A, Ò 
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]f co]lleAcb. tisvf bo b^ Ab]95^4i) fUi)6 4 xr^* 

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cwSfiCA C]t6]6e batt)A]lfe]t6]feAC, A^uf fìo Ati)AC 

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>5A]9 A PA$A]6 A]t wle t)A]ti)be, c]tè Jof4 4i]t]Ofb 
A]t c£^$eA]tQA. t4ti)e!). 

% D4p]fC|l. iÈpef. V. 1, 

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clo]8 5Jt4i6ìf5; tt^Vf ^^hhUò a D5]t«i6, aiì)^1 bo 
5]t^6>55 £]t]Ofb ]5De, A^uf CU5 fè è f ft]D A]|t 4 f od 
DA 0f]t4^]l, A^vf DA ]o6b<i]]tc 6eA$bAW6 bo J)]A. 
0]6|26 fb]i]opACAf, D6DSit)Slo|De A|tb]C, d6 fA]5c, 
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]0fi?Cttb4|6 bo DAOii)>irb ; d^ 5^]]]if eATt)Ucb da coii)- 
]tÀ6 bAoc, D^ CDÀ]b CA]Dce, doc ]f De]ce DeAri)- 
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xnèb è AD Dì6 ]ODA iDbt beA$co]l ad llSeAjtDA, 


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^IT^TS ^ t?A iDA|ibr]b, ^511^ bo bèujtA 4]t]0fb foUf 
br]c, • . * 

tCp iSo]f5èAl. «ttc. xi. 14. 

,Xo bf fè A5 ce]l5eAD bgiDA]D aidac, bo h] bAlb. 
tisttf c4^|tU, A]t Dbttl bpD beAiijAD aidac, ^y^ Ub^ 
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fA DA DbeAiDAD ce^l^eAf fè aidac da beAibttjD. 
tt^ttf b|teAiD e]le, A5 cr^t cftcA]5ce A]]t, bo tA|ft- 

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>Acb b]Of ]to]Dce da ^^5^16 ^è]i) r>o DjceAft f ^f ac 
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fè. t(5ttf iDA|t AD 5cèAbDA b4^ fiA]b ^^CAD fto]Dpe 

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rsnìof A]iD]f DA beAibriDj c]a c]tè f5ittofA]b br|i 

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btt]DO U]b]]t A]tiDMcA A c^]tc |:è]Dj AC* A bpr]l 
A]5e A fiocc^]D : Acb ad c]tac C15 bìTDe ]]* D§nctb4» 
D^ è, be]]t]6 fè bttAi6 Af]t, Ajjrf còjri^ fè le]f a . 
u]le Ajin)^]l AD A]t ctt]]t f è a ibW]5]D, A^rf ]to]b]6 
f è A èAb^il. ttD cè DAC bfrril leAiDf A acà f è ahi 
A5À]6 ; A5Uf 5]6 bèDAC cc]tr]Di5eAb leAiDf a fCAb- 
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]A]tto]6 rrA]ibD)r ; ^s^^r -^^ ^p^ ^^^ bf ^j^d r^ 


Digitized^by VjOOQIC 

n)6. Itstir 4 t^WACb b6, bd^èiifr r^ ^ n^rS^Ab^ 

Agttr befw^ rè le^r r«^ r?^o]iAito^ ©iie ir ^w&fA 

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cìòCA bo b]tt5Ail Ctt. njvr ^ bvb^ijic r^lHo^j 
tCcb Ar beA»4]Je AD/b]teÀ«i> e]r«*4Jp b|t|ACA|i Dè, 
Agttfi coittj^ttbvr è. 

ti Ite ia>fteAètttt)AcbAf6., 5tti6it)qb cù, A0t;cA|5 
|5e, bo cttflleAr ceAftc A]t bp|AijA6 r^ti i)b}ioc 
ti)|otDA]tCAfb, bfofiif^i) 30 ctt5cA]|teAc lè cpib- 
|o]tcACb bo Jftitr, cftè A|t c£ì3e«iftt)A Asnf A]t 
rl^T)ttf5ceo|;it jJor a ^JttlPrb, UiDet). 

tt D^pir^ll' ®aJ. iv. 21. 

WftlS ^"^> ^ 6fteAtD Ut* »i>tAD betc trAO| ad 
flQACb, AD 5cln|D ^b ad tteAcb ? ^]]^ acà rSTMobr 

^ 50 ttAbAbAtt btAr tnAC A5 ^bttAl)AI19, IDAC ACA 

ttfr lit^tlc, A^vf tDAC e]le ttè it>DAOt f^^itt. ^^ 
AD tj)AC bo b] ttfr ^ DtDfl^ ^r ^ T^lt* ^^ ^eòÌA' 
f»n^4U6 6; ACb ad it)AC bo b^ t^ir ad tpDAO] f^of|i 
*f. bo bttt5 DA ^eAllAtDDA IU15A6 è. tic^ D>6 etlè 
|iè' A Cttt5ffD A;r DA i)e-|Cfbre ; 6f|t a tfAb' r^ ad b^ 
ÌtiQtirDA ; AOD A^Aft Ab è ^SAft ò flfAb^t^^j be||t* 

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fitDA, xh^ v^' D^t'^'Ay ^v^T *r cortbrfi t t^tr ^ 

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fwAr r^^ wc Af n^^cAttt ^6!*5e u\U^ |(&flt, 4«^ 


tìspìoteci, i^d& 34^cAf onc a 6§d A^rnW^ t)Aè 

tiè i^oòAir^ ; 6t|i ff ti A cU^ D<^ Tnt>s^ c]tèf jèe ua^ ^* 

cIaS i?a 5eAllAii)ijA, bo ft^^T^ -Jf^Ac. ^cb -mì)U]1 
00 b^ À tniAìttfjt) <^t) «t 1*^*5^^ ^^ t^^lT* ''S^^ fe<5U àJ 
T^jile 4^Vvrr\v Aiit Ai) cjj 11^5^6 bo |iè]|i t^a Sh|op* 
y^be, if Ti>A]i fjT) AC^ A T)0|f tOAH Ai> 3Cèiib*)<i. 
€^eA& cjièb A beffi at) fSltlobcwtt? ^l^S -wi)ac a 
T)|d]lt A^ttf A TDAc ; ^it t;^ b]À]& tdac 1)a bl^llcè te* 
o|5|te Ti7A|tAOT) ]te ti)ac i)à n)pi^ f AO]|te. 00 be|iT)p^ 
A 6eA]tbttÀ{C]te9 t)] cUf) boi) ]^]lc ]}$e, ACb boi) 

IÌ)T)A0| f AO|]t, 

tii) So|f3èAl. ìCo]T)tL 1* 

3Do cvAib iJofA CAfi f A]i]tse 1)A 0Al|lè, poc ]f 
i&|bè)t|Af • %S»f bo leAD bTj6eAi^ ti)d|i è, t|t* 50 
bfACAb^ vn^ com^piiàe bo )i]èd f^ ^V' «4^ bAefD||& 
^v5C|trA|6e. ttsrf b^ cva]6 Jof a f VAf At|t f IfAC^ 
Ajvf bo p?6 fè A9 It^ nijiJiUe 'jtè 04 6eifC4«bli?b, 
USUf bo h] Ai) cA]f5, ]rèvfbA DA b^vbA^jeA*^ :^ 
bfo^uf. ?Ct) CA!) bo còs -3ofA a f^le fuAf, A^vf 
bo ca5Ai]tc .f ^ 50 bc4]Jaic bi?6gi>, it)d|t 6^50, a bvb- 
A]]tc fè' |tè l^]l]b,* €U b^]c Af A ^pepeocATDAO]f 
ijiZ^V) bo CUT1) 30 t)1orA]bìf f o Dì6 r fecb a bvfc^c 
tè fo b^ tèrbti5Ai5if AD ; 6]|i bo bi a f ]0f A]Se ]tè]D 
c]tèb bo 6èuDA6 fè. SDo f|teA5A]]i 9^]l]b 66, QÌf 
lò]t 66]b tuAc 6ti èèttb |>13|D bA]t^ir*rb, bo èvn) 30 
t)5Ucf:A6 5*6 AOt) ACA beAj^^D' ^ bttbAj]it aoi) 
b^ 6e]fc]obl>?b, tt]ijb]t]Af beA]tb]iAtA]]* tì>t.oti)6]D 
l?eAbA]]t> ]i\f , tic^ bvAc^ll :beA3 ^l]t]3e ad f o a^^ 
bf>?l]b c^3 A|ia^D e6]i1)Aj A^vf b^ ]Af 3 BgjA : Àcb 
C]tèttb ]Ab ]|D e]b]]t AD >?]ieAb to Ì '^isvf a bvb4!i]]it 
^ofA, ÌAbjitt]6 ];i beA]iA bo DA bAO]D]b fl^fte ]iof. 
ttsvf bo b] rt)6]iAD ]?è]]t a9 f a D:Jv]t ^x)' ^Suf b^ 
f M6eÀbA]t DA bAÒiDe f(Of^ a i)wi]t t]ii)ceAU òit^ 

iDìle. ttsvf bo jUc à^^^fA D^l)A]feiiD; -<^3iir A]r 

TDO]ie]è bv]6eACMf, bo ]tO]i) fè At]t Da bè]rC|obWoj 
A3Vf DA c>?b]teADVb ]Ab ; ASttf iDA]t av cchAtnjk 


^!df bo v^ bl^rs^l^ be^S^ ài) n>è]b bob 4^iU lèo. 
^Sttf A!) CA!) bo f^pìseAÒ ^Ab, 4 brb^c fè ^e pa 
6e|fqobUb ,fè]t), £1*^^1516 ap rbji-^UeAC bo h\ 
b]0iirA|ic>?3, bo cvfi) i)4c ]ìaca6 è]i) i)i8 AHyùgA. 
tC|i A t)A6bA|iroii) bo citì?$]5eAb4ft, ^srr bo lioi>- 
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ÀT)>iD èofii^A bo bì bp?5leAC A5 ai) ì1)vì6ciiì 4^ b|C. 
fCit A i)A6b4^itroii) A!> c^D bo cuDCAbA]i t)4 bAOi!)e 
^i), Ai) corì)AitCA bo jti^e <9orA« a bubiiAbAit, fCr 
è ro 50 riitiDeAC A!) r-^i6 ub bo 0^ cufi) ceACbA Aiit 
AD crAOSAl. 

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,ft ì)è lftlleAcuti)AcbAi6, 5ìf6ti)ib cu, jrèACAi!) 50 
citòcAiiteAc ^ bo pobAÌ ; lopAf 50 ii)beibir r^lttl*- 
Ai6ce A^rr cribbAigce 50 bjtÀc, a$ a ^coiip fòr T 
A i)Ai)Aii), lè bo tì)6it tì)AiceAr C|tè 4lorÀ £]tìorb A]t 
c2L^38AttpA. fiit)ei). 

% piCpircil. ^Ab. ix. 11. 

ftit bceAcb bo &]i\oxò !)a À|tbfA5Ì(c v^ !>e]Cf *S 
tDA]c bo b) crn) ceACbA, c]tè CAbeA]tDÀCA]I bA 11)6 
A^uf bA b|0i)5ti)^lcA, D^c DbeA]tDA6 ]tè UfDMb, 
lODAD HD ]*è ]tA6 A^rr, DAC bop DobA]]tre : A^ur 

^òr Dì cjtè r>ìi s^b^ DA Iao6, Acb c]tè d-^^ r>?i r^iD. 

bo CttAi6 r^ ^ x^^^ ^^t> ^'4 Aii)A]Dr'J^ blorbAb^b 
i!)AOTt)CA, A]t bfAgAil l^HAr^Wsce fÌ0]]i^6e 6^9©. 
Ò]]t ìt)t v] rxl cÀ]tb A5ur 5ÀbA]t, A5ur lrA|C]teA6 
reAcbM6 A|t DA c]tocA6 Ai]t ad b]t>]D5 WAibsloiD, a 
i)A0it)A6 A bCAob ^Iadca da ]:edlA; a d& D^^c |td n)6 
D4i ifD6èttDAr r^V^iltìorb, wc bo fO]t^]l è rèiD 5Ai> 
cAi6e bo ÌiA cnèr At) ^b]0]t^b f^0]]i-ì56e, du]ì 
cco]DtiArr'^ ^o 5IA9A6 oib]teACìfD ii)AiibA crti> 
rei]tb]re bo èèrOAtb boD 3D]Abe6 ? Itsur A]t a fop 
fo Ar e]]fO!) e]bi]tTt)eA6oDc6]]i ad coDA]tCA oiia]6. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^v £^52'5 3Doit)UAÌ f a9 4o|i3Àf . » 

pSAf c|tèr AT) Tiyb^r, bo ìyUvs fè cuiD f ttArjt^ujè^ 
t>A r^>>i5ce bo fe] r^ 3rtui)co9]tAS, 5p ^r^^btf 
AP bfteATi) Ac;^ A|i DA t)3A]fiii> 3eAUA?T7^t) 9A ooi3- 
]teAcbA rìoijivròe. 

ttÒ^irSè^iL i6o]o yoi. 46» 

%( bvbAtYtC '^OrA, iC]A 6]h^ Cìr|i€Ar feACAÒ AIO 

le|c ? ttsrr fD4i be]]t]iD a p]?ì]t]9e, cjtèb r^ Daò 
eefie^bc] 6aiì»^ 1B\6 bè a^Iv d 2)t]A, èfr^ T^ b|t]A6ftA 
Dè : ]r we nAC èfftoc]]], Afi r^ VM 6 ÌfA flll. 
tt|'9e ^x) bò f]l95]tÀbAft i>a JijibA]64, *] a bub]tA^4 
|tft, %i> Dè DAc mA]t A be]^]b juf* i8At94]t^9AC 
ru,. A3ur 30 b]:^! beAtDAi) ]0^fr ? bo f ]i#A3^]t ^lofA, 
St\ b]nrl beAi^Air ]09At9r^ ; ^^ ^ bè]]<]t9 096]fi 
'botf) ^CA]]t, 1 bo be]]tcf ]f eAf096rff b^an^r^* ^S^ 
^ f) ^ Ì^^V^ f *19 1A|!«M#i?f : 4c4 Djc fAftittr Aji^^ 
^f^Ar bfteAc. 00 be]in]D9 Mf'ti)]D> Abe)]t]tf> ]i]b, 
0f6 bè co|it)èubfrAr tt)o b]t]ACA]trA, pf fA^cfr] r^ 
b^r Z^ r]0]]tìf6e> %]t A DAÌ3bA]tro]D A brb]tAbA]t 
DA /JlttbM&e ]tfr, tt]èO|»i>|^ A DOfr 50 bff>rl AD bfAbAÌ 
f 09Ab. J^OAjji tibjtAb^ti), ASVf DA ]!^]6e hSf^x > 1 
A be]]t CttrA, 0|6 b^ coftbèttbfrAr ti)o bftfAÌAjtrA, 

pf biAfrpo r^ b;8ir z^ rlot^'^^^' ^^ ^^ carA d^ 4 

DACAf]t tCbftAbAtt), DOC ffttAfft h^f ì A^vr fUAJtAb^ 

DA fr&]6e h^ : C]tèb aO Dgc bo d] cv^a 6]0C frèfD ì 
3^o f ]icA3A]]t ;Jor^^ ^^ be]]t]ti)ro sl^ft 6Att) rèfD> 
Df bfr>yl c^6bAdb a5 ido 3l6f ]t : Ar è iD^CA]]t bo oe]]t 
3l6]]t 6Atb, DOè A be]]tc]]], svft Ab 6 bttft Dl>f a fèfD 
è. tt^vr d1 h^\ A]CDe A5>?b]f A]]i; 3]6eA6 ]r AfCDe 
ÒttiffA è : A^ttr tDA be]]t]tD, 9(Iac A]CDè 6ATt) t^, 
b]A]6 iD^ cortb>fl ]t]b]f b]tèA3AC : 5]6eA6 Ar A]èDe 

ÒAfb ft, AJVr CO]tbèttb>?TD A b]t]ACA]t. Do bf 3ilf|t- 

beAèvr »D'6]t A]]t bv]t D4CA]]tro tibftAl)AiD f?^ 
Ulf A bfAfCfjD : ASVf bo CUD4]«C fè è^ A^tàf òo ^l 
lvAcgÀ]]t A]]t. HìiDe f{D A bnb]tAbA]i da. ÌfubìfSe 
ftff ; Sl| bpìfl beic tDblf^^DA 1 bA ^ritce^^ bAOff 
A^Ab f:5r, Ajvr AD bf ACì?6 cu ftbftAb^iD ? % bvb^ 

3|ic JlopAftfVt 0obeftbf99 beftbfti a be]fifti) ft] V 
o b]:>flfif>]f AD pH bo b] tCbjtAl)4tD. «]i|?e f}D bo 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

c65b4^b4 clocA bo cum 50 5P<^lcf jb]f ]i]f ^Ab : Acbi 
bo f olìrS ^of-^^ è fè]p, Ajvf bo cttÀib f è aii;ac Af 
^9 ceAn)f oU. 

tiD 36on)i>Ac if t^e^fA |toiii) 44i]f5. 

tC 1)A]|iCA. 

i^ Ì>è' IftileAcufbAcbAib A^af f)oYfi\?6e, bo cyiji 
boc if)A0c 5|tÀ6 f èp boi) CfpeAb òao^a bo ^ac a|i 
«SlÀi)^5ceof|i *3Jof À £]iiofb cttH) A|t scòlpA bo gAb^ 
4i^l A]ti, A5vf cvfi) bA]f .bf vIap5 A]]i AD scnoic, 
cviD 50 leAD]?A6 AD C]DeA6 bAODA ^le fotDp<U a 
ib6]iViblACb ; aodca]6 50 c]t5cÀ]]ieAC 50 DbèADA* 
iDAO]bDe £]]^0TDpl4t]]t A f^ìsbe bo leADAii)A]D, 1 
30 DbèADCAO] ]^D ]tADp^]]tceAc bA e]fè]]t5e, cjtè 
AD CiJof A £]i]Ofb 5C|bDA ]}D 4 c2t]5S]iDA. tttDei). 

% D45p]fc]l. a^]L iL 5. 

951o6 A D]DC]D cèvbDA ]OD>rb, doc bo b] ]:6f a 
D-i^of A £]t]Of b : Doc, A]t TDbejc 66 a b]:o]]ifD Ìè, 
D^]t fbeAf fè DA f ÌAb bè]c 60 co]fb]ODttD ]tè 3^A ; 
ACb bo c>fft fè $ ]:è]D A DeAfbf>ftD, A]t Dbvll b6 a 
]t]ocb f eA]tb]:o5ADCtti5e, A]t da bèttDAtb coffbA]l ]tè 
bAO]D]b : A5ttf A]t DA f A5«t]l a bf ]05A]]t fDA]t bìVDe, 
^o ìfllS r^ ^ T^V)y ^V' iDbe]c 66 A]t d^ 6erDAtb 
6tbAl 5«f AD iDb^f, eA6oD b4vf da C]iO|ce. tC]t a 
D^6bA]tf o]D bo ^]tbì?5 Z)f A è 50 ]t6 A.]ib fDA]t ad 
5CèvbD<^> A^ttf Ctt5 fè A]DfD 66 6f c]ob 5AC Mle 
ADtDA : ]ODVf 50 CC|iOfDCA6 5AC "vfle glitD bAiDtD 
^lofA, eA6oD sl'^De D^ De]ceAD acA A]jt DeAtb, T 

A]]t CAÌAfb, AXttf f AO] AD bCAÌAfb ; A^ttf 50 DA]b- 

ibe6cA6 5AC ì?te ceAD5^6 ^ujiùh è ;3(of a ÌD{ttcfb Aiy 
2Bì JeAjtDf, ètttD Z^^rt^ ^^ ^V ticAii, 

tCD^]f5èAl. ^Aticxvii. 1. 
t^5*r -^^ bcjcb DA tDAfbDe, bp cttAbAtt D4 ^4^* 


t^5^c>H B^Kl^ -^^ pobì?l ^le a ccoii)^|ile ai) aJa]6 
^ofAji^Ar 50 ccM|tKibtf ciMi) b^if è. <Ì5ttf A]t i)a 
ceA.t)B^l t>à]by ]iU3AbA|i lèo è, Ajrf CY5AbAfi b^ 
#o]9ffttf !?iUìC AP cttAcbAfi^i) è. <C5 |{9 ip^iit bo 
co9Af ]ic ^ttbAf j, bo b|tA]c è, 5tt]t b^iDOxS^AÒ è, bo 
5Ab AicftgcAf è, T bo A]f 15 f è t)A befc bpfof a f fc- 
cgb 45ib bo 9A b^nbf <^54^^6 T bo i)a flDf sttttf b, A5 
ftÀ6,X)o psCAfS iDè A5 bftAC DA Kpl^ De|n)C]0!)CAfS. 
ftcb A bvbftAb^f At)» ^ltèb è ffi) b^òe ?-f èttc f è|p b6 
fp). tC^Yf .A|t bcefl^eAi) da bp^of ai6 A]]t5|b oa6 

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eACb bo bo CACb fè ^ f è]i). f4cb A]t P5UCA6 ao 
A]|t5]b bo i)A b^l^f A^A^tcvb, AbYb]tAbA]t, ddf c6||t 
A 3cr]t Aò f A cc]f be, o]]t |f Wc f oU ]Ab. tCyrf 
A]t i)bèAi)Aii) coii)A]]tle 66]bfeAi), bo ceAÒCAbAft 
1^0 n)A§ Ai) pocAb6]]t9 CYti) eACb]tAD bA6lttCA6 A9. 
tÌTt A i)A6bA]tf o]i) 50]]tceA]t boD f eA]ttt$ ttb, .,rs]tA9 
DA f oU, 5ttf A Dittg. [tlD lÌD bo C0]n)lf0DA6 AD 
D]6 A bttD]tA6 c]tè ;3feften)]Af f a]6, A5 ]tA6, 3^o 
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Digitized by VjÒOQ lC 

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t( 9£p|fc|l. 4Ub. ix. 16. 

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tip DèAttbAO]!) t*^]ri) i£^]f5. 

% D^p]fC]l. 1 iCott. xi. 17. 

tl^A f o^Unu5A6 fo 6att> t)] fi)olA]TD f ]b, frA cgcb 
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Digitized by VjOOQIC 

iffè è]hr^ m^V' ^^ 5cèttbì)A, €^Y]i JUc a^ l^SeAH^ 
#of A AI1A.V fA i)0|6ce |oi7A|t b]iAiceA8 è : tisvf a]I 
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crp^DfA. (&|]t 5]6 bè ]ceAf A^ttf ]beAf 50 Defti^ 
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be]|iceA]t b]ieAè o]itt]D> ]f Wf ad XtS^A]iDA f rD4?cb- 
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ticeACb b]b a ^ceAD a cèfXe cuid ]ce, fu|p>5|6 ]i^ 
cèr]U. ^srf b^ ]iA]^ ocA]irf ^ è]DeAC, iceAÒ fè 
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ÌV^b va6, AJVf D^ tDO^ bo Wai> * ^D DÀAlfU^ A^ 
fèACAtl^ tt DA D^tR^' 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

214 tiO]m Al) AèA|*CA. 


tt Jbè tttfleAcrrijAcbAiÒ, 3>ìbri)ib lu ^rèuc ^c^ 
5]%A-f An)'<(?l 4 fo bo ceA^Uc, A.5 A|t co]l lèft cJL^Jr 
STii)^ -^or^^ Cixìofb q A f 01) è rèli) bo be|C b|tA^ce, 
T cAbAftCA fu^r cttii) l:J^fi) 6AOii)eA6 tD]05|tÀf Arì>LA ; 
A5ur b^r brttUi)5 ^ ad 5C]toic ; ad cè ac^ a ^|r 
DA beACA]6 A^vr A5 rcitt|tA6 iDA]lle ]t]ocrA A-Sttr 
AD ^p]0]tAb 9(lA0ib> 50 b]t;Sic aod X))a, f'^S^^ 5^9 
.c]tic. t4rt)eD. 

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bo ^p]0]tAb bo D]ceA|t co]tp ]orDl&D DA b^AslÀ^ir^ 
bo ]xìtt]tA6 A5rr bo DAOTDAb; 0Ab A^t DriDAl5ì(?6e 
'A^tt]* A]t D0]tDA]6 Ac;JiTDAO]b bo co]]tbe]]tc Ab l^- 
"A^^tre A]t foi) 5AC >?le rcA]be 6AO]DeA6 ad cfislA^r 
TjAOrbcA, 50 DbèAJ)A6 5AC vle bAÌl 6|]| fei|tb]r 50 ' 
f]]t]DeAC A^rr 50 b|A6A, ad ^ 5'^td A^rr ad o]]-]5e 
^Vc, C]tè -JorA £,]t]orb A|t cI»]5eA]tbA. tÌTDeD. 

<& A Jbè -c^tòc^l^, bo c]trcA]g DA bAO]De >rle, i 
DAC bfttACA]5eAD AOD D]6 bA. DbèA]tbA cu, lè 1)ac 
4^]l b^r Ab peActA]6, Acb lè-ft bfeA]]t è b]orDpo5 T 
Abe]C DA beACA]6^; X)§DC|tòc4e ^ AD^ffle ^ùbAi^e, 
Xr]tcAC, 0(le]Tbc]te]bfbeAC, A^rr 41]]i]ceAc ; Àjur 
C65 uACA 5AC vle A]Db]?|or, cftuAr C]to]6e, A3ur 
CAitc^riJe 4 b^ocAlrA ; A^r^, a t]5§]ti)A bgbAiJce, 
CAbA]]t A bA]le ciiTD bo c]tèrbA ]Ab, A]t rbob 50 
f ÀbÀÌf A]6 ]Ab A TDeA]^ ]A|ttD^ f ]0]iclo]be ;9r]tÀel, 
A^uf 50 DbèADf >P6 AOD C]tèrb 6ìob f ao] aod C]tèvb- 
A]5e, iJ^ofA 4]t]orb A]t cÈf^eAjtDA, ac4i da b^cA]6 

A^rr A5 rCÌtt]lA6 IDA]lle ]t]OCrA A^ur AD Sf>]0]tAt> 
aiAOrb, AOD X>]A, rAOSAÌ 5AD CJt]C. tÌTDeD. 

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^ cttiD ceACbA A5 AD ]teACb, A^rf d] bOAlb f ]]te da. 



Vè]ie^ì) fè|ì), v) rè|b^ti le]r c6i6ce r)A bjtìfìose c|x, 
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bo ^i)^t 5AC-^ blf AbOA : i)6 30 be]n)]n bo coi.75- 
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bfTì^l CAjtb A^llf SAbA^t !>A f>eACM5 Cttft Aft 5CÙI. 

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b«ftc\?b A]t foi)peACM6i)f jtAfb fo^ A^Ab: a bitb- 

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leAcb ]o6b^c d^ of]tA]l d^ ]o6bA|tCA loff^e da 

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cvn) bo toÌAf A bo '6èuDAri), a £>è. it>j]tf6 fè ad, 
cèub Dì6 A|t 5CÙI, cuti) Ai) bAftA Dftice bo feAf a6> 
60. %r) zo]l |tè A bfìfln)|bi)e 4 A]t DbèvQAii) 

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3cèYbi)A 50 iD]D|c, ]t]f DAC f è]b]]t coì8ce peAC>ì6 
cvft A]t 5CÙI : ACb A]i bfO]t^]leA6 ^]D ]06bA]icA 
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n>è A bpeAC>?6 A^uf a i)A]Dbll3ce Af n)o cofii)De' 


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♦f c6]|t 66 b4if b^AjAil, A|i foi) 30 pbèA]ii)A f è ^ac 
Dè 6e f è]i). %|t A i)A&bA|tfO]D Ai) CAi> bo òvaIa^^ 
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AJAb -TÒ b|f>?l CÙtÌ)ACbA A5A1t)f A bO CjtOCAÒ, A^rf 

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i)Àlc AD A]t C]tocA6 J^of A 50 5A]t boD CACivv^S :* 7 
bo b^ f fr f SPlobcA A D4^b]tA]f , A D0]tè]5]f , A^ttf a 

Digitized by VjO'OQIC 

V]à bo rSìHO*^ "^ ^o rStHO^ ^ ^- ÒOt<^ 6f^i5 p <^ 
t(rv*4 bo c|toÒAbAft v^ r^l3^1^1^1 ^ofAj bogUcAb^, 
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(Ài^ geAt^4n) è, ACb c>f|%eAtD cttA^A|t, cf^ 45^ 
mb]^ fè 2 loptff 50 3eo|n?^0Dfxf6e ai> r3T*1<*c^tS 
4 brb^Cy 260 ]fO)^Ab4Ti fn&Ab^i^e «400(114^ 45«^ 
bo teiÌseAbATt C|t4^4ti 4 njo è6c4« ^5»^ ^^ M^* 
e4b4]t 1)4 f4^sbtì5|ii D4 De^èeTf. <t5«r bo bj 4 
iÌ)Ajc4 1)4 reAf4ri) 4 iMfce C|ietèeJ>òf4,T be^|t6nà|t 
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i9A)t&, t>to|i fr[iffeAbA|t A iMftsw : Acb bo tolì 4^01) 

bo T?A f Ai5»ìT|i^b A c^ab. lè 5AC, Ayff ^ip atj mbAlt 
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Aif^eof ft <9of A £fttof d ; TirA]t ai? ^cèAbDA, lè^ b^f^ 

*5**> SP^CAÒ A|l l>A|1)tÌ)|AI>A t|t»AtUì5Ce, 50 IJAbh 

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IACA85 A5ttf A to^fiisi* A |*1f q A|i fO|^, ba ^^ 
^r<t Ìfiqof b Aft cXfàeAfti^A* %in)ei>. 

^ n*pffB|U l I^OAb. iii. 17. 

^X f jtt*- ^ì^? ">^r ^")W6 A,f cof l lè 3Dt^ ^ f ttUiJS 
A3bètti)Arb tDAfceAf A, d^ A5 bèvijAn) yilc. Òfft bo 
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a6, ad t^tftèvD Aft fOD V^ DefiDftftèttD, fODvf 50 
bcfttbftAÒ t|DO cttti) X)è, bo bA.7>?5eA8 è a bCAob da 
coHa, Acto bo beo6Af5eA8^è ftff ai> S pf ofiA b i eftè 
t)beACM5 fè fòf bo feADiD^ffi-bo d^ fpfOftAb^b a 
bpftjofTD ; Doc bo bf eAf ttfDAl a DAllòb, ad cad bo 
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V^ D^OTDpl^A ffD [Df bè CVft VAJÌ) fAÌè4 W COiU, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

1^9 a:^£,^rs. 

Acb f |A|ipvì6e 6e^5coiDUA]f ^ tyzAoh l>èy] cfìè è||*- 
^ èitise .0opA £jt]Qfb; 3Xoc acA- ^ beff.X)^, CA]t èff 
brl g peAti? i bAr bfìfrlib v^ h^ì^o]^ ^S^f ^-^ ^^">* 
^^"^è^j ^5^r ^^ f ttbailc|6e f ^ urì)lACò bò. 

ftp «So|r3èAl. ^Mac. xxvii. 57. 

tCi) cAi) bp bj be]]teA6 ai) Ue a$, cA]1)]C b>roe 
fAj^b]]! ò %]i]Tt)ACèA, b^]t bA]i)rD -^òfep, bo b] f òf 
DA 6e]fC]obAl 45 -^ofA : A5Vf bo CttA]6 f6 b]oi)j*\75e 
^f oU]b, A^ttf b] A|]i f è co]ip ;Jof A. ^S Ht) A bttb^c 
^]ola]b, Ai) co]tp bo CAb^c bo. tt^ttf ai) c-^t) f u^ 
^df ep Ai) co]xp, bo f |ll f è l]i)èttbAC ^Ui) i)A c]ii)- 

Cgll, A^ttf bO C>?|tfè A$ A CttATD^ 1)ttA6 fè]1) è, 1)0C 

bococ>?l fè A 5CA]]itt]5; A^ttf A]t i)]on)po6 le]ce 
Ti)5]]ie 66 4 6o]tttf ai) Ctt^iDA, bo ]n)C]5 fè |to]n)e. 
U^uf t)o b] <f1>?]te ^rtA^b^lèD, A^ttf AD *rt\f]te e]le 

AD }{t) DA f>r6e Af COIÌ)^ AD Ctt^TDA. ^Sttf AD Ia^ a 

i)b]A]5 A T)ttllTÌ)>ì5ce, bo c]t>?D|5eAbA|t vACbA]t^]D 
DAfA^Afic A5ttf DA **4irl0]5 30. ^iol^l^ '^S T^^J 
% cÌ5eA]tDA, ]f cvTbA]f) l]Dj AD CA1) bo b] ad tDsW- 
C^6]]t ttb be6, 50 Dbvbsjcfè, 2B]]te6c>?6 n}è cg è]f 
c]t] Ia.. %]t A DA6bA]tfO]D A^c]D co]TÌ)èAb bo cu]t 
41] ]t AD cvtt^TDA 50 ceAD AD c]teAf l^, A]t oa^Ia, 
50 bC]ttC]:A]b]f A 6e]fC]obA]l AÌ)f a D0]6ce, A^vf 50 
D50|bf]bìf è, A5Vf 50 DA]be6]tAbìf ]t]f ad bpobAÌ, 
X)o è]]t]5 fè 6 TÌ)A]tb>?b : A^vf b]A]6 ad feAC|t^D 
be^JeADAC D] ]f TDeAf A d^ ad cewb feAC]t^D. ^ 
bvbqc ^jol4v]c ]t]u, ^c^ F^]]*^ ^3^1^H 5 1")C|5]6, 
^^l'^S^lSl^ "'-^^ ir ^^*^ bAO]b f è]D è. %5ttf 4 D]n)- 
ceACb bOjbfeAD, bo 6A]D5D10bA]t ad cuatda, A]t 
5PW]t coii)A]tcA g AD 5clo|C iDA]lle ]tè f4^* 

ic^ 4:^f 5. 

f tC5 <ft]tDA]5 D^ <!lA]bbe, a D]ODAb da f?fA]lTDe, <& 
CA]t c^D^tD, ic. X)èAttCA]t DO cÀD]?M6c]0]t. da 
> btt]DC]VDefe leADAf. 

•J^ttA]]t 4^]t]0fb A]t D®AD c4i]r50e A ]o6b^c ^ a\i 
f OD : A]t A D^6bA]tfO]D, bèADA") AD f èAfbA bo 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

cojmèttb : t)\ fiè xeAr)ÌAÌh]t) ija .]iè Ufbf o u]\c Ajvf 
t>|U)crijè|i)e : Acb lè })A^r) f^ojtijloiDe ^3^1« f tiiide 
3A0 Uib]t), 1 £o|i. V.- 7* 

t(fi T)è||i5e bo 4^Tiìofb 6 ii)4i|tbv]b, daò bf uije f è 
baf v)ox n)ò : iji bfV|l cJ5eA|tDaf f^^fbA A5 ad 
njbiif 4^ 

^]|i Afi bf Ag^iil b:8i]f bò, Tif boi) peACAÒ pu^ ffe 
baf èAi)ug Amajo : AÒb A]i n)be|è beò 66, ]f bo 
ÌjA Ac^ f è beò. 

^Sttf iDAfi Ai) 3CèAbi)A, if iDeAfbA bAOibff 30 
b|ra|lci Ti)Att& boi) peACAÒ : A^uf bed bo Ì)|A, Cfift 
Jof A itTtiof b A|i cì]3eA|tDA. iioib. vi. 9. 

1)0 e|fèt|iS|6 ^tiìofb d ibAitbu|b : Ajuf bo |i]8- 
648 cèAbcoftAÒ DA bfiv]D3e bo b| da ^cobÌAS 6e. 

<)f ji bo b|i]3 3u|i c|iè 6v]De c^iDlc ad bAf : ^f 
c|iè8tt|De iDAft AD 3cèAbDA c^]Dlc eifèntje da 


(S)f|t AtbAfl iDu|t gefbfb da b^lo 6aoido bAf a 
t)%&Atb : ]f TDAjt AD 3CèAbDA bo 6èADCA|t ^Ab vjle 
bAicbe68A6 a c£|i|0fb. 1 £o]t. xv. 20. 

©lòf ft bo D^c'^, A3uf boD ^TIac : 1 bOD SpfO]tAb 

^Aft bO bt A]t CCttf, ACÌ^ A DO|f, A^ttf b|Af 30 

bfilic : f A03AI 3AD cftjc. tiiDeD. 

tt Dti>TttCA. 

U ie ^ileACVibAcbA]6, bo ]tu3 bvAi6 4 ad 
ttjbÀf, cftè bA0]D3e]D ^tìic^ofA it]t]ofb, 1 bfOf3A]l 
6^5e bottttf DA bgCA f ]ot]tv]6e ; ©tt]6tD]b 30 bw^^l 
CY,]obAf ìDA]t ctt]]t]f tD]ADA tDA]ce AD 4 D|bC]b]b, 
Ub03|tAfAfpef]<vlcAbAft]ie]tb6]]t]tt3A6, iDA]t ad 

JCèAbDA 50 CC]ttb]tAtD DA tDìADA CèAbDA 30 C]tfc 
IÌ)A]C, lè bO 5DACCOD3DATbf A, C]tè J(of A £]tiof b A]t 

tljteAftDA; Ac:^ DA beACAi6 A^yf A3 fCiv]tA6 
n)A]Ue leACf A A^vf ad ^|»|O^Ab a^AOib, 30 bjt^c 

AOI) JD]A, f AOgAl 3AD C]t]C. tilDOD. 

♦ - Digitizedby VjOOQIC 

T2?2 ItikX'^Y^. 

jA^v|6 TJA V^\te A^A fttff? tA i)Yoi)Ab*AÒ A tfrfl 
^]tf<y*b ì)A tv^^e q feè(f X)è. *io6 6U][t Dfe'%1 fi)«k 

brAUrij. <&nt AC^ KD i^^fib, A^vf ^zSx htijC ri)\if^U 
jf!otA|3ce n^'^^jiAob jiè^ititjÒfb A'tjJCfA. ..?li) .cAt) 
f'o]llfeòccA|t £ìfiiofi), lÌ'it'^ii^BeAc^'ioe) 'p6\\Xj^^6ct4 
jRbf^ Koj* AW CA1) j^i) ^ tJ3lo|]t Tt}^ ;^Abi) |iir. tìirtie 
1^'n <ìlÀb£6j5^y'ft' rpbAJll CAliìjyjàe, fb|t|opAC^f,i?$m- 
^loitiè, fop boUuj6e/Ajòr&fAi), Ajuf tAipc, 'i)oc Af 

1'o6.AlA6|tA6 : cjtè ijA^bijigbìo^Àlcuf Ì)è 4 cToj^ O^ 
;^'f uwlAcfeA : A^ A |t AbAbq ire 'fd f A5 ijvbAl a PAllòb, 
A]t tt)Wic 6ìb A5 cÀiceAW bvjt rtfbeACA ]o5ca. 

?Ci) Soff5èAl. £6\v XX. 1. 

^ Ì^i) cèAblVbbi),cfeAcb'ri)ri't) c^jb '41uiite<flA3- 
bÀlèi)^ Tt)Aibii), A^ 'fAbbitcAbAf, cunÌAX) cuAmA, 

^vf bo ctti)^c f 1 Ai) Te^c Aji 'i)A co^b^il òi) cvaìda. 
&iii^e ']|t) W itioc f 1, A5uf ^"^11)15 fì TDA|t A pib 

^^]ort)àp ^e^b^Uj A5uf ai) ^beif cjobAÌ eile, voc 
bob iot)it)vfD lè Wof^,*i AWubAiitcfì 'itju^Ìti^Ab^ 
AD ^ÌSeAltDA leò Af AD bCVAtDA, A5Uf Dì bfttil ^ 
f lof A5UID 5^ l)^ic A|t cuiiteAbAit è. t^it A D^- 
DAjtfOiD bo cvÀt6 IPeÀbAjt, A^vf Àd beifCi'blAl 

eile fiD ATDAC, T CAD^AbAjt CUtD AD CVA1DA. ^^X 

bo iticeAbAjt AJtAOD'A DèÌDfc^^cb : Acb b^ IvAtce 
bo |ttoc AD beifciobAl etle i^4t ^eAbAit, i c^iD13 
]f& Àìt rùf c^'ADCVArDA. ^^jttf 'Alt 5^1^011)^6 
' A fbe^c 65, 'bp cuDAfitc'fè À'i) li1)èAbAC DA*lv{8e; 
'3160*^ Dj ^èAcri6'fè AfceAC. ^d ftD cÀfPJ3 
^Siomòp 3?eÀbAVDA' b'ÌAÌ^fèAD^ A5uf "bo ,cttA|6 f^ 

A f fe^C f A CVa'tDA^ A^Uf >>p CVDAÌllC f è AD' lyD^Vfc-^C 

]'da lTÌ6ej AÌvi^ AD^ÌJÀipc^D, WtfmD A ceAÌ);^^^ 
'BpocArT* Ap MP^f^<^l$> Acb Aiit teic^Ait1r)A f jTle^6 
Afii A cè]tè a'^Vod Ì'lc'ÀTb^'ÌD. "^D 'TJt^'^'o 'CUAÌ^ 

'ad be^fciobAl^ètle 'a iJbeAc'nJÀtt ad 'Sc^ubDA,''^^^ 
i^tDtS Att cuf cvii) AD cVAfDA, *3ttr 60 'cV9Atf»c' r^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

«uf^ pòr ACA, 5Vft 6ièf5iDi eiuop bètr^"f|ije 6mfi- 

. X)tAK-A|^, A ^ Aèbròvti) da filnrS^ 
^ Ì)è ©tf l^^urbAcbAtS, bo fttts buAtÒ 4 ai) rtjbÀr, 

«ìiè bAOjijs^tp. lifc ^sr^ ^rtfor^.^ Asrr bfrofSAii 

b>-^e bo|iAj DA bgcA rtonivtòe ; <Bvf&rDtb 50 buitja 

j«5 tO^r fDÌ|t CWt-|ttriDtA!)A tOAfCe a6 A|t tifi)ct^b, 

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5cè4b^A, 30 ttiiilbfiAn> i>A T^fAiJA cèAbt)A, 50 Citfò 
^Afè, l^ bd*gi)^cdt)5iMri?rA, cp^ ^of^^ Clifd.rb A|t 
^ÌS^a:!^T)a ; Aci i)a bè4veAtè,ì A5 rc|ttttA6 ttx^tl^ 

te^A A^rf AD^^tO^Ab aS-^OIT), 30 bftAC A0!)'S)IA, 

T^^SaV jAt) èplQ. fifi)èt).' " ^ • 

tijt foi) t)A b;4ptt;qle. 0i)tofj). x. 34^ 

*^WJ1p;5at?ÌP|1i9je^? %A^^Jg§HCA^^tA bp è€|AnT 
X^T^ÌO if^è ^ p|ill% r ACb. AD 5<^c ly U c|itjeA^^ 

iw^^ rfe nn aiicì, ^11^.4 njt} a ^asU ^^vf t^p 
^ic^w. %v, i^RiAèAn ppè i)o ^pjiifts r^. ^o àlom 
^m^i, Aj i?^tp5^ttfv5<^4iriPf:'^t)A civ^ ^pfA ^T^joffa, 

?^ *.^^ i>A. *Ì5§^?ii)A pf cfoS t?A, ^ttlle *, ACA ^ 
1^WASA1^.1;^4 c|tèU|^ ^(? ntPAAt^ feAò ijfje ^^bA]6ft 

H%* ♦s ^r>450. 9?^ vP4]\^^ ^aì^, ^ir AD. ^Airb|5 

W %o fp^DjDpift igptp ; cip^ttf: pq rP5 ^1^\'?0|;<^ 
*^/^'tòA. nif AD, ^|>10fi;v^ 301ao;;D ^syr l^ CtttDAÒ^ 
^^lS» Dflè bp iyAt6 cjnjc^AU a5 bèvDArt) iDAtc^f A> 

f^s^r 45 rl^nrsf^ 5^^ a mi'^ r^ ^ApcfjprD Vuft> 
^^.mò^ rè ^ wtt -^^Aij^, ^snr a D.^4y|tvr4iièjw; 

WP feq DJ.^|^lÌ4^Afè 6^ Cftoc0 ^ 5.9||0jc : ^g ^95 


D^A è f o f uAf ^V c|i«Af l4^ A5rf brfO|llK5 fè- è> 
D| boi) pobAÌ u]le, ACb bo i>a f |A6i)tt]|^b bo C05 JD^a 
j^otTÌ) Uiri), eAÒOD b^^e Doc bo tc A^vf bo \b da 
f oc^, cA|i èff A ètf èljtse 6 ibAttbAtb. ^saf 015 
Atcpe ò^ve feAi)nj6t|i a ÒèuijAib bot) pobAl, A^uf 
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DA AfDn). 

^D Soif5èrl. 5^ttc. xxiv. 13. 

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li]l utle : C]ODAf ctt5AbA]t da b^ftbf A5At]tc, A^vf 
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Digitized by.VjOOQlC 

c6, log^f n)4 cri|v(|i ini4^i)4^ iQAtce ^v A]ì 9Y9cY^1^r 
lè. bo Sit^fA fpeftAlcA b^|t |tètii)6]|tftt3A6; iDAft 
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cX]3§|ti)A; i)oc A c^ i)A beACAt6 A^rf ^3 fC^^ttAb 
tDAtile leACf^ A^rf ai) ^t^to?*^^ OBaoiÌ),, 36 bttAc 
Aoi) DtA, f aoJaI 341) ctitc. tttDei)- 

^ D^plfctX. 0i)]on). xiiL 26^ 

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Dè, if cu34tbfe bo crftte46 bttt^c^ft i)4 f liitDcefe. 
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bo CÒ3 Dt4 ,f u4f ò ri)4ttb4tb è : doc bo C4tfbèttD46 
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e46 : Acb ai) cè, bo cd^ D|A f oAf, t)\ f ACA^b fè- 
c]uiA|lleA6. ?ijt A i)A6bA|ifo^t) b|o6 a f fOj' A^Atb^ 
AfiH A5uf A b|tAic]teACA, 5r|v c|tèf 4.1) bfeA|ifo 
fotllfi5ceA|i 6ib iDAicfeACttf i)a bpeACA6: A^uf 
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ccp.e]bfeAj6 f ib, b^ bpotUftJeA^ bvtDe 6]b'è- 

?Ci) ^tfSèAl. ICttcxxiv. 36. 

iDo f (^Af ^Of A f è]l) AD A U]t A^ttf A blcbA]7tC f6 

tittt, SjOcc4t]i) iDA]lle ]t]b. ^cb A]t ii)be]c 6d]b- 
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Acà AD : 5lACAt6, A^vf f èvcAt6 iDè ; òt]t D] bf »11. . 
feoil D^ CD^TDA A5 f p]0]tAb, iDA]t bo ctC] A^ArDf A. 
%3uf AD CAD A bttbA]fic fè da Detceft^bo. CAffbètDi 
fè 6ò|b A l^JDA A^vf A cof A« ticb Ajt n)he]t idì- 
c|ie|bibeAC b^t^H^^^ V^T ^[^^ S-^I^^SCAf,. A^vf A5 
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T| cjiièr^'l? ^©r^ 4&i*^orb; .pi c^tè >fr5© AÌm^ii), ACb 
èltè "wrse ^ citè f^ : a^v^ a r^ ai) ©piofiAb i?ò 9] 
b^iA^i^^e, 5V|t rìtti^è Ai) Si>|OjiAb. '^iti ac^ 
eitittii Aift i)eÀ«) ^ 1)1 .rjA^p^r^) ^^ C^CAlft, Al) 
iiftl Alc;4, Agvjr ai) ^bioitAb 'QCtAori) : A^vr ACi8^ib ^i) 

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^iA Aì) he^t^ rì)A|tc4^Ac 6ì?5e, Ajuf ^f Ap 4 ''fÌlAC 
Acli Ai) 6eACAf A* fii) c| A5I1 6|r^l at) ^ac ac^ 
AD beACA A]3e ; ai) c] ^3 i)ac bf ì?! ^ac Dè V] bf >fl 
ADJbeACA A|3e. 

^9 ^0|f3èAl. i£o]i)xx. 19. 

ti|i ocgcb AT) c^^c i)òi)A A1) U fli) |:è]i), Ai) cèvb 
U boi) cfeACbrt)>fi), A^vf a|i mbeic bo oa bO||if|b 
b^i)ce n)A|t A ]tAbAbA|i i)a be]fC]obAil c|i^5,be3U 
DA i)'3ubu]3eA6,c^|t}|3 ^of a A^uf bo f §f fè da U|i,. 
T A bubA^ftc f è .fi]r, ^'ioccÀ]i).ii)A]lle |i]b. ^t^uf 4 
i)A ^i8i6 fo 66, bo CAifbèji) fè a Iàtda A^uf a CAob^ 
66|b. ^|tDe 1^1) bo b| 3:8^1 jibeAcuf a||% da be|fC|ob* 

Wb, Al) CAT) bO CUDCAbA]t At) 2L]5eA|lDA. ^$fO|0 
A bvbA]]lC 50f A ]t]U A jl]f3 S^0CCÌk]1) 11)A]lle |%]b :: 

ii)A]i bo Ctt]]t At) c^cA]]i TD]]f rA6, CMYiin)^ ^bfe 

rA]1D IDA^ AD 3CèttbDA. ti^Uf AD CAD A bubA]|IC 

fè fo, bo fè]b fè 0|]tCA, A^uf a brbA]ftc t^ jt^u^ 
©Ab^6 AD Spio]tAb 9(lA0ib« 0]6 bè 6AiDA]C]f]6 ]fb^ 
A bpeACA]6, AC4i]b A]t DA iDA]ceA6 aca; A^rf 5^6 
bè peACA]6 co|D5èubcAO]y Aca ]f Ab coD^bAfce. 

tÌD X)A]tA I)Olf)DAC]A|t C£^]f3. 
%{, D<^CA. 

tt i>è ®t]leAcrTbACbA]6, bo CU3 bAOO ^^ac crrD' 
A be]c 6\rDe iDA]tAOD da |o6bA]|tc A]t f od peACA]6e^ 
Ajttf ]:6f DA e]f]otDpl^]]t b^cA 6]a6a ; ^Ab^ 3T*^f A 
6^b) crtD 30 D3lACATDA0]b 30 |iòbi?6eAC ad C]o6- 
Uca6 DeATbco]tD]i5 HD, A^rf iDA]t ad ^cèAbDA ]b 
feo 6èADAib b|cciU 30 lAeceATbÀ]l lo]t3 beADAisce 

A beACA ]l6DA0TbCAf AD ^O leADAtbA]D9 Cflè f A 0*90^ A^ 

^ltjof b 5CèAbDA ]^D A]:t cS.]5eA|tDA. - ^tdcd* 

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-'f T)]6 fo ]f f ]r bvj6eACAf, bA D]0iDC]tA6 DeAC 
^Ojl^eAf ATt PP co]b]iA]^ bo CA06 Xè, A3 frÌADS 


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50 F0|5l^e;<vp, A5j[^f rife A5 be.^^m n)Ai.p^.f r.4^, K 
V]à ^v ^'^ br>?l X)|4 b>?6e4C. <fc]|t >r ^^5^ M 'F^l^ 
bo 50]|teA8 ijb; ò]|i bo fttWos ^l^ìor^ ">^^ ^J^ 
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lonvf 50 leAJ>rA{^ fib Ar lo|iS : 4>i>,c| n4^ ^^A»jy)>f6 
y^^^ 45vr 45 i>4Ò fjtiòr n»e4bMl; ^A QèrV:. 49 

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liò ; 4iCb ci^ è T^èfii 4 U.iib 4t).;<ì^ bp |>1 bftV;ègrt)Oiir 
5ac£itc: 41) cf btiot^è^iit.4.bpe4C^5He.4§ 4.cpitj% 
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194 i»e4c\?5|6, 50 Ti)4|iti:er!)j|r bp i)rritèi^P4C?? \ 4Q 
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bo ci rè 4i> Ti)4cciite 45 ce4cb, 45^^ 1?^5>?6 r^ ^^ 
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45ttf 4ièDi5ib iDO è40|lti5 f èiD n)è. ^4 4ièDl5Èf 
AD ctt^llt TDlH, ^3^r ^l^'^tòl'^tì '^'^ c%c4>it : ASttF 
bo bei^in) 1D4D4T1J 4 fOD D4 5C4P^4C. ^^ur 4C4lb 
e40|ivi J e|le 454TD5 D4è baò òn^ro • 45^1» c^icfi^ 
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I14b TDO gvc; 45ttr bi4i8 40Dcltò 4rb^]D) 45^^ 400* 
Ao84iite Atb^iD 49*^ 


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3AC >ìlei>]6 Ax4i bo co|TÌ)yèifi «t) c|ie|bitT)' cèAbn^ 

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% ijhftpifCfU 1 l*eAb. ii. II. 

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'iibSi^fb 'ASUf 'ò*flj|iè]b,^fe frèto'bo 'fè^c;)t|Dc ^tti 
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A bìAifh)A. ISfob' beAScòmbeAii'f ^tb i^t?b - a' Vt)igt5 
'WcÌ^D^iibAC :'iòi)'Af A'Wtc'A i!)fè]ò^]t!8tj6 b(y'i)|b 

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Digitized by VjOOQIC 

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taidaU beA5, A^iif bo C]f]6e iDe? 0o be]rD]D, 
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tC D£]>tfctl. ^euiD. i. 17. 

tCf A D^'Af.AC^ 5AC beA^CAbAftCVf 1 jAè c|o6- 

Uca6 btODSibMcA, A5 ccAcb 6 tCcAf]t da fOfUfe, 


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^t) So]f 5èAL fio]D xvi. 5. 

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U i)45]>]fc]l. Bent). i. 22. 

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Dì btt]t Ivcb A è]fbeAcbA Ari)^]!), b4^ btt]t iQeAlUb 
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%D ^trS^^l- ^019. xvi. 25. 

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<ti) Soft^èAU >EoiD XV. 26. T cvjb boi> c. iv!. 

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Digitized by VjOOQIC 

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Digitized by VjOOQIC 

iy]3ft4b4^1trAD DA biiiÀc]iA A brb<vilic fè Mu. 5^6* 
to|D A bttbA^itic ^JofA ]i]tt A|iìr, 00 be]rt)iD, beitD]t), 
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f è A n)tt5A, ACb 50 n)betc ad bgcA ftot]tv]6e a15«« 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

fCi) it§b l>on)r)AC f 4 c£|t]09dtb« 147 

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bpèAbAii)AOtb A0i)i)|6 ii)Atcbo 6èAi)Arì) Ab gfbM^fe, 
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Fòf A^ttf AD Att DSDiorì), cfiè ^JofA ittttofb Ati c£t$- 
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?C D^t^tt^ll. 1 45otD iv. 7- 
% cAtttbe, bto6 sttet6 As^D b^i cètle : òtti Af 6 

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3]i^ è Dt A ; Asvf AD «1 corì)DviseAf a DSn^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

corijijttise fè A pDiA, A^vf X)^^ ASfAi). ttf Cftfer 
Xo Ac^ Ai) 5]i^6 A|i x)^ co]n)l]or)^b '^om)V^i loottf 

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cu|]t|6 AT> 5]tÀi> b]oi?3ri>AlcA oa^Ia aiuaò ua6 : òt]i 
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A 6eAflb]tJ^CAt]t 1DA]t A1) 5Cèttbl)A. 

^l) ^lfSèAÌ. IJttC. xvi. 19. 

Do b^ bu]t)e fAt^bf^t MP15^ ^S, T tf è bl^ b^bAC 
60 pv]t]>vt]t A^vf f jobA, A5Uf bo cèfseAS fè cvii> 
b]6 50 ]t6f05Ari)utl 5AC U : A^vf bo bj bv]9e bocb 
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bòftb Ai) bujije f At6b]]t : ASttf bo cfsbff i)a tijAb- 
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50 b]:uAt]t A?) bu]i)e bocb b^f , A^uf ^up toii)C)«AbA]t 
i)A b^l^JsA 50 bttcb ^bfiAbAii) è : T 11)4 Ai) S^lbDA 
f VAtft Ai) bttfpe f At6b]ft b^if, A^vf bo })^^<^^ 
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bAfft A ri)è]fte A DVff^e, T bfuAftA^ ido ceAD^CA; 
dfft ACÀfTD boiD ]td]p]ADA6 ad fA Uf Atftff. tCcb A 
bvbA]]tC tCb]tAl)ATD, % ri)]C, CU^TDDtS 5ttft jUc CVf A 

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A9 scèAbDA bpoc Defce ; ACb ac^ f 5Uf Af^ef fOD a 


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bo Hffi 0]]tCA f o ttile, Ac^ |:o6ori)Aii) ii)d]i 4 i)a Ctt]i 
eAbftrt^e 1 H^f 1 ; t^^^f ^^^ ^I^T^ l^Tf V^ tiM\r)]h 
lè br8 ii)tAt) ^ bttl Af fo ctt5Atbif, da ceACb Af t|i7, 
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t3èttl bètb, to^rf i)ac bctoc]!At6 tlAbf ai) ii)Att ai> 
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<^tt|bir5A6 bo cAbAt]tc bOD b]ttttD5 bo be]]t cr frA|r 
A beAsU A^ttf AD bo 5]t«v6 b]0D5ri)^lcA fètD, A^rf 
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Sì*^ ^StttS 4 ^^ b^itb]»at^1^; ^V cf i;ac i)5]ùt6- 
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beACA it7A|t£ADAcr cofb^atie 4^ 6f e A|t btft)i9A|t%c^ 4 

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fè A Awn) rior ^iì^ ^i^ r<^^^ • ^i"'^ w ^^^ briAc^ 

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l>beA|tbti4t|C]teAC. ^^rr 5t6 bè a^ì^ 6rr|l h^aoio 

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9Ht5eAr 5|tA6 X)è A9 ^ ^ cUi^ beAj, v^J^ Ab a 
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€ctietbrs6' rtD© A DAtDiD A *ntc ^JorA iC|i]orb, A^Yr 
A cè|le bo 3Ti^6r5A6, |iè|tt da bAtcDe cr^ r^iriOD 
bù|9. <6|ti AD ct co|TÌ)èrbAr,A AiceADCA cort)i;U|3e 

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Dt5en)tb etreAD bo betc da C0fi)t)vt5e lODrtD, a^ 
A9 ^btO|tAb cu5 rè 6tttD. 

Ut) ^otrsè^l. ItttC. xiv. 16. 

So }t]ve btttoe ^ttiise rw.1t>ètt tD6|i, t bo 5ot|t rè 
rOOj^^V : A^rr t)0 Cttt|t r^ a f Sl^^f ^gADCAt^ a daii) 
rtttpèt|t bA |tA6 |tir AD iDriDCttt |:ttAt|t crt|teA6, 
^t3t6, 5t|t Ac^t^ V^ \)uile Detce a Dotr ttllAib. 
%3ttr bo ctoDr3DAbA|t ttile bAODSuc a letcrsèttl bo 
;$AbAiL ii bubAiitc ad cèAbbrtDe |ttr, Xo ceAD* 
Ats iDè treA|iAD, A5ttr tr ^1511) ^^^ 6rl aidac A^ur 
A f èAÒAiD ; lAttittttD ofic 5Ab iDo letcr^èttL ^5»^ 
A brbA||tc f OAtt etle, X>o ceADtttg iDè ^»15 crtos- 
f lttt3 ^o 6Aii)tttb, A^rr AcAttD A5 bttl bA DbgttbA6 : 
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feA]i. ejle,. JDo p6r tDè beAD^ A|t a DA6bA|irotD n% 


%iì) £peAf Z)ari)OAC )^jì. tSf\t\0i)ò\b. 151 

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iAi)cr|6e, b|5|f f è v^ "oeften 6A. èì3*A]ii>A; fid t(Q 
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i!M 6514^0, injcfg 30 CAf tt]^ f ^ f r^l^fb 1 f^ àk\l* 
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f^ V^ f A-lcttib, T co]ii)è|3i)|6 |Ab bo ceAcb a fbgc, 
bo cttri) 30 l]oi)f tt]6e ipo cfj. <6]|t a be||ttio ]t]b, 
31ac ii)blAtf f |6 AOf) i)bttfi)e bo 1)a f eAjtttjb vb f rAtp. 
ca]tieA6 ooTp f tt]pèA]tf a. 

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€Ai|teAc: A^rf beòi)A]6 30iDbe]c f]5e, bA ccr^Atf 
njjAi) c]to]6e Cttìi) 5M6e, Cttri)bA]3ce A^rf cori)f 0]t- 
CAiJce lè bo ii)6]tcop3DA6 Ap 3«ic rtle coi)CAbAtr»c 
A^ttf bocbA]i)e, c]tè JfofA £]t]Ofb A]t c£ì3eA]tDA. 

% D^p]fC]l. r 3PeAb. V. 5., 

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rijAtfeAC boD cAob a fC]3 6 u?i)lACb ]DC]D« 2 6]]^ 
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Slt^r^ bo Dttii)Al. ^\n)e ftD ùii)lì?6e tlb f ètD f ao| 
U]ri) cni)ACbttt5 Ì)è, CttiD btt^t D^]tb\ì5e 65 a datd 
1on)CttbA]6: ce]l5]6br]t Dti]le cr]tAiD A]]t|]OD; 6t]t 
ir cu]tArDAC è bY]t bctTDCtolU iJ]5|6 iDeAf A](15A„ 
^èYi)>?6 fA]]te; 0]]t ACA br]t D^")>?b ad bjAbAl, id4 
leori)ADbè|CfeAC, A5 5AbA]l f^ 3crA]]tc,bt^ fèttc- 
^l^ c]Afltt]3feA6 fè : £>r]tt6f e da a3>?6 4 n)hejt 
*it U]b|]t A 3C]te]beATÌ), Ajt n)be]c a f OAfA AjMb^ 


50 3C0f tì)lloi>M|i '94fc baA^6eAtic^ cèvbi)^ f a 5CMt> 
eiU b^ 6vn i)beAtib{iAfC|iib ac^ f^ cfAOSAÌ. ^5uf 
1)1 A DA Dìfle JtiiJif, uoc bo 501IÌ fi$ cvii) a tlòiiie 
f joni>^e A Q^f A itii^ofb, CA|i èif beA^^ii) ova]6- 
ei]iCA bprUi)5 b^b, 50 vbèttpA fè i!è]D f |b totDl^D, 
50 DeAtiCì?5e, 50 UtbiitSe, A^vf 50 DbAiDj^iJe ffe 
ftb. (Bldtti T ciìiÒACb 66f aij 50 fAojAÌ^jA fAOSAU 

tti) Sotfsèvl. ICvc. XY. 1. 

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cAtS cM^e bèifbeACb titf • A^vf bo tilSeAb^ti V^ 
*^inirìt)t5 ASttf D^.f5t^Ìob\?6e invDìt)Ati, A5 tì^, 
0Abìp6 At) f eAtifo peACCAts Cì?5e, -] ]t]Ò f è h]Aò. 
DA bf ocAtti* ' ^cb bo UbAtti f eitiOi) ad cof AiiyUcb 
f A ti1tt> -^5 1*^6> ^l^ ^S^tbli bìffpe, A^:^ bp«l cèAb 
cAotiA, A^uf bo lèt5t^eA6 aoo btob a it)u5A, i>ac 
bt:^5A5 i)A i)AOt 5CAO|tit6 bèv^ A^uf cetctie tn^cib^ 

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ùb bo cvAt6 A 1DÙ5A, và 50 bf ^5AD f è t ? ^S^f 
Ati i)A f A5^t^ ^^9 cyi}i]6 f è 50 IvAcg^tT^®^^ t 4 * 
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^ t)4pifC|l. IRott). viii. 18. 

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tCD So,lf5èAl. l^ttc* vi. 36. 

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tt vÌp]TTC]L 1 l?eAb. iii. S. 

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tÌD S0]f5èAl. l^ttC. V. 1. 

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% ij4ptT^ll» ^on),. vi. 3. 

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^!) ^o]f 5èAl. ^Hac. V. 20. 

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nA5b\?5 a5 Aft 5cfto|6cfb 5ft^6 ctCi)n)A, tt)èAbAfS 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

158 Ut) ScAÒbti)A& JDorbOAC ]^\i cS»|t|oij6[r). 
AT) cjieibeAri) Fi|ii5eAC io5ai9,. oil \vM s^ò vjle 
cjiocAiite, cjiè ^OfAitjijofb A|ic5.ì5eAitt)A. tliijet). 

<( t)£pifC|l. ilott). vi. 19. 

;if ipAti 6ì?t)e UbitMiD 4 fo^ Atjbf Ai5e bv|t bf eòl- 
Af A : 6i|t bo itèiji ft)Ait Ctt3AbAl|t ba|t iDbAiU t)A 
feiitb|feAC>fb bo T)eAif)jloit)e A^af bo b|tifeA6 tjA 

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A Doif ATt TDbeic 6A0ib, Ajt batt f AoitA6 ò peACAÒ, 
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AC4i coitA6 Ajìffb CtttD DAOTDCACbA, ^ AD c]tfoc beij- 

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beACA TDAHtcADAC, c^tè ^JofA Cjtfofb Ap cXfgeAitpA. 

%D SoifsèAl. ^4c. viii. 1. 
^D fDA Uecjb ifD Ait 3cit>?i)ir5A6 bo pobAl fto- 

Tbèlt, A^ttf 3AD Df6 ACA bO fOf Albff, A|t DSAHtlt) A 

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c^b^c 6^p, cftè iJofA itftfofb 4 ciLj3gftpA. <iii)et). 

?t tjigpffcfl. iXott). viii. 12. 

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e^myi^, 4 coft 30 3CAfCf eA6tDAO{r 4 tDbeACA bo 
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1l5: A3ttf iD^f cIad, ff Ofbitfje f6f fjD; of^ftfje 
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ccotbSl6f {t fi{f. 


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tÌD ^Off^èAl. ICttC. xvi. 1. 

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O 2 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

l^è MX>. V^. l<^lè ^^1* ^^15 ^ èlssni)^ n^cA, A bttb- 
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WLn <5o]f5èAl. iCttc. xix.41. 

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bo tì?l fè A]]t A f oi>3t A5 ]^i^6, (S> bA i)A]ceADc^ a§ 
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bo DifDfb feADfD6|ft, T Af AtbUb fo bo Cfte]bgb4fì- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

fit^^fjèvl. «vc. xviiL 9. 

tt bvbAtitc ^oifA Ai) èof ATÒlACbf A 1*6 bfieAìV bo 
f Ao^l t^b i:è|i) be]C !)a bflltèin^ Ajttf bo èAitcAtfOfS 
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cttn) i)e]ii)e, ACb bo bttA]lg6 f è a vcb, A5 ti^6, tC Sùf a, 

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eAcb'A^vf e^btottgvfbe 5ofA Ìttfofb, bo <tì]C, Aft 
cifSeAttpA.. tÌTDeD. 

ti Dj6p]fC]l. ^ 2 itojt. iii. 4. 

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A i)D|A : Df b^ 50 b]:tt]ltD]b CtttDAf a6 A)t A0]Df6. 


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D^ ftD bettteAf iD|DtOfb]t^Ucb pA t:JttèADCACt)A 
b^n* A D^loft*. , 

Uì) Sotf5èAl. ^Aftc. vii. 91. 

ttjt bt:tUeA6 bJjof a 6 ce6|tADtttb ifttutf T è|bOD, 
c^lDtc fè 50 f Atttt^e DA 0Altlè, Cftè Ufi ctttoÒAt& 
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A5Vf 50 Ubfttttb DA bAtlb., 


tti>£|teAf SanjOAO Dè^s^^t^^ c£|ttoi)6|b. 167 
ttp StteAp I»ori)ì)AÒ Z)èA5 I4|i c2t|ijot>oib. 

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W|6eAcb .9ofA Cfttofb Att cBf$e4t|tDA. ^njeD* 

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eòfiAÒ f è Ajt AOD A5 t^^j A^ttf bob ftolf a, ^5;^^* 
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i)etri)rt)b|t]5, t^D^f 50 5CtttttT^A6 f è ad 5eAllAri)tttD 
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cjietbeAri) 5of a £ti}of b bOD bttrtD5 ottetbeAf . 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Uv SoifsèAl. l^ttc. X. 23. 

^r be^^Atsce i)a fùile bo c\ tj^ ijetèe bo cfcfn: 
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cftac f tUf e^bf A, bo bèAftA tDè 6tttt: è. <t Dotf ct^ 


Ut) Sìù4XjìaA^ò Domà 2)§5 14 zLfi^òn6]b. 169 

*oi) c|t]y|if A, tfieACOAtSeAf crf4^bo(etc i)a coth- 
4rA]t) A5 Ai) c^ ub cAfiU ^ n)sr5 i)a f9b|ocAitfi)4bè ? 
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U tjiCpif qte 0a1. V. 16. 

^fWH^'^ betft]ii), iSffbWò fA SbtottAb, A5Yf* 
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c|ta]t6A 64^ cè]le, tooAf i)AC f ètbtit Itb da i)etce 
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Digitized by VjOOQIC 

170 fi9 SLiiTif^ ^omt)Aè JD<|5 ^4 c£fi]0ì)òp, 

tti) So|f5èAl. «ttc. xviLll. 
tCSVf cÀftU, A5 fevl- prAf b-^ofA 50 b^e]tvf Alerir, 

^5»f ^^ C|iAc bo cr At6 f è a rbgc 50 b^ile 4^ittiSe, 
c^|tUbA]i he]tneibA\i peA]t loo]tAc Ant bo feAf ^ 
bf Ab UAÒ : Asvf bo ;aftbtt|5eAbA]t a ijswc, ^5 tta6, 
tC -aofA, A ^Atsifbtit, b|D cttòcAtTie o|tttt5. ttsttf 
Ai) CA.P bo «yg<vtl«5 l^ t^b, A bvb^iitc fè |ttu, ^id- 
ctst^ tiottttòf^ In^ r^]V bo UA f A5A|tctttb. ttsYf 
c^ltlA, A5 ÌiDce<vcb bò|buoD, 5tt|t ^Ìauaò |Ab. ftcb 

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ujAÒ, bfìU f è A||t A|f, A5 moUb Dè bo suc itjòjt, 
A5ttf bo c^c f è Att A Ajìib A5^ cof Atbf eAD, 45 
b|tetc bì?6eACAtf it|f : A^uf br6 SAfDA|ttcmè 4D 
feAftf o. 4i5rf A|t 6f |teA5|tA bJof a a brbA||tc fè, 
tC Dè DAC bf ì?ltb be|CDeAbA|t aiì da D5Ui)a6 ? T ^ 
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CAbAtltc 5lòi|te bo Ìt^? 5ièb ad coi5C|t|5eACfo. 
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lè bo bttADC|t6cAttte ; A^wf 6 i)ac t?è|b||t lè Utje 
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b|t^c lè bo coD5DAtb 6 Dì?U 6|toc di6, t c|te6|tA(8 
fD criD 5AC iple Deice f 6§DAf b^tt f UDtt5<^6, c|tè 
Ìof A £|tìofb A|t c£|5eA|tDA. tCiDeD. 

tCD4pifC|l. «aI. vi. 11. 

:Do c% ijb 1?A||t|;D5e da l|C|te bo f5|t|ob tDè cn^ 
ttfr iDo Ut* f èt'J- t(D tbè|b lèit tD|AD lAb fèti) ^ 
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0|tTfbf e AD cttDctUj8ntA6 bo $Ab4^il crsì^b : 4fi)M9 

^ Digitizedby VjOOQIC 

tt^it^SS^ X>on)ijfAC X>è5 14 cX|«)096]b. 171 , 

heà^U 50 i^bèApcAOt 5^|ileAt>mttt9 0||tcA A^t t<n> 
CTiofce Ctijof &. ^|i Aij òtte^ii) ft^ V^l^ ^tk qn)- 
cjUjeAnicA 1)^ cot«)èvbAtj tl^b Ap t^eACb ; Acb ^y 
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64iU bo 6ètti)AtÌ7 6òtb Af bvti bt:eotU 0|6eA6 i>4ti 
te|5e JDfA 50 i)bèApvti)fe n)ò}(òs^'\\^ ACb 4if cttotc 4 
iSlSeAtti)^ .3k)f A Ìttìofb, ctiè a bpMÌ At) fAO$Al 

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Uì) SotfSèAl. ^AC. vi. 2*. 

Wt b^lbttt lè DOAC Attt bjc fetitbìf bp 6èvi)Àtft 
bo6Act5St^'>^5 5ttt btAt6 fVAC At^e bo 6ìtt)e aca, 
^S^r St*^ boD bì^e etle ; d5 ceA05AU|:w§ f * bo 

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njbeACA, cttèttb tofbAot, và tobcAOt ; DA a cctti)CsU 
W 3cvtttt>, Cjièttb cvtttf t ttTi)Atb. tC Dè D^c ii)5 
A9 CAOAfi) D^ AD bt a6, T ad cotip V^ AD CèttbAC ? 
/èACAts -^IT* èvplAtc A DAettt : 5ttt Dt Cìirtttlb tiol, 
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Vè bo si>AfceAf, cftè JJofA itfttofb Aft cX1 JeAfit)*^ 

tt D^SpffCfl. 45pb. iii. 13. 

j4E||iHii| b4cctttD5e 5A^ t}b bo 6ttl a D^l^bf ^]?^ 
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Digitized by VjOOQIC 

114 «9%èlHM6Xoi90*cI)t5McK|>f*9^- 
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U D^ptrctl. iCpl). V. 15. 

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tCi) £k>]f564l. ^Ac^ xxii. 1. 

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fit) €k>]fSèAl. UttC. xiv. 1» 

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Digitized by VjOOQIC 

"f Ai> cetrb Atji, b«^ ceAfbttS^ò, 43«^ A5 |tA6, tt 

• A brb^c *JofA |%ff, 0|il^t6eòCM6 ca bo £f5S]ii)4 J)fA, 
lèb òpofbe vtU, ì' leb A941D Mle,T lèb ftDVAtijctvjAb 
tttle. fi f ) f o AfV cèAb AfCDe, '^5^1* ^ T>Atct)e n)d|t. 
•^5^r ir cofiDtttV AD^^ti-* })A}tve ttf^ fOj ^tU^tÒ- 
edòttt^ xa bo òoif)Attf a tijAt^ ^ t^^tt^- ^f ^^ r<^ ^^ 
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tii) SojfsèA^l. ^Ac. xxii. 1. 

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tC ,D%ircil« ^pl). vi. 10, 

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^T) So]f5èAl. £o]0. iv. 46. 

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1C i)£piYX]U l^fl. i. S. 

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184? %ì) i|tgì(* 2^on)i)AC 4 f |ctc 14 cXftìoi>6]b. 

ft i)£pi]xil. ^]\. iii. 17. 

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n)Ai)A AsiiTDfA, Ajuf CAb[i>?6 ge boi) b|rv?i)3 f jubUr 
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g|iDA -3fof A it/]tfof b : Doc c>5]tf gf 4 5C0|tp cjiuAil- 


n)u]l ]tè t)^ coftp 5l6]trt:[A]t f è]D, c]ièf a DO]b]t]r3A8 
lè]t ]:è]b]]t le]f x)^ \)\ile Dejce f 6f bo cu|i ^tao] fe\r)» 

^D So]f5èrl. ^AC, xxii. 15. 

^5 fTDceAcb A^ ]jD bo da i'Ai]i]f]DeACA]b, bo 
cuAbA]t A 5C0TbA]]tle c]ODAf bo JeAbAbif è ]or)«. 
b]t]AC]tr]b. ^]i A DA6bA]tfO]D cri]t]6 |]Ab a Dbe]f- 
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£fteb ]:a a 5cu]]tc] cacu^a^ oftAU) a Ircb ad V^-i' 
C]tabAi5? 2LAjrbèADv]6 ^Aii) Aflt^eAb ad cjorA. 
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lè SòArAjt; T DA Dejce ir lè X)]A bo àjA. ^3«r 
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f^rjt 6e, bo ]TDC]5eAbAp. 


tii) 4^sètiATÌ)«6 3boYÌ>i)Ac 4 f]C}C }4 zt}i^ot)6]b. 185 

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^9e iorDCttbA]6 òvtd <^obA bOfi^itèACb d^ V^on) f a* 

«, Digitized by VjOO^IC 

186 Ut) £^556 1)on?i:>AC4 f ]ctc 14 cXfifO!)6|b* 

^t) <Sotr3èAl. ^Ha-c. ix. 18. ^ 

^3 Ubi^c i)À i)eireAi)fO bJ^of^ fiè be^f ctòbUt^ 
jEojp, fèuc, A|i. ccèACb bUAÒb^^ìi-M) ^^ti^^ce cui^e, 
bo od5|ivt5 fè è, A5 |t^6, ,J^u<V]ft iDiij^eAi) b^f a|i 
Ai) rDb^ll : Acb CA|]tf a, A^uf cu||i bo l-ari) ui^te, 
A5Uf h]A]ò fl beòi ^t^uf a[i ijètjite b-3ofA, &9 
le^i) fè ^è]v, A3Uf <v 6eif5lobAil è. [^svf, fèvc, 
c^lOtc beAi), 4 ^ jtAib bòficAÒ polA lè ÒAbliAÒAji) 
bèA5, tAob fi^it 6e, A^vf t>o cuìdaiI ff lè itijeAl 
A èrbAi5 : Piit a bvbgc f j ipce f èip, ^TIa beAijAjn) 
lè PA èubAc Art)-3Ìii) biAi6 tDè fl^t). ^^uf ^bfiU- 
eA6 b^^of A, A^ttf 4 DA fAiCf^DfeAD bò, a bub^c fè, 
Ì8Ì06 rt)viDi5iD it}Aic A5Ab, A iDseAD; bo fU^Atj 
t>(y cite0eAit) cv. ^^uf bp bj ad beAp f l^D ò a 
Dv4fiD ArnAC.] ?t5uf AD CAD c^iOjC ^of A 50 ci5 
A DUACbAjt^iD, A^uf bo cuDAlJtc fè AD lucb ceoil 
A^v'f AD cvibgcbA A5 bèvpAtt) iDÌof uaiiddit*, a bèiji 
fè Ttiv, Jti7Ci5]6 itort)A,b; Pilt D] bfxil àd caiIji) 
TDAitb, ACb pA coblA6. ^Svf bo jtiDeAbAitfAt) 
f 0Dòtt)Ab fAO]. ^5ttf AD CAD bo Ctti|ieA6 ad c>?&- 

CACfcA AtDAC, bO CttAlb fè A fbeAC, A^ttf itu3 fè 

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U D<$>lltCA. 

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bo pobAjl citeibrt)l6 ; jODAf 4 tDbejc Òiòi]h A3 cAb^c 
coitAi6 DA DbeA^oibfteACA va6ca 30 lioDibA|t, 30 
bffuijbff A lvAi6eACb 50 blon)ÀbArr)vil uAlcjf, cjtè 
^of A /tit^ofb A|t cEì5eA]tDA. ^iD^D. ' ' 

t(|t fOD DA b^Pir^l'^* '^^T*" xxiii. 5. 
^èuc, ciucpAib DA Uece, a beijt ad £]5eAiti)A, 
fODA cc6i5fe iD^ bo X>4vib] ÌJeAD5^i) fiitèuDCA "J 


|tf5p|8 »15 ASttf hèApA fè buA^, ASttf bo 6èA9* 
fè b|ie|ceAri)Dtt|* A^vf ce^^tc AÒf a pAUtb. l^iit- 
teoc6A|t ^u&^b \oì)4k lAec]bf|oo, ^5^r co|n)t)eòc>r.6 
Jffì^el A pboccttr : T ^fè fo aiijh? Tiè T)50i|tn3e4 è, 

A|i A U4c6b^f0ti), fèttc, cittC^c^lb PA Uece^ a bejft 
AT) S»t5^A|ti)<v, 1JAC Aibe6[itt]6 ^^b pjof td5, ^Atft]6 
Ai) 5»ì5eAttt?A, i)oc crj a Dtof cUp Jff]tAel Af CTtfò 
T?A l^^stpce ^ Acb^ <nA]]i]6 AT) 3t|5eA|it)A, i)oc Cttj 
A p]of, A^ttf bo cjteò]tv?5 fl]ocb cj^e ^f fiAel An)AC 

Af A1) bcf]t CttA]5, <^5Vf Af 3AC >?le CfOflCA 10DA|t 

6jb]|t it)è t^b; A^ttf coifl)i)eòdtt|6 ]^Ab toijA Db^ce 

?tD Sotf3èAl. /to]v vi. 5. 

^!) CA1) bo 663 Jof A A f>?le fttAf, n bo cr5A]|tc 

fè 50 bcA|i)]C bvybeAt) lijòfi cì^se, a bvbAt]ic.fè jt^ 

i^t^b, 0A b^]c Af A 5ce]i)eocArDAotf 4A1), bo crii) 

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teAfbr5A6fAi) : ò]|t bo bf a ^tof At^e |:è]i) c]tèb 

bo 6ètti)A6 fè.] Do f t»®^5'4 ^'^l^ ^^> ^'^l l^ì^ ^^l^ 

luAc 6^ cèrb p]5t5 bA|t^i)rb, bo dun) 50 i)5lAc5f a6 

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buACìfU beA5 ^*]]t]5e ad fo a^a b|:>?l]b crt5 Aft^iti) 

c^tti)A, Ajrf ba tAf3 beA^A ; ACb cfièvb f^^ K^ 

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cljAb 6èr5 bo fbft^leAC bo oa c^3 b4^P>?b eoftDA^ 

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coiijAttèÀ bO'tiio*^ 'JOfA, A buDt^9kb»]i^ Af è f o 30 
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Ìori)DAl5fr bo lèi^eAb co|ic a Db|Ai5 ao CAifbèAii* 
At6, cttiD r|]ttob if ^-^r eAfiDViÒeAC ad fo bo ft|D- 
ATD r^Af. %5Vf iDA bfb DfofUSA, if pèlbttt ad 
feAttiAfbAtfi bo lèt5toD èo^ : %cb 5AD a bj^iMDvb,. 

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f fr 5AD fvitteAc bo ^AtttfD bo <IÌ|C -Jof a Cttfofb, y 
5tt|t Uad è 5AD ibA|U ;- DeòDAtb 6^d "vle, ^DS^ 

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50 bnibAt bO GO|Tbt|ODA6 bO tC'|CeADCA DAOlbCAf a, 

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CttiD trfttèADtAèbA ; A^ttf tetf aD iDbèvl bo DfceAtt 
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A|DiD AD SfSeAttDA, fH\t)eÒct4^\k è. tCòb eto^Af 


5ìf6]reAf f|Ab aì) cè ap DA]t c|ie]beAbAit ? T C]o5Ar 
c^iejb^eAr tt^^ ^V r<v cè tjaò ccu^Ub^ cgcb c^tr ^ 

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cuj5e ^Ab ? n)A|t ACÀ rSìtfobcA, <& cjièb è bfigjACb 

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beAcb c]5 ai) c]te]beAtt), ^jur 4t) cè]rbeAcb c]tè" 
0|t|ACA]t Z)è. ^a? A be|]t]n)re, ?C t)è dac ccvaI- 
AbA]i ? X'o cvA]6 A b]:uA]ti) 50 be|ti)]D ]:A jac vile' 
CAUti), A5ur A it)b]t]AC]t^ 50 leic]ii)eAl ai) bOTÌ)vfi). 
^cb A be]]t|n), U i)è i)ac ]iAib a ip]or A5 lÌY^i^elT 
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G]t)eA6 i)Ac brwil t^-^ c]t)eA6, lè cfDeAò ti)focv]3r^c 

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n)è ; X)o ]t]ì)eA6 roUur iDè^ bOD bfieAiD D^]t ]A|]i tdo 
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Ut) So]r3èAi. "<nAc. iv. rs. 

^3 rfobAV b^orA, ]tè CAob^pA]]]i3e da 0Al]lè, bo- 
^VDgc rè b]Ar beA]tb]tACAft, èfotDÒD bAD30]]tceATV 
^eAbA]!, A3v;r ^]Dbft]Ar A 6eA]tb|tAC^, A5 ce^l^^D 
M^ r<^D brA]]]t5e-: 5]ji bob fAr^^tse |Ab. U^vr a 
^«tTt rè ]i]u, iEeADA]5 1D11?, A^ur bo 6^DA iDè ]Ar5- 
^lìyiS^ ^ 6AO]D|b 6fb. ^5vr Afi b]!A5bA]l A IfoD- 
ca6 q bAll bofb, bo leADAbAft. etreAD* ^^ur -^T^ 
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bftACA]!, Sè^TDAr ii)AC Sèbebè, A^ur ^0]D a 6eA]t- 
W^t'4y A TDb^vb A 6t:oc4 èebebè a DACAft, A5 c6]t- 
^5^6^ lfoDCA6 ; A^vr bo 50]]t yè ]Ab, ^^ur, A]! 
^KA^b^flAD hSx]ty A^vr A DACAft, 66jbrgD 60 leAtJ- 

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Je bo ^|C, cttiD Ai) c|ie^betfi) bo Ò0TÌ)6Aii)30eA84i 
f)for*ii)6 ; £AbAi|t 6>f5e c\^e^tfe^rt)4iv bo ^fìlAC ^o^a 
4C|iforb cori) 1)1on)UD ri^> ^S^f 3^^ ^ODAiD|tAr> ir' 
^AC 4 brèfbiit iD^lle^i) bo 6èADAri> q 4 ^c^efbeAti^ 
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1 92 Sompo^ 3t^o|ii) ^4|l. 

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cOAft cei^ceAÒ P4i t]ii)ceM : Ajttf 4 bcviqti) 6.0 
cytt) v^ caUìjai), bo cuaIai6 |*è guc A5 |i^6 jiif, % 
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Ti)ttti) OfivfDÌ ^3ttf A bubAt]tc feiftoi), £»tA cttfèiP, 
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C|ièvb ]f ^]l l^cb bo 6èui)ATÌ) 6Ait) ? ^^uf a bvb^c 
Ap £t5eA^i)A ]i]f, £]]i]6, A5uf mc|5 a fbeAÒ boo 

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A 6èvi)Aii). <nA]i Ai) 5CèAbi)A Aij b]teArD bOfjùbAjl 
TOA ]iAOi) ]tè SavI bo fCAf AbA]i 50 bttA]8e4cA, A5 
ètfbeAcb ntf AO T)5ttc, Acb 5AI) ATbA]ic A]t è]5eAC 

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DOf5lA6 Afttlbo, 1)1 fACAt6 fè è]òeAc: A^ttf A3 
b]ie|c 66]bf]Oi) A|t l^]"' ^lì^? bo c]ieò]tA]5§bA]i 30 
I»Aii)Af cuf è, A^ttf bo b^ f è c]i| lAece 5AI) AnjAjtc 
A]i btc At5e, 1 T)|0]i tc A5ttf D]0]t tb ètòiè, ?C3Uf 
bo b| betfCtobAÌ -^ttttS^ -^ i)I>ATDAfcvf, bA]t h^]m 

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?t ^DADt^ir- ^S^r ^ bttbgc fe]]jOD, -^.èvc, AC^]r9 
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|tAt6ceA|i X)]]teAC, Ajvf tit|tt a bcts ^^'^^^h ^^ ^^ 
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t?eAtt bA]t bAtDH) ^DADt^t* ^3 ceAÒb a fceAC, ^yf 
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Aftc. flcb bo f ]t6A5Attt ^DADt^^f, ^ Ìt5eA]ti?<v, 
bo CttAlA]6 TDè 6 TÌ)6]t^D 4 ^^ bf eA]t fo, a ii)èv& 
bolcA]b bo ]tt9^ fè bob DAOìi)A^bf e a D^A^tttf Aleii) : 
A^vf AcA CttTÌ)ACbA Afse a5 fo 6 DA b^bf^SAttcAtb 
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btOTDCAtt A bftA6DVfe DA ciCti?eA6AC, A^vf da ItlS" 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

JfbmpoJ tWAO|ti) ^dtl. 19S 

iexòy Ajttf clo]5e ^pit^el : 5f|i ^oillfe5cA]6 tp^^ 
Òò c]tèub è tt)èvb D^ i^etceAQ ]f èfS]i) b5 fvUiJ5 4 
fot> ti)4ii)tt)<^f A* bJrt)C|5 ^t)Ai)]Af a5 nt>» -^S^t ^o 
caA|8 f è -Ar f ceAC bot) ci5]f 1) ; A^uf 4 50^11 a l^tb 
Atfiifoi) A bubAiiic fè, % SauiI a 6eA|tbiiac4, ai) 
IÌ5eA|ìi)A, ^of A, bo CA.jb|teA6 6>?c f a cfljje iot)A. 
bcàji^ic ctt, bo òvijt fè iDlfl, ^'^"J -^inS feo 11^640 
bf A5A1I bufc, A^uf bo beic IfopCA bor) SpiojiAb 
Maoiì). ^5Vf 4 AV tt)bAU bo c>rceAb4 5 t)A f ^ltb 
n)Ait*obeic f5Att)Ail: A^uf fVAt|i fè a |ia6a|ic 
3AD f ttiiieAC, A5Yf Aii Dèliise 65, bo J^b f è 'bAif- 
beAÒ. ^5Vf bo caic biA6, A^vf bo t)$ftc>ì5eA6.è. 
%5ttf bo bì S^ttl Uece ^iiti^e a bfocAiit i)a i)beif- 

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bo feAi)n)5iit fè £itiofb atJ f da flDA^^^Aib, ^uft 
bè fo ^TfAC Dè. ^5wf bo jAb vAcblif t)A bvile 
bAOiDe bo CttAlAi6 è, A^vf a bvbitAb^lt, tt t)è dac 
è fo AD cè vb bo f 5li10f A ij^Aitttf AÌett) ad bTieAtt) 
bo 5>j6 A!) CAlDTDfe, A5Vf tr ^^^IS^ c:&^1Dtc fè ad fo, 
bA TDbtteic ttlf ceADS^llce cun) da D^li^f A^Attc ? 
?tcb if TD^ibe bo DeAitcttfgeA^ ^^ttl, A^ttf bo cÌAOt 
fè DA .^ttbAt^e bo ^tciti5 a DX)AiD^f Cttf, A5 beitt)- 
^1^5^*5 5tt[t bè f o £ittOf b. 

tCDSoif5èAl. ^Hac. xix. 27. 

?tft bf tteA5ttA bo ^eAbAtt ad ctt:8icfotD, A bvb^c 
fè itè Jfof A, J^èuc, bo citè^eAtDqDe 5AC ì?le dì6, t 
^o lgDAtD4 cttf A ; 4 A DA6b4f 01D cttèb bo 5gbAtD ? 
^Sttf A bttb^c JfofA t^ttt, tt beittitDR ftib ^obeitbiD, 
^Dcit^e^c ftti6fgf ^Hac AD bwe a SCAtcitt a slonte 
t^èiD, 50 f>?6t:]6 tìbfe bo leAD tDlti ^^ T^ DAtcàeiD- 
eAtDttfD tDAft AD 5CèAbDA 4 ^^ CAlcftt 66^5, A5 
bjietc bfietce A^t 6^ citeib 6èA5. ^fttAel. ^^vf 
SI6 bè DeAC bo cfièt^ cf5ce, do beAtibitàlciteACA, 
Vò betttbfeAcitACA, r)à ACAHt, d5 tD^CAtit, d5 bgD, 

VO cIaDj D5 bUCUt6 Att fOD tDADIDAf A, bO gOAbA fè 

A ccèAb oitttb, A5uf AD beACA tbAitcADAC n}4 016- 
Itgcb. ^cb Ac3i TD^tt^D 4 cof AC biAf f A 6ettis6; 
^Sttf f A 6e]tteA6 bfAf Aft cof ac. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

19t tCÀ'^A!)At5 9(Iao|iì) <f^{te. 

5ocoft;ctof)lI^l8lAi)A]6 3lA0|ri) ^ì^e ò]^. 

tC l6è ®ileAcvn)ACbA]& AjYf f |Oi]t>58e, jM&emi^ 
^o })àn)^ bo <tìo|i&ACb, -jopAf fDA|i bo f ufi^|leAb 
bA0|i)5e|n <n|c coijAH) ad Uefe f ap ceAiDpoU bo 
f ttbfCAiDC ^ scoUtije ; xr)4 ad 5cèbi)A 50 iDbf èibijv 
MD l^ f^]i) bo CAifbèAOAÒ Ab lACAiftfe lè.cytoi6c|b 
jlèòe A^uf ^Iada, c|tè bo IÌac ^cèAbOAfA *JofA 
X|i]Ofb A[t c£j5eA]ti)A. ^njeij. 

%lt fop i)A b^pif^ll^* ^^l- iii. 1« 

J^èrc, c>?ftf 16 n)è nyo ceACCA]t|te, "i \?UTbeocA fè 
jM) cfl]5e |toTÌ)AtD : A^uf c]ucf a ad S.i5eATii)A, poc 

^A]tCAO], 50 bobAD bA CeAltjpAll; eAÒOf) C§CCA]]ie 

Ai) crò^CA ]oi)A bf >(?lbuit i)b>?l ; fèvc, c]vcf A fè, a 
.be]]t X]5eA]ii)A i)a SIÒ5. ^cb c]a f èAbAf l^ * 

CeACCA bfvlA1)5 ? AjUf C]A f CAf f Af A1) *CAD CAIf- 

bèAi)f Af fè è f è]i) ? 6]]t ]f cofTÌ)>?l è ]iè ce]i)e ai) 
ce^]tbA, A5uf ]tè,fòp fi^t.JeAlcA èAb^5 : T f^fl^ 
f è Ati)'v?l cea]tb A^vf 5lAi)c6|]t A]]t5]b, A^uf ^Ul^F* 
fè rt)]c lèb|, A^uf f civ[tf A fè ]Ab aii)vìI 6|t A^vf 
A1^51ob, co]ts50 i)Of ]te^l>?b bot) X]5eA]ti)cv of ft^t'' ^ 
bf]]ièADCACb. ^D ]ÌD biA]6 ofjtalA ^ùbAb ^S^f 
afe]iuf AleiD .CA]CDeArt)AC A5 ad 2L]5eA]tDA, iDA]t Ap- 
fDA lAecjb A DAll6b, A^uf An)>?l ADf DA bllA^DVio 
]toirt)e. ÌC^uf c]uc]?A iDè I^itì) ,]iib curt)b|teic§ii}W; 
^ b|A]6 rt)è Art) f]A6D>l]i luAic A D^5A]6 da bpif' 

e65AC, A5Uf A DA5A]6 DA DA6Alc]tA1)AC, A5Vf ^ 

i)A5A]6 DA DèiceAC, A^uf A DA5A]6 rbeAllcAC 1?A 
fe]]tb|feAC ]0DA bcvA]tufbAl, da bAiDC]teA6t;^^» 
A^ttf AD blUeACbA, A^uf iort)poi5]Of bo leciCCAO]0 
AD coiTT)ci5eAc, A5uf DAC eAsW^iop ]ton)ATPr*' * 
.beift Sȓ5eAitDA da SI65. 


Ux) SoifsèAÌ. Duc. ii. 22. 

%3Yf Ai) cAi) &o co|tì)1|oi)a6 Uece ^Iai^ca ^fì'vrfie 
6o jtè||i jie^cbA ^aoi]^, ^tu^Ab^ leo 30 \)^^ux^lè]Tr) 
è, &Ac<v]fbèT)A6 bop Sjg^itìjA;- [^n)^ ^z^ fCfijobc^ 
A jieAcb <vo S>ì§eA|nM, ©ac cèybsejp it)]c c>?f.rt;gr 
Bltu biAi6 fè !)AOrt)cok boi) Ì]5eA]i!)A ; j A^vr bo- 
CAbAt]tc ojpit^Sit'À', bo itè]|t rt)A|v A beA|icA|i a fieACb 
AJ) EfjeAitpA, /CdpÌA cu]tcAi]t, 1)5 6^ gejntceAC 
colii]n). ^5uf, ]:èuc, bo b| b>?T)e a i):5A]trf Alèfn)^. 
fe^|i bA]i)rt) <Sjrt)eoi) ; Aju]* bo bj ai) feAftfo cott)- 
c|ton) &]a6a, A^uf A f.u]l ]tè cori)fr]icACb Ìf^tAel :• 
T bo b] Ai) «Sp|0|iAb OdAOrt) a5- ^S^r bo fO]ll]]3 
A!) Sp]o]tAb QIlAOit) 66, DAC b]:A]C]reA6 fè b^]*j i)0 
50 b]!A]c]:eA6 ]-è £]t]qfb ai) X]3eA]ti)A. ^3uf 
^^1i)]c fè Tj)A]lle ]tè c]te^ot]i Ai) Sp|0]tA]b boi) c§rt)- 

l>0ll:. A^Uf A1) CAP CU3 A ACA]]t A^Vf A TÌ)4vèA]]Ì*A1> 

le*i)Ab ^of A, bo curt) 30 ^bèAi)A]b]]* A]t a foo bo. 
ltè]]t 3!)àcu]3ce ai) blfàe, a5 f]i) bo jAb feiHO') 
Cì?5e A^ A rcb è, 1 boiòol fè X)]A, 4^3rf a brb^c 
fè, U t]3eA|ti)A, A po]f lèt^eAf cù bob feA]tb]:o5- 
Ai)cvi6e ]tt)c^cb A,r|o6d^]i), bo ]tè]]t c|:ocA]l ]:è]i) : 
6]|i'bo coQCAbA]t Ti)o fù]le bo fl-ivi^vjA^rA, voc bO' 
YlltiJY|5 ^^ ^ b]:]A6i)u]]] i)A i)>?le pobAÌ; fol'^T ^^ 
6èY!)A6 ro]U]^bo i>A it]i)eA6Aèvib,' A^ttr 3l^]T* ^o 
]>ob\?l ]:è]i) Xf rti Ael. '^tsur bo ^Ab ]0D3Ai)Cur <5orep 
A^vr A rt)^tAÌ|tt]OD f^ DA De-lcib a buB]tA6 da c]rt)- 
ceAll.- ^3ur bo beAD>?5 ^i WOD l^b, ^ a mibA]jtc' 
fè ]tè /nu]]te A Tf)*CA]]i]]0D5 «?^uc'5 ac:Jv r& T^ -^l^' 
1)4 0]tbv3A6 bo cvrt) cv|cri)e A^ur eirèiitje TÌ)ò]t^]D" 
A D^r]t<vel; A^Uf DA' òoit)A]tCA A^a' 3cv]]t]:]ceAit 
DA A5A]6 ; [A^vr T^òr, ]tACA]6 clo]6eAri) c]tè cad- 
AiDrA TDATt AD ^cèttbD.Aj] ba cun) 30 Docbfuiòe 
rn)uA]DC]5ce a^ rt)òfi^D bo C]to]6]b. ^t^vf ]:òf bo' 
b] %D4, bADf^i^, l*)^^'*^ 5l^X\Duel, bo c]te]br ^(fe^t : 
bo bj AO]f Ti)ò]t A]ce fo,* ca]i è]f feACb TDbl]A6D<v 
bo CA]ceATÌ) 6] A5 ]?eA]t a Db]A]5 a rt)A]tbeAD>?r • 
>A]i rt)be]c DA bA]DC]teAbv]3 a bc]rt)ceATl cèic]te* 
n)bl]A6AD A3V]* ce]C]te ]:tc]b 6], DÌO]t f ^3 rf -^t^' 
seATDpoUj ACb A3,bèvDAii) re]]tb]]} bo Ì]a, bo lò ^4 


196 X^ QtlAOim ^AfXIAf. 

botòce lè cjtof3A6 T lè l)V|tDutJce. ^^yx t^]V]c 
X] t>o Uc^it^ 4 AD UAifi scèubpA, A^vf bAbii)a)5 n 
AD l.i3eA|inA tp^ |iAoi) jiftt, AJttf bo 1^64 rÌT)A 

CflDCeAll ìlè 3AC AOI) A5^ |lAlb fttll ]lè ^uAfsUS 

A^ 5A]ivfAlè]tD. ^svf n)A|i bo c[i|OCOttl3eAbAit 
3AC ttilè 1)18 bo ]ièi|t fteACbA ai) tjJeAttijA, boffU- 
eAbAjt boD (SAlilè, bA.3CACfttt]3 fèii) 8tl^fA]tec. 
^t^vf bo f ^f At) tDACAori), ASVf bo i)eAttcvi3eA6 è 
A fp|o|tAb, A^ttf bo b| fè llii) beA3i)A : Asuf bo bj 
3|t^f A Dè Tt)A]lle ]t]f* 

U^ 93AO]tÌ) lÌACClAf . 
^ DÌ^ITiCA. 

<S) A Ì)è ®;ileAcvti)AcbA|6, bo cd^ bo fetfibffgc 
f 1 l^l^S^ <nACC|Af A i)toi)Ab A i)f eAlicÒift ^ttbAf cm 
A befc bv]b]]t bo 6A- ^bfbol bèA^ ; X>e5t)A]6 A]t 
TDbetc bob i8A3lA]f bo 31)ac cvtbbA]3ce 6 ?Cbfcol- 

A]b b|tè0i3ACA, 30 T1)b|A6 fì 4 DA l)0|tbÙ3A6 A^ttf 

Aft DA c|te6|tA6A6 lè tto6Aift]b citeibrt^eACA A^vf 
f IM^^ACA, c|tè .^of A iC|tjofb 4 cI>f3e4DA. ttnjetJ. 

%]t fOD DA b^p]fC]le. 0D]otì). i. 15. 

^D fDA UecibfjD 4 Dè]]i3e bo ^OAbAft a U]t PA 
Dbe]fC]obAl, a bvbA]]\c fè, [A^vf bo bj a DVlii)ì|* 
ADiDAD bo bj A]t Ai) l^CA]]tf ]D A bc]n)ceAU cèvb 1 
f |ce,J % 6A0]pe A^ttf a bitÀ.]C]teACA, bob èf3]D ai) 
f5ft]0]>cr]tfO A co]ri)lio!)A6, doc bo ]teAit}ftA6 4!) 
^]))OftAb 31^011) c]tè bèttl jb^fb] a bc]n)c$ll ^ubAff) 
Doc bo bf DA eòUje A5 ad n)V]DC]]t bo ^dJb iJofA. 
<£)|]t bo b] fè A]t pA cori)^]]teAri) ^ ti)eAf3i)e, A5»f 
fvq fè cv]b bOD ri)]D]Ofb]t^lAcbfO. lft]iDe f]'> ^ 
fol^cA]]t AD ]:eA]tfo f eA]t4XD ]te IttAC èA3C0|tA; 1 
4 bofCfiD 66 A Db]A]3 A C]Di bo bftff fè ad ^ l^!*> 
A5Vf bo fS]DeAbA]t a ]De v]le aidac. ttsvf fVA]t- 
ÀbA]t A]C]teAbv]5 ^eftvfAÌeiD tt]le a f]Of fo; ^ 
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^D ^of f 5èAl. ^flÀc. xi. 25. 

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R 2 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

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Uì) ^oif^èAl. f^ttc, i. 26. 

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U DfiptfCfl. 45pb. ìr. 7. 

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?tD So]f5èAL i8o]D. XV. 1. 

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betf ctobUtb. tt^uf ad f DA ÌAecib f to CAD^A&Aft 
f^lòe 6 ^e|tuf Alen) 50 b^ijcìoc^ a* ^^uf 4 Dèiftge 
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qtèf AD f piottAb, 50 ti)btA6 ^o^tCA Tì)òfi f g6 da caI- 
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'^ Cttii) D<^ f fi)feAtt Cftè Ut"> Ì&AftDAbAtf, T èAUfi. 

ttD Sotf5èvl. iÈOfD XV. 12. 

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^DAft 5fta6At5 iDtfi lì^ri- 9^1 fef^ll 5^^^ Af IDÒ pA 
f O A5 ètDeAC, D^ A ADAID t^èiD bo CAbgc Att fOI) A 
CA|tAb. *Jf t^bf] IDO C^t?*^eff, IDA DlCf 5AC Df6feA 

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bf05ADcv|6e 6fb; òtft D'f bf>?l a f fOf A5 ad cfe^ft- 
btro5ADCttt6 cftèttb bo di a cfJeAttiiA : ACb bo gofft 
iDè ct]}ibe ò]b ; òftt da bvfle Detce bo cvaUi6 it?è 
d iD^c4) ^olè15 ^^ ^ ^Flof cu^Atbft. 3l| ftbrt^^ 
tò3 iDff tj ACb iDlf f t>o C05 f fbft, A5uf bo cv]ti ^^ 
f fb, tODttf 50 DtiDceòcA6 rfb A^vf 50 bc^ubttAb f)^ 
cottA6, A5uf 50 bf ADf a6 buft bcoftA6 : A^t cofi ?;t^ 
bè Dj6 t^TM^wt6e a njAtDiDf 1 '4 a d^c^, 50 bcjub- 
|tA6 f è 6fb è. 


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|ttt5A6 bo f e]|tbjfeAC ìBo|D ÌJAtfce 50 btoQ^AUCAÒ, 
A^rr bo c^fieAÒ è dun) rMS^ 60 <rt|c a|i SUD4^|b- 
ceoft^ bYlltbAÒAÒ, lè ceA5Ar5 Da bAtcittge ; £^64 
rAbe^ttA o|iAtoe, A ceA5Ar5 A^ur A.bgCA !)aoiì)ca 
^ ^V^ny^T), 4 it)o6 50 i)bè4^i)AfD f |0]tAtcttt5e bo 
ttèttt A ce^SAirs; ^3^r^o t^èfti ettfOTDpUifteifOD 
A Drì^tS^ 50 c|Dce bo U6At|tc, ad bub^ilce btti)- 
6eA|t5A6 50 c|t65A, A^ur t^uUo^ 50 rotSfbeAc 4 
r^O DA t?ìttiDe, c|tè iJorA it}tforb Att c£|5eA]tDA. 

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bvfi D^i A. l^Abftìffò 50 iDefrDgTb^l ftè b'^^t^itrAlerDy' 
^3^r V^^ZÌ^^^ ^b H^V^ ctttodDM5eA6 a C05A6, ^vft 
w)AtceA6 A bèt5ceAftc : òfn bo jUc ri -^r l^fb ad 

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^ljèAttDA, bèADAl6 bifieAC ADr-^ bfoc|tAiD rMs^ 
^à\i b-eitt D^Df A. ^tftbeodcAft 5AG >?le sleADj A^vr 
frleòccAtt 5AC rl]^b -| 5AÒ CDOc: A^vr bo 6èADC4 
^D CArD bfiieAC, A^ur DA b^t^o ^AftbA IDID : A^ar 
t?0|ll|»e56<vft 5ld|ft ad S.|5eAftDA, A^ur bo Cft:i6 a 
))>iile ^eofl è A DèfDrC'^cb : òttt bèul ad S»tJeAttDA 
60 UbAftt è. tl bvbAtitc AD 5VC, i/^UA^^ : A^ur a 
bab'^c reiliOD, itftèb fttAiseottAr n)è ? ^T V^^l} ^ 
VyAe reofl, t ac4^ a ibAfc >?le id4 bUc ad iDAC^e : 
<^W0D>fi6 AD t^èuft, r<^Aft5U]6 AD bUc : bo b|tf5 50 
r^t^tOD rWOt^Ab AD 2Lf53ftDA 4 : 50 befbfD ir V^^ì^ 
^^ bAOfDe. 4;ft|OD>r6 ad t^èutt, roAtt5>ì6 ad bUc, 
^b reArfvt^ bttfAC4 A^t DX)è 50 bftAc. tC èfoD, 
^oc bo befft leAcb rcèuU iDA|pe, èt|tt5 X^^T % * 
^r^lAb A|tb ; A -JetturAÌeiD, bo bet|t rcèvU iDAtce 

. Dlgitized by VjOOQIC 

leAcb, C65 r^Af bo jttc iDAtUe ]iè ijeA^itc ; còj 
XVL^X è, DA bìo& e<V5U o|ic: Ab'4 lè c<Mc|teACA]b 
^TvbAb, -<^èvcA|6 bv|i DX)tA ! J^èvc, ctrcfviò ^v 
XtseATiPA Di^ lè Ut") Uihit^ ^5«^ itl^S^^^^^ ^ 
^15 4 A r<>') • rèvc, ^zSx A luAt6eACb iT)Atlle ^tn 
A^vr A obq t^otme. ì^^tòèa^ò y^ ^ cttèv>> aiÌ)^1 
Aoòqe: ctittti)e5cAt6 r^ i)A btiAti) lè i)a l^t»^> ^3*r 
tofpcòfivtò r^ 1^^^ ^^^ 1^^> -^S^r ctoiD^tt^l^ 3^ 
n)|i) AD c>?b toDA n)bt 5t5. 

tCt) eSotrjè^^l' ^ttc- i. 57. 

, » • • • • 

ì^t^l^ t*^^^'*'^ iCltrAbec tOD 4 rr)}t\b 6t btteAc; 

Ajur t^tts ri *^^c- ^3^r ^^^ cuAÌAbAtt ^ cofb^r^i" 

A5vr A bAQtDe 5Abtl, sutt foiUKS ^V ÌfàeAtiD^v a 
ctiòc^e iDÒti fètD bt ; A^ur bo tttDeAb^ ^^t^.^è^'*'^ 
iD^t^AOD Ttt^. ^5vr c;8it^lA, 50 bCAD^AbAtt Altt ^ 
WÒbTbAÒ l^ bo cuTD 50 DbèADAtbtr ^^ DAOtòe bo 
cttDcèA'U^eAtttAÒ ; A^vr bo JottteAbAtt ^AÒAttlAf 
be, bo t^èftl^ ^^"^^ ^ ACÀtt. ^cb 4 bf tteA^ttA 64- 
mSkt^ A bub^ rl> ^) b<vn)W6 b| Ar ; ^b ^otD 5011}- 
f |6eAtt 6e. ^5ur A bubttAbAtt t^t a, 8(lt btrvrl èA^- 
bvtDe bòb cti?«^6 ^^ ^30tttce4 ad cAtDtDtt- ^S^f 
tìo fitbeAbAtt coTDATtCA 6A ac^, cttèb ad ca|Dtd bA 
tO^AD letr ^o CAbAtttc AtTt. ^5ttr 4 r)t Aflt^6 cUtlt 
f3t*^tobcA 45drAD> bo r3Mob fè^ A5 ttA6, ^f £>o]Tt> 
tr >ton) 66. ^5vr bo 5Ab toDSADcvr t-^ ^^' 

^i's^x ^V' ^^ TohM bo borsi^ A DèvirAD, À^ttr ^ 

è§t)5A, A^ur bo lAb4 r^, A5 tdoIa6 Dè. ^5«^ ^^ 
jAb CAsU A scoTDAttrat^ ^l^® • -^3"^^ ^^ b-^fcl^lfS^ 
DA Deice ro ^le cotr r^ètbe cttie JfvbAtse vl^* 
^5vr 5Ac 'vfle 6>fDe b^ ^cuAÌAt^ t^D, bo 6ì^t^Ab4 a 
^c^ir3t6 AD A 5cttot6ctb rèt») l^^j -^3 t*^> itjtè&^ 
AD t^ftc le^fDtb bt^r ro ! ^^Vf bo bì lAit) ad ^tS' 
e^t^DA TDAtUe tttr- ■ *^3*r *>o bf SAÒ^t-i^T ^ -^^^lt* 
U;D boD ^ptott^JCb QXaotd, AÌur bo tttbe f è t^^l^- 
4|b6ftteAÒb, A5 tt4v6, 0o rt)A6 ogbAtse ad ÌfSSÌ*^^ 

»fA jirttAei ; 4 r^^'J 3^1* rfòrn'^Sf è A^rf pqtftt^r- 
5Ati r^ A t>0bAi tiètb, ^jttr bo c55 r^ r^Af A6A|tc 

^ r^^l^ce 6^be A bcfs I^^^t^l ^ feAttbt?ÒSADCÌt|^ 


f ètt) ; ^o T^^tP W4 bo Ub.q fè ctiè bèvl a f ^t^CA^ 

i)Aoti)CA fètt),bo bj a5 6 cvf ai) bottyAtt) ; 30 3CMn>- 

beòcAÒ f è ti^ ^ 4 D^t">'^lbj A3Vf 6 l^t"> 3^^ ^^ 

6ìfi)e A3^ bt>?l puAC 6-^5 ; 30 i)bèAT)A8 fè ai) C|i6- 

cge bò 5eAlU& bAit i)Atc|teAèutb, A^vf 50 ^CMii)- 

i)e6cA6 fè A cioti)i)A i)A0tbCA f è^i) ; A^vf À|i ai? 

mtoSAr IfeA bcuj fè Ti)6|b b^b|iAl)Ari) 4 i)ACA]]tDe, 

30 bct-^bjiAÒ f è 6^9, 30 Ti)bèìt)tf 5AI) oa^Ia 4 4 

f A0|tÀ6 ò lz^]xb 4 i):^ri)Ab, bo cuTi) feitibiij bo 6§i)Atì) 

66 tJèt% ^ i)AOfi)CACb A3Uf a bpf|ièAi)CACb i)a f t^^." 

i)Mt;feAi), A lAectBi ^\i iDbeACA xrle. ^^vf cufA, 

A letPtb, 30t|tf t^^Ati 6toc t^^(8 ai) cè Af ^tì^be : 

6i]i ]iAèS!6 c(* ttoffì) A§At6 At) /LfseAtipA bttllTt)v5A6 

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ttiè tt)AtteATrrt)vf' i)A bpeACAÒ, cfiè cti6cAtne tt6 

tWttt 4 t)X)tA t^ètD ; lètt f lOfrivS fè tiD A3 6tti$e 6i> 

toDAb ^\ihf • bo ^Ab^c f otUf t bòD 6ttotD3 bo 0] da 

t*vìb,e A Dbot^cAbAf A3vf À fS^lle ad b^tt> -^S^^f 60 

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f^t* ADTeÀDAD^ A^ttf bo D^Attc>f3eA6 è a fpfottA^, 

À3vf bo Bf fè 4 t)A t^^f^t3l6 30 fotce ad U ad aiì 

Ì^^^hÒ r^ ^ f èt»> ^jrfttAel. 

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<$5| A i)è ^|lgcvit)AcèAt6, bo ctt3 lè bo ^ffAC ;Jof A 
^Flofb toiDAb bo cto6lAtctb oift^e^CA bob ^bfcol 
Q1aot9 3?eAbAtt, bo geuttAtcD]^ 6e bo ètièvb bo 
beACA&A6 ; ìtAbAttt f a beAttA, 3ttt6TDfb cu, 4 34^0 
xle i^Afbvcc A^vf tto6Attie b^ocAtl DAori)CA bò 
^^^5f t*S 5^ bttcttACbAC, AXttf Aft AD bpobAÌ ÀT> 
S^èAbi)^ 50 leADAri)tttD 30^ùri)Al; èaiD 30 dsUc- 
fA|bfj- co|ti&tD DA 3l6tite f tottt>j6e^ cftè ^of a iCttfOf b 
< ^^lSoAttDA- ^ioeD- 


208 1^^ 9(lAO]n) i^eAbAtff. 

<iji tW^^ l)*?lT^ll©« ®01on). xii. 1. 
fiìx i)Aii)roii) bo f ìD -^roittt^ìò A1) ^13 A Uìi)A &e 
6èAt)Aii) mIo bo 6fittti)5 ^mtse ^ox) DeAsWf. ^jvf 
bo n)Altb rè SèYiDVf , beA|ibtt^CAt|t >fcotD lè clo|&- 
eAii). ^Sttf 4 ^f Al^li^ ^^ 5ȓ* CAiqi) n^ Mf ^^ 
^abAtstb, bo Cttttt f è ttoiii)e JPeAbAtt bo SAb^tl «>4 
Ai) 3CèYbDA : ACb bo b^bAt^ U'ece a i)A|tÀtt) 3^9 
UtbiD 'ad. ^3ur Ajt DA SAb^tl ^^7 ^o c>?rt fè a 
bpM^r^i) ^5 4 P^ CAbAittc bft, cotn)èYb bo cetctte 
c5tttt3ctb ho f^tS^tvit^l^ • ^T^ mbetc troDtijAtt 6d 4 

A CAbAtt«^ AIDAÒ CY1D AD pobAtl A DbtAtg DA £^rS- 

lafiDe t?D bo cotii)èttbA6 !?eAb4 a bpt^l^r'*'^' ^V^ 
bo jitDe A DeA^Ur ttT*')^13« 30 bttcttAcbAC cyid X>è 
4 A foD. ^3ttr 4 ii)betc b^oftYAi^ 4 ct a CAbAtttc 
AiDAc, r^ i)ot6ce tiD t^ètD bo cobAtl Ì?eAbAtt etfetl^ 
6tr r^lSbtvtttj 4 DA ceAD^^l T^è 6^ fUbftA^ : T bo 
b^bAtt AD Ittòb coiii)èttbA A3 cotii)èttb ad pt^ior^^ 
A3 AD bottttr. ^3Yr r^uc, bo feAr AtiJseAl Ai) 
XtseAiiDA A Uc4, A3Yr bo 6eAltiYt6 roluf fA cts^ 
A3Yr 4 iDbYAU6 ^eAbAttt ad ^ CAob, bo CÒ5 r^ 
rttAr ^5 A3 t^^b, i6ittt6 30 IttAC : ti^ttf ho cì^sM 
DA rl^^t^^l^o 6^ Uii)Atb. %3ttr A bttbAlttc A1) 
CAtD^eAÌ tttr» ^Ytn bo ctttor coftc, A5Yf ceADS^l 
ottc bo bfiò^A : A3Yr bo i^}X)e re iDAtt tfU * ^^T 
A bYbAtttc rè tttr> ^'^V' ^o bttAc toiiÌAb, A^ttr le^t) 
iDtt?. ^5ur 4 i)|n)ceACb aidac bo ^eAbAjt, bo Ijt) 
fè è, A^Yf Dt ttAjb A ftor Atse 5tttt bffott ADJ^ bo 
HtDeAb cttèr A DAiD^eAÌ; ACb bo fAOjl r^ 5^1* 
CAt6bre bo cYDAtttc r^- ^5»^ 4 i)in)ceAcb bòj^ 
citè fAO 3CèYb f qe, A3Yr cttè r^D bA^tA t?4^, CAD- 
SAbAtt cttiD AD 5§cA t^J^t^^l^j c|te5ttAiJeAf òrm tj* 
CAtctteAC ; Doc bo of^Atl 66tb ya6 t^iD : ^S*^ 
4 DbYÌ AiDAC 6d]b, bo f ]YbUbA|i cttfb AOi) crfì^f^ 
An)^1D ; A5Yr 4 ^d iDbAU bo in)ct5 ad cAiD5gÌ "^* 
%5ttr Att bceACb bo ^gbAtt CYt^e f ètD? ^ bYbAi]tt; 

r^j ^ i)otr -^c^ ^ rior ^5^11) 50 beAftbcA, ^tttt c^^ 

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6 U^ ^ottYAt6, A5ttr ò \^le cotti>èYb a!^ "pobAt* 


ttl> So^f3èAl. ^flAC. xvì. IS. 

%|i bcgcb bJof ct 30 c|itocA]b ^bgf^fteA ^|ltppf,> 
?)o f]A|:}iv|6 fè b^ òeifctobWb, aj |i^6, Ìiièb x 
betft t>A bAOtue, ci^ ti?hi HIac aò bvtue ? ^Siff a 
bubfiAb^ltfAij, ^ betfiib crtb 6|òb ^n\i ^hzii&o^r) 

ij^tr^!^; ^s^r c^i^ ^i^®? ^\i*r; ^s'^r <^^i^ «iW 

^ejieTDtÀr> vo AOD bo t)A t:3[t6|b. % be\\i fetfeAi^ 
ttjtt, ^cb cfièb A bett^ tl^ ^l^ ^^ ? ^S'^r ^^ 
bf |tg5|]iA bo &\rt)òD i^eAbAtt a babAtfic fè, Jlf cvf a^ 
tttjofb, ^Oac Dè bt- ^suf 4 bptteAS?tA b-JofA ai> 
iCti4icfO|i> A bi^bAittc fè tilf ' ^f beASvtsce cr, 4^ 
èjn)otij Tijfc JtòpA ; òt|i Vì feotl i)^ frtl bo fOtUjJ 
tji) batc, ACb ti)%CA.tttft ACÀ 4 T)^"). ^S**r -^ ^^t]*- 
tmtt Moc, s**!^ ^^ ^**^'^ il?eAbA|t, AStif 3"^^ ^^ -^l!*- 
AD scAinttKlt cotseAbrf tnift Ti)eAst>?f f èti) ; Ajttt* 
i)AC TQbÌttvtb soAcat^e tf «11^^) brAt6 a|tt6e. ^is'^'r 
teo bèA|iA iDe 6u|C eo^t^AÒA da |tiojAcbA DeAtbÒA 1 
A^rf 5fo6 bè Dj6 òetDSeòluf cu 4 caIaiì) btAt6 fè- 
ceADSxlce At^ i)eAn>; ASUf SI06 bè D16 fSAOtU 
feAf ctt 4 caIatì), btAt6 fè f^Aotlce Sf i)eAri). ' 

QttAoH) SèrTi)uf AD cttbfcol. 
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DèoDAtS) o A ÌJè cftòcAtttt^, tOD'Af TDA|i bo Bf ba» 
^bfcòl ^AOTDCA Sad SèriDAf, 4 bf ^^bi^tl a acats^ 
^.S'^'r ^ }^^)h Atse, utdaI sad tdaiU bo jAtftTD bo» 
^|Cf e Jof A £t^ìof b, Asuf TDutt tyo Uad è ; iDutt ad* 
^cèAbDA, 4 iDbetc 6^De as ct^è|5toD SAC n\\e 
AtDtì)|ADA AD cf AOSAtl A^rf DA coIda,, '{v t>o be|è 
vUatd bo SD^ CttfD bA|ceADCA D^otbcAf a bo leAD- 
-AibatD, cftè |Jof A £t^tor^ 4 ciìseApDA. ^iDeD. 

^proD i)A b^pircile. 0DÌOID. xL 27^ ASttf c^f^ 

^D fD^ Uectb ftD CADSAb4 fi^^òe a* ^Jettrf Aleim 
30 b^DttoclfA.^ <Ì3rf 4 Dèjttse fUAf tK) DJC AC^ 
S 2 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

2^10 St^oib Sètwttt A19 ctibrcol. 

30 11)^1^6 50itCA ii)ò|i f eA6 :o^ caIiì)4^ij v^le : i)oc 
cÀjiU n)A|t Ai) 3cèitt)DA A Uetib ^Uufe^uf SèAf^. 
^D n^ bociii]i 5AÒ AOD bo DA beifciobUt^ ^oime 
CODSDAtD feO CVìt, bO 1tèl|l A ACfMDe, CVll) DA.Db§|i- 
b|t«^iqteAC bÀiC|ti3 a ccìit J^ùbAige : Ajvf bo itij- 
CAbAit f tD, A^vf bo CttiiieA^Ait è cttH) i>a fi^f^^l* 

r|tè Ulli) *AltDAbAlf, A3Vf èAVll. ?l3ttf f A DAID- 
fOlD bO ftD 'JoflVAIÒ AD IttS UtÌ)A, bO ÒèADAlì) 'Vflc 

bo 6itviD3 «^11^13^ ^o^ DeA^lvif. tCsttf bo lÒAiib 
f è SèttTi)wf, beAjibtt^iCAiit «otDj lè cloibgTt) : Ajuf 
A|t bfAicftD b6 sutt cAiciD H'' l*ir ^^ '3fubAi3ib, &o 
CA?jt f è jtopne ?PeAbA|i bo SAb^il nyAjt ad 5c6ttbi)A. 

%D SoffsèAl. ^IIac, XX. 20- 
Ì^lOtc tD^cg cloiDe èebebei c^^e ad citÀcn>t<J, 

IDAtUe |lè DA ìDAGAlb bà- ODOJtttSAÒ, A^Vf A5 )^VI^'^ 

Deice ^iittse S|. ^^ttf a bvB4(c f eif eAD 1*1 a, £f èb 
t bo coi-l? U betit nif ii|f, ^b4 30 fviSftb aD ^*^X 

IDACfO ASATDf A, AOD ACA '4 ^O Utli) 6eif, A^ttf AOt) 

eile 4 bo U|ib clè, Ab |t jotACb. %3vf 4 bf HSSÌ** 
bJfof A A bttb^c f è, ati bf^l A f lOf ASAtb citèb t^lt^' 
CAOt- ti Df èt^l^ h^ ^^ cup^D tobAf TDIK bol, T 
bvtt FDbAtfbeAÒ teif ad iDbAtfbeAÒ lè a TDbAifbe^ 
iDtft ? '^ bvbitAb4f AD t^tr?^ -^r ^lblT** ^S'^r ^ ^®'^ 
fetfeAD 1*1**» '^fobcAoi 30 betii)tD boiD cvp^Df Aj 1 
bAif bt^lSceAit f |b letf ad iDbAif bgè lè a TDbAifbe^ 
iDtft • AÒb p(?3e q iDO Uiri) 6etf, A^vf clè, Dt h^ 
f A A CAb'^c, ACb betttceAit boD btieAiD b^ bf^ f^ 
q DA vIIiì)u3a6 d iD^c4. ^5Vf AD citJg^ bo ovaI- 
AbAjt AD betCDeAb^ etle fo, bo b^ Deiit)CtoD j*^* 
q AD bt Af beAiibit;8iCA|i. ^5^1* 4 da D3At1ttD cM^e 
bJfofA, A bubAiiic fè, ^c^ a f lOf A^Atb 50 bpl 
vACb4*DACb AS^ bcf5eA|tDutb ^ da CtDeA^ACAt^? 
A^vf 50 bfviltb DA bAOtDe 1^611 a citèD oiticA. ®1^" 
eA6 Dt TDAtt. tlD btAf t^ eAbttuibf t : ACb ^]C^ ^^ 
DeAC lè tda6 idiad beic iDòit eAbitvib, b1o6 fè O^ 
fei|tbif eAc ASAib ; A^vf 5106 bè DeAC U DAb At^ 
oetc DA vACbAitÌ^D eAbpvjbj bjo6 fè DA feAftbfO}- 


bv^t)o bo Cttti) 30 i>&èAi)CAOt fe^itbff 86, ACb bo 
8è4k.i)Art) fe|]ib|f t> ^3"*"^ ^o CAbAiftc a adiD^ fèfo 
1174 ètpic 4 foi) Tb6|t^|i), 

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Uv ^OffsèAl. ^Hac. ix. 9. 

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^|t fOD t^A b^Ptfcile. 2LA|fb. xii. 7. 

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?tD Sotf5èAU ^Mac. xviii. 1. 

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^ D^ptT^^r^* 2 TL^tt). iv. 5. 

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iD6tt bo c>f?]t fè A DA5V|6 A^t TDbftt^CA]]tDe. 

tÌD So]f5èAl. iCvc. X. 1. 

b<J)ttb>rS AD t]5eAttDA rDA]t ad ^cèAbDA be]CDs6 
AitA^ufCftj f]cc]b e]le, A^vf bo c>rfi fè da Dbir 1 
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AC^ ACA : 6]]t tf f ttt AD COfbfttg A èVAftAfbAl. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

^Mih ^\oìt)òi) T G^Aom Jttb, tibfc^iU 217 

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f>r6e 4 bttijAÒAf i)A i)ttpf col A5Vf r)c^ b/^^tSeAÒ, 4 , 
iDbe^c b^of A £|itof b è f èit) da òe^fyòlo^c CttAtde ; 
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S|>to|iAtb, lè T)A cceA5Af5f Ai), 4 tboS 50 i)b|9CA0i 

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bti^c4 èèttii)ttif, cuii) DA btitttp^e Ac^ 4 da D54ii)> 
4 DADA0rt)A6 6 Ì)|A ^CAti, A^ttf 4 DA ^cotibèttb t^A- 
cori)^ .3fof A ^ttifofb : I»ti6cAttte, f toccAtD, ì' :sV^^i 
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ctoll, Doo bo. Wad bo 6tt^f 4 AD iDo6 ceèubDA tjt)> 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^Sttf bo leAi) bA]Dti)|AD>rb co^mc^geACA i)a coIi)a, 

DA cetijeAÒ fto||ivt6e. ticb fòf it)A]t ad 5Cèubi)A 
f AW5]b Ai) b]ieAiDf A cftè. da scobUb ad coUd, 1 
c>fjt]b vAcbA]i^DACb A. bcA]tcv]fi)e, Agu]: bo pjb 
ÀpèAipc 4 AD Ittcb A5^ bf>?l^t!^ceAgAf. 

fÌD So]f5èAU 45.0] D xir. 1;T. 

t6]ò9!fg]i9 94^ De^ce||L6f6y bo CTn9> 5]ià6a, bo betò 
A3'v6 trè^D^ bl^ èè^fle. ^ prACMSdA^ Aar f«o§Al 
t]b, bfo6 A f]Of A5>?b 5^]* fuACiMljf*^ idj|]| ]tdri)i^fc 
S^ 11)^ boD cf aoJaI ]|b, bo 5]t^|6eòcA6 ad f aosaI 
A c>ìb fè]D : 5]6eA6 a]i fOQ-DAC boD.cfAosAl f]b, 
^cb.5tt]^ C05 n)]]f tfb Af AD cf aojjaI, 4> DA^b^poit) 
AC^ fVAè A5 AD cf aojaI bAO]b. £MtbD]5]6 A]l At) 
iDb]t|AP4 A bub^c'iDè |i]b, DXt. rDO. Ap f eA]ibfo5<^ij- 
CA]^ d:^_. a ri^A}5]fb]]t. <n^ Sè]itèADAbA]t iDtti, 3^P" 
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f è]Di bo f VACAJseAbAn iDè 5ÀD A6bA]i. tic* aO 
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bo6èvDCAOt]],f]A6D>ftf.tè^f,.dijt acÌciao] AfD.fjX^^ 
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eA|ti)A. ÌtTi)ei). 

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fè bo Jiic ^|tb ^ 'i)A cefeftè ì)ftit)5Ìib, ty«ift tJVjA^ 
c«it)ACb«. ^ ^cil^iTÌ) ^grr tà *Jff 4^Je wiUe46i, 'te 

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&fot4M)cvì$|b4 t)©è A 5oUittvb 5^ f)6t(b4^l). tCs^'*^ 
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ii)è, ASttf, f èuc, bvt6eAT) ii)6tt, i)^t^ bètbtlt b^t^^^^ 


^^lieAiì)} bo 3AC iitl^ ctTjeAÒ, ^3^1* c]ieib, T ^rbAl, 
A'sof ceAi)3ttf8, !)A f e^f Aìi) a b^iAÒDatr^ T)a cac- 
AOtjieAC, A^ttf A b|:|A6i)r]|«e a i)®^AtD, rtDA it^b^b^ 
Itdbrtòe pAb^r slètseAU, ^^i^f pA|ln) ^^ a Uit)ajb; 
A^ttf bo ètseAbAji bo 3UC ;Jv]tb, A3 ]t«i6, ^^1)0346 
bÀ|ti)D|Ai)e AcM)Afa]6e fA3CACA0t|i, T boi)®At). 
, tt^ttf bo f eAf AbAjt i)A b^103tl »1^^ ^ bctTDCtoU ija 
CACAOtiteAC, A^rf 1JA f eAi;ò(tit5, ^S^^f V^ S^^^icjt^ 
ii)beACAC, A^ttf bo lèt^eAbAtt lAb fè]i) rtof a^ a 

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A^rf eA3t)A, A^rf brt6eACAf, A^ttf oij6ttt, ^yx 
cnpACbA, A3ttf i)eA|ic, b^t^ Dl^t^')® 50 f^os^^ ^* 
fAOgAl. ttii)eD. 

%D *6otf3èAl. ^AC. V, 1. 

tÌD CAD crD^c ;Jof A AD flttAg, bo crAt6 fè faAf 
H fltAb : A^ttf 4 rttlS^ 66, CAD3AbA|t a 6eif stobu^l 
cttt^e : Ajvf Att DOf 3IA6 A bètl 66, bo ceASAtfj 
f è t Ab, A3 tt^j ''f be ADrtJce da botcb a fbtofiAb : 
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bo Dt bob|t6D : ottt bo JèAbA ti Ab f 6l^f . ^f be^^- 
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bt:rtl octtAf A^ttf CAttc da c6|tA : ò].\i f À|f e6ccAit 
fAb. -Jf beADrtsce t)^ bAOt^e ctt6cAttteACA : 6||i 
bo 3eAbA tJAb ctt6cA|tte. -Jf beAdrtSce da bAO]i)e 
Ac-\ 3IAD DA 3cttot6e : ,6ttt bo c|f t6 ti^^ ^Dt^- -^r 
beADtttsce Ittcb da ftocc^DA bo 6|i)An) : 6ttt 30tH- 
t?t6ceAtt cIad X>è 6tob. ^f beADttt^ce ad bjteAfl) 
fttilD^eAf bocAtt Att fOD DA c6ttA : 6tft tf le6 1*103- 
Acb Detii)e. ^f beADtttJce betct ad cad tit)6§[i5- 
■pttfb' bAOtDe tib, T 6tbeottr|b tib, A^rf a bèttttttfft 
3AÒ rtle 6ttocf ocaI tttb 30 bttètt^AC, 4 ^o fo^r** 
ÌÌ$]o6 3^t^6eACAf, A^rf IttAcgAttt ojtttib ; 6f|i ff 
. n)6ft bttft lrAt6eACb 4 t)eAii) : 6ttt tf n)^1t HT) ^ 
SèttleADAbAft DA f ^t^^ CÀfDfC ttOlDAfb. 


CAitHFio^àn ìxùièìà l^r ab miftn a bheiih nmhpUiii^'àch «t 

'ChomaGÌn Naomhtha^ a iianmantia thahhairt don Mktn^i 

iiffèl^^ air «n thùid is là|^a, aHi ^igln «an 1& niralie. 

Agus ma bhionn drochbheatha go puiblidhe i^;us go #41aa ag 

aonneach dhiobh sin, no go ndeama èagcòir air aonnduine 

dha chomharsannaibh lè briathar nò legniomh, ar mhodh 

go ttog sgannail dan gCoimhthionòl leis sin ; ar bhfàghail 

A fhettaa sin d<m Mhiniatèir, catthll(tti gaìrm m ffntì agèala 

thabhairi do^ gan làmhadh ar aoh chor theai3id di«m 

Bhoird an Tigheama^ no go bhfoilsù^idh go fbllas, go 

lìdeama se fioraithreachas, agus gurJeasàidh sè an droch 

bheatha dò bìhi roimhe aige ; chum go inbeith leis sln àn 

Coimhthiotiòl Bàaàti, dar tugadh sgannaìl roimhe ; àgus go 

ttii^ aiaioc do gach duine ar a ndenna èagoòir pè it m 

geittd is lu^ia go bhfuil run diongmhalta aìge i^ do 

dhèanadh, chò luath agus f hèadlÌRS go oomhgarach. 

Caithfidh an Ministèir an tsHgh chèadna doghlaeadh leis an 

droing ag ar feas dò miosgais nò fuaih do bheith eatorfa ; 

gan cead do diabhairt doibh theachd chum Boird an Tigh- 

cama, no go madh feas dò iad a bheith a naithsUothchàin. 

Agns ma bhìonn aon dhìobhsan bhias a gceannairee \è 

'tkètte reidfa 6 f hiordnoidbe gaoh a ndeama 01 tè dle na 

tthaidh do mhaitheamh, agus sàsadh do thablMJrt ann a 

chokthibh fèin ; agus nach fèidir an rann eile do tharraing 

chum siothchàiia diadha^ adid go ndèanaidh comhnaighe 

do ghnàth ann a gceannairce agus ann a mhiosgais ; is còir 

don Mhteistèir sami gcàa sin an taithrigheach do ^ilacadh 

chnmna Comaoine Naomhtha, aehdgan an tè atàeaetimh« 

«1 do ghlacadh. Achd fòs bèidh dfijbchaibh ar gadi uile 

Mhinistèir chiurfios duine 6 Chomàoin, mar do hordalgti« 

Hiear ann ao n6 annsa roinn reamhràite dotf Rubrìc so^ 

Ègb^ dtf Oialihlkt tr an' geèadùa don Uadidar&Q fioi 

T 2 


222 Ut) /ton)^o\v 

chetnn cheithre U ^èag, ar a gcuid ìs faide>. a ndiiigh » 
dhèanta. Agus eaithfidh an tUachdaràn an d^ine eai- 
umhal do rèir na Canoine do smachdughadh. 
Ar mbeith don mBord a naimsir na Comaoine, folai^hthe U 
■ liaèadach daitheamhuil geal, heidh na sheasamh a 'goorp 
an Ireampuil, no sa cCainnseil, mar a norduighthear Or- 
nùdhe Maidne agus Nòìnedoradh. Agus iar seasamh 
èpn tSagart sa taobh b thuaidh don mBord, dèara se Oràid 
t^ Tighearna, agus a nOràid so leanas ; an pobal ar a 

t4|i i)%èAi|i, AcA '4 ijeAii?, 9ClAon)CA|t ctiiw; 

^tSS^ bo TtiojAcb ; X)|!)C4 bo co|l Atit cAUm, M 

,r)]t^o\i q rye^m : 3tAbq but^ a v^txò a|i ijA|t^i) Uec- 

„ .0Aii)>rl ; ^tsvf IDA1C 6^p A|t cctoocA, njYV' *^1^" 

. iDfbtie 6otb bo ò]0DCAi3eAf A|t ijasa^^ ; ttsuf D^ 

cfted|iAi& 1$ òrn) CACA]3ce, Uòt> fAOji ^^ ^^'^^ 

% i)<J)|t^tb. ' 

Ò A £)è ®l|l§cvit)AcbAi6, b4i bfMÌ 3AC >?l6 cjto|6e 
|fOf5Ailce, A3 A bfvyl f ^of 3ac uile mtAijA, Ajaf 5 
DAC bfvtl ji<rv A}i h]t f olAt6ce ^' 0lAt) frt^UAtiJl^ 
ATt 3Ctioi6ceA6 lè beACbA6 bo Spt0|«*tb Q(lAori?cA, 
curi) 30 ipbetc 3|ia6 f ot|vbce A^At^ ottc, A^vr S^ 
DbèAijiDAOtf c^ton) ijAori)CA bo ri)6tiu3A6 n?Afifr 
cvbAt6, cfiè <Jof A itt*1<^r^ 4 c£t3«A|tf)A. ^iijei). 

Ann sin^ ar ttabhaurt aghaidh den tSagart aìr an bPobal^ 
dèara sè na Deich -nAitheanta go soiUeir; agus air 
nglùinibh, ag deireadh gach uile Aithne, iarcthaid troc- 
aire ar Dhia fà na briseadh sin sa naimsir do chuaign 
thart^ : agus grasa chum a coimhèad sa naimsir at& ^ 
theachd^ marleanas. 

. <f1ti)tfcèt^ 

ÌolAbl^ D|A t)A bjttACttAfA, A^Uf A bttbAt|tC, •3lr 

it)tfe Ap X^JeAftDA bo Ìf AfA ; i)\ bfAf^ I>èe Aft bjC 
efle A^Ab ACb rt)è. 

^obttl. tt tjgeAtti^iA, bèAi) cttòCAtfte OftAt^' "^ 
cIaod Aft 3Cfiot6ce cun) ao blf^efe bo cotri)è^&* 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

11]^|Tè|fi; ^] 6è4H)Axa 6ttic f èfp |0ii)at5'A]t 
btc 5ftAb:8^lcA, Dlt cofAinlAèb Aon t^efce ac^ a 
bfUfC^Of fvAf, 1)6 fA caUiì)^ f fOf, 1^0 Ad f A tj^fse 

f A0| AT) CAUtÌ). Gdt clAODf A CU f jOf CYCA, t)f a6- 

JiÒG'4 1*^ • ^fì^ "J11? ^t> XlJeAttOA bo Ì)]A if I^tA 
èrfebA|t tDè, c|5 bf èACAiD peACAi6 da DAtc|ieA6 4 
AD 5clo|D, Jttf AD C|teAf "1 AD ceAèfiAtDAb jlfD 
boi) bfU)|D3 fUACAiJeAf r^è; A^uf CAffbèADAftD 
cftpcAtite bo iDtlcfb òod Ivcb bo Sfti^f JeAf iDè, ^ 

COtfÌ)èAbAf n)AfCeADCA. 

3Pobvl. % itf5eAftDA, bèAD cftocAffte oftAfD, T 
cIaod Aft 5Cftof6ce cutD ad blfjefe bo cof rbèAb. 
. lllDffcèfft. .9Xf cAfbeoft^ AfDtD ad JtfseAftDA ba 
Ì>|A 50 bfon)AOf D J òf ft Dt ti)eAff Vf6 ad JtfJeAfiDA 
AD cè bo. befc DeftDC|Oi)CAC bo befft a AfD»D 50 


l?obvl. % ÌfgeAftDA, bèAD CflÒCAtftfe OftAfD, T 

cIac;d Afi 5CftOf6ce cutD ad blfjefe bo coftbèAb. 

^fDffCètft. itvfTÌ)Df5 U DA ^Abòfbe bo C0D5^ 
ìb^fl DAori)CA, Sè Uece f AOflfteòfeAf cù, T 6èAD- 
tprtfi A bf:v|l A5Ab lè bèADAti) ; ACb ffè ad f gob- 
iì)a6 U ^Ab^b AD Xf^eAftDA bo Xja. ddj 6èADA 
Ctt obAffi Af^tè AD, tr frèfD, A^vf bo ti)AC, A^Uf 

^IPJeAD, CÒ5UC, A^Uf bO bAD^slAC, CeAlUc, A5Vf 

AD C0fti)ct5eAC Ac^ CAob tP^5 bob 6offt|fb. Sfft 
bo ftfDe AD SfseAftDA A fè lAectb Dgti) A^uf CAUti), 
A i)frAffft5e, A5Vf a DVfle Df6 ac^ fo^CA, A^vf bo 
con)i)Af6 f è AD f^ACbri)A6 U : Aft a DA6bA|tffD t)0 
beADVfb AD 2Lf5eAfiDA ad f eAcbti)A6 U, 'A^uf bo 
i)Aori)Af5 ^' 

^obul. % }t|5eAftDA, bèAi) cftòcAffie ofiAfD) T 
cUoD Afi5Cftof6ce cuid ad blfjefe bo cofti^èAb. 

^fDlfCèfft. ^DOfiAf^ b^^AffÌ A^Vf bo tbÀCAtfÌ9 

catt) 50 rDbèfc bo Uece f!AbA ad f a CAUtb, Doc bo 

beffi AD X|5eAftDA bo £)|a ^vfc. 
^obul. ?i tfseAfiDA, bèAD cfiòcAfiie oftAfD, T 

cUoD Afi 5Cfi0f6ce curD ad blf Jefe bo cottbèAb. 
^fDffCètft. 9tf 6$ADA Ctt buDrbAftbA6 ^ft h)t^ - 
^obul. ii S>f5eAfiDA, bèAD CftdCAffte oftAfb, *| 

cUoD Afi5fiot6ce pttfb AD ^lfS^^ ^^ ccttbèAb* 


CÌA9Ì) A\i^Of^^ÒCB CltlO lAD ^^fi^ ^ ÒOfÀèiA^. 

^^MÌ. ft £]2)eAfnM^ bèAO qOVMi^te e|t4^l^ 1 
dUo9 4fi 5C]iOf6ie cvti) At) bVf^efe bo òofàfki^ 

9A5A16 bo cotbA|tf A9* 

IPobHl. 9i tt^geAYtQA, bèAD qiocAffte <^i9, *\ 
cUoi) A]t 5C]toi6ce cytd aq bl)5e|« bo coYt^Ab. 

^lDffcèifi. Qdrf f Ai$ceòcAi]t t|S bo coniAW^O, 
1)1 f A)dcedò4 beA^ bo cotbAftf ao^ oa a f^^fì^fWi 

9^ A CA]l)9» PÀ A 6^19) D^ A Af aI, 9^ A01> 9(^ tF 


gohrl. U ^5eA|tt)A, 5tt)6n>^b cv, bòAi) q^e 
01^19, 1 f5|tlob i)A bl]5cefe vile a^l^ gctwf6qb. 

Ann liii leaii£at aon don da Oràidfle ar aoa an BiA, ig 
fleasam]! don tS|^;art mar do bhi roìnibey agus ag xioiiy 

IDèAt)An) 6|tOAf6e. 

9i ;bA il|teACttrì7A6bAi6, A5 a bf sfl bo Ji^t^^ 
ffontv^6e, A5ttf bo cvrbACb 5AD 6|ifò ; XN|d cfioc^e 
4 A Dift^Uf f 50 bloii)lAt) ; Ajttf M A$U]6 cfiofBe bo 
f«tì»*HI5 ^oS^^ ^MCAHStl, A)t «lf$ 1 A|t ficiBi?- 
vf6ceof ft, f ODAf [4 tcttf 5f5D 66 cè b^ft 65IAC è] S? 
iDbefc A5 fAffiAf6 C0D6|tA A^vf bo Jlòf fief e òf c\m 
TAC vtle DOfce ; A^ttf fopAf 50 bf;èAbffAft9t)^, 1 ♦ 
bffvfl f AOf [a5 cAbAf ftc bAft DAffte tijAft ff foit)Cttb- 
Af6 cè ttAbA A bpTf l cttiDAOb Af 5e] fèf ftblf ò]\]Of 
bo 6AADAti), oDòf ]t, A^vf ttit)Alttf ffi|t9 bo ò^bgc bd, 
^oDAbf A) A5Vf Aft bo f oDf A, bo' fièf ft bo Ìf\^Vf' 
A5Vf coftbv|5ce boADAf 6cef e ; cfiè <Jof a £f»io|* i 
cXfgeAfiDA ; doò acA da beAtAf6 A^vf a hft^P^U 

50 bflAC DA AOD X)|A, IDAftAOt) ftfOCf A AJjttf \t]f *9 

&f>fOftAb DAOYD, f ao^aI 54^9 <>ftf<5» tCnyeD* 


^9 ^on)M}r)', 225 


tC i)è Wc\le^crihAÒb^]6 ^ f io||iv|8e, teA5Af 5^16 
bi^ocAl v^onyt^ 6^ì), 30 bpYil c|io]6ce r)^ ^jsce p^ 
bo ri|A3Atl Asrf bo rciu]i<v6r^, A5vr 30 t)otibAi3t|t 
A^V]* 30 i)10TDpoi3t|t tAb rt)A|i ir T^^IT* ^ ^'^^^V' ^^^ 
jllocAf bt a6a rè^i) ; <8y)6n)p 30 bvtijAl cu c]iO]6e 
&4^<M£l^Ìl bo f eA|ibf 03Ai)CAi6re, a]ì ^^p)e a^v^ 
A]i Sci|ù|i>r6ceo|tt, bo cUoi)a6 A^ar bo iifA3lA6, ^]i 
tbo6 50 rt)he]t fè 30 bjt^c ^r) <a v^le rrt)VAi$l6cib, 
bittACjiAib, A3ur 3!)ìori)A|tCA]b, A3 ]A]]iai6 cot)6]iA 
A^vr bo 3l5]]tere ; A^ur A3 rctt]bè]i bo pobA]lfe 
CAobA6 le]f bo èvTÌjbAC, ^^ r^l^^l^l^^fj ^ ri^^^^1')> 
^S^r ^ i)b]A6ACb. Ìtoi)CA]6 ro, 6 a ?tc^ c]tdc^]6, 
A]i rpij bo <rt|c 6ìl]r <5or-^ £ji|orb aii c^iJeAjii)*. 

Ann 8in a dèarthar Oraid an La. Agus ar baU andiaigk na 
hOràide^ lèighfidh an Sagari a n^[ibtil, a^ radh^ Ata a 
nEpistil {yi6, An cuihhrionn don Scrioptuir doliordaigh* 
thear ar son na hEpistile] sgrìohhtha ann sa — — eCtihidil 

do^ , ag tosughadh ag an Bhèirsi. Agus iar 

ecrìochnughadh na hEpistile^ dèara se^ Ag so deireadh na 
nlEpistile. Ann sin lèighfìdh sè an Soisg^al (ar nrbeith 
don hpobal uìle nà seasamh) ag radh^ Atà an soisgèal 

Kaomhtha sgriohhtha ann sa cCaih. do — ag 

tosughadh ag an Bhdirsi. Agùs iar gcrìochnughadh 

an tSoisffèil^ cantar no dearthai an Chrèidh so leanas^ ar 
mhrìth don bPohal uile na seasamh mar do bhi roimhe. 

fi]teib]ii) A i)AOi) i)D]A, AO ct<.c^ lft]lgcvri)ACbAC> 
£]iucAi3ceo]]i i)e]ri)e A^ur CAlri^Ai), tt^vr i)a r)r\\e 
i)e]ce ]!AtcceA]i A^ur i)4VC b]:A]cceA]i : 

^Sur A DAOO it]5eA]ti)A ^orA iC]i]orb, Aob *rtAC 
S^1i)ce Dè, Do 5e]i)eA6 ]iè dUcaìiì ]iO]ri)e a Dutle 
TAogAl, DtA bo Dt^j «SoUr bo èòlAr, X)]a 1!]0]ì bo 
^A f ]o]i^'0e]Dce, Dj b|DCA, t(|i ir/befc bAOD cprb- 
TCAtDc letr AD ^CA]]i, lè Db^AfiDA^ 5AC >rle Detcè : 
^o tÀ]Dtc A DVAr ò DeAri), q 4 roi5e da bAO]De, 1 
4 roD A]i rl^i)ii|6ce, ^t^iir bo sUc coUd c]ièf AD 
,^P1P]iAb OdAori) bo D<6l5 ^u^iie, ^ur b^ DbeA]i- 


è/tCjttf Ai) citeAfU bètn5i6 fè A \i]y bo tiè]|i ij* 
iSc]tjopcr|tj ti5ttf bò cuAp fa<^t aii^ i)eAn>, ^450^ 
AC^ !)A fv]6e 4 Utri) 6eif a i)t(cA]i : ^juf ciocf a 
f è A Itif lè 5l6|)t bo b|ie]c b|ieice At|t i)a bed&A^b 
n)A]iAOi) A5Vf A]]t 1JA n)A]tbtt]b; %f]t a f»lA:|te4f 9j 
b|At6 cftjc. 

tC^ttf c]te]b]?D a5 fA Sp]O^Ab QtlAOrb) *^oo ^fj- 
BAftDA A^ttf CAbA]lCÒ]|t boACA; 1)0 è|3 d 1)?CCA1}t 
Ajvf 60 ^Ac; X>o 1)A6|tA]6ceA'ft Ajttf ^Io.t|tceA|i 

lDA|tAOp ]tlf AD ?tCA]]t AJVf ]t]f AD ^TIaC, JDo X^b^ 

Cftèf DA f^tSib. ttjttf c]te]btn) aod ^S^ir 
CACO]l]Ce T tCbfcoilce ; ^brb.ttf^irt) aod ^Atrcg^ 
cviD n)*tceAiDDAtr pecA]6e ; itsvf acA f ^l AS^w 
lè etf è]]t3e DA TDA]tb, A^vf lè beACA ad fCA05A]l 
Ac^ lè ceACb. ttn)eD. 

Airn dn Iblflseochaidh an lìinistèir ilon Phebal naLiethe 
fiaoìc^ no TroÈ^dl^ atà lè ooQgbhàil Barni taeachdni^ain 
« leanas. Agus ann sin mar an jgcèadna (ma'bhìcmn ooaid) 
hheirthier rabkadh fanX3i<»iaoin; aj^s ti^thar GannaiH 
na an Fhooda ; agus leighthior Geaian na mhoehd, Sia^ 
9smu, agtts DibeMrtlia O Chomaoin. Agns ui dhèantar 
nf dh ar bith d£6gra n6 a phoibliughadh sann TeampeU^ a 
nam na Sàrbhisi Diadha, achdkis an Mimst^.; nà fiwaoD 
nidh leision «chd a bhfml foirflgriobhtha a Rioghlachaibh 
•n Leabhaifsìf nò an aithnigheas an Rlgh nd Debdarao 
na hàite. 

Ann 8in leanfas an tSeanmòir^ nò aon do na Hoimilidhe do 
ciiireadh amadi dieaiia,^ coirftdhihearamaehiiAdhivgik 
80 le hùdardhas. 

Ann sin iiUfidh an Sagart chum Boird an Tigheama^ agna 
toiseòchaidh an Ofrarl^ ag ràdh aon n6 nios mo do m 
Aaidbtibhn leanas^ sa md is «omhgarttidh do rèir a mfaeaft 
«m a Aeiacrèid fèin. 

>€(oida6 id«^ t^D 6eAUft6cuf bAft fOtU|} a bft^^ 

?DAff] DA DbAO]DeA65 AftTÌJOb 50 fefA^Cp^ flAb ^«1^ 

Db^Ajotbw^ce, Asyf 50 bctobftttt^ sl^rp ^^ ^^ 
^tA]]t Ac4^ 2| DeATts 4Iac. V. 1*6. 
al^ 0Tui]Dtèl6 |<*ri)Af 6]b fèfQ n A9 caUiD) iP4 


50|b: ACb cvtit^bfrAf 6fb jrètD rATbb|fio|t q ogtVy 
ìt?Aii i)AC cc|tvAilli6gi) ii>e]|(5 vt^ leò^^rr, À^nf ry^ò 
lub^iflb VA 5Ab^6ce a^ f ceAC A^vf v^c V5p]b}b. 
^Aè. 7Ì, >9. 20; ^ 

0|8 bè A|t b]c bii6 tD|Ap Ifb bAafpe b^ 6è4iDA^ 
bfB, A|t AD Tno& 5CèAbi)'di tt^AD^ISf i ft^itbT^OD : <M^ 
l]*è'fo Ai) blfSe-Aft Asuf ir^.i!&,i6e. ^ac. vii. l^. ' 

aii Ijè 5AC v|le Dgc A be|p ittonjfA, % ÌfàS^^Aj 
A ÌJ5.eA]ti)A, jtACAf A fceAC fA itìJeAÒb i?eAii)6A ; 

AÒb AP Cè bO DÌ COfl tt7flCA)t ACA- A bf lA^ceAf . 
^AC. vii. 21. 

JJO feAf SAÒeÌÌf, A5Uf A bttbAtjtC f^ ]tff At) 

^l5eA|ti)A, J*èAC, A 3tì5eA]tirA, bo betttttt) l'e<ic tno 
ti)AO|i)e bo i)A bocbAtb ; A^af rt)^ npRM nr^ b>fn« 
At|t h]t A DetDl6, bo beifttii) 65 a cetctte' otptb^ 
lEvc. xix. S. - 

^t^ cètb cuii) co5At6 vAfjt Att btc A^t A cofbirf 

fèlf ? ittA. CVttttOf f fl)eAlÌ)AtO, A5Uf DAC fteAii 

t»ètt> bii cottA6 ? 1)5 ctA beACuiseAf tTt^èAb^. i i)ac 
njblAiffe bo bAii)e ai) ctièAbA ? 1 4^ott. ix. 7. 

^«^f]olcvrft ttpe Detcè fbfottAb^lcA 6Aotbfe, ad 
n)6rtt Itbfe tjDe- bo buAtD buft DetceAD fÀog^xlCAf A ? 

1 tott. ix. 11. 

% Dè DAC bff^l A f^oy A^Atb^ AD &|teAtD. f AOC- 

PlSeAf A bctTDceAll Detce daoit^ca, 5a dic§d ti^t) 
bo Dto6bAtttc ? A5Vf AD btieATD bfof bo jDtic aj 

ffttteolA^ DA bAlcÒftA, 59 bf!A5A1b CVtbr fiADA bo 
DAÌcotft ? ^Afl AD 5C&AbDA bO OftbAtS.AD T^]'S&}^^9 

^p bf^oi^s ^oiii)ìS^^r ^^ r^^trs^^i ^ iDbjcA f ^jvti 

^^•Cfotf5§l. l'ipft. ix. 13; 14. 

^D cè f tolcxt^tof 50 CADA 1f 50 CADA ba bvAtD- 
feAf fè ; A5ttf AD cè cttttteAf 50 ctttj bAtD1?t6 50 
^lt^; I»ÀbttA6 5AC AOD ttA6 bo ttèitv cosftA^ A 
cftojbe, Df iDAiUe ttè botccigll, d5 ttè b^tstoD'; ©tH' 
tr toDti)vtD t*^ I>1^ AD cè beitt ua6* jo fOtWjft^v 

2 Aoft. ix. 6, 7. 

lttS46ADcè cèA5Af5CAtt f AD tDbttf^ÌA|t, fW]9 


>2f8 Ut} JtortjM^ì). 

bot) cè 1)1 ceA^Ats 66 ^p 3^6 tt^le t)e]te ida^m. 
OtlA- iDeAUcA|i lib, !)t S^fe^^i) X)tA. rsije caise : ò]^ 
3|6be 1)^6 ftolcriiiceAf i)eAC, b4iti)|:0 fè ap i)j6 

tii) fe^S ACÀ Ai) CAH) 4^3A^9, bèAOAti) ii)A]c bo 
t)A b^rle 6A0]i)ib, A^rf 30 iDd|tfi)d]i bo lvò» e^ijcjse 
-i^p c]tetb]ii). €^^1. vi. 10. 

5f èubÀ]l ii)6|i Ap b]A6Acb, ti)A]Ue |iè 1)56 be]C 
' f <ifbA le]f A i)]6 ACA A]3e : 6]]i 1)] cu3Ait)A]t i)j6 4 
b|C 1]$ A]|i Ai) cf A05AI, 1)] 11)6 f èAb^TAH) aod Dj^ 
b[ie]c Af. 1 l]ii). vi. 6, 7. , - . 

/^UAS^ bOD b]lV]D3 AC^ f A]6b]]l f a5 Cf AO^JfA, 

A ii)be]c èAf 3tt]6 f A DA 3C>^b bo CAbA]|ic tiACA, T 
lvAC3A]fteAC cvTi) cort)]iADA ;' c]fbe ctt]i a bCA^fje 
q f ttDbA]n)e]Dc ii)A]c 66]b f èjD ìè bA3A]6 da bA]iD- 
i;]te AcA lè ceACb, curt) da beACA ii)A]tCAi)A]5 bo 
3D66tt3A6 66ib. 1 X]tD. vi. 17, 18, 19. 

ai] bj:>Tl D]A DeAii)COTÌ)C]toii), 30 ii)bf a6 bg]iiDub 
Afse Ait bA]t DO]b]teACA, A^vf f AOCAft bo c]5 6 
J]tA6 ; AD 3tt^6 bo èA]f bèAD ]ib 4 f od a ADiDAf aD, 
Doc bo ]t]De ]!]t]ce6lAii) bo da DAO]iì), A^uf acA A3 
p]t]ce6lAii) f 6f. J5eb. vi. 10. 

OtA b$]tTDAbA]3e tDA]C A^vf CttiDAD bo 6|DAm; 
6]]t bf bu]l A3 iD]A AD A f Aii)tt]l f ]D biobA]tctt]b. 
J5eb. xiii. 16. 

4]6bè A3A h^yfil iDA]ceAf ad cf A03A]lfe, A3vf bo 

C]6 A b]t&CA]]t A ]t]ACbADAf, A^Vf 6ì?DeAf fVAf A 

^X^^^Ì^ '^A^, c]ODAf coii)DV]3eAf 3]tia6 X)è ad ? 
1 iCo]DÌii. 17. 

3LAbA]tt bè]]tc bob n)AotD, A^ttf d^ ]oid]>0]6 bAj;- 
A]6 co]6ce 6 aod Dbtt]De bocb; A^ttf ad fl^ t)j 
']oiDpo]3]:g]t A3A]6 AD 2tl5g^i)A VA]Cfe. £ob. iv.7. 

Sf6 C]t6cA]]teAC bo ]tè]]t bo cttri)ACb. ^À ac^ 
foiDAb A3Ab, CAbA]]t ttA]t 30 l]ODri)A]t ; iD^ c^jtU 
beA3^D A3Ab, bèAD bvb]tAcb lè cynb boD beA5^9 
ftD bo CAbA]]tc 30 f ttbA]lceAÒ : 6]]t iDA]t ftD 6]tMD- 
^6]Yt btt]c t:è]D lttAt6eAcb ti)A]c a Ìa da c]tuA66]5e. 
Xob.àv. 8, 9, 

tÌD cè bo Df c]tttA]5^ bOD iDboGb, bo be]]t lAfAcb 


^<>9 Itffy^Aym^ : Ajur V^^^9 ^^ ^f^ ?o 6e]tt AtijAc 
^MftfgeAfi letf ^ àf ]itf. i8eAi7. xix. 17. 

9<y |iA|b Ai) cè beAPMSce bo foU]tAf boi) bìTi)e 
cf^ <^5uf boi) lit^^cbADAC : f AOtt-p^ At) £fSeA|ti)4 
è 4^ D4fii^]t Ai) 6tfA]be<^ttCA« Vf. xli. 1. 

An feadh blud na Raidhteae dha lèaghadh, glacaid na Diao 
onaidh, agus Bardaigh an Teampujil^ nò daoine ioiii- 
diubhi^dh eile hordaighdiear lè naghaidh, a nfhèadh^ 
maaola aa Dèirc do na Bochdaibh, i^;nB earthamiashdeilè 
an Phobail> a mBaiiin dheat is còir don Pharràiade 9hol*< 
athar lè baghatdh na husaide tin ; agus bhtoaid go honi'* 
uideach chiun an tSagairt è, noch do thoirbheòraa gp 
hùmhal agus aiteòchas è air au mBord naomhtha. 

Agos an tan do bbios Comaoin^ leagfaldh an Sagart ana sìb 
air an mBord uirid Aràin agus Fiona agus shaoilfios se 
fhiHrfioa. Agus tairèis sin do dhèanamh^ ddaraidh an 

jDè4i)inAOYb OftDAf 6e Aft f oi) fCAfbe ton)l4ii9e fiA^- 
Uif e ^fttofb cA. c^cttjAb Avfo '4 At) cc^Umk 

^ :bè ItttleACvibAcbAtS ^juf ft)<^|tCAi)-H6, bo 
^^3^1f S 6^5 Uib ttbfcol DAomcA o|toAt6ce -^^uf 
5M6e bo bèAD^Tt), Asvf b\;6eAÒAf bo CAb^^tP^ ^l^ 

^^JfmaraibàMommieiremo fàV T^AC ^l^le bìffOe ; 0ì?6tDtb X0 
aimUgk na/beaUiarndeire t)Un)Al CU \*bO t^b^l lè Aft 

Sr,S.r^*"*^ Dbèiitc A5ur u^ •jor^j.ii, i3 

-^T^ i)ottpAi6e, Acltt^l^ ^ cotttl>etttc bob ^otibACb 
Ìt^ÒA bo 5U0A6 30 t^6 è|toc<^tJl^^^è ; ^o^ 5^t*^^ 
ft>tot«Ab 1)4^ t^tl^t^e^ D^ b^ODbAdb, t OA fiocp^DA, 
bo 66ttcA6 bo -^tytt ax) f a DfiA^jAtt coTt)co|CCf5 : 
*5>rf AODPAt^ ^^ "J^l^ Abrt)>if6eAf ctC'tDrt) DA0rt)CA, 
ce^cb lè cètle a bf ^t^l^e b/oc^tl D^on)CAf a, T a, 
mbeACA C4^t^^^'*> '^ DAODbACb ^svf A DSt*^^ 61^64. 
?ttt6n)tb cu rt)Att ad scèA^bD^v v^ bvtle »ìSce, 
*Moòf At6e, A5Vf «ACbAtt^DA ^ttfof bMje bo f ^b- 
^tl A5uf boètttbbAÒ; A^uf 50 b^lt^l^ce bo fettt- 
'àireAc ;8£<Ml^t4 4 »103; cun) 50 fctttttt:>T&ce td 
l^^ot 50 btA6^ A5Vf 50 fOtDtortc^ : ^i^ttf AODcjAtò 
^^ ^totb^le ^le, T boD tbèt^ ac^> 5ceAi)Af f Aot, ' 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

2S0 tio tomM^v- 

30 DbèAi7A]b coibcjtoiD bo nì]f)^oxz\ibX^ch 30 f «|t]5- 
eA<i Ajvf 50 blP'b^oÒADAC, Cttii) f ii)ACbAi6 Dep- 
6iA6ACb '^ Òvibz^^icej 1 cati> oun^A]^ bo Cfte^biri) 
^IM^I^H 1 f ab^lice. Ò a fCcA]it i)eAtb6A, CA6A)|t 
3]t4^f A, bo pxle ^Afprcc A^vf <n|i)|fbèi|iib ; cm 
30 bfo^llf eòcAjbìf b^ocAl f]o\K A3rf ii)A|ttAi)AcrA 
tè 1)A IDbeACA ipAflAOI) ASVf lè DA cceA3Af3, T bo 

&^c]iA]tDe|i)ce DAOtbcAfA bo tblDlofCfiÀlACb 50 
ceA|ic A^ttf iDA|i ]f bttAl. t^syf CAb^ bo Sit^fA 
DeAtD6A bob pobAl ^rle ; "| 30 b^lT^l^te bOD ^|i>h 
cfODòlp bo Uc^ ; òttiD 30 D(^lfCTr|bìf, T 30 ds^^c- 

Alb]f, bi/oCAl DAOlbCA lè C|tO0e f OCIDAI3, . A^Uf 

lè boD^lTt ioiDCubAi6 ; A3 bèADA6 fe]|tb|fe 30 fifi- 
^beAC 6>fc A Db]A6ACb A^ttf a bf iftèADCAcb a D^le 
lAece A iDbeACA. t<3wf 3ì?6tD]b 30 Ytd6uibAl cr 
bob iDAtceAf, 6 a t^j^eAitDA, coii)fO|tcACb T CAb^ 
bo CAbqc bo 3AC bìfDe b^ bf ì?l a iDbrA]6|teAb, a 
iDbTtÒD* A Dbfc, A DAIcfb, r)à A 3C|tttA6cA.f A]t bic 
e]le, Abf A cf aoJaI 6foiDbttADf a. ti^vf iDÀ|t ai> 
3c|bDAb8bAt6iD!bcti]DiD DAOibcA,f^ bo fe|]tbìft6 
r|le bf A3 AD bgcAf A ad bo C]tefbgib T ad ceAsù ; 
bobjwbe 3]tAfA bo CAbqc 6^b a De]]]oiDpl^ftteACA 
iDA]ce bo leADtb'VDj 4 ibo6 30 iDbe]ciDff ]tAbp^ir^" 
eAC le6 AD bo pìJeACb DeAib6A : tCoDCAfS fo, à 
A t4c^, 4 f OD JJofA £^]tfofb, 4 DAOD 4fb]]t3>F6ceo||t 
A^rf f(6bocAfb. tCiDeD. 

Ab taìi do bheir tn Mintstèìr r&bhadh na Coroaoìne Naomh- 
tha do shokunmiùghadh, (ni do ehaithieaa se a dheaDaino 
do ghnàth air ai^ I>(>mhna«h, nò air an Ld Saoire ia foi^ 
dho roimhe,) a ndiaigh na Seanmora nò na Hoimile do 
chriochnnghadh^ lèighfìdh se an Teagasg so leanas. 

tC itiiffibe 3ft«i6ACA, Aift la ff l?OfCfe 6m5) 

ff ftuD bAtb, Cftè doD^DAlb Xè, S^CftAflDefDC P^' 
cAb^cAC itof ]tp A^ttf J^oIa ^of a 4u]tfof b bo n)]^]OX' 
CftAlACb, boD tbèfb b|Af ullAtb 30 ]tfA3AlcA Aj^r 
30 C]tA]bceAÒ cr 30 ; ac^ f0D5UcA]6 6016^0^ ^ 
3C0fibDe A ^fbA A^ttf A i^Affe lrAf6èACbAf6|iO% 

A]òe, "] i)lceA.|t cort)|tAi)CAl6 à]i) bo ]t1S«ACb !!)eit9e« 
tlftfnjè lii) blj5n)fb bìfòeACAtr T*^ ^*")!^ <^5i^T ì*^ ^^1S* 
tot)C4CA bo t^b^titc bo ^4^ ll)leACaii)ACbAÒ ayì 
!)?Ccq QeAfi)6A, p^ fi)Att bo ca5 a ^ac A|t SI^i)m6- 
ceo^ft JlofA £|tfofb, i)t bè Ati):8iii) òttfi) bA-ir br^jAil 
4 4 T0^9 Aco Ti)Ait A1) 5CèAbi)A ^riì) a bef c i)a b^èA 
A^uf DA cocvjAb rpfo]tAbÀflce A5AIQ9 Ad r* c^^€* 
]tA]n}etDc DAOii)CA àb. ^sar 4 n)befc bf da d16 

CQlÌ)Ì)f a6a A^vr COIÌ) b1ADCAbA]tCAC X]1)h0t) bftXDJ 

jUcAr t 50 cvbAfb, A5vr c9ri)'5VArACbACboDlvcb 
A Ufrijeòr A 5IACA6 50 fDÌ6fOD5ri)l)ilcA ; blfJfiDri 
Hbfe bo ceA5Ar5» r^ !)An)rA caiD r")VAtD|b ^ offt- 
beAficAr f)A r^Cftèfbe daotì)ca ub, A^af ^ a DSaAir 
ii)6f fi bjAr A^ A 5IACA6 50 iD'f6toD5ti)4AcA ; ^ iD4r^t9 

W s^ofDfiAtr r^i^ ^<> cv4cuJa6 A5ttr bo rsttvbA^ 

[^B^X ^i 5^ t:AtU|6eAC, A^vr iDAft Dfb 5D^rn)eAlU 
còffif6 lè X)f A, ACb Aft ii)o63 50 &r^'^^t^>^^^ ceAcb 
D«OTÌ)CA A^yr Vì^VÒ^^ ^^^ r^^rbA cotì) DeAfi)6A 
rub, AD fA DèAbAC DVAc4 bo AftDf6eAr X>yA 6lD 
f ^D (Scft|opcv7|t DAOii)CA) ^Sitr cttfD 50 D50AbCA6 
Ìfb'rD4 cofbftADCAf $ 6f 0D5fi)AlA AD bof ftb DAOtf)^A ub. 
^T 1 rlfse c^f^e- riD ; ^tt ccvr, bAft iDbeACA T 
buft rDbèArA bo rst^^^ bo t^fft ttlAslA Atc<gDCA6 
l)è : A5ttr cfbè Df6 Aft bfc a cc^ir^ft^ ti^> S^ iJ^jft- 
r)Ah'4 coftS lè cofl, lè bfttACAft, do lè 5Dton)) ad t?D 
bAft b]>eACAti)lAcb r^to ^o CAOf, T buft bf AOf rfbe 
bo 6èADArb lè X)f A tQttleACttiijACbAC, lè Iad ftaD 
bvft TDbeACA bo leArajA^. ^^ar »d'a6 c>?5eAD tfB 
50 DbeAftDAbAtft cofiCA Df reA6 Arb^fD ADA5AJ6 
I)è, Acb t:òr A DASAfb bvft 5Cori)AftrADj ADr^ ccAr 
ttD fr cof ft 6fb AfCf fbccAtD bo 6§daiì) le6, 4 TDbefC 
|tèf6 6tb CttiD Aff^c A^ur r^r^l^ ^o CAbAffic VAf b, 
4 fOD 5AÒ ttfle èA^cdftA A^vf IgccftofrD bo itfDsb^ 
'4 AODb-vfDe efle, bo tièfft tDAft f r feAftt ac4i ad bAjt 
5cvii)AcbA.tb ; A^ttr t^òf 4 iDbefC jtèf6 «cvrD tda|c- 
SfbOAff bo cAbAfftc bo 64iotDtb efle bo cìfft co|ftìff6e 
OfiAfb, TDAft btt6 rbf AD Ifb iDAtceAri)DAf^ bttft ^coftCA 
P^f'D bfAjAtl AJ lAfTD Xè; TDVft DbèADCAOf ffD Di 


Acb 6r^ iibAiDi^ujAò bo TQèAbuJAb. IttTDe ^9 m* 
tA AOitJgc 6% DA f gfi Aiqrt Dè, UA coiftityfrsteoift 
95i?A T*5A9lttY5ceof|i a 9S|ifAt%t7d i^ A6AlrfiAi>4C, 

96 30 &f Ufl A Tt9]0f CAtr ^^ ^ 9f011)CI)ÌÌC, 1>Ò A 1|^|Ì 

ri>dtti 4 btc etle, b^i)Af6 Atcfifse Ai^bvfi bfygCAfStl^ 
Qd i)4i ct5fb cim A9 bof ftb t)Aon^ ùb ; be^jU 
A9btAf6 t^A <84kCfiAf n>efDce oaoiìtca nb bo 5Uc4&, 

50 ItACfrAÒ AD bfAbAl A fXSC fOtDAfb, TD4i»fi bO CttAf6 

A fTedc A D'^àbAf*, A^uf 50 Ito^t^AÒ f f b l^D bò 5AÒ 
ìile olc, A^rf 50 TDbèAftA6 f^b 6111D T3ft10T^A bAji 
jcoffip iDAfiAOD A^uf bAfi DADnyA' 

%5ttf 4 «b DA6bAfi 50 bf?atl t»f AÒbADAÒ jad ^f W 
Afi bf c ceACb cYtD da £ofDAOtDe DAOif»iàA) ACb \è 
lÀDbòccAf A tcfftdCAf fte JD^, A^uf te oef^tf^f f?^'^ 
CÀDCA, ìrrDC ffDiDA cl^ AODbVfDe òfbf} lè DAc frèfh]]! 

A ÒOfDf f Af f è^D bo fOCfi1»3;A6 aI) f A CC^f fO ftff AO 

«?f IfSef e, ACb 50 bpfl Dlof tdò bo coTt^^ficAcb nò 
bo ceiD^le fifACCAD^ò 66 ; Cf^e a6 f è òu^AtDf a, tfi 
tm ^fDffcètfi ÈiSfD efle lifif ACAtfi X)è bfAT b«f 

Cfiè|beAC A5Vf fOSlATDCA, Ajjuf rOtUffSSb À 0[l6!J^ 

c«iQt50 bf;at5eA6 fè cAtftbe da bAbf òlòfbe) tl)AflW 
lè coiDAffile ASttf l^ «eA5Af5 ffyt^fiAbA.flcè> ^Sitii) a 
^tW^tr 60 cfttD^jA^y Ayrf 5AC iifle f Cftrt^Al 1 

AlDfÌAf bO feACDA6, lè ttt9fOfC:li4^lAC bftpfACAfft 


« . 

N<5 a ccàè ^ bhfaicf eadh se an Pobaìfaiiligbeaeh ar tbeadtd 
chiun na Comaoine naomhtha, a monad an Teagaisgreamh 
ràidbte^ dèana dè ùsàid dhe so. 

tt bfif ^cfte ft5 ^ 5ft^Af 6ce, Afft ff l^^l^ 

bATD, lè 3fi^f A X)è, Sìtpèfi AD SfJeAfiDA bo foV^ 
Af tDD^AÒ ; bo bef [tf n) CttftteA6 cuf^e, a DAfDn) ^^ 
6}bfe ttfle, ACA ÙcAffi ad fo; A^ttf 3ttf6n)fb ^bj 4. 
3fiA6 AD l^iseAfiDA J(of a AftiOfb, JAD bfvlcA6 tj^ 
611150^ Afibf ASAfl SAfiTDA T Cttf fti6 6fb co xfiAbAA 
tfD 5 ÌfA èfèfD. ^cA A ffof i^SAfb 5f6.bofTOor4C 
ASttf De]tt)Cf DèAlcÀ AD Df6 f o, ad cad bo vUtDAlS 


Ìiì) /ton)^0]V' 233 

bu^O^ f Ua8 fì)6|tcof&Af ac, bo c6i|tj6 a bo^ lè 5^6 
uile 3i)è be^cA, a|i n)oò v^ò n)h]ot) aot) i)|6 òeAf- 
brp, AC& i)A co]$beA6 bo fr|6e f jof ; A^ttf ^^ 
fèACAti) bo fti), b|ttlcAf5ib 50 |i6 DeAii)bvt6eAC ^a^ 
A6b4i]i Afi bfc, At) bnoos bo f ttAiii cv]|ieA6 bo cscb. ^ 
£lA 6|bfe, a9 a leicfb f]i) bo cftf, t)AC iDbefc 
co||ttt|6e 4 ? ^è T)AÒ f AO]lf eA6 50 i)beA]i9A6 èA- 
5C0||t A^ttf leACC]ton) ii)d}i 4 ? *^f* ^ PA6b4fa|i), a 
ci^lfibe Yi6 ^fiÀ6Ai6ce a c£]ttofb, ctt^Ai^fe A|fte 
njAic, bOAsU 30 i)3TitOffA6 flbT§|i3 J)è libfè|t>> 
A|tii)beic 6]b A3 ceiceAti) 60 ciSxpèA]t QAOtt)CAfA«. 
tif ftt|t<x.f bo 6ì«9e AxftA6, Gi).| tUcAbf a coroM]t)j 
6i|t coifiipifsib 50OCAi6e f aosaIca ^t) o]tAtD« *^cb 
Pj 3AbiA]t A f ArÒAilnD bo letcf^è^AUib Ò6 |ièi6 |fi> 
A bf iA6i)\rif X)è. ^tlA. beift Aoobìiroe, ^cli fi)è vii> 
peACCAC |t6ti)6it, A^ttf ttftDe fft) ac^ eA^U o|tAi|> 
ceAÒb ; ti)À f eA6 ^ob viii)e i)Aè Qb^DAD )^b Aic|t| Je 
A5ttf ffb f èfi) bo leAf vsa6 ? U pv^ acA DfA aj 
5AYftn) ofiA|b, OAC D^ft 6fb a ftA6, dao cci vc|;a ffbi 
Ut) CAD b^ c6f ft 6|b fotDp63 CttiD Ì)è^ a DSlACAfS- 
flb bAft leicfsèAl, A^vf a DA|be6itAt6 ffb, dac bfnl 
f;b olUii^P ^rDttAfD]6e fODAfb fèfD 50 SftfODSAUc^ 
50 bè UòAb DA iDAf cfOf A 6èuDAfb lef Cf5è)l ^^b^lL 
bpD Cf6ftc fjD A bf fA6DVfff I^^ %t) Ittcb itb bo6fttlc 
AD fleA6^ f AD c^oif3|l, f ^ tD4 c^P^S^ Fftl^fif 
d6 cviD A DbAti) bo èeAfbvtA6^ d6 f A iDAft p6f a6 

fAbj DfOfl 3AbA6 A lefCf^èAI n)A|i ffOy ACb iDSf A& 

p^ft bfii fAb AD fleA6 DeAri)6A bfA^^il. Ì9iAf6 
njifi botD CAob fftfo, ftèf6; Ajttf tDAftff c6fft bfjfi 
Tooipfse, bo befftfiD c\?ftèA6 6ìbfe a DAfDtD iDè, 
SAfftfiD. OftAfb A lefc ^ftfofb, ceA^Af^AftD f||b tD4 
\T fODtijW llb b4 fUDtt3A6 fèfD, fib fèfD ^ ^ftDAlb 
fiAppÀffti;eAC jAD c£oiDAOfD DAori)CAfA« ^5i>r 

tt)Àft bO A0DCAf6 ^AC J)è A ADAID bO COffibfftC fttAf 

lè bAf ^ AD 3Cftoi6,4 fOD bAftfUDAfJcefe; fDA}i 

AD SpèAbDA blj3l6 ^bff AD itoiDAOfD bo 3UCA6, a 

50oiii)De fo6bA.ftCA a bAffffOD, bo ftèfft iDttft bo^ 
AitDf6 f è f èf D : ^Wf tD^ t)\ fib f AfUf^e ad flD bo» 
6|DAti), f tDUAlDl^ Ifb f èf D, 30 bè ti) Jb da hèjsfii^ 

^ Digitized 


^$4 fCi) ^<n9A0ttr*^ 

bo i>i nb '4 2>i4s A5Yf 50 bè 3^11*« t>4^ i>S9Aibe aO^ 
òf Bah 5ceA9Aib f^i) 5cèAbi)^ ; ap caq f 4^i)|:^be 
50 xo|lqi)eAÒ 6 *0|ib a^ Xige-^^iipA, Asvf 65IÌ5516 
^h y:è]i) 5 6^11 i9bti^ic|ii6, AC4^ 4^5 ce4^cb b^ inbiAÌp 
a6 4 CAOiDf èAf bA DA. be4CA jio^ve^^nyò^ ùb. 5tl4 
¥ei|V nb DA oeicer^ ^^ *-^^ ij^ipe 50 5|viot)5AUc, 
M Ìx^X ^^ lon)P015 nb òttiv fdciw* biib feAHi : T 
CtttD fii) birAS^il òfbj. Di coif5|:ei9i)e b^ beic aj 
bèADAii) ^/EÒÀlpròe duh) JDè QlileAÒiubAcbAiò, a|l 
9^Ai{i 9eAtt)6A. 

A )ì8m ShoHumnaighflie na Cnuaoine^ «r mbeith. do iul 
Comaòinidhthe sitighthe so gBramhafl èhum nà S&cnim- 
efotenacsBihtha 4o ghlata&^ dèaraidOi aki fikisart aftTeag- 

tt cAifibe ytè 5t**^^1S*« ^9 f a SìJeA|ii)A, ubìr^ 
IIati ii)f ad ceAÒb CYH) ComAOitre DAon)àA coliti> T 
folA ATt dUi)^6èèoitA /t]iiox^y CAi^i6e a CAbAific 
'bi^lt UAiite iDAtt ceA5AifciOf StAOfi) Sdl da fiMle 
ftAOiije lAb f^iD bo ca^cftjA^ A5af bo f5|ittbA6 30 
btibiiACbAC, fvl UiTt)e6cvib tce bov ^ji^V fib, # 
ÌBe boD Arftt) ttb. <6t^ rt)^1t ac^ ap CAfitbe rpdfi, 
n)A glACTDAOib AD c45*ciiAifi)eiDC fidDAomtfA fb fe 
(eitot6e ffoiiAièffeAC t U ciieibeAih be66A ; [^1^ 
a6 W fceTDfb /eofl ^^Ttlofb,, ^5rf ìbitDi» a J'nl 
50 fpioitAb^tlce ; ad fl^ coipDAigiDlb A ctjiX^pOy 
^S^f ^nW'^ loDÀiDe ; AC^iDAoib aod^ lè fitfop, 
^ Clttofb liDe ;] iDA|t AD ScèAbDA Aca ad SvAfr 
iiTdit, TDA sUciDAOil^ 50 iDf6ioD5ibAttA r <J)iit ad 1|i) 
cA-tDAoib cfODCAC bo* itbitij A^f b/ì^l ^itfofb aii 
^ÌADvi6ceofit ; iceiDfb À5iif fbin)tb 4 DbAiDDws-^ 
T^èiD, 5AD CA^Afitc iofitp AD ^tSST*^^ ^^f ^^^^ ' 
31i10fAi6TDib f eA|t5 Di& Aft daS^16 fèiD; hjtoT^"^- 
HTfb è CttTD pl^ise bp cuii oiìaiQ fè WlcfbeACAf^ 
èAjf atdIa, T lè bioTDAb bo jDci^ib b&if. ©1«^^ 
11D, A bit^icfte, beriti^ biteic" ofiAib fèiD, ottìD ITac 
iDbèApA6 AD JtfJeAiiDA biteic oitAib; b^DAlS ffoff^ 
•4fcpf6^ j^i^ bAfi bpoACAiSe ceAD^ ;. bfol> cftefbsA- 


le^A bfoi^jtb^alsA A. c£|itofb 6A]t €l$kfjfiftpeo^\i 
A^Atbj leAfAisiÒ b^ inbeACAÒA, ^^suf hì^^è ^ 504- 
CAOAOb fon)Uiij lè 5AC v|le 6u|i)e ; n)^[i f]i> b|A]6 
Ijb b4|i 5coib]t4^i)t;A]8 cttb^^fò bo i)a Tetci*èb]§e» 
9A0mcAf A. ^Svf c^ 54C nle ^efce, CA}t}:]6è h^h^ 
eU4k]f |t5 4iì)U Yt6.4rf5tODtA^« bo tAb^ttic bo jb|« 

A1) ttt64, bOI) ^4lC, A^Tf bOl) SjtjOflAb alAOif), f ^ 

fUAfsUb Atf bòii)Aìtj lè b4.f ÀSuf p^if 4 SUdì^- 
teo|iA 4|t]of b, D^A it)4Aoi) ^^uf bwe^ : bo <'it)U|5 
è f èji) òttTi) AT) b^tr 4 At> ccjiotè, q 4 f dtoe t)A i^gc*- 
Ai6ce bodbA, bo bf Att Irf Je ^ Db.<y|tèAÒb, ASvf ^^ 
f5A|le Ai) bs^ff j cvnysò DbèAD^S cU$ Dè 6fD, 1 
4 cc5sb:^tl V^T 6^"? beACA f tOTftiit6e. <iSttf crti» 
50 nrbètè cottDDO bo JD^è ^51^6 ^ 5Tt^6 t*5ii)5|t Àft 
^AtStt^lf^^ Ì ^T* ''^^^ SUfr^ceotit iof A £rtfofb, 
iDAtt fo AS è^5 q 4fOD, ^Svf 4 >A CAtTtbeA6^ 
ijeAibÀtttbe bo SDod^tS f è 6^d lè b^jtcAb 41 f òU 
n^òttfctAfc ; bO otttDt^ ^suf bo ofib^rS fè fetcttèfbtSe 
DAorbcA, iDAft èoib^ftcAtb a SI^M*) T "tJ^ cwDgÒA 
jD^ÌAc Attt A b^f, cvn) 4 5CAbAfttA iDdttte T if)Att- 
^APAfSè. ®(fDe tit) cu5ATf)A0tb 65f AD^tD'AtUe letf 
A D^ÌAfft, ASUf aD JSbfOftAb Olt^toti), ii>At< ACÀ bo- 
f1 Aòìfb òttAfD, b^beAÒAff SD^CACA ; b^f*. DVri)li^A&. 
frètD S^ l)]on)\iò^t).b^ to]l -^suf b-a.n)tAD i)Adri)èAf ad, 
Ajuf bo fCTtJbèAtt fet^bf f bo* 8è^DÀtb 65 a bf fofi- 
DAoibtACb, ASuf A bff fii^ADtAèb, A Dtitl^ Uetsp^ '4 
iDbeACA. ^iDeD. ' 

àmfànàèsaaiàk an^Sagwt Idl* aA dn:^ thìg èo ^hkeadb 
na Comaoìne ; 

4lbfe 4 A bt?i«tl ^T^t^fiÒAf 50 ffett Aguf 50 btODS- 
tb^fc* 'fra bA|t b|»eACA^y Asuf acA» a» DST<^ ^S*r 
A scAftt ADAèb l§ bAft scaibAttf AD4Jfb^. 4is*tr ^5 ^ 
h^si tittD beAè^^ dva6 òp CAfòeArbr ^^5, UfÀ^f^itxHfìy 

AtCeADCA X)è,. 4Ì5Tf A5 t1*^<^'' ^ fO A1DAÒ a9 a.. 

fltsètb DAOtbcA ; Dttìibtse IfD' lè ctiotbeAtb, AS»f 
^cÀt6e A1T' c<èr^cttAttDetDc DAOfbc^Sf a ciifo b^tt 
5eofi^oTiae|6;: ^Sjtf bfDAfd bAft Du^wtlf^fOflÌbe Xio 


"236 9ti> itoiQAOiQ. 

^sUplb 30 b>?i*!Rol. 

Anii lia a diBurUiar ftu FluuMside gheneanSlteae, l^luoii do » 
MmÌAteiiihhi. s nainm s nfcwnlain ag a bhf uil' nùau an 
ChoiDaoianaomhtha doghlacadh; ar mheith dhdian agus 
don Phobal uile air a ngminibh go huitiieal^ agus ag ràdh. 

HSoXA £|tfofb, A Ì)|^oc5||t 5^0 xile Deice^ ^^ iS|tetc|ii> 
t)A t)bA0|i)eA6^le ; ttbipMbnjib Asuf CA0i6ei!j|b 4 
t)|l|0Ti)4ib peACA|6e 45«^ tijg^fori), I>o \i]^^m4 ^ 
AH) 50 bAH) 30 |iòfUAJCib4^, lè |*n)ttA|i)eA6, lè 
b|itAc;A|t, A3Uf lè ^tyjorpy ti dajai^ bo ^5ft6ACb 
Ì>1A6ArA» ^3 SPÌofS^^ 50 1^^ ^S1*c cfeti^se ^311^ 
bo contx6efe 4 1)^5^16 tffrlD. X)o oìtDib A|C|t|5^ 
6]còiolUè, A^ttf AC^ ^oilsfof 6c[to|6e o]tAtd tt")P^ 
fo 4 ìi)|3!)ìort)4CA : ^c^ A 3C0|ii)pe A3 cv|t bdUjf 
oftAtD : ^c^ A cctto|fi)e bòfvUtDS* iDèAi) citdc^e 
o|tA|9, £§0 cttdCAifte ottAfD, A ti.cAttvtt6cttòc^i&; 
tttt fot) bo ^rtt^c Ati c2Lt3eAtii)A J^of a ittttofb, ^aijc 
b^,8 A i)b§cAt6 co|tAtd ; ^Sttf ^"^^^ ^^^ ^ T^ ^"'^ 
50 btt^c fetttbff bo 6èAi)An) 6w A^uf bo|itA|tA 
i>ttAt6eAcb beACA, òun) oi)ottA A^uf sUt|te b^P")^ 
jrèti)» S»ttè ^of A Citjofb Att clJseAitDA. t4n)eo* 

Ann sin fleas&idh an Sagart (nò an tEasbuce, ar robeitli d» 
lathair dh6) agus aga- iompQgh fèin chum an PhobaH 
dèara nè an AbMlòid so. 

^ ]DtA ffttl^A<^ttn)^^4c 4 v^'4 DeAii)6A, bo jeAll 
bÀ ctiòc^e fèiD, n)AtceAìi)DAf AbpeÀCAt6e bo s^è 
Y|le 6y jDe tO'^poiS^Af c^se lè Atctttàe Ò ctto|6e l. 
lè t^ìftòtvetbeAn); 0o DbèADA cttdcqe^ ottAtb, 50 
iDAtq^ 6ib A^ttf 30 fA0ttAt6 tfb ò bAft D>?le peAC- 
At6e, 30 DbAtD3Dt6e A^uf 30 Dg^CAt6e t?6 ad 5^^ 
^le fbAtceAf , A3ttf 30 n^betttfb ttb cvn) da be^U 

jì<Jm>?&^>; ct** -^^^r^ ^iitfdfb Att ca^'SsttDA. tin)«n* 


Aìm sin dèara an Sagart. 

^ir^lS t)A b]l]AC|lA COlbfO|lCACA ÒO lAb|l^f Aft^ 

^TSI^ *>'S^w?f A A bT'^lct CMtif gc Ajaf p^ advaI- 
AC, ^ bo bèATiA]6 tpè f uAftAÒ 6fS. ^Hac. xi. 28. 

^A|i fo bo STtÀ6A}5 Diii Ap ìyonjiXVy 50 cctt^ fè 
A è)vie]r)'^]c fè^p, lowf Si6 bè cfieibe^f ap i)^c 
jtAÒAÒ f è A njuSA, Acb 30 ìi)betc aij bgCA f joniìffeer 
À|3e. /SoYQÌii. 16. 

-Clfb|5 tpA|t AT)-5cèAb9A 50 be be]|i Vòl : 

^f ft]ti5eAc Ai) 11^6,. Asvf f |4 è 4 3a6 è^iDÒOft; 
5a6aiI ]tff , 00 bc^]t)]c *3of A iC(%1ofb q ^n cf aoJaI 
cttii) peAccAc bo fUt)Yj^6. 1 £]n). i. 15. 

-filf^lS ^'^V^ ^t) 5cèAbi?A 50 be. be]|i igo]i) : 

^A Dl èfpeAc ]>eACA69 ac^ ^6boc6]b A5A]9 Av 

6f OCA]]i A t)^CA]l, ÌOf A A]ifOfb A!) ff^ièAl) ; A^ttf 

|.f e]t]oi) AO ]iè]6ceA(^ a]|ì fop A]f bpeACA]69e. 
1 £otP iì. 1. 

Na dhìaidh flo rachiiidli an Sagatt ar aghaidli, ag radh. 

t65bA]6 f ttAf bA]i 5tttO]&6e. 

^fiieAg, £5SÀtt)A0|b*fVAf ]Ab òvTt) ^d K»fSj]it)A. 

^AS. £«SAtDAO]b b>W5§èA]f b«^]i c£f5g]tD4^ 2]A. 

<^]te4S. ^f tott)<^'^bA]6 T ]f cat]i HD bò &5ADAti). 

Aim m ienipoigheas àn Sagart chmn Bhoird aii Tfgheama>. 

ticA ]id ]omcttbA]6) C5]ic, A^ttf acIi da 6ttAl5Af 
^eADSAtke 6]$, bìi6eACAtr ì>o CAbHl^c 6ì^fe 5AÒ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

22fi tlo /tofi9^o\T>.' 

OdAOfbcA, A X)è ^]leAcan>ACbAt6, Ajuf f 'ro||t>f6e. 

• Ni nidhtlor u focmilM (^<ibtfr J«MMMa) I>omliiiMli> 1» 


Ann sin leanfas an Brollach as dual^ do r4ir na baimare, 
mk tà brolladi dnnte, mur bMuìl gan mhaill leanfuidh. 

IttirDe riD lè bttiDSlt^ Asnf U tt|»<5AiD3M6> 1 
lè crtbeACbCA oeiibe >?le, iDolAroAotb T iD6|iA|8n)l^ 
1)ti|i>n7 3I61UÒ4; bo fioft A^ttfbo iryD^i bob tòoUò, 
A^uf A3Yi&6^ SlAoincA, DAort)CA, DAOtpcA, A^l5- 
e4^|it)A D^A DA SlvAj, c«^ peAti) Asvf CAtxm Ia^) 
bobjlòiit; 30 |iA|b <8l6|}i òxrc, <& 4 £|5eA]iDAir 

BA0ÌJ.AIG9 srsaiAi^si^ 
Air La Nodfate> agus aeachd La na dhiaigh. 

J^A tijAft CY3 cr A)f A £|Cforb CAOD ^Ac f ètf^ 
èvn) 4^ betfice AtbAil r^ i)Atit)|f|ire 4 4 fOlP^ ; ^^ 
Db<^rit)^6 X>>(fi)e f |o|i bo fYbrcAtuc da b^^se ^^H^ 
A ri)iicAtft, lè botbft|tt3A6 At) ^pto|i4tb aiAOiii); 1 
Iji) 3AD r")U peACAt&, cttiD tfDe bo SIad«6 ò jac 
>rle peACAÒ. «ttDe j^x) \è b^1!)3llb, Tc. 

Air Là Càag, agua seachd Là nà ^&iaidh. 

Vcb 30 b^lltl6e Ac4i bftACAtb o}iaid cv bo ii)oU6, 
f ^ 4irèt|iSe 5l6|tbAi|t bo <rì|C ^o^a iCfttorb 4 cXjS- 
eAitDA : 6t|t a r^tfiOD ad f foT* ®AD ^Ì^rS, bo cofn- 
b||ieA6 4 4 roP, A3vr bo ^63 peACA6 ad boiijAiOt 
^o rsptor bar lè da barr ^^vr lè da ètpje cm^ 
beACA A |tir, ttt3 q A bAtr cvjAtDe bgCA fjont^^e.. 

»iiDe rti) lè b^fi^siib, n<i. 

Dèardaoiìi Deasgliabhàla^ agua fltachd La na dhi^dh. 

Xpè bo <rtAc p6 ioDn)>^i> 'JorA £|tiorb 4 clSr 
eA|tDA, bo CAirbèAD^ fèfi^ 30 f dlUr *>^ ^bixoN 


tCoXoiDAOtD. 2?9 

bO Ctt4lt6 fVAf At|iDeAlÌ) AT) A 7lA6A|tC, Cttfl) ^ODAlb 

bo ollìbvJAÒ 6^De; top^if 50 ft^ÒAmAOtf ftt^^f 

tDATt AD SCèAbDA, llA|lA bfVtl fetHOD, A^ttf 30 

tnbe^CTtitf A bflAjcgf id^aod titf a t^slott^. ^tnje 
jiD lè b^tDsltb, ìc. 

Aìr Dhomhnacli Cinccise, agus sè La na dhiakib. 

Xfiè 5of A £l[itofb Aft cXtseATiDA ; A3 4 bo ttètti 
A gglUmnA tto.f tTt®> bo catDtc ad St>tojiAb 3(lAon) 
A DttAf 6 SleATÌ) ATÌ)Àtl vn) A DAn)f A lè n)6ti f ttAtn) 
obAtD^.AmAtl bo betc 3AOC A|Dctt|D, A^cofAri^Ucb 
ceAD3CAC ct5ct6e, A3 c>ìtttlt^5 ^IT^ Da b'^bfcoU'tb, 
cttrt) t^b bo ceA^Af 3, A^nf bo ctte6ttY34^6 . Cttn) a 
i>rle f It^tDe ; A3 CAbqc 6òtb n)AttAòD cto6Utci6 
ceAD3CA6 èA3fAri)U, T iDAtt ad 3CèAbDA b^DACb 
cwn) ADC<Soif5ètlbo ^g^Af^boDA b^fle ctDg^ACAtb 
50 feAttT)AC lè ceAf3tt^6 ; lè a cctt^A^ tjDe Af 

^OtlCAbAf A^Yf eAttt^t^J ^^^ '5^'^^ fotUfO A^ttf 

ttt^eSUtf OTtcrA, A^ttf Attt bo ^ac JfofA £,\i]Oxh. 
Wt">e tfD lè b^tDsltfe^ ic. 

' Àir f hèasda na Trionòide amhàin. 
%Y AC:St Ab AOD Ì>IA, Ab AOD ÌtS^^T*'^^ > ^? ^^ 

AOD i^eATtfAtD Ari)^t^> ^^^ ^^ ^T^I ^eAttfAflA- a 
17AOD fttbfCAtDC. <6tì^ ^ ^l^ ^^ cttetbn)tb bo 3lò|tt 
A DtCcAtt, CTtetbn)fb ad ^cèAbDA boD ^ac, "^ boD 
^t^tOT^^b SlAOri), 3AD etbttt6eAU6 A^t btc t)ò DeAri)- 
cori)Atttbe. ltfn)e'tiD Ìè b^t^S^l^j 1^ 

Go dlùith a ndiaidh gach bhrollaigh acasoin^ dcarthar^ no 

mtrt)e HD lè b^lD^lt^ ^yr l^ ^I^^AtD^ltb, 1 l^ 
c>?b§cbA Detri)e^le,n)oUn)AotbT n)òtJAt6rt)|b cfttijn) 
3ldttri)4 ; bo f fOTt T 69 Jd^c bob ri)olA6, ^ A3 tt^6> 


240 tto /tofnM]t). 

9Xa<H!)p^, D^ioii^c^, iMomcA, tfSST^B 3j1a d^L rliu;, 
At^ ve^ìh 1 cUaiì) Ui> bob jldnt ; 50 [i^ib 0ld]]i 
b^cfe, 6 A tf jeAiiDA' tT tiòb^ifibe. Un)et). 

An sin^ sr sleachdadh don tSagart ag Boid an Tigheama, a 
nainm a mheidh chum Comaoine do ghlacadh^ dèarasè 
an^ Oràid ao leanas. 

<S) A li)5eA|tD^ C|t6cA]|t]6, t)] l^tbAtDAO]b ceACb 
cttfD bo boiftbfe, lè ^bdccAf ad Ait bffjiè^DCACb 
pè^D, Acb a6 bo citÒCAifteAèA tOTDAbAfDU T Ti)d|t- 
Af A. Qtl^ f lu 1^9 ^MOb if DA fpii^HeACA acA f aoi 
bo bo]tbf A bo <5|tv|5]Y54&. -3f CttfA ad 5.|3eA]tOA 
cèAbDA, 5DA]C]5eAf A be]C bo f|0]t c]i6cA]]teAÒ. 
It^iDe f]D A0DCA]5 8^9, A t]5eAitDA 5]t^fAiij>fl, 
i^eo]l bo ^lc 6]l]f Jof A £i]i]Ofb b]ce, A^ttf a j^^l 
b6l, A]t rDo6 50 DbèADCAOj A]t 5CO)]t]» pe^CAiDAU 
t>o 5IADA6 lè DA ^]tpf AD, Agvf 50 DlCf ]6e 4 DaO- 

TDADACftfb A Ì^^l!D6]lluA]Cf]0D, ASVf 50 IDbe]CIt)|f 

50 f ]0]ftr]6e 4 5coìi)DA]6e -<^Df aD; A^wf e|f od fot?- 
DAfDe. tinjeD. 

Atiuair oirdeòchas an Sagart^ ar mheith na sheasamh dho 
08 cuinne an Bhoird, an tAràn agus an Fìon^ ar mhodh go 
bhlèadfadh lè nios roò do comhgar agus do dheise an 
iAràn do bhriseadh a iàthair an Phol)ail, agus an Cupa 
do ghlacadh ann » làmhaibh^ d4ara ae Oràid an BhMaigh- 
ihe mar Ifoaoas. 

tJC l).è WfleAèvmAObAf6,.4 DUcAfft DeAri)6A, bo 
'cr^ ^)pb iDAOcftoc40 cUoD n)AC fè]D ^ofA Aftfor^ 
b;^f bf!vUD5 A]ft AD SCfiOfp cvid f^De bf:vAf5A]lc; 
Doc bo ftfije AD fiD, [lè DA AOD ofrfiAf l 6e f è]D co]]t- 
bf]tce A0D/v4,] ]o6bAf ftc, of:ftafl, A^uf f^f a6 ^0|fi)- 
IfODCA, ]OidI^D, A^ttf f^s^DCAc 4 foD peACAf6e AD 
bOìi)A]D tt]le ; A^ttf bo 0]ibA]5, ^^vf bAf cDf6 6fD ^V 
^ èoff 5èAl DAori)CA, cofri)De f.jofft^6e a b(vf f ri)dfi- 
IvAtòffOD 60 doD5ri)4^l fVAf, Do 50 bf5]6 ^ fiff ; <& 
A ^CAffi Cft6c'^|6, 5v]6tDft^ 50 bttri)Al cu, èffb l\f); 
A5Vf ^oDCAfb, 50 n)bejc f f^e ac(v A5 5IACA6 bo 


fiì) itonyAO]!). 241 

o|ieAc^ftf8|)| tC|i4^ti) ASttf i^foDA, bo ttèrft^ 0fibA]8 
tyAomt^ bo ^f cfe a]i SUijvfÒceoffi ^r^ ^^Ttìofb, 
^5C0|ri)i)e A b^ff ^^suf -<v paifeffoyj T*^$pj8ifficeAC 
-aQ a itofip ASTf Ad a-^mI ftd btfA^Af Jce : ai) cè a 

(àiJmsoiicoiramtSagart T)0f6ce tièAbtJA 4 4| bflAfCeAÒ 

«j^£tato *, gAtecodi «»• a è, [ii] bo sUc Afiai) ; Ajrf A 
ijy-Ì bo cii5 fè bttfÒe^CAf^ bo 

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c&àr::s^^'r"^ ^i^^i^i^^WArèfon^o^fip- 

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XèAt)At8 f o 45C0fii)i)e oftATDf 4V, ^fl^ft ad 5C§bDA 

(d) AtmmUeoirdhoamOt^ ^ ^^1^15 ^'^P^l^ £^1 bO tUc 
pado^^Uacadkamalaimh: ^^ ^^ £y^^ . ^ ^^j^ ^^AbAf ftC 

b>96§C4tf f, bo Ctt5 f è 8òf b ^, 45 ft^8, lfb\6 >?le 8e f o ; 

(e) Afa.anuo a la^ 4o %^^ W ^ ^^ ^O rnJ^^lfe DA ^ 
c««r o&' ^ Am tSoUheach &f OtDDA (AVUAfbe 4C3l bòf ftCf 8 4 
mTI!ftttlFio!%bMmighMa^ b^ fODfA, T 4 fOD ^D fOTD4fb, 

cuTD iDAfèeAìbDAff, peACAfbe : 
^§iXAf8 fo èotb iDfDTC f f 8§DCA0f a fbe, 4 5C0fti)De 
OtiAtDf^. ^itDeD. 

Ann wn glacaidh an MivìatSdi iain^ ah Ckomaoin ar ttug ann 
88 dà ghne^ agus an rin rachaidh ar aghaidh chmn a 
thabhairt do na hEasbnicc, na Sagairt, agns na IMghacon- 
jddh, ar an modh gcèadna, (mà hhiònn aon aca do lath- 
«ir ;) agus iar sin don phoh J mar an gcèadna a nordugh, 
ann a lamhuibh, ar mheith dhòibh uile air a nglùmibh go 
huirigioL A^ an tan a sheachòdas an tArfc daonduine, 
dèara sè, 

£oftp 4 c2Lf5eÀftDA ^Tofi^ ^T^Iof b, bò cu5a8 4 bo 
foDf A, crtbbAf 5§8 bo coftp A-^vf CAD^tD cvtp bgCA 
rfo||ittf8e. 0Uc A5ùf fc fo, ^ ^coftboe ^uftè A5 
X»fitofb 4 bo fOD, /A5ttf bf8 bob bf aca8 Af ft ad bo 
cYtof8e, U CftefbeAtb A^CAb^fftc W^e^c^ff, 

Agtts a dèaraidh in Ministèir^ a sheachòdas an Cupa daon- 

^ìifl 4 cSfàeApD^ Jof A fiftfOfb, bo bòf ftceA8 Aft 



2i^ Un JLon)^ò\v. 

• "\ • - . 

Mà l)hjd ati tAran agui. an Fk>ii beannaigbthe uile caithe 
roimn a niomlàn uo ghlaca^h comaoine, dhèanaidh tn 
Sagart tailleadh do bheannn^adlk, 4« rèir na foiime 
*eamhràite, ag tosughadh ag [\Ar Slèlit^Wi»«jir Crfosda 
' noidhche dièa^iia»&c.n chmn an tAran do BbeannògWh ; 
agu9 ag C^Mar an gcèadna a ndkidh Suipèir, &c.]] chun 

' an Chupa do Bheannùghadh. 

lar nglacadh comapine dholbh uile^ fillfidh'an Ministeir chum 
Boird an Tighearna/ agui aitedchaidh go hairbhinDeach 
air fhuigkleach na nElemehiteadh beannaidhthe^ ag a 
bbfoUch lè Imèadadi daitheamhuib 

An 8in d^ara an ^asart Oràid an Tighearna^ ar mbeith don 
Phbbal ag athràdu gach athchuinge na dhiaigh. 

?Cft i)?icj§(, Ap^.^:DeAri7, 9JfAori?è4.ti^it}n); ^lSS*' 
bo |i|05ACb ; I)èAtjcA]t bo co]l 4 ^^ caIaiìj, »o^ì* 
Dtctofi 4 V^^W : }LAbA|]t 6^5 A ty^Y6 4 t)4^r) Uec- 
eAri?v|l; ^CjYf rt)A]C 6ù]ì) a]ì.cciodca^ njvit ri)A|c- 
tujbije 6ò]b bo c]oi)CAì5«»Af 4 i7«.5At6 ; ?Ì5Vf i)^ 
CYte6YtA]6 ]S èuiD CACA|5ce, ticb f AO|t ]o à olc : 
<&t]t Af Uac ad T*i*$^cb,, A5Vf AD òvrijACb, Ayf 
Ai? 5l6]|i, 00 b]t:^c A5uf 5o.bftac. ^n)ei). 

An sin dearthar mar lei^Bas. 

tì) A t|5eA|ti)A A5Yf ?ièAt|i i)eAri>6A, cA ffo^ *>^ 
f effibff^6 ùri>lA 50 bubfiACbAc A5 5>ì6e bo ri^Afcjf^ 
ACAft^A, Aft i)fo6bÀffi,cfe ri)olAf6 A^vf CAb^cA bv6- 
eACAff bo jAbAr^ 50 cft5cA]fteAC ; 50 fi5 uri)Al bol> 
5ttf6e, aoi)ca6a 50 bf:Yf5eAn)i)e 1 CiEA^lAf f vfle, 
cftè lYAi6eACb A5Vf boiff ;JofA Xftjpfb, A^vf cfiè 
Cfie]beAri) ad a !?v?l, rt)A]ce^ri)DAf Aft bf>eACAt6e, 
^S'^r 3^^ ^l''* CAfftbe efle a p^ff1f]0D. ^S^T ^^ 
fo, A ^tseAfiD^ xojitbjftiDfb f* F^l^j Ajt oadHK^^ 


1)VHÌ}<il, 50 Tijkefcrotrpe rilè, ACiv ]tA9p&f rtcreA^^ f^ 
iÈaityAafo DAOi^CAf 4X, inot^CA lè bo 371^1*^ ^«5^^ lè 
bo b^du^AÒ i)eMÌ)6i\fA. ^suf 4 f ot) vac ffOS ^Vj 
xfjiè '4 tMolttfliAb |>gcAi6e, t<>6bAt]ir Aft btc bo èof ^- 
b^jic 6ì?c ; 0^60^6 suiòmtb cu ^v brAlg^f AjVf ài) 
cre|ttbf1*e Acl^ ^t^cj^b oftAt^ bo SftOAit; v'} A5 
n^eAbACAO 4 luAi6eAÒbt)e, AcbA^ if;Af6eA>t) Àft 
3Ctoi)CA, oft^ JofAXtiforb4 cEtse^t*^* ; t\<]6ii{0Vf 
Ajttf letffoq^ 4 .t)AOo6ACb AO Sf>totiAtb Ò(XM]n}y 
I>t0b 5a6 '^e ooòtti Ajttf 5l6fti ^ttfCft, <& a ttcAtt^ 
WfleACttit)4CbAt6, f aoJaI 5AI) ctilc. %rt)eo. 


^ Ìè ì3C]leACiin)^ch^\ò A^wf f fOtti>?be, bettiititb 
blf6èÀCAtf tt6 'At3tOI)CACA bW, f 3V ìDAft Abi)CAt5<èr 
c4 t9^ boACttgAb, bo JIac ii)Att b^ buAl i)A fef 
Cfiètbts i)Aon)CAf A, letr ^T) iDbeACA ri>ì<^^^b^t^ce 
Cotttp A^vr iJ^oIa iDÒfilvAto bo <fl|c, 4 ^l^p>^6ceofti 
Jkjf A Cttforb ; A5ur bo i>t ri^ bèAttbcA letf ìiD bob 
f^t^V' ^5^T n)ÀtceAr è'^D ; A^vf 50 bfatTtDffe ^tt 
b^ffott bAfU con)fDAOti)CA à cCojtt* 'tttt1^btATbfi«tc 
bo ^t^r^* §*^<>'' cvAllAtcb bgDAfòèe À iyyllè pbbA^l 
cftetbìbtbe ; A^ur 50 btrtflTDtb TDUft ad JcèAbDA 4 
DotSttt6e cftè bòccAr ^ ^^ ?Ì5®^^bffo^>r6ere,cttè 

ivAfboAcb b^tr ^5ttr p^ir^ tboftittAtc bo *n|c bfitr* 

^5ttr 5ttt8TDfb 50 ttO ttlDAl Ctt^ 6 A ÌtcAttt oeATDÒA, 
CtttbtttgAÒ bo CAb^c butD l^ bo SJttir^lb) 4 tbob 30 
5C0ttbDeòcATD AD r*^ cvAllAcb DAOtbcArotD bo $DÀC, 
Axvf 30 DbèADATD A -Dvtle f6ftc beAjOf btieAÒA bo 
oUtbAtb cu 6ùt9 èutD t?ttbAtltODCA, cttè ÌofA iC]tforb 
4 rl^fJeAttDA ; b^ t^^tb, tda^Uc leAcrA A^ur letr 
AD Spt<>t^b OttAOtb, 5AC vtle ODÒtft a^v^ slofti, 
f aoJaI 5AD cpfc.. ÌttDeD. 

Aim sm dèartb&r no dmtur. 
0totp bo i)'f A fA D^9 A^ttr riocc^t^ ^ càIaid ; 


9H Uv ^om^q^. 

beA$cotl bo 6À0f9t(^. ^oUwm]^ c6, beA^Aff^fiyfb 
tc6, ^ti^4iotb cu, bet|tt9tb jlòip Òrfc, betntD|b 
bM^ACAtf bu]t f4^ bo rhàp's\à^}h ^ ^ t,}^eAjit)^ 
3Df^ A l^f$ 9S^^^9 ^ <^^ f 9 cttc4 ifttlscait)ACbAè. 
^ A t|S«A|ipA, A AOt) lìfc Jefpce ;3Jof A it|i^ofb; 
^ 4 tf5eA|ttj*^ 3D]A, tSUit) 3Dè, a <rtic a Dttc^, ca 
bo cò^bAf i^eACAyje At) botbAtD, bèAij cft5cAf]ie 
OfiAtS : 3wit*A bo cd5b4.t t»eACAt6e Axy bot^Atl^, b$i) 
ctt5cAffte oftAfg s &>T'^ bo cò^bAf t^eACAfbe ad 
bOfÒAtD, 5Ab 4 pofitjAts : tufA pf6e*,f a3 lt]m 
bef f 2)è A pticAtt, bèAD ctt6cA]tte oftAt^. 

<&t1* ^f CttfA Aft)Att? ACa 1)A0lt)èA ; tf CVf A AtbMO 

A«> 2t^eAitt)A; if XttfA Ait)«tft), 6 a 4:»t^fofb, ipAflle 
letf AP ^pfOftAb OdAptt), tf 4^e a t>5l6tti a pttcAp. 

Ann sÌB lèigMdh fn Saffart rnp «a tEaftbooe, ma Hbksa tà 
do Làthw;] don Phohal imtheachd leis an mBess- 

00 5Ctt11)bA15 f f0CC:^1t) Dè, 1)0C ACÀ 6f C]OÌ SAÒ 

»1^ cvf 5fe, b4 5Cfio|6ee A^vf bAft v)V^]r>e a bn<^ 

A^i^r ^ ^si*^^ -^^j ^3**r ^ ^i^ ''^r^ ^ft]Pfb Aft 

cXfJeAttpA : ti^vf 50 ftAf b bgpvjAb ©è ^fls<>w^- 

ACbA]8, A IjttCAft, A1) <rìfC, T A1) ^p]0|tAtb 3tA0|Ì> 

bA|t tt)eAf 5, A5vf 50 5COfi)i)A]6o b^ bf ocAtJtfe ^> 
jD^c. tlti)et). 

Oràidigh Ì8 ionraite a udiaigh na hOfràla^ a nuair nach 
mbionn Coinaoin^ aon nò nios mò dhiobh gach Là don 
taòrt ain ; agus ia feidir iad do ràdh mar an goèadna &àk 
uile uair hhiaa ocaid leò^ a ndiaigh Qraideadh Grnaidn na 
Maidne nò na Noine^ Comaoine^ nò Liòttain^ do rèìr. 
dhiscrèide an Mhinistèir. 

6 A ÌfJeAttDA, CttfbfJ Ifp 50 cftòcAffteAC ]on^^ 
fo A]t D5V]6e Ajttf 4 D0]tDAi6, A^ttf c6]]tt5 fMs^ 
bOfe]]ib]f§ò cviD ad cflaD>f6ce f fO]ttM6e bfAjAfl; 
to^Af A «)eAf5 JAC MÌe cIaoò16]S Ajttf ceA^iDMtl 


DA bèACA seAitifAoàlAlòfe, 50 n)be|&jr 30 h\Ktt 
cuit>bA]5ce lè bo cvib|u5A6 ]iò JitAf aìì)A]1 Asvf |i5 
ftè]6|*e, cjiè 3ofA it]iìorb 4 cI»i5eA|i!)A. ^njei), 

ò A 2^5eA^i9A 99:tleAcrti)ACbAi6f A^ttf- a £0 

fÌ0|firi6e, 5tti6n)tb cu, aot>ca|5, A|t 5Cftot6ce n)A\i' 

- ^*?.^5wf ^ì^ 5<^ot^t> ^o 6f|t]u5A6, bo beA§r5A6, t 

bO tdttltA^ A rMS^l^ ^O 6M5CeA6f A, AJVf A oofb- 

fteACAib bAiceAt)CA6 ; ~ io$Ar C|tè bo ^fbeAD ]t5 

lÌ75|lCUTbACbAC, 50 1t)be]Ct1)]r CA0n)A1)CA A^ A|t 
^COfip A5Vf A|i 1)AT)A19, A^ fO A^ttr 5O bflACj t^è 

A|i c2L|5eA|ii)A A5vr 4 SlA)i)ttt5ceo]it ^orA Ciifòfb. 
tt Ìè ^tleACUTÌ)AÒbAt6, 5vt6ii)|b iùj A0!)CAt6, 

1)A bttlACflA bO' CVAlATT)Att A t^t"^ ^^V' ScluAf A^b 

fottili'jeAlACA, be^c 4 pA bplAi)bu5A6 50 \)]t)n}e^Ò- 
A9AC Ad 4 5Cfiot6c]t,'cftèt>o 5ttit^r^> Aft ibo6 30 
rctft'bttAtb UACA to^Ati)e cottA6 beACA TT)At^^9 ^^^ 

0^5ttA A^Vf 1D0lAt6 cttl)TT)ArA, Cftè ^Jo^A -CpiOr'b ^ 

.c3tt3eApi)A. fifpei). 

3leiTT)6fjtt5 td, <& A tfJeAttOA, a$ 4 ^>Si>totT)Ap- 
CAfb vtle lèb tos^p t^^St^^f^'^^llj -^3*^1* ^^ÌV' ^lt* 
Aft i)A5At6 riS lè bo cutbtY5A6 Jij^cac ; cuti) 50 

^CtvbflAII) ^lofti bOb ^tW 1)AÒTT)CA5 AO 4 T)^le OfV 

peAÒAtb corAtgce, cori)i)Ai5ce, A^itr ctifOCOAtàce 
toÒAbrA; A^ur r^ 6eo|& lè bo tftocAfitere beACA 
f foftivt6e bt:^5A]l, c|xè Jor^ Cfttorb 4 c£t5eA|tT)A, 

^ Ìè lttleACvrì)ACbAt6, a cob4 5AC vle èjtfop- 

Acb, A5A bfjìri t^tor 4' t^tAcbA^Atr iJior cAor^A da 

1Atfifi)A0tb, T Aft DAtDbptor A5 t^TT^^I^ ; 0ut6iDfb 
cu ctivAfse bo bètè A^Ab fif ^Uf^e; A^ur AO^CAts 
DA Defce bo CAb^tpc 6tttD> cftè Ap ti)f6fOD5fi)^lAÒO 
DAÒ UTÌ)AiDotb, T cftè 4 DbAfUe daò btrèAbAiDAOfb 
tAttiAt6, cpè 6toD5tb^lAÒ& bo *(\]c JorA ^fifofb Afi 
cXfjjeApDA. ^n)eD. 

X 2 

, DigitizedbyVjOOQlC 

246 tiì) tùn}M^ì). 

tt Ì)è mileAcrii)AcbA]8, voi bo SeUV èifbeA€& 
lè 5Vt6e DA bjtMDse t^Tf^^r ^ D^1T)rt) bo ^rt^c ; *^- 
iDtb ctt bo cluAfA bo cUot)A6 50 cit6cAi]ieA6 CY3- 
Ai$e bo mge A DOTf -^1* VO^V^)Ò ^5«^ aiv D5U|6e 
crjAb ; Asuf aoi>ca]5 50 bf tii5eAn> 50 cAi|ibeAc 
ciMD TiiAttt ATt TitAÒbAt)ATf, A^ur CYTD bo Slòijiere 
Ctt|i ir ^11**>> ^^ Dette btA|TtAiDA|i 50 c]tetbtbe4C 
bo tièt|i bo coUfA, cttè iJforA Ctt^ofb 4 cS|5eA|ip4. 

Air na dombnaig^ agusLaèthè eile^lre (^muiia raibli m 
Chomaoiiin dèarthar a bhfiiil ordaìghthe ag an ChmnK^t 
m deireadh na hOràide genearàilte \ju son staid iomlsin 
Caglaise Chatoilice Chrìosd ata a ccathughadh air sn 
talamh /3 maraon lè aon nò moe mò do na hOràidibbd do 
eoireadA sios go deigheanach roimhe so^ ag crìochnngbadh 
Idsan mBeannughadh. 

AgUB ni deantar soUuìnuieadh Shuipeir an Tighetm, iM 
muna raibh uibhir iomchubhaidh iè Qomaoin degblieidb 
à nèinfheachd leis an tsagart^ do rèir a dheiscrèide fèin* 

-Agus muna raibh òs donn fhithchit Pearsa sa Pharnisde do 
luchd deiscrèide chum Comaoine do ghlacadh, ni bbìaidh 
Comaofai ann^ adid muna nglaeaìdh ceatbrar \jìò trìur «r 
an cceann is lugha]] Comaoin mar aon leis an tsagart 

Agus a tTeampolaibh Easbuicc agus Colaisteach^ agus a gCoI- 
àisdibb^ mar a bhfuilid iomad 8agart agus Digbacanach, 
caithfid uile . an Chomaoin do gmacadh maraon leis ^ 
tS(^art gacb uile Dhomhnach ar a gceann is lùgha, aclid 
muna ndbh adhbhar dlisdionaoh aca na aghaioh. 

Chum gach adhbhar imriosain agus oirchreideimh> atà ag 
aonnduine nò dfèadfadh bheith aige fèin Ar^ agus fan 
Fhion^ is lor an tAràn bbeith mar is giiath è U na itbf) 
acbd ar mbeith dho nAràn chruithneachda is feanr agm ^ 
fionàlta is fèidir dfaghail go comhgarrach. 

AguB ma fàgtbar aon chuid do nAràn agus do nFion g^ 
bheannughadh, biaidh sè ag an Ministèir chum a usS^ 
f^in ; achd ma bhionn faìdhleach dqn nidh do beanBSÌdn- 



^ ^9 itoiDAOti). 247 

eadh^ ni bearthar as an Teampall è ; acfad do^èfoiaidh 
an Sagart^ agus p;idh b^ eile do luchd na Comaoine ar a 
ngairfioh an tan sin chnìgej an gcèadna dithe, agus dibhe 
go Griubhiheach gan mhiull a ndiaigh an Bheannaighthe. 

Caitlifidh an Minist^ir agus Oifigidh an Teampuill an tAràn 
agus an Fion do sholar lè haghaidh na Comaoine^ ar eho»- 
taa an Pharriisde. 

Agos eomharthaigh, go gcaithfidh gach uile Pharràiadeteh 
Comaoin do ghkcadh tri huaire aann mblia^haìn ar a 
coeann is lujzha^ agus uair aca sin fa Chàisg. Agus caith- 
fidh ^gach uue Pbarràiadeach cundaa do dhèanaimi leia an 
Fhearson^ Bhfocairey nò Chùràidi nò lè na pbrocaddir n6 
procadòiribh gach bliaghain fà Chàisg ; agus ffach uile 
fhiacha Eaglaise do dhiol leis nd leò atà ò ghnath dnnte 
air agus is eeart a dhiol sanH traUi sin. 

lar gcriochnu^adh na Seirbhisi Dhiadha^ dailtear an tair- 
^od do tiodklaiceadh ag an Ofràil gidh chum Cibè uiàid 
riaehalta agus charthanaeh thuigeòras an Ministèir agua 
Oingidh an TeampuìlL Agus a!chd mur ttìgid lè cheile 
sann nidh sin, daufighthear è mar thuigeòras an tUach* 

"<& cA]iU 30 bfv|l 0]%bAi5ce fA T)<&lFlser^ 
^* <tì|D10fbT^^Uipb èv]|>èi|i Ai) 2LfT;g|iiM, 50 5CA]c- 
«* iroAÒ Ittcb t)^ £tìn)AOtDe a sUcaÒ *4^ a D^lijDib ; 
" [tì>nbtt5^6 bèAijcA lè betsi^ciD, cuit) 4 ^Abbi^U 
** ùrbiA A^vf btti6eACA ^y^, ija CAi^tbeAbA bo be^ft 
" it]t]Ofb a5 boD X>|t>ii)5 jUcAf 50 bioi)5ti)^lc^ b^ 
** òv]t A SCètU, A^rf f 6f cuti) 5AC v]le tijAlUib ^ 
^ «)Ì050|ibAi5 bo f §cda6 aS f a itoii)AoiD OtUotpcA, 
" bo f èAbf a6 c<|5tt)^ll 4 ^^ ®ll^} • ^l^g^, bjsU 
** 50 DbèADA6 ftoDbviDe bftoc rt)\Xi\r%^h^ d6 b|toè 
" 'v-f 4^1b, bOD cfleACbAiD cèAbDA hd cftè AiDbf lOf 
*« ASttf Uise, xfi c|tè ti>Aillff A5ttf ceADb^DACb ; 
^ f oill||5ceAti AD f o, 0(Iac DbèADCAft %6|tA6 4 bjc 
^* Uif, A5Vf DAC cd||t A bèAD^tb, b^fiAD DO b./foD 
^ DA ^4^c]tAiDeii;ce ^UccAft ad 50 coitpo]t6A, d6 
" bo UcA]i6ACb Aft bic Co}tpo]t6A J^edU A^vf 
«< ^oU D^^u]icA ^ftfofb. iS)]ft iD^fb A 5CotbDAf6e 


1(48 )S4| |xe46 pMbli^se %e4i)^b. 

" Da8}ìa6 ; [6]]i b^ ^aU6|ia6 f tt) *t^ *1* 
" còift bo 5AC uile it^t^ofbAtse c|te]bròeAC 5]t«ili) 
•^ bo betè Atse :] Ajitr AC^t^ £o|tlp ^5«r ^»1^ ^*" 
^^ bu|tCA A|t dU!)nt6èeotft Ìtttfofb q SleAn^, A^nf 
•* Df a9 t*^ ; A|t ìi)betc a PAjAt^ f 1W® itottit> V^- 
*' bttitcA 4|tforb, befc a T)Aoi)AtD a5 Pior ii}5!)aaod 

ISJ5^^^£<90J5 ^S>na»%:ii8J^/& %JkU^U1U>j 
.Jf c5|tt b0 5MCB5A6 x^ t)&A^lA\f. ' 

Is còir a theafftflff don Fhobal^ eo bhfuìl rd f hoUeunlmuJi 
gan Bai8tea& oo dhèanamh a(£d arDhomhiuddhdih, agi» 
ar Laethibh oile Saoìre^ an tan thig an ehuid ia m6àsi» 
Daoinibh a ndail a chèile; chum go mbeith fiaffhnuifi le 
dèanamh ag an gcomhchruiniughadh ahn sin do làthair, 
gur glacadh an luchd a Baiatior go nuadh a steach a miIbhJT 
KagLftise Chriofid ; agus^ mar an gcèadna> ionnas^ a ^^ 
i^haisdigii iia Leanabn^ ,go mbèidir gach duine da mbeith 
a làthair do chur a gcoimhne na neitheahn do gheall se 
fèin do Dhia a nam a Bhaisti^h. Agus ar a nsdhbbar 
g'oeadna sin f&s is iomchubhaKUi^ an Baisteadh ào mbin- 
iuadràlachd sann teanga choitchinn. Achd ffidheadhj (ma 
budh riachdanach è) is feidùr Leinibh do bnaisteadh adn 
Là eile. 

Agus tabhair dot aire, Go gcaithfidh gach Lcanabh Mic bhitf 
chum a bhaistigh^ dìs Fear agus aon Bhean do bheith faoi '• 
agus gaeh Leanabh Idna^ dis Baxi agtis ZJSta Fhès^ m*' 
chàirde Criosd. 

An tanbhid Leinibh'chum a mbaistighthe^ caithfid a nAith- 
reaeha £gèala do thabhairt don liihhiistèh' afi oidhche 


roimhe^ nò air Maidin Tdmb tliiu Oniaigli m Maidne. 
Agu6 ann sin eaiUifid na Dia-aithre agua na I>ia*mhaithte, 
agus an Pobal, maille lè na Leinibh^ bheith rèidh a^ a 
nOmarBhaistighj^ar ball a ndiaigh an lèighin dèighionaidh 
a? Omaigh na Maidne^ nò gan mhaiU a ndiai^h an lèighin 
^caghionnaidh ag Omaieh na Ndine^ mar ou^eochas an 
Ministèir ann a dheiscrèid fèin. Agus ar tteaclid don tSag- 
art chiim a nOmair \jàax còir aa tan lin hheith làn dUiage 
ghlam^]] agus ag seasamh ann sin dèara sè.j 

tt|t bA^fcèAb Ai> ICeAOAbfA ]u>trì)e fo? 

Ma f lurcagraid, Nach ndeamadh : an sin rachfttidh an Sag« 
art ar aghaidh mar leanas. 

tt c^tìv^^ P^ 10t)rìjA]De, ^ cÀ]tU 50 !)5et9tto|i 
Ajuf 30 Ti^beijtctOYt 3AC vfle 6u|t)e a bpeACAÒ ; \ 
30 i)Ab4 4 Sl^DVì3ceotfi 4i|itorb, ai| f &ai>a9 aoo 
i)bYti)e bttl A f ceAC 30 |ti3§cb I)è, Acb n}nt)A |iAib 
^tcSetDce, T ijttAiB betttce bCtir^e T bov ^pioitAb 
^Aorì) : jA|ttvtTi) bAèÒYtDje ojtAib JDtA ad ctCc^ 
^o JxSe*, cttè Ati c£]3eAtti)A JJofA ^lttof^j ^^ ^l^ 
bo CAbAiiic b^ rì)dttcft6cAt]te b09 VeAQAbfA dac. 
brèAbAi) bt?4^SAtl lè t)A D^b^ti pèti); èAÒot) SO' 
n)bAtiTtr^8 è lè b^if^e t leif ai) ^piotiAb "OX^omf 
^T 30 i)3Uct!ut6e tfceAC è a D^ÌA^Utf 3lA0rì)CAi 
^ytiofb, ASYf 30 i)bèAi)CAOt bAll beò&A 6t t^i) be. 

Ann sin dèaraidh an 8agarl> 

Z)èAi)ii)AOtb 3>f6e. 

U Ì)è lllil§CYrì)AcbAt6 AjYf f fottt>^6e, bo f ^b^t^ 
feob ri»5|tcti6cAttie t^ètt) 9Xaoi A^Vf a ceAgUc a^ 
f A i)4itT*c 6 A tt)bacA6 lè b^fSe ; T rt)4 ad 3c|bi)A 
bo ctteòttAib 30 f^b^lcA cU^ ^fpAel bo popAÌ 
f ^tO Cfilb AD ^tlYfp HttAt^, ^S ct aUyJa6 letf f ti> bo 
*^ir«1S t)Aorì)CA ; ASYf bo b§9ì?3 mtfse cttit) to$* 
^6 tiatQbtArì)pAts peACAibe ttAi©, lèÌAtfceA6bo 
^\c tt6 toprì)>ii) .Jof A £it|of b aS f a T)AbAt9 -JottbAt) ; 
^^l6ii)ib ctt, citè bo ctt6cAiits6A 3AI) ctttc, p|CAt9 
30 cp6cAttteAC q Ai) VeAi)Ab fo; toi^Ail è, AS^f 


950 '«A|rc646 pìrbl|5e1CeAii46. 

66 f AO|tÌA d «f^|t5fe, 50 b^è^bpi^ a sÌACAb a 
tcèAÒ A t)iitl*<^ J^^^sIaIÌ! ^^ìof b ; Ajuf ajì njbe|C 
66 bA]V^eAr) a ^cite^be^n), fusAC cfvè òòcd^f, t 
j!|ièAn)^]5ce A 5CA|tCAdACb) 30 b|^ièA^A8 n^tAÌ 
C|t& co^A^b Ai>cfA054^)l bvA^òeATiÒAfA, 4 Tbò8 50 
b^&Abf a6 cgcb p^ 6eo|§ 50 caU»ì) da bgèA r]ò^- 
utòe ; cmi) a be]c a9 fti> A bflAfcgf rDAjtAOi) Igcf a 
fAojAl 5AI) c]tfc, c]tè ;JofA 4iit|ofb 4 cSijeApi^A.- 

• ^ ^ tt-fìeACtttÌ>AÒbAf6 A5Vf lÌ7A|tCA1)A|&, «01)3- 

i)An) 5AC rile 6>fi)e biof A pt^cbATjAf, CAbAft^ft 
TAÒ Mle 6Mt)e cetC|Of cusAb A5 t^T^^^^ coti>A|]ice, 
^eAtA t)A bttytD^e citeib|0f, ^ ètfètitJei^A ny^b; 
fcrt6rt)ib èa ^ji fot) at) |Cett)tb||, logAf Aft tceA'c^ 
*6 cVfi) bo ^Atf ct5 t)Aori)CAf A, 50 b|rttt5eA6 n)A|t- 
èAti)t)Af A peACvt6e U Atc§eti)eAti)AtD fp}^*ì*^^ 
^itlce. ISIac è, <6 a ÌfseAttDA^ Tt)A|t bo seAll ttt fe 
bo *rtAC ]t5 yoDtt)vt9 fèt^> 45 V'^^y ''^^T^^I^) ^S^T 
bèAttjpA|t 6jb; bèADAt6 lottjAttteAcb, T seAbcSxof.ì 
bvAtltS* Ajvf trott5eòlcA|t 6jb; ^A^t fio CAbAtji 
fc*5è A i)otf Acai A5 t^TT^^I^ ; f A5Aii)A0ibDe, acìi 
'A5 lo|tSAttteACb ; of5Atl ad boftAf b^b ac^ À3 
bvÀlA6 ; cvrt) 50 b):M5eA6 a (WA0t5§D fo bgòttSAb 
tfotfttttèe T)|0DlAt6 DèAtt)6AfA, A^vf 50 bjrèAbtJAS 
ceAcb cvit) DA ttfseACbA tlotiiì^6e, bo 5gU cit, cttè 
4Ì|ifof b Att cÌiseAttDA. Un)et). 

Ann rin èireòchaidh an Pobal na seasamh^ agos deara an 
' Sagart 

fitfCtS bti]ACttÀ AD cSotfSètl bo f5ttiobA6 lè 9(lA0tb 
^Attc, AD fA lOcivtbtbtl, A5 bèAftfA AD 13. 

£0 cv^AbAtt KetDtb 55A bo cati) Jt^iofb^ 4 ^ttii> 
50 iDb6ADt?A6 tè titv : A^vf bo t^6||tt5Ab4 A 6etf- 
ctobAifl AD iDtttDctti cv^ leò fAb, ^òb AD cad bo 
coD^tr^c^ iJof A t;D, bo bf iDfcèttbtAè Atje otftiA, ^ 
A bSrbAtftc fè fttù, Vèt 5f 6 bo da leADbAtb ce^^b 
èttSAiDtA) A^ttf D* cottitDeAt5At6 }M X dtfi tr '^ ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

leftefb]B frb'irlAtèeAf X)è.* ^ be|titn> fitb 50 ffti- 
1^4^c, 3t^ bè T)Aè iJsèvbA titosAcb ì)è cutje 11)^^1' 
ÌeAi)Ab, i)^c ttACA. x^ ^ fbeAC 30 bfVAC t^^t. ^juf 
A». SAnbo 5Ab fè Quts'e t^ ^^ -^ ucb, a^i scvt^ a- 
l^tb OfttCA, bo beAQAts f è tAb. 

lar l&ghaah 8x1 tSoiigèil, dhèanaidh an Ministèir an Teag- 
mg aithghearso air Ifcriathraihh an tSoisgèil. 

tC Ittcb toi)n)AtDe, cl^njctj fA^'C^Sotf 3§lf^ b^t^ 
tiAr Alt SUwòceoftt /tttto^b, 5ttt* '^l^^t?!^ pAlCetJ^tb 
bo cAbAttt^ cvje ; ctooA-f b*. cu5 ACti)ttf Jti) bi^t^tf^t) 
Uii t^fAD A scoDsb^t'^ ^^5 Hoi^Af bo c§5Atf5 bo 
5AC tttU 6^De A i>etitjctot)c>i&e b^ Igtjtp^nji ^Lìj^iò 
B^ n/Att &t^t^^5 ^ 6eA5C0tl b^tb U da CYit^A f ottt- 
troeAUtò Asrf lè t)A 5gioti>; òttt bo vtD^^f 5 ^^b 
a9 ^ t*^13C|b, bo cvìt^ A Utòa otttcA, A^vf bo beA^-. 
At6 }Ab. ^in)è fii> v^ bto6 AtnttAf A^^vtbfe, ACb 
<^l««015 3^ bjov^iio^lz^ 50 DsUcAt^ fè njAtt At) 
5PèAt}t)A A 9(VAOt6eAi)^i)f A UcAttt 50 tf^^t^AÒ ; 
30 tjbèAOj^Atb A rii)f je^f 5A6 tèttAi5Cib ACttocAitte; 
50 bctttb|tAt6 6òbeAdtt5A6 ija beACA ffotttttt«>e, t 
50 i)bèADAt6 ttApp^tt^ce^^ è b;ai A ttfgeACb btoc- 
brAtt)^ ^tt A t)A6b4 fit), 4,iDbetc 6rtpe f^S^fAtàte* 
.rt)Att fo bo beA^èotl^ d%C4 t)gtt)6A boi) QXA0i6efe, 
bo fotllf t5eA6 lè i)a ^tìAO -JofA iCttfofb; A^uf ah 
ft)betc 6tttp 5At) AtbttAf A^t ,bic, 50 i^^Uca^ 30 

f^bo|tCAC Alt DobAttt CAttCAÌTACf A, A CCAbAtttt A 

QdAOt^eAD^tDfe Ctttt) a ^BAtfCiJ DAOTÌ>CAf At) ; ^»5-» 
iDAOtb bri6eACAtf 50 cttetbri)eAC T 50 ctt^tbceAÒ^ 
6p, A^ttf tiAt6n)tb, 

% Ì)è ^ileACttti)ACbAt6 A^rf ftotttri6e^ A ?ic4 
DeAti)6A, betttn)tb btttbeACAtf 4ti)lA 6tttc, f^ Tt)rtt 
bA0i)CAt6 cit Att D5^TD crn) f oAf a bo 5tt:^f , ^ CttiD 
cttetbtti) tODAb ; ^èAbAts ad f jof fo, T bAiD5Dt6 
ADt.cttetbeAti) fo tOD^I^ 50 btt-itc- 2LAb^ bo ^t*1^- 
Ab OtÌAOtt)CA bOD 9StAOt6eADfo ; crrD 50 D^cbèAtt-* 
CAOt è, A5ttf 50 .D.bèADCAoi otstto 6e A^t f UDtfSi^Ò 
t^o^rfbe, cttè Atii^f^eAttDA *»f4 <il*fofb, ai^ d4 


252 llA]fceA6 p-^ib^se VeAi)46. 

6eACAf6 A3Yf A bfUiceAf, n)A]lle leACf a Ajttf ad 
JSpiOfiAb ^Mn)f A i)0]f A5Vf 50 b]tAc. tttoe^* 

Aaii dn bibheònddh «11 Sagart làn m caiidibh Ciiosd ar ui 
modhao. / 

tt Ci8i]]tbe ]t6 ]0!)ibv]t?e, bo cu5AbA]n ai) ICeAT)- 
Abf A a5 fo Cttìi) A bA]f c]5 ; bo ^]6eAO^ 50 19^6 
cotl lè]i cl&f3eA]ti)A iJof A £]tì<»fb a 5AbA]l, a ^oAf- 
3IA8 6 i)A peACA]6e, a beA^^ttjA^ le]f Àt) ^p^ojiAò 
iXlAom, |t^05ACb i)e]ti)e b^cAbA]]tc bò, A^ttf beACA 
flomttf6e. "1)0 6vAlAbA]]t fDA]t ao ^cèAbOA, jttjt 
SeAll A]tc£]3eA]tDA'^ofA X]t]Ofb a$ a èoifjèAl 
i)A pe]te]f ^le bAo«n:vjA6 t>o ]tfneAb4 a yvee : ^f 
• ftò 6s|tbcA 30 yJOtD3beo]6, A^vf ro 5CO]it)lìot)pf6 
re]f]oi), Aft /* CAob fèttj, Al? ^eAUAii) f]n. tC]t A 
Dl^bA]tfO]tì A t)b]At5 1)A 5eAUAtt)t)Af A bo ti]ot6 
£]tfofb, tf ^^tì^ ^? l^eAt)AD fO tt)A]t At) 5CèAbl)A, 

SeAlUibÌo b(0t)5ti)^lcA, 6A CAob f èft), l]bfe ac4i 
bA]t t)tt;|tAt6e 4 [06 50 cct5]6 f è cvti) AOffe lè i)a 
^Ab^^r^ V^^^T'50 Obtttlcttjb fè bOD b]AbAl A^ttf 
bA ttt^e o]b]teACA]b, A^ttf 50 5C]te]bf ]6 50 b]Oi)S- 
iòaIca IS]t]ACA]t t)AOft)CA Dè, A^ttf 50 5cotti)|bfì]6 

A AtCeAPCA 50 btt]]tAtt)AC. 

^tnje f ]t) t:tAt?]tA]5]m, 

f( DD]ttlCA]]tfe, A DAfDtD AD le]D]bft, bOD b]AbAl 
A^vf h^ o]b]teACAib tttle, bo ^oftDp A^vf bo 5l6]]t 

6tOtt)AOtD AD Cf AOjAtlf e, tDA]lle lè DA >?le tDtADA]b 
f ADCACA, A5Vf bo ADC0]l]b DA coIda, Afl tt)06 DAC 
ìeADt^Attt lAb, A^vf DAC cc]te6]t56A]t leo cv ? 
,/^]teA5. D]ttlcAt5]tD 66]b yiie. 


tCD 5C]te]b]0D cii a dD] a, ad ct4cAt|t HtfleAcvtD- 
ACbAc, £|tttCAt3ceot]t Detibe A^vf caIidad ? 

^3^r ^ n-^fof A £]t]Ofb A AOD setD <rt]CfeAD, 4 
ctJSSPOAÌ tCsvf 5tt]i 5AbA6 è dD^piOftAbajAOiD, 


n S**!* bA6U]ceA8 è; 30 DbgCAi^ riof 50 birf»!0'>> 
ASttr fDA|i AD 5CèAbi)A 5Vft èi|i5i6 a |%fr ^V t\i^^f 
U ; 50 DbeACAi6 rw^r 4 D^a"),* A^ur 50 br>fl i)A 
f\¥6e 4 U|tt7 6e]rX>è Ai) c*Hc^]ft tStjleACvmAcbAc; 

Y50 cc|ucr^ Ar n>> ^ !*ir;<^3 ^^ii^s^ ^n cr^tosAii, 

bo%]te].c b|te]ce q be66^]b A^ur ^ TÌ)A]ib>?b? 

^Cgur ^V 5C]ietb|o5 cu ^Sr^ Sp]OfiAb (Waoij) ;.4 
OdAOTÌjg^Utr ^ACOtltce ; con)AO]t) OA OA.01Ì) ; ^a]c- 
eAfb OA bpeACA]6e; e]rè]]i5e da coIija; Ajur AO 
• beACA f ]0|]tu]6e b^tf ^^lf ? 

J^|ieA5. 4;jie]b]ìi) ro >ile 50 b]piJ5Tp^.lcA. 


^^ 1^1 Wc bo bA]rteA6 y^ cfie]beAfòf ^ ? 
iiFfieAS. ttr ^tl leAìi). 


^A ^^-^6 Ai) 5co]m|bru|6 cu 50 bortydtb^c co]l 
t)AOi^cA .3Dè A^ttr ^ Atèe^ucA, Ajvr r40^*l fO^pA 4 
^#A6,bo boACA vtle ? 

Ann MQ dèara aii Sagart, 

tì) A Sè c]i6cA]ti]6, be6t)At6 ad Y^tyiiò^n) bejc 
A6U]Cce AD :r^ leA4)AbrA, toDAr- 50 n)betc <ìD b'^o^E^ 
DttA8 4 DA -^itbùsAÒ ru^r A.D. ^met). 

De6DAt6 DA bvile n)]ADA coli)Atce br^3A]l b;^ir 
AD, A^ur JAC utU DÌ6 beADA-r Utr AD «6p]0]iAb bo 
iDAttcA'jD A^vr betc.A5 r^r ^^- ^^'^^^* 

X)e6DAt6 cviDACb ì^ry DeA]tc b^, iè bttA]6 A^vr 
cjietre bpetc a i)A5A]6 ad btAbAtl, ad crAojAtl, T 
DA coIda. tiiDeD. 

De6DAt6 5t6 bè Df6 b^]leA6 6v]c ad ro lè A]t' 
Dtì>]rtcce Ajvr lèft <ntDtorb]t^U]CbDe, 50 iDttAt^ 
f è tDA]t Ai) 5cèAbDA lioDCA ftè fv*b^]lctb t>eAìD6A, 
A5ur A5 t^^SAfl lttAt6eACb 50 rJOlt^^l^e, c]tè bo 

Digitized by VjOO^IC 

%o^ 1^1 fceAS pìpblYse Ve At^fi. 

r]tdCA]]tet*e, d a 3tf3eA|tDA 3^}a beADA^^e, Aca «b 
beACAtÒ A^rf |X]rnAf 3AC r]le ije]ce, f aoJaI 3AI) 
C]i]6. tCfnei). 

tt i)è lB]leAcuri)AcbA]8, ibA]iCADA]3» A5 A]i bè 
t>o ^AC ]i63|t^]8ce Jfof a 4]iìofb, bo 66]]ic Af a c^ob 
|i6 TÌ)6]tluA]C r]f3e A^uf fr]l, crn) Ti)A]ceAn)DAlf 
A]t bpeACA]6t)e ; A^uf bo CU3 Attije 6a 6etfC]ob- 
lA]b ]ii)ceAcb A^rf i)a b^lle c]i)eA6ACA bo c§5Af3, 
A3Uf A n)bA]fceA6, a i3^]i)Tt) a i)t4cA]i, A^uf at> 
"^tìtCjT AD Sp]0]tAib 9ttA0]tt) ; 0r]6tD]b cu, caB^ ^e 
bo o]tDAi3 bo Co]ri)C]OD6]l ; DA0rt)A6 ad ciKifsefe 
cuìt) peACA]6e bo Dge An)AC 30 ^tutDbTAibjtAc; T 
A0DCA]6 30 D3IACA6 A (XtA0]6efe, acIv a DO]f cm 
. A bA]fC]3 AD, l]ODri)A]|teACb bo 3]taf, A^uf 50 
bt.*AD]^A6 30 b]tàc A Du]bt]t bo clo]De f f]t]Dt6 T 
toJCAf A, c]tè -Jof A itftfofb 4 cX]3g]tDA. ^tDei). 

Aiip nn glacfaidb an Saffart an Leanabh ann a lamluibh; 
agus d&ra sè leìa na C&de Ciiosd, 

^l'5"?T)tot6 AD DeADAbfo. 

Agns ann sin ag radb a nanma na ndiaigbsion [[ma dbear« 
/ bbuid go bbfeadfuijKh an Leanabb fhulang go naitb^ 
tomfaidn sè go deiscrèideach agus go haireach anii sa 
nUisge è, ag ràdh^ 

ai. ISAtfCtiD cà, tt D^tW A DtCcA]t, A^rf 4t) 
^tCj ^3'^'f ^TJ SptO]tA.b OtAO|tÌ). 

Acbd mà dbearbbuid go bbfuil an fjeanabb lag, foigheoii« 
aidh Uisge do dbòrtadb air^ ag ràdh na mbriatbar reamb- 

• ràite^ f 

ai. i3A]rc]iD cr, tl l)^|DtD A D^CA]t, A3Vf A9 
^ic, T AD Sp]0]tAtb 9(lA0]Tt). fCn)eD- 

A^n 8in dèara an Sagart. 

©UcrDAOtb AD leADAb f o a fc^c a 3co]it)CtoDM 
, cMb Jt\K]orb ; T A * c4nn- 

Crof mr ^gA^ an LcmiU. ^<^\^ ^5 <^«^ COlDA]tCA10 ^ 

lè con)A]tCA DA it]to]èe; a 


ff5|ij t)^i n)h\^]Ò vt\}ie 4 t>A b\^\6 ^m c^efbeAiir 
^fi^ofb cèAf Ai5ce bAbtb^tl} A^vf cfio|b 50 cftòÒA 

p^0\ 9A bftACA)6, A 0A5A|6 pe^CA^, AD Cf AO^Afl, 

A5vr A1) btAbAil; A5ur V^^J^ic tja fAi5beo|Tt a^vj- 
t^A.feifiblteAc pjfif9€A« A5 AfifOfb 50 cfijò a 
fceACA- fiipei). 

Anu fdn deara an Sagart^ 

ti BiiAfC|ie jiò 5|i;^i6ce, d c^aiftlA 50 ^pvil a9 
leAOAb fo Ajcjefijce, A^ttf plA^bAfSce a ^cofi^ 
iCAjlAjn ^T*1op ; ctt^wjAOfb bttfbeACAif bo Ì)|a 

t^fleACUtbACbAC A|1 fOl) PA CCAtTlbeA^ArA, A^Vf 

^è^QAH? A^ ^5tt>6e lè AOTjcofl Cttf^e, ai) cttfb efle 
iyti f ao^aI bo cA]ceAti) bop leAPAb fo bo (tèfft a9 

Ann tULar mbeith air a nglùinibli òo niomlan^ a dèartbar: 

tC|i v^t^i ACÀ Af|t r)0^n)y 9(tA0tÌ9CAr» c^fi}ti) ; 
^15^^^^ TM<^^cb; D^^k^ bo cofl ^ ao ccaIaiìj, 
>9V[t pfCfOft 4 i^eAii) : }LA5Af|t 6ufò a i)|tt6 4 i)4&i) 
lAeceAii)vfl; fC^ttr iijaic 6ttf5 Aft ccfOOCA, TDtt|t 
fi)Afcn)tbi)e 65ib bo cfODCAfSOAr A|t i?a5Ai6 ; %5vr 
VÀ c|te6{tAt6 ]v Cttn) CACAf^ce, %icb rAOft ]V o olc. 

Ann 8in dèara an Sagart^ 

£eT|in)Tb bvf6eACAfr \tà a|510I)caca èutc, a 
ttcAifi |td C|tdCATttfb, ho 6]0v 5Vft aoi)caiS ctt a 
9lAOt6ere bAicJett)sti)ttf 1) lè bo ^ptoftAb 9tlA0ti)CA, 
A^ttr A5 5IACA6 lèfr ti)ttft 6ttti)e £lof9e buic rèti), 
^5vr bAll bob ^A^Utr DAOfi)CA bo 6èAt)Ati) 6e. 
^yvr 5ttf6Ti)tb ctt 50 l)vti)Al AODCvgAb, ATt iDbefc 
^6 n)A|tb ctttD peACAf6, A^vf beò cvid f |)tètti)CACb, 
A^vf A6lAfcce lè 4|tTorb ad a h'Afi 50 bf èttbf a6 

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50 ì)^\le bo lèT|ir5ftfor ; A^ur Aii)vtl acA bèADCA 

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Anu 8in ag Beaamb sius do nioBilin, è^ant>aH Ss^ot mm 
Càirdibn Crìosd an Teaga^ so leuiaa : ^ 

tì) bo 30^11 AO le^i)Abf^ |t|bft ^ m|iAi6e, bt&lcAÒ 
boo btAb^l A^uf ba 'vìle otbfteAÒAtb', 50 5Cfie]bfs6 
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mÒìÒ follllll^AQCA, Af) ^eAlUA) A^tff A O^bT^l 

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|:ètttibe befc f t^r T)a Defèefe Af^ej if cdfTt ijfft 
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eAfii)A, A^uf DA Detc i)?ttceAt)jDA bo ceA5Af3 66 
f a9 ceAi)3A cotcctD, Asrf ^Ad ujle Dè^fè o*f lè A34 
còftt bo it|tfofbut5e a Bf fof*'bo oetc'Atg'è,' A3itf a 
ccjtefbeAtt) cutt) flatt)ce At)tt)'A : AjYf 30" Ti)be|D 
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èiirf) beACA dfA^^i AflfofoAiSce »0 òAfèeAtÌ); aj 

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ceofft ^iftfòfb bo leAT)Tt)>Tt), ^ a befc b|DCA cofml 
leffjoo ; cYti) iDAft bo èr^ fetffoi) A^uf bo ètftsfb a 
f»lf ^ 4 fofije, tD4 AO scèAbOA ^Yft òdfft'6«f*e' ac^ 
bAffce, b«^f bf ASAfl 6 t^OACAb, Ajrf èfftge A-^r 
cYio f fftèvocAtCb ; A5 baf U5A6 4 DAjotijf AtTA loè»- 
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6f A6AfCb boACA. 

Àna sia Cukfidh sè leiS; %U6 dèdra ; 
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ctYti) A D4lAfbei"fCc èuTi) A' 6AtD3Dfce a^d a èftt'fbeAri) 

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lfJeAfti)A, ASttf DA Befè D^lffeADCAP tto fi*;6fA 



eeAiJSA coicctS, Àsuf f 6r f ^: da 6|DArl) ^oSUtijca 
A ciCASAfs ^ttforòujse PA b^AsUtre^ bo iiioeA& 

|ȏ t)ASA|8 fl9, 

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" bo gejb b^f A pb]At6 a mbA]fC|5, |iotii) peACAÒ 
^' SDlbibA Ap b|c bo 8èAi)Ari), r^Ai;tt]6ce 5A0 cop- 

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^ AftCA]6 ì)A £fioi6ce rA iD»Aircg6 bo Cttfi 4 scul ; 
^^ir Fè]b]]t A ft?]Utu3A6 jrì]t]i)ijc, A5«r ^a itèArat^ 
^< ceA]tcA f^DA betc A]t coD^bAtl, b]rAic]fD r^ xxx 
** X^AOòjD, bo pv]bl|5ji6 AD ò^ba^^jjL fAV iDbltA5A]D 

tt c£]5Ci6. 

Ì8 cdtr dalfh^UBt^ gach uile Pharràifldle rabhadli do thabh-^ / 
girtgo minif don Aiobal, gan maill do dh^namh lè Bais^ 
leadh a cCIainne nios faide nàn oèad nò an daraBòmhnach 
Indiaidh a mBeartha, nò Là èigin.eile Saoire theagmha 
eatoraji achd muna raibh adhbhar mùr, agua rò rèasunta 
lek, do mholfas an Ministèir« 

Agna mar an gcèadna, bhèaraidh rabhadh dhòibh gan tabh- 
airt ft deara a cClann do bhaiateadh sa mbaille ann a ttigh- 
thibh^ ffan fath màr agus riachdanas mar an gcèadna Achd 
an tnwa choimheigniaheas riachdanas iad chum a dhèan.^- 
ta, ar an n^ ao dhèantar an Baiateadh do mhinioatnUacfad: 

Ar dtùs dèanadh Miniatèir an Pharràiade [nò nèagmhois^ 
aon Mhinistèur dliadionach oile is fèidir dfaghàO]^ agua 
«n huhd bhiaa a làthair^ gairm ar Dhia^ agua Qraid ait> 
Y 2 



25^ |0AltceA6 l?tt]ob^|beAe. 

Tighearnft do ràdh, agos uìriod do na hOràid^h d»hoN 
duid^adh Toimfae ao radh, a bhfoirm an Bhaiatidh rbìiib. 
lidbei ìa flniMhìgiw a naimsir^ ggaa aff èhitUMfli^ a!i 
làthair : A^ ann sin, iar nainmniiifhaA an Leiiàiohle 
aon èigin da bhfuil a làthair^ ddirti& an Ministèir uisge 
•ir, ag ràdh h» RibrlctharBa : 

Ami ein iar sleadìdadli dd'nioBEdìMi bhèaraidh an Mhii^lr 
buidheach as do Dhia, i^us a deara, 

ÌI,etTin?fr5 brtSeACAtf ]t6 AtStopcACA Òntc, a ttc^ 
|i5 tftòCAifit^, bò c|oi) 7;utt Aot)CAt8 cù Ai)iKAt)|6e|f 
bAttSettjeArìjAtt) lè be SpfottAb ^^orrit^, T jUcaò 
leff iDAtt 8tt]t)e òUi^e 6u]C fèft), T bAÌl bdc ^£^5- 
lAif DAotbcA fètt) bo 6èAi)Ati) 6e. ^5Vf 5ttt6tD|b 

tà 50 ^tttfjAl AODCAlft, Attjtttl tf t1)Att AC^ f€F b^*?^* 

]tAopÀtt^c^^^ -^ tt)b^f bo ^t<^rtj n)A|t AD 5cèAt>t)A 
50 iDbctc |iAppai|tcaAC Aiji A etr^tT^S^ 5 '*'T* ^^^ F* 
6eot6 30 bf èAbf a6 be^c ija otstte Atfi bo ttlSeACb 
f |eflt>9Sef e^ Ti^AtUe letf a^ 5CW e^le boc i^iAdti^t^; 
c|iè f At) ccèvbtjA bo ^tÌAC J(of A itttfot'b 4 citfssTtiJA. 

. Agus na biodh contabhairt aca nach bhfnil an Leanabh 
oàistior mar sin^ baisti go dlisdionach agus go hiomcbubh- 
. aidh, a^ ni còir a bhaisteadh a ris. Achd pidheadh, 
. mà mhaircann an Leanabh baìstior mar sò ua dhisigh siit, 
is maith Ìè (l^anamh a thabhairt chùttì an Te&fclrtifll ; 
ionnas^ mà sè ^Jinisteir an Fhairàisde fèìn do bbalsd an 
Leanabh^ go ndeanaidh sè Foirm f hlrìnèach an* Bhais- 
tidh, da ndearn'aidh sè usàid go prìobhàideaicfa TOÌttihe, 
do dhearbhadh don Pharraiste ; figus ttnìi sa chàS^ tfin dèara 
sè mar so: , 

I)e AttbAtjTtT) 6tf>5 JttTì ^A'lft tt^è Aiy WtJAb fo a 
tft]C|b fo bo Art), Af) A Ìeicjb fo bo liò^t^f^x ^]^^)^ 

:|ifo6At), bo ]tè|tt (fcfibAts ^Mr^i^o-^ià ^3^r ^Ì^^ '^ 


'Achd mas Ministèir ar bJth oile dlisdionèch dobhiiltan 
leahaBh, ann siri is c5if do Mhiuigt^ir àif ' Pltìirrt&te «^Q 


»<^lfceA6 ^(t|ob4^TbeAà. 259 

a ragadh nè. ar baidCeadlv tfn LfiAliA\ihf fhèi^bfttii aguè 
f baisAèis do dbeanamh^ an bhfuil an Leanabh baistightbe 
go dlisdionach nò nacb bhfùil. Ann sa chaaa^ ma fhreagh 
nìd an mbuiimtir bbèaras aom Leanabh cìium an Team- 
puiU gar baist^adh aD Leaiiabfa efaeaìiay ann sin ctiiriidh 
an Ministèir na oeasdaaaso orthay ag rààìk, 

£fA bA]fc Aij le«i>Ab|*A ? 

itè b] A Ìaè4k|]i A i)ui} bobAr]fi?eA6>t; le^T^Abf a » 

itji A i>A6b4 50 bfèA&f A]bjf ije|ce è^-^^x) òo pÀ- 
b^jt pA ^^c|iAin)è]ptèfe bè|r jjÀt)'&gtjA8 C^iègsU 
tjòcfiè 6e|fr|]t, a pA^njRfi cfiv^b^Ul6 bot^" cf ofic- 
foio ; m|Tt);^ t^t) f |Af iiA]S|rt) A>ìf bib, 

(E?o bè Ai) t)'i6 Ufi bAtfCeA6 At> leAt)Abf a ; 

6ob lAb t)A bfi|ACfiA lèit bAJf tèA6 Atj leAljAbf A ? 

Agus mà thuigeann an Nf inistèìr^ as freagarthaibh nà 
mainntirè thug an Leanabh leo, go ndearnadh gàcfa hefthe 
mai* ba c6ir a ndèananih, an siu ni bhaistfidh sè an Lean- 
abh a rls^ adid glacfuidh è mar aon do thrèud a norbail 
fhiriaidh Chrìosdaighe^ ag radh mar so ; 

^Sì^'^^ISW 6jbff5 50 bf \?l 5AC i>i6 b|DCA 30 tt>A|c 
4p fA c4^fA, Ajuf t>o fiètjt 6eA50fi.bA]5.beAOAf ftè . 
bA]fceA6 AO lefDibfe ; i)oc òo t*H5A6 a bpeACA6^ 
DA miì^i A^yf A bfeifis X^è^ Aci a i>oif, Cfvè 10&* 
ia6 Aic5e]t)eAti>i)A fA fi>i$o^]fceA6, ^Ucca a fceAc 
* V'^hiy^ clot^e X)è A5»if o^5ftt6eA6 bgcA f j o^>?6€ : 
0tj* nt 6ivlpAD 4 ci'f5eA|ti)A -SJofA Cfiìofb a Sfti^f a 
A5fif ^ cftòc^e tyo i5^AOf6|b bot) cf!5ficfA, ACb 5'4|6 
OfftCA c>?5e 50 |t65fiÀ6AC, tijvft 6eAfibAf ADfOffs^l 
t)Aort)tA GttTi) 4 5C0ii)f OftcAfcb 4 AO ti)o6fo : 

<!l4<5it. I3rf 

^o t^^^b^^ left)fb65A4&o òuft) 4ft]0fb, 4 òu*t> 
30 113*A^t)f*A6 fft ftTV ; -A5iif bo tiij6eAfiSAbAft A 
^effCfobA^l At) ti)uf5cf]t CV5 Uò fAb. ^cb At) r4i> 
^o co^Aiitc ;3fofA i^t), bo b'f iDfCèubfAb A^^e 0||tcA, 
^S^f A bttbSft fè TitCi, *&1Sf6 bo da leADbAib cjcb 
^t^M'^ ASrf DA c<5jf]ftr^eAf5At6 ^Ab ;. dfjt tf U D<^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

S60 .•AitTeA&iP|i]oblktbeAÒ. 

}Viày 9)6 bè v^c i)3ea6A ttìo5A.cb Dè cvq-^e Ti)Afi 

tsi)Ab, DAC tÌACA fè A fbeAC 50 bftAC i^ct* ^5Vf 

AO CAO bo j^b fè Cttt^e t Ab a4J a oct^ A)ì 5ca|i a 
Uf9 otttcÀ, bo beA^^i^ fè t^^b* 

lar )èadluidh an tSoÌKèil, dhèaiinaidh an MiBÌstèir an Teq[« 
aa^tttl^eario air uuiadinibh an tScnag^ 

tCtttòb tootì^Atoe^ clwcts f a5 cSotf 5|lf a bftt ac** 
|iA At^ ^lÀi)ttt6ceo|fi ^t^fofb, 5Y|i. A]cp]6 v^ leiD^b 
bo CAb^tttc ctt^^e; cto^f bo 6^5 Acrirvf^p bÀ]b- 
|}op lètt lì)! AD A TcopjbAil ya6a r ctopAf bo ceAj- 
Atf5 bo 5AÒ ìflelJtttDe a t)etn)ctot)Cì56e bo l^Dnjyii). 
Xttt5|6 tib rt)4 bf otU);5 a ^s^cotl b^t^ ^^ ^^ catQA 
fOttt|iDeAlAt6 A^ttf lè DA 5PÌOIÌ) ; Òttt bo vn)f ti|f5 

tAb AQ.A ttfSCtb, bO-Cttrtfl A Uri)A OtttCA, A^Vf bO 

beADA)i6 tAb.' 9i]ìf9e ^^ v^ bfo6 Ati^ttAf A^atbfe, 
A4ib cttetbtS 30 btoi)5ii)AlcAy Sttft jAb fè ii)Att ad 

^CèAbDA AQ 3Uot6eADA9 fO A ikc^ 50 t^^bAttCAC ; 

30 DbeAttDAt6 A vn)F^f5A6 lè tti5ceACAtb a cttò- 
c^e; Ajrf [iDAtt bo ^eAll oa^i^ocaI daotì)ca] 50 
cctttbttAt6 65 beADy5A6 da be^cA ftotttìr6e, A^wf 
50 Db(&ADAt6 ttADp^tT^^S^ ^ ^^ t^lS^ACb btocbvAtD* 
tttt")e lit), Att iDbefc 6tt|De f^f Atsce a DbeAgcotl 4 
DtlcAtt D^Aib6A, bo t?otlVtt6e»A6 lè da <tÌAC <9of a 
£t*]ofb, boD leADAbf A, ctt^AiDAOtb bttt^CAÒAtf 66 
50 cttetbH)eAC Asvf 50 ctt^itbceAC, A^ttf tt^t*^l*> 
A D<t>|t^t6 bo ceA5Aif5 AD EjSeAftDA fèfD b«t9' 

titt ntlèq, ACJJ^ n DeAfi), 9llAon)C4 ctttW r S^t3§6 

bO ttjojACb ; JDèADCAtt bO COtl 4 ^T) CAlAtt), IDV|t 

Dictoft 4 t)eAii) : }&AbAttt ^'^d^a Dtv6 4 0^4 ^D Uec- 
eAii)vtl; tt^Yf iDAtc 6utD ^V' cctODCA, iDvtt ii)Atc- 
iDtbDe 6òtb bo òtWAtseAf 4 DA5At6 ; tC^vf da 
ctied)tAt6 t9 cttiD cACAts^e^ tidb f AO)t t^ 6 olc 

ti J>è llltl«Adttri)AcbAt6 A^ttf f iotttYt6e> a f4c^ 
DeATDÒA; betfWDtb btti6eA0A)f <-ri)lA 6u)c, f ^ 3»|i 


AO0t4t]d cft 4 i!^^»t) èvity fe^f^ »o Sltat/Asrf dVn) 
c|ie]b| J ]opAb : ^HèAbAfJ Ai> ]?tof fo, Ajrf còil)*' 
ÒAiojiTt^' A'n €|iefbe4w*yr* fòij<&|'5e sb*b|i*t*- E^rbs) 
bo ;8p]0]tAb 9XAon)6A bo9 9t<(A0]beADÀi> fo, ^o^Af 
4 ii7be]c òòA^cJeiijc*, T bj|i)CA i)a o]3|ie fUij^Jce 
f ]0]|tvf6e, cjtft 4 cXfgeAftijA -Jfof a ;t]%f ofb, 30 bf §b- 
fAdfVmeAÒ 50 bttAi) TT)A]i fe]]tbffeAc 6>tC]^, A^vf 
bo jeAUATÌy b]?A5A]l, t)iè 4 cXfJeAfti^^A cjbt)^ J^ofÀ 

4]lf0fb bO "^IÌaC, AZt 1>A b^tAfb AJàf Aj ft]V]tA&) 
11?A]lle IgCf A T A ^p]0]lAb aVAOtt), A t)0]f Ajttf JJO 

b]uc. €lii>eD. 

Aim ghi ifttfttldlf vm SàgM Ainm ali LeiAll^b ; agasy • mfair 
ail hgod Batd a I^«mire aj|^«.Dhi»-inliàitliie liii^ dte-i 
aidh an Ministèi^. . ^ . ^ 

tC i>fi]4-lrAf]fre^, A i)^]\)iì) dv lefiJlbfi, bOD bìÀbAl 
Ajvf »A oifef«eA6A]b \?le, »0 _òo]TDp A5Vf bo 5ld]]t 
6'fOtì)AO]i> AD tf AOSAflfj, iD^]He U'da ifle fbfADAfB 
r*1}CACA, ^Jttf bADcòUfb DA <5oli>'A ; 4 ri>o8 dac^ 
IftADf^ TA», ASuf DAC lèfSffft 66fb bò efted]<tt3^6 ? 

/^fteAj. ^y-ìtc^^i^n) 65fb >fle. 


^D 5€;]i#(bffi « ijSDfA AV ctCc^ »]UAèrwr4^WCj 
4.^yè]5èecrf]iaiefitre A5Vf JaIiìw^D? ^> 

^5»f ^ IJ^CT^ ^ftfilfb A AOfD^fD ^c^ Jè^ 
c^fSS^^^^ ^ tCj^tf 5Vft5AJb«6è69^]>f«|kA^aUoi^^ 
30 ni^^A* ^ Wilf A D^J ^>ff|te ; 5afu falA^iJS p4^>ffr 

f AOf ^OfDC l^fot^C, SUf> CèAf A6 6, 50 bfVA]]l b«^^ 

1 Z^V' l)A6lA]ceA6 è ; 50 Db^ÒAjb f fof 30 l)]fsftfODj 
^S'^r iDA]i AD scèAbDA 5U]t è]fi3|6 a ji]r ad CfteAf 
\^; 30 i)beACAf6 fuAf q DeAiD, Asuf 50 bfvfl d^ 
r^ 4 l^f"? ^lf Ì>^ Ai>cK^4 tttl«A.<Jvit1^è»Ac ; -] 
So tcf ucf A Af ^p A ftff A5 be]fieAb ad. tf aoJa] l, 
^rny bfie]ieAtf)rD^f f bo- CAb^e «( beo^Afb ASrf a]]^ 


^S^r *^ sefiefbfOD^ cù A^fA ^fifoftAb OdAoii) j 
Ai^'atAori) fiAsUff ìtACOflfcè; cotDAOfD D^^DAOìDì 


, t6% KAffceAb l?|i]ob4^ibeAC. 

iQ4tce4tb i}A bpeACAi6e ? etf ètii^e PA colpA ; 45^^ 
/^fie^S. Xtieibjii) fo ìile 30 Dio93tì)McAv 

"^A r<^A8, Aij 3CO|ipèAbfì(?6 zu 30 b^^^l c^l' 

^AOinCA JDè A3Uf A A]CeAl)CA, A^ttf Al) jjYbdlfVjb 

lopCA 4 f 0^6 bo f A03A]l >fle ? 
<^(ieA3. £)èAt)4ib. 

Aun Bin deara an Sagart. 

4BUcii>A0]b A9 IgijAbf A A f ceAC a * sco|rbè|oo6l 
CfièitbA it]%fof b ; *] Ad^AOjb 

.;j flS ^ì^ssssislSiì ^s ^^ coibAiicAis 4 lè c?*- 

M. ' 4CA PA ttiafce ; a f 1310 Pac 

T9bf At6 ij^tT^© '4 V^ 6|A]6 fO 

c]tetbeAri) it]t|Qfb òèAf At6èe bAbib^il, A3.uf cfiojb 

30 Cttd6A f AO| t)A b|tACAt6, A tJAjAt^ peACAtÒ, AO 

CfAOjAtl, A^rf Ap biAbAtl ; A3Yf pv^iieAÒ p^ PI3: 
b|ìfi< A3ttf !)A f ei]tbifeAC f f jiideAC A5 /Lji]OXt>i^ 
C|ijC A DCACA. tCii)ei). 

Ann 8in d^àra-an Sagart*, 

tC b]tA]è|te Tt5 S}ta]6ce, 6 c^jìIa 30- bpxl ^9 
ÌeADAbf A Atcje]i)ce, ^ t>lADbA|3ce a ^cotip ^5* 
Uttf 4i]itofb lè.lèAtfceA6; ctt^ròAOfb bì^beACAir^^ 

jbtA Wtl<^ACYri)ACbAC A]t fOI) l)A CCAtTtbeA^ArA, T 

^èADAii) 4 D3>?6e lè AODcotl cM^e, ad èrtb otfe &* 
fAojAl bo cA|ceAri) boD loADAb f o bo pèip aD cof** 

Aim ain d^ra an Sagart. 

/ Ì&et]iiDtb bM6eACAif p6 AtstoDCACA. 6w, A^tc^ 
' |idC]t6cAtpt6, bo ciOD 3tt]i aodca]6cy a 9(lAO|6efft 
bAtcjejDeAri^ìSD lè bo èp]0]tAb 9(lAori)CA, f^5*r^5 
3IACA6 le]f n)4 6ììDè cUiDe 6ì^ jrètD, Asitf bAU» 
bot 4CA3Utf DAOri)èA bo 6èADAri) 6e. ftstir 5^^* 
«DJ6 50 bunN^l Ctt AODCY5A6 4 iDbe|C 66 iD<^l!i6 ^ 


^l&ACAlS, A^vf beò6 cttiD t:ì^èADCAicb^ T AòUtc^ l 

bo cèAf a8, T cojtp Ai) peACAt6 >ile bo lè]|if5fitOf ; ' 

bo <tì]c, rDAjt AÌ) 5CèAbDA 30 itjbetc |tAi)patftceAÒ 
Ao A e]f èt|%3e ; 4 ìi)o6 f A 6eoi5, 50 bp|bf a6 b^jc 
DA 0]5|te q bo ittogACb f jo^>ì6efe, rD^t^l'^ t^lf -^^ 
3c>ìD etle boc A^slAtf daoidca, C|iè -Jof a itfi}ofb 
4 cXgeA|tT)A* ^tpeo- 

Ann sin ar seasanili suas don niomlan, d^araidh an Sagart dt> 
na Dla-aithre agus Dia-mhaithre an teagasg so leanas. 

<S) bo geAll AD leAtjAb fo c|ttbfe a rt|t>?6e btvl- » 

ca6 boD b| AbAÌ A^rf b^ wtle atb|t|gCAtb, 50 scttetb- 

feA6 A pDtA, A^uf 50.wèADA6 fetttbif bò;. tf 

c5t[t 6tb|t A cot»T)Dtr5A6, 50 h^\ brAUc t b|!tAC ^tb 

0|tAtb f èiD CAb^c^ f o be^A a tbriJA^ boD leAD^bf a, 

cò IttAC A^uf btAf AbAtb crTi) f ò^Utt^A, 50 bj AD 

H)6jb foUurnADCA, AD ^eAllAti) A^Uf A DAbìD^tl 

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Vèitt^be betc ftof D<v Deicetf ^t^e, tr c^tT* ^ib 5^11^ ^ 

4 crn) ^eADiDèitAÒA bètfceAcb ; A^rf 50 b^tfit^ 

bè4A tìb f 5 be^A, ^ ad itttèt6 bt^osUn), (feftaib ai) 

f 13®^T*^A, A^ttf DA JDetc D^W^tceADCA f ad ceAijjA • 

cotcctD, A^rf 5AC ttfle petce etle A^Att cotti ^o 

tjijofbAise A btrtof bo betc At^e, A^ttf a scpeibgiti 

crn) fUiDce adida ; A^ttf 50 n)be|c ad leADAb po 

4 ^A CAbqc f ttAf 50 f ubAtlceAC, cwt) bcACA 6ia6 A 

*3^ ^tttpfbtttse bo CAiceAii) ; A3 co]ti)Dtv5A6 ba 

W^t 50 bAjfbèADAD AD 38AtfceA6 4 ^cttetbeArt) 

^^r); èAboD, etf toti)t>UtT* 4 SUDtttJceottt ^tttìofb 

^o leADAii)AtD, A^ttf ho be]C b|DCA cof ri)-^! lètf ; 

I Cttn) njrtt bo èu^ fett?0D, A^ttf bo etfèttiSlft VT 'i 

4 foiDe, n^ujt AD ^cèAbpA ^rti còftt 6^5^» acA 

^^tfce, b^f btTAS^tl o peACA6, A^rf ètftje a |t|f 

cun) f iti|t)CACb ; 50 ctDce A5 b^^frjAb 4 DAtDii)tAtj 

J<>cbACA c|ir AtUl6ce, A^uf aj brl 4 4 DA^At^ 50 

UeceATÌ)u)l AD f DA l)ttjle f rbAtlctb, A^uf 6tA6ACb 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Achd ma nfd an inhuinntir do bheir tn Leanabh chnm an 
Teampuill freagartha chò neimhchinntesin do chdstinnibh 
an tSagairt^ Mun hliÌBattar go cinnte gur baisteadh an Lean* 
abli Toimlie ao sè hUiwe, a naÌDm a nAthar^ aeua an 
Mhicy agos aaSpioraid'Naoimh, rneithe ata nàdùrtna don 
Bhaisteadh Q aun aa chàs sin, Baiateadh an Sagart è do 
rèir na Folnne do cinntigheadh roimhe do Bbsbteadh 
Phuiblidhe Leanahh ; seacn^ a nam thomtha an Leinibh 
.cann Omar, go ndcan ùsaid donfhoirm bhrìatharsa : 

tlcb ipuij^i bf>?l cu bA^fce ceADA, 0^1. bA|fctii>|f 

tlgvf biof AbAjò cwrp f iteASjtA 4 a foo f èto. 

Av tan bhid daoine chuaidh a mBlia^naibh chum a mBais^ 
^tighj ìs «òir da nAithreachaibh mo do dhuine dhiscrèìd- 
each eisin eile, sgèd thabbairt do nEashucc^ nò'^on tè 
'oiideochas sè lè naghaidh sin^ ar a •cheann is lùgh seachd- 
mWin ròimh a nam; chum eo bhf^6adfui&e curam 
<do ghabhail lè na tTeasdugbadh mur budh dùal^ an 
bhfuilid edlgach go hiomchubhaidh a bpriomhphoncaibh 
i^n OhTmdimh Qiriofldiùghe ; agns chum teagaisg do 
thahhairt dòibh iad fèin doUmhvghadh^ lè hOrnudh agns 
lè Trofigadh^ cko^ aa Sacraimèinte naomhthasa do gh&s 

Agas ma fagbihariomehQbhaidhiad, 'Djar^mbdth don Pbo- 
bal cruinn IMadomhnaidh nò La Sa(»re cinnte]] bèid na 
Càirde Criosd rèidh chum a ttoirbhirt ag An Omar^ ar ball 
a ndìaigh an dara Leighin, ag Ornaidnna Maidne nò na 
9^ème, mur chidhfear don Mhinist^ ann a dhiscrèid. 

Asus ar seasamh an sin dòibh fiafrochaidh an Sagart^ an 
«hfuil aon phearsa diobhso tugtha làthair baiste^ nò nach 
Mluil? Ma fthxeagrttid Nach bhfuil^ anu siu dèara an 
^^art mar so ; 


tC c^7|tbs Tt6 ioi)ri)4fDe, <6 c^fiU 30 i)5eìi)C]0fi 
^S^r 50 it)betjtctO|i 5AC xrle 6r|i)e a hpeAC^b; ^ . 
ir C0U5 At> V}b be|]tceA|t boi) coUfò, ^Suf ijaò 
bf:èA&A]8 AO bfivos Aca fA$ 5coUti) ]iiA|i X)fe 
6èADATb» Acb A be]è a ^corboAfòe a bpeACAÒ, A5 
bèAijATÌ) f omAb bo co]|ic]b lè ^v^on) ; -| 50 i)AbATTi 
4 SUi>ttf5ceo|ft itftfOfb, Qd] ^èAbA^ AO]^eAc bvl 
A fceAC A. ft]05ACb Dè, iovija Db§t)c4 a Aicjefpce 
Aju]* A DVAi6be]]tce blStif^e A^uf boi) ^pfOftAb 
9(tAorb ; *3fA|ftì^iD bACcvfij^e oftAfb X)f a ai) c^cAf]i 
bo 5^òe, cfiè A]t c£]5eA]tDA Jof a itft]Ofb, ax) t)]6 
bo CAbA]]tc bA- foln)A]ceAf bo oa ^eA]tfooA]bfe, 
i)a6 bf èAbAfb bf^5A]l 5 da i)^bu]ft fèfi); èA6oi> 
30 tDbA]f cfrjò ]Ab lè b®^|f5e A^vf leff ai) ^f>]OftAb 

9X^0119, A^Vf 50 D^UcfJAOf A fCeAÒ A l^fiA^Uff 

31aoìì)ca 4!^]t]0fb, A^af 50 pbèADCAO] bAll beòÒA 

feOT) 5CèAbOA- 

Ann BÌn dèaraidh an Sagart. 
X)èAi)ii)AOtb 5>ì6e. 

(Àgus ann so sleachdfuìdh an Pohal uile.) 

tt 3bè ®:]leACvri)ACbA]6 •] f ]0^u]6e, bo f ^b^fl 
bob ii)ò]tc]tòcA]]te f è]D SXao] A^vf a ceAjUc ad 
fA D^]]tc 6 A n)bacA6 lè b>1f 5^ ; A^uf n)A]t ad 
ScèAODA bo c|te6[tA]6 50 f ^bà]lce cUd ^ri^Ael bo 
pobAÌ ^è]D c]tjb AD ^v]]t 3ilvAf&, A5 ciaIIv5a6 le-ff 
Ki) bo «A]fC]5 DAorbcA ; A^vf lè l3A]fceA6 bo ^]C 
l^ ]ODri)uii) -jlofA £|t]Ofb fA DAbAfD -3foftbAD ; bo 
beADA]6 eleii)eiDc a D^fr^e cvn) ]0dUi6 ]iuio- 
b|Ari)]iA]6 peACAl6 vaio ; ^vì6rDib cu, c]tè bo cftò- 

CA]]teA6 5AD C]t]C, fèACA]D 50 C]t6CAlfteAC 0]ftCA 

ro bofei]tbjf^6; fODAil a^v^ DAori)Af6 ]Ab leir ad 
^P10]tAb aj-Aori), lODAr Aft n)be]c 66]^ f AOfiCA 6b 
f eift^fe, 50 bf èAbf:>?6e A D5UCA6 a fceAÒ a D^lftc 
*A5lA]fe it]tfOfb ; A^ur Aft iDbeic 66|b bAiD^eAD 
A 5C]tefbeAri), ri^b^^ilceAÒ c]tè 66ccAr5 A^vr vn^^- 
^lS^e A 5CA]tcADAÒb, 50 b]rèAbfA6 ri^^bAl cfiè 
^5A]b AD cfAOjAil bvAi6eA]tcAfA, Aft ri)o6 50 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

ccfocf <i1b jr^ 6eo]J 50 c^Ufi) t>a be^cA f fo^aiSe; 

^UìD A be]t Al) Ift) A bfUlCgf TD4AOI} IgCf A fAOjAl 

3AD ctijc, c]tè Jlof A £|i']Ofb 4 cS,]3eA|toA. ^meo. 

tt Ibè f%(leACUft)ACbAT6 A^ur fÌ7A|tCAi>At6, €01^3- 
jjAib 3*0 u|le 6r|i)e b|of a |i|AcbAPAfy CAbA]tcdt|i 
3AC rile 6u|i)e ce|C|Of cu^Ab ^3 iAv]Ttì?6^ort>A)|tce, 
beACA OA b|tr|P3e ò|tefb|Of, T effèiftge ija ii?A|ib; 
<S>?6ft)fb ctt 4 fot) OA l?eA|tf^ti)fb|}, fo^^f 4 cc§c& 
^6ib crrt) bo *AffCfS DAOfòcAfA, 30 bfr|3eA6ìf 
iDAfcgibDAf A bp^c^ lè AfC3efi>git)Af D fpf oftAb- 
Arlce. 0Uc fAb, ^ A'£»f3SftDA, iDÀft bo SeAll cu 
lè bo *rìAC ftd fODtDufD fèfD, A3 fi^6, *JA||irf6, ASVf 
bèAftf Aft 6fb ; b&ADAf6 loftSAfftCAÒb, '■f ^eAbcAOj; 
buAtlt3, T froff3eòlcA=ft 6fb : '^HAft fft) caò^ è^v^ a 
DOff AC^ A3 f Afftrt6^ |:A3AtDAOft>De, ac^ A3 lofi3- 
AffteACb; of3Afl AD boftAf blfòe ac^ A3 buAUb; 
-curD 30 bf:rf3eA6 da IPeAftf ada f o beAdu3<^6 f joifi- 
ì?6e CfODUf6 Dgtb^AfA, Ayrf 50 bfJèAbf Afbtf c$èt> 
cufD DA ftf^eACbA f ìo|ftx6e òo geAll cti, cfiè Xitfop 
4 cJLfJeAftDA. titDeD* 

Ann tiu cSreodliaidli ^ai Fobal oml Em8Bmk$ agut dèaia an 

^Tfb|3 bftiAic|tA AD cSoff^èfl bo fSftfob 3Uom 

*0|D f AD C|t5f ^^Afbfbf l, A3 coprjA^ A5 AO Z^i^ 
bèAftfA. I 

Do bf b>ròe AfftfSe bo da I^Afftff fDeAÒufb, feAfi 
bAfDfD ÒXfCobètDttf, buACbAftaDrfb i)a D^ubAfSS^; 
^I«)f3 f ft fo ^»"> ^orA AD f A DOfbce, A^rf A bcib^ 
rè ftff, tt ^ATStrbtft, AC^ A f fof A3ttfD Sttft Ab 6 
1)TA c:JvfDf3crfA Ab f OAft ceA^Af f3 ; òfft Df fèfOff* 
lè bfrfDèAC DA cotDAftcrf6e fo bo dJ cuf a bo 6^«'J' 
AiD, iDttDA fDbefc 3Dta tDAflle ftff . JDo f fteA^ttj^ 
^of A A^rf AbubAfftc f è fiff, <Bo beftDfD, befiiltO) f 
bef ftf fD ftioc, ^HttDA D^ef DceAft brf^e a ftjf) ^^^ 
èfbfft lef f ft'f03ACb I)è bf?AfCffD. ^ bttb^c S^ico; 
t>èfDrf ftff, £fODAf Af èfbfftlè bvfDe AC<^4|trA|* 


^41 JeioeATbttfi) ? ^D ètbiiiletr bvl a fbe^ a TDbtioi-i) 
A m^cAft AD bAjt^ bv4> ^5^r ^ rf^icbtietc ? Do 
f lieAsg ''or^j ®o betmin, betinti)> ^ beftttn) titoc, 
^itijA ttAtfe De^^c 4 i)A seiueAibvf 6 ^ffrje Asuf òo 
SptOftAb, Dt f èfbttt letr bttl a rb<gc a tttosACb Dè^ 
tlp Dj6 AcA- ^t^ DA SetDeAiDMD dD btreofl a^ t^eotl 
è; Asuf AD Di6 AC«v Att DA3etDeAii)>rD0DSpt<>ì^«>^ 
tr rpiOftAb è. aj^ bfoò tODS^-^^ ^S^*^ S^ Dbvb^c 
nrflt t^t^c, 0vtt Ab èfS^AD bAOjb bvn D3etDeA?i)tt>D 
A tttf. ^lbtS xvD SAOC ìt)4 Ar 4^tU lè, T bo 61^}^ 
cv A cottA9> ACb Df btr^fl A f for A^Ab cftèvb Ar a. 
*«fS Th vo c^c A bcètb r1 • tr n^^ì* ri'> -^c^ SAÒ 
DeAc AC^Jfe A]t DA SjeiDeAiDtttD^^D ^ptottAb* 

lar sia deara sè 'a» Teagaag 80 leanas: 

tC c2|be sl^^^^lS^e, bo cUd tfb ad r^ ^otrsilfA 

bftiActiA rotllèttte 4 ^UDttfbceoftt Ct^forb, t<*Gb 

ii>vDA fi)berftceAn At> b^erblS^rS* 1 ^^^ ^pfottAb, 

DAc ètbttt 86 bttl a rceAC 30 t^foSACb Xè. ttr Ati 

rèfbttt li5 A cvtsre sob è ad ttfACbADAr n)6ft ac^ 

lefr AD cfAcftAttDetDcre, r^ D^fc 4 t^ètbtft a fAS^tl- 

•^ttt^ AD scèAbDA, 4 bAll ttofine A 6wl fVAr ^ D^n), 

fn^Att lè^s^tDAOtb fAD ccAfbtbfl SèfbtODAtS ^o 

^tt^AÌ 9(lAoib ^riAttc,] bo cus r^ AfCDe 6^ ^etf- 

cfobUtb, AS t*^^ -^iDcts cttii) AD crAojAtl ìple^ 1 

b|i>4f6 AD ^ofrs^l bo cjs-^rs ^ S^ "^^^ cfi|c^tt. 

tÌD cè cttetbtor AS^r bAtrceAtt, rli^toeòc^ è ; Acb 

^AttDeòDCAtt AD cè DAc scttetbtoD. 3Vt "'^T* ^^ 

ScèAbDA potUrisgr bìfDe AD cAtftbe n)à\i bo set^^ 

n?fb 6^ CAob. Ìi^ a D^bb^ ftD ad cad bo bt 90lAOTt) 

^eAbAtt ttbpcol, AS cèAb ceA^Ars '^^ c^<>irs^l'^ 

Ajur bo bt A DtoiDAb 8^ DSOfD a S^l^^l^^i T ^"^^ 

T»AbAtt lett;oD Asur letr ^^ S^'*?^ ^l^® ^^ ^^ b^ib- 

rcoWfb, ti 8Aott)e Asvr a '8eAftbttitctie, 30 ^^ 

^è^AfiDDe ? bo fft^eASAttt r^> ^S^r ^ bvbAjftc t^u, 

^feADAt8 AfCfttse, Asvr bAtrcoAtt S^ *t^^ òvfDe 

^S^lb cviD iDAtceAibDAfr peAcx8e, ^3»^ JeAbA ^h 

«1o8Uoa8 ad 6t>tottAtb QdAOtib : <&tt* tr ^l^H^ ^S*^r 

^^ ^»1* 5clo\^ Azò, AD seAUAibj AS^tf b^ bfftttl a 


jcètP, èASoi) AD n)è)b 4 4^ DbèA!)4 Ap £^§6A]iija 4 
i)D|A s^nj. tCxttf ba ceAS^ifS f è lAb lè ]}\om^ 
bo b{ttAC]tA|b oìle, A3 |iii6, £YTt}bAt5e i^b fè^i) 61) 
DseìDioUc iDì6§Df Ajjfe. tf)i|i, [ida|ì f |A5Dì?H3Sr 
AT) ctibfcol cèAbDA A D^fc oile,] bo Dì AD U^tFè'' 
•pètD iDAtt AD 5cèAbDA 4 fZJb^H A DOtf > [dÌ b^ cu|i 
f aIc4 DA feòÌA uAtD> ACb |rfieÀ5|iA cotDfìAtf ri)A|c 
bo Ìt^j] l^ b^tr^tl*S^ ''^^r^ itfi]Ofb. fftt">^ 1»'' ^* 
btob coDCAbAi|tc A^Atbfe, Acb C|ietbt5 50 bioijj- 
tÒAlcA, 50 D5lACfV|6 fè DA ^eAftf ADAfO Uc^ JO 
f AbAttCAC, Att DbèADAii) Atcttfje f tni^tS? ^S^r *!* 
bccACb CMse lè c|ietbeAìi) 86tb ; 50 bctubftA 66]b 
TDAtceAfDDAf A bt^eACAfÒe, A^uf 50 bC|0&U|C|i) 
66tb AD ^t^tO|tAb àlAOtb ; 50 bctubftA 6dtb bgD^cb 

DA bCACA ftOlttVtbe, A^Vf 50 DbèADA ]tADP^tl*^$^ 

lAb bA t^t^^S^^ b|Oj6bnAtD- 

t(|t A D^6bAtt tiDj A]t TDbetc 6^D f4ifAl5cebo 
6eA$cotl Att D^CAjt i)eAtb6A bo da 3PeA|tfODAt5fe, 
bo t?otUt{5eA6 lè da ^ac ^of a itt^t^^fb; cv5aidao|& 
b>?6eACAtf bò, 50 citetbtbeAc A^uf 50 c]t^tbcgè, i 

tl iiè ^lttleAdiiibAcbAt^ A^uf f fotttìr6e, a tCwfp 
DeATb6A, betttiDtb bvt6eACAtT uibU 6v|c, t^A my^ 
bA0DCAt6 cu Aft DSAtftiD oviD f eAfA bo Srt^f, ^S^f 
òttiD cftetbtib tODAb : ^èAbAts ad f tof fo, T bAii)- 
5D|6 AD cftetbeAib f o toDAtb 50 bft^c. XAbAtt^ ^ 
èpt^ì^^b 9(lAOibcA bo DA peAftfODAtbfe, cuid 5<> 
i)AfcbèAttCAOf fAb, T 50 DbèADCAOf otSftfbe flào- 
Af6 f f0tttì^6e bfob, cftè A]t c)tt5§ttDA ;Jof a Si^'Mb^ 
DOC ACA DA bgCAt6 A5Uf A bf Ut^^^f iDAtUe IgCfA 
-^S^f AD SptOftAb OdAori), a DOff A^uf 50 bfiàè. 

Ann gin Uibbeòraìdh an Sagart leia na Pearsouaibh atà c&«ni 
a mbaisti^ ar an modhso: 

tt c4be beA5ftÀf6ce, bocAfDfS ^^ ^o ^5 fAtfiAtS 

Ì5Af fCfS DAOlbCA bO 5UCA6, bO CVAUbAttt IDA|1 &0 

|ttbe AD cofibCfODSl 5ut6e, 50 ida6 cof l lè Aft cXjj- 
OAftDA -^fofA £|^ìOfb, b^ DSAbAfl T bA]i iDhgDuS*^ 



*AifCgè ^^ bpwse èfs crri> ^Cojr^. 269 

tA]i b|nrAf5U6 6 BA|t bf eACA]6e, ftfojAcb tjeffbe 
Ai^iif A beAC^^ ii;AfiCA$AC bo c^b^c b}&. JDo cuaI- 
AbAffi fi)A|i AO JcèAbQA jnft 56^11 Aft cXf^eAftnA 
^fofA £ftfofb, AÒ A Ì^ocaI i^Aorf^cA, f)^ b»fl^ DOfce 
bo 5nf6eAr9Aft bo 6e5uA6 6^o ; ir f*^ 6eAftbcA 50 
3coii)3beof6 Ajvr 50 5C0|tÌ7e6Uf6 r^lHO'J 4 ^ ^ao& 
frèft) AD seAllATt) fft). 

tCft A t)A6bAftrO]t)^ A t)bf Af5 t)A 5eAlUtt)t)ArA bo 
fi]$e £]tfof-b, CAfCf:]6 ffbre tt/A]i aii 5cèAbt)A, ajì 
bA]t ccAÒb f:èfD, 5eAlUtti 50 f:|jt]6eAC bo UcAfft 
bA]i b/|A3t)tt]rf6e, T At) itoftt)C|oi)ò]lre 50 bfonj-. 
Ui), 50 t)biulcffAf6 ffb bot) bf Ab^l A^rr ba Nfle ofb- 
fteACAfb, A^vr jo 5C]te]bfre rib 50 bfot)5rt)^lcA 
/ocaI DAOti)CA Tè, A^vr 5^ 5Cttfn)be6cAf6 ri'^ ^ 

A]CeA1)CA 50 bufftAft)AC. 

Ann 8in fiafirocliaidh an Ministèir do gach Pearsainn ata 
chum a bhaiste^ fà leath^ iia Ceasta so leanas. 

4efrc. % t)bf ttlcA]ft bot) bf aKaI t bA otbfijcAfb 
^e, bo pof Tt)p A^ttf bo 5l6f ft 6fOrt)AOf t) At) crAO^- 
A]lre, ff)A]lle lè t)A MÌe fb]At)Af6 r^^^^^^j ^S'^f ^^ 

At)COflfb DA COlOA ; Aft tt)06 t)AC leAt^fTA cu ]Ab, T 

94K> pcfte6]t6cAft le6 cu ? 
/fteA5* XfttlcAfSfn; 66]b v]le* 

it, tCi? 5<rfiefbio& cu a tjDf a ad c^cAf ]t ttfìg- 
Cvti)ACbAò^ iCftvcAf Jceof ]t r)c?]tT;e A^ur caIttiai) ? 

^S^r ^ V^T^ itftforb A AOt> geft) ^flfcreAt) Aft 
tSfSeAftutA-? tl^vf 5tt]t 5AbA6 è 6t> Sp]0]tAb 
^Mf^j go ftv5A6 è lef r A Di^fS ^'^ffi^ ; 5*"!^ F^U]P5 
p^]r FAOf !?of nc #foU]C, 5ttft eèArA6 è, 50 bfJUAfft 
^Hi ^S^'f Jttft bA&Uf ceA6 è ; 50 t)beACAf6 rìof 
30 bffrftfotj, A^rr tt)Aft At) 5cèAbt)A 5Vft èf ftSf6 a 
ftfr Af) cftoAr Ù r 50 t)beACAf6 piAr ^nt oeAtt), T 
oobf;aflt)A fvf6e Afft l^w 6e]r Ì^è At> cttcAfft 
IRflscaii)ACbAÒ ; A^ttr SP ccfacfrA Af* ri'' ^ ^lf ^g 
^e]fieA6 At) crAojAfl, bo bftefC bfiefce ^ be66AfD 
*S>*r 4 WAftbttf b ? 

^jvf A9 3Cftefbfo9 ctt A^r* SpfoHAb 3(jAort) ; 

z s 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

AD OHAOitìjeAsUfr itACoiltce; com^o^W^ xfMm 
ìi)AiceAìb V^ bpeACAiòe 5 eifèifiàe i)^ coIoa ; i 
Ap beACA f Ì0ìtiai6e bèff bak-ir ? 

J^jieAS. ^►TieibiTi) ro ^^l^^ S^ biotJsb^lcA. . . 

/C. %t) ^il le Ac bo bA]rceA6 r^ ccfieibeAìpfA ? 
^. tir ^l'^ leAti). 

£. <flA r^A^ ^V 5CO]iì)èAbrYl6 cu 50 bon)0|b§c 
co|l i)Aon)CA Dè A^vr A Aicgi)CA, Ajrr ì;vbAl|o5cA 
^ reAb bo beACA v^le ì 

Jf'. 3&èA!)Ab biccioll 15») bo ÒèADAti), lè cot)3i)A& 

Ann sin dèara an Sagart, 

ò A £è c|t6c'AiTtl8, be6i)Ai8 ai) r$»> ^6At5) bejc 
AòUicce AÒ r'J^ ^^^^r^^^-^l^r^j IO^a^ 50ti)beic 
At) bvipe t)ttA6 4 t)A 4titbv5A6rvAr io^ca. ^iuei). 

Xedi)Ai6 i)A buile tt)iAt)A coli)Aice bf :8t5Ail b^ir 
jo^cA, A^vr 5AC vile i)}6 beAijAr leir ^*> ^|>|opJ' 
bo tt^AftcAii) A^ur beic A5 r^t IO^ca. tin)ei). 

Dedi)Ai6 Cttii)ACb A^ur t)eAitc b5ib, lè bttA|6 1 
cfteire bfteic a 1)^5^16 ai) biAbAil, ai) crA^034il> 1 
t)A coli)A. <Cn)ei). 

DeòDAi6 lAb bo bAilg6 6^5 ad ro l^ 4 D^1FK<^^ 
^. lèft <fliDlorb|tiiiU|òbDe, 50 n)bè[b tt)^ ad 5c|^o^ 
IfODCA fiè prb^vflcjb DeAti)6A, T A5 r^S^ll IttAfdgò^ 
50 rioiftvi6e, cjtè bo cftòcAfftere, 6 a ÌjseAfti)* 
Df A beADAi5ce, doc acìi aò beACAi6 A^vr r^P^^r 
5AC vfle pefce, r^os^l S^") <^P|c. ^n)eD* 

. tt Ì)è ^lleACtt1t)ACbAl6, tt^AftCADAlJ, A^Aftbè 

bo ^AC |t05ftÀf6ce ^o^a /tftlofb, bo 6òfftc Af ^ 
CAob ftò tbòftlvAfc vfr^e A5V|« j-vil, òttrt) tDAjceAiÒ- 
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cfobUfb, f n)ceAcb i da bttile cfDeA^ACA bo ccaj^ 
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c£|5eAftOA. tinjei). 

Ann 8in glacfaidh an Sas^art lamh ([heas gach Pearsoinn da 

' bhfuil lè na bhaisdeadh^ agus ar a àitiughadn eo comh- 

garraoh a naioe a nOmair^ do rèir a dhiscrèide' tein^ fiaf* 

ròchaidh a Ainm do ua Càirdibh Crioed ; agos an sin tom* 

faidh è aa nuisge, nò dòirtfidh uisge air^ ag radh, 

• ^ 91. «A|rC|n) Cf, tt 1>%|1)ID A 1)^CA|l, A^Vf AO 

^ic, T ^t) SpiofiAfb aiAOfTÌ). <trt)eT). 

Aun sin dèara an Sagart. 

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cfièAb itfifOfb ; T AC^ii)AO|b 

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^o*^ 4^^ V^ iCfiOfce ; a ff 51 d dac 

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cjiefbeAri) iÈftfofb 6èAfAf6ce bAbri)Àfl, A^uf cftofb 
50 Cfid6A f AOf DA bfiACAf6, A DA5Af6 pe4bCAf6» ai> 
cf A05<tf l, A5Vf AD bf ^b^^fl ; A^vf f:\ffieAC da f Af5- 
bfxffi Ajur D^ f ef fibfreAC pffifDeAC A5 /tjilofb jo 
cfifc A beACA. %Cti)ei>* 

Ann nn d^ara aB Sagart. 

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peAfifODAf A AfcJefDce, A^uf pUè^AfSce a ^cofip 
i^A^Ufff itfifofb; Ctt^mAofb bvfbeACAff bo JbfA 

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bèAD^M) 4 D5>?6e lè Aoocofl c^se, ao cvfb efle b^ 
f aoJaI bo CAfceAri) 6dfb bo pèfp ad cof Afjfe. 

AiA ahi ar mbeith ar a ngfeluiiibh do niomlan, a dèarthtr 
Oraid an Tighearaa* 

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bo pfo^ACb ; JDèADCAp bo cof l 4 ^^ CAUri), n^vft 
Qfcfofi 4 9eAri) : ^AbAfp 6^9 4v pfv6 4 V4^V Uei^ 


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fil|bi)6 Òdfb bo 6|oi)C4^]5eAf 4 1)^54^6 ; tiyrf i)a 
cfiedfiAfb 1$ cati) CACAfJce, ^b f ao|» }n à olcr 

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j:^ i^Aft bo coflfè cu 5Af fin) 0)fi^|9 cvid f e^^f a bo 
5fi«kf, A^rf cfieibefrt) fopAb : ^TIèAb^S ^^ V\^T T^r 
1 bAfDJDf^ AD cfiefbeAibf A t^AfD^so hfi^t^ Z4A4 
bo ^pfOftAb 90(Aoii)èA bo da f^eAftfooAfbf I ; fODAf 
4 iDbefC 6d]b a DOff Afcbefftce, A^nf bèADCA 9»^ 
POfSM^^ fUDAi6 ffOYfttit6e, C|tè4 c£f5s|tDA ^ofA 
^f*Ìor*^j 50 bfrADfTAfbif 50 buAD DA fefftbjff6A5«l>r 
^Tji^T S<> '^l^ttlSfbf f coftAb bo jj^IIaiddaca, cjiè f Aiy 
c£f5SftDA ;3lof A Cftfofb cèv^DA iìb, bo <fÌACf a, ac^ 

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6ACb Ai) ^pfOftAfb GtlAOtDCA cèAbDA, 50 f fOfft^be. 

Aim lin iar teiMmh soas ito iiioinlafi^ dèanaidh an Saffui 
aa teagaag 80 leanaa ; ag làbhairt an ohèaddlr rè na cairdiblr 

<& bo JeAll dA l?eA|tfo9Af a bfrlcA6 boD bfAÒAl, 
A5ttf bA. ìfle ofbfteACAiby 50 scftefbpfb a DÌDf^) T 
50 DbèADAfb fefftbff bò j ff c6f fi 6jbff a cofibDrJ' 

a6, 50 bf >?l bVAlAC A5Uf bf?f ACAfb OftAfb fèfi) ^ 

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AD^eAllAii), A5ttf A DAbiDXtl p>?bli5e bo ]tfDeAbA|» 

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bttft lAc^fe A b^fAbDAf ffse C05CA fèfD. ttsuf if 

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òeAfic A i9i$tttACAt» 9llAon)CA Xè; fODAf 50 bfè^b* 
frofbff iDAft f f D f 4tf A D5|tl^f Afb, A^vf a bffof a^ 

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Agua ann flin^ttliA)hairtfe&n»P6«raoiinaibhiiiiadhUiii>ter 
: raefaaidh ar agbaiflh« agn»dtoa> 

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VbttAl^Af nj^V' ^^ ScèAbD^, a]% ìpbe^c b(^A^A hufi 
ctlo]^ Xè A5uf AV cfoUif bdib, lè cfteibeAtò 41 
vSoy^ £fi|Ofb, Y^abAl bo fiè||t brji i>5A]trt)A 4^T*l<5f- 
bAjòe, A^uf Ti)A|i if cvbAiÒ bo clo]5 i)A f oiilf e ; 

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bèAi)CA cofti)>?l lefijoo ; loÒAf tDA|i bo èA^ fefffot;! 
Ajttf bo èf 11516 A ]tif q 4 fO]òe ; 1174 Ap ^cèbijA |f 
c6|fi8^oe, ACÀ bAf fb|5ce, baf bf ^^Afl 6 poACAb, 
^Sttf ètftge A ]iif cttti) f ]ftèApCA<Sb ; A5 b^fujiAft 

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Aflce A^ttf 6f A6ACb beACA. 

Ba mtitfa ìè dèanamh gach uile Pheana, do haiadfighe niiir 
•ÌB, do chiir faoi laimh Easbuic, cho luath a ndiaigh a 
Bhaiadighthe aeus dob f hèidir go comhganrach ; ionnas 
iar sÌD go lèigfitme chum na Comaoine Naomhtha è. 

Ma tugthar aon Phearta, nar baisdeadh ann a Naoidheacii^ 
chum a hhaistidh roimhe theadid chum aolBe dlùsarèide' 
lè freagra do thabhairt ar a shon fèin ; ba lòr ùaaid do 
dhèanamh don Oificce lè hagfaaidh BbaiiBdigh Phuiblighe 
Leanabh, nò Tag càs ainrìachdanais^ dOificce an Bhaisdigh 
Pbrìobhaidigh ; ag malairt ^a nfocail [\Naoidhe2 v lon 
l^Leanabh no Fearsa,'^ do rèir dciide^ 


'^^lStoo ^r lot)f ojloitjcA bo 5Ac MÌè 6ìf oe f ul ]tA»- 
fjvf f AOf l^^n) eAfhofc 


iCfiettb è c'HfDttjfe ? 

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t>ù. jCè ctt5 Ai) CA11JI1)]} tyyz ? 


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Afi) leAi>Ab Dè, A5»f Ain otSt** t^fojAtcb i>efn>e. 

£e. £t^4ib bo ttt^eAbAft ^ t>^^A^tfie A^vf ^ 
Ì>iA-itr^|è|te Ai) CA1) ti^ 4 ^ fouro ? 

.i>^tt. So ^eAUAbAti A5iif bo n>dtbt$eAb4 C|tf 
ijet^e *$ iDAtOto : ti S<5ÌbvAtt«> 50 i>bfttìct?Atv boi> 
btAb^l T Wi otbfteACAtb mWj bo potrot^, ^^S^r ^*^ 
6fof9AO|9eAf AO bttocf AojAtlfe, Asaf bo 54^0 ^le 
A^xnbfWAib t>eACA6AcA 9A coIqa. fCi) b^A ìprgy 
SoscttefbtrtiT Sac vtle fttfictoSAl bop 4^t^etbeAi9 
iCfrfOf^Atde. tisvf Axy cfteAf v^, s^ S"^t"*è^^ 
Xofl iTAOftjpèA ASttf tifCjncA JDè, ASVf 30 f foboWiir 
to9«A yHe lAetfb 1170^ beAèA. 

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vjteottt. ^'syj S^^l^^qnj XtA St*^f^ *^o CAb^c ^aiì^ 
coibPAtse f AO^ t^Afb cèAbDA 50 cnìc mo beACA^ 

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eAftt)A ; bo SAbA6 Òi) ÌSf^fOftAb GOtAOti), bo 1^115^6 
letf Ai) d)tS ^ttfftej bfvUfDs p^tf F^of i^otuc 
^^fol^fb, bo cèttf a6, trttAtft bft.f, T 1>A6lAtceA6 ; ba 
cvAt6 ffof so bfFntoi> ; bèfttSf6 a ttlf At> cfteAf U 

Ò DA ID^bAfb, bO CttAt6 f ttAf ^ 1>eAtÌ>, A^Vf ac4i i>a 

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bAtncf o5Ailfe bo Xjiefbiri) ? 

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c?lc4, bo cfiucAf6 ti)è frèf D, ASrf ad fAOj^l "Vfle ; 

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At) cfDeAb bAOi)A ìifle ; 

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i)Aon)Af6 iDè, T f>obAl C03CA Dè v.f le. 

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bo Ì)fA-rbÀfCfte 4 bo foD, 50 ccof n)èAbf ^ ISlfc^DCA 
Xè : ^DIf ^Ati) Cf A A IfODÌ 

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^Ìcrobvf, A5 ft^6, ;Jf fDfl? AD 2L|5e^ftDA bo Jbf a, 
Doc tio cftedffvr^ cuf a atdac Af caIaiì) i>4^ V^Sipce, 
^r Cf5 DA bAOf ftfe. 
I. 9Plf bf Af6 t>èe 4 bfc efle A^Ab aid l^^fe* 
IL QÌf bèADA cu bufc f èfD 5loib^i5 ^T* ^l^ S^^6- 
UcA, 1)6 cof AtDlAcb 4 b|c èfDefce b^ bfrvfl ^ Dgrt) 
f uAf, ì)ò ^ AD caIaid f fOf, d6 b^ bfr^l f a D'VfSe 

l^AOf AD CaIaID* tttì clAODf A CY cu fèfD f fof b6fb, 

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Ì'IA, ^f Df A èAbiDAft iDè ; q 5 bf èACUf d peACVf6 da 
TJAfCfteAò 4 AD 5clofD, 5Vf AD cfteAf T ad ceAC- 
TtAn)A6 jlvD boD bftufD5 f uACuiseAf iDè ; T CAff- 
bèADAf cft6cqe bo iD'flcfb boD lucb 5|t«^6ì?5eAf n)è, 
^3uf coirbèAbAf iD^fceADCA, 

lil. OCt^ CAb'4 ttfDrt) AD SfseAftDA bo Ì)fA 50 
^ìotnAOfD : 6fft Df rt)eAffVf6 ad 2Lf5eAftDA Defib- 
CfoycAÒ AD cè bef ft a *CiDrt) 50 bforbAOfD. 

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^è Uece f A0Cft6caf cu A^vf 6èADAf cu bobq ì^le ; 
^cb fè AD feACbrbA6 l^ SAb6fb ad ìtfJeAftDA bò 
Ì>1A. aii 6èADA cv ob4 4 bfc AD> cv rèjD, D^ bo 
"?Ac, Dò cfDseAD) C65UC, Do bo bAD^st^, csUac^ 


J76 ^Aj^rs ^nfor*>^tS^- 

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<&]|t A fè Uectb bo ftf^e au XfteA|io^ ueArn Asuf 
caUtì), a Df Atn^je, A3Uf A ijuile i)f6 acà- joScAn 
M f cvi|t fè Ai) f e AC&n)A8 U : vtiDe |^i) tio be^S^ò 
Ai) £f5eA|tpA U DA SAbòibe, T bo DAori)ì?3 è. 

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(r AbA bo Uece fi( ad ccAlATt) doc bo betjt ao S.'I5$1*i)a 
bo X>1A 6utc. 

VI. aif òèADA cv bY0rt)AfibA8. 

VII. 3Ìf 6èAI)A CU AbAlcilADAf. 

VIIL QÌf òèADA cu 5otb. 

IX. ÙX} bèttfiA CU t?lAS»)U||f b|lèA5AC A !)A5Vl6 
bO COrt)Allf AD. 

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:ce6cA cv beAD bo cotT)A]if ad, i)6 a 65UC, và a bAi^ 

65UC5 vo A 6Ari), d6 a AfAl, 1)6 èDì6 ^f letf. 

i£. 00 bè Dì6 cu bf63lvtn) 50 fpeftAÌcA lè V^ 
b^tc^ADCA|bfe ì 

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rt)o 6uAl5uf bort) itott)4fAtD. 

X. £»t*èvb è bo ^uAl^uf bo t>]^ ? 

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betc otivrt) notrt)e, a 5tt^6u5A6 lè rt)o cttot^e t^U, 
lè rt);DCtD uile, lè n)A!;An) utle, A^uf lè rt)0 i)eAjic 
>?le ; A A6ttA6, buj^e Acvtf bo CAbAtftc b6, itjo 66|3 
vtle bocuti AD, S^T^n) 4> ^ ^1»?") DAorbcA ASar f 
J^ocaI boDottugAb, T f etttbjf bo bg^Ari) 30 f fml'^S^ 
b6 4 t:eA6 rt)o beACA vtle. 

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. «f^. ?t f è rt)o 6vAl5Vf bort) cort)A|if AtD, A Stt^è' 
U5A6 TDAft rt)è t^èfD, T bèADATt) bo DA b^tle 6^o^vfò 
TDAft b^ n)t AD leArt) ^Ab bo 6èADArt) 6ATb ; rt)^cAl|t 
A^uf rt)o ^fl^CAtfi bo 5ti^6u5A6, b0D6ttA6, 1 ^l-'^^" 
CAcb :' (^DOtft A^uf ùrblACb bo CAbAtftc bot) ^iS? 1 
bA bt:utl A 5C||DAf t:AOt : ^è f èiD bvri^lugAd t>on} 
\ìle fctùt^Atsceotjttb, ceA^AfSc^tjttb, Ao6^t6 ^S^T 
tDAtStfctttb fbtojtAb^atlce : <nè t^èto btortjOA^ 3^ 
butttfftol A^vf 50 butriArtXvc b6tb fùb Af ^t^eAttt 'M 
3t)è i 0AD bfo^batl 6èADAri) bAOtoeAC lè b^t|AÙti 


VA, lè stjfoii) : *etc f tii T cgpc a9 mle coqha6 : 
<£^Ai9 n)A]lif Di^ f OAC be|c a$ ti|o c]tot6e : ^o Uti)^ 

^O C01>5li)«lll O ptOC<^^ ^S^r O SOffe? A3Vf n^o CgD^A 

a òfioc cAtijc, 6 6|tètS> '^S'^r ^ rs^^^tl = ^o coftp 
^o coo5n)a|l A tueAf A|i6Aèb, a roc|iAt6eACb, ^51*^ 
A 95eAi)i9i)At5^AÒb : 0ai) ii)ao|1) 6Aot!)eA6 e]le bo 
f A9Ctt5A6 D:8i b]AtfiAi6 ; ACb tro5li»|iD ^sur r^ocAit 
)H> 6èADAib òriD 1D0 6eACA b^rÀ^A]! 50 CDeArbA, ^ 
^èADAiD iDA|t tr boAl 6An) AD r^ r^At^ beACA caiD 
b^tt 1DI AD lè X^fA 1D0 SAtjtiD. 

4:;eirc. "«l1o leADAb iD^tc, bfo6 a f^of fo A^Ab, 
i)Ac bpail 4 bo criDAr Da ^fcere bo 6èADATÌ) vaic 

-pèt^j v^ r]nb^i A D^f^^^cAt^ Dè, A^ttr r^it^^fr 

t>o 6èAD<vii) 66, 5AD A Jt^^r^ rp^rt^lc^r^^ ; At|t a^ 
ccAtcptt*' fJOslMiD 6èADAib 5^rD bo 5^0 vtle aid Ift 
boftDAts 6uc]tACbAi5. tBtiDe tjD Uig 6aiì) a clor, 
AD bpèAbA^t^ <&]tÀtb AD KfseAt^DA bo tt^6« 


U|t D'^c'^, Ac^ q DSib, 0(Iaoiì)C4 b^ltJrt) ; 3^t5S^ 
^^ t*t05AÒb ; I)èADCA|t bo coil 3 CAUrb, 1D4 Dtctojt 
4 DeAib : ^Abg 6*b A D1tt6 4 D4^D Uece^rbìfl ; 
^5Vf 1DA1C 6>?b 4 cctODCA, 1D4 iDAtciDlbDe 66ib bo 
cioDCAiseAf 4 DA5A|6 ; ^Vf'T ^^ C[ie6tt4tt6 tD ^uiD 
CACAt5ce, Ìiòt> rAOft ]b 6 ÌZfi' ttiDOD* 

iC 4;i|i|b tAtttA]ttfe q ±)tA fA D<6^DAi5re ? 

J^. ^AniatiD q 1D0 tfJeAjtDA D] A 4 D^cq Dgib^A, 
cto6lAtcceot]t 5AC uile ibAictr> a Jt^^r^ ^ ^**]^ 
CU5AID rè]D, A5Vf cttiD 5^0 uile 6MDe ; CttiD 50 
DbèAD'AiD A6]tA6 66, fe|]tb]f b6, A^vf uiblAcb b6, 
iDA]t Af cò^P' 6tt]b. ^Sttf 5ttl6]iD I>tA, 5AC v]le 
De]ce bo CAb^t]tc 6u]d acA ]t]ACbADAC bA]t dad- 
iDADAtB, TDA]tAOD Ajur J5^]t 5C0]tpu]b ; T 50 TDbefc 
rè citocAttt^AÒ 6tt]b, ì 50 iDA]ceAib 6tt]b 4 bpoAC- 

-^0^ ; 1 50 ida6 t A co]! 4 r^H]i A5ttr 4 5corA]Dc 

AD 5AC \Tle coDCAbqc, rbtopAtb A^vr coIda ; Asur 
50 5CVtbbe6cA6 ]b 6 5AC tt]le peACA6 A^vp ib6p- 
locbAib^ A^ttf 6]t D«tibA]b rpto]tAb^]lce, A^ar 6 bAr 
flotttAl|6e, tCjur ACli b6tj A5AID 30 vi^^V^ V^ ^^ 
2 A 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

278 ^eAS^rS ^WOr^ATSC. 

cf\6cA]|ie T b^i^ tt»AtceAf, C|iè a|ì c£jJeA|ti)A ;3fof a 
4rtfofb : %5Uf 4 A !)A6bA|i tfi) a betittn), tCn)ei?; 
00 |tAtb «)A|l if?), 

S^^ V]OV ^AC|t^|n)eoceA6 bo otibA|&iCft|orb 4$ 

J^, t)^ èAC|t^in)0|Pc Atb^t^j ^*^ IP 5et>§t^tl«e 
ttiAcbAPAC ÒYn).r^ÀpAt6 ; èA6ot)» SAtr^^^^} ^S^f 
ÌSrtpèjt Ai) S.f3eAtti)À. 

C. £ft§b Cìffsitire lè r^i) btrocAÌrA SAC|t:^t«)®1^c ? 

,^. 2Luj5|n) coipAftCA rotft|n)tollAC rofAlcti Sfti^r 
tun)eò6Ai)AC Ajur rt^toftAbÀtlce cAbAfttce òàtp, bo 
^P^^lS ^t^lor^ è t:èt»?> "J^^^.fMs^ l^ bt^ASAIDAOtb 
DA sP^r^ cèAbDA, A5Yr 11)4 SeÀll cvn) A t)b$ft6cA 
' £. ì£a tìi&t^ P^d A ^cft^it^^l^ ^ 

J^. Jbii t^A^ ; Ai) con)4CA fottttintollAC f 6f Atcfe* 
Asur Sf^'^r'^ ]t)n)eo6Ar)^& ©t^t^l*^^^!^^^^ 

/t. 0ob è COtÌ)ApCA f Qftt|n)tollAC, 1)5 t^ot|tti), Al) 


' j^. tt]XT^ei Af) A ti)bAtr6§t^ Ai) pèt*r^, ^ v'^m 

A n^CAJt, AJur.At) ^JC, T AD'SpfOtlAtb 31^0^11). 

£. ^jièAb t A1) St^if i5n)eo6Ai)AC Asuf rt»to|iAb- 
Aflcè? J^ 

^. iai-^r cvn) t>eACAtV, Asur Afcseti) 50 f tP^^^- 
cAcb : òftt Atiti)betc 6iit5 6 n^bvtft befftce a bpgc- 
a8, A^vr Att sclotd 6fbrettt5e, bèAi^CAft letr r^ 

cIa5 i)A Dgt^j^r ^19- 

' £. £]tèAb tÀtT^^Afi A]tt peAtiropAtb bfAr cuti) a 
n)bAifb.i5ce ? 

J^.^ ^f cftfse, lè A bcftèTitb p§ca6 ; T ^t^ejbgip, 
H ^ SCt^c^bib 30 bfODjib^TcA seAlUiDDA X)è bèAi)- 
CAft 66f b r AD .c^ACtiMiDefOC ub. 

*£. ^A r^^^ 5Pb vftt)e A TDbAtrbeAft lejDjb^ ao 
CAD cftè DA D^ise DAÒ bt^èAbv|b.fAb r|D bo cotii)- 


/. ^t^.A D^6bAft 50 DSeAlUfb tAb AttAO# lè v^ 
tt)bApAf5tb ; A5ur AC^ bfrtACA OfttA f èf D> Ai;| CAP 
cfoctrufb cuw) AOfre, ai) JsUatì) rt ^) bo cotn)l]OpA&. 


PA CA]|ibe bo setbnjib b^ b|t|5. 

£. ©ob è AD |tA$ t^O||i|iDe<xlUc, 1)0 cotp^nc^ 

/. ?(|Uvij Ajv,. jsr|oi), bo A'fcoiS 41) X15eA|it>A bo 

£. 0ob è Ar; |tA5 i5ri)eo6At)Ac, t)ò ào t)J6 bo 
con)AjièA^3eA|i leo ? 

^. £0|tp A5ur J^Y]l ^Jtfofb, bO sUcCAIt A5ttf 

5A6C4 50 be]ri)ti) 1 50 beAfibcA, leif pa Cfteibri)ib, 

A W^pèAjt AD £'|5eA|tDA. 

£. 0ob ^Ab pA CAiftbeAbA, b^ DbèADCAjt jtAp- 
p^mceAc uò letf Ài) cSAC|t^ttt)etDCfe ? 

/. 3leA|tctt5A6 A5Yf beACttSA6 Aft tjADtDAi) lè 
«-0W 1 lè J»>9l ^ftfofb, Ari;^tl m 4 ccu^itb lètf a 
DA|iaD T AD bf fofl. 

£. ^T^èAb tAmcATt Atft AD b|tu]D5 ^o C15 cutD 
«ttìpèT]t AD XfseArtDA ? o 10 

-.^. JTAb |:èiD bo fcrt|ùbA6, ad bfvil AjètteACAf 
r?Wi)eAè ottiA f ^ DA bpeACAi6a bo ]t]5eAbÀfi, aJ 
cvii fioit)pA 30 b]0D5ri)^lcA bccA i)ua6 bo CA|CèTi) ; 
^S^r C]te]beAri) feAfrixAÒ bo betc aCa a cc]i9cÀttie 
*^«5nè it]tfofb, lè c>?ri)De b^6]5 a b^if ; 4»^yj> a 
^]^ A 5CA]tcADAcb lè 3AC mW btttpe, 

Air Dhomliiiaìgliili«i aras àir Laethibh Saòire, a nÀàifiih'lfli 
^a Whin dOrnaigh na Noinc, dèana aù Cftraid rach 
a gcuirfighear chuige do Leanbuibh an Pharr&ste do 
"leagasg, agus do cheastughadh go puiblighe ann ea 
■leampoll, agcùid èigin don teagàsg Criostaìrfiese, ann a 
roeasaidh sè fein as comhgaraidh a dhèanamh. 

^^^^^jfidh gach uàe Àthair, Mhathair, Mhaighistir, ìigus 
.,5f%^*stJ^eas, dfiachaìbh'au- a gdoinu air a Seirbhìseàch.. 
•™> agus air a bPremdiseachaibh (ùarf h^hluim a dteag- 
JS Cn'ofcdtughe) teachd chum an Teampnin sa nam 
camnte, agus èisfeachdgo humhal, agus.riar au Oitìraid do 
j*?S^?h, nò go ndeanaid an mèid do hordaighthear anft 
sa atoghluim. 

ojnh lùath is thiocfaid Leinibh chum aoise iomchubhuigh- 
^««go bhfoudfuid an Chrè, Oràid àn Tighbarnà, agus 
a x)eich nAithcanta do radh a dtcanga a màthar; agus - 

Digitized by VoiOOQIC 

280 £oi964ti)59ttt$A6. 

0> bbàidftiid nrar aa ffoèadna CeJrtkmiut eìle an teanùg 
Chrìofldai^ie achumurae do f hreagra ; bèarfdi^Uffiar 
chum a EuBa«boic iad. Agm caithfidh g^ch aon aca Dia- 
athair, n6 Dia-mhàthaìr^ do bhdth aige, mar fhiaghÙQ 
ar a dhul faoi làhnh JBasboie 

Agua gidh bè ar bith am a dtinbhraidh an tEasbnc rabha 
ILeinibh do thabhairt chuige chum a cCombdhainfoihd, 
dhèana Curiid gach nile AarTàiate Anmanna gadi uìle 
Phearsann ann a Pharr&iste, mhea^fna se bhdth ìod- 
tabhartha chum a nBaabuc, do chur uadha nò bhrdth 
sgriobhtha faoi na ]aimh« dium a nEasbuic. Agus, mi 
mheasan an tEasbuc gur cdìr a dhèanamh, comhdhaitig- 
neochaidh iad ar an niodh so ar ndiaidh. 

9(16 cvfi Uii) iCAfbMC 4 AO »1*^5 bo l$A]rceA6, ì 
tlk}V]c iA|i ijo crtn M\xe DtfC]tè]be. 

Air an La ordụhthe> ar mbeith don mheid bhias an tan sii 
chum dulfawlainih Easbuiec^ àitìghthe^ agus na seasamh, 
an ordughadh òs comhair a nEadbuicc ; lèighfidh sè fèin 
(nò Ministèìr èigin eile oirdeòdias sè) an Brollacb ao ag 

, ieanmhain* 

^^l^Ucb cvn) cAtt^be bA- n)6 boi) bttuto^ bo sUcAf 
è, bofib'ìffS A ofiAjUtff ®A0 AOi)bati)e, 6 f aipac, 
bo Mb4c t^AOt Utìt) JÈAfb^ffcc, Acb ao ^jiovz Fi^ 

t?Af A1) itttètS, ib}Hh]b A1> i|3eA|l1)A, A^Uf l)A Xe|c 

i)<ttceAi)CA bo tt^6 ; A^uf iDAtt a1) ^cèAbOA fèAft- 
f Af i)A teAfCAOA etle, acA a9 f a cg^Afs £|ifor; 
bMje Accoii)^ bo f tieASt^A : A^vf tf tt6 totDCvbAj6 
Ài) cotibttSAò tjD bo coD5ii)^il; 4 buD cvid 50 h^^^' 
t^Atbtf DA letD|b, tAti ccgcb 66tb a Dotf cuiD AOffe 
btfctièibe, T tAtt bf 6SWrt) 5AC 4 JeAU a 50^11^^ 
At^tof b 4 A fOD A DAìD A tDÌ^tr^^9 ^ ^^ ^^^ "* 
U DA ccotl f ètDj 50 f olÌAf bo Uc^ DA bfiAsUfe^ 
DA Deice cJbDA bo ceAp^Al A^vf boÒAiDStJlttS*^* 


yiè^V b]cc]oll lè sti^tA SDè 4 fCAÒ a iDoeACA, Jac 
Vì6 bàji A0f)CA|3^^AbrAp, |iè IM U^bba^l fè^^ bo 
co/i?)liòt)A6 50 |:jj\]^eÀc. 

Ann sin dèara an Sagart^ 

At) >toimC]01)6|lfe, Al) SgllAri) foUoiDAt)CA A^Uf Al) 

ii)6|b, bo |t]QeA6 aS Bujt t)AiHi)AdAi6 a ccfi^c bv]t 
iDiSAifce ; A5 ceAiJs^l "j 43 .^^10591^3^6 da Defce 
3CèAbDA AO oUtt bpeijifooÀib f è|i), T A3 AbiDÀ^l 
50 bf ì?l bf f^cuib òtiÀjb, JAC >?le t>|& bo gÀb bttft 
3C^]|ibe £|t1o|*b 0||ièA 4 brjt f 0D5 bo òjieibeAri), l 
t>o òèADÀri) ? 

AgU8 freagòraldh gach apn aca go sòchloisde, 
Do nim, 

Ut) c^Atbrcc. 

JJf A D^iDTt) AD itlJeA|tDA AC^ 4 3Cor)5i)Ari) ^ 
i^|teA3tiA. I)o \K}f)e De^ri) A5ttf caUti). 
^Afbrcc. <8o n)A6 bgD'*?J^ce ^Cjdh) àd Ì'fSèf''t)^; 
^|teA5JtA. ® f AIDAC, f aòJaI 5ÀD C|tìc. 
/BAfbttCC. (& A ÌìJgitDA, ètfb Ajt DO|tDA]S ; 
.^|teA5|tA^ %5rf lèj^ 4 ^CAOt bo pocbìpD 6v3Ab* 

iÈAfbrcc. JDèADAiD 3^6e. 
% ì)è ®;]leAcuri)ACbA|6 A^uf f |offtu|6e, .doc po 
to]li6 }Ab fo bo f ei|tb(|;6 bAtcJetDgriJW l^ b^irs^ 
A3ttf leif AD SptottAb (XlAori), A^rf bo CttS 66ib 
tDAtceAri)DAf A bpeACAtbe .rjle ; 0M6]TDlb cu; ^ 
ÌtàeAttDA, DeAttCAtb fAb, letf ,AD ^l^lottÀb aiÀoib 
AD cori)fottCAt3ceottt, ^•g^T tpft^bAtJ go Uec- 
gri)irl tODCA tlt^^^^b cto6UcAf6e bo ijiA^T 5 ^P1ot^<^*> 
DA cttìo6DA6b A^ttf DA cxjfe, fp|ottAb v^ coriyqle 
^5^ AD i;e]]tc f p]0]tAb^t«e5 rPfop^^ ^ De6Uif 1 
DA ptt^jAÒAèb ; A5ttf liOD lAb, 6 a tìseAttDA, Ife 
tptojtAb cgsU DAOri)CA Fè]D, -^ i?0)f T 30 f]otttM6e. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Anniiii ar mbeith dhòibhvile air a ngiùfaiibh a nofdngladb 
A bhfiaghoniae a nEaèbnice^ diirfe aè a lamh airàeanB 
gach dttine aca fo wach^ agtàdh* 

£ftti)bAit A ^lJeAiiDA f o bo leAi^Ab [i)6 i*o bo 
f eiitbifgèj lè bo SltAf A 9eAti)8A, cni). 50 n)A8 Igc 
irèiD 30 b|iAc è, Ajvf 50 tDbeic A5 fAf Dfof 11)61 
D}of tDd 50 UeceAti)>?l ad bo SptoitAb O^AOìbcAf a, 
Vo 50 cci5t6 fè boc itfgeAcb f foffiaYÒe. ^iDcp. 

Ann 8in dèaxa an Si^art, 

00 pAib AD 3tfteAiiOA iDAille it^b : 
.^lt, tCsvf iDAiUe pè bo fpfoitAbf A. 

Agus (ar a lèigion air a nglùinibh do niomlan) cuirfidh ai 
t£asbucc na cheann sin^ 

DèADAiD 5ttl6e. 

fClt vUt^i ACA 4 DgtD, 9(lA0fbCAlt è^tt>tD ; Jt|5£i> 

bo ftfosACb ; D^Dc^ bo coil ^ caIaiì), 11)4 i)tqo|i 4 
i)eiMD : 2LAbq 8^d A t)itt8 4 x^^tv Uecjtbìfl ; ^'S^X 
tt)A|c 8^5 4 cctODCA, iDA|tii)AiciDibDe 85ib bo c|oih 
<^^1S^Af 4 DA5A18 ; tisttf DA cite6itAi8 id cuipcAC- 
Atsce, ttcb f AOit iD 5 olc. ^iDeD* 

Agus a noràidse. 

tC I)è ®ileAcuri)AcbA]8 A^ttf f fontM^e, bo be||t 
8*D DA Deice bo coileA8 A^uf bo 8|DAri) ac:8^ ida|c, 
^S^r cAtcDeAtDAC A5bo <tìdii8ACb 8|A8AfA; ttcV 
iDAotb A5 bèADAtt) 4 Dttrì)AlSìr8e cvsAbf a, 4 a r<Hi 
fo bo feiitbff]8ib, q 4 6>?iteArDAit a Dotf 4 UtijA, 
bo tiètiieiuoiDpUiit c^bfcotl DAort)CAf A, Cttfi) &§!»-. 
1>a8 bo cAb^c 85ib [leif ad •Scoti^AitcAf a] ah w 
^QSaiì A5vf 4 bo tDAtceAf Jit«^f Afi)Atl 85tb- 0ttt8- 
iDtb cv, 50 itAib bo Uri) AC48A 50 biàc 5f a SC|»?- 
DAtb ; 50 iiAib bo ^pioftAb (nAori)CA 50 f foit tDAtUe 

Ct^ ; Ayvf 50 ccite5ftAt8e t Ab a btrtof A^ttf a dw*- 
vcb bob Ì^ocaI, 4 ri)o8 50 bfèAbfAib f a 8eot5 ap 
beACA f ioiit>s6e bf ^5^]!, cjtft Ap cXfSeAfiDA lofA 


|ttocf A ^5ttr ^i) SpìO]iAb 3lAori;, <^oij oD| ^ 50 bji^c, 
fAojAl 5AI) C|it6. tiipei). 

^ -^ ÌtS§Pt)4^ fSi^6yn)^chA]6^ ^ a dbè f iO]|iM6e, 
3u|6ii)tb ctt, Aot^cA^b, 4 ^CftotÒce tt7A|tA0i> A^af A]t 
5CO]]tp bo 6f|t]tt5A6, bo i)Aorì)A6, A^ttf bo f b]attA6, 
A flt5C]b bo 6lt5ceA6, A^ttf a i)oio|ieACA|b ctitc- 
eAt)CA6 ; òrrt) c[iè bo 6tbeAt> ttd ctt&At), a9 f o A^uf 
50 bft^c, 50 rt)betcii)tf ctttbbAtj^e a ccottp Ajvf a 
t)Ai)Aii), c|tè 4 cXtJeAjti)A A^ttf ^Ui)r|6ceònt ^ofA 
itftfofb. tiipei). 

Ann sin beannòchaidh an tEasbocc iad^ ag nidh mar m, 
0o ftAtb ISg$tt5A6 Sè ^tleACttiì)ACbAt6, a t)^C4, 

A1) *rttC, 1 AD ^ptOt^^l^ aiAOItì), OttAtbtì, A^rf 50 

6f At)At6 ti)Atlle tttb 50 bttÀc. tiiDet). 

Agna ni lèigfithior aonnduine chum na Coroaoine naomhtha, 
no go gcuirthior è faoi laimh Easbuic^ nò go raihh rèidh 
agus fonnhhar chuige> 


Ar dtuacaithfearGarmanna a niomlain bhiat chnm a bpòada 

^ a naoinf heachd 4p phoibliuffhadh sann TtampuU, tri 

Domhnaighe fa leith nò Laetne Saoire> a naimsir na Seir« 

bbud Dìadha^ ar ballroimh riudhte na hOfrala ; an Minis* 

tèir i^ ràdh mar is gnàth> 

^ì^blf Jt»t) DA 0Attn)ADA J?5fbA etbttt <n. 6 — 

A5ttf ai. ò foAf Atipe bAOtDSC A^Atbfe I^6b4 

1)5 ceAttccottttDeAf5, fX dac bpèAbfMSe ad bi^ 
Ì^eAttfotDe bo cgD^AÌ ^h cè]U a bÌP5f a6 daoidca, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

284 5P6rA8. 

]X còtit 8jh A f OiUfp3^8 : <l5 fò AÒ cèAb, [aÒ 
bA|iA, WAt) r]teAf] 5A]|iTi). 

Agus xna bhid na Pearsonna bhiosi chum a bpòsdla gan a 
bheith na gcotQbnddhe a naon Phafràisdè^ is cauh^ na 
Gàrmanna dò thabhaift sann da Fharfàisde; àgxxs m 
dhèanaidh M^tèir aon Pharraisde an P6sadta do àki^ 
luimnhighadh eàtorra^ gan dearbbadh dfj^hail 6 Mhinìs- 
tcir an Pharruisde oile go ttugadh ua Garmanna fa tbrì. 

Air an Ik à^ air, a nam chiante chum SQUumnaighthe an 
Phosda^ tiocfuid na Pearsonna bhias chum a W^eda a 
steach go corp an TearapuiH^ maille rè na cCàlrdibh agos 
lè na cComharsonnaibh : agus^ ar seasamh dhoibli ann mx 
a bfhòchair a chèile^ an Fear ahr an laimh dhds^ agoa an 
Mean air an làimh chlè, dèara an Sagart. 

ti cÀ]]ibè )i6 ]or>ri)u^i)ey AC^n)4r0^b C)f^g a bf Oc^ 

A Cè)le ^^ fO A bpi^jlJV)^ X)è, AjUf A l'At^]^ A9 

Jto]n)i\or)ò]lyej crn) ^t) jFeA|tfo A5ttf at) Ì$eAVTO 
bo ceAi)5Al |tè cè]le a bl^òf a6 i)Aon)CA ; ryoc ac^ 
T)A fcAtb oi)ònAi6, bO)tbAf5 X^tA A i)Atrt)nft t)efri)r- 
ctoi)CA)5e AD b>Fi)e, A5 c^ AilttjAb 6iii5 ai) ceAi)5A|l 
7ittti)b]Aii)]tAi6 AC^ tbifi ittt|Ofb Asuf a AA^lAtr : 

A1) fCAlb 1)A0Tt)CA Ub bO 6gll|tAl6 A^Yf bo f5]Ari)A]lk 

£]tiofb |iè i)A con)lw^bA]t ]:è]t), A5Vf ]i]f ai) ^cèAb 
ri)|0|tb>9le bo ^]f)e fè a cìCàda i)a 0A]lel] ; A^ttf 
bo ri)olAf 9(^Aori) ^òl Tt)A]t ]XA|b oi)5]tA]6 ]b]]t t)a 
b^le 6A0]i)e : A^ttf tt|TDe f )D DAC c6|]t bAO]DeAO a 
ciODf5DA6, d6 a 5AbA]l A l^]ri) 50 bob^D, 50 p^ri)- 

fO]tAfbA, DA 50 bìdn)f AC, CYIT) b]ttt]|] T A]Dri)]ADA 
DA CoIdA bO f 4^f Y5A6, 4 T)6f DA TDb§CA]6gC TDb]ttt]b- 

eAri)A]l A5 DAC b]:tt|l cutsfe A]t b]c ; ACb 50 b^i^t- 
TT)]DeAC, be]fC]tèibeAc, fcv]bèA]tAC, cè]l|5e, A^vf 
A d^sa^Ia X'è ; A]t ccAbAf]tt À]]tè td^ ]f bu^t b'ODit 
l);&6bA]]t f^]t l)0]tbà]5eA6 ad ^6fA6. 

^]t bcttf, bo l)ottbtt]5eA6 ^ cttri) cIa]do bo setD- 
eATT)A]D, Cttn) A cctt^cA f ttAf A DeAsU T A DO]beAf 
AD 2Ef5eA]tDA, cvn) n)olA]6 a Udida DAori)CA. 

ttD bAtiA f eAc6, bo l)ottbv|5eA6 è n)A]t; le|5]0f 
^ T>A5A]6 ]>eAc<^]6, T òttrD fC]t]opACA|f bo* f ecDA ; 
òufD 50 bf èttbf a6 ad bitoi)5 A5 dac bf mI cfo6lACA6 
DA 5eADn)DA]5èAcb pof a6, A^vf ]a6 ]*è]D bò òodj- 

TT)A]l DA )Db0]ll JIaDA bO ÒO]tp it]t]OfC. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

VòY^ìh* 285 

%it) cpeAt f eAco, bo bo|tbv|5eA8 è cmt) ad cott)- 

luAb^, AP CO!751)AttÌ)9 1 1)A COrbf tt|ÌCACbA, Af Cdf|f 

(>o 5AC Mt) ACA ^ 5AÒ cAob CAb^c bA cè]le, a9 a 

f-èOI) A^Uf A 11)ìfèttl). 

^c^lb Ai) b^ ^eA]tro]9re A l^c4 A5 c§cb At)Off 
curi) A 5ceAi)5Ail fA^ fCAib i)Aorì)CA ùb. Wi\n)e ^i> 
i1)A f èttbA^ AOT) i)bY]i)e Aòb^ ceAfic bo CAirb$t>A6, 
f A DAC 4 bf èibtjt A 5CgD5Al lè òèile 50 bltrc]oi)Ac, 
lAb|iA6 f è ADOtf, pd bi6 fè DA cocb 6 fo aidac 50 

Agu8 mar an gcèBàna, ag labhairt ki8 na Pearaonnaibh sts 
chum a bpòeta, dèara aèf 

%]cctii) A^ttf Ctttntn) bttAlAC ottAtbtf AttAOD [rt)4 
bèAttCAOt f t^ASttA U OAcbAf AC AD bttetceAri)DA]f, 
A1) CADfO]lfe6cè4 t^^D 5AC tt^le cttot6e] u)!^ c*^ A5 
ceAÒbAtt 6tb t?tof cottt»i)lf5 4 btc bo bACA6, bttt)i 
5ceAf)5Al lè cètle 50 bltfctoDA^ a b^6f a6, a Ab- 
fb^^t^ ^ ^ir- ^t^ ^lSl^ T^ 6eAttbcA, AD n)èp bo 
ceAD5AlcAtt lè cètle fgc ft)Aft ceAbAtseAf Ì^t^t^N 
X)è, DAC è DtA bo ceAD^lrf lè AètU^ tAb, Ajjttf v\ 
Ti)d ACt^ A bf?6f a6 bltf ctODAC. 

Air an là 6in an Phdida, ma ni aoinneach ^Uiughadh mx, 
foiUfliughadh ar aon chol^ do thoirmisgeadh a gceaneal le 
chèOe a bPòsadh do rèir dhligfaidh Dè, no reaoidagna na 
Bigheadidaaa; agus go coeangòlaidh sè è fèm, agiu Ur« 
raigheacha athchuiiigeadna miuUe rìs, don Lànabhain ; no 
go gcuirfidh geaìl (ba lanluach do gach diobiiail do thuit« 
feadh air na Pearsonnaibh chum a bpòeta) airorrlàimh go 
ndèana a èiliu^hadh go maith ; sann chàs sin cuirthear a 
soUuimniughadh ar gcùU, no go bhfeastar a nfìrìnne. 

Muna gcuirthear toirmeasg ar bith, ann sin dèara an Minls^ 
tèir leis an bhFear. 

<f1. ^ 1)^)1 leAc AD SoADfo bo beic A^Ab ii)Att 
bo ti)DAOt p6fbA, Cttii) btttt ii)beACA bo CAtceAii) 
Abf 004 A cètie, bo t^ètt* ottbutsDè, AfbAtbDAori)- 
CA AD ^6fbA ? Ut) p5ttivt6e6cAttt 1, A 5Con)fO|tt- 
ceocAttt f, AD bctttbttAtjt op^ttt, A^uf crri)bAC 6| 
A DSfUlDce A5ttf AD A fUtPce: A^ttf, A5 cttè^sji) 
5AC etle, AD 5Cìfri)be6cAttt cù fèti) bj Ari)ÀiD> corii«- 
ITAbA tf ri)qt^t^^ AttAOD ? 


286 J?dfA6. 

Frdgeòraid^ àn Fear^ /i dil ledm* 
Ann siii dè«ra au Sagart leis an Mnaoi. 

9(1. f4 Diiil Uac At) ^eAtifo bo beft AjAb ijd , 
^•«|i p6ft»i, cvii) byji tt)beACA bo ÒAicgri) Abfoc^ , 
A cèfle, bo ]tè||t 0]tbV]3 Dè, a fCA^b i)Aon)èA ai) , 
3^òfbA ? tti) bci&blftjx tJtt ttiplAcb bd, ADb|t)4fef^- 
b^f bo, AD bctttb|t4 5]tA6, oi)6i|t, "^^ CtfrbbAC 60, A 
DeAf U|Dce ASttf A fl^l')^ ; ^S»r> -^3 citèijeAD 
5AC e^le, AD 5Cìffbbe6c4 cv jrètD 66fAD Atij^li)) 
corbfrAbA ]f rij^f i6e A]t4oD ì 

Freigeòraidh aa Bhean, Is àil Uam. 

Ami 6i& d^ara m Mfhhtiur. 

ÌC]A )C0tJtb|f|0f AD ^SoADfO CtttD A p6fbA bo 

t^J^eAfif o ? 
Ann ain bhèaraid a gooinghill da ehèile ar aa modhsa: 

Ar Bgidihail na Mnà don Mfainistèir aa làmhaibh a hAùxt 
no a Carad, bhèara tè H deara ar an bfaFear lireith air 
làimh dheis, na mna lè na lidmhh dhelafèinf àgiufdo radb 
nadhiaigh fèin mar leaìias ; 

©AbAfTDf e <tT. Cttf A 9fl. tDA|t n}t)AO^ «6fbA 6^10 
f èf'D, cviD bo be|c A^AtD T bo coD5fbA1*j 6d l^f^ 
AtD'AC, ida8 ^^Yft ida6 TDeAf a, tDAÒ f A]6b|iè fl)^ 
bA"f66ite, Ar De^fl^iÌDce ^ a f It^t^cè, cwv ho 3ftA6- 
rj^fr, ASVf bo coctt5A&, 50 f 5At]tt6 ad b^r l') ^ 
Ttètft Ojtbttts DAott)CA Dè ; A^vf letf f tD h6]^rt) m 
6o|D5toU btt]c. 

Ann sin i^ilfid a làmha ; agtts ar mbreìth don Mlinad alr 
laimh cmeis, a nFliir lè na làimh dheis fèin^ dèàra si mar aa 
ge6adna aiidiaidh an Mhinistèir; 

<BAbAtrDfe 31. cvfÀ <n. tDAjt feA]! pofbA 6aiÌ 
fè]D, cvtD bo betc A5A1D A^wf bò coty-^nt^l^^^ 
lAf A AÌDAC, tDA6 t?eA^ tDA6 tDeAf A, tda& fAf^of^^ 
ida6 bAt6b|te, a DeAfùt^ce A^vf a fUt^^^> ^^^ 
bo Sltii6v5A6, bo c'octt5A6, A^vf viblACb bo cao^c 
b>rc, 50 f 5AtìAi5 AD bi^if ib, bo ttè]|t ottbvà i)AOrt)CA 
X>è ; T letf tiD betit^tD 6^*?^ tdo coiDStoU. 


' 3?òfA8. 287 

Ann sin sgaoiliid a ris a làmha; agus bhèara an fear Fàinne 
don Mnnaoiy agha lèigiou air an Leabh^r, maille ris an 
dualgus ghnaitheach don tSagart, agus don Chlèireach. 
Agus ar ttò^hàil a nFàinne don tSagart, bhèara sè don 
Fhear è chuin*a chur air an gceathramhadh mèur do làimh 
chlè na Mna. Agus ar goongmhàil a nFàinne ann sin do 
nFeaTi agus ar mbeith don tSagart d^ th^agasg^ dèara sè, 

J?òf AtTi) èu }i]X A1J bf Ai^efe, oi}6|iAt3iti) cu jtè mo 
co|ip, ASttf beitttnj n)y\le ii)Aop jaoJaIca n)4 cfio6 
6v7c : ^ v'^]vm A o^c4, t ai) ^tìtc, T ^x) ^p]ojiÀp 
aiAO]ìi). ^njei). 

Ann siiì ar bhfagbhàU a nFàinne don Fhior air an gceath-' 
ramhadh mèur do laimh dblè na ìioà, lèigfid araon air a 
nglùinihb iad^. agus a dèara an Ministèir, 

i3D§i)An7 0at6e. 

^ A £)& ffon^'^&^j A ^ftYCAtsceottt, Agttf A Xvri)- 
bAtSceott^ AD ctPt^ 6aoi)a ytXe.i a ciò6lAjccecit|i ^ac 
yi\e 3t*^rtT1^1^A^'^ll^^5 ^ ^5^4 ^^ 1>§^A fjotti>«&e ; 
JSj^p, bo beA^uJAÒ ottiA fo bo f ettibtt^S, ai) ^f^eAtifo 
t Ap lÌeA!)fo, AC^n^tt^bije bcA^v^AÒ Ab ^t^">t^ ; 
cni) njAtt bo CAtc <0fAAC 1 ÌSlebeACCA a n)b|^CA 30 
ct»etbii)eAC a bpocAttt a cètle, 30 bfèA&f Ajbif da 
peAttfopAf A n)4 Ai) 3CèA&i?A, ai) n)0]t> T ao cttì)tiA& 
bo tttPeAÒ eAcottiA, [b^t^ cotì)4ca, 1 bA^tt 3§U ai^ 
f ^t^^ T^ ^^ CV5A8 A^vf bo 5IACA6,] bo cotn)lfo9A6 
T bo coD3ii)^tl 30 feeAttb ; A^ttf ^ApAiÌMti) 30 f tott 
A D5|t^6 tOn)lÀ1) A^ttf A f jocòAti) lè cèile, A^Uf A 
mbeACA bo CAtcgti) bo tt&tì* 60 6lt5|6fe, ctiè Jof a 
/ttilofb 4 ciLj5gtii)A. ^n)ei). 

Ann sin dbèana an Sagart a lamha dea&a do cheangal l^ 
chèile^ agus dèara se^ ' 

31^ CttttieA6 bwe 4 btc 6 cètU t^^ t)0 cgDSAtl 
D|A lè cètle, 

Ann tin laibheòraidh an Ministèir leìs an bPobal. 

^o ^^1*13 31^1^ A0i)CAt6gb4 ^. 1 ai. t^è cètle a 
bp5fA6 i)A0ri)CA,T 3vitf^A6i)AttiSCAbAti Ai)3c|b!)A 


288 / Vòr^Ò. 

A UcAtliDè A5Uf DA ctiibeACbAr^, Ajrf CÌ956 nt) 
50 cctt5A&A|v A5Vf 5Y|t seAlUbAjf A 5C0tt)5ill bi^ 
cèile, T 5U[i toillfl5eAbA|% ad scèAbo^ lè cAb^^ 
A^ttf ^ 3Ab4^il f «^ide, A5ttf lè caB^c Uii>; foill- 
f 15111)1? 50 bf vilib i)A llXpAipAii) p5f bA lè cèile, % 

pfClDTI) A DttC^m A5Uf AT> ^IC, A5ttf AT) Sp]0|ÌAtb 

àlAoin). ?tiDei). 

Agus cuìrfidh an Mìnìstar na dieann sinn an Beannugho 

00 iDbeApAiJe, 50 5CAOii)DAi8, A^uf 50 ^cvti)- 

b^tS^, Dl^ ^DC^C^, DlA AD^AC, Dt^ Aì) SpioiiAb 
SlAOfi) nb ; 50 bf èucAtò ad T^^^e^jiiy^ 50 cttdc£(<|c 
lè D^ f SjAji oftAib ; A^vf 50 Iiodaiò fè ^b lè 5AC 
uile beADU^AÒ ^TUf $ti&f a fpiotiAb^^^tìc^y lOD^f 50 
bf èAbtJAOt betc ovii ccotbDAiJe Abf ocAttt a cètle 
f AD n)bgCAf A, 4 ii)o& f AD cf A05AI Ac^ ]ie ceACb 
50 iDbetc AD bgcA f totti>r8e q f^SAil ^5^1^. Umev- 

Àn sin ar ndul don Mhinistèir^ n6 don Chleireachx go Bord an 
Tigheama, dèara, nò cànfuidhy an tPsailnìse Ìeanas : 

' Psalm cxxviii. Bioii tmtnes, 

Jff fODA 5AC AODj '4 A bfì^l oa^Ia ad I^tseAiiDA : 
T f fobUf toDA f liscib. 

<S>tti toff A cù f AOC4 bo Iàiì) f ètD : i^t ai8 cu f ooa, 
"1 t^ACAi8 50 IDAtC 8>lfC. 

ÌltAl^ bo beAD cofri)Ml tttr ^^ bf iDSTDì^D copxs : 
4 CAobttib bo cìge ; 

Do cIad cofti)>i7l lè plADb'vTSib cpot9 DA bolA : a 
ccfmcioU bo boipb. 

^f^èvc, ^vpiDApfO btAf AD b'vfDe beAD'^^ ' Aiit 
A btrrtl eA^lA AD ÌfSeAtiDA. 

9eADdcut8 AD ^ISSPDA cv Af <8tOD : 1 bo cff |8 
cu iDAtc <9èpttf AlèiD uile lAece bo beACA ; 

tC^vf, bo ctfe cu cIad bo cloiDe; A^uf ftoccAtD 
Aip Jff liAel. 

<5l6iii bo DtCcAip, ^c. 

^Ap t>^ bi Aii bcttf, ^c. 


' N6 an tPsaiImte. 
Psailxii bnriL DeuM misereaiur. 

eo |tA^b D]A c|t6cA]|igc 8^5, Asrf 50 tt>bs9MSe 
fè tò : ^ijvf be^tljiAÒ fè a A5A16 ojtìfg, AjYf 50 
ftAfb cttdcA]|t€AC 6u]^. 

^ODbuf 50 i)A]ceAT)CAit bo fljse fi| ap cc^Uri) : 
òo fUijYSAÒ A iijeAfc t)^ i)ì?le c]i)eA6AC. 

^oU^bjf DA po^bleACÀ cu, <S> ^ ^è : rooUtbf f V^ 
potbloAC^^ ìr,le CY. 

^ b64!)Atb i)A cti)eA6ACA UcJ^itte A5«f bè^b 
S^ttibgc ; ò]fi bo 6j|i)4 b|te]ceATÌ)irvf 4 V^ b^ototb 
50 ceAjit^ t c|ted|t6cA]tt v^ c^v^aÒ^ò^ 4 c^Uit;. 

irtoUtbif DA potbleACA CY, (^ a lt)è : n)pUtb|f 
17 A po|bleA»CA >i7le c(t. t 

X)o 6èAtt>(j6 A9 caUtì) a b]f gc : beApòÒAtò £t^ 
^Jl DX>tA tid- 

UeA56cAt6 DtA ft5 : 1 btAi6 Ae^sU Aip y|U 
re^ttA^Ytb i)A cAlibA!)« 

©lòftt 60 DttcAitt, lc. 

^tlAtt bo b| Att bcYf, Tc^ 

lar gcrfochnùghadk na Psailme^ agus iar ubeith don Fhear 
a^s don Mhnaoi air a nglùiniDh òs comhair Bhuird an 
Tigheamay ar mbdth don tSagart na sheasamh àg an 
mBordy agus ag iompòdh a aghaidh chucay dèara sè, 

t4 tìseAttDA, bèAD cttòcAtite ottvfD. 
^tteAj. fC i£|tfofb, bèAD c|t6cAt|te ottutD- 
^flfD. ^ ÌtS^^P^^j h^^t) c|t6cAtpe o|tuiD- 

<C|t D^cg, ACA ^ DeATD, 3tA0iDC4 ctCtDtD ; ^tSS^ 
^ T*f^S^^^ ; DèADCAtt bo èoil 4 aì) caUtd, iDYti 
Dt^tOT^ 4 Ve^n) : £AbAttt 6ìtd 4^ V]yà 4 D^ÀD Ue«- 
SidmI; tt^Yf fDAtc 6*D 4 cctODCA, TD^tt ibA|CTD|bD<> 
66tb bo ctoDCAtSgf 4 DA5<vi6; ^rvf da ctte6|tAt6^ 
^D cttTD CACAiJce, fCcb f AO|t t5 6 olc. ^tdod. 

^ID. <6 A Ì|5eAttt)A, f Ab^tl C65UC, A5Yf bo 
]5ad65Uc ; 

/t*0A5. JDo C'^jt A Db6ccYf lOD^^b. 
2 B 


2§0 ^ *drA&. 

<!1|i). tì) A t^3CA]ii>A, cvfit coi)5i)An) cue'4 6b 
fopAb i)AOti)CA; 

/f|teA5. tt^uf citibbAis 50 bjt^c lAb. 

^^t). Ujb 6O16 bo tofi i|ef fic ; 

.^fieA^. * ^SaT* ^ t)aibAb. 

^fP. <S) A tiSeAitpA,. èifx Afi DSivfbe ; 

^f« AS- ftsv r lèjs 4 5CAOf6 bo fiocbAf è 

ti) A 2>è tCb|tAl)Ain)9 A Ì)è .3ff AAfc, a Sè Stc 
b^^0A|5 |Ab fo bo fentfetKj? 1 citt|t rfol 1?^ be. _^ 
^foiftttf be A^ A ccfioibc|b ; fO^Af cè bè t)f6» At^ 
bJ^ocAl i)Aon)tAfA 6èAi)Aib bf ojlvf fi> 50 cAfftbeAc, 

f) bf èAbf yfb ad scèAbi)A bo òuft a i)3i)fofi). <6 a 
JSeAftOA, f èAO 50 CflÒCAlfteAÒ Ò fÌAfteAf 0||tA, 

ASttf beADAfs f Ab. ^gttf n)Aft bo cttf ftf f ho he^v- 

V5A6 4 ttbftAl)AlD A5Uf Afft S^ftAl)} CY1D A tDÒft- 

èomfVftCAfSce ; TDAft ad ^cèAbDA AODCAfJ bo bgD- 
m5À6 bo cuft OfftA fo bo fef^èfffb; fODAf 4 TDbetc 
66fb, A5 vtdIu5a6 bob coflf |, Asuf caotdadp^ bo 
5D-JVC f A0| bo 6fbeAD, 50 bfèAbf Afb corbDUfèe ad 
bo Sjt^6 50 cftf c A tDbeACA, cftè -^of a ^f^ì^fb Aft 
cSìàeA|iDA. tCiDeD. 

Ni riidhMr ft: nOràidse leapfte^ an Uxk tbèid aii Bliean tar aoii 
Chloinne do bhreith. 

tì) A tfseAfÌDA C|t0CAlft|3, A^Vf A ?4c4 DeAti)6A, 
A5 4 lèAb Cfo6lACA6 Sft^f AlÌ)Afl IDèAbVf JceAft AD 

cfDeA6 bAODA ; 0vf6n)fb cù, fofft ^ ad b^ ^eAft« 
,fOfDfe.lè bobeA^ujAb ; cutD 50 bf èAbf Afbf f 4AOD 
A befc coftcAC A D5efDeAti)AfD clo|De, A^uf id4 ad 
,^cèAbi>A bef q da iDbeACAfS a bf ocAfft a cètle a 
DSftWJ 6] a6a A^uf A scDeAfCAcb, 4 ii)o6 ^obfefG- 
f fb A 3.cIad cò5CAt6 f vAf 50 Cftfof cAti)Afl Ajvf 50 

fvb^flce^AC, CUID ^O lÌ)0lAf6 ASUf C0D6ftAf>A, Cftè 
^Of A itftfOfb Aft cXfSOAftDA. ÌtlDeD. 

tì) A l>è, bo ftfDl6 lè bo CftèADcvti)AcbA SACorfe 
DÌ6 bo Defri)Df6; ti)Aft Af) ^cèA^A [c^èff D^'Wfca 


^ofAÒ. 291 

jjo cvii A i>ojibV54^8] bo ci^tiS, At) beAi) bo 
^4 copAij ^r ^^ bpeAti, [c|ivc<xi5ce bo |tèt|i 
^ Ajuf bo cof ArnUcbA f èii) ;] ^svf A5 a. 
i lè cè^le, bo ceASAifs, pac n}beic co0ce 
OAc )Ab b^ i}beA]ti}Ai6 cu AOp lè ÌP5f a6 bo 
0^6 6 cèile : ^ a t>^y t}oc bo beAd4^0 T^tb 
bA cuii) |t1fT)b|Aìi)ii'^6 cori)6|fibet]tcnt>, 50 
_> p6f a6 f ptO]tAb-2ijlce A^uf a i)Aop6ACb ac^ 
^iofb A5Vf A ciAlUisce Ajuf Àp 9a 
5flO A^; J^èAÒ 50 C]tòcAi|teACf ojjica fo bo 
^^,bi|}6, lOVAf 50 n)be]c 5]t4v6 A5 ap b/^eATtfo 4 
^ ^Hdao], bo ]tè|ft b/ocA]lf], ìDA]t bo 5fti)i6A]5 
£]tfofb A cèile A D^A^Utf ; bo ctt^ è jrèfD q a f 00, 
A5A 5tt^6v5A6 Ajttf b^ COCU5A6 n)4 a ^eo]l ]!è]D : 
Ajttf iDA]t AD ccèAbDA 50 t1)be]C AD bgDf O 5]t^6Aà 
A^vf 5eADAri)A]l, b|leAf A^uf uri)Al b^ -FeAft ; T 
50 tDbefc DA leADri>uDCAC Aft C|ton)ri)^]C|te 9Aori)CA 
-AS^r ^I^^A, AD S^c vfle Cfvnvf, focftAfJeACb, \ 
f jt. <6 A ÌfjeAjtpA, be Af;A]5 ] Ab Aft aoo, -f CAbAi]i 
bdib ojJfteAÒb bo ]i|5eACb f]0]]iuf6e, cji^ -^ofA^ 
j£]t}ofb 4 cXf^eAftDA. tlrDei;. 

Aiin sin (lèara an Sagart. 

:D]A llt]leAcuti>AcbAC, bo c]tviAf6 4 bcitf 4 $citb 
f]5}fft, tC6Ari) A5uf iÈAbA, A5Vf bo i>aoida]6 Agrf 
bo ceADS^fl l6 èè]le ]Ab a b]»6fA6; IDd|)icèA6 
o|tA]bre rA]6b]iff A 5|t4ir, 50 DA0ri>A]6 Aittf s<3^. 
nibeADA]5e nb, cuid 50 i>bèA9CAO| a |tf a|ì a ccotip 

^5«f A DADAID, A5ttf 50 tDA]]ireA6 ffb A brOCAtli -A 

cèfle, A D5]tÀ6 DAori>cA, 50 c|t]c btt]i iDb4gCA» 9in>et>» 

lar ùm, muna ndèautar Seanmòìr ag tea^asg na aeithe at < 
dual don Fhear agua don Mhaaai uo dheauaxnli^ Uighfidh 
m Ministèir mar leanas. 

4tbfe ttfle AC^ pòfbA, Do <^5A bfvl ft^D fCA]b 
DAOibcA AD l^5fbA bo 5Ab^]l o]tA]b, è]fb]5 50 be]]t 
A.D ^5]i]opctt|]t DAOri>CA, b^DAf lè DA Defce f f bUAl 
bODA r^^t^^t^ 60 6èADA6 ba n>D^]b, Ajuf bODA 
iDD^]b b«^ breA]iAtb. 


292 l?6rA& 

3Do b^iitQdAorì) l^dl A$ àX^z^^ cvut) ì}a r)/kòep)^i^ 
fAV c^seÀÒ CAbib^l, A pAjcoefe bo 5^6 ^ fei,^ 
^ÒfbA ; tt f 5tiA, Slt^^AiJe Bu|i wv^ Aii)Atl if «)4 
àl^-^IS %1or^ ^ !)4ASwitr> ^3«^ lUAtt cy5 è fèjir 
4 A f 09 ; cni) s^ tJAOibf À6 Axuf 50 i?sUi;fa^ Ì ^ 
^o^hkò vtfse, ]t|f A9 b/^oCAjr; cvid 50 bciub]iA6 
b4^ UcAtft f èti) f t)A b^^sUtf S^^^"'^> S^^ SF>^> 
SAi) TiAiDSi tj^ Aòi) t)t6 boo cf 6|tc f ti) ; Adb 50 
lobett f j pAorbcA, ^suf s^T) AtpeAib- tCtbUiS n^ 
btt còiftboijA f itt A ìtìV^ bosft^SvjAÒ tt)4 a s^otW 
fè]r). fCo cè AS A bf >?l ST*^^,^ ^ tbpAot Aci^ sfiAb 
Atse g f èti). <&|ti 1)1 t^^tb f VAC AtitAit) AS AO|i)eAC 
Atjt A feotl fèji) s^ fo, Aòb otlt6 ASttf coctti5|8 f, 

Att)A|l tD4 Dl A1) 3ttSg^DA A DiÈASlAtr • ^ll^ If ^^^^l^' 

^b b^ cottpf AD, b^ f eotl, Asvf bA coaibAtb. ^|t 
A D4i8bf t* fo f ^SF'^I^ -^^ V^^ì^ ^ ACAttt 1 A fi)Aè^, 
ASVf bètÒ ceADS^l^^^ l^ V^ tixDAOt, Asuf bèt^ Ai) 
bif tjD DA DAOtDf eo|l. ;5rf fDÒft AD ttut^^I^")Atlt|j : 
ACb UbtiAtiDft As beADc lè £t^|orb A^vf leif a 
D^AsUtf. ^cb st^^^^J Sl^^^^tà*^^ S^c bìfije 
AsAtD Y^ letc A beAD tDAft è f èiD. 

HlAtt AD SCèAbDA UbftAtS AD O^AOìÌ) Ì?6l C|b1JA, 
AS fCftlobAb CVID DA Citolo|f iDeAG, ìDAtt fO lè 5AC 

ìtte ftO|i?^to^; ^ feAftA, stt^bAtse buit tD9*> 1 
D^ bfst6 t^^pb le6. 

i8tfct6 tDAft AD S^^^^^A so ^IT^ aiAori) l?5bA|i, 
ftbfiaiol itftìofb, bo bf trèfD PA f |oii p6fbA, t*tr*^ 
b|tVfDS ^cA p6fbA ; tC f gt^A, bèuDAtÒ coiDDttt^ ^ 
hfoc4 b4 tDbAD tD4 tf cvbAfÒ bo 6A0|D|b tvlfi)^*; 
♦S ^^M^ 0D6|tA bOD tDDAOi, 'AiDAtl boD crofceAÒ 
^r UfS^, An)Atl f 6f Ac^ f |b bAft scori)0|5|t|b sitAf 
• 9A bgCA ; bgsU cotftrDtf 5 ^o Ctt|i 4 b^ DvtftDì^bi 

0O fO bO CttAUbAtft bVAÌSVf A Dftì* ^o^ ii)DAOf. 
tÌDOff iDAft AD Sc|bD^, }hre A ii)D^, èffcts T fat- 
UiDAt6 bttft DbttAlsttf b^ft-bf gt^Afb, tDAft acA f 0|U- 
llSce so f Ofllèttt f AD Scfttopcif fi daoidca. 

<8a D^tpffcil tteAit)|ti^t^c^ òttiD'DA D^peffO^AC^ 
ceA^AfSAfb aÌAOip *6l fb iDAft f ;^ H n)t)^ b}5t6 
uiì)aI bA bv|t btreAfttttb fèfD, AiijAtl bo b|A6|(b boo 

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Xf5eAYti)A. <S)tT* ir ^ AD f eA|% cg? i)a m^t AibAil 
A ^è £|i}ofb ccAÒ DA b^^sUf f e : Asuf if è €Ui)- 
utSceof|t Ai) cutjtp è. mitDe ftOi AtijAtl Mt a 
V&^'S^^W iin)Albo <t|ttorfe) 50 ^a6 bAfnWb ^o b|Af 
V^ n)V^ b^ bfeAJtYtb |rè]i) ai) 3AC èi§f6. ttjuf a 
Hlf A beijt fè, £v3a6 at) bgpb^ b^e beicon)6ib§c 
^^ peA|i. 

^5Vf , a5 a *eictit òuii) t)A c£olotftD8C, bò bettt 
aiAOTÌ) *òl Ao lèt3§t) SeAntf A 6jb ; % ^v^^ h\s\^ 
uiìjaI b^ bttit bFeA|tttjb fèto, tdaiì tf CttbAib fA 

XeA3Af3At6 iDAjt AD 3CèAbDA OdAori) !?eAbAtt ib 
30 tt6tbAtt, A3 t*^ mAti fo ; ;3fbf e a ibDA, bi$t6 
ùrbAl ba bttjt bf eA|ttt|b f èfD ; -JoDAf 30 bf èAbf ^6e 
A9 bt^Atii DAC bcAbAtft utbUcb t^ot) iDbtttAc^, no 
cA^tt^DS A bfèV3tb>?f AD btitAcq cttè GotDbeAttf^tb 
DA. TDbAD ; AD CAD cff |6 ftAb bvtt 3CotDbeAtifi8it*> 
3SDtDDU]6 iDAtlle jiè f AtcceAf . 9J^n jo f ^)*tw>-^f A iDAtfe a D3tt«Ai3 cAfbA, d^ ^ jcvtt 
òttt DA bc]tDÒtoU, D^ A 3cu|t cvltttseAC ottiCA ; ACb 
30 tDA6 ì)è A iDAife bvt!;e folvjàeAC ad C|tot6e, a 
j)eAtbc|tttAtUg6 fptofttttb cgDf A ctiitD; Doc tf tD5ft- 
IvAtc A bf |A6Dtt]fe 3Jè. ^t^ IT "?^f* T^ ^o Vf<^ ^ 
DAllòb D^ rt)\)^ DAOtbcA, tyo Ctt]|teA6 a iD^DlJtD A 
DX)tA, t^^ V^}^ ^^ 6eA3tbAtf futA^, Att tDbeic 65jb 
ùrDAl ba bfeAtttvb f è]i) ; ^tbu]l CV3 &'^]i^ utbUcb 
b^itbrtAbAtD, A3 54") ctgeAttDA 6e ; bapAb tOJsDA 
Ijbfe AD f §6 bo D| ftb tDA]c, A^Vf i)ac ccittoèijvj- 
ceAjt f ]b ttè f <v]cc]Of a|i bjc. 

Is iomchnbhaidh dona Peftirsonnaibh nuadbphòada an Chom^ 
aoin ?faoTnhtha do ghlacadh t nam a bPMfd^ uò a^ •n 
g^ad cbomhgar a ndiaidh » bPosda. 

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Digitized by VjOOQIC 

9M £uAt)ie ctti5 hM]t)€ Z]^e, 

Jkn tan bhios ipn Pliearsa tinn^ i8 cdir sffèala thabliairt do 
Mhinistèir an Fharàisde ; agus> ar tteaihd dò chum tìg|ie 
«n duine thinn, dèaraidh aè, 

0o']iA}h x]t boo cscfo, A^vf b^ fejrìffl p^ 5C01Q- 
W5e A$. 

An tan thioefaa aè do làthair an Dttine thinn, aga l^gion aSaa 
air a ghluinibh, dèara lè* 

<Ka cuiii)Di6, ^ 2t^t5eAtti>d, 4 locbAl9«» i)& loob^ 
^r^ rioriop • ^otstU i$, a SètS tfteAtHJA, cot^iU 
bo poÒAl, bfruAf 5Atl cu lè bffì^l ibotuoAti ; ^t^uf 9^ 
bfb A 6f etti5 ItS 50 bt%Àc. 

•^l*^- 4ot5tU t9, A 6èt5 tfSeAttDA. 

Ann ain dèara an Miniatèir. 
3DèAi)Ait) 5ut6e. 

tC itf^e^t^oAy bèAi> cti6cAttte otiAtP- 
tt itttiofb, bèAij cti6cA]tie ottAt^- 
t4 %]^eA^Vày bèAi? cttòCAtt^e 0^1^]^. 

?tt* 'J^Mj ^^^ '4 V^tr); 0(lAon)C4 cUt^)"); ^150 
*>o T^foSACb ; Dèi)C4 bo cotl 4 caUiÌ), fi)4 V}t]o\L q 
Dgri) : XAbg 6^9 A i>tu6 4 D4M) UecgTÌ)>?l ; ttsrf 
fi)Atc8ìfp 4 cctoocA, Ti)A|t n)Aictt)tbDe 6ò\h bocfot)- 
CAtJeAf 4 i)A5At6 ; tt^ttf da ctte5ttAt6 t5 cuti) ca«- 
At5ce, ttcb f Aott to 6 oic. ttiDeo. 

^t^- ^ A tfJe^t^DA, f ;8ibAil bo f etttbff eAC ; 

^ftOA^. 3Xoc cuttitor A 66ccAf tODAb. 

^HtD. £>f |t CAb4 CY|3e 6b A^c vMrtyt^ ; 

tfine^^, tt^ttf CAort)AtD c>0|6ce 50 DeAttcibAtt è. 

^]V» 3Xa lè]3 bOD pArì)Atb co|tt Uectton) bo betc 


''^1*^A5. Sft^ bo pole coAcb da joit^ cvio a 


*f1|tj. ÌJij 65, A tljeAfipA, bo coii UlbJit ; 

^fi). <& A Ì^JeAiiDA, è]fb 4 D5tt|6e; 

Jf|ieA3. ^S'^r l^tS 4 T)ètTi)5e bo ]iocbAii) cvsAb. 

• <S) A S^se^iipA, f èvc A OVAf o aieATÌj, ^tbAtltc^ • 
CAb4it|t CYAtftc, T f òift ^ fo bo f etttbffeAÒ : J^èvc 
4 lè f tttltb bo cttdCAtTt&9 c^b^t^ cori)f 0]tcACb A^vf 
beA|tb6ò|5 66 top^b f è|t), cvrijbAts è 5 coocAb^c 
V^ !)A.ri)Ab, A5Vf coi)5bAt6 è a f fc A^ttf -oi fU|i)ce 
f |O|ttttt60, cttè ^of A £|i|Ofb 4 clfseAito^^. ^n^ep. 

iCtfb lipj A Ì)è A^vf A èlM)ttl5ceottt ^tfeAcvri)- 
AcbAt6 A5Vf |tdc|tòcAt]it6 ; f |i) bo 5i)^cri)AtceAf 
cvfse fo bo fet]tbffeAÒ, ac^ 6^ ^]At)<v6 lè ctSfOf : 
0u\6rr)\h cui, i7Aori)At6 fo, bo f »DACbA6 ACAft^A 66- 
f AT); cYn) 50 DbèAi)A6 Cttt5fe a Ut^e r)^}it bo CYfi 
A 3ceAD A ctietbtri), A^Yf fftttpe ad a At^N5 • 
;Jo9Af it)A6 bv6 f bo 6eA5CO|lf t a AfCf foc cvii) da 
tl4i]Dce bo bf ]iO]ri)e A]5e, 50 ^CAtcf eA6 fè ad àyfh 
ofle b^boACA ADceA^lA, A^vf cttTi) bo sldtfte; d6 

CAbA]tt 66, 5]t^fA AD CUAtttC fO bO Ctt5 Ctt Atft bo 

^Ab^t^ ^^is^> ^T* ^^^ c-^iit^ir t)A boACA pt^i>^^ r^ 

bo citfoÒDv5A6, 50 iDbetc da cori)DAt6e tDAtUe ttfoc 
-pèto A iDbeACA f to]]tttt6e, c]tè ;5fof a £]tfofb 4 cif^- 
eA]tDA. ^TDeD. 

- Ann sin dhèanaidh an Ministèir an Duine tinn^ do theagaig, 
do rèir na foirmeai^ nò a oosmhuile. 

^ CA]tAtb toDri)YtD, b]o6 A f t^^r t<> ^3^^> 3»?*^^ 
è 3Dt^ tòt^^^^**"?^*^^^^ SfS^^Tt^^ ^^ beACA A^vf 
AD b^tr> ^S^r 3^^ ^]^^ Detce beADAf le6 ]|D, TDV]t 
ACA. 6t5e, DeA]tc, fUt'Jc^j -^ofh I^IS^ A^vf c|D|Of. 
f^tTDe fjD C]bè Att btcbo ctDeAf, bjo6 a ffof A^Ab 
50 b§]tbcA, 5tttt fiDAcbu5A6 6 ÌtA è.^^vf ctbè 4 
btc f ^]t Cttt]is6 AD ct^t<>r f o Oftc ; TDAf cttTD bf otjtbe 
fofèttCAtD cvrD è|ftOTDpU|tte bo 6A0|Dtb efle, A^Vf 
tPÒ^r S^ ^F*il5^ì^ *50 c]teibeAri) a l^ ad ^Ì5^A]tDA, 
jODri)olcA, 5l6jtri)A]t, A^wf oD^ttAC, cttiD iDèvbAtsèe 


5lo]|ie ABitf ro9<^ir 5AT) C]i|c ; o5 iDi^f ii]i»e 0^11156 
oftc è cvti) Cfbè-i)! ca|ft|or cop}Y^òt Aipflrllb è^c^ 
DeATÌ)6A ; bo riQACbvxAb Asur bo leArus^è to&Ab; 
bfo«> 4 T?^ 50 boAitbcA A5Ab/ 194^ Qf cu. Aicni^e 

rliti5eAc r^ bo peACA^bib, -oijttr ^ c]dtor bruUijs 

50 f o|5ibeAC, A5 cv]t bo 86cc4^tr "^ cc|iòCA|]ie Dè, 

4 ro^ ^ ^ì^ ^ì«'Tr ''or* ^^fof^? ^s^r bvfbeAc^if 

nn)l^ bo tAbA||tc bd f ^ ì)a dv4fftc ACAfiS^) bob 
vrijlvjAb ffèf 50 bvfle b^ coflrfOD ; 50 fiAÒfftt|6 
cvti) cAf ftbe 6vf c, A^ur 50 ^cvf beÒÒAfÒ le4c bvl 4 
CA^Af 6 Ai) r^ crlfge bf ]tf§ bo cfteÒftAfseAr cun) v^ 

bOACA T17AftCAQAf6. 

Ma bhionii an duine air a ttugthar coairt ro tliiiui> leadaigh 
an Minlstèir a Theaga^ £> chrfochnùghadh sann àitse, 
muna raibh dhul ar agnaidh* 

IftfiDe ffo 5Ab du^Ab 50 iDAfc rtt)Acbv5A6 ai)S»5- 
OAftOA : ^ffi [ìD4 A bef ft 9S. 9òl ad r^ ^♦1**; ^^^ 
fbf l bètt5 òttfi) DA DifiAbftAfbeAcj-HCfbè sitJ^bvf J§r 

jDfA rn)Acbìf5f6 r^ 6, T rsw^pr^i^ r* 5^^ ^^^ 
u P5AbA9 r^* ^A& 1)1 ri6. rwj^^tts^^* brvU^j 

bo 9f Df A ftfb ii)Aft fÒACAfb ; òf ft cè b& ^V i9AC f|0 
DAÒ rn)AcbAf5eA!) ao cac^ ? Ucb njA bfop ffb 5*0 
rn)A6bv5A6, bA bffxl Ai) cfonjl^i) jtAdp^fftceAC, ff 

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bo ctt^AfDuft vfffiftD 6òfb : dac cdftA 6^d V]0X ^ 
50 n)5ft befc A DttiblAcb bftcAfft da rplofiAb, ASftf 
t)efc Aft iDAftcAfD ? <&fft bo fiiDeAbAftr-^O 50 befnJI^ 
4 rn)^cbtt5A6 r^Al Afc^eAfft bo ftèffi a ccoIa fr^io > 
ACb efr|Oi) Ctttt) 4 ccAf fibe, èviD 50 iDbefCTDfr l«*5- 
|>Af|tceAC AD.A D40ii)CAcbr4D— ^ bft^^cAfft Àaic, 
Ac^ifb DA bfif AèftA ro r^^I^lobcA r^6 Sc|tfopctti;t 
DAorì)CA, ÒU1D 4 5coiDfOftcAl6 A^vr A|i cce^SA^j 
CttiD 50 DbèADAiDAOfr fn)Mbr^^6 Aft d^c4 Vff^ 
bo fttlAD5, 50 f?of5|^eAC, A^vr lè CAbAfftc brf6- 
eA^Afr, cfbè bAiD 4 co|l lè D4 iDAfceAr 51t^f*'^^^ 
cuAfftc t>o cAbAfftc oftAf D U iDf f èttD 4 bfc. ^S^r 
Df fJèfbfft U iCftforbAfSCfb CiOìbfO|tcACb Ofor 19^^ 


be|è ACA, tj^ A t)bèAijAiì) cofipY]l pè l;]iforb, a6 
A bfttUDs -^ofais, ctiipblòi&e, A5Vf c|Dir 5^ V^^]^" 
^be^c. è]]t Dì ÒeACAjb fè fèii) r^^f ^tt"> T^!S> t?0 
3^71 fvUus ^lf^'^ cèVbvq ; v^ V-^^V^^ crrt) a jùtfie, 

fvi bo cèvr^ò 6. <nA]t nt? 50 bei»bii) ir ì ir rMè« 

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itriiorb ; A^ttr ^r ^ ^r bOfiAf bv^D cvid bwl A tcgò 

tAD iDbeACA fi^n^^i^^j '^^r ^F^s^i^ i^ ^itìor^ 50 

tOflb]]i ; CVT1) 50 DbèADArt) èiiite a nìr 6 b^r> 1 
coTÌ)DA]5e AD foèAi]ir]OD A ti)beACA tì)A]icadai6. 

u t)oir, ^«^1^« n^> 4 BruUDs 50 foisibgc bociDir> 

Ac4^ CAi]tbeAC ìDtt]t fo 6vic, ceA5Ar3tt]tD cii, a 

D^]DTD X^è, AD ^eAlUTÌ) bO COlTÌ)D1tt5A6 Ctt5 cf bo 

Ì>]A AD bo 6AirceA6. tl^ttr, 6 cA]tU 50 b]r>fl cop- 
CAf lè cAbAi]tc A DfelAig DA ^CAfA boD ^SfieiceAib 
ft]t]DeAC, bèAitAf b]teAc45AC ^le ^MDe^AD ]:èYC- 
A]D bo f g]troDA]b reAC a' òèile, aicd] JltD 6foc c<- 

fèfD, A^ttr AD r^^i^ ^^ ^ ^r^^ ^^> ^^ ^^^* «^* i 

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f èiD, A^ttr boc ciODCtt5A6 ]:èiD, f A bo co]icAib ]rèiD, 
50 bfttitèeA c)t6cA]]te A5 U]fD A]t D^CA]t DeAiD^A 
4 fOD 4C]tiorb, A5Vf DAc DbjDCAO] coi]i bo cv]t o]ic 

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6^ ; cvtD 50 tDbe]c a f fof A^Ab ad 5C]te]beAD c6 
iDA|t bA c6i]t bo 6^e it]tfor6tt]5e, d6 dac DbèAP^. 

Aim tàn aithieòiaidh an Ministèir Airtiogail an duwidimh,^ 

^D 5C]teib]]t A d3D]a, ad c?tcAi]t tKilgctttt)AcbAc, 
£]tvcAi$ceo]]t Deime A^ttf cAltbAD?. 

ft^ttf A D-Sfof A £]tforb A AoiDSeiD *rtlC]iOD A]t 
cX]5g]iDA ? tt^vr 5V]t 5AbA6 è OD ^]»lO]tAb OdAOlb, 

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f AOt #oiDc l^ioUic, 5tt]t cèAf a6 è, 50 bf ttAi]t b^f, 
A5Vf 5tt]t I)^6Uca6 è; 50 DbeACAi6 ffor 50 bif- 

]t]OD, A5ttr tDA]t AD 5CèAbDA 5V]t èl]tSl6 A ]tff AD 

c]teAf U : 50 DbeACAi6 fVAf 4 <WeAtb, T 50 bf mI 
DA fvi6e ^ Uitb 6eir JD^ ad cf4cq lft]lscttibAÒbAC ; 


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fot)Ab DOkOtbcA ; 

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tfofftttf be A^5 A ccfiof6c|b ; fODAf cè bè Df6» ad 
bJ^ocAl DAOTDCAf A bèADAfb bf ojlvf fi> 50 CAfftbeAC, 
« bf èAbf vfb AD scèAbDA bo òttft a DSDfori). <S) a 
ifSeAftoA, f èAÒ 50 c|t6cAffteAÒ 6 fUfteAf ofHA, 
ASttf beADAfs fAb. ttsttf n)A|t bo cttfft]f ho beAD- 

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coTDfVftcAisce ; iDAft ad SCèAbDA AODCAfS bo b§D- 
msÀò bo cuft OfftA fo bo feiftfeff^; fODAf 4 iDbeTc 
b6ib, A5 vit)lu5A& bob coflf 1, A^ttf caotdadca bo 
5D^c f A0| bo bìbeAD) 50 bfèAbf Afb corhDttfèe ad 
bo 5|t-J^6 50 cftfc A tDbeACA, cftè -^of^ itftf^fb Aft 
C^EfJeAfiDA* ttiDeD. 

Ni riM^Mr a nOràidse leapfte^ an Un tbèid an Blieaii tar aou 
Chìoinne do bhreith. 

tì) A tfseAfÌDA C|t6CAl]tl5, A^Vf A ?tc4 DeAri)8A^ 
A5 4 lè^*> cto8lACA8 Sft^f Ari)Afl ri)èAbvf JceAft ad 
cfDCAS bAODA ; 0vf6n)ib cù, f 6i]t ^ ad b^ ^CAft- 
jOfDf^'lè bobeA$tt5A6 ; cuid 50 bf èAbf Afbf f 4A0D 
A beft cofttAÒ A D5eiDeAri)AfD cloiDe, A^ttf id4 ad 
.^c&AbDA be]t DA tDbeAtAfS a bf ocAfft a cèfle a 
D5]t;Wi 6|a6a A^uf a scDeAfCAcb, 4ri)o6 sobfejc- 
VP ^ 3f 'ad còscAfb f vAf 50 Cftfof cAri)A]l A5Vf 50 
fvbdiflceAC, CttfD bo tDolAf6 Asuf toD6]tAfA, cftè 
^of A itftfofb A]t cX]5eA]tDA. ÌtiDeD. 

tì) A Ì>è, bo ft]Dl6 lè bo tftèADcvri)AcbA SAC.'^le 
D'|6 bo De]ri)D]6 ; tD<VJt AD ^cèA^A [c^èff V^'V^ìtù 


^ÒfAS* 291 

jAb^l 4k corAig Af Ai} b^cAti, [citvcAisce bo jièm 
tioib^lSe A5ttf bo cof AibUcbA f èii) ;] A^vr aj; a 
3Cf 95AI lè cè]le, bo ceA5A]r5, dac xtjhe^t co^bce 
bl]fb{0D4Ò ]Ab b^ t)be4|i!)Ai6 cu aoo lè ì?5f a6 bo 
f5AotleA6 6 cèile : ^ a Ì)è, poc bo be^ÒAt^ fCAib 
AO ^òfbA cuii) iiifpb^Ari)|i>^6 co»i)6]ft6e]|ic fp), 50 
bf>fl At) p6f a6 fpio|iAb-8^]lce A^ttf a i)Aop6Acb ac^ 
|bt|i £jttOf b A^vf 4 iÈAsltttf C]AXU]5ce Ajttf 4(194 

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iCtifofb 4 cèile 4 i)iC45Utf ; bo ctt^ è f èiD q 4 f 00,, 
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Ajtif n)4tt 41) ccè4bi)4 50 Ti)betc 41) bgDfo 5tt4i646 
A^vf 5e4D4ri)4tl, b|le4f 45^^ ùri)^l b^ J^e^tt ; T 
30 rvbeic D4 le4Dri)UDC4C 4tt cttoiDri)4]C)te D40ri)C4 
Ajvf b|464, 4D 54C v]le C]rDVf, foc]t4i5e4Cb, \ 
f]i. <6 4 4|5e4ttD4, be4D4]5]4b 4jt40D5 T c^b^]]! 
bdtb otJtie^ob t^o ii|5e4Cb fìottitt]6e, t^^ -Jof4 
Xjt^ofb 4 cE]5e4]tD4. ttrDeD. 

Aiiiì sin dèara an Sagart. 

«Dt^ ®l;tle4cutf>4cb4c, bo c^vò4]6 4 bcuf 4 S^t^ 
f ]D]]|t, ^64ri) 45ttf iÈ^b^, 45Vf bo D40tD4]6 ^jvf 
bo ce4D54]l U cè]le t4b 4 bt>6f46; JDd]ttcèA6 
OfiAtbfe f 4t6b]»tf 4 5|t^f, 50 D4ori>4t6 45»^ jc^. 
nfbe4D4]5e t;b, cun> 50 Dbè4DC40] 4 ttf^ti 4 ccofit» 
♦5»r A D4D4ID, 45ttf 50 rD4f ]itre46 |fb 4 b|:oc4tt* ^ 
cèfle, 4 D5!t^ D40ri)C4, 50 ctttc buti iDb4jc4- ^meth 

lar 81% munìi ndèautar Seanmòir a^ tea^asg na iieithe at { 
dìud don Fhear agus don MkaaQÌ oo dheanaxnli^ lèighfidh 
m MiuÌBtèir mar leanas. 

Jbfe tt]le AcA- t>6fb4, d6 454 bf '^l ti^D fC4tb 
D401DC4 4D J^6fb4 bo 54b4]l 0]t4tb, è]fht5 50 bettt 
AX) S5titot>Ctti]t D4ori)C4, bgDAf lè D4 De]ce ]f bw^l 
bOD4 fe4]t4]b bo 6è4D46 b^ iDO^tb, ^^uf bOD4 
rDD^]b b^ bf e4tt4tb. 


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r^S c^5eA6 c^btbtl, a VAf coefe bo 5^6 \jte jftfA]i 

Sl^^lS ^^NOfb A O^AsUtr, A5ttf tDA|i CY5 è fè\tf 
4 A f 00 ; cvti) 50 i)Aorbf À6 Axuf 50 iJsUof à6 ] lè 
Y09U6 vtf5e, titf AP b,FocAr; crn) 50 bciùb|u6 
bt^ UcAttt f èto t PA b^A^Utf 5t6ttri)q, 5^1) sjtoi), 
3A?) ]iA]i)5, i)4i Aòo t)f6 boo cf òpc f ti) ; Adb 50 
ii)betc f j !)Aorì)CA, A^ttf 5^1) AjoeAri). t(ri)Ut6 fj^ 
btt c5||i booA f It* A 11)1)^ bo 5ft^6v5A6 n)4 A 5C0||if 
fèii). fCo cè A5 A bfìfl 5|i^6 g A ri)i)AOt Aca 5|ii& 
At5e ^ f èto. <&tti V) ]tAtb f VAC AtifAri) A5 AOjDeAC 
Aitt A f eofl f è]i) 50 f 0, Aòb o]l]6 A^ttf coctt]3]8 1, 
Ari)A]l 11)4 0} AO 3L] JgttOA A TJ^AsUtf : 6]tt tr '^^l^' 
f5 bA coftpf AOj b^ f eofl, A^vf bA co^rijAfb. t(|t 
A pA6bf ft fo f ^5fv]6 AO f eAft a ACAf ft f a rij^c'^, 
A5Vf bèt6 ceAO^Aflce lè i)a ThoAOf, A^ttf bèfb at) 
bjf fjD OA DAOf Df eof l. ^f iD^it AD fttttDb]Ari)A]]i]i : 
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D^ÌAsUff. tCcb 5t6eA6, 5ft^6AtJeA6 5AC b^ve 
A5Àfb f ^ UfC A beAD IDAft è f è]D. 

^Aft AD 5CèAbDA UbftA]6 AD ^AOtì) Vòl C<|b1)A, 
A5 fCfi|obA6 ÒVtD DA cXolojf ]DeAG, IDAft fO lè 5AC 

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ttbfiaiol 4^ft1ofb, bo bf f èfD DA f ]Oft pdfbA, ftff Atr 
bjiVf D5 ACt^ f>6fbA ; tC f gftA, bèttOAf 6 con)r)n^6e a 
bfOc4 b4 mbAD TD4 ir cvbAf6 bo 6A0]D|b ]vIiÌ)4a; 
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Af Uf5e, Ari)Atl f 6r Ac^ ffb bAfi 5Cori)ot5jt]b i^T 
I 9A bgcA ; bg^U òotftiDtf5 bo Cttft 4 b^ DVfftD^b. 
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tCDOff iDAft AD S<^|bDA, fbfe a ri)D^, èffcfs 1 rSj- 
U1DAÌ6 bttft DbttAÌ^ttf bAft^f gftAfb, iDAft ACA fOÌ}^" 
||5Ce 50 fOfUètft f AD SCftf OpCÌift DAOipCA. 

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ceAXAf5Af6 alAori} l?6l f b iDAft fo ; tC ri)0^ ^iif^ 
4ri)At bU bvfi bfeAftafb fèfD, ArijAfl bo b|A6fibboo 


A rè iC|^|Ofb ce^x) i)4 b^fiAsUife : Asuf if è ^l^i)- 
ui5ceoi|i AO cutjtp è. iKtiije fim ArijAtl az^ a 
i)igA5Uff ùii)4lbd ^itfofb, 50 iDAb DAn)lt?6 ffi) b|Af 
DA 11)1)^ b^ bfe^liYjb fèii) Ai) 5AC ètDl6. ^S^f -^ 
\C\X A befjt fè, £v5a6 ax) bgi)bidi b^^ betcon)5tbgc 

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aiAOTÌ) l?òl AP lètssD SeAHtf A 6jb ; Ù ^ì>^ btst^ 
utì)aI b^ btt|i bfeAittttb t?è|Dj TD^it tf CttbAt6 f A 

3LeA3Af5At6 ii)Att ad ^cèAbpA aiAori) l?eAb4tt lb 
30 tt6ri)At*» ^5 t*^ "'^l* fo ; ^'^f ^ * nynty btSì*^ 
uri)Alb^ buft bfeA]tu]b fè|D ; JfODAf 50 bffèAbtr^be 
AQ btteATD DAC bCAbAltt uri)lAcb bOD tnbfttAC^) bo 
cAittws A bfèr5ri)>?f AD btttAcq cfiè òotpbeAttfi^tb 
i)A n)bAD ; AD CAD cf tr|6 f tAb br|t 5COti)beAttf «^tb 
3gDtDDtti6 iDAitle ttè f AicceAf . 9HATt 50 t^otjttiH- 
eAlAc.biAf A iDAjfe A D5|tttAi5 cAfbA, D^ ^ 3^^!* 
6|tt DA bciÌDCtoll, D^ A 5cu}t crluiseAC ottiCA ; ACb 
30 n)A6 })è A iDAife briDe foUgeAC ad cttotbe, a 
j)eAri)cttuAtlig6 fptotitttb c§Df a ciitiD,' DOc tf iD6|t- 
IrAtò A bf jAbDttife 3Jè. è|tt if iDAjt fo tyo \)\o6 a 
1)AUòb DA IDD^ DA0ri)CA, bo OttltieA6 A it/^DIStD A 
dDia, lAb fèiD bo 6eA5ri)Atf IU5A6, Att iDWtc 65|b 
ùri) aI b^ bt:eAtttvb f èjD ; ?tri)uil cr^ <èàttA uriilAòb 
btCbriAbArD, A5 541D ci5eA|iDA 6e ; bapAb t'^Ss^^ 
tjbfe AD fs6 bo D| ftb idaic, A^Vf D^c ccittoèD>?J- 
ceAtt f ib tiè t:<^]cciof a|i b|c. 

r^ lomchnlihaidh dona Pearsonnaibh nutdhphòflda an Cbom- 
aoin >^aomhtha do ghlacadh ò nam a hPMida, no tn^ $xi 
j^^ad cboQihgar a ndiaidh a b^osda. 

3 B 2 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


An tan bhios %>n Pheanui tinn, is edàr offèak ihabhairt & 
Mhinìstèir an Fharàisde; i^, ar tteadbd dò chuBi tigiie 
an dnine thinn, dèaraidh àè, 

i8o'ji^\h x]t boo cgcfo, Asvf b^ 6f>^1 t)^ scoiq* 

An tan thioefaaaè do Uthao: an Doine Uunn, aga ISgkmiiaa 
air a ghlmnibh, dèara aè. 

91a caiti)i)|8, A 2^f5eA)t9A, 4 locbAfp^f Dt^ loobA 

^V' ri^non • ^otsiU ts, a &ètj titeA]ioA, cotstU 

bo pobAl, bf oAf 5Atl ctt lè bf mI tb^tuaAti ; A^af 9«^ 
b|6 A bf ettts ItP 50 b]tiiic. 
^fte. £ot5tU t$, A bètS ttS^AttDA. 

Ann ain dèara an M iniatèir. 

J>è^r>^n> 5a|6e. 

tt tfS^A^OA, bèAD ctt6cAt|te oti^tD- 

ti it|i]0fb, bèAD c]iòcAi]te o]iAt9. 

tt t]5eA]it)A, bèAD cji6cAt]ie 0]tA]9. 

ttji dHc4, ac^ q Dgtb; 9(lAOft)C4 ctCit)ii) ; ^tS&^ 
teo ttfosACb ; X>^ì)Z4 bo coil 4 cAUti), 11)4 Pt^l^^ ? 
Dgti): JtAbg 6^0 A Dia6 4 d4^D Uecgit)^l ; tt^yf 
Tt)A]c6^D 4 cctoocA, ti)A]t tt)Aictt)]boe 66ib boctot)- 
CAt^eAf 4 DA5At6 ; tt^af da c]ie6]tAt6 tD oan) cac- 
A]5ce, ttcb f AO]t tD 6 olc. tttt^eo. 

<ntD. <& A tf5eA]tDA, f ^b^il bo f e]]tbf]^Ac ; 

^fteA^. 9Xoc ctt]]t]Of A bòccAf tODAb. 

<ntD. 4^>F|t CAb4 cvj^e 6b 4^]C DAOti)CA ; 

„f fieAS. ^S^f CAOìt)A]D òoibce 50 i)eA]tcii)A]t è. 

^HtD. 31^ lèi5 60D D4i^ti)A]b coi]t Uec]tofi) bo betc 

^]teA5. «W^ ^o T)ole ceAcb v^ 50]]te cvip a 


'tlitj. ÌJij 66, AtìJeAjiDA, bo coji Uibf ]t ; 

Jf|t«A5. <& A5At6 A !)Aji)<^b. 

^li). (^ A t^5eAT\i)4, èirb 4 D^tttòe; 

i^|teA5. ^Cjvr lèt5 4 ^^1")3® ^o l*ocbAiD cv^Ab. 

<& A 2fel5eA|ii)A, Fèvc A ov^r o OteAiì), ArbAifi^, • 
CAbAfit cvA"|]tc, T fòift fi| ro bo feiitbfreAÒ : J^èYc 
4 lè rttlll^ ^ c|t6c<itP®> CAbAfft coTÌ)f oftcAcb A5vr 
beAjtb6ò|5 66 foS^b f è|ij, cvfòb^tS ^ ^ copCAb^c 

DA iD^iDAb, A^vr cop^b^it^ ^ ^ rfc A5ttr a ri^ipce 

f jo]ttttt6e, cftè -^or^ ititforb 4 cl|5èA|to^. tCtDep. 

45tr^ liD> A Ì)è A^vr A èlA-i)ttt5ceottt ^^Xe^cYìì}' 
ACbA|6 A5vr ]tdc|toc4tltt6 ; riT) bo jD^ciDAtce^r 
cvf^e ro bo feiltbfreAÒ, acA- 6A- ^]aò4^6 lè ctBlor : 
0a|6TD|b Ctt, DAOrì)^]^ r<>j ^o r">^^A6 ACA]t6^ 66- 
f ad; cvii) 50 i)bèAi)A6 Cttt5re a Uf^e i)§]ic bo òvft 
A sce^ò A c]te]b]iì), A^vr l?||t]pe a5 a A]Cft|5: 
;9o9Ar ti)a6 bv6 f bo 6eA3CO|lrt a Afcnoc òvn) i)a 
tlA]T)ce bo bj itoftbe A]5e, 50 ^CAtcfreA^ r^ ai) Cìtb 
ofle bA be^CA ai) ceA^U, A^vr ònn} bo slòffte ; i)5 

CAbAfft 66, 51t^rA A1) ÒUAfftC rO bO Ctt5 Cit Afft bo 

5Ab^]l cvfse, Aft iì)o6 cAf ftèf r i)a beACA pf Ai)bA ro 
t>o cftfoòi)Y54i6, 50 ii)befc i)a coii)DAf6e iD4^f lle ftfoc 
fèfi) A Ti)beACA f fofftttt^e, cftè -^orA iCftforb 4 cifj;- 
eAftDA. tCii)ep. 

'-Ann sin dhèanaidh an Ministèir an Duine tinn^ ào theagai^, 
do rèir na foirmesi^ nò a cosmhuile. 

% CAftAfb fODn)V|D, blo6 a f |or ro A^Ab, ^nftAb 
è X)f A ^fleACttn^^cbAC 2L]5eA]tDA da be^c^ A^vr 
AX) b^tr, A^ur 5AC v|le Defce beADAr led ffD, iDVft 
ACA. 6t5e, DeAftc, rUfDte, AOff, Uf^e A^vr c|Dfor. 
©^fiDe riD C]bè Aft bfcbo c|DeAr, bjo6 a ffor A^Ab 
50 bgftbcA, 5ttft rtDACbttjA^ 5 ì)f A è. ^5vr Cfbè 4 
bfc f:^]t ca]]tg6 ^D ctDt^r r^ ^n^ ; ^^V ^^^ ^F^lSl^^ 
bffèttCA^D cvTD è|rtoiDplA|]te ^o bAOjDfb e|le, a^v^ 
fODAr 50 bf:ut5ct6 bo c]ie]beAii) a Ia ad 3E]5eA]tDA, 
jODW)olcA, 5l6]tri)^]t, A^ur 0D6|tAC, cttiD n^èvbAfsce 


5i6i|ie AB«r ro^^tr s^^ ^i*t^ 5 ^^ *''^r '^i^^ ^^s^ 

o[tc è cvii) c^bè t)ì cttiinor coqtv|6e Alpf^llS ^H 
veAn>6A ; t>0 rmAcbySAÒ A5»r ^o leÀr«5^6 lopAb; 
bjc6 4^ f ?<>r »> beA|ibcA A^Ab, waò Df cii ^}tm^ 
fì|t]iJeAC r4i bo peACAi8|b, Ajar bo qpior brttUt^s 
50 roisibeAC, AX cy]i bo 66ècAtr a cc]tocAitieDè, 

4 r^'^ ^ ^ì^ ^i^tr -^^^^r^ *p!or^> ^s^r bytbeACAir 

tiri)U bo tAbA]]tc bd pA. ì)A òy4tt*c ACAtt64, bob 
;-ri)lySA6 rè)t) 50 bvtle ba co]lrtoD ; 50 ji4.àpn]ò 
ÒYrt) CAtitbe 6y]c, 45»^ 50 Scy|beaòAt6 Uac bvl 4 
rA5A]6 Ai) rA crlfèe 6i]t]5 bo cite6|tAi5eAr 0««) 9a 

bOACA T1)A|tCADAt6« 

Ma bhiQim an duine ak a ttugthar eoaurt rò thinn> fe»d»gli 
an Af inistèir a Theagasg do chriochnùghadh «ann aitse, 
muna raibh dhul ar aghaidh. 

ta;]JDe ttt) SAb <Sa5Ab 50 fi)A]crtDACby5A6 adSS' 
eAttDA : tì)]]t [iD4 A be]]t OS. S?6l ad r^ ^^1^ ^^}^ 
|b]l bètts òttfD DA D45Ab]t4]6eAc] — ^£]bè 5itA6v]5sr 

D]A rrt)ACbìf5]6 rè è, T r5i*i^i*r^i6 r* 5^0 wac 

lè DSAbAD r^- ^^Ì? Pl ri^. r")^cbtt5A6 bpvU^^Sj 
bo D] X>tA |t]b iDA]t ri)ACA]b ; 6]]t cè b^ ad iDAC ff^ 

DAÒ rtDACbAtSOAD AD CAC^ ? %Cb IDA bjOP 1565^^ 

trDAÒbvjA^, bA hf^Ì ad c]oidUd ttADP^tt^ceAC, ff 
bArcAtitb rib AS^r DÌ n)]c. tì>r a ceAD ri^^^ 
bf ^]C]teAC4 4 5C0IDA A5A]D» bo .r«DACbA]6 t5> ] 
bo ctt5AtDtt]t vit]t]tD 66]b : dac c6]t4 6ìfD ^\^X ^^ 
50 iD6tt be]C A Dttri)lAcb bttcA]]t da rt^ot*-^^ ^5*r 
ì)e]c A]t fDA]tcA]D ? <6tti ^o |HDeAb.A]trAD 50 b^1*t'| 
4 r«DACbtt5A6 reAÌ Atc5eA]]t bo ]tè]]t a ccoIa tr^l^/' 
Acb eirioD CttiD 4 ccA]]tbe, èviD 50 iDbe]CiDir P^^' 

pA]]tCeAC AD.A DAOTDCACbrAD ^ b]tACA]]t A^J^' 

AC^fb DA b|t]AC]lA rO r<^I*l0bcA ^AD ^C)t]OpCttllJ 

DAori)CA, cuiD 4 5Cori)po]tcAt6 A5vr Ajt cceA5^JS» 
CtttD 50 DbèADAiDAOtr Tn)MbY^4*6 A]t d^c4 Vff^^ 
bo pttlADS, 50 po]5|t$eAC, Asvp lè CAbAllic brji)- 
eA6A]r, C]bè bAiD 4 cojl lè DA ro^^te^x ÌP^X^^ 
CUA]]tC bO CAbAtftC 0]tA]D U iDlfèUD 4 b]C. ^S*^ 
Dj pè]bt|i lè <tjiìorbA]5Ctb cori)pO|tcACb D]or «^*^ 


he^ ACA, o^ A t)bèA?)An) cofibTil Jiè itTifofb, a6 
A bpiiUpj Aofòis, c|t]pbl6]&e, A5Vf c|^ir 30 ^016- 

5«n ^Ud3 P1A1) cèvbvq ; Dt t^AiDtc cvii) a SÌattie, 
rvl bo cèvfAò'è. mtt f|t) 30 betibtP tf 1 ir j}]È^ 
6ttt$ cttìi) 3l6t|te f^otttutèe, fvUi?3 A^fo njAtUe lè 
ittt|orb ; A^ttf Af è Af bottAf bvt$ cvnj bttl a fcgò 

f Ai) ìi)beACA f loiT^^i^^j t^r ^r^SAll lè ^t^t^r^ S<> 

f oflbttt ; cvti) 30 QbèADATt) ètttte a t*ìf 6 b^f, i 
corì)t)A|3e a5 foCAtttftoi) a ii)beACA TÌ)AttCAi)At6. 
«t t)oif, vtiDe ttD, 4 6rttl^^5 30 roìSI^S^ ^o ctDlf, 
Ac<i CAtttbeAC n)u\i fo bvtc, ceA^AfStttii) cii, a 
T)tCti)Ti) X)è, AO ^eAlUìi) bo cotn)i)tu3A6 CU3 zir bo 
Ì>IA a9 boiSAtfceA6. ^^uf, 6 c^itU 50 bfìfl cop- 
CAf lè cA.bAtjtc A DbtAts DA bgcAf A bop ^t^etceAtì) 
f ftttDeAÒ, bè^ttAf btteAc43Ac >^le 6)^1)^341) tf^vè- 
AtD bo pgttfo^Atb f eAC A dèt'^5 Aici)lJt"> 6foc cv 
f èfi), A3Uf Ai) fCA]b A$ A bp^l cf , bo cAob JDè T 
bì!i)e bo ^CftttbAÒ ; topAf A3 bèAPAÒ CAf Aotbe o|tc 
fèii), A^ttf boc ctoDCtt3A6 tèii), f a bo cottcAtb t?èit), 

50 bf UI^A CftÒCAtlte A3 lAtii) Ali D^CAIt DeAiQbA 
4 foi) ^tof b, A3Vf i;ac Db|i)CAOt cottt bo cvtt Oftc 

A^ttf bO 6AIDDV3A6 AD f A TDbttetCglbDAf ttAtb^f AC 

ttb. WC]n)e ifD Atctte6f Abf A ^tftcto^Atl bo 4it^eibtti|. 
bìTC ; cvtD 50 iDbefc a f fof A^Ab ad scttefbeAD c6 
iDAft bA c6i|t bo 6MDe ^^ttfofbtttje, d6 dac DbèAP^. 

Aiin Bin aithieòfùdh an Ministèir Airtiogail an Chreidimh>^ 

tÌD ^cftetbttt A dI>1a, ad cticAttt ?lfttlgcttTÌ)AcbAC, 
£ttvcAtSèeoitt Deitbe A^uf caHad?- 

*^3»r ^ D-Sfof A £,ji'}Oxt> A AOfDSetD ^rttcfioD Att 
cStSst^DA ? ^3Vf 3vtt 3AbA6 è OD St^toftAb OdAOlÌ), 
50 ftvTA^ è Utf A D<S>13 *"ttitte ; ^uft f ttUtD3 p^f 
f AOf #oiDc 3?toUic, Sttft cèAf a6 è, 30 bf ttAttt b^f, 
^ISXT Z^V' bA6UcA6 è; 30 D&eACAt6 ffof 30 btf- 
ttiOD, A3ttf tDAft AD SCèAbDA 3Vtt ètftstb A ttìr ^^ 
ctteAf U : 50 DbeACAt6 fVAf 4 Sl^Aib, T 50 bf mI 
DA fM6e ^ Uttb 6etf S^ ad ctCc^ ^tlgcuibAÒbAC ; 


998 ^uAfttc dìQ bAPlpe X^ope. 

CttW biteiceAJpTJAjj' bo CAb^ntc ^ be^ÒAib ^5*1*^1]^ 
i9A]ibr|b? , 

^SBf A9 ;c|te|bio9 cu ^ò f^ ^p^oftAb OtUon?; 
a^QIaoiì) i^sUtf it^0fl|ce ; cotD^oft) D^i i>Aoit); 
ii»A|ce^i9 nA bpeACAiòe; eifèmSe t)A coIim ; ^S^f 
4^0 beACAffoguiite bèff b^if ? 

Freagdraidh an Dahie tiiiii^ 
£|ie|b|ii> fp ìfU 50 Z)|oi>5n>ÀlcA. 

Aiin m dkàaiia a& Mlniftèir a aor^daA an bliiiiO 8è fiorai^^ 
reacb fa na pheacwìdhibh, agttt a« hhfiul «è a goarthMi-* 
aebd laia an taaoghal nUe ; i^ theagaig maitbeambnag 4o 
thabhalr^ 6 rùn croidhe^ da gach uile Dhuine à^ chuir 
corruidhe air; agus ma chnir fleidon oorruidhe air aoii'* 
Bdnime, mtfitheamhnaa do iairnidh air ; agns ci bè àit t 
HdatniuSdb ei«o6ir b6 èigceart air aoaftdainey aidniac do 
thabhain ^^bk mw b ten bUaa aim a ehàmbMM. 
AgvB iBttBar chivr aà a mbaoin a neagar mmhe liB, 
tqgthar comhairle dho an trath ain a Thiomna do dhèan'* 
amh, agua a Fhiacha daì Arìfl^ go tà aSr, asus go tà ufiHàon 
ttr dhftoinibh eOe; chura a Cheinàais do ^ilanadnBÌoi 
lbai»» aguacbam Mieruidlieadhd dha £eseaoatoMbK Acbd 
kidk ODOÌr a ^ur go iimbìc a geuimhn^ à^ ^MoMi 
il%be do gh lacad h ìk na maiyiQ. »h»cghalta dordughvihi 
an feadh hhelthdn ^m a a^uinte. 

li ^dir oa bnathrasa do reamhràidheadh da ridh, lol 
thoiseòchas an Ministèir a Omaieh. mur do chi^ ^ 

Na dèanadh an Ministèir faillidhedo naDaoine tinnejgheabh* 
aa tà adfiiianeadi do gbKtasachd gDdltbdiiwllaeh> cbnm 
bheith go maith leis na JBochdaibh. 

Ann 80 dèantar an Duine tinn do bhrosdugbadh chum Fawi* 
idin spesialta a pheacaidhe, ma mhothuighean sè buaidh- 
readh air a choiasias fa nidh throm ar biib. A ndiaidb 
na Faotsidin sin, bhèaraìdh au Sagara abeolòid dbò fma 
iarran i go hùmh^ agua chroidbe]} do rèir i|a foinnii<: 

€k) ii)A|ct8 A|t df5eA|tOA ^of a ^itfofby bo f A5 
ciuQACbA AjA iCAsUff Abf ol$tb bo QAbA||tc bo 5^0 
•wU peu^cAÒ bo 91 A|C|H5e 50 t:}|i|6eAc, t c|te|b|or 
AO, btc tt;6|iCftdcAt|te bo coftcA òmc ; A^itf, cfift P^ 

^S^^IT^H toO CA0bA6 loAIDfA, f5A0|t|ID cv 6 00 


^eACiij6|b ttile, % i)%tt)it)^ a i^^èAfi, ^jttf ^p ^|c, 
A3vi» Ai) Spt^^AI^ 9Jao]tì). ttrt)ei). 

Agus aiw Bin dèart aa Sagart a nÒiàid ao leannaa. 

3DèAT)AitD 3'v?6e. 

d A £è ]i6cftocA|ttt65 i)o.c bo |ièt]t ]ori)AbAti)Uc& 
bo t\iòc^e bo f3]ttorAf atdac pgCAtbe da b]t\y)5e 
bo 1)} ^]0]tAtc]i]6, A]i it)o6 DAC tDbfoD ctttiDDe Diof 
^a6 A5Ab 0]]iA ; ÒfSAil bo f^l c]iòcA]|ie A]]t ^o bo 
fet4i&]]*eACy AC^ 50 jiò 6]cc]oIIa(S A5 tA]]tAt6 p^ft- 

**t|D A^ttf lDA]CeAIDDAtf # tCcDttAt&]6 a5, A ^CAt^t 

.|td 5t^6v]^ e]bè d]6 bo cu]:]teA6 A|t 5CÙI ad Ìè 
cetls^^vf lè iDA]l]f AD b]AbAtl, Và lè AiJDTb^AD 
T lè AtDtT)v]De A coIda ]?ètD ; cAotibtD 1 coDsbAtb 
AD bAll èA5C]taA]6 f o a DA0D6A<ib d^ b^^^l^tfe ; 
CAbA]]t A]]te b^ c]to]6-b^tt5A6, ^Ab a 6eòftA, IA5- 
bAt6 A pt^D. iDA]t cfct;eA]t 6w]c ]f ]:o]leAtbD^]6 65. 
^S^f c^ttiA 50 b]:ì;l A5 cv]t a 65ccAtf >rle ad bo 
c]t5cAtttefe Aib^iD, Da cttt]t da le]è a, ^eACAt^e 
7to]tbe'fo; Acb DeA]tcA]6 è lè bo ;5p]o]tAb beAD- 
■^15^^ ; ^S^'f ^^ CAD b^ iD]AD leAC A b]te]C Af fo, 
jAb è CtttD bo f^bAt]t f ètD, c]iè lvA]6eACb bo ^].c 
T^^S^^l^c^ P^1»>> -^of^ iCttfofb 4 cS»]3§]tDA. ttiDeD* 

Ann sin dèaraidh an Ministèir an tPsaiInìse. 
Psailm bud, In ie, Domine, Speravi, 

;5k>i)Abf A, <& A 3tf5eA|tDÀ, cvt|i]rD ido 65]5 ; 'd^ 
D^1Ttt5ceA]t ìDè 50 b]t;2vc : ad r]^]tèADCAf ]?vAf5A]l 
iDè A^ttf f AO]t n)è ; cIaod bo clvAf ctt3ArD» -o^^ttf 
Cttrbbv]5 iDè. 

W\ bAtbf^ ^b ]ODAb f >?5e 6AtD5toD, ctttD a itAÒAb 
bo 5DAC : 5t|t Ctt5A]f A]CDe id5 cti^ttCJ8itl ; ]f w iDO 
ÒAYtttttc, A^ttf 1D0 6AtD5TO'?« 

.^0 Ì)tA, f A0]t n)è Af U]ib AD ciODCìfS : Af U]tb 
AD bìTDe Detìbf tttèttDcA A^vf f ]ocib*]]t. 

<fc]|i cttf A, tr cv n)o 65]5, a tf^eA^tDA X)tA: ]f 
Ctt iDO 65]5 5 iD5t5e. 

ÌFf leACfA bo C0D3tb«<^6 fVAf id^, od iDbTiotb : ]f 
cr tr5 iDè 5 YODACA]t il>o ib^^P^f' 1 Tf ^^f ^ tboltr^f 
>Dè ^ ccotbijvtse. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

304 ^v^fT^c c>?5 b^ojije X.|6e. 

11)0 6ìbeAi) S^inseAD* 

«fo6 ìpo bèvl IjopcA lèb lijoUò : cttip 50 ^at)- 
t!^b bo*Sl6|]t Asvf totjòiti Att* f ^^^ ^^ ^^^* 

9X^ ce]l5 reACAb tt?è ^ DA]iDrm "?<> f«^^^^ir«' 
A pvg rAiU]3tor mo i)eA]tc DA c]tèt5 iDè, 

®]]i bo Ub]itt]b 11)0 Dlvtiijbe ah? Aj^tò ; T ad Ircc 
AC^ A5 tro]tf A]]ie Atjt idapaid, JAbAlb cotbAt]tU]tè 
cèìte, A5 tt^6: X)o CTtè]5 DtA è ]D§peAtDtttSM 
TAb4it6 ft ; 6tn Dì bpvtl ireAtt a c^itcUA, 

<6 A Ìè, DA bj A bpAb »^1«) •• "70 3DlA, be]critl3 

bOtD f tt]tCACb« 

«tb]r cUo]8ce, T b]05b^]ce, doc ac^ Da DeAf- 
3C^]ttb]b botD ADAtD : folttisteAtt tAb lè X^^^^^' 

A5vr ]t& eAroDò]]t, D06 lAtitttr tDoic. 

«Ccc b]Ai6 bòccttr AjAtD bo jD^è ; Agttr c^m^ 
A 5cto§ c>?Ìe tbolcA. 

tl]t]te6rv]6 tDO bèttl ctrìtièvDCAèc Attt r«Ab At) 
Ue bo f UDtt$A6 : bto6 dac Fètbt]t Iiotd a d^IWoto. 

»AèAb Att tDA$Al6 A DeA]tc AD Xt^eAtiDA DjA : 
cvitbi)e6cAb ctrtttèttDCAÒorA Atb^tD. 

ò A iè, bo ib^Dii; iDè 61D 6150 ASttr ^o v^'S^ 
ro : btroilriS iDè bo tbtor*btttle. 

tiDotr r6r a DttAttt ac^iid r^^^ ^5«i m^^ ® * 

Ìè, DA cttèis iDè : 50 ccAirbèADA tDè bo D£|tc ^ 
5tDeAUcro, A5vr bo cuibAÒbA bo Dtt]le 6v]De cjyc- 

tCcA ctrtttèttDCAdc, t:6r tt6 Attb, <& a J)è : Dec^^ 
^ttbe Detce tD$]tA ; <& a Ìè, c] a ir coriDMl r^m^ • 
^ j6Ut|t bo DttcAtti, Tc. 

^HAttJbo b]'A]t ccùr, ic. 

Ag|i cljLur 90 na chjeann stn; 
(6 A èUDvt6ceottt AD crAQ5A]l, bt?ttAr5^tl 1? ^ 

*)o ^A^A A5Hr i^ ^J^"^^ T*^ vAr^ti ; r^bAti id, i 

cxbiS Itbj 5>r6tDtb 5o^b«ttbAl ca, fi) a ttieAitpA* 

Ann sin d^araidli an Ministiir. 

^t) ^tSSjtnA mil^ctttbAòbAc, Ac^ DA cott ttdlWI^ 
^o 5AC >fle 6ìfDe cxftteAr a 6occAr ad ; ^^ !Jbè4tJ' 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

£uAfitc CM5 bAq!)e £|9e. 301 

A^b i)A b^le ijetce 4 iJeAibj ^ 4^i) CAUm, T ir>ì6 ai> 
c^^Iaiì), f levcbAti) Asuf ùtt)Ucb, 50 tt^tb f è a i)otf 
T 50 bji^ i)A cuTQbAC AS^b ; T 50 ccwftt^ bft ACAtb 
ojtc A ftofbo betc A^^b Ajvf 41 it)ocaSo^6, dac bt:\?l 
AOi) ^11)11) etle t?>'l6 i)e4ti) CAb^ttcA bo 6ì7i)e, ^t), ^ 
c|iè, A bt^èAbtrÀ fUt^ce A5Uf fUDu^Ab bp^SAtl, 
ACb Att)^tt) ^t W 4 c3tt35t^DA ^of A £,^]oxt>. tivjer). 

Agus M dhiaìgh gin dèara sè. 

£AobAti)^0|b cv lè cttòcAttte 3|taif Am^tl ^3^T ^ 
cviì)bAd X)è. 00 tt)beA5At5l6 ad ^iseAtto^ cu, T 
50 3Cvti)bAt5t6 Ctt. <Bo ccu^At^ ad ^LìJeAttpA f a 
beAtiA Att A iv^f beAÌttujA^ ottc, T 30 jt^tb 31t^f- 

ATt)>rl bVC. 0O CCÒ3At6 AD ^tlàSftDA A A^O^t^ P'^r 

of^Cj 1 50 WV5A16 ffc 6ìtc, A Dotf T 50 ftottt>?6e. 

Oràid ar son Leiiùbh thinn. 

6 A £)è WL\le^cyn)AÒbA^6^ ^5<tf ^c^i cttdcAtttt6, 
lè A rt)hA]r)p Aii)ÀtO cttfocA b§CA A^ur b^tf ; ^èuc 
A DttAf 6 DeAti),'5vt6iDtb .50 b^^l cv, lè fvtle 
cttocAttte 4 Ai> loADAb f o, A Dotf DA ItttJe 4 Igb^t^ 
ctDtr • SÀAbAttt cvAtttc Attt, <S> A /tf^e^t^DA, lè 6o 
f Ia-duSa6 ; t^uAf5Atl è AD CATD TD^tc c^Dce t?ètD 6 
DA pètD cottt>ott6A, A5Vf f Ab^t^ ^ ADAtD 4 fOD bo 
cttdcA^t^e : Cutd ida bv6 f bo cotl a Uece bt^Ab- 
U5A6 a9 fo Attt AD bcAÌAfi), 50 TDbetc da beACAt6 
^'^fe, A5uf DA tODfcttvttDèt^)^ bo slottte, ttè betc 
A5 b|DATt) fetttbffe 6\rc 50 ctte|bn)gc, T A5 b|DATÌ| 
Tt)Att)Of A AD 4^ setDtoÌAÒ; d6 5Ab è cvtd Da DtODAb 
De^TDbA ùb, ti^Att AbfitjAtb ADTDADA DA btttttD^e 

ÒObÌAf ADf A cifgeAttDA .30f A fVAtbDOAf T fODAf 

btocbttAD : ^ODCAtS fo, (S> a iL^^e^jiì)^, z\iè bo 
ctt5c4e, AD bo AOtD ^AC c|bDA 4 cXtJeAttD^ ^of a 
tttfOfb, ACA- D^ beACAt6 A^ttf A5 fctvttA6 TDAtUe 
tttocfAA^ttf AD SptottAb at^oti), AOD 3DlA 50 btt^c, 
f AO5AI 5AD cttfc. ?ÌTDeD. 

Oraid ar lon Dhuine tliinn^ an tan naoh mbionn achd bei^-i 
dhòthfilias lè na bhiseach. 

2 C 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

èos^^ -^S l'^'lf^l*^ CAfe|t4 W' citob fa too fifttlttlrìè, 

/è»è 30 5|i^f AW>1 Atfi, A A tì^OATUjA ; 45»f bt 
]t)^to AzX AP bttfije f o^jtfiDtoUc A-Tt t)A U5uj;a8) 
HM^tiCAf 6 è ofof n^d^ ba Jiy^È U bo sn^r ^5^1* U bo 
J6|>tO|iAb 9ttA0iì)CA,' AÒ f A bttioè fbeo6Ai)AC. lAb^ 
A]C|it5e ff]it9*AÌ 66 f A 5AÒ viU «Atf%^ib a beACA 
cyAi& cA|ic, A^Hf cjieibeAm t^-^FmAc a6 to ^ac 
lofA ; cutij 50 DjUtjprib^ ya6 a peACAt^e lè bo 
cpdcAitiete* Ajuf 50 dibeicA ^^^bvo r^AUiye 
A bf:UtceAt> frl bo t^jfAf f 0,, Ajuf DAC bfe^c- 
Tì^V^ ijiof ma è. Sa a v\or ^5^l9» <^ ^ tiìjeAivtjA) 
IjAC bpì^l AQ1) 1)1$ TjAc bt^ìl Ajt bo cvri)A©.bA ; Àjttf 
iDA coil Uac, 50 bf èAbAtft A i)oif f 6t A cgjb^ll 
fvAf, A^vf coTÌrDAt^e DlOf fiA eAb|WiD bocAbAtju: 
b6 : ©fbeAb, bo b|if5 a5 JAC utle dorAii)Ucb 30 
fcfvtl A«j A 6A5A A5 bftub Utf ; Sttt^fD^ c6, * 
I^DAIÌ) iDbeACy ASiir A oUh>u5a8 lè 1>A54|<J Y^ 

A-D Èi^tr % ^V' •^ c^i?«^f? ^ -^ffcn* Af r® a ri^ i 

4A bflfob^r'^? S^ DsUcfAOfB a adaid ad bo p]ì^ 
ffotfMitber^, ?;^è trAt&OAÒt^ T etbeAttJvt^e 2&f^ 
Ìnlafb, c<iO|o ^t^cre, Afi pSt^ètiPA T Afi fiUt^ìf^- 
ceofifi. titt^D. 

Qvthaag UiobMtU^ Dbuiae tìùaìn a bponc an Miais. 
, . <& A £)è; ttttUACUmACbAt6, A5 A TCOmDVt^jÌ) 

fptotiAtb, DA bf tlJi'^AD, t^T^ tnbetc bèADCA toi^';^^? 
^At:titèt,f A bfVArcUb 6 DA bptt4or»io CAÌrtiAibe ; 

i:;uiiuD0 i^rtè ftjbUcb adaid r^ ^ f^ntblri^^ ^1- 

fubtiACAtltvftillt:, A^ b.o Un)uibre, aidu^ tf 4 l^y 
4Ìflj»cìf5eej04^, 5P^6a46 Agur èUDvtjceotf P^ cfi^- 
CAw6;, bob. jvib^ 50 ti6. 6*0 aU iwtitmeAr bo oefc 
i| AD bA UcAlfi. -3.o5Atl è^ SYt^'^l^ ^q,. 4 b(:>ll At? 

Ct^t^ f T^ttSUtD Ub, bO TDAttS^Vb CV1D pCACAI^ ^^ 

crA05<ttl bo co^bAtl ; ]Oì)^y Aft iDbefc bo ctbè J^^ 
bo Ììf.Cr ^ A iDeo^AD AD bftoctAogAtl cttvAtlll^ 
cfiè AtDii)tADAtb D^ coIda> d^ Cftsfe èeèlsAfb AU 


bfAbAfl, rsirjiCA A^uf C65CA ua6a, 50 bp|bf:v|8e 
4^ CA6fi|tc ]t65ÌAD 1 54» f ^l boc UtAJiiif^ tt5uf 
fi)ufi) bvf^e ACi^ beò i)^ 6|a0, a f Atcno, a5 yo t 
A9 OA lejcf b)b efle beff ( 6tiy |»l <i]|teACAfb UeceAfi)lA 
A!)Cfdb4if Af6c|6, 50 bè cori) fdfbfitfce T petii)ò|òce 
AClt AfiftAlb fèfi); 1 A|iUe6e 5<ftAtftA bo ^f|ieAwt, 
Ajt ii)06 30 bcttSArt) 4 5cfiòt64e boi) c]i|o9Aèb 6| a6a 
A5Yf peAri)6A ùb 50 b|CC]oltAC, cji^^ ri)A]|t|:eAn>.A5 
fO, .lè|i f èfbtfi A|i nfi>\ke]t p^ 6eQtj òvti) beAÌA 
f tof(ia|6e^ tti6 IvAtbeACbAib <9of a £ftlOf»5 cAOfi) 
^tc 4 ctt3eA|ii)A. ^tijet). 

Oràid ar son Bhaoine buaiclheartlia a ninntinn> nò a gcoinsi^. 

ti> A ltf3eA]ti)A beA^At^ce^ %^t'4 t)A ccfioc^eACA, 
A5t»f ^fA 5AÒ Y]le coti)f ofiCAf 6ce ; 0ttt6n)fb iSh 
irèttC A t)ttAr A Ct]ÌttAtSe A5Vf A scot^otlgjf 4 fO 

ho fetfibffeAc bttÀ]6eA]ieA. «sti^ob4 De]ee S|1ìa 
DA A5A16, A^ttf bo bet]ii]i 4 A loc&A ce^TjA bo fgl- 
bA6 5 c4i bo f eAfi5 A5 Iv^jje 50 c]ittA]6 4> ^Jvf acA. 
A AOAii) Iai) bo bttA]6fièA6 z ^cbt a £^è dfi^A]fif6, 

bO f Sltfob b^^OCAl 1)A0lt)CA lè b«SA]6 4 tCCA5Aff5, 

èttti) 50 ti)beft bòeòAf Aj^tD^ cnè frof'Sfb T ri)etfi)t6 
bo «ctiiof>cutfieA6 DAOtjjeA} ttADAtfi M sl^tJcvfS^e 
q f èfi), ASVf 4 bo bA5A]tcACt6 ASttf ^ bo seAllAW)- 
i)ACAf A ; CttTt) i)AC cce]l5t;eA6 ttAÒA a 6dccAf f 09- 
1)Ab, A5Uf l)AC pAfCedÒAb Ì A t>AOI) bAll ACb fopAb. 

2LAbAf fi DeAftc bd a DASAfò a òAcAfSd ttfle, AgVf 
^ÌS^V ^ ^ì^ 5^14» ^^ l*^^b AO SfolcAc bfivfcei 
A^vf T)^ fDuò AD If 01) Af A bfTìfl beACAc. 9(Ia bttt9 
f uAf bo efidcAffie ii)Ji) a bt?ef ft^ j Aib CAbAff* *f f* 
èffceACb lè sut f d]5 T luACsAffte^ dvti) 30 n)beii 
f olsl^ftibeAf 4 pA xii)Ari)A bo bfiff Ctt. *FvAf3A]l è 
6 uAri)AO DA D&ri)Ab^ A^ttf C65 f uAf f ofUf e bo 59àf ff 
4i *1 cAbAffi ffc 6ò| cfiè luAfÒeAÒbAfb^ eAb45ttf6e 
^of A i^fi)ofb Af^ cSrfseAfiDA. ^ fitneD* 


904 iCorDAOfp D^ obAOfpe £f9«« 

/L^^u^m odtc o(iDt(«j(gMs iLjfsltje. 

O thàrla go bhfuil gach uìle dhutne lobhàsalgh faoi a nionuid 
do chonntabhaiiteachaibh, deaalàintibh, agos dothionn- 
asaibh obanna, agus go hràth neamhchinnte da an uair 
fhàgftiid an bheathasa ; uime sin, chum go mbidu ào 
ghnath ullmhaidhthe chum an bhàiiy dbè am ar mkn lè 
Bia Uileachùmhachdach gairm orra, is o6ir don Ministèir 
ò am go ham Qadid go srodalta a naimsir Phlàighe, od 
ghahùr ghabhaltaìgh eile] a Phobal do ^hreasugliadh, 
chum Comaoine Choiip a^ Fhola ar Slànuidhtheora losa 
Criosd do ghlacadh go mmic, an tan dhèanfar a mhinios- 
tràlachd go puiblighe sann Teampoll; chum ar na dhèan« 
amh 8Ìn> a gcàs diuairte obainncj go mbeith adhbbar 
bualdhridh nios lù|^ aca & bheith ffan f . Achd mtuu 
raibh an Duine tinn àbalU rè teachd dmm an Teampoillf 
agus f6s go bhfuil fonn air an Chomaoin do ghkcadh ann 
a thigh ; sann gcàs sin, tugadh sgèala a nam dou Mbìnis- 
tèir, a^ a aithns dò mur an goeadna ca mbèid atà dium 
Comaome do ffhlacadh maraou ris fèin^ [jbh is c6ir àn no 
trìur do bheitn ar a gceann is làgh Q agus, armbdth dait 
chomhgaraidh a ttigh an Dhuine tiunn, agiui do gach uile 
ndthe rìachdanacha ullmhaighthe, ar mhodh go. bhfead- 
fadh .an Ministèir a mhiniostralachd go craibhtheach, 
solumnuighthi sè an Chomaoin Naomhtha, ag tosughadh 
leis a nOràid, Eipistil^ agus an SoisgealsOy leanas. 

tCo (^fiÀfb* 
tt ì>è CtfleAcari)AÒbAf6, f |fi beAC4if6y a Aftuc- 
Afjceo^ft AD Cfi)f6 b^oÒA, bo fn^AÒbrfòe^f bo ìycO 
5ft^f6, A^uf bo ff>fie45Af jac a i)5AbAT)cd: Cìr6- 
it)|b ttt cfidCAf fte bo 6èAi)AtÌ7 4 fo bo f èfftbffeAÒ, ? 
4 leA5 cd bo ùtt) ; Asvf AOi^cAf 5 bò a cf pfof tp^ 
^^S 5<> V^ÌÌÌ^^^y T ^ fl^fPce cofit>oft6A bf^j- 
Atl A ftff , tda6 f f fi) bo cof l SfiiJ^f ATÌjAf If e ; a^T ^l 

bè b>*Affl A fSAftf Af6 A1>A11) Tè t)A COftp, ^OlDOèAlt- 

CAOf è bob UcAf fif e 5AI) Sftoo, cftè ;Jof a Xftfop 4 
c£|5eAftt)A. ^11)01). 

Ut) iSpffCfl. ^Ab xii. 5. 
^ ^fc, tj^ bfo6 T)eAii)frfti) A^Ab a f njACb aO 


c|U)!)rf36Af fè cu. (6||t f njAcbAibe ai; £|j;eAi|ii7A . 
Ai) Cf sri^vfseAf fè, A3Vf fn^^cbAibfÒ fè 3^0 
fi>AC ftè dsaBaS f è. 

^i) Soif3èAl. &o]r) V. 24. 

00 befiijfi), be^ibli), a beftt|n) fifb, tCij cè èffbgf 
jièìt) b|i| ACAfif A, ;^3ttf cfieibeAf bop cè bo c>f|ì oaò 

IDè, ACA. AP beACA TbA|lCA1)AC A13e, A^Uf 1)| CfOCfA 

fè cvti) bAn)i)v|3ce ; ACb bACA]fiAi6 fè 6 bAf 30 


Tar aim raehaidh »11 SagBrt ftr i|baklb de reir na^Mrm ào 
reiinh^obhadh d<m ChomaoM Naomhtha^ ag toaiag^iadh 
ag na focailse [[Ibhse do ni aithreachus fior, &&]] 

A nam tbabbartha na Sacramèiute Naomhtha^ daealdh an 
Si^rt an Chomaoin a gcèaduair^ agus ìar sin <mèanaidh a 
mhiniostraileacbd aon luchd a dnnti^headh chum com- 
aoiite; do*ghlacadh a naohtfheochid ìcìm m Ihmeiì^n, 
agus fa dheoigh do& Duine thina. 

Agus imma ngkciiidh duihe Saeraimèint Cho^ agns JMa 
Cfaribad trè amtalaefa tiimÌB, nò ào dhitfa rabbaidh a MOn 
dfaghail don Mbinistèir^ nò deaabhuidh cuideachda do 

fhlacadh 1 maraon ris, nò trè thoirmeasg dhfisdionach ar 
Ith eile: U còk don MhinistÀir a theagai^^ mà tftfior* 
aitfarighe abr fa tta pheacaidliey agua go gcrefdMnn go 
dioBgmhàka gnr Ihulaing lona CÌlo8d wm na Croiehe Ar a 
shoR, agut gor dhoirt a Fhuil chum a ffaoasglaidh ; ag 
cur a gcuimhneadh na sochair do thàinic dhò as tàa, agua 
ag taUiairt buMheachais ò chroidhe dhò uhne sin ; go 
ndèan sè Feoil agus Fuil ar Slànuigfathe<^a ioiia CJrfosd 
dithe agus dibhe go tairbheach do shlainte a aàma> ar son 
nach nglacaBn se an tSacraimèint lè na bhèul. 

An tan do bfaearthar euairt au: Dfauine thinn, agas g^eas 

, sè an Cfaomaom Naomfatha sann am chèadna, anii myniar 

^ieaH ar athchuimùreachdy crìochnocfaaidfa an Sanut (Jlf- , 

iece ag an tPsailm [[lonnadsa^ a lliìgfaeaitìa^ do cfattir 

. qse ttd dbòttacluus^ agaa faefaaidfa ar agfaaldì^ga dàMcfa 

dium na GoaiMÌtte* 

A naimsur Pfalaigfae^ AHuiK, nd aicide 116 j^faafadr gfaafahal- 

taidfa oile don tsdrt sin^ a nuair nacfa èidir aon neacfa don 

Pfaarraisde n6 don Chomharsain dfagfaail^ do ghlacadfa an 

ChamaoÌQ manoii ris na daoinR)fa tinne ann a tti|fhtifab^ 

2c 2 


S06 fCbl^c^S !)A <flAiib. 

«r eftgU an ^iaUir ; ar athdniioffe speaalU a ntfr galui, 
fèadugli an MinistHr na aonar Comaoin do gblacadh t 
nao^nieachd ris. 

^uffaidhe da bhur naire ann ao^ Nach cdìr ùsàid do. dheao- 
amh don Oifige so leanas ag adhlacadh dhuine dogheibh 
bàs gan baisteadh, nà dhuìne ata amuich as a n£aglais, 
B& ag a raibh limha ann a mbas fèin. 

A deara nò cànfaidh an Sagart nò an Cùraid, ag te^mhàil 
don Chorp ag doras na Reilge, agus ag siùbhal roimhe s 
steach chum an teampuU, nò chum na hUaighe. 

3Lf5g|iDA ; AD cè cfieib]Of loSAiDtA, 516 50 bns^b 
b^f, 5]&eA6 bèi6 f è beò : A^vf ct bè A]t b^c ac^ 
beò A5Uf cfietbiof io5Ait)f a, ry\ hyY^ie f è b^f 50 
bjiac. iCotDXÌ. 25, 36. 

^c^ A fiof A5Art) 50 rt)A|tio5 iD-^vAfCAlcòfit, 1 
50 feAff v|6 fè Ai) 1:^1 bè]5|oi)A6 a]|ì ai) ccAUrb. 
«C5Uf ìDAc;^ 50 5C|t|$f]6 pè|fc ad cojtpfo, CAittèif 
TDO C]io]C]r) ; CAlfiif f'tD bo cif e n)è Dt a ad iD|^eoil : 
Doc bo ctfeAf iDè A|t n)o foD f ^tD, T i)i DCAÒ oile. 
;rob xix. 25, 26, 27. 

aXt cu5Art)A|t AOD D16 cvrD AD cf AOjAtlfe, A^ur 
1f beAftb DAC bfèAbtJAH) aod i)i6 bo bjtetc Af. ^ 
fè AD /LjSeAttDA bo cu^, A^uf ^fè ad 3tt5eA|tDA bo 
ttv5 letf ; 50 iD^6 beAD^tS® ^]Vn) ad EfseAttD^. 
1 JLtTD. vi. 7, ^ob i. 21. 

Dèis teachd a steach sann Teampoll dòibh, lèighfidl^hear 
aon dona Psahnuibh so leanas nò iad araon. 

Psaihn xxxix.- Dùn, Custodiam. 
fC bttb^c iDè, 3Do bèATtA iDè Attte boiD fll5C|b : 
50 DAC DbèADAb t>eACA6 lèn) ceAD5Ai6 ; 


tt6UcA8 !)A <tlAii&. 307 

C|01)CAC 6|* 11)0 00] $6. 

X)o bi it)è b^lb, |iè A befc ATi) cocc : bobj itjè Am 
cocc, ^6f, 6 ti)Aic; t ì>p co^xìX]:^e^ò mo 6o|lj]of. 

Do b] iDo cfioiòe ce ]Ò5ati) a fct$; ASiif \^i) ido 
riDrAloeAb, ho Uf ad ce^De : A#|fi) bo Ubfivf fièn) 

U t|3eA|tDA, foiUfts 6aid tdo cfi]oc bèisfODAc, 
Ajvf CAbAtji A f]Of bAri) c^ fAb iDo Uece : 30 

fDA6 f fOf bAli) C-Sl f Ab IDAltlf |0f iDè. 

tfèuc^ bo |i]De cuiDoUece t>o le]ceAb bAffe : ^ 
AC^ TDAOff TDA|t De|ìDD]6 Ab UcAtfif I ; 30 be|tb|D 
If b]OTDAOfDeAf 50 lèfTi a Dujle 6u|De. 

Jf TDATi iOTD^lS f irbUf A Dr|le6tttDe, 30 be|iD|D 
tf ADb}oiDAOji?eAf bo Djb cotTiu3A6: C|m|Dl6 bvDe 

TDAOtD, 1 DÌ feAbAftl fè C|A CA]Cf]Of |Ab. 

*l5rf A Doif, CftèAb q a bfr|l|TD A3 fe|C|otD, a 
JtfJeAtiD^ : AC^ TDO 66ccuf jODAbf a. 

d^rD rjle AiD&ll3eA6 fAOft TDè: A^rf da bèAD 
f CADAfl bo DAiDAbÀtD bioii). 

Do bj iDè bAlb, A^rf Dioft fOfCAil iDè ido bèul : 
t>o btii3 30 DbèA|tDA crf A è. 

?Ccit>ff3 uAtTDfe bo b>fUe : bo Tb§c tDè c|tè bvjU'e 
tyo Uitbe. 

%D CAD ceAf Duisfpf cu buiDe ftè bAcrbrfÀijvib 
Atft fOD èi3ceiitc, t>o beiftitt Aift a f^èfib Va»ao| 
tDAft crUi6 tbileAf lejeitDAtD: tr 6}oibAOf^Ìf 30 
lètit A Duile 6>?De. !5; 

SLUx) iDUftDuis, (& A tfàeAttDA, t CAb4 èffcgcb 
botD cotbAtftc : D^ b| bojAft ftètD srl. 

^m ir cof^citfge iDè A3Abf A, A^ttf- cofrbiscgc : 
iDAft tDAfCfteACA rfle. 

X.otf3 6}orD, A3ttf lèl3 6Atb "?<> ^fi!*c bACDr3A6 : 

fttl fTDCe6CAb, A3ttf DAC tDbf Ab AD t)10f tDO. 

0l6itt boD ÌCcAfft, Tc. 
^Aft t>o bt Aft bCttf, ^c. . 

Psailm xc. Domine, refugium, 

% tfteAftDA, bo bi cr Ab tODAb corbD>»S 6>?be : , 
o siDeAUc 30 3iDeAUc. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Sttl ]iu3a6 tf^ f te|6ce, Ajttt fdl 4 cni^ crf 4^ 49 
caUtì) ASttf AT) r^oSAÌ : 6 rÌefl«MS$c6 ja rt<>TP^- 
«ACb) AC^ Ctt Ab £t^- 

Jomf ot5 eu at^ btttoe bjoib'i^oi^ cofir a tl^Ucè : -f 
A bdtn c% /lUiS^ A cU9 DA i)bAOtDe4t6. 

d^ifi ii>tU bltA6«tD CAtYi ^lf ^ ^l^ Ac:8L^ Ab 
]tA6A)iC|*A n)^\i AD U A D^: ^5»^ ii)4 A Df4^ A^r^ 

itort> IttAC tr X^^^'4 t^^9 ACtiYb fD^ti br lyA CccSo^ 
Ia6 : AC^]b tDATi fèv]t bo clo6. 

ti]* iDAfbtD bla]C]3 Th T f ^r^t^ r^ • ^IWC^OÌDA 

seAt]icA]i rior ft> ^Sttf c]i]ODV|6 r^. 

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fDbrA]6]ieA6 a5 bo 6fbfè]]i3. 

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u|6e foltttSeACA 6r co]De f otur bo jDu^r^- 

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6fb]!e]]t5]} : CAtefD]b 4 iDbl]4i6DA iD^ rS^* 

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t:icc|b ] Ab ; Ajttr iD^ bfb C]»è D«*]it ce]è]te frftètb : 
ir r^ocAti A5tt]^ b]OTDAOfDeAr A DeA]tc ; 6]fi SStnM 
A1DAC è 50 befcDforAC, T cefCfD]b ]t6fD>fD. 

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bo ftèffCceAslA. 

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cc»5AiD cr^AtD C]to]6èe eA5DMS«^ 

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bf 5]ii^r'*">^l'' ^ ccAob bo f ©fftbfr^-^c. 

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lrAC5^]]ie A5ur saifftbeAdur '4 freA6 4 fAoJ^fl. 

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bo ttèfft DA UeceA6 ]ODA]t bttA|6]]f cu ]D : ^SUf D^ 
TDblf a6ad ]oda bf ACAiDA]i dc 

EAffbèAD bobAfft boc fefftbf r^^^T^ • ^S'^f ^ 

^S^r l^io^ rcè1"> ^^ XC5eA]tDA A]t DSè 0]tìfD : 
bAfD5Dl6 o]bfteACA A]t UiD 0]t>?D> r^^'^^l* ceADA4 
UiD bA]D5Dt6]] ti^» 

OUffl. bo DtiÌAt]t, *tc. 

^A]t bo b] Aftbcur, Tc' 


^6Uca6 v^ ^n^t^b. 609 

Ann • sin leftnfbidh an lèighion 9o, bainte as an cfiigetdli 

Caibidil dèag do chead £pistil N. Fhoil chum na dI)oir- 

1 Sjyjì XV. 20. 

tt 1)0] r feo ejfè||i5i6 itftfofb 6 Ti)4b>?b, bo |ii5s6 
cèabcoitAb t)A b]tu]i)5e bo bf i)a 5CoblA8 6e. Ò]]i 
too bfi]5 5v]i c]tè 6u]i)e c^]i)]c ai) o^f, -*]• c]tè 6xDe 
n)A|t Ai) 5Cèrbi)A [c]5] e]fè]]t5e i)a iDA]tb. ^]]i 
An)Yl n)A]i 5e]b]b da \)^le 6A0]i)e b^f a i)ti6Aii), 
Af tDAjt Ai) 5cèubDA bo 6èuDCA]t ]Ab u]le bA]C- 
be66r5^6 a Citfifofb. 0^6eA6 5AÒ aod ad a 0]t- 
tou5A6 f è]i) : £]i]0f b ai) cèvb co]tA6 ; da 6]A]5 ||1) 
At) Ivcb b^DUf |iè itttfof b A5A ceAcb. ftp ]f o otAf 
Ai) cftfoc 6e]5eADAC, a]i bCAbA]]tc i)a itfo^ACbA 
f VAf bo A U]ri) Dè, g6oD AD c^C4 ; Ap cad Cì?|ief 
f è A|i 5cul 5AC u]le uACbA]t4iDACb, A^uf 5AC v^le 
cvri)AcbAcb, A5uf 5AC r\e DeA]tc. (J>]tt Af è^^eAD 
bò be|c DA ilig, d5 50 5cv]]i]6 fè a i)^]ri)be u]le 
f A0| DA cof A]b. tt fè AD bAf AD i)^ri)v]b 6e]5- 
eADAc f5tt]0fbA|t. À]]! bo c>ìft fè da bvile i)e]ce 
fAOi t)A cofAib. 0]6eA6 a9 cap a betft fè, 5u]i 
cvtftg6 DA ì)ìX]\e Defce t^AOf, Af trolluf dac Ti)bgD- 
Ai) AD ttA6 fo jtff AD c] bo c>?]t i)A We De]ce t^Aoj. 
^5ttf Ai) cAD cu]tit?]6ceATi DA bttfle Defce t^AOf, 

btA]6 AD ^HaC fè]T) aS f fP t^AO] AD cf bO C-^^tt 1)A 

l)>?le rye^te t^AO], cun) I)è bo betc t)a xle f i)a bvlt^- 
ÙXà cftèvb bèupuf AD bfteATi) ac^ 4 i)a Ti)bAtfbeA6 
. n f OD DA rt)4b, n)VDA Dè]]t5tb da n)^b Aftt AODCott ? 
&t*èvb t?^ mbAtfbeAft ]Ab 4 fOD D^ n)A]ib ? £]ièvb 
f A bt:u]lrt)tbDe f òf a i)5ttA]f 5AC >?le u^ ? JDA]t bvft 
D5^t!^^<^YfA, i)o6 ACA- A5vn)fA a pJfofA ^ftfofb 
4 cXf5gttDA, bo setbfrt) b^f 5AC \\. ^flAf bo tiè^ft 
D^tf 6aoda bo cori)ttMC n)è t^è CAti)ri)]6]b a D^pe- 
f uf, c]tèvb è AD C4bA A bcè]b fè 6Ari), n)VT)A Dè^ft- 
5tb DA n)4b ? ^ceArt) A^vf jbeArt); òtjtbo ^eubArt) 
bAf A n)attAc. aiA- n)eAllc4 fìb : 3tt*'^AtUt6 btioc 
60TÌ)tt:9^]ce bèufA TDAtce. ^uf^lv]^ òutd t^fftèvD- 
CAÒbA, A5Vf DA bèttDAt6 t>gcA6 ; 6]]tDl bf\?l eòluf 
3Dè A5 cv]b A5V]b : Af cun) A6D^t]te bo Ctt]t o]tAto 


51 QT $U>UeA6 T)A tfAfcb. 

èfiijtb i)A lìj^B ? Ajuf c|tftttb è f ^n)A|l At) c^jt^ 4^^ 
A toci5 ft^^^ ^ ^ òmtje ti)|cèjU|6, Ari) 01^ fjol- 
ciTTieAf cvf A i)j be^6cu]JeAtt è, mni)^ bpAj^Ò f è 
h^if ^ cuf : Ajttf A i)|6 f |olctt]|ieAf cù, v\ bè 4!) 
cojtp b|Af bo f|olctt|tteAf cr, Acb sii^i) lon), è^oi) 
c|ivtci)èACbA, 1)0 bA]tbA]t è|3|i) eile : ACb bo oe^ft 
3D|A coftp 65 bo |ièi|i a coIa fè]!), AXttf b^ 3^0 
>7le f ioi A coitp fèji) f ò le]c, 9Xf bAoi) ^eofl 
An)À]i) 3AC ttile feo]l: Acb ac^ feo]l a]ì Ufc ajc 
toAOiOjb, A^ttf f eo]l 4 le\t A3 Ati)n)]Ctb, A^ttf teoti 
4 l^l^ ^5 l^rS^^j ^S^r F^oi^ 4 l^ic '^5 è>'OlAtc. 
t^Sn* Ac^tb cvtfip i)eàii)&A A^, T cutjtp CAlrb^6e ; 
3]6eA6 AC^ 3l5jit 4 letc A3 i)A cottpìfb i)gri)8A, T 
^Uftt ^ letc A3 i)A coitp>?b cAlri)tt]8è. UcA. sldftt 
4 letc A3 AD DtnètT), A3Vf 3lò]tt Att letc aj ai) 
t)32W6, A3ttf 3l6ttt 4 le]c ax da ttèvlctttb : 6iti 
Ac«i btcptt* Sl^tl^^ ^l^tl* f^^èttlc A^ttf ttèvlc e^le. 
^f 1D4 AD SCèAbDA b( Af d]f èntje DA n)Attb : bi ad 
coftp c]tttAtU]Se A3ACV]t; èttià]6 fèDS")cttttAtlll6: 
Af D§ri)OD6tiA6 è A3A c>5tt ; èttt5]6 f è iDAiUe itè 
jlòttt ; bf 3AD DeAttc A3A Cttft ; èttiSt6 f è iDAtUe 
ttè DeAftc : bf f è D^ co]tp D^buttCA A3A èvtt ; èt|t3t6 

fè DA CO]tp f btOftAb^SvlcA. %ÌZX COftp DÀbUfttA ADy 

A3ttf co]tp f biofiAbAlcA. <Crt)>fl t^5f ac^ rSftlobèA. 
3Do tt]DeA6 AD cèttbttfDe ^6Ari) da adaid be5, ad 
ctC6Ari) bèt^eADAC da fpioftAb beo6A. <Bf6eA6, 
Df 1)è AD Di6 fb]0|tAb^lcA bo bf 4 cwif, ACb ad Dì6 
D^bttftCA ; A^ttf DA 8f A]5 f tD AD Di6 fb]OtiAbAlcA; 
^D cèttb&tt]De CAlri)V]6e OD bcAÌAri) ; ad b^A b^De 
AD ttseAftDA 5 DSri). ^tt^ ac^ ad btt|De CAlri)\?6e, 
Af n)4 t|D Ac^ifb AD b]tvD5 CAlrf)tt]6e : *} Ari)>fl ac^ 
AD DSC Dgri)6A, Af Ari)lìT6 ff D AC^S^fb ad bftttDg Dgri)6A. 
ft^ttf Ari)ì?l bo tomcttAn^Aft tori)AfS ad bttfDe caI- 
ri)>^6e, ton)d5]tAn) • frSf tori)4vt5 ad buiDe DeAri)6A» 
^3 ro ^^ ^f* ^ befitfn), a beAftbji^vtcfte, bo bftfg 
DA<5 f èfbtft ftè feofl ASttf ftè f >?l ottfieAcb ^^03- 
ACbA Dè bfrAtAfl ; D^ ftè CftVAfUg6 bef c da otSfie 
4 DeAri)CftttAf HeA^. ^Fèvò, ^f Df6 bojièA lAbftufrt) 



e^^iAC ò]toc4^ fl9 ufle,' s ^/^ . 

T^ij ]t^ 5>^ Ai) fb>rc befjè*. ^ 

^S^r cttt]if i5ceA|i flSe ^ DAiceAf 
-^r ^tS^^i) ^01) 1)18 C]tuAtll]3e|f ijeArtK, 
^4^&Ati ttftne, A3ttf boi^ i)}6 ft5rt)A]ibc^, 
AjibcAÒb bo gAbti]l v]ii)e. ^jnf ai) cai) v^ 
Ai) i)|6 c|iuA]U]3e]{ DeAn)C|ivA]UeA6 v|rt)e, A^tii , 
Dpj f6fi)A]ibcA|'A t)eAn)it)A]ibcA6b uftDe ; bfAè ir/ 

CAt) ffl) A.I) b]l]AC4 ACA rSPfoft'^A 4 1)A C0|tt)l]01)A6, 

Do fWjeAft AD baf A tt)buA]8. (J> a b^]f, r^ b^fc 
A Bfrufl bo CA]l3 ? (J> A ttA]ti), 5^ 1)«i]c a b]:ì?l bo 

bttA]8 ? tt fè At) peACA8 CA]l3 AP b:8lff, T A fè Al) 

]teAcb De4]ic ad peACA]8» €(f8eA8 a bv]8e ]tè 
JD]A, bo beffi 8^0 bttA]8 bo b]ie]c, c]iè 4 cEfs^ftDA 
;3fof A £]tfofb. ®]n)e ]}d> a 8eftb]i^fcfte 3]i^8aca, 
^fSI^ cott)Du]5eAc, DeAtt)cof]tAC, A3 fDèubvgA^ bo 
f fO]i A DobA]]t AD ^fSeA^tDA, 4 tDbe]c a f fOf A^^b 
DAC b]ori)AO]D btt]t f AOCA]t f a c£f3eA]iDA. 

An tan thiqcfaid chum na hUagha^ chomh fada is hhèid ag 
dèanamh' an Ghoirp rèidh chum & chur sann taktmh^ 
d^araidii aa Sagart^ nò cànfuidh an Sagart. nò na Clèir- 

Otf b]:vfl Aòb fCAÌ 3eA]]t A3 bìiDe bo ^efDeA^ 6 
iDDAO] lè befc da beACA]8, A^ttf ac^ I-Sid t>o C]t^fc- 

CACb. /^fAfS fè f ttAf, A3Vf 5eA]]tCA]t ffOf è 

Ait)A]l bUc ; C0ACA]3 fèn)4 fS^fle, A^vf d| ^adad 
30 bttAD AD Mr> fCAfb. 

fi tDeÒbAD heACA AC^tQAOrfb A ttxbÀ.f t C]A A]]S A]i 

c6]]t 8tt]D CAbg b]A]]tAf 8, Acb 0]icf a, <6 a £f3S]tDA, 
4kSÀ A 3cof]tA]5e 30 coAfiC \\x) ]?A 4 bpeACÀf 6e ? 
0]6eA8) tf> A Ìf3eA]tDA X^l^ ft^ DAOtì)ca, <ft a 

Sif3S]ÌDA ]t5CtttDACbA]8, (S> A (&UDA]6ceOf]tD4^0lÌ^A 
A^ttf ]i6 C]ldCAtft]6, D^ CAbA]]i ]D bO p] ADCAfb 3§ftA 

baff f]0]]ttt76e. 

tif ]feAf bMc, A tf3g]tDA, re]C]tè]bf3e 4 3C]iof6- 
ceA6 ; DÀ bufD bo cluAf 4^ c]tdcA]]teAC4^ ^ DA5Af6 4 


5gvi6e ; Acb co^^Xl ]5, a tfteA|ii)A |to i)aoiì)Ca, 
Ò A iÙè Yio Cttn)ACbAt6, <S) a ;&Ui)u|6ceoi|i i)AonitA 
T c|i6cAt|ii6, cvfA A *iiè]ciri) f fO]ftr^6e fiò6toi)3- 
rba^U, DA lèi5 ^"l^ T^ PttA||t 6èiT;]oi)Aè c|tè piAi)- 
CA^b 4 b]c b^tf ctt^cin) vA^cfe. 

Ann tin, an tra bhdd ciud dcm luchd atà a latliair 9g cur 
^rìadii air an cCorp^ dèaraidh an Sagart, 

iS> cÀ|tU svjtAb f co^l X)& ®ileAcaii)AcbA]6, b^ 
ii)OftC|t6cAiTte, ADAri) 4 ii)b|tACA|t ]oi)ii)vii) fo f uA]|t 
b^f, bo b|te]c cvt^efèti), utiDe fti) bo bet|tn)]bi)e 
A coIa$ tox) caUtì); c|ttA6 bo CTt]A]6, Iua]c bo 
luAtc, lvAtc|teAip^i) bo lttAic]teAn)Ài) ; a pbòccAf 
6A]i)5eAi) 6]OD5iì)^lcA da b^lf ètttse CttiD da beACA 
3AD c]t]6, c]tè A]t cXjjeA^tDA ^ofA £]i]Ofb; bo 
bèADAf .cIaoc166 4 4 5COTtp 6ibl]5e, cvid 5oiDbe]c 
cofti)tt]l lè DA co]ip 5l6]tn)A]t f è]D, bo . ]tètfi a 
Dotb]t]5e cvii)ACbA]6, tè a bpv]! DeA]tc At^e 5AC 
v]le Defce bo ctttt fAO] fètD. 

Ann sin a dèartbar> no canfuidhthior^ 

X)o cvaIa iDè Tvc 6 DeAii) A5 ]t3i6 ]t]OìD, ^5]tìob, 
CS> fo ATDAÒ ]f beADA]5e da rDA]]tb èA^Af ad f a 
"S^ìÌOAjiv^ : iDA]t f |D A be]fi ad Spto?*^^ 5 ^ll^ c<>">" 
Dttt^tb 6 DA fAOCA]t. XAtfb. xiv. 13* 

Ann sin dèara an Sagart^ 
% Ìt5eA]tDA, bèAD c]t6cAt]te o]tAtD. 

H *it]ttOfb, bèAD C]t6CA]tte 0]tA]D. 

; % t^5eA]tDA, bèAD C]t6cAt]te ojtAtD* 

ti}y D^CA]]t AC^ 4 Dgii)? 9CIaotì)i:4 cU]Dn) ; ^t5S^ 
bo ]t]ojACb ; DèADC4 bo èo]l q ad ccaIaiì), iDtt]t 
D]C|0]t ^ D$n) : SjAbi^ 6tt]D a div6 4 DA]tiiD ICac- 
ceAii)ìil; ^5Vf iDAtc 6tttD 4 cctòDCA, id4 ii)Atc- 
TDtbDe 66tb do ci^i^cAtseAf 4 DA5A]6; ^^uf da 
c]teo]tAt6 tp Cttn) CACAfste, tCcb f AO]t 'id 6 olc. 
^tn)CD. ' 


tt ì)è nilè^can>AcbA]6 ii>A]lle lè a b|ra]t(b 
Ypto|iAr]b D^ b|tttii)T;e è^^^f a^ fÀ tS.ì3eA|it)A da. 
iDbgc^t^, A^af iDA]Ue lè Tubib Ai)ti7Ai>A i)a 5C|ieib- 
ibeAC, bè]f A bpvAfcUi^ ò vaUc da coIija,, a5 a 
f^S -^S^T ^ fODAf ; fietjirDfb bai6eACAf 6 c|iot6e 
6\?c, fJ^ ii)A|t bob t bo cojl è fo ati ii)b]tÀCAYft bo 
fA0|iA6 Af bocbA]i)e ai) cfAosAtl peACAt6cefe; 
bob 3r|6e, 30 tpa6 co|l Uac boc ri)AtceAf jft^r- 
Arì)A]l, atii)t^ bo 6AOtDeA6 C03CA bo bèADAiì) f aAf 
30 Sttob, A^vf bo jifgeACb bo laACA6 ; to^-^^f 30 
bfèAbpAlDAOtbDe, TDAtlAOD t^lf ^^ iD^tb bèv^3 A 
3cttctbeAH) f ittiDeAc c%i>fDA DAOiDCAf a, cori)Dvì3e 
A^vf fòUf toiDl^D bo betc A^^tDj a 3Cotit> AS'^f a 
DADAfD? AD bo Jlot]* f totttut6e A3Uf bfocbaA]Dft> 
c]tè -Jof A itt^fofb Aft cÌìseAfiDA. ^iDeD- 

%i D^t^^l^. 

A A X)è ètt6c'4(t^5 ^c4 4 cXtS^t^DA ^of A iCt^lof b, 
A3 Afi ctt A Detfèttt^e A^ttf ad bgCA ; ad a n>brAt6 
cj bè cftetbtof da beACAfò, 5^6 30 bt:at6eA6 'baf ; 
A^vf c] bè Ac4i beò A^vf ctte]beAf ad i>ac bf >^3t6 
bitf f totttvfbe ; ad cè iDAft ad ^cèAbDA bo ceA^- 
Atf3 6ìfDj lè D^ ^bfbol DAori)CA (XlAori) f?òl, 3AD 
A befc botlSiofAc, id^ 6A0|De 3AD bòccAf, fr^D 
lucb bo cobUf ADf ad; CAotD3>?6iDlb cu, iS> a '^cq, 
f ]D ^o tò^hìs]l 6 bA-f AD peACAt6 30 beACA da Ipttt- 
èADCACb ; tODAf AD CAD f ^5|:atd ad beACA f 0, 30 
Db|DA1D C0ri)D>55e Aijf AD, TD4 ^O DÌ fO Aft TDbft^C^ 
bo ttèttt Aft DboccAtfDe ; A^vf 30 bfìfsft^e ca^c- 
D5ri)Ac Ai> bo ttA64CfA tP -^3 ^ Detfètitje cotcctD, 
AD U bet3toi)Ac, -) 30 bfì?5tn)]f ad beADU5A6 ub, 
bo cADf Af bo ^AC ttò5jiàt^^^ ^^ 5^^ ^^ 3|tA6>96- 

^^r >5^r «^5i>"i5^'^r cu, A5 ti^b^ ^isi^? i^r^ ^ 

cUd beADV]6ce TD^cAftf a, SAbAfS ad t»t3^Acb bo 
bttllri)ut6g6 6]b 6 ciif AD bori)AtD: tCoDCA]6 fO, 5^6- 
iDtb tv, C& A fCcAtti c]toCAtttt5> cftè Jof A £]i1#rb 4 
bÌ^eAttiiDpt^e T 4 b/vArsUtòceottt. ?CiDeD. 
2 D ^ 

, •■ DigitizedbyGoOgle 

814 CoinieA5A6 b^o- 

©o ttA^b Sli^r-^ A]t cX^JeAittj-o^ 5of-i^ ^iof^ 1 
T|t4i6 Dè, *Y cvAUcb AD ^piOjtAfb 91aoj% it|A]Ue 
l|P r|le d TO 50 b;t4^t. tCi^ep. 

XAbA]ttc lìai6eACA]f *at) bè.if /t\o]ve bo bjiejc, 

Da i)50]|tceA|t, 
6<S) it«)^S;/t93^ it6^Sil£t40t(Jb 0((ti ^tiOL 

Tiocftddh an Bhean ètdaighthe ge dai&eamhnil, st lum 
ghnàthach dèis Clann do hhreith^ chum an Teampiiilli 
agua ann ain deachdfaidh si a nàit èigin chomhganidlu 
mar ha gnath, nò mar oirdeòchaa an tUachdaran ; agiu an 
■in dèaraidh an Miniatèir irìa. 

46 ^t^fiU 5u|i toHiò I)]A 1it]leACYti)ACbA<c, b^ 
ti)5firì)ATÌeAf f è]i), ra4^f3U6 f ^dibid^ilce bo t^à^J^^ 
bw, A5ttf 5u|t cttti)bAi5 c4 f a 5C|tvA6MACb iWil» 
4^9 A ]tA]b cv pè DA0]5ip ; '^me ^v b|]iA Cttbì|6f9^r 
5 c|toi6e 66, A^ttf bè4^TtAt|t ; 

Ann 8in dèara an Sagart, 

Psailm cxTÌ DUexi, fnomam. 

ticti]fD beA5f Àfy]5ce • ^^ ^MS 5<> SCttAUi^ a9 
SlìeA]tt)A 5vc it)AccviD5e ; 

Do bitig 5u]t cUoD f è A ètfbeAcb cu^Anj : S^F^ 
ìtfè Ai]t A]t ]:eA& ti)o beACA. 

Do ]A6AbA]t bo|l5]ofA ai) bA]f ah) citpcfoU: 1 
f:ttA]iAbA]t f6]tltt]p if^tip n)è. 

Do f vA]iAf Ati)5A]t A^vf bob]t6D ; A^ttf bo 3^)/» 
fi)è 4 tttOft) AD Xi5eA]iDA : <& A 3tfSeA]iOA, 3^1»^ 


^r 5t*^f Ati^^l AD 3t}j;eA]tDA, A5Vf ]f f |]t6r9CA : 
A3ttf AcA A]t DD]ADe Ud bo cjtvAtSe. 


t^ri)bM$l6 At) 2tiJg|iDA v^ bAOiijè ri'^ll3« • ^o 
^MrMS^A^ iDè, A3ttf bo f ^o[t rè fi)è. 

.3foii)po[3, d fi)Ai)AiD, CUI17 bo fuAtn7!)eAfA : 5t|ibo 
fji^t At> )Lf5eA|tT)A 50 qodUicteAc ò]tc. 

JDo b|if5 5tt)i f AO|i Ctt iDADAii) o' b^f : n)0 f u^ler 
6 6eÒnrtb, A^ttf ii)0 cof a 5 f cto^AÒ* 

S)<^6lAb Afi 4i)A$A]6 5f co]$e ad 2Lf ^eA^DA : a 
ccaUiì) da ii)be5. 

JDaefiefb ii)è, v|fi)e f^D Uibe5fiA|6 ii)è; bo bf 
ii>6 bttAtbeA)iCA 30 bADii)5Ti: a bab|iAf ad ti)0 6e]C* 
PlOf, tCcÀ DV]le 6afT}e bfièA5AC. 

Xfièb AD lttAf6eACb bo bè^Af fi)& boo ^lsspi)^ • 

4 f «9 A CAbA]ÌCAf bAtÌ) ? 

0eAbA ii)è crpAD AD cflADVfgce : T 50|]ifeAb 4 

tCjinD AD 3t|3eA]iDA. 

iCofiDlfoDf A iDè fDo ib5tbe ADOtf 5f cotDO a 6A0tDe 
u\\e : A sctttfictb cìte ad £f5eA]iDA, ad bo ibe56« 

APfA f 5f, 5 i9A]ittf AlètlD. ^oUt6 AD if^&ApD^^ 

0l5t]i bo DtCcAtfi, Tc. 
^Aii bo bf A]i bcrf, ^c. 


FMulm cxxYÌL iVùt Domifius. 

<flrDA bf ot|i5Dl^e ad ^fJgt^OA ad c|3 : ff bfon)- 
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b4if g cttf : Ajttf A pfb fjolcttffieAf cu, Df bè ap 
coftp bf Af bo f folcttffteAf cv, ACb Sjt^i) loii), |8oi) 
c|trfcoèAd&A, i)ò bA]tbAft èfSfi) eile : ACb bo De|]t 
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>7le flo'Ì A doftf^ fèji) ffò le]c. 3Xf oAOi) feofl 
Ati)^]r) 5AC ufle feofl: Acb ac^ feofl Aft Ufc a^ 
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4 l^l^ A5 f Af5ì^b, A5vf f eofl 4 lefc 'A5 èvi)Uic- 
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4 l«tc A5 AD Dtftèfi), A3Vf ^lòftt Aft letc A5 At) 
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cottp cftttAtUf^e A5A cvfi; ètft^f^ fèDS">^t**^l^M' 
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5l5fTt ; bf 5AD DeAftc a^a cttft ; ètftSt^ f è TDAfUe 
ttè D^Aftc : b| f è DA coftp DAbttjtCA A5A èvtt ; ètitjf^ 

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AD 2ttS^^I*t)A 5 Dgn). ^4 Ac^ ad bttfDe CAlri)v6e, 
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AD Dfic Dgri)6A, Af Ari)lìT6 ffD AC^ifb ad bftttDS.Dgri?^^- 
ft^ttf Ari)ì?l bo tOTDcttAiDAft tort)afS AD bttfDO caI- 
ib^e, tOd>òoftAn) ' f of teri)Art5 ad bttfDe DeATÌ)6A. 
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4 DèAri)CftttA]UeA6. /èvo, ^f Df6 bojtèA lAbftafm 


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e»1i4^c ò]tocA |f9 ufle, a if)3me]i)c, |iè |^lleA6 xyA» 
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fboc;} Asrf bv|redcA)t i?4 TDAf|ib DeAn)C|tuAfllt5e, 
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AtibcAÒb bo ^Abiitì "HW- ^S^r -^t^ CAD JeuBvr 
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CA1) ri^ -^O btitAC4 AcA. rspfobcA 4 da cofibltoDAd, 
Do rWseA^ AD b^r ^ TDbttAt6. (6 a b^tf* S^ b^ic 
A Bjrutl bo CAtls ì tì> A UA|tD, j^ b^tc A ot:>?l bo 

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JDtAj bo betfi ^'^D buAt6 bo btietc, ctiè 4 cEf^^ftDA 
;3forA Sj^\oxh. ®t">^ 1i^> ^ bettbtt^tctte 511:^6^0^, 
b|5t6 cOTDDtttSeAC, DeArbcotttAC, A5 iDèttbvgA^ bo 
f|ott A DobAtti AD XfSeAttD^j 4 TDbetc a fior A^^b 
DAÒ bfoiDAOtD bttti r^ocAti X^ clfseAtiDA. 

An tan thiqcfaid chum na hUagha^ chomh fada is bhèid ag 
dèanMnh an Gboirp rèidh chum & chur sann taktmh^ 
dearaidh aa Sagart. nò cànfuidh an Sagart. nò na Clèir* 

Ot^ brvfl AÒb rcAÌ seAtfi A5 bìiD© bo 5eti)eA6 6 
iDDAOt lè betc DA beACAt6, A^ttr ac^ I^d tio ctt^t^" 

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50 buAD AD ^OD tXAfb. 

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cof fi 6tttD CAbq btAttiAf6, Acb oftcrA, <S> a ÌÌSSt^DA-, 
AEÀ A scofftAtse 50 coAftc Ifi) f^ 4 bpeACAf^e ? 

01^"^^ ^ ^ Ìf^eAtiDA I)tA ti^ DAOTÌ)CA, <ft A 
£f^St^DA ttdcurì)ACbAt6, ^ A SUtDAt6ceOfttDAOlÌ)CA 
A^ttr t^Ctt*CAttit6, D^ CAbAffi t9 bO pfADCAfb 5§ftA 

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tir r^^r *>mc, a tfsgftDA, r®i<^nèT^ts^ 4 s^^t^ohj- 

ceA6 ; D^ bufD bo cluAr'^ cftdcAttieAC^^ A DA5Af6 4 


312 -ttòUcAÒ i)A <nA|ib. 

DS^l6e ; Acb cotsiU ]9, a Z^te^fit)^ \io daowa, 
<& A ;&è Yio CttTÒACbAtò, <S) A &Ui7tt|6ceoi|t D40ti)CA 
l c|i6cAt|ii6, cvfA A ^5fiè]C|ri) f tO]ftr]6e ^06101)5- 
rba^Uy OA lèi3 ^"l5 r^ OttAIIi 6èiS]O04ic ci^è piAp- 
cA]b 4 b]c b^if cttic]TD vAtcfe. 

Ann tin^ an tra bbeid coid don luchd atà a latliair ag car 
^rìadh air an cCorp, dèaraidh an Sagart^ 

<S> cÀ]tU 5V]tAb f co]l X)& ®]leACttti)ACb^]69 ba 
ii)d]tc]t5cA]]te9 AD^rt) 4 ti)b]tACA]t ]oi)tt)V]i) fo fuA]]i 
b^f, bo b]te]c cv]5e f è|!), tt]TDe f]0 bo be]|tn)]bi)e 
A coUd boD c^Uri); c]t]A6 bo c]t]A]6, lttA]c bo 
lttA]c, lv4^]C]teAri)^D bo lttA]C]teAri)ÀD ; a DbòccAf 
6A]D5eAD 6]OD5ti)^lcA d<^ be]fè]]t5e òutD D^beACA 
3AD C]t^c, c]tè A]t cXfjeA^tD^ ^ofA 4^]tfofb; bo 
6èADAf cUoclo6 4 4 5C0]tp 6jbl]5e, òvid 50ti)be]c 
cofii)tt]l lè DA co]tp tlòjtTDA^t ]:è]D, bo.]tè]ji A 
D0]b]t]5e cvri)ACbA]6, lè a bpv]l DeA]tc ^136 5AC 
v]le Defce bo ctt]t ]:ao] ]:è]D. 

Ann 8in a dèarthar> nò canfuidhthior^ 

X)o cvaU TDè 5VC 6 DeAti) A3 ]t3i6 ]t]orD, Sjjijob, 
CS> fo ArDAÒ ]f beADA]5e d^ TDA]]tb èA^^f ad fA 
2^lSeA]tDA : TDA|t f|D A be]]t ad «Sp]0]iAb; 6]]tcon)- 
Du]6]b 6 DA f AOCA]t. £A]fb. xiv. 13* 

Ann sin dèara an Sagart^ 

% Ìf5eA]tD4, bèAD c]t6cA]]te 0]tA]D. 
H »iÈ]tfofb, bèAD c]i6cA]]ie o]tA]D. 
; % tì5eA]tDA, bèAD c]t6cA]jie 0]tA]D* 

t4]3i D^CA]]t Az^ 4 DgTÌ), 9CIaotì)c4 cUjdtd ; StSS* 
bo ]tfojACb ; DèADC4 bo èo]l ^ ad cc^Uii), rnujt 
D]C|0]t ^ DS") : T^^h/4 6u]d a^ div6 4 DA^i^D *AC- 
ceATD^l; ^5Vf TDA]fc 6tt]D 4 cc]òdca, tD4 ")A]c- 
TD]bDe 6o]b 00 4ieDCA]5eAf 4 DA5<t]6; %3ttf i)* 
c]teo]tA]6 ]D Cttn) cAtAjJte, tCcb fAO]t'iD ^olc. 
^Ti)eD. ' 


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-Tpbgc^t^, ^'S^T tt)A-]lle lè Tpbfb Ai)ti7^$A i)^ 5C|teib- 
tbe^c, bèjf A bfVAfcUiò ò vaUc d<v coIija,, a5 ^ 
r^S ^S^f ^ fODAf ; fiefjtiDib bu^&eACAf 6 c|iot&e 
bvc, f^ ii)A|i bob ^ bo co^l è fo ^ti Ti>b]t^cAi|t bo 
fAO|iA& Af boèbA]i)e ai) cfAO^Ail pe^CAi&cef e ; 
bob 5V]&e, 50 tpa6 co|l Uac boc ri)A]ceAf jfi^f- 
AtbAJl, u]ti)t]i bo 6^011)0^6 C05CA bo &èAi)An) fuAf 
30 3]tob, A^vf bo itìseACb b'o Iuaca& ; ]O^Af 50 
bfèAbfAii)Aotbt)e, it)<v|iAOi) titf ai) it)èib bè^i^ a 
3cttetbeArt) f fl^l^^^^ c^i>fDA i)AOTÌ)CAf a, coti)i)vf5e 
-A^vf f òUf tPtDl^t) bo betc A^AtDj a 5Cottt> A^vf a 
DADAiT), AD bo sl^tl* f to.TT'^^il^^ ^5**r bfòcbuA]Drt, 
cttè -Jof A itftfofb Aft cÌj^eAtiDA. ^Ti)eD. 

?C D^tt^t^' 

A A X)è ètt6c^i&, ^c4 4 cXf5g]tDA ^of A iCtt]Of b, 
A5 Att ctt A Deifèttt^e Asuf ad bgciv ; ax) a Ttjbf^t^ 
cf bè cjtetbtof d* beACAi&, 3t& 30 bfu]&eA6 'baf ; 
A^vf cf bè AC4v beò 'A^vf c]te]beAf ad n^c bf >^5t& 
b^f f fotttvtbe ; ad cè Ti)^t^ <^D ^cè^bD^ bo ce^^- 
Atf3 &>fSj U v^ ^bfbol DAoii)CA (Waott) i^òl, 5AD 
A beic boilsjofAc, td^ &<voiDe 5AD bòccAf, i^Hsry 
lucb bo èobUf ADfAD; CA0tD5>?&TD]b cu, <fe a ^cg, 
f l^ bo cò^b^il o bA-f AD ]>eACA]& 50 beftCA d^ Vll^" 
èADCAèb ; toPAr ad cad f ^5f atd ad beACA fo, 50 
Db|DAtD cott)D>55e AT)f AD, td4 bo dÌ fo Aft tDb]iac^ 
bo t*èt]t Aft D&6ccAtroe ; A^vr 50 bfìfJtJt^e CAtc- 
Dgti^Ac At) bo ttA&4cr^ 1P A5 A Detrètttse co]cc]D, 
AD U betStoDAc, -) 50 bf >?5tTDir ^^ beADU5A& ùb, 
bo c^vDt^Af t>o ^AC ttò5jiÌ2vt&ce bo 5AC >?le 5|tA&>9&- 
^^T A5^r ^^'5^^1'5^^T '^tt, A5 ti^&* ^T31^j l^f^ ^ 
cU^ beAi)vi&ce TD^CAttfA, 3AbAt5 ad t^fS^ACb bo 
l)ullTÌ)ut&g& &]b 6 cur AD boti)AtDi tCoDCAi& ro> 5^6- 
iDt^ tr, è A ftcAtit cit5cAtti15> c^è -^lor^ ^I^I*!^ 4 
bÌ^eAjtttDpf&e T 4 b/vAr5Ut&ceot|t. ?CtDeD. 
2 D ^ 

•■ Digitizedby VjOOQIC 

814 4to|nie^S^ ^^^ 

l|P r]le ò fo 50 b)t4^ tUi)e9- 


X^bAittc IÌq6eACA]f li^i) bè,tf 4tlo|9e bo bitetc, 

Da i)50ttice4Ht, 
6«> it^JfK/Uo^ it6^SI&£t40t(Jb SdtC ^tiX 

Tiocftddh an Bhean èadaiffhthe g:e dai&eamhuìl* ea oflB 
ghnàthach dèis Clann do hhreith, chum an Teain|nii]l 
agui ann gin deachdfaidh si a nàit èigin chcnuhgaiiidhf 
mar ha gnath, nò mar oirdeòchas an tUachdaran ; agiu aa 
■in dèaraidh an Ministèir irìa. 

46 ^t^ftU 5a|i xoiltS Dt^ 1ittleACYti>ACbA<d, b^ 
ii)dfirì)AtieAf t?èti), ^tiAfsUò f -Jibi^tlce bo caBa||<5 
6ìrc, A5ttf 5utt cambAts cu f a ^cttvASMACb iWiti 
Ap A t^Atb cv fiè i)A.ot5|Q ; '^itje iji) b|t*A zàb^f^à^T 
dc|toi6e6d, A5ttf bè^^tt^ttt; 

Ann dn dèara an Sagart, 

Psailm czTÌ DUexit fuoniam, 

tictitvD beA$f Àfvtsce : bo b|ti5 50 sctt^UiS aD 
*13^'^^''^ S^è it)Accv|t)5e ; 

Do bttis 5utt cUoD f è A èirbeAcb .6^5411) : 59F^ 
ii)è Aitt Att f eA6 ti)o beACA. 

Do tA6AbAtt boilgtofA Ai) bAtf AH) c|ti)qoU: T 
f ttAttAbAtt f òttluiD tKM^ ")è- 

Do f vAttAf An)5Att A5vr bobttòi) ; Asaf bo $^W 
ti)è 4 tttt)") ^T) Xì5eAii!)A : <& A tìseAttpA, 3^1"> 

C'V", f AOtt TDADAtt). 

^r 5W^»*^^i A9 3t}teAttDA, A5vr tr ritt^^* 

A5ur Aca Att pDtApe Up bo cttvAtse. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

C^tbbMSt^ At) X^$siti)4 i)A bAO]De ri"^ll3« • bo 
^1^113«-*^ »i>^> -^^^'^r bo f^ofi r^ n)è- 

;9on)pot5, 6 tf)Ai)AfD, cun) bo fuAtti^^^Ar^ • 5t|tbo 
fji^t AV £f5eÀ]ti)A 50 ctodUtcteAC o]tc. 

JDo bftfj 5mt f AOft cu n)Ai}ATi) 5* b^r • ^^ f^^ 
ò 6ed]trtb, A^wr »00 corA 5 rctot|iA6» 

^|0^6lAb A]t <DA5A]6 òr cotde ai) Xt5eA]ti)A ; a 
ccAlAtb QA n)heò. 

JDorèttetb tt)è, vtit)e riP Utbe^ftAt^ tt)è; bo bf 
if)& baAt6eA]tcA 50 bAi)ti)ò]t : a bubftAr ad ti)0 6etc* 
Ptof, tCc4i t)vtle 6tttt)e bftèASAc. 

Xt^èb AD IttAt^eACb bo bè^Ar ti)è boo ^ISS^Q^ : 
4 r^9 ^ CAbA]teAr bAtt) ? 

0eAbA tDè cvp^D AD crUDvtSce : t joittfOAb 4 
tCtntD AD 3t|5eA]tDA. 

XottDltODfA tDè tDO tbdtbd ADOtr ^r cofDe a 6A0tD^ 
utle : A ^Ctttftctb ct^e ad £t5^A]tDA, ad bo tbeò6-^ 

AprA ròr, 6 i9A]tttrATè]fD. ^noUtò ad itt j&A]tDA» 

0l5t]t bo DtCcA]]!, Tc. 
^A]t bo bj Ajt bcvr, ^c. 


Ftailm czxyii^ Nisi Daminus. 

'flvDA bro]]t5Dt3e ad 2if5St*'>^ ^o c|5 : ]r biotb- 
AOtD otb]tt5ib AD Tvcc f otftSDtStor è. . 

^TfttDA ccvttbbtse AD 2£t5SIV)A ad CACAitt : ir 50 
b]otbAOiDbo Df AD reA]t coiibèAbA t:At]te. 

^x b]otbAOtD 6ìbB Doc èl]i5lor 50 idoc, t f>?Stor 
50 betStoDAC, Doc tqor Aitt^D ad boilsiorA : idaiì- 
ro]D tio bèA|tA]6 r^ codU6 bA- f foft 5]tài6, 

J'^èvc, ]r otSt^^ACc ÒD 5i5§]iDA cUb 2 C0ttA6 X)^ 
b]tOD A lttA]6eACb. 

^A]t fo]5be A Uttb ad bviDe A]tAccA]5 : tr Atb* 
l»13 V> ^^^ cUb DA.bat^e. 

Zx ro^AADbvtDe, A5A br>?l a bol^^D roiSlob' 
Xsxx) bfob : Df b^Atb cUot6ce> ad cad Utbedttìfb lè 
DA D^t^btb r^b DSeACA. 

€rt6t]t bo DtCcAttt, Tc. 

^A]t bo b| Att ccttT, Tc 


31© Cotrn«^3A6 b^u^ 

Aun sin dèara'an SagarU 

^ £^3eA|ti)0i, bèAO cftdcAf|te oftA^ò. 

U|t r)Ut'4y Ac^ ^ DeAfi), QtlAorbt^ t^^tymi ^13^ 
bo ]tfo3ACb ; JDèADCA|t bo co]l 4 ^d caIatì), m^1« 
D^ctoft 4 DeAiD : £AbA]]t 6^ìj^ Div8 4 D-^^D Uec- 
4gn)^; %3V|» iDAtc òyn) 4 cc^odca, Ti)V|t ii)Ai|CìDfbi)0 
8òib bo cioi)CAt3gf 4 D^3A]6 ; ^3vf da cTte6tiAi6 
t5 cun) CACAi3ce, ?tcb f aoji tD 6 olc : <S>f|t Af l§c 

fètD AD ]t|03ACbA, A3Yf ADCdrt)ACb,A3ttt* ADjl^llS 

90 bftivc A^vf 30 bjtac. ?iìDei). 

^HtDtrc. <& A tìgeAttDA, f ^b^t'' ^^> boADfO &o 

/^fteA^. X)o cvttttof A bdCOAf tODAb. 

^ntDtfc, ^]6 6tbo cojtU-tbttt; 

«?t*^A5. (ì> A3At6 A D^ìDAb. 

^HtDlfc. U ÌtseAttDA, ètf b lètt Dsv6e : 
-^I^SS- ^ò^r lèt3 4,^^1">S« ^o T*o^bAtD ctt5A&. 

^t^tr^èlT** XèADTDAotb 3>r8e. 

<6 A Ì)è ^]leAcuTt)AcbAt6, betttiDt^ b^6eACA]f 
ùtì)Ia 6tttc, ^ix TDAjt bo 6eòi)At6 cu ad .beApp ^o 
fetttbffeAÒ bo fAOttA&, 6 iDòtttpètD T coDCAb^c a 
Ittjje feòÌA. X)eòDAt6, 3u]6TDtb cu, ^cq t^òctio- 
CAtttt6, 30 bf |bt:A6 f |, cftè bo coD3DATbf a, a bjcA 
bo cAtceATÌ) 30 cttetbibe AC ; Ajuf f òf ttvbAÌ bo ttèift 
bo coIa ad fA rnbeACA fo bo l^cAttt; A^vf td4 a^ 
3CèAbDA A befc ttADp^tT^'^®^^ V^ t)3lo|tt ffotti^f^e 
f AD TDbeACA z'A lè ceACb, cjtè ^òfA Ìttfofb A[t 
cXf^eAttDA. ^TDeD. 

Is «mr don Mbnaoi thìff do tbabhairt buidheachais^ a notnil 
ghnàitheach do thabhairt udithe ; a^ madh bhionn Com^ 
aoin bila caitheamh^ is indèanta dbl au Chomaoin..NliQIDlK 
tha doghlacadhv 


XoTÌ)b45Àp« . 31"? 


^AtiAOij U lj<J)fiÀtbi6 -^]|t|6e, 

X)4^ 1)bèA1)CA|i uf ^^b Ap cèub U boi) ^toiijAf, A^Uf 
^ '^injBiilb e^le, n)Yji oi|tbe$CAf ai) ^i!>]fcè|ii. 

A ndiakh Umaighe DaMaidne^ iar gcnochiiuehadh na ÌAot^ 
tàn, do i^ an mhodh ffhnàithidh^ dèaraidn an Sagart> a 
nioaad na. Lèìghthe6radhd> nò saun bPuilpid^. 

tC jbs|tbft:ei]c]ie, bo bf 519^6 b]A6A^ av f a b|»]t]rt^ 

iEAstAtf, 50 bCttJCAOI f O beAjtA, A CCttf ^iojtjAif ^ 

4 9A bAOipe bo f Atcttib cioocac a bpeACAb pvib- 
^^Ì^> Aic|tije pvibli56 bo 6èA!)An)> A^vf pioijitf ba 
f rlAt)5 r^S cf AojAÌf o, cttti) 50 tf)beic a i)A!)n)A9^ 
ft^bAilce 'A l^ A!) £f5eAnpA; A^rfr Ajt tpbefc b^ 
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4f]tc|bba Ì)euce|toDOfi)%«A5rf Af 'SiiceACA e]lè 
bODSc|ttopctt]p,.bo lèA5A6; A^rf 50 bf]te]«6|tA&= 
1J*R *>o 5^^ ]t4^i6ce, tCiDeD ; -3(oDAf , 4 bf 4t5A]l f^èW 
b]b 50 bf A D^fDf eA]t5 a b]Af A5D]a te]f d^ pec* 
CA]6e, 50 iDbe]C ]fb f è]D Dfof f òslrAtfbe cnD v^ 
^Atc:]t\6e bo 6èADAn)9 50 c^bACbAÒ *] 50 ]:|]t]DeAÀ ; 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

318 CotpB43^- 

A5ttf 50 i)bè^i)CAO| ||'fT5Al tjtof ^ibe a^ fDA lAec]& 
5UAt*AcbACAf o ; A5 cefcgtì) 6 i)4^ locbAib, bajt brAl 
iD^^lUcb Dè, bo |iè]|i AbtbaU btt|i TDb|l f è|i). 

-3ff n)Allai5 at) b>fi)e 8èAi)Af iori)-at5 5|i4ib-alc4^ d^ 
lèA^CA, cvn) ì bo A8]tAb. 

Agiu freagdrmdh an Fobol, agus dèaniidh^ AxsKf • 

*f1ti). ^f Tt)Alla0 A1) cè TPAUu]3eAf A ACAftt^ T)a 
A lb^CA]|l, 

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f eAtÌA]D A COTDA|lfAD^ 

<^]r), ^f iDAllttib AD cè è^MOf f eAC|t:^D A||t, ad^' 
bAll 4^f A f Ifse. 

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«f|%eA5. ^TDeD. 

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IDD^O] A 60TDA|lf AD. 

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bvjDe De]TÌ)ctODCAC bo TDAitbrjAb. 

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Asvf boDl A DeA]u; bfeotl, A^uf aja DlTDqs^oD a 
ò|to]8e ÒD i^ìseAjiDA. 
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AcA|8, A^uf A8Alc]tADA]8, bA0]De fAijcACA, luòb 
io8AU8]ttt]8, lucb iiD8eA}t3CA, Ivcb TD|f ^e, ASof 

IVÒb f]tACA]]tèACbA. 

^lfieAs. ?trD6D, 


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bo fiA5t>At|;8ior Ai) f^0 D^bt} &o i>f STI^fb A^uf 
cè^ò A|t f|^C|tai) 5 ^^eAJ)v^]h Dè, bèA]TMi)AQtbi)e 
[4»5 cr^rijirfyjAÒ A|]t atx i9bfte|ce4^n7i)Ar VAcbaf aò 
♦.c^ òf 4 ^ceAdA^l^ f5vf &a Ji)4c Vfsce crtr^zyiz^m 
07*AfdJ loiD|>d5 6ttTi> 4 c£f5e4>]i9A X)t^ lè 5AC mW 
briù^^ Ajvf CAOtpeAf cito]8e j -^^5 b§ijAit) boil^tf 
Ajuf b|t5|i> f ^|i njbeACA pe^iCAii)^ Aj ^iìy^ii ìf 

lòÀ^ PA l>4itCTti5/e bo c^b^c im^'^. <)f]« ac4i^ ai) 
CVA5 A poff CttficA cttjij f ftèfiìje da sejt^O ; foSAf 

5AÒ Cft^d IJ^kJC CCtt^AÒ COflfcA iDAtC^ TAè^ JO 1)5§ni^ 

c4 ]f of è T 50 ccef Ijcgf* f 4t cefoe è. ^f i)|6 tt44Ì>Ai)AC 
ofcfii) A l«ni)>ìb Ai) jDè beo : f §|tf ^^6 q da pSCAf^te 
bMl, cetpe T |t\rb, bof i)$o T fcofftf ri) ; A5 fo a^ 5C>?b 
W f be. ^ft, f èttc, cA.fDt5 ^^ ^tSStwj* -^r -^ lODAb, 
cvii) CV4CA bo cAb^c £| ADlocbA D^ bfi^i)5e acà da 
5C0ii)Dttf6e 4 '^D bcAlATÌ). tCcb cè lèft fèfbt^t l& a^ 
Ci^CbA bf ttlAD5 ? ^ DVAtft bo èAtfbèAOAf è fètDj 
cè f èAbf Af befc i)a iDAfttAfD ? %cli A fSAfSDè'^ir 

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loff5f f6 fè AD c^t^ lè cefDe daò èfbfft a ii)ttCA6. 
ttcA- U AO /Lf5.eAftDA A5 ceAcb fi)vft 5Aby|6e f a 
pot6ce: T A lyvAtft A bèAftAfb bAOfDe, &]otci^^Vy 
A^ttf AC^ 5a6 ufle Df 6 5AD. bAojAl ; ad f ti) tfoc- 
V^T r5f'1<>r obAD oiftA, ii)Aft tt^ bftdD ^ fi)DAot |tè 
DAOfsefD, 1 Df f è^t^ 6ul Af . t^D ffD ^ cff f^t^ft 
^fbf^fts JDè A Ui AD bfosAlcAff, bo ftjDe t>gcAf6ce 
cef DceADA, 60 1|0Da6 OfftA f èfD, cftè gfVftiAn)Af6e 
A 5CftOf6e ; bo cAftcttif i)t6 iDAttcAf, f OfSfb, Asuf 

fvlAD5 t^^6A Uè, AD CAD 60 50|ft bO jD^t OfftA CVII^ 

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oftATDf A Acb Dj èffcf fob ; tAfftfMb 50 idoò iDè, Acb 
i>! bfvisfb 1D& ; A^ttf ffD iDAjt bf vAt>rjeAbAft f for, 
A^ttf DAÒ Att sUcAbAft eA^lA AD XfgeAftD^l ; ACt> 
50 ftAfb 5|t-J!ifD ACA 4 n?o cori)4le, Ajuf 5Vfi tAJt* 


S20 £on)(A5'A|t. 

CAtr^JlSS^*!* ">o I^Acb. <C$ ^}ij brò ]t6t6ètìl0i)Acr 
A9 bO]tAf bo bttAUb, A!) CA!) A bt Af buipce ; A^nf 
b«6 tidtÒAll SAftiTi; '4 t|tdc^e, ai) CAt) 615 aiidijiì a 
Df^T^ettiC. <S)c AD 5l5)t ttAÒb^fAC at) b)tetcsii)OAtf 
fò 6||ttS, bo bjlttò^tt otttA, AO CAD A bjt^f ì?6cg|t le6, 
4n7t5t^> A Ivcb OA it)AlUcb, cvn) pA ceti)eA6 tlotfi- 
ut6e, AC^ vUfi)At5te boQ bt Ab^l Ajvf bt^ Attrsljb ! 
®t*9^ n^ ^ 6eAttb|t^t^1^9 cv^ATD Attte a v^% 
corbt^Ab tf ACt^ U A9 cfUpvt^ 4 bttD : 6ttt acà 4 
lH>t6ce A5 ceAcb, aò dac bf èAbA^ aox) tTeAC obA])t 
bp bèADATÌ). tCcb cttetbfi)tbi)e a$ f a cfoUf, coit)- 

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clotD AO croUtr ; cttit) v^c ccetl^ft^ tD 50 ti66ottc- 
AOb, fDAtt 'A'bfMl CAOt6 A5vr 5loro^D f t^CAl. 31^ 

CV^AIDAOtb tDArUb bO IDAtceAr 3Dè, AC4l A5 SAtlWD 

50 cttècAttteAC ottAtD ctwD leArAt6e ; T bA ctiuAiS' 
e 5AD. c|tfc bo seAll tDAtceATDDAtr ^^l9 ad a 
DbeÀcAt6 co)tAtD> n)A toiDpotjiDtb 4 f ^ID lè c)io|6e 
IOtdUd A5vr flott. i&ttt 516.50 TDbetc 4 bpgCA)*^ 
òotibbeAtt^ lè rS^I^^^I*') 6èADt?Ati tAb òotti)5«Al 
lè rDCACbA ; A^ttr 5t6 50 TDbetcbfr coriD^l lè co|t- 
CA)tt, 6èADf Att t Ab cotib5st te b^nUtD* '901DtH)t6||{ 
[a bettt AD SlseAttDA] 6 btttt locbAtb yHe^ Asnf !)j 
btAt6 Dtttt bpeACAt6e da rSl^l^r ^AOtb. Eetlsi^ 
ttAjb btttt D^ATb6tA6ACb vtle bo tttDOAb^ ; bj|i)Ai6 
cttO)6eACA DttA6A 6)b. f è)D A^ttf rt>1ot*Ab DVA&: 
0ob tttTDe A bfMjct^ b4^f, 6 tbfe a ctg ^fttAel? Ajt 

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A5Vf btAt6 t)b beò. 0)6 5tt)t peA,cv)6eATDA)t, AC«t 
ti6bocÀ|b f 6f À5AtD A bfocAttt a d^ca)!,. ihf^ 

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5CO)tCAy A^ttf bo baA)UA6 è f «^tt Ucb'A. it)iDe ^V 
ftUiDib cv)5etjOD, bo SAbAf 50 ctt6cAttteAC le)f P^ 
peAC\75)b ftO)tAtcit|6eACA; 4 TDbetc beAttbcAb^ò, 
50 bfìtl fè ttèt6 òviD 4 DA^5UcAt6, T t*^co)lc«AC 
cttiD iDAtcgiDDAtf bo CAbAttic 6ìfD, TDA ctsiDtb ciise 
lè ftottAtctteACAr ; tda6 ttibUt6ii))b tD f ^ID ^5, 1 


cu]i)5 f^im A^uf A uaIac èACCjion) 0|iA]p, cun) ^^ 
leAO^^rbut!) A i)ui|ijfleACb, a bf0|5i&, T a 5C4CA6- 
ACt), A^uf i^ bo be|c A^Aft fciu|tA6 lè |i^AtAiX a 
^]>f 0fiAt& 9( Ai) ; bo 5i)ÀC A5 1 A|fiA|8 a Sl5||ie- 
ffoi), A5uf A5 bèAi)Ait) i)A fei|ib^fe if buAÌ bò a§ 4 
^\fle fMJ^ beACA lè CAbAffic bu^òeACA^f. ^a 

T)tl1)]b fO, f UAtf^eÒÌAIÒ £.^tOfb ^V O TÌ)AllACbA|b 

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Ai) b|iuii)5 Doc ^lceòÒAfi 4 ^ ^^VV clè; T cu^^fiò 
ID 4 ^ 1^1 "> ^®tr> ^5**r bèAfiA^ 6Ù1D beADACb 
3|i^f ATÌ)Ail A ?tCAfi, A5 AièDe 6]D f eAÌb a itìJi^cbA 
^ldfiTDAiiie bo 5IACA6 : cvy^e f|D 50 DbedDA^^ fè 4 
tDb]te|c ufle, cjièDA c|iòcA||ie5AD c|i]6. %n)eD. 

^nn sin leigfid uìle air a nglùinibh iad ; agii« dearaid an 
Sagart agus na Clèiridh, ag a lèigion fèin air a nglùiuibh^ 
sa nàit ann ar gnàth naLiottain do ràdh, an tPsaUm so. 

. Psaihn li. Miserere meiy Deus. 

X)èvD cftocAifte OftttiD, <S> A Ifcè, bo ftèf|t bò cftò- 
cAifte TDOffte : t>o jtèift ftò |OìDA]b bo c|tvAf5e 
f C|tfOf ATDAC TDA|Dbli3eA6. 

Q(ti3 TDè^ 6 TDO c|ODtAf b ^Q blOTDl^D : ^SUf 3^^^ 
TDè òrD "peACA^. 

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?tb CA5A|6ff fèfD Ari)À,tD ^o peACAfii rDè, A^vf 

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AD CAD bef|tceA|t bftefceATÌ)Duf oftc. 

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bo §Ab TDO TÌ);2lCAf]t A TDbftOfD TDè. 

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fecTièfb bf:ofllff5 cv cftfODACb bArt)f a. 

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Dijfift TDè, A^vf bv6 5fle id^ d^ f De ACbA. 

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bo clof : òart) 30 Dbè|Dbf f DA CD^tD^> i)OC bo bfiff^ 
ctt, IttACsaffte. 


332 4KOiì)bA54]i; 

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4^rc4t$ ro$AiiiL c|iot6e sUt^, a £»è : *i ACi)ttAj- 
A]6*A$ Ti>o iì)eo6Ao fp|0|iAb |on)Ui)« 

OtU^ ce]l5 n)è feACAb 6b f tAji)r]fe ; T D4i be||i 
bo Sp|0{i4b 9PUori)CA rAins 

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ii)tt|6 prAf iDè feb SpjopAb f AO|t. 

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forDpdccAp peACACA cr^Abf A. 

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fOfllfedcA]5 iDOCOAD^A cfipèttDCACc 6f ^pb. 

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f otUfe6cr|6 1DO bèttlbo ibolA6. 

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vAtiD : Dl bfr|l btt^l A^Ab a DontAt^ loffse. 

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btt]rce coibiDbfitt|5ce, a Ì>è, Dì6èADi^t|ic4Cìiri)e. 

tì) bèAD iDAtc bo èfoD 6 bo 6eA5Òofl f ètD • c^P' 
fttAf bAllA6A ^epttf AleiD. 

%Df OfD b|A]6 f OD A5Ab A D<o6bAtpc da f ftièttth 
CACbA, A DOf |i4!iil lotr^e, T A DOf p^tl cDAOtce 50 
bjOTDUD: bèADAtb brlò^A d^A bo co|p- 
b|pc q CAlcdip. 
. 0ldfp bo Dt^cAi:|i, ^.c. 

^ftAp bo b] Apbcttf, Tci 

tt ÌfseApDA, bèAD cpòcAtpe opAiD- 

<C itfifofb, bèAD cpòcAipe opA]D. 

tt t|5eApDA, bèAD cpocAtpe opAtD* 

tip D^CcAip AC^ 4 ^è">> 9tlAOib^4 cU]DrD; ^tSS^ 

^O pfO^ACb ; DèADC4 bO to]l ^ AD CCAlAlby 19^1^ 
Djt]Op q Dgib: XAb^ 6ttib A D|r6 4DApAD ^^^ 
èe^ibMl; tC^rf TDA1C 6ttfb 4 cciodca, id4 ibAtfc- 
iD^bDe 66ib 00 ctoDCAtseÀf 4 DA5A]6; «45»^ 9^ 
ciiedfiAt6 iD cttiD CACA|5ce, tCcb f Aop ib à olc.. 

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b^ò cjidCAifieAÒ 6f|d !)a peACCAi6, tt)A]t seAll Afi 
tTtt!)tD f èiij. 

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DèAi)n)AO}b 3vi6e. 

<d A t|3eA|tDA, 5V|6TDib cv, èfl-b A|t t)otiDAt$ 50 
cftdcAtiteAc, A^uf C0151II AD ttjètb AbtbttfJeAf a 
b|>eACAi6e 6ttic; logAf 50 bfvigeA^ ad b|tttt95» 
AjA bf tttl A b|>eACA|6e A3 3S]t^D AY|t a SCOfoifAf, - 

AOfoldtb 6 bO tt7AlCeAtÌ)DAf CfldCAtlteACfA, C|tè 

4]t|ofb A|t c3tì5eAttDA. ttiDeo. 

<^ A X)è |t^can)ArbAt6, A^ttf a tCcA||t è]idc^t^ 
A5A bfv]l cftvAt6e bo 5AC tt]le 6iffe, A^ttf A5 dac 
bf^l fUAC 4 AOD bÀ DbèA]tDA Ctt; lè da^ ^llb^f 
peACCAt^, ACb lè]t bfeAift è bo ]0it)pd5 o pApeAC* 
Ai^fb, A5Vf A fUDV5A6; <flA]c 6ìì]d A]t 3C10DCA 

fo c]t6cA]]teAc; 3Ab A^uf cott)fO|tcA]t f]?} A|t a 
f'nl bofljtof T ctt]]tfe c]tè ttAÌAÒ Aft bpeACA]6e, 
-3ff b]fleAcb 6v]c be]èbo jD^c c]t$CAt]teAc; 6ìrcfe 
Ati)À|D bo bAtDfOf peACA]6e bo tt)A]ceAtt). Ql|tt)e 
UD, co]5]ll ]D, A 6et5 tì3èA]tDA, co]3]ll bp pobAl, 
b|rvAf5A]l cv ; rySK bè]]t5e Ctttt) bpè^teAtbDAtf ]fèb 
fe]]tbf|]6, A$ DAC bfì^l a&ò caIatì) bfbltge, A^ttf 
peACCA]6 C]ti^]ce ; ' ACb ]:tU b]:eAp5 vAtpe, Abf 
ti)tt]5eAf 50 CAOtD Ati Db]bl]6eACb, A^tif ^ a b]:ìfl 
f |0]%A]C]teACAf ]:A]i b]>eACA]6e ; A^vf bèAD be]f i]t 

Ctttt) C^t)5DA]Tt) ÌtD fAD Cf AOjAlfO, Ati Tbo6 5O n)^- 
T^Atl) 50 b]tAC f19A]lle ]t]OCf A f AÒ Cf AO^aI AC4l ]tè 

ceACb, c]tè t^of A £]t]ofb A]t c£f5«ApDA« tCit^ep. 


S34 - £01964^3^1^ 

Ann Bin dianddh m Pobal so a leanas^ a ndiaidh an Mhinisteìr« 

41 6e^5 tfseA^D^, 1o«Dpoi3ft t^c, A^uf 11)4 ud 
bi4^|8 fl9 lOfDpotSce. Uf f AbAftcAÒ, <S) a tfSST^^^j 
bt fAbAttCAC boc pob^l, Ac^ A3 t^lWeAÒ cr^Ab a 
3CA0t, 4 ccfiO]*5A8, A3fif A DOTIDA13: <>t^ ir ^ì* 
xfidcAttieAC cttfA, Ud &0 TDAOtce, bf vUd^ t^AbA, t 
bo tbòftctirAtSe. X)o Dtt^ cot^tU ad cai) bo c>^ll- 
mtbDe ptoOttf, A3Vf AD bo 6tbt?ettt3 tTDwt^làlf* 4 
C|iòCAt|ie. £ot3tU bo pobAÌ, a betj %]^e^jii)^j 
cot3tU tAb ; <43vf da tet3 ^ST*l5«ACb bo 'ceACb 
cvti) corì)TDbaAt6t%t3. iEtf^ l5j ^ a t,]^e^}ir)^ 6t|t 
If »D6|t bo cttòcAtTte; A^nf t^èvc ottAjD bo t^ètf* 
UTt)AbAri)lACb bo CftòcAttte, Ìi\iè luAtbeACbAtb A^vf 
ttDpt^ bo ^ic boADAtsce, -3of a ^^f^tof^ a^ ^^IS" 
eAftDA. tCn)eD* 

Ann sin dèaraidh an Miniatèir na aonar. 

«0 ìDbgDAt6t6, A3vf 30 3Curi)bAt3|6 ad ^LfsgttDA 
1D ; 30 cc53bAt6 AD 2Lt3^AttDA f oUf A 3D^f e fVAf 
ottAtD, A3Uf 30 ccu3At6 f |c 6utD, A DOtf A3Uf 30 
btt^ò. , <(n)eD. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Ps. L Beatut vir^ qtd non abnt, 

Hx beA^yg A!) f eA]t 9«^]i ftw^Ml 4> cc<m^}^e 9^ 
i)e]ii)6tA8AC, Asrf i)i|i f §r -<v f Ifge i)4^ btsie^^ctAC ; 

2 <Ccc Ac^ A 6mT a pblijBA^ AD XfgeA'iiDA : t 
toi)A 6l]3eA6i x^^yM/\t^^x f ^ ^''^ ^ -^S^f ^<^1l^i^* 

3 ^5uf btAtò f & cofit)^l |iè c]»4^$ t^9bf»fgce 
l^t"> T^ b-Aib^^b v]^e : i)oc &o betfi a cettAÒ' t)<^ 
^V^W^ ton)CvbAt6. 

4 àlt c]i]oi)trtt]6 jrof 4 d^lle : ^jiif 5^6 bè i^ 
bo 6èAi)A fè, ctocf A]6 btfeAC At]i. 

5 9(lf n)A]t ftD bo v^ iDtoèttAtMt$t acc AC^Yb 
cofti)Ml t^tr -^P 16C4^D, DOÒ fSAbttf AO 3AOC 6 A$At6 
DA tAli1)AD- 

^ Ktt A D^6bATifO]D d1 f èffvtb D^ TD]o6]tAtbc] J 
ADf A tDbttetCAIDDttf : D^ DA peACCAt6 A ccotrì)^ 
ctOD^l tTA bft]tèttD. 

7 ^t^ bt f tof f 115» D4. bf ]]tèvD A3 AD ctf Jjjìda; 
AÒc t^cAtb fll^e D^ D^t^^l^^^^ f eA^Ab. 

PttriL Qime fremuerimt gefOetf 

i^ftèb f ^ Db&ADittb pA setDce bAOfr • ^S^ fi^ 
flDVATDt^ DAbAotDe bfòiDAOtDeAr? 

2 Àvttttb itfsce x)^ caItdad f^ f ^lt) '^ cma9 a 
2 £ 

, Digitizedby VjOOQIC 

326' OXU V^UZ%<^. An i. La. 

c^Hey Ajvr 5Uc4^ib D^ WA3I011115 con}^}\ile |iè 
cèile : U i)A5Ai6 ap IjJeAitpA, ^sttf a DASÀib a 

8 JSjtif eAi!) 5 cèile a ccribiigcA : A^uf zeyi^^on) 
UAl5 A cceAi)5Ail. 

4 <Cp cè nsiof A5f OA fUiceAnb bo 6èA9A f è 
5«^l|ie ; bo 6èAi)A ai) XjseAjtDA |focii)ttib OfjiA. 

5 %d UD Uibeò|itti6 fè Pltt IPOA ^ei|i5 : A^ttf 
ciai6ir|6 fè lAb io5a 6|bfeiii5. 

6 0i6eA6 bo cì5|i n)]}{ iDO Jifs: Alit T170 cpoc 

1)A0n)CA ^IOQ. 

7 /^oiUfeòcA ti)è AO fieAcb, a bttbAliic a^ £15- 

J|ll)A Itl0f1)f A : «Jf Cr TDO <rtAC, A PlttJ bo 511) I1)è cù. 

8 *3fATit oitttTi), A^ttf bo bèAjiA iDè 6yiz i)a ^eji^ce 
f9A|t oiSiteACc : ^ 9A c^cA if iii)cèii)e boi) caUiì) 
T!)A]i feilb. 

9 JSftiffecttiAb lèfUfc lAjtttiS: TDtoi)b|tì(f5fi|i 

]Ab lODA CCObì|bTDA|t fOtJceAC C]t|A6. 

10 J8fc| 5I1C ADojr ttiiDe jjd, 6 a »l5ce : ^Uc^b 
ceASAfs, A biteicjTDttiD da caItdad. 

1 1 ..^55ADV|5 boD EfSeAitDA TDAille lè b^AsU : 
T lttAC5\i|ti5i6 iDAiUe lè c]teACAib. 

12 Vò^6 AD ^A«, b^5U 50 TDbiA6 f è f eAitSAC, 
^5Vf 50itA6A6 fib A iDttSA fAD cflige : adcad Uf- 
f uf A f S|t5 [6^ UjAbJ, if beADMS ad bpeAiD ^le, 
poc cviitlOf A DbÒiS AD. 

Ps. iii. Domine, quid multipliccai? 

% £^5eAitDA, Cjtèb TD4 bo TD|bv5 tà Ittcb tdo 
bvAi6eA|tCA : if ioiDAbATb>rl ad bjiODs doc èiitjiof 

fttAf ATD A5AI6. 

2 *3foTDAbATb>il AD b|ioD5 ^ ^^lì* ì^^^ adatd s 3lj 
bf ttil CAbAiit H b]t 65 A dX>ia. 

3 tt<Sc Cttf A, A tlSSfl^Aj AC^ Ctt Ab f cèic 6ATbf A : 
iDo jlSllt, A5Vf f eA|t ròscA f ttAf tdo cjd- 

4 b4i5iof cviD AD 2tÌ5Slti)A lèfD suc : A^ttf bo 


5 Do l'^ TDè f fof A5ttf bo cobUf, bo 6Mfi510f : 
6ut bo cocttis AD XjJeAitDA TDè. 


An ì. Là. Odtt Vi&U9%% 327 

6 Sl^ h^^]6 e^-^ÌA otiuii) ]toiit)e 6e]c rr)]le òox) 
pobAl : !?oc bo ÒMTt l^b fèit) cimèioll ^rt) aJajò. 

7 ^lftij, o A Ìì3ST*i)<v, At)A]C ii)è, 5 rt)o S>|A : 
6tTt bo bY^Tl ctt 11)0 i)^t^be vile 4 cij^iii) ad 3èTU ; 
bo b]tlHr TlAcl^ i)4i bftuii)3e T)e]n)6]i^6^. 

8 Jf 6i) cXiteATii)^ èT3 i-lapusAÒ ; ac^ bo bjS- 
Acb ^ bo pobAu 

Ps. iv. Cum invocarem, 
iÈtfb jitOTi) A tjuAift SottifeAb, 5 a Ì)è iDf tt*è<xt)- 
CACbA : bt^uAf cvjl cu rf)è at) cad bo bj rt)è a ccutt)- 
3^6; bèAD cjiòc^e ottuti), t è|fc Ti)ttttpAi3. 

2 (& tì^j -^ ft)ACA DA DbAotoe, c^f^^btè]t] A^ 
totDpòJ iDO slòjtte cviD D^lt^e : c^ f Ab b|Af 5|tS^t> 
Ayvrb Afti ÒfoiDAotDCAf, Do 6èADCA0t loti3A|tieACb 
A DbtAtS bttèA3 ? 

3 1$fo6 A pt^r ^^ttfb 3tttt cì?tt AD 2LixeAttDA bo 
leACCAOfb AD.btttDe bt^òA 86 t^èiD : civtDftS ad 
XfSeApDAj AD CAD JottifeAb g. 

4' 1$f^^ ttAiDAD ott>5b, A^ttf D^ bèADttl^ peACAÒ : 
bèAD>76 C0Tt)|t:^b pè buft ccttot6e t^è^t^ '4 ^^1} ^^^"f^t 

5 <S>ft*^W6 fo6bA|tCA DA pfttèvDCACbA : T c^itfS 
bvft Db6t3 ADf A clfSeAttDA. 

6 ?CcA-]b tDOtifiiD A3 p^6 : £,]A CAtfb^DlJAf tD^tt 
4 btc 6>fD ? 

7 tt tfseAftDA, C63 fttAf : folttf bo 3D*ti ^tt^5- 

8 3Do CM|t|f IttAtg^ttt AD iDO cttot6e : o dw^ ^o 
ìi)èvbttt3 A D^b4f AD) 1 A bf foD, ì a doIa. 

9 ICtttSfe IDè IDAtt AD CCèAbDA A ffoCC^^lD) A^ttf 

<:otbe6lA id^: 6tft cvfA, a ÌfSSftDA, Aii)^t^ ^^l^Sf 
AiD C0iDDvt6 iDè A DeAfbiDbAOgAl. 

Ps. V. Verba m^ autibus, 
^Ab^ clttAf boiD btitAcpttfb, 6 a JfcfgeAttDA : 

TtreAf TDO flDttAtDCfSe. 

2 iEffc ttè 3ttt TDO èfJiDe, 6 tdo ifitfj, T tdo Ì>]^ : 
oftt tf òtt^Abf A 3tt)6f eAf TDè. 

3 £WDft|t TDO 3vt q iDAfbfD, 6 A tfJeAftDA: q 
tDAibfD bftie6cAt6 iDè TDttttDAfS cv^^b, ^ ftudf Ab 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

S9è (M<i Ì?««J«41* JalLàs 

^ ^] rarr^ibPA bAit)AbÀi9 a9 bottA^^ : fr^t" 

ìfj cu A i>ttf le Wb bèADCA pA b^5c6tvA» 

6 ^ti|orf A c» AH Uiòb bo U6)Mir ^fi^s : bf Ai^ 
fVA* 45 iM) cSfsoAfc^A ^ -i^ Pbnj^e f r]lceAc ASr« 

7 ttcc ^ 11)0 fOOf A» C]OCf A t9è A fceAC A9 bo 
c|5, A i)]OTDAbAri)Ucb ^ C|i(yc4^ * 1 ^9 ceAjlA bo 
6&Apf Ab A6|tA6 30 i)i»t5e bo csii)f»AU i)Aorì>cA. 

8 3t|te$jivi8 ii)è, $ a £t5^A]tpA9 ap cf ||ièAT)- 
rAcb« bo 6]tt5 ipcptitTObe : b&Ap bo flfse b)|teAC 
AH) ftAS^rill. 

9 i&tT* ^f ^F'^n bffleAcb 101)a ii)bèttl: tf flotmit- 
c6tb Ap CAob A fC]5 bfob : 

10 ^f ttAtii) of cv|lce A f cottPAC : bo Dfb bUbAtt 
U 9A cceAt)5At6. 

11 ^ctttoffA t^^j <& A Ìè; UA5C4 lAb lè 9A 
ccom^ltb fètt) : cetls aidac lAb a DtoiQAbAtbUcb 
A iDlSDÌon) ; 5tlt bo ttiDOAb^ eAf aodca Ab A5At6. 

12 tCòb S^tl^lS^^^ ^ ^l^^ 6vtDe bo cutit a 
661S tODAbf A : Z^m\^ ^ IttAcS^^ttt 50 bti^ bo 
6]t]5 50 ccttri)bttt5]0D cvfA t^b: bèjb idau ad 
MèAbDA AD b]teATD lèAttAb tODri)vt^ CAtDlD IvAC- 
t4i]tteAC to^Ab. 

13 ^\i cuf A, A ttseAiiDA, beADe5cA cv ad f ft*- 
taD : U f AbAtt ciiDC]oUf q è Ari)vtl bv6 l^ f cètc. 

Ps. vi. JDomine, ne in furore. 

^ A ÌfseAttDA, D^ 1)tyo6eAtt5 m^ ad cfettt^: T 
D^ fiDACbuts tDè AD bo ri)focAtcDeAri). 

« DèADC]tòc4e ottttTD, 6 a ÌfseAttDA, 5tti AC^tiD 
U5: <S> A ttJeAttDA, Utstf iDè; offt ac^]^ ^ 
CD^ri)A bttAt6eAttèA. 

€ ttc«^ iDADArD 1D4 AD CCèAbDA bttA]6eAttCA 30 
iD6|% : Aòc cttf A, A £]5eAttD>A, c4^ f Ab piADf | rn^ ^ 


An i. Là. ~ 31^ *».S^^«^. 329 

6 f AOfi Ti)è 4 fop t>Q cftòc^e. 

5 <&|jt f Ap Tijb^f 1)] bfu]! èAOCV|TÌ)i)e o[ic : Ap 
f A TjttAiò q^, bèu]t<vf bu|6eACvf bv^c ? 

6 ^c^iTi) cv||ifeAC lèri) ct)eAbv|3, ^ |:eA6 i)a 
ì)0]8ce cv]|i]Tt) n)0 le^bA 4 fij^ii) : f l]ttcu]n) n)ion)- 
6u]3 lèri) 6eòjiu]b. 

7 X)o n)]lleA6 ti)o fsèjn) lè bubACVf : ]:-2iiftt|6 
feAij, bo b]t]5 TDO ujle ij^tmbe. 

8 ^n)Ct3]6 ttA]Tt), ];b]} a ttjle Ivcb bèApCA i)^ 
1)èA3C0]tA : 6]}i bo cvAltt]6 Ài) 3t]3eAjii)A ^uc xì)0 

9 X>o cvaI>ì6 ai) X]3g]ti)A ti)0 ^eAji^i) : 5evb>ì6 
Ai) 2Lf5eA]ti)A ]tèTt) tt]tt)A]5. 

10 I5è]b 11)0 D^]ii)&e 'wle D^]]i§d ^ ]iò buA]6g]tcA : 
|?]Uf ib, A^vf bè]6 D^]jteAC 50 bobAp. 

Ps. vii. Domine, DeUs meus, 
tì> A Ì]5eA]tl)A X)|A, JODAbfA C>ì]l]T1) 11)0 6ÒJ5 i 

cev]icv]5 n)è ò Dvjle DOC^èjilgDAf ii)è, A^vf fAOjt 


2 XeA^lA 50 |ièubfA6 fè TDADATD An)tt]l leÒD, 
6^ fC|iòcA6 A ccobcvjb ; a DttAjjt dac bf>ìl èjDgc 

AD ^o A]D]CfeA6. 

3 ^ A tijjeAjtDA TDO X)]A, TD^ jtjDe TDè f : tD^ 
AC^ ejcceAjic ad mo Uri)tt]b ; 

4 <?1^ c^c]5 TDè ol« ]t]f AD cè bo bj a f]occ^]D 
|i]OTD : t^6f bo A]D]C TDè AD cè DOC a^A- DA tJ^iDVT^ 
òATi) 5AD c^f ; 

. 5 X>èADA6 TDO D^ii)A]b 5è]ileADTÌ)r]D 4 n)ADATD, 
T 5AbA6 f è fDè : fdf f aIc]ia6 f è f jof tdo beACA q 
AD ccaIatì), T lè]5eA6 f è TDODSjjt f ad lttA]C]teA6. 

6 ^11*13> ^ ÌfSeAjtDA, AD cfejtts, CÒ5 fttAf èti 
|:èfD cjtè ADbttt]ibe tdo D^Jtbbe]] : A^vf TDttf crtl 4 
iDO fODf ^ cttTD AD b]te]ceATÌ)Dtttf Dod bo ^VASJittf . 

7 <tsuf tDAjt ftD C]iutDe6cMb cotfi)ctOD6l 9^* 
DbAOtDe Ab C]tDC]oll: 4 a fODfAD vtiDeftT) |!tllft 4 

8 ÌSèAfiatS AD £f$eA|tD4^ b]te]ceAiDi)ttr At|t49 
bpobAl : bpeACDtt]5 iDjf], 6 a JtjseAiiDA, bo \Kèm 

2 «2 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

5S0 m» WSHm^ AmLU. 

9 * c]ifocirnSs^ olc 9A cciODCAc : acc ^^195- 
trtj 4^0 bìTiiio ceA|ic ; 

10 ^]t beAiibìfb AV ^^ f {|ièA9CA 94^ c]%oi8ce : 

11 ;lf dò KlSSI^DA ACÀ 190 CO|l]»l9 : 9OC f AO|l4f 

A9 bfiteAC A cc|iof6e. 

i2 <ic4 Di4^ 94^ bftetceAf9 tfftèr^CA, Uttbifi 1 
foiSl^^ • ^S^r CttittceAfi FeA]i5 4 5AÒ èA9U. 

13 ^n9A bftUtò fè, c^ifife fè fAob^ 4 ^^ clofS- 
eAi9 : bo lub f è a bd6A, *t bo ]i|9e f è ullAib è. 

14 JDo slèaf f è 60 194 4^9 ccèAbpA ot]i9ètf a9 
b4itr= botibaij fè a fAtseAbA A9A5A]6 9a 9t9- 

15 /èrc, bj6 f è cotitAÒ lè b^tccoAttc : T bo 5Ab 
f è ot^6tb, A5ttf bo ]ir5 f è 9e]i9f fttide. 

16 JDo tti9e f è eUtf) A^rf bo coòatl f & ] - 1 ^^^ 
4 ccatc|t9 •^Sf 4^ bpoll 90C bo ftt^e f è f è]9. 

17 /tUt^t^ ^ r|tc6]b ^ A ceA9 f^l^: T c|OCfr|8 
A t^]tètij]09 9^t9AbA6 A 9itAf q A bAJCff fèt9. 

18 ^olf Ab A9 ^l5St^9A bo ftèi]t A f {ft§9CACb4 : 
f cl^9f Ab i9oIa6 btii9r9 A9 ^fSeAft^A ff ftdb^be. 

Pfl. TÌiL JJomine, Damnut noHer, 

* 4^ ^13$T*9A, 4 c£i3eAtt9A, cftèb è a ot|t6|^ftCA 
ACl^ ctifon) A9fA ccaIatì) rfle : cufA bfOfUfij; bo 
§16] ft 6f cfoS 9A bfrlAfceAf ! 

2 tif bèrl 9A0t6eA9 1 leA9Ab 9A ccfOi& bo|t- 
^^lStr 9St*c, bo bftfSbo 94tT9be : coft 50 ccoffsfg 
A9 9^rira]b *t A9 b|05Alc6|ft. 

S tt 9VAf ft f9$frti9 bo f lAfCf f, obAfft bo i9èu|t : 
A9 t^Ae, *t 9A fièalcA 90C bo oftbafj cf. 

4 £ftèb 6 A9 brf 9e, Af a bfiìfl cu crftii^eAc 4 - 
*1 ^AC A9 br|9e, Af a bFfOfftat5f09 ca è ? 

5 dfft bo ftfge cd è beA5À9 9fof ffle 9^ 9a 
h^\m^ : 1 bo coft6f9f5lf è lè ^lofft T U bo96f ft. 

6 X>o cuificuè 6f Gf09 0|bft§è bo U19 : t>o cìffttf 
A 9>?le 9j6 f ^ 9À òofufb; 


An ìl Là. mtC r£«Ui:<n. S31 

A3) tt)ACAi|te ; 

8 fittDlttic A t>AiSeiit, 1 lAfs i)A t?MinS^ 2 T 3|6 
bè 4 bi* 3Abrf c|iè CAf ^Dvib PA bf Aitft^igb. 

9 ^ A £|$e4)ti)A, 4 cXf5eA|ti>A : cjtèb è a d|ft- 
be4|tC4^ ^ti^ c%|T>tf) Apf A ccACati) yile. 

Ps. ix. Cof^tebar iiàL 

<?1olf A iDè cf, A ÌfseAttOA, itè C|to|6e lotDUD : 
f oiUfeòCA iDè boib|teACA iodsadcaca tt]le. 

2 ^iA]6 tDè IttACS^iitsc, *! 5À])tbedcAb-fODAbf A ; 
cÀDf Ab rDolA6 bob tiiDiD^ ^ cuf A ff |td t(||tbe. 

S tt Dv^ f ^UpfJeAit iDO D^f tbbe 4 a D^if : t^z* 
f 16 n^o, T jiACMb f gCAb Ab fl^SD^ffH' 

4f tì)f n bo 6octti5]f iDO ceAftc, A^ttf tDO cìtf ': bo 
f tt|5if f AD D^ttbcACAOiit A5 btteACDvjA6 ce||tc. 

5 ÌDo itD&eA|i5V|f D-* ^eiDce, bo lè|tfC|ttofrff 
AD ctODCAC : bo cv||t|f aidac a D^^lDtD 50 f aoJaI 
DA f aoJaI. 

6 6 A DÀIDXb, AC^lb fCltfOf CA 4 CCeACb CtttD 

C|tice fttCvfDe: iDAtt da CAic|ieACA bp f5|tiof cit; 
b|tDCt5 A ocvtiDDlvjA^ feACAb iDAtUe ftttt. 

*7 ticc rDAttif 16 AD 2LtJeAttDA coi6ce : bttUib^fS 
fè A 4bcACA0ttt cttiD b|tetòèAtbDtttf • 

S ^tl* *>0 6èADA fè bttetcgiDDttf 4 -*D Cf A05AI A 
bftttlDCACb : bo 6|da f è bttetceAiDDttf boD pobAl 
A ^Flttfbe. 

9 IS]At6 AD Xj^eAttDA tD4 AD cc6AbDA da toD^b 
bfbiD bOD cè f A-ttvtSceAtt : da 6At D51 od a DAfiD- 
feAfitttb bttAt6eAttCA. 

10 ^5Vf AD tbvtbcttt A5A bfMl ptof cUdida, 
Cttt|t'fib A Db6|$ tobAb: ottt cttfA, a ItjseAtti;^, 

DfOt* CftètStf AD IvCb lAtttttf Ctt. 

1 1 it^D iDolcA bOD XiseAttD-^, Doc doibDVtgtOf 
A ^ieD : f otUflJ A tDeAf c ai) foh^]l a jDfoib^CA. 

12 ^itt A dm4 ^ ^Ì T^ cvAttcr Ja6 ^ f^l, cìfib- 


332 aitt l?Sti-Ji:tM. AniuLà. 


18 DèAi) cfiòc^e o|tATU, a tf3eA|ii)A; njgf n)o 
by^l&lieAb ijoc f^li)5|n) 6i) n)a]^z^ji V^^^^^tì^T 
ipè : CYfA poc còsbvf fUAi- n7è 6 Sgc^Sib ao b4^]f ; 

14 itojt 50 ccAifbèAOfMi) t>o n;oU6 >?le a t>5§c- 
>f3l6 tW5tt)e è|oo : 5^||ibeòi4i tDè a5 bo fUimsAÒ. 

15 Do fltt|5eA6f}of t)^ seioce A^r^ ccU]f ijoc 
^o fitòeAb-^n : AÒf A M<>^ ^<>^ '^o f oluiseAbAft, bo 
5AbA6 A ccof f è|n. 

16 ti]ceA0C4 Ai) 2ti5eA|iDA |i|f At> ii)b|tetceAii)- 
ijttf 006 cuiiteAO fè A bFè]6fo : ^Abc^ at) cioi}c<ic 
A oobg A Uri) f èti). 

17 Xrtti|tfi3ceA]t v^ ctooc^tS 3^ blFM^^ 5 ^Sttf 
A Du]le c]i)eA6 ijoc 6eA]ift)AbAf Dt^. 

18 <&tl* t)| be^]iTt)Abf tt]5ce4 ao ceAfbAt6eAC ^ 
ccotpouts : oj ]t Acu]6 bofccttf oa tt^bocb a ttjfj^ 50 

19 ^!nt3> <& A Ìt3eA|t0A, v^ lèt5 ^^^'J ^»?oe 
brA6v5A6: b|oc4 b]ie|ceAtbpuf ^ t)A ^e^pctb Ab 


20 £rt]t OA^U ot|tA, <& A tfJeAitOA: co|t 50 
it)btA]6 A f |0f A5 OA ctoeA6Acr|b, t)AC b|r>rl toScA 
fè|0 ACb bAOtoe. 

Ps. X. (7/ 9ut(4 D&mnef , 

'£]tèb i:a fSf ao ctt A bf Ab ArtjAC, <S> a 2tf5$]tOA : 
c|tèb f A bf olcAÒ ctt cù fètT) A t)AtfOreA|tr|b bttA|6- 

OA|tCA ? 

2 X)o 0| 40 CjOOCAC |00A ttAb^ 36|tlsrì)rti) 4 ^O 
tobocb : 00 P5AbcA|t lAb AOfi)A ceAl^utb poc bo 

f lOttAtotssM V^V>' 

3 ,<&||t toAO|6]5 AO C]OOCAÒ foo A c|tot6e: Ajvf 
b§ò^S|6 f è Ap f A^CAC, Doè f r ACì^Stor A«) ^ÌSSP^^- 

4 ai| 6|0At) ^t) c|oocAc, c|tè rAb4 ^ 3»)*n> W* 
5A]|teAÌb A i)b]At3 ^^ • ^f '^F^^t^ ^t^ t^S^^ >'lle 

5 ^c^tb A flijce A ecotbo'^S botlJiofAc: Aclitb 
A b|teiceAn)Ott|f a bt?4b fuAf Af a |tA6A|tc, tDA|lle 
|tè OA eAfcc'^b^b \ple, bj^ rfe A3 t!Ocii)tt|b f acA. 


Àn iu Là. (ttfi 1f6ìi3K^. SS9 

ì)ì bt^ ">^ 50 b|t^ A DAtPbejf. 

7 tCc^ A bèyl Ui) bo n)AlUòbAi>» Ajrf bo ingb- 
'n^j ^5^r J^o cetlj ; jrAOt !?a ceA^S^I^ At4 a]icdtb 
T b|oìt)AOitjeAf. 

8 ^ttt|;t6 fè A 91opAbtt|b 1:o|ìì^ v^ tpb4|lceA6 t 
^Vft)^ blopAb^b b]ATÌ)^e bttt)i9A]tba|6 fè 9a i>etiii- 
ctoocrts ; AcAfb a f<-tle 50 t:olttiS*eAd t)^ fatge a 
t^AjAtS t)A ttjbocb. 

9 XttiS0 T^ ^ bfetcoAtp 50 6^à,n)A^^; ATÌni]l 
le6t) to^A fVACtttf : can; 50 bctvbttA^ ètseAi) ^ 

è criD A tft). 

11 £rtci6 fè ffof, A^rf aibUtS fè è f^t^ s crn) 
70 bCtttcfeAò co]nfC]ot)òl t^tf^ lobocb a Ut9«tb a 


13 ^ bttbAtftc fè to^A cttot6è^ bo òe^tDìrb 3DfA s 
1?<>lMSt6 fè A A5At<>> 1)1 f et^l^ T* y> bttitt ft. 

13 ^tT^iS, ^ A ÌfSsitTJA I>IA, cd3 fttAf bo Utt) s 
1)^ beAfttntttb At) ctttDAl. 

14 4Ì;ttèb fAcc4ttcrtft)t$t^DACfot)CtttSSiA: a 
brbAtftc f & fo^A cft'otSe, w\ t^tf^f '^ ca è. 

15 £0 coo^c cu & : dfft bo boftt ca ^e baft^dtb, 
AJttf bo tbfofcttff* 

16 ittttt) 4 cuf Cf $ lèb Uttì) : t]on)t)vi]'^ At) boòb 
& |rèft) bttfc ; tf ctt CAbAftcaf ft t)A i)bf lleACb. 

17 *ftff ftfj At) cfot)CtttS, At) bftocbrfDe ; c5s 

AtDAC A CfODCA 50 DAC bf Aj;4 &f DI^* 

18 Jf ilfs AD JLfseAftDA 50 f aoJaI da f Aot^l : 
bo crttteAÒ da ^efDce f gèAb Art)4C Af ad ccaIaid. 

19 tt tf JeAfiDA, bo òrAlttfò cit fo$ da dvtì)aI : 
rfUfDeòcA ctt A ccftofbe, bo bèAft^ 4 ^o cWtf 

20 itriD bftefCgTbDtttf bo bèADAìb 4 a D^fUgcb,, 
A^rf ^ AD cè f0|ftèf5gDCAft : coft daò ètSDeòCAfb 
freAft DA caIidad Of bttò idÒ. 

Ps. zi. In Dimmio coiffida, 
tÌDf A cXfSgfiDA ctttftf iD iDO 86t5 : Cfoprf a befft 

ffbtf t<èlD ADAlD, ^tCtll IDAft èyD CVlD AD Cf lèf be ? 


s$4 ùMi i?su^i:<n. An ii. U. 

Ì <6tl* fèuc, làbAtb i)A c]o9cAi3 a iDbòjA, bo 
i)tb A r^làiob |tè|5 4 AD cr]tAiD5 : coit 50 ccaiJ- 
Fl^fr 5^ FolrfJeAC q ad bf fTiètti) a cciioiòe. 

3 <&fii cetl5p|è|oji T?A buD^lce : ^^y ciièb bo 

|i|$e AOfì|tèttO- 

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Act^ ^|ibCACAOi|t AD XiJeAitoA g DeAiò. 

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FOfft^vbA A f ttl cUd Da DbAOfDe. 

6 I>eAitbtti6 AD XiJeAitDA Da f lltèiD : ACb ad 
cfODtAÒ, ASttf AD cè 5l*^^^S|or f ^!I»^1310^> f »^^- 


7 tlt|t AD ccfODCAC t?Sltfv]6 r^ t><^1Dcfrttit, ceiDe 
A5vr ^^]^y adi?a6 ASttrrboiitiD: bv6 è fo con?|toiD 

A CCttt>^1D i 

8 <&tl* ir 10t>n)>1D l«ir ^^ SfJeAttDA f f|tèADCA 
flltlDCACb : bo beiit a jDttir 4® t>oiJ bw^ ^Ì^S^* 

I^ ziL Salvum me /ac. 

£AbAim A tfJeAitDA, òtit Df bF>?l bttiDe btAÌÌA .- 
6|lt KA1U1516 AD citetbiijgò bo beic a tDeArc clotDè 
DA DbAOiDe. ^ 

2 i:Abjtvt6 ri^b biOTÌ)A0iDeAr 5AC tttU6ttiDe ttè 
DA coti)Aitrv;iD : U parAib tDeAbUcA, lè cftoi^e 
bvbAlcA lAb!itvi6 riAfe' 

3 (5eAiitf tti6 AD 2Li5eAitDA atdac'^aò ttjU p^r 
iDeAbUò : A^ttr Ai) C2D5A do4 Ub^tAr Deice VAib- 


4 aioc A bttbAfitc, lè 4 cceADS^l^ bvAi6f eAiD : 

ir ii* r^i^ 4 bpttir ; cia ir cfSeAitDA òr 4 cctoD ? 

5 ttit roD r^T^'^15^^ ^^ iDbocb : 4 roD orDA6A6 
DA DeArbAt6eAC. 

6 tCDOtr ètlteòcA rt)è, A bttbAHtc AD SfseAitDA : 
cviitfe iDè eirioD A DeATÌ)fDbA05Al, 5d cè cA A5 
botttf A16 DA A5A16. 


AnìlLà. dlXU J?6?(5i:<t1. 3S5 

7 J^oc^H AD 2tf3eA|iDA, tr rocAtl 5U0A t^b : 
»^^ ^trao^ b^bcA AbFV||ii)èfr c|t|A6, !>tATÌ)5UDc<v 
feAcò DYAtjte. 

^ 8 £o|rÌ7&Ab|!A cu ]Ab, ò ^ t,]^eA\ir)^ : cvfrbbeòc^ 
cf t^b ÒD jtiJe^lACf o 50 bfi^è. 

9 ^t^blutb DA C|oocAt54 5AC AODCAO|b : a i)ug 
A-pbu|5ceAtt OA b^oipe, tf iDltòeAfCA. 

Ps. xìii. Usque quo, Dotmnef 

SL^ t^Ab 8eAtiit)òb4 iijtH, a ÌfJeAtiDA, 50 bitÀc : 
c^ fAb f otleòccq CA5A]& vAtn) ? 

2 ^^ t^Ab §Uc|?Ab corijAtttle a^ idaijaid, bòb|t6o 
A^ 11)0 C|t0]6e 50 lAeceAii)vtl: c^ tiAb btAjb ii)0 
D^tWbe g DA o^t^bttjAb of ido C]Od ? 

3 ^neAf A5vr è|t^ iDtn, * a ttàsm ido Ìt^ : 
fOiUnb iDO f tttl^j beAsU 50 ccofbeòlt:u|D cobUò 

AD b^tr; 

4 D^^U 50 i>Atbe6|tA6 mo D^ibujb, bo bttA|6gf 
DA A5At6 : A5ttf AD iDutDCtT^ buAtbttjor iDè, 5^]^^- 
^lSl^ A DttAttt bfiD 4 ccontttjA^. 

5 Uòz bo cvttttof iDO 66|5 ad bo ctt6cAttte]^ : 
SAt^^«^Cttt6 iDo c|tO|6e ad bo f ^^»5^6. 

6 ^aDpAb CttiD AD JLfJeAttDA, bo bttfj ^vft ttotD 
r^ 50 flAlri)4 ntoiD : f6r iDolpA iDè ^IDID AD Sifs- 
eA|tDA tr f*^ tCfitbe. 

Ps. xiv, Dmt ÌTuipiens, 

%i bvb^c AD CAiDAb^tD fODA cttO]6e . 9(1] bjfvtl 
X)tA AD. 

2 Uz^ ri^b cttttAill]S, bo ^^ve^b^ji otbfteACA 
A6fvAcri)A]tA : Df bt^tttl è]6eAC bOD] TOAtè. 

S b/èvc AD ÌfSeAttDA A DttAr 6 DeAri) q clotD 
i)A DbAOfDe : brèttCvfD ad T^Afb AODbttfDe bo c>r5- 
jreAb A^ttr bfAtttf a6 Ì>]a. 

4 X>o cUoDAbAft "^le, Ac^]b rt^b ttfle cjtttAtUtS s 
D] btrtttl è]DèAC bo Df tDA]C, Df btrMÌ ètDgc Ari)^]D. 

5 tCc^ A rcojtDAC DA buAib orcA]lce ; bo tbglU 
AbAti ftè DA cceADSCAfb : ACt^ Defri) da DArt> f AOf 
DA bptttrÌDl^. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

$$6 Slt( »ett»<f1. Jnu.Là. 

6 tCc^ A iDbè«l ÌKv »ò it)AUrSA8 AJVT ^O f Sli- 
&af : ^zi^iò A ^eof 4 Imc cttro f oIa bo 6dYiC4US. 

i)ì]i ftf eAf hò}h f IfSe t^A f^fc# : ni 6fwtÌ «^2?^ X>è 

A ItlCAItt A ful. . 

8 tCt) bprfl]b 5AI) ^of 4i]i bic, xnji lacb o|lc bo 
6èAt)A lAb tttle : A5 ]te njo pobAtl fVAf ii)Ait x^h 
Att^P, A^rf t)AC jAtlilb Atlt At) £tteA|tpA. 

9 tC5 ft'> ^<^ b^bA|ifAf^A tjeAsU tt)6m ii)r|it)Ac 
tiAtb )r^ AOf^eAsU : Ò]\K Acl^ JD|A a t'^ttl'eAÙc pa 

iO tC^bYii fODfA ; bo tttpeAmAtfi fStS^ 4 àon^ 
Atftle At) boicb : bo b|i|J 50]! A^f a ^tSSI^^ ^V^" 
tof A 8615. 

II Ct^ bèAtlAf fUt>llS^ <'<' 'lffiAel At1)AC Af 

^foi) B ti DKA^t^ bèAfiAf At| EtSeAttì^A bAOfttflDe A 
pobAtl ^ Aif : 5«t]]tbe6èrf6 ;3lACob a5 fj9, 7 ì>l^ 
.S^fftAel lnAcSAtiieAC, 

^ìm^Ì9 Odtt <!1ti^r(n£. 

P3r. XT. Jhmùie, quu habUabitf 

ti tfSeAtttjA, ctA cotit)t)e6cuf a^ bo cAbetit)A- 
\\\ ì 1)6 ct A :^tctte6brf a5 bo ci)OC t)Aoti)CA ì 

2 ttt) cè ftttbUf 50 bftteAC: ^ 0|btii5tOf ffti- 
èADCAÒb A5ttf , Ubttrf a t)t:ftit5e to^<^ cttetòe. 

3 ttt) cè i)AÒ T>bèADAt) tCtoiDti^S lè DA csD^At^, 
A5Vf DAC Db^DAP olc b^ coti)AttfriD : Ajrf t)4c 

CC^^bAD f ttAf IDlOcltt A DAJAt^ A COItJ^f AD» 

4 ttDcè'A cc^CtttfDtsceAti A9 btiOcòìMie fo^A 
fìfltb: ACb OD6tir|5tof ad btieAnj 4 ^ »Dbf ggU ad 

5 ttD c& Doc tDtODtttSv>f criD A. 6f ojb^^l^ f èiD : 
T DAC t^Al^crtStOD. 

6 tt9 Cè DAÒ CCttttteAD AIDAd A crtb ^^ CttlD 
^fttttteACbA : ^ DAC D^UcAD luAi6eACb A DA5At6 
it)A DettDctopcAC. 



AniilLd, ' dXU IPSn^1C<n. 337 

■? %ii) zè bo X)] t)^ V^]t^M • V] b^^èftòcc^ ' fe 30 

Ps. x\ì. Conserva me, Domne. 

itrri)btt]5 njè, <S) a $è : à]\i]Y ^opAbfA ctt|ttfn) 
fi>o 6013. 

2 tì) n)o Ai)ArD, idi bvb^c Ctt]i|f Ai) 2LfJeA|ii)A : -3^f 
Cttf 4 rt)o ty^c^ ; 1)] |to|C|o$ rDO n)Aic Ctt^Abf a. 

S tCcb òttii) D^ DAori) Ac^ 4 CAUti) : A^vf cwri) n^l 
i)Of |i6eA|tc 10D4I bfìfl n)o >?le c^^cDeAti). 

4? ^èibeòcA|t A DbobfiòD : poc bjtofCtttJjOf ^ ^ 

5 tt Dbeofòjobb^CA f oU t)] opftUA n)è : Df còsfr^ 
it)è f tt^f A DAfDn) cvn) n)o pvf . 

6 Jffè AD SfjeAftDA coiDftofD n)0f3fteAcbA, T n)0 
capÀfD s cocttf3fOD cv n)o cftADC^* 

7 Ì)o tvfceAb4 v^ coTÌ)4C4r&A cv^AtDf <^ ^ DfOD- 
At>tttb t^fCDgniAùA: fròf AcAr ofjft^cb njAfc A^vn), 

8 Be^D^CA n)è ad SfseAftDA doc ctt^ coii^Afftle 
ÒAfi) : bo cg3Aff3gbi| n)0 òttb^fD n)è4D4 ad cc|bt2 
A DA|TDffft DA boibce. 

9 3Do CìfftfOf AD ^fSSftDA bo 3D^c 6f rt)0 cofDe :. 
bo bftf3 30 bfTMil fè '4 n)o Uiii) 6eff, Df coffiòcc^ mè. 

10 ikfn)e HD AC^ iDo Cfiofòe IvAcJ^tffie^vc, a-^u^ 
3ltf|tbf3f 6 n)o slòf ft : cofii)Deòc>ì6 n)0 coUd n)4 ad 

CCèAbD^ A DbÒCCttf. 

11 <6fft Df F^3f?<^ ctt iD^^DAn) A DtfftfOD : Df n)5 
f\;leòD3C^ cjtvA|Uf«3A6bfAfCf5D boc ttoD ptAori^cA. 

12 X^ffbèADf^ Ctt 6An) CAf^fi} da beAè^; 4ib 
Uc^fj Aca IfoDiD^ecb lvAC3^f|te : 4 ^o Ufii) 6eff 
Aci^ f ^fiDe 30 ffocbvAD. 

Ps. xvii. Exaudi, Domine, 

^tfc AD cgftc, A tfSgftDA, CAbq ^e bon) èfSfoib : 
c^bAfft clttAf bon) ttftDttfs, dac fmcfJeAD AnTAC Af 
l>ttfttfb TDeAbtACA* 

2 £f 3eA6 n)o bftef ceAiDDvf An)Ac òb l^^ : Ctt^-* 
4^fb|f bo f iifle ^ v^ DefCfb ac^ eotbcfton;. 

S So 6e4|tbttff i»o cftoi6e bo -f fofftvf Jff f a 
2 F 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

93B 3XU ««tti«<n. JaìiuLÌ. 

to0riD ; ^f rD}4ki) l^on) oac cc|oi)còcu]8 iijo bèid* 

4 tC ccAob o^biteA^ nA DbA0]Qey U b]i^ACA|t bo 
prf f4 : bo f e^CA^ij ttjè CAf ^^D A.p f C|tiofc5|iA. 

5 ìCoiJ5it)tt|6 ftt«bf iDo ^rocgòb a9 bo CAf^Dttfb : 
coji ry^ò f leAibD^cr^b coif c&fTDe iijo cof . 

6 3Do JofiieAf Ofic, aiii ctriof |.]t rnè, d 4^ £è : 
cIaoi) bo òlttAf cttjAtDi AjTf èff c 11)0 òotbtt^S. 

7 ÌAifbèfO bo c]f)èiil SftliSÀc tot)SAi)CAC, Ì5 crf a 
Doc 6A0|trf lèb l*]!b 6e|f ad Ivcb bo cr||tfOf a 
Dt>6|3 fobAb : 6t) it)ri$c|jt Doc è||t5]0f fttAf da 

* /Cotti)è|b Tt)è tt)4 ibjU Df r^l : foWs tDè t:AO| 
fc^tl^ *>o fCIAC^P, 

9 i^ Da ctoi>CAb\fb D06 fit|t>«stOf tt)è : 6fi) v^iny- 
btb 11)AttbcACA, DOQ ctiDciollAf n)è t^A ccrAt|tc* 

*lto ttcJi ti*^ bl&ictce ioì)a TDèrcttf f ètD : fe DA 
njbèttl lAbttu)b 30 bttAtbjtgò. 

11 Xo è|tDCtollAb4 ADO|f tiD> to$4 ccotf cètmtb : 
bo è^ftjb^ A f^le AscttoTDAÒ ftof cuid dacaIidad; 

12 ttii)rtl le6i) Doc ac^ seÀDAO cvit) a C|te|<>e : 
' T ^^4 ^^^^ ^5 ^3 FottcotTbèAb a D|ODAbì?b biAib^A. 

13 4Sittts,6Alì5gttDA,cottttDtrcè,ceil3fiofè: 
jrttAfStttl TDADATD 6 DA c)obcACAtb, bo clot6eAii)fA ; 

14 tì> bAOtDfb ttèb Ut»b, <S) A £l3snDA, 6 ^AOfDib 
AD cfAojAil: ASA bfrjl a ccrjb ApfA TDbeACAfo, 
AJ 4 Itobvtf A TDbrtls l&b tobTDttf folviseAC. 

15 ttca ti*^ ^^^ ^o clojb : A^rf f ^sbtttb AD 
crtb otle b^ tdaoid a^a DAOt6eADtttb, 

16 ttttt TDO fODfA, bò bèAftA TD^ Attte bOC jD^ff 

A bfìft^DAcc : 'btAib n)è f^fttts, adcaD tbtttf3è6lttf 

TDè lèb COf ATblACC. 

^i. XTÌiL DUigam ie, Bovme, 
Q^t^t606crt6 iDè cit, ^ a &|3eAitDA, tdo DOAfic ; 

AD 2^t3eA^*DA Ttjp CAtttttfC, ASHlf ^ ^lbSjD ! .lUWt^ 

fAOftcA, iDO £)fA,. A^ttf TDO t)eApic/}pill0^, ccrffife loè 


Jhi itì* Ld. Sfttt Vl^Um:^. 339 

« €(0}Ttf;e inife ij i^t> ^Sil^Qftt)^, i)oò tf pt^ <^ "X^Ì^^ ; 
A5Uf f AOttfHlSèe^ti 6ii> i)aiil)b|b iDè. 

5 ì>ò t^wc^ciUi^A^ bo^ljfof A At) fe^tr tnfe ! bo 

4 J>o qfi)(SfolUbA|t bO|l5tof*A IFMi) F^ ccH^^^z 
mib '. bo cvfft^«6 ItoncA Ai) baifr Af «r)o co^ne. 

6 ttS ii)4it)5Aft 50ffJff«>Mb -^ 11)0 }tfè^Afti)A : ÀSitf 
^f^ei^b ino J)fA. 

6 iCUitì)frf6 yè òthx t04dtDprll TDd'gttc : "^ ^iAC^j^ 
/f^lri)^ -^ 4^ c<rf9,e toS^ cUiAfÀffc. 

7 %9 ffi) bo cftofè, "»1 bo cfVftìfc^ttfg ài)ìcaImo: ^ 
i^o cfito^^i^b^ fWcbA|i t)A. ccDoCi •?! bo cftoffetbij 
TAb ^?èTO, bò bftfS so ftA.ib ce*f fef ft^e 2f. 

8 Do CttAfb beACAC fr^f cftè i)a f ftdf : T refijfe 

fO^ bè«Ì A3 eD<AOfy )S»0 Uf ^tlAVttAÒA. 

• itgiif bo- dUon fè DiA ^eAiÒA, A^ttf 6Af DfC ÌA 
ì)tiAf : A^ttf bo bf boftÒAbvf f ^ da 6òf ttfb. 

10 ttjvf bd bi A5 TDAfifCttfjeAèb 4( èe^urb, Ajttf 
lb»|r>^ T^ : iw^ctTi 50 ftd littiAt t^f ft f Cfoc^pvtb d<a 

tl JDo ft^iJJf À fcMjAb VAt5i)eAC boi) bOfrcAbvf : 
•itfseAb boftcA, A^Af ijèttÌU tfiàgA A DAifeètìt W8i 
^l^fWfv^bo DA ciiDètoM'. 

12 Òd beAÌftAò bo bf Af A è(y\ì)è b|tDC]JèAb'Aft ^ 
^tintti CfttjA : ctoìcf f)eA^bA, T sv^l cefDeAb. 

IS tCSttf ^o ftfD^ AD Sf^eAftDA tOfftDeAÒ ÀSfD^ 
DèAt^fb, T tvj aD cè ff ft^ ^fftbe a Jvè: clofd- 
'fW^AÒb^j Ajttf 5ttAl cefDeA^. 

14 /5f bo CAfc fè A fOfJbe, A^vf bo ffjjièfft 'f^ 
^:a» : A^vf ^ ÒAfc ttDceAc, A^vf 'bo dUof f Ab. 

15 <t5ttf bo doDCAf Af^èttD da DV|f5eA6, ATr^ 
M i^oètA^ )6cts^^ AD boiDtt]D òb ACibvfiJiDr^? ^ *fSr 
eAftDA : o fOfDèttD ad^U bo f ft^DA. 

- 16 Z)o cttf fi fè A DttAf , bo jAb fè iDf f f : bo cAfft- 
vfDS f^ H)*- Af fomAb vf f^eAÒ. 

ì^ J^ f^Oft fl^ m® 6rD D^H)Vfb DfAfttiD^ft, Ajitf 
6d bfttttDS bo fvAÌJA|J 11)^ : òfft bo babÀjt tt5 V^^it^ 

iDAft OfttttD. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

S40 ait^ !?«t(J«<rf/ ,Jnm.Lì 

18 &A95AbA|i ^n) A5At6 a Id 190 cfirA^^inè^: 
Acc bo bj Ai) i&t5eA]ti}A da a]]tA]p A5Aii>- 

19 ti^vf ctt5 fè AroAC A DfODAb f At]t|fi)5i9è : t>o 
f AOTi r^ n)è, bo b]ti5 50 |tAtb btt|l À]5e ^OQAn). 

20 Xo Ains ^»> 2t|àsi»P^ ^Aii) t)0 ttè]]t lOf ifi|th 
cAcb : bo fiètit Jlotpe ii>o Un^ cr^ f è blolttiJeACb 

- bAt9« 

21 Do bftit 5rft co|n)èfb ipè rMSt^e ai; JtgspOA: 

• ^5»r:*>^l* ftll »1)^ 50 CtOdCAO Ò TDO Ì)|A. 

22 <&fft bo b^bAft A bTtetceAti)i?ttrA ttfle df m 
. corbAfTt : A^ttf i)foft òrTiteAf a |teAcbA r Atn). 

23 tt^ttr bo bt ii)è bjfteAÒ Afse : A^rf bo coif' 
èAbAf nyè fètp 6 mo òto^cnfb. 

24« ©inje tfp cr5 ap £ì5eA^i>A IttAiseAcb 6Atv 
bo |tèt|t n^fitftèuocACbA : bo- ftèt|t slofpe n|o l^ òf 
cotoe A f vl« 

25 i^ r^D cftòCAtfteAÒ cÀtfb^A^K^ ctt cf |rè|9 
cftòCAffteAC : ttfr AO btttoe ÒifteAC cÀtfbèAt^fA cr 
ctt f ètD bffteAc. 

26 ìltr -* Pf ÌoftslAi) rotUreÒccAttt tù. f èt^ Fl^l*' 
jUi): T lejr ApccgpAtftccjcrotUredòcAtttciirètf) 

27 <btF r'^ottfA cf i)A bAOfi^e brAtòeAttcA : 1 ^ 

.bèAttAtft !)A rttlle ftO ÀftbA A 1)ttAr. 

88 òff* Urr AfS ctt 11)0 cAtvfoi : rofUr^^^^^ ''^ 

^{SOAftpA JDfA 11)0 bOftCAbttr. 

29 <S)tTt cfiè bo cttD5i)Ari)ro t*ttt?lob ctitb flrAJ: 
>5»r n)AtUe jiè tdo ÌfA ttACAb bo lèffi) C4 bAÌU. 

30 Do CAob Dè, Ac^ A fltse ton)UD : bo bjttbA& 
bittACftA AD 2Lt5eAttDA, tr r^!^^ ^ ^^ ^^^ Oìftttor^ 
,pb6ccrr Ap. 

31 <&tT* ctA tr ^1>^> -^c -^9 S»t5«^l»9^ : CfA tf 
.CAfTiiitS -^*^^ 4 i)Dt ADe ? . 

32 ^D DtA Doc ttUii)tti5tor n)è lè.DeAttc : AS^T 
bo i)f n)0 flfse ton^U^^ 

33 Qdoò bo Di n)o cofA topAD t^^ coprtb da i)«1*" 
ceAÒ : i^Sttr f rt5|or ti)è q n)|0DAbtttb ÀftbA. 

3.4 tiD , cè ibttt^Dfor n)0 Ur9A cttn) cojaò : fo^rf 
50 njbttirctott b65A cttrAÒA ^n} iM^ttfb. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

jià ivi Ld. at» »«KJW4t. Ì4i 

^O èoD5ri|^6 bo Uri) 6e4f prAK iDè, ASiif bo rijèyb- 
r|5 bo ce^vT^cb n)è. 

M #ÀtHT*^05V^lS cft rtjd 6df rtìièfTDe fuitj : Agvf 

!>] f ClOfflpttt^ "?o f^U. 

37 J)9 l>èì^ cdfmijèÀèt botn ijttiftbfb, 1 ^fÌAb 
o||ica: Ajttf ì)\ fllìfe iDè 30 ceÌAOfècèAfi t^b. 

9$ 0o|if^4b T4l9 6|tto£^, toi)btff t)M bv6 èfb|]( 
le6 ft||iSe ; cv|Cf ^b^f ^iD^dfttitì. • 

to t^llì^e^èà^ ^ lè t^e^iic ri)è òin^ ^t? d^^èA i 
clAO]6f t6 th ^n Ivcb è^tiSl<)f Atp AjAiB. 

40' ^Jttf «»S*lf iDUliJèVl mo D^it)^b 6Att) *. AJltf 
4909 Ul^b f »A.1€l§fOf IDè f OfilOf pA tt)è t^^b. 

4i 3>o I^AWfb èfri>^, Ajttf Dl bf A16 AOD b^ 
ÒèAD^ ^.tjbtbfOD : CttTi) AD itjje^fiDA, T Df òlttfDfÌ 

49 tiSitf bttàf Jf e ttyè fAb aidv]1 Iv^it^itjè ftotwid 
AD DS^ofc : Ari)tt|l UcAC A^f o^ ri^^t'^t^ f Aflceòft- 
it6 tne DflièA. 

431 ^Mxiy^ tt)è d irf)jte<^f-*it) DA ijbÀòfDe r c^ft- 
flft iDè iD^ft ceAÒ 4 ^^ CfDeA&Aè-^tfc- 

44 Pao|D« D4^?t b^fiDe 6Arir : bo 6èA.D^b fei|tb|f 

45 ^ri)lv« ff òlttfDftb 4^ ccU^f, CAfèffb beffc 
àri)AÌ b4ri) : cAfèf ad eof scftfJeAc dri)U ^ 6|d- 

46 £vfcfib DA cofscftfj: T bf Af6 eA^U otftcA. 
Af A DfODAbttib bAf.D5De. 

47 ^Alftf^ AD ltS^4ftDA, A5Vf 50 tda6 beAft^ 
b|Af iDO CAfftvf c : T ^ftbttfsò^fi X)1a ido fUDttfSce. 

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A •Dgfc DA D0efDCs6: T c^Df Ab iDoU^ boc ^ifDTi): 

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fOlilftStOr CP*C2|4 bA «DSCAÒ, bO Jb^fbf, Ajttt b4 

f fol 50 bR^c. 

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Pb. x&l QsU enarrani. 

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0]66e eAxpA^ botbce. 

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Ajttr A iijbiit ActiA 50 bettteAÒ ap boiijyt^. 
. 5 Do c>?tt r^ pAtUtw boo sti&t^ to'JCA : wo ac^ 
Anjyjl tr§ti iPD^ pòfCA A5 c<8Cc atqac a^ a fediDftA, 

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A5ur A ctiDCioUAÒ 50PM5e a cedttAi>>fb o)le : A^ttr 
Pt fct^utl AOfptb A bpoUc o i>A ceAr- 

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tvSAb A1) ctiot6e : acA. Atcoe ad m^\iVA FIo^sUd, 

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cot6ce : ir t?tmP«Aè btietceAii)i)vrA Ai) ^^fseAftDA, 
A^ttr ceAfic 50 btoiDUi?. 

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f jDCaIca : Pf tr ^]^h ">Att AD 5CèAbDA d^ iDtl, 1 
DA CfltACAtl DA tDeAU. 

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eACA ^UDr-^ IDè 1 

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ipttt6 Aft Atr bo fetfibtreAc, d^ bfob cttiDACbA àca 
otivìD^ ADrtDbfAriDè bftteAC, a^v^ bfAb DeiDCtOD- 
CAc 5 DAtDblf5eA6 Tbafi. 

, ^ ^i^ìr bfttActtA tDO bèfi A5ttr p^uAtDeAb. m 
cjtot6è: fODSAbcA Àb l-S^Ajti, 


^» iv. lA. mtt »sv«<n. à49 

Pt. XL ExaudùU U Dwmui* 

00 cclvtntb Aìj ^t^SST*'''* cu À 16 1)«^ bvAibjitCA : 
50 ccctTbèAbv^S tlii)iD I)è «9j8^cob c6 ; 

2 00 ccr]]t|6 CAbAifi cu^Ab Af a iJtotjAb i)AOTt)- 
CA : A3Yf 50 i)eA]icYt3e cr Af S}od ; 

8 0o cc^ii)t>fS€« cofr|t4iiU >tle : Ajttf jAbdò è^ob* 
bA]|ic loffcce ; 

4 00 ccrjA i>ryz bo ]ièflt bo C]iot6e : Ajttf 30 
ccoii)l{ot)a.]6 })r}\e ii)]Ai). 

5 Do 6èAi)An) 3i^]]ibeAcr]f ap bo f ltii)tt3A6, T a 
Dti]pii) 4 i)Dè cìf]tfeAn) bfiACACA frAf : 30 cco]rt)- 

l]01)A A1) £]3eA]l1)A bviljft 1A]]tACAf . 

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fftD^CAc, T clr]Df:e f è è 6 d^ f lA]ceAfr]b i)<2iì)6a : 
|tè DeA]tc bfb]D A l^]ii)e be]fe. 

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b]tOD3 0|lefA]]t eACtt]b: acc c>frn)De$CA]iDDe A]]t 
%]Dn) AD^t3eA]tDA A]t DDè. 

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*]n3in)lbDe frAf, A^ttf feAf AiDY]b 30 b]]ieAC. 

9 ^e^bA]!, A t]3eA]tDA, A^ttf è]fc id> 6 a ll]3 
De]ii)e : ad cad bo DjtD]^ 5^1]^^ o]tc. 

' Ps. zxL Damine, m vHute-twu 

tC t]5eA]tDA,^ AD bo DeA]tcfA 6èADAf ad ^fs 
5^]]tbeAcrf: A^rf Cftèb è a IrACja]]^!^ b]Af f^ 
Ab f Udv3a6 ? * 

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]A]]t fè : bo cr]]t]f co]t6iD b6]t f ]0]t5lAD £| a òiod. 

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|!Ab l^]ceA6 30 b]t;^c. 

5 Zx tD6ft A 5l6]]t]]OD 4^D 60 f l4^Dtt5A6 : tD6)t6ACC^ 
Ajttf 0D6f]t bo cr]ft Ctt A]]t. 

• 6 Do 6èADA ctt ]:6f ]t6 beADtt]j;^ è 50 bftÀp. : ba 
6èAD^ cr ]t6 lrAC5«^]]teAè è lè bo 5t)>f r> 


8 JDo ^eAlV«]6 50 U119 Atntfc tfo i7&f rbbe ^le : bo 
^e^b^ bo Ut^ 6ef r 4^iy Uch fMl^tÌ^^f ^- 

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ò ctoto 04 ijbAOioeA6. 

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rit)aAt6l$eAb4 cleArfiA6 ajiòd^e^ieA i>lit& r*^tftb4i><t 
^ cti)ocQV346. 

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vllri)dò4 r^<^T)54 bo 6454 DA OA j^ib. 

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|9 C^1?fV|l9, A^Vtr iDolfAlO Ò^fACCVf. 

Pft. zzH. .Dntf, ZX^ia meuì, 

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zir A bfAb 611) fUpwSAÒ, 5 b|t|ACttì?b ii)0 S^I^CA ì 

a 41o 3t>tA, cOTbAtnCtm 4Ò r^ ì^) 1 Pf clv|!) w : 
Apr^ i)0|6ce Df bf v|t raAtmoeAr ASAm. 

3 tidc AC^ CtirA t>AOI9ÌA : òrfA I^CTieAbvf 4 
tDolcA .Yf [tAel. 

4 ;:^>$AbrA bo cVtiieAbAtt 4 i)A|c|ie a obòts : ^ 

Ò9f|teAbA|t, ASVr bO f AO|t Ctt |Ab. 

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f09Ab bo èM|i$b4 a Obòcòvr, T DfO|t cUotbjb ud* 

6 tlcc pèffc tDti?, Asur 1)1 bv|i)e : x<^^VA^ ^^ 

tJteAOiD^, 4 11)0 e^CVIfDtVSAS AS AD bpobAl. 

7 <&a6 A bfAICtoS IDè, AC^|b AS IDASAb Olttttìjt 
tOIDf Oljlb AIDAC A 1Db'è|l, C|tO|è|b A cceAD- 

8 tis t*^6, I>o Cì5|t rè A 6ots ^ ^^]^f 50 r^PpF*^ 

^ • r^^rsi^^ r^ è, 6 c^ bù|i ais^ ad. 

9 tCcc ir cvrA Ctts TDirt ^wj^c a^ ad tDbfiotS • 
cvs z& oftuiD bdccvr bo be|c asatd^ Asar ipè ^V^ 
cfocvtb tDo iDAèA|t. 


^An V. Là. aitC IP^^^m. »45 

10 tfftcfA bo ceil^iob ti)è 6i) njbjtotS: 6 bolj 
njo ib^CAfi if ctt n)o X^f^c. 

11 9X^ b^ ^ bf Ab u^fTi), òfjt Acti btiAt6|teA6 A 
•OjAft : offi 1)1 bf vil f eA|t cyi)5adca» 

12 X)o ctti)C|omb4 lOTtjAb bulò^ Ti)è : c^b i)S|tc- 

lÌ)A|tA ÌJ^f AP CAI)3AbA]t ATl) C^Tl)Cfoll 50 CjtM^* 

13 b.,?0fclAb4 A ii)bèvl oftun) : ATÌ)irfl ledt) A5 

1 1)31*^1"^) ^3«r ^3 ^^ttlf^ft^* 

lè fic^t"? 4 ")<> bdjtcAÒ ATDAC Aii)'K?l MfSe, Ac^t^ 
ii)0 ci)^TÌ)A v^le Af A i)ioi)Ab f è^i) : if cofrt)>^l |tè 
cèf Tt TDO c|toibe, 4 leAjA^ a Ti)eo6Ap Ti)t^t3^A6. 

15 ^c^ Ti)o i)eA|tc4 i)A ctojtrDuJAb atì)mI CTt^Af^ 
toifse, A^vf bo cgD^Afl TDO ceAD3A bOTD JtAUttf 6 : 
A^ttf ctt3 iDè 50 lttAtc]teA6 AD b^f f. 

16 (S>t|t CAD3AbA|t TDAbfiA]6e atd ctTDCtoU : bfA6- 
AbA|t cof TbqoDol DA Db]toò6AO]D^ atd C]idc]oU. ^ 

17 Do coUAb4 iDO Iàida T ido cofA ; y^tny^m tdo 
CD^TDA ^le b^tì^gTb: bo 0^6 |fAb "| Arbi^cib ofuifD.* « 

18 lilotDI^ TDèAbAè eAcvf|tA : A^ttf bo ce]l3igbA|( 
cjtADCSj ^ TDO cvIa]6.' 

. 19 f4òc.CttfA, A tfJeAitDA, D^bf A bfAb VAfTD : 
6 iDO.DeA]tcj be]C.fft]3 bonj CAb^. ^ ' 

* 20 ^AO|t TDADATD 6d, ccloi6eATb : iDO ibYtHDft) ò 

, i)e Attc .AD tb Abft A|6. 

21 Aofib^^ n?^ 6 bèttl AD leOiD : 6tft bo caAU - 
ctt n)è 6 AbAf^iCAtb da DUDTCOttD* 

22 i/^o]Uf e6òtti6 td^. jc%]Dii5tbOTD 65 tvbfst^tctttb : a 

l^t* AD CO]TbCfOD6fLTDOlfA TDè CV. 

. 2S St&l? ^ A bf vtl eA^U AD SfSeAttDA, fDolv]6 
è : f tpl ^Àcob v]le jlofttttbe è, Ajuf .bfo6 a eA^W 
Ofivtb, A f fol -3f ftAel vtle. 

24 tì>tn '^lop cAftctttfDl3 A3ttr ^lon f Y^lcfS r^ 
AiDbefe AD briDe bofcb : A^vf DÌottfolttij a aJm^ 
va6a ; 1 A DttAttt bo^sof tt f è ^, bd cttAltt]6 f è è. 

£5 «v6 cttfA TDolfTAf mè AD f A ccoTb6^tl «>6f tt : 
cottblìoDf Ab iDO TDOfbe 6f a cctttbe A3A bf^f?! g^U 


26 ^Off Afb DA bAOtDO IDAC^DCA, A^ttf^ bfAfb 

f^fCA : TDolfttib AD SiseAttDA, AD lucb lAtfiuf è; 
TDAjtiri^ ^**T* cc]tot6e 30 bft^c. * 

, Digitizedby VjOOQIC 

946 . di« fPftKH:^. Anr.U. 

^ompocufb crn) ai) Xf^eAftirA : A^vf bo 6è4a)a|6 » 
QY*tle C|i>eA6 bo 9^ ^ef iice^ 6 4(6rftA6 6f 4^ tù\xy%. 

28 <fc||i lef f AT> c£f5^fi94k AO ftifojACC : A5«f ff^ 
tf* lElACbAfia^i) A loeAfc OA ccfi)e4.6^ 

29^ 0AC A bfnrfl fteAi9*fi q caUoq • fof>rf b 4^30^ 
bo 6è*ìDAfb 4^6ftA8^ 

30 tC ftAcnfò ffOf boj^ hrAfC|t$6 cIaoof^^ ^f <>^ 
-cofde : *^ 9ì M«.OA 4sofò)^«;c ^ AHAti^ fsèf ^ ^^05* 
lò^fl beo. 

31 Z)o 6èA0^ f90 fl|ocb fefft&if bd : ^firoe6cc4 
bot) ^§eAft3>A to4 5fi7eAÌ9ic è« 

32 £frcf4rf6 5Ab^ Ajrf |!OfHfe6èisfb a fftfW- 
cAcb : boij Iticb 6èieiftc% g* nbè^ffo^ fè ^v 

Ps. xxiii. JSomnmre^me* 
^ T^ W 5MSftnt)4 ito Ao6^è : t ij^. fef Af6 e4|«# 


« Po &ef ft f^ «ftvti> Irf Je * Df i>^t* l^m *f^fJ* 
Cfte6ftrf5foo fè it)fr Uftp fiff 0A.)>UffsfeÀ6s?B cj|V^. 

• tCffe65rf6 f^ ii»40«iio: cfte6fidcttf6' ffr «^ ^ 
ftdbitf b x^ f^)ftèn>CACb4 4 f Oir À tlQdf^ fièf^. 

i i?6r, 4ft foi^ 50 ff»*teèvt» * OS*g« feiflè^ AD 
bjiff, irt 6f A16 §5U vle ofittin : 6f ft Atlt ttttfA^ *3*^ 
CATb|ie6ctt^6 bò f Uc A.5uf be ii)Afbe n^h 

5 <Blèttf f A ctt boitb f?^io òdf òe A tftiASU^* rt?^ 
l^a^iti^b: be ros cu tne ceAo fiè IjdU, ac* to<> 
CttpJit) A5 crft cAfftff . 

6 0O'beAfibc4^ leof?Hf6 tijAfè A.5ttf CftSò^fft^ »9^ 
% freA6 ibo f^c$4fT: e^ttf ikfcfifeAbAb a e^ÌS ^ 
]Ìf5e4fti)<v 5e bft^c. 

tlf^ lef f Ai) cif jeAftt)4 AD caUti), A^rf a fort)- 
Ufpe : Ai) f A054I, Agttf At) itjèfb A.f cfteabAf 45* 

2 <&|ft bo f >?5f6 è ^ 04 ttif|-5e46i«b : f ?)a i>^^ 
016 è 4 i)4crflc|5. 


4 fto cè AjA bprl l^ A ^Ui^ Ajttf cfiot5e y joft^ 
31a»: uoc i)Ai|i id5 fiiAf A Atmni 'cvii) bfon^AOji^ff) 
A5itf P4C cca^ A f9f09A cvny cetlje. 

5 JDo seAbA fè beA^v5A6 àt} £f$eA|ii)A : AS^f 
l^ffièaQCACb 6 ^f a a f Uii>otsce. 

6 -3fè fostt^l^ucnAbicvpjjetAfltuf è: ijociAflf 
4cr bo 50U|f ^ A jb| A i3^AC06% 

7 <fc K^K "^ S®^c«*15®5 còsbvfb f tfAf bvft cct9^: T 
Dd^8 fuAf ^ f èiD, jfBf A bontfi f fOf|i>fl6è-: A^uf 
rf acf Afò il}5 i)A slòijte a fceAC. 

a 4^A bfe AJ) «tSli ^A S^fite ? : AD 2&ì§st*t2 l^ibiit, 


9 <& ftbfi A SeAcatge, cd^b^ fOAf 'bv|t ocf5) 1 
cÒ5bv]6 fttAf fib fèTD, fl^ ^ Sofftfe ffotttatbe: 
Agttf ctaGfAt6 iM5 DA gleffi^ A fceAc. 

10 i^fA \)è AD ifllfSfi DA 5ldf^? : Sf^eAftDA v^ 
fl6g> ^T^ VVy *ìà ^ Sl^t^' 

Ps. XXV. Ad'te^ 'Dmmmi ievavL 

4:;tt5Abf A, <S> A tfSeAftDA, W^bvTD f aAf ìDADAID ; 
6 iDo Ì)fA, CttfftftD iDo'bòccttf fODAb : D^ ^^fTtlScjit 
fDè, D^ b§DAib iDO D^tfiDbe ^^ifftbeAcaf òf ido cfOD* 
2 J*df AD ibèfb ÒMftfof A Db6f§ fODAb da D^fftfS- 
ceAft f Ab : b|o6 D^ffte 4 ad bfio|D5» ^^^ cfoScvig- 
fOf 5^i> cr^- ^ 

3 nf^ofllffS, A XfseAftDA, bo flfàce 6AtDf a: CAff- 
<>èfD bAib bo CAf^iD^ 

4 Efteòftvfs iDè ad cftf ftfDe, A^ttf ceA^Aff c iDè : 
^ft f f ctt Df A TDO f Ud^sco ; Oftcf A bjtD A5 f e|fcfatD 
4 ìpeA6 AD lAè. 

5 £vfti)Df5 bo cftòc^e cfDèAlcA, <S) a ^fSigftDA.t 
T bo tb>?Dcgft6Af 5ftA6Ac;, 5|ft AC^^fb ad a ftf Atb* 

eaiA CttfibDfS peACA6 iD^fSe d^ mo f^fii^sce : 
bo ftèfft bo cftòCAf fte CttfibDfS iDè, 4 f OD bo ibAfC- 

CAf A, Ò A itf^eAftDA. 

7 -3f iDAfc ASttf f f bffteAC Af? JfctseAftDA : ìfiD^WD 
tOA^Affcf i6fè D^ peACaf6 f AD Cfljse. 


m 3XU ÌP6tCJi:<»l. An V. Là. 

8 t^ieòftòcìiè f è DA c^&r^isce a ii)b|teii§ti)ijvj' : 
^5^r nTv|D|!]6 fè <tflJ5e,bo da. ceAOfAiscib. 

9 4r cfiòc^e 1 ftltlDe vMiP^ AO 2ù]5eAiiD4. u^le : 
bOD Ircb coD5it)af 4 cuDTtAb ^^svf ^f)^p>^}T0' 

10 tC|i foi) tUvft)^ <& A ti5eA|iDA : tf^ò id^^c- 
|?eAf cii it)è|5ceAfic, bjoò, ^rft iDòfi f ]D. 

11 £t4 bè ADbttfDè 4 ^ bfìfl g^U AD 2Li5§ft!l ? : 
TDttlDf e fè è ^Df^ cflfSe cotSfeAf fè. 

12 ^|C]tedb>;8 a ^duid a idajc: t b|At6 Ofòfi^cc 
^A bufcce A5A clo]D. 

IS fic^ fiuD AD IJseAfiD^^ A5 AD Ittcb 651^5©*^ 
pofibe : A^uf f Ofllf;5i6 a cuDftA^ 66fb. 

14« %c?^fb iDO fttfle A ccoibDttf6e cttfD ad ^tfj;- 
eAftDA : òfft bo bèAftA fè ido cof af ^D IfOD* 

15 i^èttc oftAtDy A^ttf bèÀD cftòcAffte oftuiD : o([i 
AC^fiD MD^ji^D^òy 45Uf buAf6eAftCA. 

16 I>o f^^fftff^S^A^ bvA]6fteA6 tdo Cft0f6c: 6 

CAb^fltf f >IDA<> Af iDAD^CttA tDè. 

17 •f^èuc q tDADACftA, A^uf 4^]ft TDO pèfD : «9M^ 
iDO pe<icv]6e vfle 6Atb. 

18 nf^èvc q tDO D^ltbbe : òfft Ac^fb 4da iDèvbus- 

a6 : A^Vf AC^ f UAC ACA OftVìD lè f Of ftèf 510D. 

19 tOflbèt^ IDADAtD, A5Uf f AOft tDè : A^ttf n^ 
D^f Tttscgft tDè, bo bjifs 50. bf ì^l ido 6òccuf tOD^bpA. 

20 ituibbvf5eA6 bfojfivtf A^vf ce^ftc iDè : 6f|t 
bt?AD tDè leACf A. 

21 ^AOft 4f ft^el, 6 4 Ì)f A : Dufle bu4f6fteA6. 

P«. zxvi. Judica me Domne. 
^Jdfft bfte^c oftttiD, A ti^e^fiDA, òfft bo f fubAfl 
iDè AD iDfODftACVf : ADf A cÈfJeAftD^ bo bf tDobdfj;, 

Uf IDe f fD Dl f Cf 0fftf!A IDè. 

2 ^p^oD tt)è, A tf geAftDA, A^vf ceAf cu|6 ti)è : 
tt)beAftb iDO 6ttb^t*>> ^Sttf tDO cftot6e. 

S iStft AC^ bo cfDèttl 5]t^6AC 6f cofDe iDO fal- 
A^vf f^ufeolvb a9 Cf^ftfDe. 

4 tÌX}0\i f ttfj iDè ftè bAOfDtb blotDAOfDe : Df n?6 
tt<tcf Af iDè A fce^c lè tDeAllc6fft]5fb. 
. 5 3Do f uAC\r5 ^^ cofibcfOD^l lucb b|t)cA a D'^l^^ • 
-^SVf Mf AD cctogc^d Df f tttSF^ mè. ^ 


Any.Là. Sttfi J?S«^«tl. 349 

6 SHfSfe i^è n)o U,n)^ a t)e]niè]6ì)x:rib : *i circ- 

f Ab C^tVC^oU l)4^lc6ftA9 A £f $eA|tQ^ 

7 JFoDbvf 30 bpO|ll||5e ii?è ]tè 506 ca%A|ìca bM6-^ 
eACVff : T 50 i)i$re njè boibitgè^ ]01?5ADcac^ >?le/ 

8 tC tiSsfiDA, bo 5r^a6vj3 njè corbpvse bo ctse : 
A^uf fo^Ab coibwse bo 5l5f]te. 

« 9 w^ cit>f9lS ii)Ai)Aft)lè pgcACì?b : ijÀ njo bgc^ 
ftè b^of t)|b fìflceACA. 

10 %S A Uf Tt) ^ bf '^l uitcofb : A^uf a Un) 6eAf 
lfoi)C4^ bo c]o6Utcc|b. 

11 fCcc Ait) CAobfA, ftub6lu]5 fi)è a5 tt)o 6fo5- 
|tv]f : f AO]t TDè, A^uf bèAi) c]t6cA]]ie o]tutD« 

12 tCc^ TDO cof DA- f e^f Aii) A DIODAb cotDC]totD : 
ADr^^ cO]tDC|0D6Ub beÀD6cAb AD ^Lfge-^itD^. 

Pb. xxvii. Dommui iSurmnatio. 

^ fè ài) i]5eA]iDA iDO f olttf, A^vf 1D0 fUi)v5A6, 
C]A ]tè A tDb]A]6 gsU AjvtD : f è AD 3t]5g]tDA DST*^ 
1D0 beACd, C]A bu6 eA^Al bAtt). 

2 fC D^A]]t CAD5ÀbA]t lucb bèADCA A t)yilcy tDgf- 
c^]]tbe À^vf 1D0 D^]tbbe, aid a5A]6 b]ce tDf e6U : 
f uA]tAbA]t f è]D cv]fleA6, A^uf bo weAbAft* 

S Da 5CAiD]»u]5g6 fluAj AtD A5ÌT6, vS b]A S5^^ 4 
iDO c]to]6e :. bA Dèfft^g^ C05A6 aid a5A]6, ADf ad 
b]Af tDè b6òcvf Ac. 

4 ^0]D]6 Atb^]D bACC'V?D5]6 iDè 4 AD cX]5§]tDA, 
A3 ijD A D]6 lA]]tf Ab : 1D0 coibDu]5e a ccjs ad ^]5- 
gftD^ ^ fS6 ÌAece tDO f-^oSAfl, bf èucvìD A]]t f ce]tb 
AD itfJeAitDA, A^uf beic 50 tDOC ]obA ceAtDpAll. 

5 C^]]t ]:o]lle6c\?5 fè tDft Tob^ f>^ill]UD ^ 16- a 
D>?lc : co]tbèubf >r6 tDè 50 f ec]tè]beAC a DttA]5D]0f 

A CAbA]tDAC>il, q CA]|tU]C C6|5f ]0f fè fVAf tDè. 

6 %5Uf A DOtf ^t]tbe6cu]t ido ceAD • 6f ctob tDO 

D^lbAb ]rA CCVAtttC AID C|Tt)C]0U. 

7 ti^vf Jo6b6]tAb ]obA cAbA]tDACì?l ]06bA|tCA 
34it]tbeACì?f : e^D]:Ab A^vf bo 6|Df Ab pf aIaid bOD 

8 /CUVf AlìseAitDA, ADttA^^t.jAtJtfD-pètDSuc: 
•A3uf bè-i^D c|t6cAi]te o]tutD, A^uf i:|ie-^Aiii tDè. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC- 

350 tAU |?Stt-Ji;<f1. Jn V. Là. 

9 ^4 A bob^c cuf A, f A|iiìv6f e loo aja^S : ttC^^^b, 
A bab^iitc 11)0 c(to0e^ jitoc, ^A^f Ab 4^ X^^eA^OA. 

10 aiA- folì^J CAJìfò nAii!) : t}^ f tW o^ T^ii*^1r- 
eAC A bfeiits ; 

11 «A. CY 1D0 CAbA>t|t: o^ f^s ipè, T DJ^ «1*^15 
ii)è, A. l)è 11)0 fUputsce. 

12 fii) CA1) bo c|iè|5 iirfC4i]t "^ 11)0 n)^AY|t mè : 
AOb 5eAb>?6 ai) }t^5eA]ti)A ^ fce^ò ii)è. 

13 il^i) bo flge 6aiì), a £^$eA]tDA : T C|ted]tìf6 
A pòb coii)C]toii) 1D&, bo b]tf5 ido D&iDAb* 

14 9(1^ CAbA]]t bo co]l 1D0 D^ibAb id& : d]tt ^1^6- 

DXfflS bltèA5ACA A^Uf AD Cè fè]b]Of A1DAC ]ro]]i^ 

è]5]0D, bè]]i5eAbA]i f uAf aid A5A]6. 

15 JDo ]tACfMD A DADbfuiDe : idvda cc]te]b|r|D 
50,bf A]Cf]D «)A]c AD X]5eA]tDA- a 5C]t]c da iDbed. 

16 •f^e^c 4 AD cS]5g]tDA : bf U]b]]t, T De^coòxFò 
f è bò c]to]6e, T b|D f eicjiD ^ ad cS^5eA]tDA. 

Ps. xxTÌiL ilito, 2>o}mii^. 

Att^Abf A S^]]tf 8f IDè, ^ A t|5S]tDA, 1DO CA]]tìff5 : 

D«^ bf bo54 viD CAobf A, b^^lA iduda bf |t£54c& mè, 
50 ida6 coftb^l TDè ]t]f A Db]to]D5 cè]b f fof boD I05. 

2 iClu]D 5UC iDo Accu]D5e, a du4 cori)A]]tcfeAb 
cu^Ab : A Dvq c6|5f gb f uAf iDO Uida cvid cojiAOifl 

3 3Xi^ cA]]tu]b5 TDè le]f DA c]obcACA]b, x)^ leif 
A Db]to]D5 o]b]t]5]of olc : doc Ub^tAf ]?occ^]d ]tè 
DA ccon)4f AD>?b, A Dug b]of u]tc6]b ]obA 5Cfio]6e. 

4 iLAbA]]t lÙA]§eAcc b^]%bo ]^è]jt a l)5p]oib : bo 
•|tè]]t u|ic6ibe A Db|cc]ll : 

5 £AbAt]t 66]b bo ]tè]]t 0]b]te a Uib : CAbA]|t 
66]b A luA]5eACC. 

6 <&]]t Df bf mI iDeAf ACA A]]t 0]b]tscA]b ad ^15- 
eA]tDA, d6 A]]t 0]b]t]v5A6 A Uib : MiDe f]D b]i]f|re 

fè ffOf ]Ab, A5Uf Df CV]]lf]6 fUAf ]Ab. 

7 00 ida6 bgbvis AD ^tSSl^OA : 6|]i bo cuaU]6 

fè 5UC IDO ]A]]lACUff. 

8 41 |*è AD Xf JeA]tDA 1D0 DeA]tc, A^vf f c]Aè ; 00 
c^|t 1D0 C]to]6e A 66]5 ad, A^uf bo CA6]t0f5s6 iDè : 
A]t A D&6bA]tfotD t>o 6èAD4^ 1D0 ò|tO]6e 5^i]tbsciifi 

ASnr »P0lf Ab 6 U IDO C^lDCfC. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

An v.Là. gatW !?è«4^«<f!, m 

9 Jfè At) ifgeAfiijA n)o i)eA]tc, : ^juf ifè peAjtc 
f AOfic^^ A 5Bti)5CAi5 è. 

10 X&ftCA^b bo bAOf pe, A^vf beApuis co]5p§cc : 
beACùtb fòf ]Ab, A^vf ^|ibv]3 ^Ab 30 bji:ìvc. 

Ps. xxix. Afferte Dommo. 

XU5A16 boì) iLf^eA|tt)A, A cIa^ t)A ccuii)AcbAÒ : 
cv^Aiò boi) SfJeAiipA 5lo]]t -^^vf i)eA]tc. 

2 Sv^Afb boi> SfseAitpA ap slofft f f ceA|tc b^ 
?ili)fD : AÒitvfb Ai) 2Lf5g|ti)4 A f cèiri) a ijAOtbcACbA. 

S ftc^ 5VC Ai) JLfgeAftDA 6f cfo5 DA ijvff 5eA6 : 
c6f|ti)]5 D|A cttiijAèbAC da ^lofite. 

4 ^c^ Ai) Xf5eA|ti)A 6f cjo^ i)a pvff ^eAb nj^ft ; 
AC^.^uc Ai) ÌfJeAfti^A cvri)AÒbAC : Ac;di^5uc ai) 3Lf5- 
eAjtpA li8^i) bo ri)6|tbACc. 

5 ^MfiS 57"^ AT) 3Lf5eA|ti)A citAfS òèAbAfit : if g6, 
^WltS ^^ Xf5eA]t!)A cèAbAfit DebA))oi). 

. 6 Do be||t f 6f OfftA IfD^eAb Aibufl UoJ : ICebA- 
t}ov T Sf|tfOD Ari)u|l t[lt|D|coftD 65. 

7 ÌloiDiS 5VCAD iLf5g|tDA UfftACA v^ cefoeAÒ : 
^Vf^mÌ B^ ^^ ^ISS^O^ ^^ bfocftAri) ; cftofcfs ad 
iLjSeAftDA bfocftAri) Ì^bef . 

8 Do be]|t 5VC AD Xf^eAftDA 4 v^ b^flcib Iao]3 
bo bftefc, A^uf bo Df da cofllce lon) : T ]od«^ cgn)- 
pull Ubftufb A Dufle òvfDe a 5l6]ft. 

^ ^>15l6 ^V iL]5eA]tDA 6f C]OD ad cu]le : A^vf 
fvf5]b AD 2LfSeAftDA da ^ftfs 50 bft^c. 
- 10 Do bèAftA AD 2L]5eA]tDA DeAftc bÀ pobAl: 
beAD6cuf6 AD XfJeAftpA a pobAl lè f focc^fD. 

Ps. xzx. Excdtabo te^ Domne, 
tCftbri)olf;A iDè cu, <& a tfJeAftDA, 6fft bo c6]3 

CÙ fUAf I1)è : A3Uf Df CV5 Ctt A]fl'TDeAfC4lkfftbÌD 

5ÀfftbeAcuf bo 6èADAri) 6f ido cfOD. 

2 <fc A Itf^eAftDA iDOJbfA, bo cori)fi|c iDè cv^Ab : 
A3Vf t>o lefjff t<r iDè. 

3 <fc A tfJeAjtDA^ ho c6f5 cu idadutd f ^Af Af 
tpftfOD •• bo cOfri)èfb cu be6 iDè 50'DAC ftACfW rfor 
bOD DVAri)Af6. 


552 '. atC »A1UWrf. JnillÀ, 

fè^t) : T CV5A16 batòjcrf bo cw)i)e 4^ DAomcACbA. 

5 tì>l|t lodA feips 1)1 bfMl Acc tQÒiineiyc, io^a 
f AbA|i ACÀ be^CA : A^f a cfil^òOA bfo6 50 tobj 
5»l» «15 5^1^^«^^ttr ^ll* TDAibio. 

6 tCcc A bttb^c iDiH Art) fuAiri)Dtof, QOtJ I)ac|i5c- 
CAfi rDft cot6ce : a t^sgitDA, iDAille ]ièb sit^nbre 
bo òìTfi c>" DeAfic aS »D0 flf Abf a. 

7 b!,f^oltti5 Ctt caJai6: t bo b^ id6 bttAi6eA|tCA. 

8 4tr5Abf A, A ÌÌ5g|ti)A, bo corbA>]tc ìd^ : Asvf 
cytt) AD XfseAjiD^ bo M^e wè tdo Srtfee. 

9 Sijièb è AD c^bA ACiJi a9 TDf ttji : a t)o4 ^aca^ 
f jof f a9 DttAn)Al6 ? 

10 ttD iDolfiii6 Ai) lrAtè|tg6 c(i : at) bF0|Ufe6c- 
«16 fè en>lDe ? ' 

11 SAvt\Vy A tfSeAtiDA, T bjiDCjtacAtiieoiiYTi): 
fi) A Ìt3eA|tDA, Cttibi5 liort). 

12 b5ort)pot J Ctt TDO 6obtidi) da 6Aii)f a 6An) : ^ 
crtfttf bfotD rt)o f AtcèAbAC, A^rf bo coiiDÒeADsl^ 
n)è lè IttAcJ^tft ; 

IS Jk)Drf 50 cc^Df a6 tdo jtetit tDpU^ 6xcil, 1 
5AD betc Art) cocb : <S) a. tf5eA]iDA n)0 ì)t*j *x^ 
bèAtiAb bttf^eAÒttf tiioc 50 btt&t. 

Pb. zxxL Inie^ XhmlHe, tpermk 

JoDAbf A, A ItiseAtiDA, crttttrt) TDO 66cciif • n^ 
lèi5 ^^ D^tT^l»5^^ 5<> W^ 5 fAOti n)è ad èf ÌPè'^' 


2 £Iaod bo olttAf cr5An> : fAOtt n)è 50 Iwac. 
. 3 i$f 6AtDf A Ab cAittVts Deiftc : A^ttf rt)A|i cjj 
Cttri)btti5 bort) ÒfbfOD. 

4 (6tti tf ctt rt)o CAttt^5, T rt)o 6AtD5toD : ^ *^**^' . 
bAtifOf.D Aifi fODctÌDn)A cite$fitt|6 n)è, 1 bffiJS ^' 

5 EAtfttttDS An)Ac n)è Af ad HoDj DOC bo fol- 
tttseAbAti Art) cotDO : ^tft if cit n)0 DeAftc. 

6 *tD bo U|rt)ff crtfiirt) tt)0 ft>fOtiAb: bfTAfS^* 
ctt n)è, A.tfSeAtiDA DjA da tJffitDe. 

7 JfttACAiJtrt) AD Ircb coubèAbAf b1ori)A01De^r 
bti6A5AC : Aòc cafittiD TDO 6dcdrf ADf^ XiseAftP^* 


An vi. Là. aitt 9BU3%<n. 35B 

8 J8]Ab luAcJ^iiveAc, ^suf bo 6§i)|?Ab 5Àl|ibgc- 
uf a5 bo cjiòcAiiie : 6j|ibo coSAtitc cu ti)0 bvA|6-* 
7%eA6, -Ajttf bc^^t\r) c^ TijAtj^n) a t)6t5ioi). 

9 ^5ttf D|0|t conibj]t ctt ìDè A latri) njo ij^ìijAb : 

bO CUl|V]f 11)0 COfA A 1)|0t)Ab f Ai|tnt)5. 

10 X)èAi) cfiòcAi|ie oftuTt), A Ìl5glti)A, 6tii Ac^in) 
A tt)buAi6iieA6 : aca ìi)o fyjl a|i i)A ci)ao] lè b^- 
^f ^1!^5i ")^9ATD f òf, A5ttf TDo bols- 

1 1 Òin bo CAièeA6 11)0 beACA lè boiljiof : A^uf 
ti>o bl]A6DA iiè l)0fDA6ì?b. 

12 X>o lAjbris Ti)0 i)eA]tc c|tè ti)è|5cèA|tc : A^uf 


15 X)o b| n)è An> fCADAfl a Tt)eAfc ToeAfCAftAb 
wjl^j 1 50.b^1|tf5bon) coii)4fADufb : t aid eA^U 
bOTD Ittcb Af fceADCYf f ; ad lucc bo coDAffic aidmS 
iDè, bo cefceAbAft ttAftD* 

14« ficÀffD 4 bgftn)Ab n)4 6MDe n)4b Af c^Tt)D« : 
ACÀfD) n)Aft fOfceAC bftffce. 

15 <S)ffibo cvAlAf6 n)è fCAD'vjltbdft^fD: ac^ g^lA 
4 5AC AODCAOfb; AD f?§6 bo b^b^ A5 b|DAft) coid^ 
4le A D&f Df eAcb An) A5Af6, bo cfogf^DAb^ n)ADttiD 
bo bttAfD Afun). 

16 %CC lODAbfA 60 C'^ft TDfff TDO 6ÒCCttf, A £{5- 

eA|tDA: A bttbftttf, .^f cu n)0 £)|a. 

17 tCc^fb n)Afn)feAftA Ab UfTDfe; fAOft n)è 6 
l^tfii) n>o D^TDAb : A^vf òn) Ivcb ÀfDleADn)ttDA. 

18 ^Abi^ 4 bA5Af6 loDftv5A6 Afft bo fefftbffgc : 
c^ftcttf5,n>è Aft fOD ^o cftòcAffte. 

19 %i t^JeAftDA, DAr lè|5 n)o DA.fftftt5A6, 5fft bo 
gofft iDè Oftcf A : D^fftf5ceA.ft da cfODCttf^, cuftcAft 

DA CCOCb fA DVAfJ f Ab. , 

20 X)§DCAft pvf f A DA TDbftèv5 bAlb : DOC ÌAbftrf 
50 5èvft A DA5Af6 DA bf:fftèvD ftè bw^^bAft, A^vf ftè 

21 Ò cftèb TDèAb bo TÌ)AfceAf A, Doc bo CAff5f6 
ctt bOD luòb '4 A TDbf ceA^lA : bof bftf^ ts/à bOD Itiob 

CVfftfOf A DbÒCCVf fODAb A l-è^Cq TÌ)AC D^ DbAOfDO l 

22 j?^ofle6cvf6 ciif Ab a DUAf^DfOf Ab ffAjDvffe 
ò uAbAft AD bvfDe : f Of leocìfb cu f Ab ad bo CAbe^- 
DACttfl 6 in)fteAf AD V^ cceADSCA.. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

23 00 f9A6 b4|9uY5 AO )&i$e49A : 6^1 bo ttlde]*6 
A òf oèvl |id f095At)CAC 6An>f4^ A ccAC]iìf5 6a71)5|17, 

24 ^f|i A bttbfivf a9 ii)0 8e|c4]Of ; AZ^^tt) 4 if)o 

JeA]|TtA6 ATDAC db ]ÌA6A|tC. 

25 0|6eAb bo CttAU cu jvc ti)o 5eA]iA]i> : a i)ni) 
bo 5A]|t n>è cv^Ab. 

26 0|iA6ttt5i8 AD XfJgttOA, 6 j|b]} a 9Aon)A f èiD 
vjle r coiti)èAbvt5 ad XfgeAjiDA ad f ijtjDeAè fUi^, 
A^vf btolttt6 A l^t6eACb njf a DVAtbjieAG. 

27 f8f6|6 Uib]|t,T Det|tceòòttt6 fè biitt ccn^èe: 
Hbif tt|le A5A bfìfl bttft Dbòts f ad Xt5eA|tDA- 

Ps. xxxii, JBeati quortm^ . 

^X fO^^ ^^ ^è ^5^ bfMÌ A CIODCA 4 DA tDAtcgfi): 
A^ttf A peACA6 Ajt DA f oIac. ' 

2 ^f fODA AD Cè DOC DA6 CCVtttfOD ^^ ^TSSI*^ 

pgCA6 DA U]c : T A5 dac bp^l cgl^ ^oda fptPttAb. 

3 tl Dv4 bo bf TDfe AtD cocb : bf Af Ab4 tdo CD^rbA 
fotttfe, bo bttìS 1D0 bl?ttt?eA6A 4 f eA6 ad Ue. 

A <&t^ ^o b} bo Iaid cttoiD ottvn) bo l6 ^ botbce : 

bO blOIDpOtSe^b IDO fltCOACjb A CCAttC f AIDttAt^. 

5 b<tb!DAt6 TDè TDO peACA6 6vtcfe ; A^àf Djoti 

f 0lu]3 TDè IDO CfODCA. ' 

6 % bvb.Atltc TDè, tCtbiDeòcAb iDAtDbltJce boD 
XfSCAttDA : A^vf bo ii)A|c cu- v|tcòtb tdo peACAt^. 

7 ^t^ A DAbb^f 0]D bo 6èADA A Dvjle 6in)e bt a6a 
uftDvtS cv5Abf A A DATD ctrAS^lA : 50 betiDtD ^ ^cìtI- 
ce tttfjeA^A TDÒtiA Df C]ocfutb a DJAft 66f ad- 

8 ^f cù ìDtODAb folutS, cotfeòDtttb cu ipè o 
bvAt6tieA6 : tiè ^atttbeACUf f AOttCA ctvct?Mtt f^ 
ccvAtttc ATD qTDÒtoll. 

9 Ìe A56f 3^ TDè cu, A5ttf TD^Df eAb cu f ad cf IfSe 
tODA D^eubAttt : ctte6ti6cub cu ttè njo f '^l. 

10 9(1^ bicf TDAtt AD c'eAC, d6 td4 AD TDV]lle, A5 
DAc btrv|l ctttc]^ : tf tDlA6cA a bènl ttè bèvliDAC t 
]tè ffttADj beASÌA 30xc|nctfA6 fè A^DSAti ^tt^c. 

11, %c^t6 t^"?^^ ^oi^àTef bOD peACAc : acc 
r]uc]?A ctt6cAt]te a cciD^òtoll ad t?& cuttteAf a 66è- 
CVf ADf A /tfJeAttDA. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

JnvLLà. aii% yatC^XIt. $5S 

bfcj lrAC5^^|teAC, f ^b|| ^ f ilte^tjA : Asuf bjDr|6 
ItM^rs^tl^? n^H t^oc Ac^ bijteAC a cc|tO|6e. 

'Pb.txj^ JExukate^'jutti. 

^^v^it)^ ^vr^ £fSeA|iDA^ i}6|} A fin^ttp^^ - ir. 

cub^itò ii7oIa6 boi) b]|ieAC* 

2 <noUi6 AD 3£ì5eAfii)4. mf ai) cd^iitns^ 1*è^ 
l>failcAt|t, |iè bloijfC|irii)etPC ^etc ccèob c&9m6 
pf Atlfi) 65. 

S fi^t^atd 66 c^^t'JCfC t>ttf 6 : f t5^l6 50 b^òl^AC 
ii)A.ille jiè t?rA|ii) A.t|ib. 

4 ^iti if bftiè^ btit4C4ttt AD iLfseAltQA : A^uf a 
otbtteACA utle iDAtUe t^è f itttP^« 

5 Jf toi)ii)w leif ce^ttc A^rf bftetceAi99«»f : ac^ 
Ai) CAÙti) Ism) bo cftòcAtfie At) XfgeAtt^A. 

6 Hè bitfACAti AO XfseAtiOA bo 1^19^6 i)a f UtC"^ 
eAti)patf : A^rf lè fptO|tAb a bètl a ftiiAS utle. 

7 4^ftr|5]5i6 fè ttif5eA6A i)a ti^AtiA Ari)>?l c:3i.tti) : 
A^rf cuitt|6 frAf AO brÒAisèAt) a ccijctb tow^ff. 

8 l3]o6 OA^U Ai) I>f5eAtii)A ^ Ai) ccAUti) ttfle : 
bto6rArt)At) A|tt>rle ;^t^t^^^^^^'^ ^^ boti)uii). 

9 (S>itt bo UÒAiti fè^ ^S**r ^<^ t^t^A6 Aii)N6 : bo 
A|Cti) f è, A5uf bo f eAf 50 bAto^eAp. 

10 Do D| AD ^tàSt^DA coti)^le DA cctD^^AC bfo- 
fi)AOtD : bo Df fti)rA|DCt5e da obAOjDe Deti)ètt?sècAC. 

1 1 ^Af t:ri6 coti)Atftle ad SfseAfiDA 50 bft^c : 
f fDrAtDCfgce A cttot6e 50 fAogAÌ da f aojjaI. 

12 Ì8SD>?5 AD CtDS6 A5A bt!ì?l AD ^lSsnDA DA ±)f A 

aCA : 1 DA òAOtDe bo C05 fè tD4 Of5tteACb bo fèf d. 
. 13 j'^èrcufb AD 2tf5eAttDA 6 DeAti), bo cf fè tDtc 
i>A Dt^AOfDe >?le : beAftCAt^ fè òd }o^4kb coti)D>95 4 
ÀfctteAbAfb DA CAlti)AD r^le. 

14 iCff fOD criDAbòtft A ccftoi6ceA6 a DètDfècb : 
cttf^e fè A DofbfteACA ufle. 

15 tWf btrrtl 3Slf5 4 bfc cttTÌ)brt5ceAti tiè fotDAb 
flofs : Dj f A0ttc4 AD brfDe cftèAD t^è tnè^ A Detftc. 

10 ^x Df bfoti)AOfD eAC tDAtt^ìbtOD>: V] f AO^f Al 
fè AODbrfDe \iè tpèAb a Deittcu 


S56 aatt »6tt«<n. An vL L&. 

17 ^èttc, Ac^ fttil Ai) )tÌ5eA]ii)A q ai> Ircb aiiì 

c|t6cAf^e. . 

18 J)o f ao|ìa6 a !)ai)ii)a 6 'b«if : ^ b^ ccop^ib^ll 
beò A P50ftcA. 

19 tic^ Att DAt;n)A A5 fefceAiì) ^ àd cX{5S]ti>A : 
f f efijoD 4 ccAbq, A5ttf 4 fCjAc. 

20 <S)f|i if A9f Ai) bo ÒèAQAf A|i cc|ioi8e 5^i]i- 
beAcrf : bo b|i]5 5V|i cttifteAiDAfi A]t Dbo|5 ad a 

ttfOn) DAOtbCAfAD* 

21 )3io6 bo cftòc^e 0]tttfD A£]5eA]tDA : bo ]tè]fi 

f1)A]i AC^ 4 !)bd]5 ]09Ab. 

Ps. xzxiv. Bènedicam Dcnàm. 

l$eAD^tt|6 n)è ad XiJeAftDA 5AC tt]le y2| : btA]6 
A iì)oIa6 a9 ido b&ttl A CCOIDDM5. 

2 tÌDf A c£f5s|i1)A bo 6|DA 1DADAID 5l6]]t : cWd- 
]:e AD CttiDAÌ è, A^vf bf Af6 lttAC5&f fiec. 

3 <n6]tttf6e AD JtfSeAftDA leAiDf a : T ^ftbxfJeiDib 
A tifDiD A D^fDreACb. 

4 b4A]]i iDè AD 3L^S«A]tDA, Ajjrf bo cvAlrfb f è 
iDè : A^ttf bo fAOfi^iD^ 61D eA^U ttfle. 

5 b«^èttÒAbAft Cttf5e, A^ttf bo fOfUffseAÒ f Ab : 
A5ttf Df fiAfb D^ffie ^ A DAfScfb. 

6 Do 5A.fft AD bttfDe boccfp, f bo crAltt|6 ad 
XfSeAfiDA è : A^rf bo f AOft 'è 6 da r]le br Af 6fig6. 

7 DO Dl tCf D^eAÌ AD 2t]5<|]lDA CAIDpA 50 C]ttt]D A 

ccfTDC]oU DA bfittfD^e q A iDbf a eA^U : t f AO]itt(6 
fè f Ab. 

8 iSUff f6, A^rf frèrcttf6 srfi iDAfc ad 2t]5g]tDA : 
f f beDtt]5 AD brf De a^a iDbj a 6615 ad- 

9 Ì3fo6 eA^U AD Xf^eAfiDA OftìfD, f]bff a daoida 
fèf D : 6f]i Di bfT'^l ttfftjf bttf6 Af ft AD Ivcb 4 a bfrì(?l 
A eA^U* 

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ocftrf : Acc Df bf a]6 ttffteAf br]6 èADiDAfceAfA A|]t 

AD Ircb f A]]ittf AD SfSeAftDA. 

11 £f5]6 A cUd, èffCfS ftfOiDfA : cg^AffSfeAb 
eA^U AD Ì^ISeAftDA 6tb. 


JÌnvlLd. atfi 5l?«fU«5tn S57 

ii|a|i> tQit)Ab U^a6 bpA^Gfip TDA^ce^f A ? 

13 Ao)n)è]b bo ceAPs^ 6 Vnc^b : A3Vf bo bèul 
6 lAbftAfiii; ce^l^e. 

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r}, ASttf leAi) ]. 

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Ajaf A clttAf A Ctttt) A CC0lÌ)ATtC. 

16 ftc4t A5At6 Ai) l|5e4t)A a i)AgAt6 da bttMDSe 
bo Df olc : CtttD A ccttf n)D^ ^ S^^TI*'^^ àn ccaIaids. 

17 €(4itftYb DA f fl*èfD> A^ttf bo cliffD ad ^l5S|tDA t. 

"^Z^V fAOjttt^ tAb 5 DA t)tt}le ADACftA. 

18 ttf |:05ttf AD XfJeATtDA bOD ^^S a^a bfìfl 
A cc|toi6e b|t(fce : A^of f A0ftpr6 i)a cotbiDbitMjce 
4^ n»fOftAb. 

19 4ff ]0tD6A qtà6 4 AD bpfitèYD : 5i6eA8 f AO|t- 
fnri6 AD Xf5eA|iDA yaca atle è. 

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21 fièc iDttTftf t6 AD c'olc ad ctolcAC : t f5|ttof- 
fiit^eAti AD Incb A5A bf tt|l f VAC 4 ad bfft|tèttD. ' 

22 .if^ttAf5ltt|6 AD £f$eAitDA adaid <^ f«l]»btf§c t 

1 Df r<^ntotT»iS»Aii ^thMp cwfitf lof A Dbai j ad. 

Ps. xxzv. JtuBca me, Jhnune^ 
Xa52| A tlS^ftDA |ttf AD lDì?DCl|t CgD4|5tOf p|OìD r 
CAtAt^ |tlf AD tDtttflctlt CACtttStOf AID A5At6. 

2 0Ab 5itettD IH) fcètc A^Yf bo bfrtticlèi |t i T f gf 

fYAf botD cf TÌ)bAè.. 

3 tC^ttf CAttttttDS AtDAè AD SAC^ A^ttf fCOp AD 

cflfje A DA5At6 DA tDYiDCiite bttAi6|tiof tDè t AbAt]i 
|ièTD ADAtD, tr "?11f bO fUDVjA^. 

4 4:,lAOt6ceAtt ASttf D^lT^TS^OAtt ad Ittcc lAtrtYf 

TDADVfD : lOtDpOtSejlt q A DAlfj ASVf clAOtCgtt, AO* 

lYcbDoè ffDYAtDeAf ttttcdib bAii). 

5 *ibtf iDAfi \àcM) 5f cofDe DA SAOtce : •} AtD**^ 
SeAÌ AD XfseAftOA b^ttuASA^. 

6 Ì$(o6 A fllje DA 6oftCAbYf A^Yf pò^fleAtbUtD 2: 
Asof ATDseAl AD SlSeAitDA bA vz^v^^vm^v^ 


358 adtt »&^9l£in. Jn vu. Ul. 

cofpeYif A I05 : 90C bo cocUb4 5^9 ^664 a cco|9e 

8 £|5eA6 iDtlleAÒ ^\\^x^^^ ^^^ T^^l^ ^ tl<>r ^15^ 
A Ifoo DOÒ bf olaY5 r^> 5AbA6 è fè^p : ^ cv^ceAÒ 

9 ^5ttr bt^l^ iDADAiDrA IttAcJ^iiteAÒ ADfA XI5- 
SftDA : bo 6èADtt)6 fè 5à)]tb$Cttf )Oda f UDtt^A^. 

10 JD6A|t«|6 TDO CD&iDA a)le, 5 a S»f5eA|tDA, c^a 
jf cofibvil leACf A, Doc f AOftttf AD bocb 5 DbvfDe 

AC^ A)DeA)tCtbA]t DA A5A]6 : A^ttf AD boCC A^Vf 

AD ceAf btt|6eAC do cè tbtUfOf -è ? 

11 b4t|t]5 ft^S'Jtttr® èA5c6]tAC fttAf : bo cttt|»- 
eAbAft iDO letc Detcè D^}t bf eAf bAib* 

12 ^ta^AbAfi 6Atb lttA]5ecb a]le a D^S^t^^^t^* 
eAf A : cotD iDADtDA bo ibiUeAb. 

13 ^cc iDttl) A Dv^ bo b^bAft eAf IàDj b^fAte-* 
^bAC iDO CttlÀt^y btttblvt^tor iDAD^ib ttè c)tof ca6 : 
T bf )U TDo 5V)6e - aid wòc f èt^. 

. 14 b.9oiDC)iAf iD^ fètD ÀibVr)& if 5V)t bè tDOf ^4- 
ttib, d6 ido 6gftb)tl^c^ è : bvTblv)5tOf a DbMb^bAO) 

IDA|t AD Cè bO Df bOtl$)Of 4 f OD A ibÀCAft. 

15 ^cc AD iDO )ttACbADAf t>o .)tfDfib4f AD 5^t|^b- 
eACttf, A5Vf bo ò)ttt)b)5eAbA)t )Ab fèt^ ^ DAOD^tc: 
DA c)ocrttt)n7)5 f df, bo ctoDdlAbA]t a cceAD ^ cè]le 

AID A5A)6, T D1 |tAlb A f )0f A^AIDf A j bo ]tèubAb4, 
1 'Jfo^t f5V)]teAbA]t. 

1(1 3&è clvADA)]t]b rDA5A]6 4 c6)f]teAcv]b : A5 
5l0f5^i) ]tft DA bf )Acltt)b AiD <^5A)6n. 

17 tC lt)5g]tDA, c^ f Ab b)Af CY 6a f A]CfiD fo ? : 
f AO]t IDADAID 6 D^ iDbttA]6)teA6, IDO ibv)]tDfD 6 DA 

18 Do bèA]tAb btt]6fiCttf bu)cf) ADfA ccoib6^)l 
ib6)]t : A iDeAfC ib6)t:Si]D bAO)De iDolf a iDè co. 

J9 (Xl^ lè]5boiD D^tibb)b 5a]]ibeACttf bo 6|DAtb 
6f iDO c)ob 50 b^A5c6ttAC : D^ lè]5 bo IttCb iDf va)C- 
tjce 5AD 4i6bA]t A f^l bo cIaoda6. 

20 (6]]t D) lAb)tA]b f )0ccA)D : T c]obf5D>^b b]t)AC- 

]tA CeAl^ACA A DA5A]6 6A0]De fOC]tA DA CAllbAD.' 


Ah vii. Ld. at?i »St4Ji:<f1. 359 

21 tÌ3Uf bpof cUbA]t A TDbèrl 50 fAtltf fD3 4rt) 
A3AI85 T A bttb]tAb4 : ttljA, a1)a, bo cfb ^ f'^le è. 

22 X)o co^Ai]ic Ctt f o, A tljeAitijA : ija bf Ab 
cocb, A £f5eA]tDA, v^ bf a bpAb uAttp. 

2S 4!io||ir|3 fVAf cu l?è|i), Ajvf iDUf^A^l òuit) ii)o 
b|ietceAri)i)uif, cun) tdo c^fe : it)o £f3eA|ti)A, A^uf 
njo ÌìA^ 

24 §8e]|t bfte|ceAiì)i)rf 0|trn), t^o ]tè]]t cf f|tèri)- 
rAcbA, 6 A Ìf3eA]ti)A, iDo Ì)]a : A^ùf t)^3^f1tb|3]b 
5f it)o c]0§. 

25 QtlA bAb]tA6.f]Ab ]o$'a cc]tO]6e, tib^, ^b^, 
T^ f 1t) 4 nJlAt) : DA bAb]tu]b, Do fltt]3gìD4 frAf è. 

26 QCl^]it]5ceA]i, A^uf clA0]6ceA|t a Dè]Df eACb, 
AD b]tOD5 bo Df 3^1T*b]u3A6 ad tdoIc : èAbu]3ceA]t 
^Ab lè bl")6eA]t3A6 A^rf eAfOD6]]t, doc ìb6]tì^]0f 
lAb ]:è]D AiD A5A|6. 

sr? 0a]Ttebff lè W4Kt5^\}ie^ A^uf bfblf 3^iTtb$c, 
3AC A bf r]l ]!AbA|tcAÒ bort) fr f]tèttDCAÒb : A^ttf Ab- 
|tA]bff bo 3Dac, ^]o6 AD 2LfJeA]tDA iD6]tr]3ce, a^a 
B]:\?l ba]l A fODuf A fe]]tbff]3. 

28 ^suf ]ro]llf e6cr]t ido ceAD^A t|f f]tèrDCACb : 
T bo iboU6, q ]:eA6 ad l^è. 

Ps. xxxvi. Dixit mjuitm* 

^ ^ be]]t b]toic3DfoTb ad c]o5ctt]5 a f c]5 ad ido 
c|toi6e : dac b]:u]l eA^U Dè 6f co]De a fùl. 

2 (S>]]i bo D] fpleA64tcuf ]t]f ]?è|D ]Oda ]iA6^itc : 
d5 30 DA]CD]5]0]t 30 b|!Ml A p<|CA]6 ]rUACTbA]t. 

,3 'S^f iDfc^Ttc, T TDeAUc6]]teacb b^]AC]tA Abè]l: 
too lè]3 6e be]c 3l]c, A^uf ida]c bo 6èAD^n)* 

4 ^fDttA]D15i6'fè olc A]|t A leAbtt]6, fuf5]6 fè 
Tèp g f Ifje DAÒ tDAjC : Dì 6]rlcAD ad colc. 

5 tt Ìf5eA]tDA, ]f Abft)<^ fU]ceAfu]b acà bo 
d]t6cA]]te : T c]?]]t]De 30 Dvf^e da DèrlU ]f ^]]tbe. 

6 Zx cofibtt]l cf ]]tèADCA<Sb ]tè flè]bc]b]t6 i8^]ibA : 
bo b]ie]èeAibDttif ]f cofibrfl ]t]f ad DbttbA^^eAD, 

7 <S) A Ìf5eA]tDA, cribbtt]3e cit ad br]De, A^ttf 
AD CA]Drt)l6e ; cftèb è o]]t6eA]tCttf bo c]t6cA]]tè, a 

. ^ : 4 A D^bA]t riD cr]]t]r]b tdic da 9^^0]d« ^ 
9b5]$ A f c^]le bo f cfAcÀD* 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

360 »^ »6tU«^- An vii- U. 

8 «èib Ap t)4i r^r«SA6 s<> n^ *^^ ^^ "'^^^^ ^^ 

tfte : Ajar bo bèAitA cr otrtA 6l bAibne ì)AOi5Dtr- 

9 i^iit ir AjAbrA AC^ cobAft PA beAÌA : a5 bo 

f olurA bo òlbrion) roW- , , ..,.., 

10 /AbviS boc|t6cAiite bOD lucb b^T^ eoUc cu. 
ATurcrir*^'^^^^^^ boi) btneAC A cc]ioi6e, 

11 31^ ciseAÒ cor A DUAbAiit oituiD : AJiir ^*' 

<J0nttttSeA6 UlD An CIODCtttS IDè- 

12 ttDfOiD bo cufceAbAii, lucb oibittsce da bttli- 
«6|be ; ^ cèil5i©6 rlor 1A*>j ^S^f ^l '^"^ ^l^l^ ^^ 

feifg^ : 

Pt. xzxTÌi Nolk emulari, 

ai^ rsns^ ^** t^^i** r^^«^*> bèvDCA a Dvtic : d^ 

bf AiD5l6e A DA5At6 lucbA oibtttjce a D6t5cet|ir. 

2 fi)itt ID4 AD btrèutt 5eAtttrvJ5e4 fìor 50 bobAD 
lAb : A5vr cittoDrvfb iDAtt ad lutb 5lAtr» 

3 £^|t tio 66^5 ADr^ iiseAtt^A, 1 bèAD mAic : 
Àttftetb ADfA buicce, t beAc6cAtt cu 50 betiDlD. 

4 ^5ttr bio6 bo 6mI adT^ ^1581*'?^ • 1 ^o bèrfiA 
fè 6vtc,tAtt<^ACAr bo ctiotbe. 

5 ÌAobbo flfse tiir ^^ cXt5§tiUA, <^5^r c^l* ^ 
66|5 AD : A5ur bo 6èADA r^ è. 

6 ^jur bO bèAttUt6 fè AIDAC CfÌttèVDCACb TDAtt 

AD crolur: A5ur bo b]tetceA»bDur iDA^t fol^r AD 
ìDeàboD Uè. 

7 &0IDDA16 ADr^ XiSeAttDA, A^uf bèAD fetctofb 
1?oi5tbeAc Attt : d^ rs^Svt^ cutJèiD ttir ADCè bior 
roDA 10DA f Mse, ttir AD ci Doc cttfocDMStor A 6|toc 

$ ^c>f|t 6 f eifis, 1 lèt5 ^ioc AtDcèr : V^ t?St^5- 
tti6 Ctt rèl') Atti èAD<iott cviD .tt|lc bo 6èADAib. 

9 <J>1^ 5^Attirttt5CeA|t AIDAC Ivcb bèADCA DA 

bèA5c6|tA : A5vr Ivcb reicibe AÌtt ad cJLfseAttDA 
geAbvib oistteACb. a Df eAttttiD. 

10 tCsttr r6r h^Z^V* 1 ^l h^^^ ^d ciodcac. ad : 
iDfgrt? A cu 50 buctt ACbAC A lODAb, ^ Di bèt6 r^ IDce. 

11 ttcc 5èttbMb DA ceADr^jca ot5tt§cb a DFSft- 
VD : A5ttr btAt6 A Db^l A DloiDAb 9a rfocc^DA. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

An VDL ià aft^ l?«itjj«<!1. $61 

, . 12 X>o r)\ ^V CAijbv^ije c]or)f5r)An) a 1)^5^16 a 
t>]o5|iì7C : "^ bo 1)1 SÌofc^i) ijA A5AI6 |tè i)A ^iAcU^b. 

13 Do 6èApA Ai) JE^jeAjtpA 5^|tie »iri)e : di|i bo 
6| 30 ccivcj:ai6 a l^. 

14 X)O.CA||ii)5eAbA|tt)Ab|toc8AOii)e At)clo^6grì), 
T bo itèi5iobA|t A rDbosA : bo cetÌ^gi) i)a ii)bvAi6- 
eA|tCA A^vf i)A iDbocb tfof, a^vj* bo »i)ApbA6 i)a 
pbfiteAC fAD cflfje. 

15 I^ACtti6 A ccloi6eAn) a f ceAC fo5A cc|tot6e 
fè]V : A^vf b|t]n:|5ceA|i a iDbòjA. 

16 ^f peAttt AD he^-^ixr) ac^ A5 ai) btrì]tèuD : V^ 
fAi6btt"ior ri)ò\i'A]V bo 6tioc 6^o]V]h, 

17 (fctli bjttft^lSqoti tttSceAè DA Dbtt0c6AOtDe : 
AC.C C0D5TÌ)At6 AD XtJeAttDA AD l^tttèttD f ttAf- 

18 ^f Atcpe boD S»t5eAttDA lAèce da DbitteAC t 
A5Vf btAt6 A DotstteACb 50 f fottttti6e, 

19 aif bfAt^ D^ttie otttA A DAiTDfltt A Dttllc : T 
bètb f^fvt5 A lAèqb i)a sottcA. 

20 Ujòz metctJtb DA c|0Dcvt5, A^vf bèib D^tibbe 
AD XtgeAttDA TDAit ibèycttf DA ittb^t^) CDA0tt:t5c§tt 
tAb : b|Atb cDAOice a DbeACtttj;. 

21 0AbAt6 Ai) bttoc6tttDe A|ttleA5A6, A^vf v} 
6folAD A ttff : Acc CAtfbèADttt6 Ai) f tttèVD ctiocqe^ 
A^ttf bo betift- Dj6 va6. 

22 ^Wi AD ibètb ACA AH DA IDbeADU^A^ ttA6f AD9 

jeAbvb otsiteAcb da cAlibAD : A^uf ad luèb bo 
TbAlUttg fè, seAjtif Ati AtDAp tAb. 

23 -3ff .6d ^ifseAttDA ottbvtgceAlt cOff cèt")e ad 
bttiDe : A^vf bf bttil At^e tODA flfse. 

24? 33(o6 50 cctttcf eA6, Df cetlsf iseAit f fof è : 
òtti C0D5ri)At6 AD iìseAitDA ttè DA lAtrt) f ttAf è. 

25 Do bf iDè 55, T a Dotf AcAfiD AòfCA : aòc Df 

f ACA IDè AD f IttèttD Att DA CltèfSlOD, A5Uf A f IfOdc 

A5 lAttiut6 bètttce Att^tD- 

26 UzSf^ fè ct^ÒCAttteAC, A^uf AittleAscAC 4 t^g6 
AD Uè : A5Vf ACA. A f Itocb beADutS. 

27 X)eAlri5 à doIc, A^yf b|D tD^tc : T AtctteiB 
50 bttÀc. 

, 28 l6ttt tf ]0Vrt)yiV leif ad cStsgttDA bttetc§ibi)vt*: 

T d! cttètstOD A DAoiib, 1 Ac^ib bAlD^fOD 3<> btt^è. 

2 H 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Se2 dHU rStt J«^*. An vin. U^ 

f Ajt flfo6b Ai) bitocljriDe A|i ttaò, 

80 CeAbAfb pA b^otij^ fffri^apc^k ofjiie^èb 4^ 
i>{;eA:ittt}9 : A^uf ^tP?*^^^'*'!^ ^V 50 ftO]|tiii6e. 

51 %^]beò\i(i]6 bèrl a !)f fitèttr 0A3OA : T l<t|b- 
edntttd A te^^xy^A btieiceAfb^rf . 

82 ttt^ blfS«A^ 4^ Ì>è to^A C|toide : i>f r^^fOTl^* 
i:rt!^. •*<>? ^^ cotf cètti)tb. 

35 p] AD bftocSutpe aj f j^tl^ Aft ai) bffitèri? : 
A^rf iAgtrt6.A òrjt cun) b^tf. 

84 ait f ^5f At8 Ai) ItjeArttijA to^A Uiiì) è : T uf 
6A]fDpe5cttt6 è, Ai) cAi) bo 66ai)c4 bftetcgmmir ?• 

55 i^èiè At|t Ai) i?Xt5eA.ttOA> A^suf coi)3!t)At6 a 
tMSe, A^ttf Att^beÌ6rt6 fè xsu cuii) 5tfie4<bA da* 
bì^cce : a DttAt|t bèjb D^ b|ioc6APtO^ ^ 9^ r^t^l^n 
bo cfif e cr ft^. 

56 ÌDo co^Atttc fD^ AD bnoc6rtD© DeA|tcib4tlt : T 
f 5^. le>cDtt546 f ètD AiDtttl CftAflr jl^f b^t^^- 

57 ^srf bo 34bttf coitc, A^rf, t?èrc, Df t^^tb 
f è AD : ASttf bt^tti tDè è, A^rf Dfott f ftfc è. 

38 itoiDAitctttJ AD 1?tt»^ttD, f èttd Atti 4^D Dbftigc : 
^ll^ ir f ìoèc^t'J Cfttoè A Dt?||t r|D. 

39 fCèc fctttofpriJceAft luòb ad Cf A-ttitttSte a 
DèlDfS<5b: T 5Slltf4 aidaò bOttteA6 ad bttoc6rtDe- 

40 ttcc tf 6D.Kt5s|tDA ACA fUDrgAb A Dt?|ttèiD2 
fè À DeAttc è A DAIlDfltt A DètStODCVjf . 

4-1. ^.3Vf bo bèAltrt6 ad ^ttSeAltDA CAb^ 86ib, 
A^ttf f A0ittrai6 lAb : f A0tttut6 iȏ fib o da b|toc- 
bAOjDtb, A^ttf coiiDbe6cri6 tAb bo bitii; 30 bf^l a 
Dbò|5 Ap: 

Fft. xszvUL Domène, ne m fwr^re^ 
ti ttseAitDA, D^ bttD6gtt5 tDè -^ìVctrettts : A^rf 
Dl^ fiDACbriS ìDè AD bo,6tQiD6A te. 

2 <biit Ac^t^ bo fdiS6e D^ f e<if Aii) go bAtDStOD 
lODriD i A5ttf AC«i bo lirD boiD bitajAb xo bofftb. 

3 Gtlt bf f l f UtDce Ait btc AD. TDf eofl' bo BitfJ 

^r^ms^ri = ^f bf atl ftofcò^iD aid tr^^v^n^ bo tf JS 
ri)o peA«Ai6; 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

UaI^Ò C|tOt179 A^^p )tO C]tOrt7 A^Atl). 

5 ^cÀfb 11)0 C|t|cb4i fi)0ftc>f8ce, "j Ac;^]b b|tèri) : 
Ì50 b|tt3 n)o tè^tne. 

6 fic:ei]iD bttAÒAftc^i ACÀin) A5 cUoi)a6 t1<^* 50 
1)^0rt)4C4c: fittblrii^ A i)bo|l5]Of 4 fg6 ao Uè \?\e. 

7 <&m Ac^ib fi)o fl]A]XA Ui) bo ^èAjt 5AU]t : '^ 
i)f bf ii]l f AlU]De 4 b]c AD Tt)]:eo]U 

8 f4cA]lD 'ADbfAD^ ^5«^ 4 iDO bvAUò 50 Detii)- 
oeAÒ : bo ttA]U iDè 4 |*od Tb]OfrA]bD]f ii)0 cjtojòe. 

9 fi £]5eA]tDA> it* 5f bo co]6e ac^ n)o td]ad 
»lle : A5^f D]0]t f olttt$^A6 iDOf daììac o)[tcf a. 

lò ttcA 1D0 c]to|6e lttA]iDDgè, c]tèig]6 n)0 Dg^tc 
fDè : A^ttf Df b|?tt|l folrf f è]D mo frl a^aiDv 

1 1 ^sf A]b fifAOf 5|ta6A T tDO c^]]tbe a bf Ab r a6 
iDO brAt6|teA6 : T f §f Atb tt)o JaoI a bf Ab uAtiD* 

12 ^jttf AD Ucb AC^ A5 coftrtgeAÒb 4 idadatDj 
cM|ttb i^AtDtètP t^^mAiD : 1 AD b]tbD5 I^TI^^f ^o^^r^ 
lAb]tAlb tt]t661b, T fTDrA]Dt6 CJI5A 4 t:eA6 ad Uè. 

ÌÌ ticc TD]ft, ATÌ)>^1 brtDè bog^tt dj clttt9|ito:. T 
iDA]! 6tttDe bAlb, DAC bt!Of cUd a bèttl. 

14« ^Att f o bo bi TDè TDAti &rtDè pAÒ pcttttDfOD : 
' Aguf Ag DAC bf tt|l Acmttf ÀD t^S^ ^èvX. 

Ì5 (6|ti toPAbfAf A Ìtj^AttDA^ cr]tttOf iDO 66c- 
crf : bo bèÀttAttt^ f ftè AgttA, OÀ XfgeAttD^ iDO^t^* 

16 <&]]* A brb]tttf, 6g5U 50Dbè]Dbtf s^^lttbgèrf 
ottttTD : A DVAtti cotfttt]SeAf iDd cof, TD^tittiStb tAb 
f ètP Att) A§Al6. 

47 <£>tt^ Ac^]TD òtUti) 6tttD befc bACAÒ : "t Ac^tDO 
6otlSJof Atti TDAjAt6 bo iv'^t. 

18 ©tt^ fotltfeòcA|6 TDè iDO ctoDCA : A^rf bt^b 
botlgtof Ac Atti fOD TDO peACA]6. 

19 ttcc Ac^t^ ^<> D^t>ì'^^ beò6A7. Ac^ DeA|t&- 
n)4 : Aprf Ac4^]b 4 da DlOTDAbr5A6, doc f VAC^of 
n)è 50 btiètt^AC. 

20 tt^ttf AD b]tdDg, co]]tbeAttrf olc 4 f OD nfA^i* 
eAf A, AC^]b DA D^tTDbtb A5ATD : bo bitfj go Uad- 

ttfTD AD TDAtC. 

31 3((a cttèts n)èf A trf^eAttDA : tdo X)|a V^ bf 

A bf Ab ttAtlD. 


564 »U 9l6ti!n<n. . Anyìu.L&. 


PS.XXZÌX. Dixif Ciutodianu 

% bvb^ijic iDè, I>o bèAti^ mè At|te boij) f lisètb : 
50 DAC i)bèAi)A& pe^CAb lèii) teAÌ)5At6; 

2 £of yeac^^b r|ilAf) |i6ìd bèul : at> peÀò bf^f .c^i> 
c|OQCAc 6f iDO coipe. 

8 Uo bf njè b^lb, itè a betc ati) co'cc : bo bf njè 
Aio codc 6 fi)Atc; "^ bo cotttriJeAÒ mo òotlstof. 

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ffi)ttAtt)eA8, boÌAf Ai) cetpe*: AVfl^ ^^ lAbjtrf 
Ttèn) ceA93Ai6. 

5 ^ ^iSST^iJA, l?otUft3 6An)n)o ctttoc 8èt5tooAc, 
T CAbiq A f |0f bAib CAi6e t?Ab ti)o lAèce : 50 n)A6 
ftOf bATÌ) c4^ f Ab ibAtfif lof TDè. 

6 fièròj bo tt|De ci* »i)o Uèce bo letcgb bAtf è r 
A^ttf Ac4^ it)AOtt Ti)4 DetiDDt^ Ab l^c^f t, 50 betTÌ)to 
if btOTDAOtpeAf 50 lèitt A Dtttle 6rtDe, 6-et f eÀbrf 
bA n)h] A tXAtb. 

7 00 betii)tD ir ">4 letbAts ftrbUr A D>?le 6>?oe, 
50 befTÌ)tD tr A DbtOTÌ)AOtDeAf bo Dfb cotttttjAÒ : 

Cftì^t^ ^^ìVe T1)A0tD, T Dt flM T^ CtAÒAtCftOf tAb. 

8 ftsttf A Dotn cttèb 4 A btrtttltTi) A5 \:e]t]or% ^ 
3tf$eAttDA : AC:8^ 11)0 6òccrr tODAbrA. 

9 <6rt) ^le AtDblt5g6 r^ott Ti)è : d^ bèAD fCAVf^^l 
A DAii)Ab^tt> btOTi). 

10 Up bf iDè bAÌb, Diott f orcAtl n)è ido bèttl : ^o 
bttts 50 DbèAttDA cr^A 6. 

11 ttcttttti; rAtTDre bo btttUe : bo tì^oac TDè cttè 
brtltè bo Ut^^* 

. 12 ^D CAD ceADr^Ster cit btttDe ttè b-^cii^ttr^D'vb 
4 roD ^l^eetjtc, bo bèAttg 4 a r5^1") CDAOt rt)Att 
leATDAD : ir bfoTÌ^AOtDeAr 50 lèttt a Dtttlè bttfDe. 

13 4ilrtD TDrttDrtS, A /LfseAttDA, A^^r CAbAftt 
ètrceAcb bort) cÒTT)Atttc : t)Sx bf ^054 ttèn) 5^1. 

14« ^tn ir coijcttfse rt)è A^AbrA, ASttr An> 
cetTÌ)t5ceAÒ : td4 D)AtctteACA rtle. 

15 £otrÌ 6foTD, A5ur lèt5 ^ati) n)o DeAttc bAc- 
DttAgA^ : rttl trt)ce6<5Ab, T daò n)btAb ad Dfor n)5.. 


4n ^. £i. . aft« MMflM). 965 

tK> cUoT) f è òvsArt), Agtf bo diulntd n)o cori)^. 

2 ivsrft tVAt* iDè ìftàfi At) scèAbo^ Af Ap btioU 
uAc6:af4^ò, Af cJttt^i* UcAtB : AjYf bo èntti ^^o 
dOf A 4 CA|tiut<5, A5Tf bo dAtD5tr|6 tt)o cotfc^in^e. 

S tC^tif bo cutti f t^^ cifpqc 9ua6 a^ n)e eèul ; 

iDoIa^ bAtt 1)JbtA. 

4. S>o ò\^}b tDdjt^tf t^5 ASVf biAtb eAsU'OitiA : T 
ctttiitt^ A t)b5t J A$f A ÌJseAttpA. 

5 Jff foi)A Ai) buti)e cVttteAX a Sdccuf A$f A XÌ5- 
eAfi^A : AjVf i)fttt f èuc bo t)VAtbtieAÒ, po bop Ivdb 
cUoDAf cttTD b]tèr2;. 

^ A A ìtfJfèAttDA Ati 1)35fA, bo ttt^f ioìpàb bot 
otbitgcAtb tODSADCACA ; •( boc fiDVAt^^lèl^ ^*9e * 
Df f^tbtt* ^o ^^^c A ccvDCAf brtcf> ADottbrjAb. 

7 Ì^ btro]Uf e5<5v|D t^^> '^3'*'f ^ Ub^^tl*^ • 1f ^^ 
tAb D^ tf f^t^lT^ iitt^e^it). 

. 8 9flltoit tAttti cti fofcb'Atttt riò oy^^t'tjl : bfOf CAtl 
Ctt fDO cluAf A. 

. 9 ^|!tcatl loifse, d6 Of |t^tl pgCAt6 DfOt<1 ^t^ tr ; 
a6 ft^ ^ bubqc iDtf I5 i^èvc, AC;ètt"^ At; ceiCcr. 

10 tt CCeAD AD leAbAtlt AC^S^'fCtttoBcA 0|tUTDfA, 

^Tf AOfbf^ VeAfD bo èoil bò 8èAD4HD a Ì>è : AC^itiD 
f^fCA A bgD^tD'; 1 Ata bo Slfjjft A iDg66D iDt^g^- 

11 I>o foffjètl iDè ct?tt*èVDCA6c A^f A 5COtfi)ctOD- 
òl iDOtt : t^èvc, Dloft èoDgbAfb iDè ido bftrl, tf A^èDe 
totc, A %^%e^^t)^* 

12 aifott f oltttS rt^ cf ft^èVDCACb a id^a6òd iDO 
eitofbe : btfotttfij iD* t^^ì^lW^ ^S^ ^o f UdvJaÒ; 

IS Otfott, cefltof bò òtD^AÌ 5ttti*AC, T cf fitt^e s 
6d CCOlDCtOD^l fboft. 

14f aU coDSfc^tftfl tt^Wj ^ tfJeAtiDA, bo qtò* 
CAtfte ctDèrlcA : còfiDèAbAÒ cotDe^c sttt^^d ASuf 
ètrft^D^ bor jD^^t iDè. 

15 •t»» *>o e|rtSf6tolUb4tt'tttle6oAfttibe V^ ccr^c 
infr, bo jAbAbAtt DA t>^ACAt6 5ttetrD 6ìotD, Asuf Df 
f èAbfttiD f èttdiCfD fVAf : Aci^t^ ^ 1T Ifontbtttt^e d* 
5tiVA5 iDo otDi A5vf bo cttèis tdo citot^e d)^, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

366 gm VmJK^. Jn yvL lA, 

16 3tO|ltS, A tfSftt«9A, 11)0 f A<>|tA6 : A tt5S]il>A, 

bèAP ^1ci)to|* bOTi) Ò4^b4* 

Doc lAttittf iDAi)AiD bo rì)illeA6 : t?lUctoit ^tt ^ D^tr, 
1 t)^!]t1Sce4, AD bftgii) poc oftb'^jtof olc 6aìì). 

18 JDfocUtcttl5ce4 i^b tD4 IttAiseACb a i^^^fte: 
Doò A bet|t tttoiD, ^b^, 4^bA. . 

19 ^DèADAibif s^tt^beACVf t bibìf IvAcji^tT^^ 
tODAbf A, 5AC AOD bA Dl^tttAD cvf A : AbttAt*>ìr ^ 
ccoiDDviJe 5AC A D5tt^6rt5lOD 6o f l^Dtt5A6^ 0o 
iDèAbvtgceAtt AD ^tteAitijA. 

20 18fo6 50 bfttiliTD bocb, A^ttf eAfbttt6eAC : 
f IDttAtDf 16 AD XfJeAJtDA OftVID. 

21 <9f ctt iDt?e4 C0D4CA, A^vf f AOttCA : 6 a £tA, 
D^ bèAD FAtll|5e. 

<Mii9tttc;r6 3itc (n<S)^gti£. 

Ps. xli. Bealìu qid iiUelligU. 
^f bgDtttS AD cè bo bettt ^e bOD bocb : f AOttf ^6 

AD ÌfgeAttDA è A lò A DV^lc. 

2 £vtibbed<Svt6 ad iìgeAtiDA è, T coitDèAbf a 
beò è, biAt6 fè bgDvis 4 ^D ccaIaA : 1 D^ CAb^^ 
è bo coil A DÀIDAb. 

S JDo 6&ÀDA AD SLf^eAftDA A COCV5A6 ^ leAbtttS 
A 6oil5tf : c5tttedCAi6 cu a leAb>p6 ì?te ioda tiDÌSf. 

4 ti bttb^c iDè, fi JtfJeAttD^i b§D cftòcqe ojivid : 
fUDtttS IDADAID, 5tfi bo peACAib iDè Ab ^5^16. 

5 VAb|taib iDO D^tibbe 50 bolc OftvfD : c^ bvAtfi 
^^BV^T V^ì ^5^r ibOACf Af A AtDID ? 

6 ^5ttf iD^ tt5 bort) fèvctttD, Ubftvt^ fè biom- 
AOtDeAf : ctttitblSe a ò,|tot6e vfièdib 66 f ètD ; 1 ad 
CAD ttACfAf AiDAc, U^bedttut^ è. 

7 4o5ttAtb AD tbèfb f ttACtti5iof iDè : fiDttAfDlb 

olc AID A5At6. 

8 tCcA bttoc eAflAiDce ceAD^Atlce 50 bAiDjioD 
be : A^vf A DO]f 5 ac^ da lu|6e, DJ è]tteòc'ì?6 DfOf 

I id5 da f eAf aiì). 

9 ^feAtt iDO ffocd^DA t?5f, fOD^ t^A^b iDo'65i5r 
Doc A bvA]5 n)4^D, bo ^65 f è f UAf A f U aid A3A|6, 


An viii. Là. dXU »St(;J«<f1. S67 

10 ?tcc CttfA, A ÌfjeAiipA, bèAD bfiòc^e oftmi) ; 
A5rr CÒ5 fVAf fi)è, T &o bèuncAb IttAt^ei^cb b5|b. 

11 %i]\K fo Aici)|5ìm 50 bf >?l b^l A5Abf A lo^AtD : 
bo b|ti5 DAÒ'i)bè<^t)tt|b 11)0 i)-i^t">^^ CAtcfièim òf njo 

12 tCcc 4 11)0 foDfA, coi)5ìt)^ Ctt prAf fi)è ad ii)0 
totpUt^e : 1 c>?|i|ri|t tD^ 5f coiDe t^^ite 50 bfi^c. 

13 <Bo tDAÒ b§D\ì5 b^Af AD 2tt55|tD Dia JJffiAel: 
5 f |0|titti6eACb, A^vf 50 Honivtbe. ?in)eD. 

Ps. xlii. Quemadmoduriu 

<nA]t 6tt|li5tof A Deiltc f fiocA DA DVffseAÒ : ^f 
TD^ t|D 6^lt5|Of tDADAiD lODAbf A, <6 A Ì)è, 

2 ^CÀ CAjtC 2| 1DAD4^ CttlD X)è, CttTD AD JDè 11)4 
CADttfs: c^ bvAt|t qvcpAb, A^ttf è^] f bè ADf ^b iDè 
f è|D 6f cotDe ^tgce Dè ? 

3 3Dob |Ab 1D0 beòjiA ido b|A6 bo l6 A^vf bot6ce : 
AD feA6 A bet|tceA|tl]t]OfD 50 UèceATb>?l> ^t^fc a 
bf tt]l bo Ì)]A ? 

4 £v]ri)D|5]TD DA Detcef], A^vf b5]]iC]iD o]iurt) 
A1DAC iDADAiD : 6]]t bo CVA|6 iDè ]t]f ad ccO]fi)C]OD6l, 
bo ÒVA]6 TDè le6 50 c{5 X^è. 

5 %è 5ttc ltt<xc5Si]]te A^vf idoIca : lè btotDAb A5 
coD5ib^]l U fè]le. 

6 igftèb f A cce]l5ceAfi fiof cu, 5 idadaid J A^uf 
C]tèAb f À bf tt]l cii buA]6eA]tCA tODAtD ? 

7 4;,>?]tbo 6ò]5 A dI>1A : .6]]t tDolf Ab è f6f 4 foD 
fla]Dce A Atjce, 

. 8 <6 tDO 5|A, AC^ tDADAfD 4 DA Ce]l5]0D ffOf 

tODATD: bA b]t]5r]D cv]ibDe6ctt]b 0]tcf a 5 CAlAtb 
^o]tbAD, A^vf J5e]tfDOD9 A^vf 6d ^cdoc beA^. 

9 0O|]t]6 AD bvbA]5èiAD òttfD AD bttbA]5è]D ^è 
^ttc bo 6tt]f]ll v]f5eA6 : bo cttAbAft bp coda A^ttf 
bo ctt]le co]tAfD. 

10 ttbfA l6 A]CDt5eAf 3DtA 6^ Cft6c4e : 1 ADfA 
i)0]6ce btAf A c^t^^K' ^"S^^V^y A^vf tt]tDA]5ifD 
cvrD Xè tDADiDA. 

11 JDèA]tA n)è )t& ^t^ ^O CAIttAtC, i£]tèb Af Afi. 

6g]trDV]b cv id^ : C]tèb f a u]iDC]5]tD 50 bojljtof ac> 
è f ^jttt^A^ fDO D^TDAb ? 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

358 91% MW JVtt Anì%.U. 

IS itfièbf4vofttlso4b9C«9or«f9rf<'tV d mM4Mr. 
Ajttr Cftèb fl^ bf ìfl cd bvA]6eAYitA ]094in) ? 

14 C»|ft b«-6df$ 4^ vl>f4. : 6t|i tifdf 4^ n^ |J6r è, 
rU^Dce ff)A|S6e> ASitr n>o 1^^. 

Vk zfiiL JM&a m^, lìeus. 

JDèAi? bfiefceATbpvf o|irto, a &tSeATiOA, AScir 
CAsq T90 cì^r* r^^ ^6 6i> cctDe/4^6 9eAmtTt6cJ|sc, 
6 r^Afi Q4 ii)e^llc6f fte^icb^ A^ar !}<^ b>^T^6tbe. 

2 ^ft ff ctt TfA tDo i)eftic ;,cfièb r^ ccrffteAS 
cù bfoc iDè : cfièb r^ DfiDctJin) 50 bof ISforAO, Afi 
roo r^l*'*'lSce 11)0 Q^n)Ab ? 

3 4m|ì crs^ìi) bo f olttr, ^5»^ fcfrf fifpe, cfie^fiMJ- 
bff ii)è : ctt^Afbf r ii)è Cttrt) bo CQafc i)4ori)CA, AJÈir 
Cttii) cf oi)Atb coTÒDttfSe. 

4 ^Swr ^^ rt»> ì^^àA 11)6 50 ^ Alc6f ft I>6, 50 DìfSe 
X)f A luAc^l^f ft 11)0 5Àf ftbeACttr : A^ttr ii)olf Ab c^ Afi 

AD CcUfftffJ, 6 A Ì)6, IDO ÌfA, 

5 ^fièb t?A ccefl^f OD ctt ctt pètD r1or> ^ idadaii; : 
A^rr Cfièb r^ bf'^l ctt bttAfòeAtiCA f odatd ? 

6 4rtft bo 66f5 a D^^f a : 6fft iDolt?Ab è fàff 
rl^fDce TDAfSce, A^ttf TDO Ìf a. 

Pe. xliy. Zhm, auribut, 
^ Ì)è, bo ^ttAÌAiDAft ftè Aft 3clrArAtb t bfrofU- 
rfJeAbAfi Aft DAfCfte ÒttfD : a DobAfft bofbftfS cv 

toDA DAfiDrftt, r-^^^ creADAtfDnt*; 

2 ^Htft 6)bftfr ATDAC lèb lAf li) DA CfDeAdACA, 1 

3ttti ftitèi^ ^ t^^r^^ = bo ^^i^sir A^Ac fAb. 

8 ^ft Dt t^ft DA jclotbeATÌ) bo jAbAb^ ofSfieACb 
A Df eAfittf D : Ajrf Df bt ^ l^ii) fèf D bo fAO|i f Ab ; 

4 ftèc bo Utì) beArr^) ^3*^^ ^^ p^iS> 1 r^'*f 

tAt$ce : bo bftf J 30 fiAfb cii trAbAttCAC 66fb. 

5 £ttf A n)o HfS, 6 A JDbè : AfCfD fAOfittSAb w 


6 <9oDAbrA brAflfton) Aft D^t")^^* ^5 ctCfWl^ 

f Aflce6ftArD ffof ad bftoD3 r)oà ètt*St<>r 4 ^3^1'^' 


An ix. Làf ^ ai^ »6?4;«:<ft. S69 

7 <6|]t Df cttiitfeAb 11)0 6oi5 a9 ii)o èòJa : Asuf 
l)j fAOjlf A tt)0 èlot66Afi> ii)è. 

8 %cc bo c^|itui5 cvf A fi$ 6 A]i i)titri)bib ; T 
bo tj^itiisif Ivcb 4 D30|icì?3ie. 

9 Do ijjiDtb sl^ti. A pDtA 4 f eA6 ad U^ s Ajttf 
iDolf ATT) ctitDtD cot6ce. 

10 ttcc bo tt^èts cu, Atuf bo D^t1*15 ^^ flS.* .1 

DI tW^CA CU AìDAC t*fe Att ftuAJAtb. 

11 X)o bettt ctt ofittiD to")p6J òD D^n)Atb; T ad 
Ivcb, fttACtttstOf ftD> bo Dfb èAblqlbdtb fètD- 

12 2)0 beitt cu f |d Aìbutl iDtoeAllAÒ iDAtt b|A6 : 
A3»r fP^^lS^ cit ftD A ìDeAf c x)^ D3et0teA6. 

15 làeACA tu t30 ^AOfpe 4 t)etibD|6 : l Df i9|b- 

tl]3eAD CU A IttAC. 

14 Do Df cu f CAD4^ll b^t^ ccotb^ttf ADUt^ 6fD : 
cAttcvtf De AXttf fDA3A6, bop Ivcb acA^ f 4^ ccaAtjtc 

Ati CCHDCtoll. 

15 Do Df cv feADf ocaI bf d ^ weAfc da DjetD- 
ceA6 : cttpcA6 ctD a iDeAf c v^ bpotbleAO. 

16 ftcÀTDO D^tpe df YDO cofDe Aft feA6 ad lAè : 
-^S^ ^Fol»15 0^1^^ "J^ISce ìDè ; 

17 <6 3ttc AD fCADlvtsieSftA T ad Atcff iSeottt ; 

6 AgAt^ DA D^ri)Ab, A3Vf AD b|05AlcAtS. 

18 t^iDtS f tttle oputb, 3t6eA6 Dfott ^jt^TDAb- 

AfDAft CVf A : A^Vf Df 6eAttDATDAtt TDfOCOtbàloU A 
DA3At6 bO CODAttCA. 

19 Qdfott 10TDpo|3 Att 3Ctiot6e 4 -^ ^tf : T Dtoft 
cIaod 4 ccotf cètiDe 6b fliSe ; 

20 <ftÀcA s^[» bti^3 cu nb A DtoDAb v^ iJbftASuD : 

^S^r .5«^ plttlS c^ Tfb lè fc^t^^ A^ ^^ir- 

21 <!1^ 6eAttTDAbATDAft ^IDTD 4 i)X)è, T ^uft Ijfc- 
D>«3eATDAtt 6 òètle 4 Utda cttTD X)è cotTbc|Se : dac 
f pfoDf At6 XtA fo AiDAC ? 5ttttf Atfctje 66 Detce foU 
utsceACA AD ctiot6e. 

22 % f eA6, 4 bo f ODf <v TD^bfcAtt tfD S^ UecjTb- 

•Vfl : TDeAfCAft ttb 11)4 CA0tttl6 CttTD A D^|t*« 

23 ^ufCAtl, cpèb f A ccobÌAD ctt : a tfS^^T^9^> 
D^ cttèts fib 30 bp^c. 

24 tftèb f A scetltob cu bo 3Dtt|f : ^ DbèADA cu 
beAftiD^b b^t^ TDbuAt^tteAÒ, A^uf b^ft f ^pugA^ ? 


|ttj : ceAQ5lit|b ^|i tDbols bop mUiì)* 
roi) bo CfiòCAiiie. 

Scetci^ too c|to|6e ^19^6 c^fr n^Aft : Ubituf rv 
iDobq bOD SlfS. 

2 ^o cgDSA 11)4 PS9 2 r^pf^oeòitA ftS beftotorAi^. 

8 ^r bitèAJÒA i? Q^ cU9 D^ DbAOjOe : AC^fb 
Tft^r^ Aft 9b6|tCA6 Ap bo bèvl, ttiiije r|0 bo b^^vj 
Ìf A i5tt 50 bftaè. 

4 JDeAprfS bo èlo|6e-^T9 4 bo fll^rf 1b, h ^ cài^- 
AèbttfS : |tèb Jldfft Ajrr |tèb 6AiceAn)Uèb. 

^ ^S'^'r bef |t btre^ò' a9 bo bf^èAS^Aèb : bèAi) 
lOAttCttt^Acb q b^S^l^j bo bMS bttefce da t^tttiSe, 
A^rr ceA^r^^bA, Ajttr AD cetftc ; "i iDtttDrtb bo 
Uiì) 6eAr ijetce iiAcbArACA 6\fc. 

^ -'r 5^^ ^o foiS^«> cvtcfib PA bAotoe ffttb : a 
i9eA6oi) 9M9Ab Ai) itfS. 

7 fic^bo ÒAtAOfit t^toSA, 6 A j!)è, 50 r^^S^^ ^^ 
fAOtAl: colbA t^lJtòtttTCAÒb froAb tr colbA bod 

8 JDo Jl^rtS cdt?tP^V9tAèb, AJttr bruAtAtS cfi 
#t5ce]tc : Aftt a i)2i6bAti rit) 60 ttbs JDfA, bo i^t^ 
rèfV co, lè boU IrAtS^tl*^ ^r ^1^9 bo 6oif)t>Ài)AC. 

f l0otc9atSt6 bo cvtb ^AbttfS tttU bo ibtHt, Ajar 
Aloer« Ajvf òAfn^: aii)a6 Af p^Urtftb brtAcltt|b 
iCUApAnc, lè i)bfrAtti)4^bAtt IvAès^tfteAÒ èà« 

10 ficlitb foS^ADA *f 05 A ii)ar<^ ^^o ^^D oi)6ttAc : 

Ac^ Ai) bAiDittos^i) Aft !)A r^tSt^^ ^ ^o ^^}^ ^Tr> A 

t)d|t <6tFin. 

1 1 «frc, A ti)S«Ai), Asitr r Afc, Ajvr cIaoi) bo 

^OAr : Ajvr beAttipAfb bo 6A0ti)e, Ajttr C]S fcAè^. 

12 tC5vrrAt9ce5cvt6 Ai)iltSbo r<5èirf) : ^fitfrè 
rèfD bo £fSeAtti)A, Ajvr a«)lvtS tv rèfi) bd. 

13 fij^r S^I^F!^ li)S^Ai)A tìQt* CASAfb tiè cto6- 
UeA6 : frdr ai) Cttfb fr r-^t^bfte boi) pobAl. 

14 tCc^ tOS^AP Al) »fS St^P^'^l* ^l^O CAOb A 

rcfS' ir bdftfoAtce A cvIai6. 


An ix. lA. 9*«C 9i6%n.m. 971 

ijoc leAO^r ì> bo bèA|ic4 cii«Abf a lAb- 

16 X>o bèA|tt4ttiAb vj^^ÌXe ]iè luAC3A^||t, Ajvp 
5iit|ibeAcvf : ciucfvib 30 paUj* ai) fXiJ. 

17 ti i)^ic CAic|4eA6 bt^ib bo n^]C : fv|Je6cfcA^ 
TDAft pttio5rtti3ib ]Ab fA^ ccaUiì) utle. 

l^ X)o be^Ab t?o be^A t^]mt) bo betc 4 cì?tt)!)e 
A^ 5A<^ ^015 3JijeAlAÒ : Mnje f |0 tDolt^utb i)a b4^o]i)» 
cd, 30 f aoJaI i)a f A03AI. 

Psf ì^i* i>$tt< »a«/^r re/ugfam 
Sè X>t A 4 pbtbeAi) Ajttf 4^1* w^c : cn^^^it^ H6 

2 %]i A D^bb^f O]^ Dt bf^^ e^jU 0]tvt^ bl^ Tf)bef5 
50 iMi^còcA^ Ai) caUii^ : bte6 30 r)Aà\iòc'^ ry^ 
f lètbce 30 rnèÀòoD v^ ]!A]ttt3e, 

3 «t^6 30 t)bèAtr4&b A- bttff ce^A' ^n puA^ Ajuf 
30 ii)be]b]f buA]6eA.ttC4b : b^ ccfqoòi^Mjbf f 9^ cifHC 
tè i^ b<^ ft^ 30 b^wOt** 

4 tlcà. ^ÌÌMif) ^ !)bèA9A(]b A f]ttfc^79 f]D c^^c^^tì^ 
Xè IvAcJiài^tieAC : fPWb ijAO^M^cfg coi%t>r]3e a9 
cè tf ttò tttt*^^* 

5 tlc^ Dt A ]0ì)^ rtyè^bor) ; 1)] cotftdccA^t f : bo 
b^AftAtÒ X>tA t^^cACb bf, ASttf tìO 30 tto ti)oc. 

6 X)o ttt9eAbA]t DA ^DCAÒAÒA f vAtìi), bo cottt- 
v]3eAbA]t DA tt]03AcbA : bo lAbAi]t f etf tODj bo IgJ 

AD CaIatÌ). ' 

7 «tc& ifjeAttDÀ DAr f I05 l]D : Ac^ X>t a Jf-atcob q ' 
btbeAD A3tt]D. 

8 2^t3l6, t^ttCtt]6 q o]btteACAtb ad 2E|5eA]tDA : 
i)oc bo cttttt bòUf ^ AD ccaUii). 

9 Xso bettt f è f A beA]tA 003A6 bo cof c 30 C]tf(5 
DA caIiìjad: b]ttf]§ fè ad bdgA, AStt'f 3eA]ttt0 ad 
5AC, lotf3]6 f è DA CAttbtttb ADr^ cetDe, A5 ]t^6, 

i^ ^rsi^j ^3»r M06 ^ f lor ^^^t^ s^^ "^in 

X)| A : btA]6 iDè Att iD4ittbttjA6 a TDSrS D^ SCfDè^Aè, 
bt At6 tDè oDottAC Atjt AD ccaUiì). 

11 «tc^ EfjeAttDA'DA rl55 ItD: xèD)^- S^^^aib 4 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

S7« «ti JPSttJnCtt. An ÌX.L6. 

(S)]fll9ati40 9Xtt (A<S)^9t£« 
Ps. xlviL Omtieg gentet, piaiMe, 

ÌJvAtli6 bttjt tt)bAfA, f|b]? rtle a pob^l : bèAi)^6 
5l^t1ibeACttf òrn) Dè fiè 51« ceotl. 

2 dtfi AC^ AD £f3e4i|tDA tr T*^ ^il«>e uAcb>f 4^ : 
HfJ iDÒjt òx c\of) DA caIidìd vtle. 

3 £Uoi6pi6 fè DA bAOf oe f uiòe ; Asuf d<^ cto- 
eA6AÒA fA ^ ccoprib, 

4 Xoi5|:|6 fè A|i D0t5|ieACb buiD ; 6t|t6eAitcvf 
ilAcob T)oò bo S|tA6iit3 f è, 

5 JDo coAt6 I>t A f oAf ttè CAtcttfttn) : ^V ^Ì5$1^nA 
|te 5rc AD SAllcttriDpA. 

6 4^ADrt6 pfAtlrD bo £)tA, C^DAt6 pf AtltD : c4^D-' 
At6 idoIa6 bAfi 3Ìlf5, c^DAt6 idoIa6. 

7 (S)t1^ tr^ ^l^ ^fS t)A caIidad r|le: cADAt6 
tDolA6 50 b^òl^AC. 

8 t4cA JDtA A pjo^Acb òf cfOD Da cc|DeA6AC : 

fttlSl^ Df^ ^l^ CACAOlft A DAOtbC4lCbA. 

9 1)0 ctiutD!5«Ab4 pt^1<>^T"l^^ ^^ DbAOfDe, .^ 
pobAl Dè tCbpAbAtD: d|ft tf ^ ^|A fct^ÒA DA 
caIidad>1 acA f è Aft t)^ Atibu5A6 50 pd tD6]t. 

Ps. xlViiL Magntu Domnut. 
^f IDÒpAD XtseApDA, A5ttf tf tODtbolcA ^O'b^^D' 

fìjfdtt ; A ccACttrt5 A^t DDè, f ItAb a DAOtbc^cbA. 

2 if b|tèA56A A f ù|5t»i5A6, f òlAf da CAltijAD xle, 
CDOC S|od: CAob ad cuAtfcetftc CACAtit ad 3K.Ì5 
ti75t|t; tr <^t^Dl6 DtA AD A p^lAfrtb rDA]t 6fbeAD. 

3 <&t|*> F^ttc, bo c|tr|bt5eAbAtt DAttfsce: A^uf 
bo ^AbAbAft coftc lè cètle a DètDf eACb. 

4 Do cobcAbAtt f ID, A^ttf bob tOD^ADCAC leo : 
bo bAbAt^ bttAtbeAftcA, bo 6etcf ftt^eAbAtt otttA. 

5 Do 5Ab sa^Ia SftettD ^fob ad fl'>> ^3**r P1^^ • 
iDAtt ibDAOi A5 bttetc. 

6 ÌJ|ttf lob cr loiD510f ÌAIiUr : t^tf ad D5A01C a 

\ 7 Do pètft AD Deice bo cuAlAtDAm iDA^fOfD bo 
C09CAtD4, A CCACltttf5 ttJeAttDA DA f lòj ; A CCACt 
jtttts Aft ^f^è : bAtD5De5crt6 DfA f 50 bftAc. 


An xi. Là. aiV J?«tC«<n. 375 

8 tCc^eiiijAOib A5 fe^ctorb Ai]t bo ciijèrl 5]t^64tC9 
d A £)è : A Ià|i bo c;e«in)po|U. 

9 JDo |iè]ii cttt)n)4^i 6 a I)è, \x ii)A|i fiT) AC4i bo 
iì>oIa6 30 ced|tA9r]6 da caIiì)ai) : AC'dt bo l^rì) bjf 
l^D b]ft|tèui7CAcb. 

tl)^ fl]Ab S]oo 3^i]ibeACttf, bfbtf ]P5§n 
ifAè: bo b]t]J bo b]te]ceAri)0>'f A. 
>A]l c]n)c]oU SI01), 3Ab f A ccuA]]tc t)A 
:8t1]tH)]3]6 A cr]]u 
. A]tctt]3è 30 rt)A]c A bAUAÒAf An)A]]tc]t ^- 
A pMÀfU]b : 30 i)]$f13^ ^<>^ 5]T)]oUc C]OC]rAf buit 

13 <6]]t ifè Ai) X>] A f o 4 i)D] A 30 f ao3a1.t)a f A03- 
aI : C]te6]i6cr]6 f è ]j9 30 b^etf . 

Ps. xlix. AudUe h^ec, Qmne$* 

SXr\t)\b^ fo, A 6AO]i)e tt]le: è]fb]3e fibf], À 
tt]le>]C|teAbcACA ai) borì)u]i) ; 

2 tt^ c3^]ib, ASttf Ai) c]f]ol, Ai) fAt6b]]t, T ai> 
bA]6b]]t : lè cè]le. 

5 *A]bed]i>f6 mo bèttl t)eyte 3l]0CA : T fiDVA]i)- 
e5cA]6 11)0 C]to]6e ]0iDAb eA^DA. 

4? £lAODfAb 11)0 clrAf crii) cofArì)lACb: fO]f- 
cedlAb A]]t AD ccU]]tf]5 11)0 ]tA6 6]Arì)A]]t. 

5 £]t6b f A ii)be]c ca^Ia o]tun).A lAèce a du]Ic : 
AD CAD qocfAf è]3ceA]tc ido f^l ah) C]idc]oU ];;e^ 
3caA]]ic ? 

6 tÌD b]teATD cr]]i§f a Dbòccrf ]oda f A]6b]t]0f t • 
T bo D| A]6bè|l AfCA pè]D A D]on)Ab a iDAO]De. 

7 9iX] f rA]f ce5lr]6 bMDe 4 ApDCO]t a be^b^tÀc^ : 
Dt C]ub]tA]6 A fTAf 3IA6 bo Ì]A ; 

8 [tì)|4t AC^ ]fttAf 3IA6 A DADri7A corì)n)5]tlrA]5 ]iD : 
Ajttf co]f 3]!i6 30 b]t4ic ;] 

9 00 rt)A6 fè]b]]t le]f ir5f n)A}iCA]D 50 b]tAc : 
co]t DAC b]!A]cireA6 c]tuA]UeA6. 

10. <S>]]t bo 6] 30 Dètt3Mb,bA0]D0 c]ttoDA lè cè]le: 
AD CAn)AbAD ]:5f A^uf AD btt^De b]ttt]beArì)r]l 30 
Dètt5>fb, A^rf 50 b]:;2v5A]b A5 bAO]D]b.O]le a fAi6l^ 

11 SjAb frt)HA]DCi5£e a cc]toi6e a cci5ce bo rìj^^ 
H I 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

574 a|» SfittlStr. Jmid.U^ 

12 tCcc t)l 61^41)4 4^i> batoe CQÀ0vt6« 4^ Qofti^ 
>Se^ncitr : tt co|^ictl ft t^ff t>i^ ft^^t W,liajc|là lii^c^^ 

19 ^ A i)6t5Cttfo9Acb è : ^ C4tci}|> ^ fj^i(6c# 
l^tr Ai) Iròb C15 1)4 DbiAlSf 

14 £attu^4tt r^ ^TAtlì t^ ^^1> ^AOtfM^ fs^t" 
|rut6 A9 6^r l^^' ^l^l^ oACiiH^DA^ ^S ^^ ^ft|^a9< 
otfi« 4 WAfbt^ • A5«r ct)Aot:n$f ^l^ 4 mbttSS^ÀcJbk 4 
9tFI^1o$> ^r ^ i)foi)4b comovtsa. 

15 ttcC pXOt^r^ JDtA l1)404TI>r4 AT tà^ 1(W4^ 

•iP 5«4bvt6 fè òttfse ii)§ 50 bettnti^ 

16 314^ hfob 045I4 ottc, 4 1)U4tt^b€^ tttC«4fi bi^ 
fAttSltl^ '' ^ i>»Att» ibèubrjjco^tit 5Wt|k 4. €>5e^ 

17 ^ti^ ^D ^^9 ^^^r^r r*> i>f 6e4ttf4t6 ^^v^ 

letr 5 t)f tt4C4tl5^ 4 Jtott* Tf^V ^* le4ri)ri)vti)^ 

14 »106 y^l^ b04Q«|$ r^ 4 49419^, tOfl* 604^ t 

1. 50 ii>olt:4tb cu, 11)4 bobi|i^tP«)*tf **t« ?*1«>- 

11> ÌlUÌè4Ìjl»t^5P<J|1)»^4Uc.4 4ltCtf»4^ irfF4tC- 

tPt6 rolur 50 btt^c. 

. 5}0' ^tr bjojpie 4c4t. 4 wyìv^^titfy t ix** ccitts- 

toò : tr corn)4tl èi t|itr ^ ^pi4fpttt«wt*^ 1«^3W 


3Do ttA|6 41) I>t4 cttit)4cbAC, 4 bv64tttc 4V*f^ 
«4|M)A>;* Ti bo Jefft 4^ C4l4n)i èc ftft^ 94 Jttè^De 
30 4 tf^t^è. 

2r ^WèÀ 4tr «rtOi),.bo lo91tvt^Z)r4 : toitB^fW i)4^ 

3 ttvcps^i^ 4tt I9!£)t^, 45.vr ^ ^A|6t D4K iottb r 
loirSPl^ ceioe ttoirbe, 4jiif bfAtli 4i9ffi4 t^^l^^ 
19«»ctfDCtolb tr^ 50V4^ttv* 

4 0ofttrt6 t*è cuna^ DA &tcl4ttje4f d 4 i>ii4f r 43«^ 
4vti9 D4 cAlit)4i),. bo^tie^ btt«tt«^q 4^^4at9il^ 

* 4;i|tvt»t5e iDo Di^YDt4» CV541D : Doc bo |«f De> cv^ 
,|^ ItotD.lè b|o<^^11tc; 

6 ttsor tfotUreòcttfb 04 t^Utcir 4 rifi^vD»4Wto:r 
4t9» tr^ J^ p^]n 4D bitetÈe^if;- 



^ffiAel, A5ttf bo 6èADfAb f|Abi)tttf« Ab^^^5 -ff 
^trffl DiA, bo ì)4-*f A. 

8 Q(tj 6èAi)Àb b^tt)6eAji5A6 Aji foi) ^a6hA)m^c, 
«)5 1)opit?ilAC toxi-^e : i)oc bo %} 6f rpo ÒQri)Ajjt-A{ 

9 Qdj gettbAb bvU^ Af bo 6J5 : ^d jaB^ WIH^tl 
Af ^ nw)|iAcv|'b. 

10 tì)|ft ]f ljoii)f A A i)tt]le beACAC da cotQeAÒ ; 
AT) ceAttAC 4 nJì'* 6^)OC. 

11 ^f A]cpe 6aiì) y|U èADUtè da fl^Ab : Ajaf tf 
IjoiDf A t)eAèv|§ aUca ad iDACAjtte. 

112 aDAr 4Dbfe}D oc|iAc, DÌ tSe^fttlS fe^'ICB ; ò^j^ if . 
IjOfDfA ADbOiDADj 1 AIOidUtD^. 

IS tt DJofA iDè peojl CA)i6: D^ -^ bibfe n^ fìirl 

DA T)5AbAfl, 

14 i9o6hA7)i 1D0U6 bo 3b^A: A^ttf b}ol jsoibafbe 
]i1f AD cè tf T^^ tttjtbe* 

15 «5wf 50111 0|twjDfA aIò A t)èl3H)DCAjf 3 ASttf 
fAOitfAbttt, A^ttf bo b|jtA ctt stòjjt 6aid. 

W ttòc Wf AD cciodcac'a bei|t.aDjA^ £^tDb£i>i^ÌI' 
bo^cfi iDO fCAc^bjsB bj:o|UBY5A6^ <^5«»r 50 Pse»bèX.. 
iDO -òtt^JtAÒ Ab bèvl ; 

17 tC^ttf f ttACttise ^v ftD^uSbu|A6 ; ^ tejljfjii 
n)o b|tjAèjtA cAob f jAjt bfoc ? 

18 <flAif cit^Abttjse, M5fi6cttlejf ; AjHf -ài:4^ 

t)0 CVlb ItODA U|f DA b^^^tcjtADACAlb. 

19 JDo beijtjjt bo bèal bttjtc$jb:: Aj^f <:ttivri j bo 
teAD5^ ceAÌ^. 

20 Stti5j6 ctt, ^ lAbjttti6 cit A ^A5Ai6 bo ^eAft* 
^jt^Ait : bo bejiti^jt f cadajI bo idac bo ib^c^. 

21 jSIa Dejfcejii bo jtiDJfi 1 bp bj mifl AtD«ocb; 
A5Yf bo f Aoitjf 50 TDb^iD cofibrit njoc f èjD 50 
1)10idUd : ^cb bo Maiia Acibttf Ad bujc, T c^Pf (b 
^A Deicefi A DOitb^5A6 6f coiDe bo f 41. 

22 «DOif iDeAfttfje fo, ubn D0c6e4iDAbAf S)a: 
beA^lA vo jièvbfviD jjb, A^vf d^ n)b)A6 ikjji wtjt. 

23 tCD cè jo6bjtAf idoIa6, bo bet) od6|)ì 


ST6 MU y«tUC^. Anià.Li. 

rU;9«$A6 JDè ÒÒ. 

Pa. IL Muerere mei, Dnu. 
XèvLt) c|tòcAt]te 0|tYn7» 6 a i&69 bo fièt]t bo cft^ 
cqe n)6t|te: bo ^tètit |t6 toii}Atb bo cittiA] Je rcitfor 
AtDAc tDAtoblf^e. 

2 SfttS wjè 6 ipo ctoijcAib 50 blotoUi) : T jUp n)è 
ò mo peACA6. 

3 <^|)t Abibvfjt>^ ")o c]oi7CA : *] ac^ 190 peACA6 
6r iDo co]9e A ccotboutj. 

4 t(b Aà^t6|f Aii)ti]D bo peACAt6 tDè, T Ab |tA6- 
AftcfA bo lt]i)eAr AT) colcro : can) 50 bpfo|taf5ceAtt 
carA Ab òr|tlAb]tA, A^iir 50 ttAbAt]t rfo]t5Ui) A9 bo 

5 «f èuc, tr A bp§CA6 bo na3A6 tijè : T a 3C105- 
ctttb bo jAb 11)0 ti)tiòA]]t A fi)o]totD n)è. 

6 «f èuò, lAntut6 Ctt t?fttt5e CAob a rcfS : Ajar A 
t^ecttè|b brotU|]J cii c)tfoT)ACb bAti)rA. 

7 €^i)rAt6 cu 6 peACA6 ti)è lè 1))r^l?9 1 ^l^^ 
SUd : Dtèl?tì* ")è> ^S^r t>«^ Sl^® n)è4)A rPOACbA. 

8 3Do bèA]tAt]tottYn) 5^]]tbeAcrr Asrr IrACS^]]! 
bo clor ; cttiD 50 DbfttObfr da CD^tDA, doc bo b|ttr 
cu, loAcJ^tfte. 

: 9 .f olrtS eA$A]6 5fD peACttt5]brt : A^ttr T^J^Of 


^ 10 £ttttcAt5 fOD^n) cttot6è 5UD9 6 a Jbè : A^ttf 
ACDr A§At6 AD n)0 tDeA6dD rpt^]^^ }on)\Zkt). 

11 SIà ce|l5 iDè feACAb 6b f^^ÌmiT^ : A^ttr D^ 
beift bo ^pt^^l^Ab 9(lAoti)CA ttA]iD. 

12 tCtns 6Ati) 5a]]ibeAcrr bo fUDrtJce : A^ttr 
coD5ti)tt]6 t^Ar tDè lèb SpiopAb fAOtt. 

13 tt^ rt'' n)ttl0ri6 tDè bo flfje bo C]ODCACA]b : 
"t ]0tDpdcÌAttt peACACA Ctt^AbrA. 

14 ^AO]t tDè ò f utl, 6 A ^èy StA 1D0 fUDut5ce : 
T potUred^At^ n)0 teADSA èpfnèrDCACb 6r t^]tb. 

15 <^ A ÌfJeApDA, potrseòU cu ido putrfDe : T 
rotUredcr|6 tDO bèul bo ti)oU6. 

16 A|p Df t^tttAD cit fo6bAt)tC, T 50 CC]ttb]ttt]D 
jfb uAtrD : Df b]:r]l b^l A^Ab a DOp|tAtl Utrse. 


Jtn yà. Là. Odtt VS'MIIC^: S77 

17 Jf T^^ jo6b4cii 3&è fp]OT[iAb b|ii}W : ) &]fofSe 

16 ]DèAt) t9Aic bo £»|0!) 6 bo 6eA5CO]i f^tyx ci9]i 
ftt^f b^llAbA 4le|tuf Aleri). 

19 Uì) ^p h]^}à f o5>5Ab ^ i)}o8b4c i)4 trtpfe'n)- 

CACbA, A 1)0'f Ita^^l lotfSO AjUf A 1)0f It^fl ÒIJAOItO 50 

]^oti)Ud : Apiji) bo ^lDAfb balòs^ 65^ bo coj^tbnic 
H t4Xz6]\i. 

Pa.UL Quid ^oriark, \ 

£jtèb f ai i)bèAt)At) cit rA]\X A t)olc: a &i^!)e èYii)- 

2 <ttAiitt3 iDAtc AD ItseAttDA : 4 f oaB ad Ufr* 

3 £|ODf5w6 bo c$D5A tt|tc5ib : aiì)ì«1 5fe|tfC|AD 
èeA^cA A5 otbtttfi^Ab' 30 ceAlSdè. 

4 <Sp4i6ai§ ca olc à| ad t^^c : b|ièA5A df ef09 
lAbAtttc 50 f ittènDCA. , 

5 i^f t^H)rt]) Uac^a^ ttf le b|tfAt|tA ttttcòfbscA: 
6 A ceAD5At6 n)]llceAÒ. 

6 ^Aft AD ccèAbOA fCftfOf t^}6 JDt A Ctt 30 btUic : 
Ajrf bèAttu|6 feACAb cu, A^vf CAt|toi^iH6 èv^f 
bo pAtUtvo, A5UI* beADf At6 bo f ftèuriiA Af caIahi 

7 Do cff tb AD f iTtèuD iDAft AD ccèAbi>A» 1 b|At6 
eAjlA i| : A5Uf bo bèADA 5^||te f aoi* 

8 SeAftc, AD butDe dac DbèAttDA a DieA)tC'bà 
JbtA: ACc bo cv|tt A^^^ to&A teiQAb fA|6b)ttft 1 
bo DeAftcvt^ è f èfD t^^^ c|ODCAtb» 

9 tCcc iDtfi) tti4 cttAD sUf otltb A ccfj M t Ac4^ 
tDO 6d|5 A cc|t6cA(}te Dè 50 f A0541I da f ao^aI. . 

10 ^olf Ab Ctt 50 f jotttttj6e, bo b|tfj 50 DbèAttDA 
ctt fiD : A5uf t?e|tfe iDè Atft ttttDiDj 6|tt tf iDAicè 
df cof pe bo DAOiD^ ' 

<s>»3Xtc;r6 aitc (»*^aifi, 

Vs. \m. DLrìt imipieni. 

ti bvbAtttc AD CAiDAbÀD tODA c|to|6e : 9l{ bf^l 
St^ ^^ 

U £ftttAtU|§ Ac^ ftAb, bo Dfb èt^ceAjtc a^vac- 
fDAtt : Dì bf tttl AoQbvtDe bo Df idaic. 

3 bi^èttc 3D|A 6 rye^m 4 clotD A6Atfb : bf èAOUlt> 
AD t*^lb AOD CtttcfeAfe, d5 bt Atttf a6vI)ia. 

2 I 2 Digitizedby^OOgle 

c|tttAiUtS : xjf\ bfìil Aoi) bo p^ iDAtc, p| 6p(l Aopbì^. 
. 5 ÌC bpttil lucb otbntsce rpò^lfee 5ap eòlttf ? : 
t)oc tceAf mo ÒAOfDe itj^ ictb A]ttiQ, A^ttf 9l sotttib 
^ Ai) cSfSeAtii^A. 

6 tt9 vQ bo bf eA^U otttA lè boAn^AD ft^Att qac 
tiAtb eASiA : 5itt bo tT?*^|6 ^}^ ♦ cp^ibAfAi) doc 
bo ttl9e CAiDpA Ab A5At8ft ; bo i?^ttt|5 Ctt lAb, bo 
b|tf5 ^t^ 6tttk l)t A 1 Ab. 

7^5, b^ ccY^cAot fUiDttjA^ ;9fitAel aioac Af 
S|OD : A ijttq tottjpòcttf ìDia bttAtJbgijAf a bAOiDe, 

8 JDo 6£da i^Àcob loACSÀttt : A^ttf ^f |tAel "S^V" 
beACVf. / 

Pb. liv. Deui^ m Abimfie. 

* A 3bè, f AO|t 11)6 lèb cfttDrt) : A^ttf lèb ijeAtic 
betft b|te]ceAibDttf pttttti). 

• ■ 2 <fc A 3bè, ètr^ ^o 5*160 : CAbAttt ètfceACb bo 
bftiACttrib 11)0 bètl. 

S ^tl^ oèittJtobAtt cot5ctitce fVAf a 1DA5A16 : 1 
lAtttttib Ittcb f^ttYtJce 1DADAID, Dìoti cttttteAb^DtA 
6f A ccoiDe. 

4 «FèYC, tfè .X)tA IDfCAtt CAbA|tCA: ACa AD ^fS" 
eAttDA ttlf AD Vtt^C òoCVtJfOf IDADATI). 

5 £>fce6cut6 fè oic boiDO D^iDAtb : fctttof uaic 
lAb AD ctrfttlDe. 

6 Do 6èADA TDè to6bAtttcbtttc 50 coiI^td^^I, idoI- 
f Ab c^t'J^j ^ tfJeAttDA : 6i|t ff tdaic è. 

• 7 <&tT* *^o V^o}} T^ iDè òiD Ytle bYAi6tieA6 : T be 
coDAtttc iDO fvtl A ibiAD A^t iDO D^liDbe. 

Ps. Iv. JSxaudi, Deut^ 

iLAbAttt ètf ceAcc boiD 5ttt6e,. a i]bè : A^ttf d^ 
f olv]3 ctt f èiD 6n) 5eA|tAD' 

2 XAbq ^e 6ATb, T èifc tttoiD : bo DfTD botlstof 
AD IDO 'JeAtlA-D, A^ttf bo DITD fttAlTD. 

3 2Lftè 5UC DA D^iDAb, ctiè AtDleACttoiD Da bpgc- 
cag: 6]tt bo betfttb v}tc6ib'ottttiD, T tnrACigtb TDè 
*A Db|bfeiti5. 

^ 4 ttc^ TDO ò|io|6e Atft DA tt6 ptADA6 opviD : 1 
bo cv]ceAbAtt vAcb^f a ad bA|f ottttiD. 

Digitized by VoiOOQIC 

JlnxlLà. tA^Ì?&^9%<n. , t39 

5 tizt è^sU, *i c|i]pti)tiSA6 Afi cceAcb .Oftait) : 

- 6 ^S^^r A bYb]iAf , <6 i)Ac bfttfl fciAc^^t) coWn) 
A5ATt) : bo 6èAi)a^d ^1C|1, T bo bè^p a fVAjriyijgf. 

7 .if^èuc, bo |tAca]$ A bfAb Afi feACfiÀO: bo 
SèAtfui^ cprì)i)at5e a5 f a bf ^f ac. 

8 JDo 6èAi)utd be^coiof ]ièiD èulq^ : 6i) t^jAOtc 

1)3UAfACbA15 A^Vf A1)f At6. 

9 Bcjitor, 6 A £f5eA]tDA, A^uf |iotD a ccjdsca : 
6t|t bo coòAfttc n)è fot|tèt5toD 1 |ii)lteAf ad Aòf a 

CCACftVtS. . 

10 Si lo A^vf A D0t6ce ct5tb da ctn)ctoll At|i da 
bAUA6utb : ac^ v|tcòtb A^vf botlstof ^oda id$6od. 

11 ^lc^ cottbA6 AD A l^t^ : A5Uf. Di 6eAltt|gtcD 
iDeAbutl A^uf ccaIs |tè da fjt^t'^l'^* 

12 Ò]\i Di D^iDAtb bo tn)6st^5 n)è : ad IRV bf èAb- 
ftttD A ton)CA|t; 

13 Slfott i^ttbtttS AD cè bo fVACAts ^^ ^ V^^^ 
ATtf A5At6 : AD f |D bo jtACtrtttò a bfoÌAO q ; 

14; ^cc cvf A, A 6utDè, iD^ 0)0 f AiDutl t^ètD : 1DO 
eòlutje, AS^f iDf eAjt AtcoADCAtf. 

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btflttOD beò: 6i|t AC^ib vtlc tODA ccoiDttOD^l, 
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bo bf A ftoèc^t'J Mf : bo bftff fè a CttDltA6. 

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Digitized by' V^OOQlC 

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coi66ttl6 r^ èu : i>t fttileèi^srfò f6 <kl> Ffl«èa9 M 

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tt Slf fVAqtftb bAeti)e f vftceACA i;6 ceAlj^^c^^ 

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b«f9^ fV4^f tt)6 : Atf feA6 av U6 a; cacvj;^^ .bo 
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a9 bo brtbèttl : i)ac bfrflfb ad bo le^ibAfi ? 

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^l^f fiffob : ACA A f fof fo A5AID ; 6tfi Acti DfA ^ m 

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9)olf Ab A bflfACAfl. 

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OfiriD cfi^b bo 6èADAf bufDe otiriD. 

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fD6 iDolc^. 6»fc. 

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Digitized by VoiOOQlC 

c& itio 6or^ ò leA3A8 : cntn ^o^aboU n)è 30 bfo^^-* 
fbl^lcA A Ut^kf )t JDè A foVtf v^ iDbeò. 
Ps. Mi. 3iìserere mei, Deiu. 
V\ C|tdc4eAC ÒAtb) 6 A i^è, b] cftdc^eAc 8aiÌ) ; 

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itllAtb : c4Df Ab, Ajrf bo 8èADAb idoIa^. 

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4k cl^t^feACA : iD'^f^eÒlA iDè Atft tDA]bfD> 

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et^DpAb brfc a iDeAf^ da 3CtDeA8AC : 

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•^Srr è]ff]ttbe 30 Dtt]3e da DèttlU. 

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Ibè : bo 5l6t]t 6f cfob DA CAÌtbAD tt]le. 

Ps. IviiL 5Si vere uHque* 

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trbèADCAOf bjietceAtbDttf 30 bf]ieAC, ]{bfe a cUb 
DA DbAotijie ? 

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ccAtAib : dotbcitoiDAt8 f ot]tèt3tOD btt]t lArb. 

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ciASAfb 4 f jctt^iD ^D iDbol^ A5 Ub^c bjtèr^. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

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A10AC ri^cU ti>6|tA OA Y>^5lo6o, 6 A t>!5eAp04^ : 
leAjA]b^r '^*b>ii vfse ooè^^cfof 50 btAo -^ ccoiò-. 

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Alb AD jTtjAO. 

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bejls : eoàiiOAtc Aobe^ Ajrr At> C|tioi)» brA]6|ttrt6 

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Ai) bfosAtcAr : Disr* ACorAA6rìflDADejti)6jA6AC. 

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^5 ^9 bf f|t^ttO : 50 beAftbcA^ f^ Z>|iX t>0 9j l^(Pefc«' 

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piAf Aii) A5A16 bffl Ab bfObAI^ bAQÌl. 

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ootib^Ab mè 5 49iAOf 9|b fr^ìkeèx»^ 

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citviotjlb DA cW)AccA^5 A iwu>fbfeACb ahi AgAfb ; 
t)f A|t foi) tf)o f ^fut^sce, of Afft ro9 ti9oipeACA^6, a 


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tODA bf>ttfAf^ : 6fft Cf A clvfD ? 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

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«>aIUi5P6, A5i»r ^ n>bfiètt j Qeè U6fivib^ 

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4^5,m45l46 4ft 'JfA^eb, 5^eeèiftA9ni&ipi«»C4Jt^llt 

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iDAbiiAÒ : T ItDCiàbfr r^ ccrAi|ic «4 ce^Cfiii*^ 

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^ftpftA^ii) r6f DSftc.nKf <^5> 'liibAll 190 6i^ jfcsn794C ;; 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

384 (M^li m^SKV^ Ju^La. 

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fc4 4Jb6iD : 4^ *4^letciP4, bfto CAic|%è|ii) bam CAobr*. 

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ctieòttòcof tDè 5P biSMn>? 

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T M b^tU l$c >ttl At94M>, A Ì)è, t»^ 4 rl»AtSce i 

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h]oniAo^ì> C4^WtYt AO bnt^e* 

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DttAttt btor n>o cttoi6e r^ cuttire. 

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611% ^^ *1 ^^ ^^ f^TZ^^ A5A11), Ab cott Utbttt 6 
aJai^ da nAtbAb. ^ 

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bttAè : biA|6 tDO 661S A ccttttt) bo f ct AcAi^. 

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6i$tteACb boo bfiriD^ ^ a bfMl eA^U ctlDn)^. 

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Dè : rUìD>?5 ctiocqe T rìlt|De, Doc coiiDèbirAf è. 

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b|i^c : bo co]tDl]Ot)A6 tDO iDò^be 50 UèceAtbuil. 

Ps. IxiL Nonne Deo. ^ 

%it^ rof iDADAiD A5 fep]Oìì) Atbi^iD g 2)1 a: doc 
6 bpuil tDO f UDr5A6. 

2 Jfè fòf iDO CAtttuic A5ttf iDo' fUDtt5A6 : n)0 
6{beAD, V] cotttdccAtt iDè 50 tDÒjt. 

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DA5At6 6r|De ? : iDttliJflseAtt f tb rjlè; betct iDA|t 

bAUA CUOD, tDAtt fAl CttAf5AtlCAtt flbff. 

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ODditt : b^liStb A iDbitèfs ; beAD>T5Tb ttè da iDbèxl, 
A5>^r n;AUtt]5tb ttè PA 5ct%oi6e. 


4«wM 9Ki:ttBmnMt 305 

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^twS^ AmAC brift^cciiOf^ b|^.Ut^]i; tT* ^^ Vt 
b^to^ 6*$. 

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^rttl<>V ir bit6r5cU9 DA DbAOtne iDdfiA : Ati v^ 
etuj^ A 9èti>roAÒb A fiyeAÒìrby ^r ^ACciiut^e ^Ab 
iji^ At> bfoAAotijèAr. 

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•Acb p^ bjit btoibAOto: Ai) CA1) fàr^r W^btitPfi 
9t^ cìriit^ bati C€)io0e 4*. 

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ipr|i tiè JDt A boAPAr c4ii)AÒbA. 

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c^e : 6t|i bo b^fiq boo vtU &^9e bo fièf]i a ofbfiè. 

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l9Ati CHJIAb : A 6«AUlf| ^t^t^ ÌAtll»9A|i mA|l. 9AG 

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n)olt^A n)0 bèal ca. 

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iM\ìm t6i3p|Ob r^Ar ido Utòa. 

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rnH<»n : Ayjr t^è i>*irl^ s^p^^^ tMrAr mo 


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Aor^ Doibce ff Ytie tnA|i riWAW^ opc. 

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rtD bo òèADt^Ab sAttibOAcrr a rSM^ ^ r<^1A'^9» 

9 -^rtgtò tDADAiD 0|ic : cai5t5 bo Ujwi beAf 

roAr inè. 

9 K 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

3«^ ' tm Ì?««tJW^. Jn xiL Là. 

: 10 tC5!if A!) ludc lAfltttf iD4t>^m ctttt) 4& ii)]Uce : 
jtAÒAib A$fi)^ cobcA]b ìf jfle boi) ìD^kUn). 

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V^ ccr|b |io$<^ A5 f]05«Alb. 

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bò 6èAi)A 5AC AooibloSrtSeAf èftfbnoo slSitt : d^tt 
bftrtbf e^it •bèrl v^ bttrtD^e bo v] bfièttSA. 

Ps. bpv. Ejpoudi, Deui. 

4tfc 11)0 Jrc, 6 A 3iè, AiD rttwts : 5 e^^U da 
D^ri)Ab btbto 11)0 boACA. 

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6A0ti)e :. 5 C05A6 IrcbA otbittjèe v^ bttt*c6]be. 

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bò ottbrtS A f o| Jbe, è^boD trocAtl f e^ttbA ; . 

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tt6 bobAD è, A^ttf Di b|At6 eA^U otftA. 

5 *neif DtSfb t^b |:è]D A Dbttoc Ctttf : corì)tt^t^l^ 
tri IfoDCA btroUò, a bettttb, Ct^ citrtof lAb ? 

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OAÒ è eACOfttA t?ètD, 5AC AOD A DboiiDDe a 6|tot6e. 

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lofC] Je 50 bobA^. k 

8 tt^rf , bo bèAjtAtb f a beA^tA À ccè^D^A trè]D 
ctt]C]iD otftA : cetfcftà 5^^ t>\x\x)e ^t^f 1^^» 

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oh^ jPè: T bo bftttrtb qe a SDfotbfAD »0 Cì?5ftD. 

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A5ttf Cttttttre A 66] J ad : A^rf bo 6èAD<^t*>> ^tt]le 
6ftteAC A cc]tot6e 5l6ttt . 

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Ps. Ixv. Te deùei htfmmte. 
U ì)è, lf brtcf e tf bttAÌ ìdoU6 a StOD : Ajrf tf 
loACfA bìolt?AttAD ib6|b. . .'' 

2 tttf A Doc ètf beAf ttè bvttDAjJ : èrsAtif a ctrc- 
t^Af A Dtttle f eptl. 

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X'S^ZV^ crf A Att r^t^rtSce. 

4 ^f fODA AD Cè C05t!Af Ctt, A^ttf bo be]]!]]^ A 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

An xii. Ld. tnU !?Sft-W<n.- ' 387 

f>3A|t 6vtc : bo 66ai)a t^ coit)ir^i3è À9 bo <?^fiqb, 
• r^iredccA^ ^pe ^ i)e]ti&'ti)Atcc &o cge, bo ògtir- 

ptt]ll PAOrijCA. 

5 116 oetttb YAcB^f ACA ^Ite5e5|tvf ca t$ ^ bf f|i- 
•4|19CACb, $ 4^ jbè 4 fUii)AtJi5e : bòWvf yilexeò^^v^ 

V^ z^lrhc^V^ A^vf t}^ F^W5^ ^o^ ^^^ ^F^^ y^iv- 

6 llloò 6toi>^ti)^lAf t)A Tlè^bc© jtè i)A t)eA|ic : l 
^ 4V^ cr|ii)ctoUa§A6 |tè cvti)AccA. 

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fvtjecv A etctttseAÒ: bo 6èDAitt bo^ è ttè cgcAtb, 

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f)A sleÀDCA A bfoU^ ttè b^ttbAtt, bètc]b lè IvaCt 
3^tTt> ^5«*r F^r c4kPttl^» 

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ti|Xe : ctt)^ò ttè pf AltD^b slòtlt A tÌDn)^ CAbftatd 
3l5t|t 6^ idoIa^. 

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òotbtttb : cttè rb|b bo Dei|tc bo 6|DA]b ho D^ttbbe 
vri)lA bttèt5« 6tttc. 

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cH^DF^I^ t*r^^"> 6tttc, c^DFAlb t^rAÌ") boc tt]Dn). 

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64^f AC è cftè DA SDìotb q òloiD DA DbAOtD^ ! 


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rr^le QA «io«^a4a: oì.*Hi»«aco»b »*ir«oii- 
««IS 1**> P*10. ^ . 

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easAtb f A beA|tA src *39oliMr'bo Q)ìrimo9; 

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ACb bo eosAtrre aioao to 3« 1)too*Ì>T*»«>Hl«. 

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wirse: cotnylloopAb brten «>« *»,b«>, W »» 

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*fSeAttOA lOft. . ' ri f 

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15 : Asor beAlpAÒ rè a aSa|8 ottnto. 

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»0 rifttnrjSAb A loeArc 0* o«lle c.ioe*6*c. 


An xiii. Xa, aitC VBUSl£<n. 389 

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t>A poibleACA ttile ctt, 

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bè]b 5at|ibeAC : ò^]i bo 6èÀDA]|t b|ie|ceAri)Drr Atfi 
1JA bAoip^b 50 oeA]tc, T C]ie5|i6cì?ii t)^ C|i)g6ACA 4 
rAlAtp. ■ 

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t)A fotbleACA r|le ttt. . 

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X^A ATt !)DtA 1$'. 1,» 

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ce5|tA5>^b i)A CAlrì^AO* ' . 

P8. Ixvia. Exurgai Deuf. . 
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re]C]bff Ap Ittcc f ttAic] jtof ^> o ija aSa]6. < 

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c]0ii)4^tPfe feACAb tAb : iDA]tleA5Af cè]]t5f cotpe 
ctDeAb, ii)A]tfO]i) ri)eACA]b|f i)a C|0i)cr]5 a b]:tA5- 
ijrtfe Dè. 

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3^tT^beActif 5f co|9e Dèc A^ttf bfb]f TijeADiiJOAC 
lè lttAC5at]te. 

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ri5t6 AO cè bo i)f ii)A]tcì?|5eACb A]t i)a flAtC]f ]t^ 
OA titon) ^U^, T bèAortb ^^tt^beACttf 5f a cò]$e. 

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ii)bAti)t]teAbAC : a otoÒAb cori)o>T6e a i)Aori)ÌACbA* 

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Aii)AC Ai) b]too5 bjof ceAi)5A]lce lè flAb]tA6>^b : 
Àcb 00 0f6 OA iDèl]tl]5 c5ri)0tt]5e a ccAUri) cttttn). 

7 % l)è, A ovA]]t bo èttAi6 ctt AiOAÒ ]totri)e bo 
ipobAl : A OttAttt bo crAi6 ctt A]t 1)^5^1^ 50 S^irS" 
eAri)tttl f AO b]OC]tAri) ; 

8 Ì^o c]t]OC0ttfS AO caUiì), bo f llgbAtt OA t?Utc- 
eAri)ortf 5 a5<^]6 Dè : S]oa] ]:èto 4 aSa]6 Dè, DtA 

S I>o f tl cf t?eA]tci^o cto6U]cceAc a OVAf, 5 a 
2 K 2 


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'ftAtnsiJtini t^bo pè^i bo niA\t^^ bo 04 boca^AiiJlf 

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AO b^^A bo f<>ir5^"^L ^f 

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IH)è comwjtor A rcrt, 4 if^AbAJU 

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Sl^ ^5«r 4 cletee Aò itè 611 b^6e. 

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4 A rwr^ : bo bf f f iD^ fo^4^*4 a.^Ap9^ì}* 

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mnti cT)oc iK^rAO. 

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cfocro bn mt^D lè 2>i4 cdrbovije bo bè4i>Ai9 aò : 
bfAi^ At) £f^eAii94 t}A còtbooiS a5 S^ bt*^^. 

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^-pStf^eAfuoA v^ meArc, 117AIÌ A^r-^ 0^1^ QAoibcA, 

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A ivbiiAfSbeAVAr leAc, bo jAb cf c]o6lAicce 4 ro9 
b40tT)e : A^vr fòr, 4 rot> OA ìiyètpleAC, cvìi) 'còri)- 
tn^e oi^ fpeAre boi) Ei JeAìiHA I)|a. 

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cio6lA|et6e 30 lAèceAmì;! oftAiS, Bt^ 4 r^^o^S^e. 

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49 lfS*4iii)A boADAtb rMs^AC AD b^ir- 

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|o5 Sfitt^SAC AT) cè fl'*blAr bo p)^t lopA ^<jca6. 

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ttA6 iJi btrv]l bo D4iri)Ab. 

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25 2)o cvAbAit DA cAD^^1tteA6-A A ccoprc; da 


Jtn xm. Là. mXi »«U9K^. 591 

ifnt^ Jab«ib,^ 4^ecoffì)ètotial : f^oSfOtSe feebrlo^, 
^5«f fai»f<J5rotSe;fil«i^lf. 

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3bè, Ai) tjfb f tV 90C bofbtifj zh 6at$e. 

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Afb ftfsèe cto6UcA6 èr^Ab. 

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U^fbffi m^^fUe.ftfe Uog^Hfb 9A'!)bAOfi:)e,'o6 30 i)ttm- 
*^e tè è f*tD fiè^iPlofiitSfb 4^p : fpp^^ èèfU 

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HSfb^D cfeA94it<t)f tft : ^èuc, bobettt fè *a src, joè 

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Sjftcttf 4 <9t^t^Ael : \ a btf^l a v^^z a bfUtceti)frrf; 

SS iJf r.ACfrAff AC èrf a, 6 a Aè, Att)AC Af n^t^ib 
i)Aoti)CA : f è DfA <9f ftAel bo beftt DeAftc ; T crti)- 
ACbA boo pobAl ; 50 ft)«^ beAÌ^rtg DfA. 

-i r • ! r - - 

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iSAOft wè, 5 A t)è : »tT^ CAi^SAbAtt i)a 1)>?fS^^^^ 

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to9Ab feAfCA : t^iV]^ fD* 30 boiiDDe da D^TfseAb, 
T c4^ AD f tt^'c A5 brl cotttttD. 

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eA6 1D0 f coftDAC : bo f ATUfJeAbAtt IDO f^le CTt^' 
HffKVfftf^etòeAci) i^ tdo Ì)|a. 

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A5A bf rfl f uAi^ ottttiD 5AD AÒb^ : if Cttff)ACbAC ad 


392 Sdtt »&Uam<^. jin xiii. Là. 

Ivicò tiè Aji ti)f A9 nH> 6fo^|C|ifvS^, Aft mbef c 94^ 
p^ir^be 4^5Ar9y 50 b^A5c6|i4^c. 

5 tipfoii) bAirtS n)^ AO 0f6 v^J^ F^Abri JfOf : ^ 
dbè, tr MC!)e b^fe 11)0 leiil)e, a^x^ì ^F^Ì W^ 

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' 3D]4^ t)A r^^Si V^ cl4^o]6ceAfi f^^b : v^ bfo6 i>4^]iie 

OfitA Af |i n)o foor^) A9 b|ioo5 HTT^r ^^r^? 5 A i>& 

7 2)o 6|i1$ 50:11 |Oii)6A]fi 196 rcA9A]l4 bo foor^ • 
ACli iDAj^^f 6 A bFoUc \^ pAffte. 

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>5ar eAccftAdAC bo cto|9 nfo ri)4iCAtt. 

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Acri)ar^i) i)A bttttti)5e bo r^Aoìi^ c& ottun). 

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'5A6 : A^ar bo cr||teA6 fli) a ccoap 190 r<^A9Uc. 

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A^rr bo bf n)è A19 fe49f ocaI m^xav* 

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AH) aSai6 : X A9 Ircc fb|or beoc Ufbf |t, bo ftf^Sb^ 
AbftA^ Oftan). 

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A 9An) f09SAbAU. 

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n)è : A btrfftiSe bo f lA9Af5ce. 

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9fPCCAtt: rAOftCAtt tt)^ ò laòb n)t:rACAt5ce| *t ^r 
bofn)9e 9a 9Vfr5eA6. 

16 OdA tet5 bo cttfle 9A 9rtr5s6 bttl 6r n)0 C|09> 
A^rr 9^ lèf5 bo 9Af5èA9 n>o f U5A6 : A^ar 9A Uf^ 
bo9 poU A bèrl bo 6ttrb oftttn). 

17 itW9 n)è, 6 A tfSfttttj, Òttt tr »OAfc bo C|9èttl 
5|tA6AC : bo ft^tl^ fon)Ab bo cftdcAfite cgdrA, f^rd 

OftAtt). ' . 

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AC^|n)'A i9brAf6|teA6 : b^9 beftf tft bon) ètrbeAcb. 

19 Dftrfb A 95Att bon) A9An), trttAr^Afl è.: rAOtt 
n)è bo bftt5 n)o 9Ari)Ab. 


we^XODÒ^jK : ^t^b mo v^\n)ha. Y|le 8f bo òoj^e. 

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Iai) bo 6ob|tdp : ÀSttf &o bf ^»1^ as^id jtè bnioe 
*1St^ ^o .6;frAU4tb cori)cttt]tf] leAfn, A^vf tJi ]t4k]b 
AOobìfoe ; T 4 T^^ ^**^^ coinrvficACbA, t^jj bf u^Af 

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ii|o tATtc, ca54kbA|t f fi^e^^TtA |tè i>5l bAii)* 

25 Vfo^ A njh&iih à^ a ocofSe'frèto tDA'|t 6ttl : T 
A i^to^Ab IvAf 6eACbA, , iDAfi pAii)cèr)t 66 jb. 

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rA'b^ i^'A leAfttAÒAtb'bèfc A cconroyiS» 4 <^W^* 

S5 2)of ftc AiQAc bo 6fbf ettt; ofttA : 'A5«tr S^tb^ 
^Af èpefttje St*et^ otl*^» * ' 

26 l8to6 A 910ÒAb corì)i)y]6e v^a ^b^tt^rfS^* V^ 
iifob ^fe^Att coif)l)rf5e Ap A'CttSctb. 

27 <6|tt bo t)tb AtT)leAi)n)ittt)9 ASitt ai) i^'bo bttAfl 
CTfA: T UbitMb, ctnD-botlStf uoo lyèc7)o*telcr6. 

28 £>r|t yttcètb a 5^109 ^ t)ttit6dtbe : A5itr V^ 

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i[)l^fb|tfobcAit(tAb tQAtllè t«tr DA t?fttèitt)rtb. 

40 ^5rr njiH, bfo6 50 btatltn) Aft n)o bttAt6ti!s6 
n bobft^OAd: *CìitteA6 bof lln)&$A6, ò a l)è> T^^r 

31 <nolt?Ab tCiDn) 2>è ftè o^tnctc : "i boMADÀb 
A*ji)6ttt^A^ t^CAbAitfc bi;6eACAtt*. 

32 XAtt9eèòì«6 fo mAft Ai) sJcgbDA ttff AtD ciìf^* 
tW' 'l'tor 196 DÀ bAiì) d6 i>ttlos,. A5A bf >i(tb vC^^tA, 
^S^r I^S^ r^oflce. 

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WjeA^ A |ii%fofyOA|S. 

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Agiir ^ ccatttrtSfdo foncA. 

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tiMCA MbAb: IWtr so DMAtlAfb eonftyti^e Abiji), 

A^yf 50 19^1 AI6 l)A Ot^lteACCACA* , 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

S9è aAtC VSVJnL^. An xiii. Li. 

87'tC5»t f5lbòci»6 fltoèc a fèinb^feAc è : T 4!) 
lacc ìlttò^t^f A ?ii!m» ^]C]te66^9 ^^. 

Ps. Izx. Bcut m adjuioròm. 
^ A Jbè) boio f *0|ia6 : ^ &ì5eAftOA) bon) c^b^ 
bè^^o befCfY|t. V 

2 i8]o8 Qli|]te O^A, A5rf b^bìf cUo]&ce, doò 
lAtiittf fOAOum : FiUc|0]i 4 A DAif, T !>^lt*15*^'^lS 
AO Ittcè lAfiittf 190 610561^1 1. 

d i^tUcfOti A||t A i)Atf t^b bo IttAt^scc A v^\Ji^ : 
!)ò<S A bet|t, tCl)A, aW I 

4 tfibff Wc$4^tl^^9 ^S^T 5^t1^^^ t^^Abt^A, 
5AC Aoo t^n^r .^^r^ * ^ST Ab|tAtbf f a cc6n)9a|6e 
5AC A 951t^6tttSsi) bo fU9^SA6, 0o fDOftìifjgt^jPtA. 

5 tCcc, AcAttQf ] bocc vt)teAfbAC : 6 a JSè, bèAO 
betcftlt ^ttjAH). 

6 Jf CVf A tiyfrO^ CAbAttCA, A^ttf f AO|tCA : a }tgr 
eAttPA, DA bèA9 TOO]IU 

Ps. Ixzi /fi Uf Domme, tpermL 
^OQAbfA, AtfS5t*tJ<^, èM|tiiDiD0 6dtJ; iM i)Mn- 
iJèeAtt ip^ 50 bttAè : a9 ctrfti^i^ACb fvAf 5A|1 ni^i 
T f AOtt njè ; cIao!) bo òlttAf òa^Aii), T Cttii)bìi5S ii)è. 
' 2 i8f 6Aii)fA Ab toi)Ab fvtje 6^1^5100, Cttin a 
ttACAb bo Jol^è : dt|t CttSAtf Atc!)e ido cAttt^]!; ]f 

Ctt 11)0 CAtfttttC, ASttt" IDO 6AlD5tO!). 

3 <no t>\^y f AOfi ìDè Af lAtri) AD CtODCAtS : Af 
U|tD AD bVtDO De|IÌ)ffttèttDCA, A^ttf f foèli)Attl. 

4 Atl* If c4 iDO 6dfS, A tiSeAiiDA X>t^ • "><> ^^S 
òiD 6)5e. 

5 Jf leACf A bo col)5Tt)A6 fvAf iDè 6d iDbttotD : 
tf ctt ètt5 iDè 6 tODACA|t iDO iì)Ac4 ; tf Cttf a ii)oltf Af 
iDè A ccdii)DvtSe- 

6 ^flAit 10D5DA6 bo bf iDè A5 iD^ttAD : Acc if cttf a 
0)0 6fbeAD bAiD^eAD. , v 

7 l8fo6 iDO oettl IfoDCA Ub iì)oIa6 : toD6)t^, Atft 
f eA6 AD Ia6. 

; 8 aftA cefls fjOAb iDè A DAtiDttft iDO feADAOtfe : 
A DVAtit f AiU|5|0f iDO tE^Àttc D^ cttèt5 iDè. ' 


^xiv.X^. 3XU 9&UJi^^. S95 

9 (&t?i Ub]ttttb m V^ìmbe aid AjAtÒ, ASttf 4D 
Ivcc Ac^ A5 |:oftf Attte ^ idaoaid sAbA^b corijAtiile 
tiè cètle, A5 tt46 : X>o ctiètS D|a è ; tD5!»eAiuìf5 è, 
^5»r S^^Atò è ; 5|ti Pt btrvtLt?eA|i a c^^tWJ^A. 

10 (6 A Ì)è, u^ bì 4. b|:Ab u4|iD : n)o Ì)|a, beic- 
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11 «fb|r cUotSce, A^ttf btoJbÀtce, Doc ac^ da 
i>eArcattibt6 bpro AD^^iD : Folufscjtt t^b lè rcAgAtl, 
A5*r T^ eAroD6j|i, Dod t^ttivr iDolc- , 

12 tCcc, btAtb bòcòttr ^S^") bosDÌ^è : t CMttfSb 
A.SCtOD èttfle fbolcA. . 

13 titctieòpriò IDO bèttl C|ff |tèttDC4^6c 4 t?56 AD 
Uè, T bo fUDvsAÒ : bto6 d^c f ètbtit Iioid 4 D^ttv- 

14 ÌllA,CAb ^ iDA5At6 A De4C AD XfJsttD J^ebab^ : 
A^ur cit^bt?Ab Atttcf fttèttDCACbrA AtD^t^. 

.15 <6 A Ì)è, bo rb^Dtr n)è ^n> ^156 : l 50 DX^e 
ro bt?o|llrt5 tDè bo ìbto|tbtt|le. 

16 ttDofr fòr A DVAitt Acat«> r^At>> ^swr Iiac, 

d A J)è, D^ C|tèt5 "J^ • 5<> ccÀtrbèADA ID^ bo DSt*c 
boD St^^^Ucro, A^vr bo cttiDACbA bo Dtttle 6v]De 


. 17 ^A. ctrÌitèttDCACb fòr jiò ^|ib, Ò a Ì>è, doc 
bo tt|be De|fce iD5|tA : 6 a iè, c|a tr «orib>ll tt|ocrA ì 

. 18 tvt'A, Dpc bo CAtrb&iD bAfb bvAt^attCA tOfD^A 
D^t^^^^cA, beòbdÒAttt iDè A |tir • -^S^r bo bj5|ti| ' 
ruAf iDè 6 6o|ibDe DA caIidad. 

19 /^otttlfoDf A ctt tDi^tftAccAr : 1 cottbrxitce6c4 

ID^ Attt 5AC CAOtb. 

20 <nolt:A iDè rdr tv Attt A6bAi6 da r^WltAÒ, t , 
ct?ìtttbert, 6 iDo Ì)|A : cADpAb fx^ilrt) 6vtc tetr ad 

CpUtttriS)' CttrA A %OtD SftAOlbCA Ìf^el. 

. 21 Z)o 6èADA iDO bèrl IttAC^Àtite, iDAtt c;^D|rAb 

-f^X^Ìllt) 6mc : A^ttr IDADtttt), DOC bt?ttArCtttt Ctt. 

22 9:AJbe5ttttt6 iDAtt.AD 5cèAbDA iDO teAi>5A^ 
ct:ttt§DCACb ^^6 AD Uè : òttt Ac4i|b cUot^, AC^fb 
4 iOÀ D^|t^|tt5A6, AD bttODS 1 Atttttr fDolc. 
Ps. Ixxii. Deut, jwUciunu 

^ Ìè, CAbAtti bo bttetceAibDvr bOD *fS t A^vr 
iC|?fttèttDCACb bo ibAC AD ilfS. 

Digitized by VjOOQ lC 

SM OtiU »JS«(J«11. Anìàf.L&, 

hoimdt f»è bftefteAti)9«r* 

3 Z)io tièa|iAtb v^ |*lè|bc6 rf<'^^^19 ^^ ^A 
QbAOtn^ t *5uf i>« C90fc beAjA i9Af IW ftè ceA|nc. 

4 «è«rfi4^6 ffr bfM^c'Aft boceAfb 9* QbAOfi^e : 

f 40)lf!4^ f è cUb 9A OOAf bA64^) 4^5llf bfif ff 6 fè A9 

fe^fvf^ttfSèe. ^ . 

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feA6 f9Af itfeAf AD $sUò : 6 tf djUc jo Sf9sUc. 

6 SfttCfA^6 f%^ A 9Mf AIÌ>V^ A Dfetf^ftCìrO Af ff AO 

bf èofi SSfftCA : f04 i|* ccAtAib fflfttC46 04^ zsìàf4^. 

7 ^9^ UèÌÀfbffO bUf èfTfb v^ flft^t) : 1 70194^6 
f|eè^i>4^y A0'f?eA6 bf^bf a9 jeAlAò a9^ 

8 ttsttf bf4f6 cfteAftOttf Afse 6 f Affftice 50 
F^HI^S^ : ^S^r ^ cfftttc 50 ce6ftAiHtf b 94^ cAtitN^9* 

9 £Uo9fniib nA ff^^Sinft ao bftoM lifCftet^biH' 
A$f A bfoftftAii) ' 1 IfSÌn^ ^ ntif t9be a9 iMf c)fteA6. 

10 Z>o bèitftAfb ft]$òe l&4fff 1 9^ 9>rU^9 cfobUc- 
4^t eofftbedftyfb ftfjèe ^ebi^*f SfebA p|tsj|^9CA. 

1 1 Usttf cticfif6 5AC itfle ftf$ f fof bt liuc^ : bo 
b^9Af6 A inle èf9046 fetftbff b& 

. 12 <&f|i f A0|tfrrf6 f6 a9 ceAfbaf^eAC 9oè bo 9f 
èfi^OAMi : A5tàf A^ hòcZf A5ttf a9 cè A5 9AC bf^tifl 

fOAft CttftCAU* 

U ^o 6èA9A f è cfi«Af$e bo9 bòèc, A5itf bo 9Sf- 
b464è : A^rf t^tòcr^ò' fè a9i9^9* 94i 9bef ficeof U 

l6 <b f9eAlU6 T 6 f6fftftf5fe^ fOAf fcèdlìr6 fè a 
94^19^ : *i bit6 mdftlttAf c A Df vf l f 09A ftA^Afi'e. 

15 <nAt]iff6fè, A5ttf.bèA|tfAft4^bdfi£^bA: f 
bo 66A9A |4 5ttf 6e Afi A f 09 be $91^ beA^dòAft è 
50 UèceAt^rfU 

16 l8fAf6 bOft94^9 4bA A9fA caUi9, <f t9ttlUè 94^ 
f If Ab : bf Af6 A COflA6: ff 9 Afi CfifÒ^^C0fl9Ml ftè SebA* 
96O9 ASttf bO 6èA9«fb CAfCftfttgAb At94k!ò Af A9^ 
CCA^fiVfS l9Afi Ittf b 9A CaM^A9« 

17 1i5«f t94^ftff6 A fif9f9 50 bjilic; a9 f eA6 
bf^f A9 SftfA9 a9, ffj6 bfAf A %pm 4k5lsc9V5A6: 
A^Yf beAddÒAfi bAOf^e AtfA^i S^ffift* ^ ^l^ 
c|9eA6 foitA 6e; 


19 ftsuf jo rtjAft^ bggiTj b]Af A^C^Drt) 5ld|irt)4 30 
bfiAc .: T IfoocA]! AD c^Uti) lè v^ 5^T*. ^n)eT>, ^ 

Ps. Ixxin. Qvamò<mmltrad/ 
J^r ii)A]c D]4 por bo ^rMel: bo is^FfofiSUo a 

^ 2 ?icc mnh tr b«^5 ^^I* fcfo^ n)o cor^ : ir 
t>«^5 i>A;]t fleArì)Dtt|5 n)o co]rcè]rtje VA]n). 

3 (&]]! bo cwfcA]^ fvè ]i]r DA b^m^&^»)Mb : tnAlt 
»0 èo84]]ic n>è roijrr P4f'5cto§CAC. j 

4 <S>]fi D] br>?l Cì?b]t]5ce ]0§a njb^r • ^5^r ^c4t 
4^ ì^^jic cl]fce. 

5 31] brì?l]b A r^<>^*1* 'J^ ijbAO]0è otle : A^ar T?f 
fi1ADCA]i ]Ab njATt 6AO]i)e 0]le. « 

6 %]i A i>^bA]iro]i) c]rt)C]oUtt]J Ai) citAb^ lAb: 
frol6v6 At) roi|tèl5]Ot? lAb n)A]i crUi6. 

7 i^èfb A r%le Ai^AC lè njèrcrr : r^P^Ì^ pvnc^]^ 
^fì^ ^ cc]iO]6e. 

S StittAtUTStb, A5itr Ub]irtb r^ttrgA^ l6 bv|t- 
còtb : Ubfiìifb 50 b^ttb. 

9 £rtfi]b A njbèttl a t)ASAt6 pA ijeAiì) : T ri<t6- 
U|J A cceA^SA cttfb At) ccaIaìì). 

10 %]i A D^bAttrotD i:|Utb/ A 6AotDe A^ro : 1 
f^irs^l^l* ^ttc^ ArtjACtttrseA^A >èrpA]D l]bi)CA. 

11 ?Ì5ttrA &e]Tt]b, c]o9ttr ir ^Tcoe bo Ì)]a : T 
AD 6k^^ «^l«r -^Pf^ cè ir;3tt6 ?t] fitie ì 

12 ,P^èrc tr lAbro DA ctogcttts, Ajar DA bAO^D* 
A fttA]tf)DeAr AD crAOSAtl cfstb crn) r^l^bfttr : 50 
beftbtD ir A. DbtotDAOtt)eAr bo rS^^-^r .W òjiot^e^ 
A5itf bo 9|$tar iDo Utt)A A De|ti)CiODnAtb. 

13 %5ttr bo b] n)è Atfi n)0 pf^^^ ^IT* F«^a6 a9 
Uè : Ajar -^tl* »D4^lbtO 60 bf mo AC^arAD. 

14 <nA betfitiD, Uibed]iAb m4T0 : f-è»i6, bo 6èi| 
iDfr ^Scdtfi Atft ^QeAUc bo clotDere. 

1*. ftSttr tK) ii)eAr t^è A f tor r^ 6e)c ^s^m : ACb 
b4^ t*^ f ^octiA<S> 6Ari) fjD ; 

2 L 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

698 ^aMC i^BKJVIt. Jnm.M 


16 3Xò 50 Qbe4kÒA|6 mè a f 4i9cc6]iv]b JDè : svf 
.xat5 TDè A obèYiieAÒ n^* 

17 0o be\n)]Vj T^e cui^b a i^^t^b fVeAiiiQ^^ : 
ceilsjrejca.por i^b 50 rsmof- 

18 Ciopbrf cr5C4 cutp i)e|ii)t){ rt|A|i brb 4i4t)dfro- 
<et9c-tAb : n^gc^ 50 biorol^i) )4^b ]tè bvAcb^f a|6. 

19 ^flAii AifllOS CA|t è^r bu]De bo ibttf cUò : ii)4 
ijD, A tj5eAtii)4^ A pa^]]i mlrfcedlvr Cttr-^> ^o 6Si)4 
^ i)toti)^15 bo Mt^cvt.rotv5A6* 

20 ^ bf tpo c|t0|6e ft6 baAt6eA|iCA : 1 
4kp 11)0 bvb^atb bo 50D46 TDè. 

21 ttsar bo bf tr/è b|iutb$tt)^l, T pf ttAfb a f fof 
.#5AtD : TDAti D^ b^lOrblDqb bo bj tDè 4^5^^^^. 

22 0j6eA6, bobf tDèbo 59^6 ^A^^ibrA : bo ]iV5 
pu Atti »D0 Uitb 6eir» 

23 S»tte6ti6cat6 cv tDèttèb còtb^le : T 'DA 61^15- 
HD S^abA ci^.ca^Ab a D5l6ftie tDè. 

> 24 £t^ ^^^ A^AH) A bf lAtceArbDttr ir cofibvil 

ittocrA : 9f bf mI r6Ur ^5^^) '^in cAÙtb* 

25 2)0 CttAtò TD)reotl, A^v-r tDO ctiot6e a 1^150 z 
Yfè S|A DSt^c n)o cftof^e, f ^o c\fb ftODA 50 bftac. 

26 <S)tti f èttc, At) Lvcc cè^b a bf^Ab ttAfc, TDefcf t6 
UAb : fCftJOffiAtlÌ 5AC AOD b4^«è|b ftè fCftfopACrr 

27 t(cc tr iD^fc ^Atbr^ bfi^beArb ftè Df^; acIi 
iDO 66|5 Abr^ 5»f5eAfiDA I^fA : 50 bfo^Uftse td^ 
l^ofbfteACA «f le* 

F«. IxxiV. Ut qwdf Deui. . 

Cftèb f ^fi cefl^tr, A 3bè> vAtc tb 50 bft^c : A 
Dbj|D^ctfgti5 bgcAC AD^SAfb CAOft ac bt^bffi fèfD? 

2 A^ofTbDtS bo coftbctoDdl: Doò bo deADMS c4 
^rÀbA 6 flD ; 

3 b^P^vAreAtlcàr^ACcotstieACCA : bo cdòc SfODf 

a9 4 ^^Wi^tSir* 

4 £65 fttAf bo corA cttiD!)A bf^r^o rtotti'iit6e : a 
tjvle olc btv DblttDAfb AD D^tb^Tb ADr-^ crADcc6ftA. 

5 ISè|ct6 bo D^fbbe A tDeA60D bo cottbcfOD^lj 

to^ f ^fCeAbAfÌ A TDbftACAÒA tDAfÌ ÒOTDAttCAlb* 


An xìv. Xd. iKa ^SU^1C<!t: ^9^ 

6 il^ cln^ie^ò Av tè': ijoc ìSo 665*6 A 6ftA6' 39' 
lj^]tb A]t qu5 pA oo]He. 

7 ttcb A i)0]f tt)A|i Ai) ccèAbi)A buAilib ftof ^ 
obA]|i cèi|ib||ieACOA: ]iè cuA6>?b T fiè bojibv^b. 

8 JDo c>;]tgb4 at) cfAi)cc6|]t c]i§ ceìpe 50 caUtì) ; 
eo cfiuA]Ui5eiflibA]t ]oo^b c6ri)irtr6e c:Ai>tt)A]'A. 

9 ^ bvb]t<^b^]t ]o5a 5C]io]6c]b, fC]t]o]'An) ]Ab 
A ijAotirpeAxb ^ bo Gtr|ieAbA]i; c^tè- ce^ije 5AC u]U 
f]oi)A565 ]iè D|A Ap]*A bu]cce. 

10 9X} fA]Ctt)]b 4 CCOtt)A]tCÀdA, ^f Bp?l A0DfÌl]6 

V] ^T "?6 : v] rt)6 Ac^ AOt) A5A b]!>rl A ^of c^ ]fAb: 

11 Ca "IIAb, A 3bè b]Af A 1)eA]*CCA]tA A5 fCAp-* 

IttjAò : At) tt)b]A AT) r)^ir)\i\ò A5 c4cv]]*ij]rjA6 fcAi)* 
ii)A co]6ce ? 

12 £|ièb p^ b}r]ll]o5 cu bo Uti) s 00 Utì) 8eAf 
|:è]i) A be]]t]n) ? : coi)5bA]6 ] 6 U]t bo bjtolUj. 

13 Af]i fè 3D]A' njo ll]5' A ]t]Aii) r A5 0]b}t"fu5A& 

fl^ljttttce A fDeA660 1)A CAlttJIMr.* 

14 I)ò-fto]^'«d 4( i?]?A]fft5e lèb iJ5]ic: bo'bf^f cà- 
c|5 V^ PbfiA^up ApfijA bu]f5eA6ì?b. 

15 2)o b]tu]5]f o]n -«1) i;eb]ACAi) : tY^Aff è iijAit' 

fef a6 bO 1)A bA0]1)]b A$f A bf «lf AC. 

16 X)o fco]lc ctt cO]b]teACA', T ffiocA : bo Ti]5]r 
♦^bije fi)6|tA c]]t]tD. 

17 ^f btt]cf] ]f bvAl AD U, ]f leACfA f^ a 1)00-' 
ce : bO]tbttt5 cv ad f oUf A^ttf ao SfttAto. 

16 Do fà]5]6 cv ]it)]ol DA cAlri)Ai) YtU : bo cttitr 
cit f An)]tA6 A^ttf 5etii)]teA6. 

l^ i6v]ii)t)t5 f Oj A t]5eA]ti)A, 5tt]t f CApU] J ai^ 
t)&n>v]b : AWf ti)tt|t CA]tCtttf i)]5eAbA|t ^a bAO]9€r 
leAii)A ctitijif).. 

20 3^;^ cAbA]]t Ai)An) bo coUti) bo CMbeACbA i)a« 
i)Àtt)Ab : co]ti)C]oi)6l bo bocb i)^ beA]tii)Atb 6ot6ce« 

21 £AbA]]t CA]]te boD copftA^: 6]]t Ac^tb iSitC' 
|teAbtt]5 boftCA Da caIiì^ad Ui) b^t^ftto t^ot]tèi5ti)« 

22 SA^ U]5 bo U6c AT) UACtitttti) f |IUa6 fx 
ij^tfte : n)oUtb i)a bofcc T i)a bwttisr^ACA ctitw. 

23 «tni3» ^ ^ Ì)è, CA5'4 bo cdtr r^]V : cwi^tSf 
2)0 CAftctttf t)e 6 i)An)Ab^i) 4 F^^^ At> Uè» 


400 SHa IPStUVfl. Jn XT. u. 
5tor Ab ^5^0 ^5 inènbYSAb ^ 5Coii?D>^e. 

Ps. Ixxv. Cofi^i^fiMcr ^ 

JDo 6e]|tTQ]b bu)6eAÒvf ba^c, d a Ì)è : bo he)^ 
n)]^ bu]8eACvf bvfc. 

. 2 <S>||i i:o|Uf tstb bo ti)foiibvtle ; 30 bptfl ct(|i>r9 
A bfosvf. 

S tt ooAtti Je^bAb AD coTÌrctooòl. cv^AtD : bo 
òèADAb bttetceArbDvf 50 bttieAC. 
. 4 tCc^ 4^D CAUrb) A5ttf A D>f le ^tci^^^^^f ^9j 4 
V^ f C4^o]leA6 : bAtD5DedcAbf a a pofCAÒA. 

5 tt bettttn) t*1f V^ bAn>Ab«iDvib, 0(U. bèADut^ 
letib^ : A5Uf letf P4 ctooc^cA|b, SÌ^còsbAtb fVAf 
A DAbAftc ; 

6 xìX^ cd^b^tS foAf A DAÒApc 50 |id Àjib.: pA^ 

lAbflUtÒ ^è tt)U^D&Al CttUAt^, 

7 <6t^ t)f .6 t>^tib A Dotii, Dò A DjAii : d6 bo 6§r 

AClV l^t^U^AÒ. 

8 tiòc Sf A AD bttetceAit) : utblufs f 6 AD feA^rOj 
A5Vf ^itbvts f è AD peAtt otle. 

9 ^ttt AC^ CUp^D A lò.]tn AO ^ISeAttDA, *| ACl^ A9 

f f OD bsti5 : Ud bo <5vtDAf c, *i bòtttcts fè Af aidaò; 

10 tC òeAfSAtò no AiD^t^ • F^irSf !*> ^^ ?§^ai6 
i)A CAlrì)Ai>y A5Uf fbtb. 

11 ticc fotUf^^^^^l^ «Jirt A cttdcAttte 50 bft^è : 
c^DfJAb pf Ailti) bo ÌtA yJ^^cob. 

12 ttjvf bfttft^tob AÒAttCA DA cctODCAc Ytle : 
;)^tIibea!ÒCA|t AÒAttCA At) bvtoe f JttèuDCA. 

Ps. Ixxvi. Noiui m JtdoBO, 

tCtcDtSceAtt J^tA Ap *3fttbAb : tt '^^I^ ^ tCtDtt) a 

2 tC^Uf A S^leti) AC^ A pAtUt^D : A^Vf a fOpA^ 
coibDvtòe A ^too; 

S tC9 ftD bo btttf fèf Atàbe ADbòjA : ad fStAC^ 

À5Vf AO clotSeAlÌ), A5Vf ad cac. 
* 4 tCcA cà lofC^AttÒA -*5Uf 6|it&ettiC: 6f 0^09 
^Utbce pA'cttetce. 


M rv. lA. aik »fi^5i;<ft. 4or 

^o cobUbA|t A 5CobU6 : T pj bp u^^^b^ i)^ bAO^i^è 
CUff)ACbACA A Uii^A. 

6 Bièb |Tt)6eA]i5A8, 6 a ì)è ;9Àcob : bo ceil3|o6 
Ai> c^bAb, "^ AP C|^ò -^AOO A ccobUb tb^bcAC. 

7 tCce^ taf A, Cttf A fèli) u^^cbnf Ac ; T c|a f e^f * 
jTAf 6f bo coi^e, A 1JAI1) cf e^jtje. 

i i£u5Atf l^A beA|iA b|ieiceArbOttf bo clotfbeAt> 
6 DeAib : bo bf g^U Aijt ao ccaUtì), ASttf bo b| x)i, 

9 tt i)rAt]t bè]|t]3 DtA crrt) b|ie]ceAfb!7ttlf ; bd 
cvinbAè bAO]t)e ceA^fvrJ t)A tAlfi)At) uile. 

10 <)]|t ii)olf A]8 bjbf eAns At) bì?pe cvf a : co]|t* 
W)10f3ttt8 cvf A FV]3toll a b|:e]|t3e. 

11 ^6]b]5, A5Vf co]tj)l]ODì?8 boi)2LìteA]ti)A ba]t 
tlID]A : cv3A]bff, 3AC a b]:>ffl da C]ii)C]oll, c|o6UcA8r 
cvf5ef]0D ]tO]ii)e A]t bttAl a be]c ]fA]ceAÒ. 

12 0eA]]tfrA fè C]t]b AfDAC fp]0]tAb da bpit]OD- 
f a8 : ]f UAcb^f Ac ^ bo ]tt3C]b da caIidad. 

Ps. IzxviL Yoce mea ad Donànum, 

Do SA]]t]Of òvfD Dè ]tèiD 3VC, |8oD CttiD Dè jtèiD. 
jttfc : A5Vf c«5 f è èff beACC bAtb. 

2 ?t l6 fDO bvA]8g]tcA bo f j]t n)jfe ad £i5eA]tDA s 
bo b| fDo Ufb f AD D0]8ce 4 d^ b6]tCA6 atdac, A^vf 
0| 8a4Dvi6 cotbD^rs; bo 8]ttlciDADArD coibfttJtcACb 

S X)o CttiiDDlS fDè A]t Ì>tA, A^ttf bo b| fDè bvA]8r 
eA]tcA : bo 5eA]t4iD n)è a DYA]]t bo bj tdo t^lo]tAb 
Ali D^ ]0fDbacA6. 

4? 4>)D3bvi5 Ctt iDO f iiile da DbttfAcb : ACÀ]rD 
^OfbiDbvAi6eA]tcA ]f, fiD, DAC b]:èvbu]»tD UbA]]tc. - 

5 Do rbeAf iDè D^ Uèce feADbA : bl]A6DA f gD- 

6 X:.ttiTbD]5]iD 11)0 f eiDfD f AD Doi6de : TDS8tti5|fD 
|tèfD c]to]8e, A^ttf cvA]tcv]5 ido fp]0]t'Ab, a^ ]tA6y 

7 tÌD cceil^pe AD ItiseAftDA va6 50 b]tAc j T 
DAC iDb]Al8 f è ]:AbA]tCAC D]Of id6 ? 

% 9RA]t coifj A c]t6cA]]te 50 b]t^è : DA|t f A]ll]5 
4^ fOCAl 6 siDOAUè 50 5]DeAUc? 
a L i 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

408 attt fSUX^. An xy. Li. 

& {Waii 6e4ltitjv]b I)]A betc Sfi^rAib^l : i)A|ì | a^8 
fè tttAf A bf et]t5 A C|t6cAitte ct^èulcA ? 

10 ttjtif 4^ bvbjtAf, Sj fo nyo Ui^e : Acb CMii»- 
^dcAb bl^A^OA H\n}e be^f e 4it> cè if |^ ^ijt^e. 

11 £ttiti>i)e6cAb otbiigcA at> 3t|Jg|iq : 30 beiny- 
|9 ca|n79e6d4^b co^bfieACA ]01)^4^i)caca òx) cfe^i^' 

l^ ttSttf fnjttAiiJFto^ ^T* cotbtt^ACAto tttle 1 Ajttf 
A]tt bo $otorì)Attctt|b bo 6èADf Ab cuttb^e. 

l^ <6 A 2)è, tr ^ i)AotbcAcb Ac4i bo flige : c|4 

ACÀ t)A d^t^ C0tbt1?6|t t^^t^ ì)^]AÌ 

14 ;Jf Cttf A Ai) DtA U]bttt| i)oè bo v) obAttt 100- 
5Ai)CAO : bo cvftt cv bo i^eAftc a DotbAtl a tt^eAfc 
DA DbAOtije. 

15 b/ttAf5Atl cu lèb U]^ ^P 6AOtt7e : cl^^ .^Acob 
^jvf 3òref. 

16 So dopcAbAft DA btttfseA^A cu, 6 a Dè, z>o 
èo^CAbAtl t)^ bvtfseA^A cu, bo bt eA^U otftA : bo 

ti^bAtt 1)A'b<^l5^tt) bttAt^CAttCA. 

17 1)0 66|ttceAbAtt i)a dòvUa Att)AC vtf^eA^A ; 
ètt^AbAtt DA ft^ètPtS 'pvAttt) : bo cvAbAtt f6f bo 

'fOf5be ct«ff)òtoU. 

18 Do bf f ttAtiD bo èotttDtSe A9fD4^ fp^tì^li? bo 
fotttf t5 bo ctDceACA ad f aoJaI ; bo ^t^t^^^'*^* T 

•bÒ jAb eA^lA AD CAUtì). 

tl) t(9 f A btTAttft^e ACJJi be f Ifse, A^uf bo cAf ^ 
ADft)A bttlf S^-A^vtb ti)6iiA : A5vf Df b^t^OlceAfi bo 

20 j)o ctteèttvt Jif TDAti èttèrb bo 6A0tDe : t** 
Uttb ^Aotfe A^ttf ^tAttoD. 

Ps. Ixxviii. AttendUe popule. 
£tt5At6, 6 iDO pobAl, ètfceACc botD 6lf$eA6': 

cU0DUt6 butl CclvAf A CUTD blttACfiA iDO bètl. 

2 /^otf seoUb TDo bèttl a ccof AibUòc : poccf a 
IDè UbAttCA bottCA 6d cf eADAt>Df tt^ ; 

S 9iloc bo cuAUtDAtt A^vf b^ pjOf bttiD : Ajvf 
tolDft^^Att Att DA;ctie 6u|D. 


4 ^\ òeilF]Ott) Aip 4 cclo|5 lAb A3 l^lfio boi) 
g^DeAUp qocfÀf ; rt)olcA ai) 5»i3eA|ii)A, T a cuibff 
ACCA9 A3iir ^^ n)fo|tb\ìle feo jiiSe fè. 

5 i&T^ bo 6A1P5P13 fè f tAèwf-e aù -^^Acob, ASttf 
bojtbttj3 fè foli5eA6 a o-Jri^Aèl: ooc bA^jCjft) bA|i 
t)A|C|ttb A foiUrivs^vÒ 6(v sclojp. 

6 Xuri) 30 rt)biA|6 A ^|or aj ai) i?3ltreAUc "p^ 
Cfucr<x6 : ^5 9A le|D]b bo bèAitCAOf ; 

7 ^ur Aj è]t\5e : 30 Plt)eorAib}r b;X 3^loin 

8 tt^ur 30 cctt|itpeb|r A DbSccur A i)X)iA ; Ajvr 
ijAC ijbeAiirpAbrAibir Pib|tgCA X>è^ A^rr 50 ccoi^ 
eocAibfr A AiceAijcA ; 

^ ^3vr3APAbeicrt)4 A.DAic|te5 3lDgUc Deii^T 
^S^r»^lS>/^3'^r eArùri)Al : ^iDeAUc DAC DbtftisfOD^^ 
A cc|toi6e 30 ceAtic, A^ur DAc bfvil a rf»to[*Afch 
flltiDeÀc bo ÌiA- 

10 ^|t TDbeic bo iDACvrfr iBpttAfrD 4tt)CA ; A3 Utd^ 

AC ]tè bojA, bplUlObAlt Allt A DAir A lò AD CACA;, 

11 3llo]t coDStDAbAjt codpa6 ì»è : t bo ^iuI^a- 
bA|t Ttt)teACC lODA 6l]5eA6.; 

12 ^3vr bo 6^]tTDAbAbAii A'oibjtOACA : A^ur a. 
^oD3ADCACA Dod broiUri3 fè 6616, 

15 Do UcAtit A DAic]teA6,bo ft]De r^ tDfo|ibvil,. 
4 ccAUtt) DA b^tSipce : A iDACAiite ^ad- 

14 X)o rcoilc rè A DI^AtTltse, T cu^iAbrADcptce; 

Ajttf '^v^ A]it DA i)\?r5^A6'*»^ r^^r*^ "?^t^ c^itD. 

15 ^3vr bo titeòjtM6 tAb tiè DèuU ^ad lo : Ajvf 
.Atlt peAb DA bot6ce ttè r^'^'^r ce-iDeA6. 

16 J)o rco]lc r^ t)A c43e ADrA' bioctiAtb ; t cus 
beoc 6òib 30 f At]triD3, iDAti btt6 a^ a ijAi3èAD» 

17 ^jvr CU3 r& yx^oto. AiDAC Ar DA. cq3ib : A^ur 
CU3 rè Aitt DA bùtr3(6ib tt]oc rjor Atb>A AibDe. 

18 %3ttr bo pè<^ì?5Sb4 r^r^^ '^5<^]*=' = l*^ cacus- 
a6 bo cvft AbrA bjocttAK) At]t AD cè ir 3S16 Uitt&e* 

19 ^t^vr bo ctt]]teAbA]t CACu5^6 A]]t ±)ia tOD^ 
5Cjto]&e : A5 fAttttt]6 bt6 b4^ DAtotbtAbvtb. 

20 Xo Ub]tAbA]t t:5r a 0^3^16 Dè : A-bvbttAb^^ 
t(D btrèAbAD D|A boitb bo 1|0Da6 lè b^A^. ^Ab btoc-*^ 

I Digitizedby VjOOQIC 

404 , 31« J>S««<n. Jkycr.lJt. 

21 •fèucy bo bvAilfè At) c^]t*A^c, <i3U|- bo lt»>5- 
e^b^^ft aifs^AÒA atdac, Ajuf bo cutljjeAb^ ]*ftocA r 
411) bflbA^ fè ^Ài) bo CAb^c ua6 1174 ao cc|bi2, ^v 
f ètbift le]f peoil bo folAcA|t bA- bAO]t)tb ? 

22 tC|i A t;ai&bAitfO|i) boòu^U ad Xf5ed.|it)A |fij> 
A^Yf bo bf ftò feAftSAC : lonbuf 30 |tA]b cefoe A|t 
DA Uf a6 a da5a]6 -JACob, A^vf ii?A]t AD 3CèAbOA 
c4ilDt3 bfbfe^Tts fVAf a da3*i6 JffiiAelj 

23 J)o b]t]3 D^t^ 6fte]b]obAtt a dX)]^ : A^vf D^|t 
CìftWAbAtt A Dbd]3 tODA f Udy3a6 ; 

84 &\ò 3tttt AiqD f è bo DA DèuHYjb d D^fib A> 
DYAf : A3Yf 5tttt f ofcufl botttfe Dt^e, 

25 tt^ttf 5Uft f OAft OfttA ^flADA ftè fcre : A^af ja 
tCY3 f è AttbAft 6 DeAib 66]b. 

26 Do tc AD bYtDe beACA da i)A]D3eAl : bo Cìrt^ 
f è A Dbfol bfè CYCA. 

27 tY3 fè AJft AD ^^AOfC A DOfft 5Aba]l COttC tf 

, DA DeAri)>?b ? A^ttf ftè pA ciiri)ACbA]b CU5 f^ a t*cac 


28 tt^Yf bfeAftfè fetJtl otfiA iDAtt luAtcft^S : \ 
èADUfc fctAC^DAC fi)Aft 5A|DeAri) DA t^Aftftse. 

29 tt^ttf Ctt5 OfftA c^cfrt) A fi)eA&oi) ad CAnjpA : 
A cctiDCtoll A DloDAfb cori)DYt6e. 

dO ^Aft f VD A bYAbAft, A^uf bo b^bAft f litceAc 
5ol6ft : òfft CU5 fè 6ò]b a td]AD t^è]i) : pf ^gfiDAS 
f6f co]ri)t5eAC fAb oda DAtDri)]ADtt]b f^ètD: 

51 1)0 bf A iDb]A6 f 6f tODA iDbèul, a Du^ cÀfDfC 
f eAfts X^è* OfftA, A^Yf bo ri)4b b^ DbAO|D]b iDèice : 
A5Yf bo leA5 rì^r ^^3A 6]5f eA]t ^f jtAel. 

52 t^tf fo Yfle, bo peACttige^bAft t:6f : ^ Dioft 

•ttefbtObAft Att fOD A tOD5ADCACA. 

38 5St]TDe ttO bo-CAtc f è a Uèce a Db|ori)AOtDSf : 
ASttf A iDbl]A6DA A iDbuAt6tteA6. 

54 tt DUAtft bo ri)A]tb fè lAb, tf ADfoti>bo f|ft- 
^jobAft è : A^Yf bt:tUtobA]t3 A^uf bo fffteAbAtt ÌDja. 

50 fDOC. 

55 ^s^X bo c'v?ri)D]5gbAtt ^ttft bè X)f a a ccAfft^^ 
^3^f AD DfA Utbtft A b'^uA|*CAlc6]]t. 

36 0]6^a6) bo t^fDeAbAft fploAbA ttff p^ ^*- 
• ipbèYl : ASttf bftè A3A itè da cceA 03^)6^ 9 ' 

Digitized by L^OOQlC 

An XV. La. 3^ »GUa%^. 49« 

38 Ì<!t]|ttf ri'J Tt?A]ibd 6] ^è cjidc.^eAC, bo tp4.|& 
A ccjopcA : A3ur i)]0|i rSTVIor 1Ab. 

39 %3ttr briUr:^ So n?i»)|c A ^^^115 C4 a Vtr* 
A^ttr PÌo|t ibùrcAil rè a 6ibfeA|t3 a]le. 

. 40 *t3ttr bo cttiTÌ>i>i3 5Vft bfeo^l ^Ab : 5AOC ooò 
]Tt)Ci5tor, A3ttr i?AcbrilleAp. 
• 41 £a li^èrb YAiji bo coTritti^eAb^ è AVfA t>\^in 
TtAtb : *} boc\;fteAbAfi boilàtor 4 ^pf^ bfÀr^^- 

. 42 ?Ì3Yr briUtobAm ^3^^ bo cY]|igb4 CACtt5A<it 
A|t X)f A : A^ttr bo c>rfteAbA|t ai) c^oo QtAOfbcA ^X'* 
IJAel A 5Ctt]fDri. 

4fS O(l]0]t cY]T!)Df3eAbA|t a Iatì? : ^o M l^ ba 
•fApitrè |Ab 5 PA i)^ri)Yf b ; 

44 itlOQAr bO CY|]t A C0tT)A|tCA6A f^V V^]^]ft l; 
^S^T ^ 10P3Af)CACA A HJAJ èÒAT), 

45 ^3ttr bfOTi)|>ot6 A ri»ocA A bjr'^l: f\ a n^hm 
50 t)A]t bi:è|bift 66fb beoc òU 

46 X)o cttfYt r^ ]0^A r^eArc ioii)Ab cnfleòg, ^;^ 
bo |è lAb : A5ttr AD Ivjrsiog, t>oc bo rcfttor Hb* 

47 ^3ttr CV3 fè A tT)bir^AC boi) bjteolù^ ceAf^ 
bv|6 : A^vr A Y'^ocAtt bpi) l6ctt|rc. 

48 ^5ttr bo TÌjAitb A brfi)eAii)V]i) pfr ao 3cloic* 
f i)eAccA : T a ccftoiò floQATDOlft ]t]f? ad 3Cì?rQ^» 

49 ^5ttr Ctt5 A i>eAllAC boi) cloicf WACbA ; Asuf 
A ccftèttbA boi)CAOffi cefDci5e« 

50 Do cì?rt rè oniA cgr^ f«in5®> Ffoc,T AI0516* 
4jcb, T bvAi6ttg6: itè Cttft bftoc «-iD5]ol da m§r5* 

61 Ì)0 ÒOIDCflOTDMS r^ TMS^ ^^ f ®1^3> ^fOlt CAOIÌ)* 

MD A DADATD à b^vr : 1 Ctt^ r^ A iDbeACA bo.D ^1^15 ; 

55 ^5vr bo buAil r^ cèibJetDe da tfÌ^Stp'Oe : 
cor^c A Deiitc A bptÀ]UittDttib J5atd. 

5S ^5ttr CV5 ^ A 6AOiDlb bttl c^ir »^^1* ÒAOi|ti& i 
T bo cite5fttti6 Aib'vìl citèvb ADr^ bfocitAtb lAb. 

54 tt^ttr ^o citeòftttib AiDAC lAb x^è b'S^DACb, T 
Di itAib $51a P]]ia: T bfroUs A.DrAitfise a D^lTÌjbe* 

55 ti5ttrctt5 r^ lAb ^oì)}n)^^l a f^^c^itA: 49»r 
tlj^bf^, Doc to 5Dò6tt|5 A Uri) 6eAr, 


iÌOtf attC VBUHlt^: Jh XV. U: 

56 ttSttf bo cèfls ATOAC TiOTOpA pà SCfi^fSe : ^ 
bo ]totd r^ o]3fie<^c& bòfb |iè CftA-òcAitt, A^uf cuj 4* 
èfeAbaife ;5ntAel 4i|C|iiv3a6 to^A utoDAb f ùy6e. 

67 0f6eA6 bocrffieAb4]t CAca^AÒi *! bo bpraf - 
CtttJeAbAYt AJ? 1^1 A tf r^ atjtbe : A^uf i)]Oft cot;^- 
lijAbAft A ftA6ortft5; 

58 ttcc bf fUfObAft Aift Ai ccrl, *} bo p§crt3^b4 
50 Ti)fOCOtT)3t<>'^l^^' ^^T* ^ pAtcfter: bo 6tibA|t ^v^ 
tOioinpòS tDA|t bSjA ceAlsAC; 

5d fC^af bo- cofftirfseAbAtt è cvrf) fefft^e lè tja* 
Dlifcib AftbA : Ajuf ^tè i)a trioiì)^Sf& ccf |ibèA|tCA 
bo ^laAtfto^^l^ ^ ^u"' èAbA. 

60 ?ti) CA!) 60 crAlAi& DfA ffi), bo bf f eArftj 4^t 
♦3rf bo' frACAtd^^fftAel 30 fto ii)6ft ;- 

61 ^3uf bo Cftèf3 fè CAfbeAftDACVfl feflo : At)i 
pjff lltai) i)Oc bo fut3f 8 fè a ti)eAfC a ÒAOfOet 

èg^ttyvf bo cotftbitt a. TjCAttc a it)bt^Af3biot7Af r ' 
èrsTf A i)gl5ftt A l^Jqtt) i)a i)ATt)Ab. 

65 3tr3 fè iDAft AD ccèAbDA a 6Aott>e boD cloj6* 
\ùm : A^ttf bo bf fè feAftjAC ttè t)a ofSfteACb. 

64 X)o lof f3 AD cef De fidjA a DbAOfDe 63 : A^rf 
t)fott t>SfA6^jA iDAtSbfODA. 

63 X)o cttf ceAbAft A fA^Atftc fttr AJ) cclot6gii) : y 

DfOft 3ttfteAbAtt A tDbAtDCflèAbACA- 

66 <Cd tf V 60 ibttfcx?! Ai) 2Lì3gftt> td4 6rDeDA ^ob- 
U6 : t iDAft 6tttDe':^fttAccAd A3 ^^è^tT*^^ ^?^^ f |oD. 

67 ^Sttf bo bttAtl-A D^tiDbe tODA i)betftg6 : Ctt^* 
fè fCADA^tl ftotftttf&e 66fb. 

68 ttjrf bo 6tulc fè ^tCfteAB ^Jofep-: A^ttf i)foft: 
èoS fè cfteAfe 4pt^AtiD ; 

69 ttòc bo C03 fècftgt *3(ttbAb : flf^b SfOD, r)oc 
bob toDtbtttD letf . 

70 tt^rf bo òrfft fr^ff a f ADCt;5'ttt cof iDtitl Jtèr 

p&l:^f Atb AflbA : IDAft AV CCAllMbj DOC bO ftttàt^ f^ 

30 riotftttfèe; 

71 ^3ttf bo C03 f6 3D4ifbt A fefttbffe-Ac : T ttr^ 

fè 6 ibADt^ACAtb DA CCAOftAC è. 

72 <& befc A Dbf Af3 da cCAOftAC a5 a ttAtb" aAtD t 
èr3 f»è è bo beAfcttJA^ .Jflicob a pobAV, A3r|s;rfttAey 
♦ otjfteAcb. 


.-^Tjttf bo Cfie6|ttti6 ii^b lè Ijeòlvf a l^tn., 

Pb. Ixxix. DeuSyVenertmL • 

d) A ÌTè, cAi75AbA'fi v^ 5eii)ce a ]xeAè a5 cofj*^ 
^eAcc:, po c]tttAtUt5eAbA]t ce^ti)pAU bo v^onj* 
•t^tcb^, bo leA5AbA|i Je|iv|*Aleti) T)4^&jtT)^lb. 

2 ÌugcibAit icttj]tp TÌ>A|tfeA bo fe^]ib|feAC ii>Aft 
•bfAÒ bèitf^ijUfc A t?Ai5èrf|t : |:eoil &o-i)AOii) bA]i}ri)]i)- 
C]b i>A CAlrÒAi). 

S Do 65]ftceAbA]t a b|!tt|l ti)4 ^fS^ c]tdc]oU ]:^ 
3cv4c ^e]ttt]^c^leti) : *] i)ì itAib aoi) bo a8Uca6 lÀb. 

* ?(cArfi)v]b A^ i'caSa]! a5 A]t ccon)A]if Ai>A]b : 

A]t CCA]tCtt]fDe AJV]* A]t n)A5A& A5 Ap IttCC ACl^ A]* 

•3^0 CAob 6|d. 

5 £^ f Ab, A 3t]3eA]tDA, b]Af ctt ]>eA]t5Aà, 5Ò 
M)]tAC : A'D lAf]:w]6 cèAb it)A]t ce]De ? 

6 Dò]]tc c]:eA]t5 atdaò A]]t da 5ce]D^]b b^ dac 
^]CDe ctt : A^ttf 4 ]tìo5AccA]b D^]t 30]]t ^ ctt]DTi). 

7 <$)|]i A bvAbA]t 4f-^cob4 T bo ]t]DeAbA]t f^ifAÒ 
b*- ]oSAb còn)Dtt]5. 

8 ailv cì?ri)Di5 A^ ^^5^1^ ]>eACA]6 A]t f ]5f (0]i ; 
-t-Ji]iCtt]3eA6 bo c]tdcA]]te ]D 50 Uac : 6]]i cu^aò 50 

]t6 if ]ol f ]D. 

9 itAb]tv]6 ]-o, 6 A 3Dè A]t fl^D>f5ce, ^ fODSl6]]t4. 
xttDit)A ]rè]D : A^ttf f AO]t 1^5 A^wf 5IAD ]$ 6 A]t 
•bpeACA6tt]b, A]t fOD cttDii)A ]:fr]D. 

10 it]tèb fi^ DA]be6]tA]bff ^a 3e]i)ce: 4^]c a 
4ftt]l A dX>]a ? 

1 1 00 DA]ceADCA]t è A iDOAfc T)A D5e]DceA6 6f 
^o]De A]t fvl: ]tè 'b]05AUAf ]:oIa bo fe]]tb]feAC> 
poc bo b6]]tceAt>. 

12 3L]5eA6 of da8ac ad pMoruOA^S 6f bo co]5e : 
*o ]tè]]t ^]]tACbA]f bo cari)ACb, c:8i]]tcA]lfe ad ÌttCb 
•bo l)0]tbvt3eA6 cwn) b^]f. 

13 ^t^Vf CAbA]]t bA]t CCOri)A]tfADA]b, A feAiò^ 

iDO]]t]b ]ODA TDb]tolUc : A f cada]1 f è]D ]tè 4 f cad- 
iv]5eAbA]t cvfÀ, 6 a tlS^A^ti). 

14? ^Sttf fitte ,bo 6A0]De, A^vf CA0]]t]5 c^D^im 


Ps. Izxx. Qm règit iiraeL 
* tf) A f(obA|fie ^fftAel, c^b^fft ètfbeAÒb, tuj'^ 
tK)c c|te6|tttt5tof -3J5fep Aibv|l c|tèAb : beAlft^bff 
4^n>Ac Doc t^istof ^|t !)A ceftubfQis. 

^ontnt^ prAf bo DeAftc, A5vf cA.tticut5 16. 

3 (6 A Ìè, to">poi5 l5 '• 1 CAbAjft ^ t^SAt^ ^^fiV" 

i*tt& ^sxr ^ì^") ri^»>- 

4 tt ttS^AÌ*^A> A *^^ ^^ r^^S • ^^ f Ab'bjAf ctt 
r^t^5AC A DA5At6 it|tpAt5e bo 6AOti)e3 

5 Xo beACUf5 cr t^b ftè ^Afv^QDA obedft: A^vft 
citS^lf om^ be6fiA bfbe 50 f^Atftf tDS- 

6 Ìo i)t ctt in)fttOfvto 6]D b^]i CcoiDAttf AD^t^ • 1 
bo i7tb An !>^fii>be ida^aÒ eACUfttA fèf 0, 

7 H I)èDAfl65, ton)t»0|5tD: ^svf CAbAtfi At}i 
tA^AfS beAlftA.S, ASUf btAii) f Uo* 

8 Ìtt5 ctt tJfDeAiDutD Af AD D^Sstpc : bo cefl^tf 

AIDAC QA CfDOAÒACA, A^ttf bO Cttf ft Ctt t ì 

9 3Do colliCAtttctt fODAb t^otTDt*^? 'ASttr cv^Atf 

^ A f ftèAlbAC f ftj|lt)A6, A^ttf bO IfOt) f f AD CaIaiD. 

10 ÌDo f olcAÒ DA flèfbce ftè da f C4^]le : A^nf bA 
iDAit fèAbÀ;tt ibOftA A beADS^lfD. 

11 X>QCtttft ft AiDAc A beADS^t^ 50 DV|5e ad 
•bvftt : A5Vf A 5AbUtD 5ttf a DAbttfD- 

12 i^t^èb t?«^tt bfttfif f fOf A frÀlcA ; òoft 50 fsoò- 
Atb f, 5A6 A DS^bAD AD Cflfge ? 

13 ILoclAt^ flAb cvUac da coflleAS f : ^ t^t^ 

lieAtAC aIIcA AD ibAgA f UAf f. 

14 tC Ì>è DA fl65, toiDpOfS A DO]f f^vc, 6 DStb : 
A5Vf f AfC, T CAfft bf èACtttD DA f t90AlbDAf o ; 

i6 <45ttf AD fcoc tyo plADbnfS bo Wn) 6eAf ; T 
iA9 beADS^D bo ttofbe ctt cprbUt^lT^ n^ ^^1«^ V^ì^- 

16 ftcA f f Att DA lof5A6 ttè cetDe, ac4^ SSIf^cA 
fjfOf : iD^AtAtb ftè ACibttf;e^D bo gDtttfe* 

' 17 iJ]o6 bo Uib Af ft f eAft bo Uk'\ihe beffe : Atft 
tbAC AD bìffDe Doc bo fttDf f corbl4^t*>tì* W ^^ì^ V^ì^ 

28 tC^vf Df ftAè^ Att c^cttl ttAtcf] : be66v|5 fb, 
^5"r S^lWloiD AtfictifDrb. ' . 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

CAifbèti) c^5A]6 6^p., ASttf b|AtD irUi). 

Pq..1xwu ExuUateDeo. 

^vAcjAtWS ^"*^ -^^ ^T^ i>eAìtr : Wai)ai6 frAtitj 
tVS^nWAC crn) Dè Jl^cob. 

2 0UcA]6 pf aIw), A^vf cajAi^ ai) cioiupài) l^b : 
Ai? cf]ce]ti)e CAt3itti|i iDAille |itr ad ccUiitfig. 

3 $ètbf5 AD fcoc ADf A D3eAlttt& t)uA]6 : Apf a 
VVAi|tc|DCd, IdAjtbfèile. 

4 <6tì* If *>Ms§,^ X^ ^^ .3ff|tAel : figccò 3btA ^:acob. 
3 ^A|i ffA6Dtt]fe bo fV|5 fè è bo ^òfep: a 

9<tAtfi bo CYAi6 fè c|ijb caIaiì) da b*5l|>ce, ii)Ait 
A ccuAltt-|6 iDè ceAD5A D^l* ctt]5]0f . 

6 btic[tr|J iDè A SvaIa ò dvaIaò : bo fA0itA6 A 
lÀtDA 5 DA pocr]5tb. 

7 tC fDbttAt6iteA6 bo Jottt cr^ ^ bo f AOft iDè cr : 
1)0 t tteA5^ IDè Ctt, A D10DA0 UAtSDeAC DA cot|tDtS®. 

8 J>o 6g|tb iDè Ctt: Utn) |tè, l)ì(ff 5§6Mb <neittbAb» 
9. *lf c, 5 iDO pobAÌ, A^ttf bo 6|D<^bf A f l^^jo^fffe 

%r\c : o A -JfftAel, ida ètfcitt Itom, 

10 Od^ btAi6 fODAbf A XiA cotiDcts^AC : A^rf Df 
clAODf A Ctt Cttt^ètD boÌtA cofTcittce. 

11 Jff iDTti ^^ 2Li5eAjtDA bo ÌiA, Ctt^ frAf hd Af 
4?ittc DA b^tSlpce : i:of5Atl bo bèrl 50 f AHtftDS,. 
^S^r MoppA iDlft ^ 

12 ticb Diott èifceAbA|t ido 6A0tDe itèiD Jttc : \ 
'^|0|t ùiDlut5 /3f itAel bAii). 

13 %5ttf bo lètsiof bòtb tiDceACb a iDlAPSttf 4 
cc\io\òe ; bo f lobtAbAit ^oda ccoibAfftle fètD. 

14 4& bji^ Dèif cfebtf ido 6AoiDe lt|0iDf A : b^ 
f tvblA6 ;9fttAel AD 190 f MsPlb, 

15 X>o bèttitrtD a DAtibbe a DttAf 50 bAt^SeAQt : 
43ttf btrtUtriD iD^ l^ib Atl^ a De Af ccAttibtb. 

16 bKfibleòÒAibtf loòc f uaca AD^KiseAttoA lAb 
T^l^ S<> F^fcAfc 66: Acc bo biA6 a DAiiDfHtfloi? 50 

/. 17"^5Vf bo e At6cA6 fè tAb lè iD^ocitf ctttttc-, 
9^AÒbA : *t ^ tD]l At9AC Af AD CCAIT^ttlC bo fAtf- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Ps.lxzzii. DeusHM. 

9111516 fè A 106^660 DA Dbèe. 

2 £^ fAb betcf A5 b]ieic b)ièicgrìn)ttff 50 9e|i9* 
òeA|ic : T isbcAOi peAitfAÒA da 5C|OdcacI 

S ID6ADAt6 >ceA]tc boQ bocc "f boD bjlleAècA^; 
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^Ytct:t5c} ii)Alt AOD bo DA t>|tio5f Afbib. 

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Aib : 6tft 5QÀbAtlt otSfieAcc Attt a Dvtle.c^i^eAÒ. 
Pb. Ixxxiii. Detts, qmitmiUtf 
•<6 A t)è, D^ b| Ab coòb, j)t h] bosAtt : A^Vf d^ 

<^oir5> ^ ^ ^^* 

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A^ttf cd^bAtb Ittòc ct?ttAttt^5ce a cceAD- 

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> >)A5<^t^ ^AOt> f olvtSeAc. 

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6 befc D<^ 5ClDeA6: 30 daò ccttttDDe*6ccA|t AtD»D 
;3lf ftAel Dtof td6. 

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ACAtb cotrì)ceAD5^|ù»« Ab AgAt^. 

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ASYf D^ *A5AitèDl5; 

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.fDAtile tttf AD DbttofDS òorì)Dttt5tof A5 %]oji. 

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.A3Yf bA CttDSDArì) tAb bo cloiD *oc. 

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^lfettA, A;tlt DAbtDj A5 AbtttD it]TOVi '^ -** /• ' ' 


An xvl. Li. attt ìf&USt*. '4*1 

10 (Woc to Ctttc A3 45i)bO[t : bo |tt9eA8 M^le^iò' 
6|ob Cttii) i)A c^lrì)Ai). ' 

11 Dè^t) }^h A^vf A DbAO]De tt^ifle iDAft (fcjiebi 
^3*ir ">AT^ ^b • ^Sttf 4ibp|tto9p?6è ynXe rty^ èebA, 
-^^Sttf "J^ìt èAlTDAi)<kb ; ■ 

15 aioc A bttb^jic, 0UeATi) cvsvìg f ètt^ • ^M^ 
Xè fDAjt 0]5YteAcb. ' 

13 i6 ti)0 Ì)tA, bèAi) ATÌ)V]l jtotfcleAi) lAb : 11)^71 
Ai) scoD.Uc Aii^ A^Àib DA SAO^ter. 

14« ^Ajt lo]f3]or Ai) ceiDe coiW: iDAjt Ctt]|ttOf 
AD Uf A]]t DA flèibEO B]tè ce]De.- 

15 ttri)lvt5. ri^ bèADr^ ,A1t)leADn)tt].D 0]]iA' lèb 
at>]:a6 : Asvf 6ttAi6]]t ^Ab lèb fCoijtiD'. 

16 H|oD A DA]5ceA lè D^ltte ; cpjt 50 Dt^TI>'^lb 
cfCtDri), 6 A £]5èA]tDA. 

17 £Uo]&ceA]i, T bttAt6eA]tc4 1^^ 50 rÌ0T]tM6e : 
li]o6 D^llte 0]ttA, A^rf TDeACA]b ; ^ 

18 Jtotji 50 iDb]A6 A ft<>r -^CAj 5'^!^ CVf 4 AID^tD 
^, b^Ab^tT)") ^e1;obAb : ]f Hò t(]ttbe òf.ctPD Pf 


Bs. Ixzliv. Qtftim aièeUif 

'- „ it]tftbè-3èAD<^n)U c]ODAb fY^Je : a 5tfSg]tD^ D^if 

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% %t^ IDADAID t?ODn)Atf, AjVf TDAlt AD CCèAbDA 

A3 iDè]]tcDttt5A6 ]iè b>-]l A cc(tt]tr]b"AD EfJeA^tDA^ 
'S*1W5 ^^ c]tot6e T TDt^eotl atdac CttTD ADXè bf. ^ 
' 3 S^òx^ bo je»|b ad SglboD f è]D ctg, ^ a D^t'jl^^S 
•t>gb bf tf^l^'f i<>4 ^ ccYt]teAD a b^ìSèt'D : 64\lc6]tACi. 

f A t?6f, A £^5eA]iDA DA fl65, TDO »]5, T tdo Ì)]a; 
, 4 <^ tr t^^^ ^^ b]toD5 Doc ^]C]teAbvf ad bo cjg 

t>o Jd^c : rDolt:A]b cft a ccoThDV]5è. 

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41 b]!tt]l bo flTSe DA cttoi6e. f 

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ATb>?l c]vb]vv?b : T l]0Dtt]6 t?6f a Dt?$TtC'^ DA lod^^t^- 

• 7 ^iDcfStb 6 DeA]tc 50 DeA]tc : bo c^t^^^e^ saò 

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.. % U £l5eA]tDA, A i>è DA fl6J, cWd TDttttDtttà: 

CAbAtTt ètfbeACC, 6 a £)è «9ACob» 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

412 HHU »S9CjnM1. Jn ItìL Là. 

9 f( X>è A|i tC|4Cy bdA]tc : Asrf fèYc 4 A$Af6 

10 (^ifi ir feAtft l^ A9 bo cttiftcibft • ^^ n>ile. 

11 £0 bfSf|t l^ni befc Att) 6oiitfeof|i a ccf^ X^ : 
V^ be|c AtQ coii)i)vf6e a bpAfUfai) Ap òfopcKfS. 

12 ^ift ff 5ftf A9 ASttf fCf Ac AO 3t|5e4^fti)<t 3D|a : 
bo bjg|tAf6 AO SfJeAftij'O^ ST^^f^l S^lfS^Ì cweoc- 
4^f6 fft iQAiò do Ircb bo ffvblttf 50 bìfteÀc. 

1$ U £f5Sft94^ 9A f I65 : f f fOOA <^!) òv9e Cìf ftfof 
A bdf5 f 09^f A. 

Ps. IzDPr. BeneduuH^ Domme. 

tC tfSe-o^ftijA, bo bf CY frAbAftCAÒ boc 6àcAf5 • 
cr5 cit Aft Af f bftAf5b|oi)<tf -3Jacob. 
* 2 iDo fi>Afc cr cof ftce bo pob^fl : bfrolufs cf ^ 
bpeACAb ttfle. 

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6 ceAf fcf?efft5e. 

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if?eAft5 Aft DAjAf6. 

5 tÌD iDbf Af6 ctt fefts^bc 50 bftAc ftf^: AD tDbf Af6 
^F^^Y^S ^P coDSiblifl 5 $fDeAUc 50 ^fDeAUc ì 

6 GtAC DbèADAfft fDe ^06506 A fif f : fOD«f 50 
DbèAD^fb bo 6AOf DO lttAC5^f fte f ODAb ? 

7 ^Affbèf D bo cftdcAffte 61^9» à-A &f5eAftDA : *| 
CAbAfft bo fÙiDrSA6 6ttfD. 

8 idWDf fob, cftèb A bèAftAf JDf^ AD Kf^eAftDA : 
^f ft Ufbedft>ii6 fè f foccÀf'D ftè da 6A0fDfb, A^ttf ft^ 
ÌDA DAorbttf b ; fODbrf dac bf fllf fb a ftf f criD èfj- 


9 ^c^ A fUDr5A6 50 befibfD A D54 bOD Ittòc ^ 
A bf ^l A OA^U : 50 D^fCftfSf 06 5l6f ft ad 4 Dbl^cce. 

10 &^ftU cftòcAffte A^ttf ffftfDe ftè cèfle : bo 

pd^AbAft A DflftèADCAÒC A^ttf AD CffOCCÀfD 4 OfU* 

IX /^ÀfAf5 f'ff^f^ Af '^V ccaUid : A^rtf fèrc>56 
A Df IftèADCACb ADttAf 6 DeAtb. 

12 Do bèttftA AD XfseAftDA iD^ft ad ccèAbDA 

•D^fC : A^ttf bO bèAftA Aft bf OAfÌAD A COftAd. 

^ 13 )ilACAf6 ceAftc òf cofbe a Afgce : *| cìpfif f6 
fbe A flfse A òoffCèfiDe. 


. An iVifc LA. 4tfC *Stt^i;<n. 415 

Ps. Ixxxvi. Ittdina, Domine, 

0|]t Ar^fTi) bocc, A3Vf uifieArbAc. 
^ è £ò|n)èAb njADAìi), ò'||t Ac^tti) ijAon)c<\ : 5 rno 

XiA, T^<>]i bo f ^ltbirgc, poò cv||i|or A 6ò|3 to5A&. 
; 3 DèAi) 'ctiòc<v||ie oftvn), a ì|SeA]ti)A: ò|fi fr 
•cv5<vbrA gAiiin)^ feAÒ ai) Uè. 

^ 4. 0^ip&t3 ^T>^rt) feo fer*6ir!3 • ^m ir ^»3^0^^» 5 

A £f3eA|MjA, cò^bttin) fix^x n)^r)^n). . 

5 <S)t|i curA, A tfseAtiOA, ACA. njAic t njAtcjrgc : 
'A3'»r Ti5 c]^6cAt|ieAC bot) Ivòb 3Attt|or o[ic. 

6 XAbAtft è]fbeA6b, a £13^^111)^, bonj vjiijAts,: 
CAbAfti Attte bo 3UC n)o geAti^fn. 

7 % lò njo bvAibeA]tCA S^'^t^Ffo^ ottcr^: 6|ii 
f ]ieA3dft4^ cu njè. 

- i8 Wf bt!Ml bo f Afb>^lre ^ njgrc t)^^ tjbèe, o a tf^f- 
eAfttjA : T t)} bt^ìTltb Detce corttjvtl fièb otbftgCAtD. 

9 ^tocfrAt^ V^ VtU c^ve^ò^c^ bo jttPtr • 1 ^o 
'bèAtjAtb ctttort) bo slòftuSAb* 
. .10 Atft ir TDOfft curA, A3vr bo tjttt !?etce ioij^ 
^^i)t^ÒA : tr c6 Fè|t) DtA- Att)A]t). 

1 1 Xe^sAtrs lyAtt), a A t jSeAttt)A, bo f Ifgce aca, 
T rittfeoUb A^ ct!||ti^e : cottijceAt^s^^tl n)o Cfi0]6e 
cttSAbt* be^slttSAò ctCt)tt)A. 

12^ ^nolfrAb cv, A ttSeAfttjA n)0 Ìt^, ]tèn) tt|l» 
o|tot&e : T bo 6èAt)4b c%ti)n)bo SlofivgA&sobft^c. 

13 <6i|t ir wjoft bo c]t6c<vtfte oftvn^rA ; T bt?vAf- 
CAtl cà Tt)Ai)An) 6 tf]tio^ focbA]tAÒ. 

14 ^ A Ì)è» b0]^]t5|obATt t)A bttAib]tiS rwAf <vm 
-^5^16 : 1 biA]TtAbA]t co]ri)cioi)6l va bfO]]tèi 31)100 

Ìl)At)UTt>, A^Tf t>]a]t CT]]teAbA]t CUrA A^ ^ CC6Tt)A]t» 

15 ^cc AC^ cvrA, 6 A Ìl3eA]tt)A DfA, Ctt6CA1]t*- 

eAÒ 3]tlvrATÌ)ìfl: A3 fuUt)^ a bfAb, A^ur Up bo 
c]t6cA]fte, A3ur bfi]t]9e. 

16 •Fèttc oftun), T bèAD cft6cA]]te o]tvn) : CAbAnt 
bo t^'^tic boc fe]]tbff gc]tc>f3 n)AC rit)etlce. 

17 DèAt)]t]on)r^.coti)At:iCA cvn) mAiceArAj ^sur 
TAtcbir li^ At) Ivcb f vACìtJtof n)è, A^vf bfoò p^tfiè 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

414 anc y««fc«^ Jn xviL Là. 

'^Jttf 3^ ccrsAif me]fi)eAC 6aiì). 

Pto. IzxxviL FundamefUa eju», 
fC liro^ie fèjo '^ort^'A flètbctb oaoiòca : ir lon- 

ibiito leif 4^0 £f5eAno4i soacaSa ^too 6f 0^09 

toÒAb ftiise ^Àcob vtU. 

2 ^r '^V'^4 V^ oetce Ub^c^ o|tcrA : a cac4 ^^* 
8 VAtbe6|tAb A]t% SlAbAb, 45^^ Atfi ^^}\òr) : 

fitr Ao Ivdb b^ti bAtcoe loè : 

4 i^e^t*^ i^tMr^i* 1 ^lì*^r> ^^t^i^ i^ir ^ o^sct^ 

t>t^'- AoriO bo titt546 410 f eAttro- 

5 tCjuf 4^ ccAOD &fon A bèAttCAtty bo 1^1546 A9 
t:eAtifo A-5uf ao t^eAti 6b toce : 45»^ ao cè tr *^ 
fift^e b*ii)5t)e66A r^ f- 

6 £oii)^tW1$ ^t) 3ti5§t^i)A, 40 C4P f Cjifobcttf fè 
t)4 po|ble4CA : bo i^u^^t ao t^eAtifò AÒft9. 

7 SÌa c^ocAttttse Atfi AOt) 45Vf 49 Ivcb f si)n)4 : 
bf^tS n)o u|le potic ioÒ4bf4. 

Pb. IxKZviiL D&mmeBem 

tt £^504^19^9 4 £)è iQo f Uoutscei bo 50tti ii|è 
bo l6 45»r botWe 4tti b^5^t6 : ct5e46 tovtio^tj 
boc I4è4tti9 CI400 4 ov4f bo clu4r cvti) 19^15190. ~ 

2 ^|i 4cl^ 1040411) lfooc4 lè bY4t6fie46 : *i 4C^ 
n)o be4C4 45 c4ttirtos 4 054^1 r^vf^yo^* 

S tCtt^lS^^T^ "J^ i04ti400 tiir ^^ l^cc ièt^ rfef 
Anv^ ^05 : 4C4tti) n)4 6ì?oe 49 04c bf^lost^c 4 b|c; 

4 S40|i 4 n)e4fc*04 ii)4|ib, n)4ti 04 ii)4ttib 4C4 

04 IttfSe 4Òf ^ 0V4t6 : 4ttl 940 CCVtlÒOfSfOO Cttf4 

Ofof 1969 90C bo 5e4tfi46 4194C 6 bo l4ii9fe. 

5 X)o c>?t^tf i9è 49f4 I05 focb444: ^ 0botiÒ4bYf, 
45ttf 49f94 b^fcfb bofto^e. 

6 ;Jf otitM9f4 cori)9tttse4f bo ^fbf 5^15 : 45Vf bo 
bv4|6|itr 196 fi^b u|le cooufb. 

7 JDo 4cti4i6 cu 4 bfr^b uAfio 190 Ivcb cvi^uto: 
bo ti|9tr -^19 YAcb^f b6|b 196. 

8 ^cÀfio 4it 19^4645 4 fCfs: 45Vf 9f fè^bAfio 

Ce4Cb 4I94C. 

9 ^o of 190 f ^l bofljtof cfifb bv4t6e4ttC4 : bù 
Joftitof ottcf4, 4 tf5e4it94, 4ti fe46 49 Uè, bo 
fl9e4f 4I94C n)o Ui94.6tt54b. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

10 tC 9b6A94 «tt bo D^ n9^Yibìf& TomD^ ; a 
i)bètYtedcat6 4ii) bftODS F^^lf^ ^^^5 ^o^ nK>U6 ? 

11 %9 6|:oTUfedccA|i bo c|tdcA]|te fAO ptt^t^: 
cffft]i)e ^ D^ìocU]t|tfa5A6 ? 

12 f4 DAtceòQCAft cobATft f oo^^QCAe A^f^ bofi- 
CAb^T?' cffftèADCAcb A bcAUti) 4^o be^fttDATb ? 

13 ^cc tofri, ^ S^insr crsAbf^, ò A tf32,pQ : 
x|rctrA iDV|ti)ATj A|t lOATbTf) df Do cojDe* 

14? <t £f5e4]ti)A, cftèb f^ cceflsift feACAb ii)4^d-^ 
An) : Cftèb f A b^roUAÒ ta ca5A|6 Oftart) ì 

15 DttfDe bocc qtotcltse n)]ff dn) òfse : f^fi)^- 
tiD èaAcbtiff^, 4C^fiD4 ^ bttAt6|teA6. 

16 JDo caAT6 cf eA]t5 At6H)ètl co|tHii| : bo se^^Tft^ 

4ib4t]i èOACbaff A11)AC t1)è. 

17 Do 5AbAb4 aid fciiDCfoU aidxI ^rs^ 4 f 56 ad 
U& ; c4^D5Ab4 50 c]tMD a DèfDrgcb aid ttiDCf oU. 

18 Do AÒ]tttt5 ca 4 b]!Ab rA]iD FeA]t 5]tÀ64^ f 

' CA]tA : T AD Ircc bA]t bA]CDe iDè a Dbojtc^^b^^r- ' 

. - — I — -■— - ij 

Pb. Ixxxix. JiiuericonUat DmmnL 
it^Df^Ab CftdCAf ]te Ait) il5S]tDA 50 b]t4kc : fiy\\U 

feòcAb cfrffttDe lèn) bèttl 6 5]De4^Uc 50 ^foeAlAÒ^ 
2 t^ifi A brb^c mè, £>ff]t]?]52]t Cftocqe pr^r 50 

bftAc : bAfD5DeddA]6 cu c]r]ft]De jtòf ADr^rlA]fcf]f. 
^ ^5 ?t^6y 3Do ]t]DeAr coD]tA6 ]teATD 6A0]D]b 

cojcA : cr^Ar iDfODA boiD f^!!*bfreAC DAfb] ; 

4 DAfD5DeòCAb 50 b]tlic bo fl^oòb : *]• rM^eddAb^ 
bo ÒACA0t]t fifojA 6 51 i)eAUc 50 ^fDeAUci. 

5 %5ar iDolfTAfb DA frUtceAiDDtttt cofbftOAÒA 
fOD5ADtACA, à A tfJeAftDA : cff ]t]De fdr a ccoid- 
cfODòl DA DAorì). * 

6 tì)tti c>A ADr^ rf j^tft^ : tr r^i*>tp ^ cofD^ftA6» 

fttr AD cXfSOAftDA ? * 

7 X;tA tr corn)>fl ]ttr ad c^tfseAftDA ; AiDOArc 
clo]De DA DeA]tcmA]t ? 

8 ^r <^^1^ §5!^ ^o ^^l^ fto]me D]a a ccotrì>c]OD6l 
DA DAorì) 50 ]i6rì)d|t : Asrf mo6 ho CAbAt]tc bd òf 
c]OD A bpvrl DA id|motolu 

9 % ilseAftDA A ^ i)A r^^ c]A Ac^ cornr4 


^ie Sm f SfCMC'ff. Jn xvii. L&. 

ip|rt>ò]oll f A ccY^iYtr* . 

ccfe^ Ati bcd^b^tl P'Af^ P'^l^bOlS CV ^Abi 
< ìl X^'b|ttr ct( kdb^b' 4^ti>^l bìfoe 4^]t^i)4^ f^^S 
b\i\b : U U]nj bo»i)ettic bo ft^jtètb ca do oAtri)be.- 
12: ;3^f le^iCfÀ i)<^ fUtce^^mwtf) Ajttf tfòf tf Igc 
Ai) caUiì) : 4^ty f A0^9il ^5«f A tow^t^^ ri^> be 
ftttj Cttf^i t^b. 

13 Do òftttè^t^ <^^ ^^ cvAt6 T brb 6gf : Xlibotc 
*3^f *eiiri)Oi) bo 6è'Ai)fttb IvACS^ktì*^ *© c^t»>">' 

14 tic^ fif J'DeA|tciì)At^ A5Ab : ff Ufbftt x>o Itnf^ 
*5**r ir ^l^b bo beAifUii). 

15 ite^t^ct b|tetceAtt)i)ttf tf r^556 boc CACAOftc 
^foJA! ttACAtb cttdc^ttte ^ flttt^e df cotpe CAt^ce. 

16 Jlf foi)A i)A bAOtoe b^ft b^tcDe aì) frA^np 
J^ftbg^ò : 6 A tfJeAttOA, ttiibèlìTb a t^Uf ba Jo^f e. 

17 Do 6èAi)Aib 5A,it*beACttf a? c^t'Wf^ 4 f$* 
"Ao Us : A^Vf Ap cffttèAijCACb ^tftbeòòèAtt t ^b. "* 

18 <)ttt tf cvf A ^lòftt ^ ijeittc : A^ttf Ap Cf A6b4 

^tt^beÒCCAtt Aft DA^AftC. 

l^ ifctl* ìf ^ JtfSeAttDA Ac* 4 fCfAC t A5vf ^fè- 

4t|i HfS AOD DAOfbCA .3ff |tAel. 

' 20. tÌD ffD; bo UbAttt cii A ccAtbft ftèb DAOtDatb, 
'^ A bttb^cctt : X)o cìffi TDè fttftcAÒb Aft bttfDe cuib^ 
ACbAè : b^|tbvt5 n)è DeAC co^ca Af ad bpobAl. 

21 ,/ttAttt n)è X>SK]hi iDO fejtbffeAC : |tèrD oU 
9AOtbtA bvD5 ìDfe è» 

22 %è A n)bfAt6ìDO UiD^o bfODSiD^lcA : DSftCj* 
dCAfb t^df TDO prt5 è. 

23 Odf 6|DA AD DAtt)Atb f otjiètStD Af ft t D^ ID^C 
AD cotibÀtb A bvAt6tteA6. 

V 24 ^5Uf cUotbftob A ètfc^ft^be b^ Uc^ fèfo: 
A^ttf cftAf 6|:tob AD Ivòb A5A bt:>ìl frvAÌ Atft. , 

. 25- ÌUv bèf b iDf f ftiDe A^vr ido èftocAttte lett{OD : 

A^ttf ^itttbeÒCCAft A A6AftC AD ID%t^^» 

^6 iCìrttftob A Utb rDAft ad ccèAbDA. ADf a lD>rft : 
•5'*T A. Uft) 6eAf ADfDA bAfbDfb. 

27 0Otftft6 fè CU5AtDf A % ACAflt, ff CVfA. 100 

Jt^fÀ:: A5iif, cAfiiAtc rpo jl^Atjce.. ... 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

j^xyìl Li. Qft« VSUSK^. 417 

28 ^Afi Ai) 3CèA^A bo 6&Af)À mè •iriop T)A 
^^1^51^ •. t)iof ^tl^bo 1)^ ^i^lSce t)A cAlti)Ai). 

29 00 'bft^c cofpedÒAb tdo c]tdCA]]te bdf At) : *^ 
biAjb tDO cr^ftAb ffiifoeAC b6, 

30 ti5vf f YseòCAb a f fol 50 bfOic : T a CACÀoip 
]t{05A tt)A]t Uète ^lAiceAft)t)tttf • 

31 <n^ Cftèt5]b A tbtc tijo blt^eAb : T t>AC tjvB- 
'òlvtb a5 tt)0 bfietceAti)t)Yf ; 

82 5IA cfivAtUib tt)0 fieAcbA, A^vf tTAC ccottb- 
-èAbvib TOAtceAi)CA : ctucpAbf a a§ f |t) btrèvcvtt) A 
f Aftutjce ftf f At) cflAfc, T A ccofibAfò lè bì^Ufgfb. 

S3 tAtfiff ni), V} beApfA Tt)è TDO èftòcAtfie Òef- 
flW : A5vf of 6èAi)Ab bftèv5 ai) AjAf6 iDfrfftfpe. 

34 3lf cftuÀtUfriob ti)o CttDftA6, ^ t)f AtcfteòcAb 

AD Df6 bO CVAt6 ATDAC Af tDO Dèttl : Ctt^Af TDO TDfODA 
]iè 2)Afbf- 

35 IS|Af6 A flfOÒb 50 bftAC i AgVf A CACAOffÌ 
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36 «fAt6 fè Aft DA 6AfD5i)fujA6 §0 bft^c td4'ad 
D5eAltt|6 : T tDAft f f ASDVffe fìftfDfS ADfA DAfSèffi. 

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7t6 feAft^AC ftèb ttÌD^èAc : . 

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xà A coftòiD, bA cefl^foD cvtd da CaItdad. 

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f tof A bAfDSDe. 

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6eAft5A6 è bA- coTPAftf ADAfb. 

41 b'^ftbvfjctt Utì) 6eAf a D^tDAb ; bo S^fftbfJ 
c6 A D^liDbe ttfle. 

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lè D^ffte. 

45 /t^ f Ab f of leòcttf Ctt cit ffèfD, a tfS§ftDA, AO 
30 bft^c : AD lof f5f:f6 cfreAft^ tDAft cef De ? 


4ÌB aW 3PStC«^. Jh xviE ÈS. 

. . 46. ^ìnnorS cnèb sioifiA iDo |tè : cftèb f^^ii cfiTC- 
XSir -^ pbìorbAOipOAf f |ol ti6A|fQ tt]le ? » 

47 £|A bfe <^D bwe tii4]]t]Of, ^xvf ix^c bf 4i]Cf?e' 
Ai) b^^f : Ai> f AO]ifA-ffe 41 AOAtv ò l^fin IfMP? 
. 48 SL^]z ^ bfyiltb-bo cftòc^iSe ]io] w fo, ^ t]5- 
«A]ii>A « 1J0C bo ii).|o^]5]f bo Ì)^]b| ap c]!]]i]ne ? '. 
. 49 4ii]ri)iJ]5, ^ ÌÌ5^f»^^< f CA^A]l bo f e]]ib jf jc : 
90C ]ort7Ò]iu]r9 a9 tno bftolUc d i)r]le 6]i)evx6 it)à}v^ 
, 50 l&è A]t ]n>6eA]t5AbA]t bo^^]ii7be, a £f5S]ti}A, 
rè]t ]iD6eA]t5AbA]t coifcèi]ioe tlEi>5C4]6 : 50 toa^ 
.fc$P^15.^l^r ^^ ^fSS^^^ 30 '>ì*^* tCtueD, T ttiijeij- 

Pb. jcc. DomM^ re/ugium, . 

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* t\ oe aUò 50 5] oe aUc- 

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4D caUiìj, A5rf AD f aojaI : 50 bejii)]!>. ò f tO]]iM5- 

'eACC, 50 f fO]]tVf§eACb ACA Ctt Ab X>]A. ^ 

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Ajrr A be]]t ctt, /^Ufsr A dU^.ttòAfti)- t 

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']tA64Cf a'ti)4 ad U a pè.: T 11)4 ADf ^e ADfAD0]6ce. 
. 6 Vef]t]6 cv leAC ]Ab aiì)mI ]tè fftvè, AcA]b ii)A]ì 
fatt DA ccobU6 : 4 ii)A]b]o ACAf b 11)4 f ètt]t bo òlo6. 

, 6 ttft it)Af bf p bUf c]5 r^j A^ttr ]::8^r^i6 r^ •• cft^c- 

D6da 5eA]]tCA]t ]^for è, A5ttr C]tfoi)ttf6 rè. 7 

7 i6]]t rDeACAiDAOfb Ap. cf e]]t5 : A^ttf AC^iDAO]b 
*A]t tDbvA]6fteA6 AD t>o 6fb]:e]]i5.- 

8 IDo Cì^ft Ctt 4xc]ODCA^5f bo co]De : A]t» bpgc- 
ttf 6e ]rolu]5eACA òy co]r)e f ^^lvf r. bo 5D^r^» 

9 Ò.fft cttAbAft A]t Uèfce v]le coftvfDAD bo 6f- 
b'fe]]t5f] : CA]ttDlb Aft TDbl]A6DA tda]| f^èul.. 

10 V^ète A]t iDblf a6da, ff be]c rDbl]A6DA A^uf 
C]tf ficc]b ]Ab; T td^ b^b Cfiè DeAfic ce]C]te f]cò]b: 
jf f A/>c4]t A5ttr bfoiDAOfDeAf A DeA]tc ; 6f]t 5e4^]]i- 
fcA]t atdac è 50 be]CDiof AC, A^vf ce]ctDlb ]iori)YD>; 

11 4;]A bAft bi^]CDe DeAjtc C):e]]t5ert 2 d6 bo 6|- 
b]?e]]t5©^bo ijèfft ceAsU. ' 

12 2LèA5A]f5 6^D 4 U^ce b^iftfoiD : lODbttf Jo 
tCttSATD CU5A]D CJtO]60 èASDttiJe.. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Anxym.Là. QW -*S«^IPU 4M 

13 <9oiDl>at5) ò A 2^.f3eA]tt7A4 CA^b: Asiif b|06 
4^c|ieAc vf o|ic A cc Aob bo f e| jibi f e ac- 

14 S^f Ai6 ]f) 59 n)oc, jtèb C|tdcAttte : T bo 6$i>- 

Atl) lttAiP5à|t*®, T S^ltib^Cì^t* ^tì^ t^«^6 A]! tAOSAtl. • 

15 XAbAtttt^^ bOAttA Ò^t) 3Ìtt^b0Acaf bo 8^i)Arì) 
bo ttèttt V^ lAèceAb, topAtt bvA]6]tt cv |o s A^vf i)A 

Tpbl|A6A1) tOÌ^A bt^ACAlD^ft olc. 

16 XAtfbèADCAtt cobAtt^ boc fetitbff eACAtb : 1 
bo glottt b^ Gclot^. 

17 %5ttf bto6 fcèitb Ai) Xf5gttDA 4 i)X)è o|tttf8 : 
drjvf bAti)5t)t6 o|bftèACA a]i Uri) o^ttttp, f AoèAtp 
ceA!)A A|t l^ti; bAii)50t6p f|t). 

Ps. xci. Qui habiUUp 

Uì) c6 Atct5|0f A t)vAt5Dtor ^^ cè tf 115 ;e^t?»6e : 
bo 6èAi)A f è cott)t)V|6e 4 f c^c a DÌtttle cvtDACCtt|5. 

2 tt bè^iAb' A'XCAob AD XfseAttDA : <11o 6jb|gi), t 
ti)O^AtD5toD-: xt)0 Ì)tA, CttfitfiobitDo 66còvf a$. 

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àt) pUi5 ^ltDDfS. 

4 ilè DA f ctAc4^ij f otle6c.Ai6 fè Ctt, A5ttf t^ i)a 
fC]ACi8iDAib ctttttt:|Of cttbo66ccvf : tfT^t^c^^vf 
hv|clètii A f fittDe. 

5 atf b|A6 f Aicctof o|tc Aitt eAgÌA ì)^ l)0(|^ce :. 
41ft^f5lAJ)A fotgbe etc]ollAf f AD 16. 

6 Òd ^1^15 Doc f ivbÌAf A§f A bo|iCAbttf : i)6 6d 
btogAlcAf poc f jwblAf f AD tDeA66D Uè- 

7 ttticf ^b iDfle jtè bo CAob, A^vf beiòiDfle 4 bo 
Ht") 6eif : Df cittct^A fiD.Ab SAftfA* 

. .8 ^tb^t^* Ì^ ^ f ^ltb bo òffe ctt: Ajttf bo cfftt^ 
lvAi6eAcc DA DettD6iA6AO. 

9 (fctti boD 2Lj5eAttDA, td.o 6AtD5t0Df a : boi9 cè 
If ]t6 iSiittbe .bo t^iD^ cv cioDAb coiDDttt6e« . 

10 9Ìf bèA]tt:A AODolc tttoc : A^ttf Df ctuctsA ad 

pU]3 A CC01D5A]t^0C pA]lltttD. 

1 1 i6|tt orjif e f è bvAUò AittA^tD^l^b boc òAob* 
f a: boc cottbèAb.AD bo f IfSqb tttle. 

12 ;9otDc6itv]b cttAD a lÀttb : beAsU so.tDbgD^ 
f a6 bo cof jtè clo]c. 

13 ^AttceÒttAitt 4 AD I£6d ^tjttf ^ AD iDhAflltcs 
^o 6§D^ f AlcAiftc n AD le^D <$5 A5vf 4 ad bttA5UD« 

Digitized by VoiOOQlC 

4S0 muy&unt^. jhxYiìiLa. 

I4s ;Do 6|il8 50 bf tttl 5]t^6 AtSe o^inpf a, f AOftir^^ 
f9è è : ^)|tbe3cAb è, bo 6]it5 50 ^^16 f^of vj^tjtt)^ 

. 15 0O|]ife fè 0]iitf9| *i clltti)f e riftf] 6 : Ac^iTOfe 
>Ai5e ^oòA 6ttAt6)teA6 ; bo ÒèAOAb a f AO|tAb, A^ttf 

16 Do 6eAi)Ab A YttA]t lè f Ab UèceAS : ^ fO]lU 
fe5cAb 190 fUiyr$A6 6d. 

Ps. xdi Bmtum eit cortfUerii 
. <9f tf)Aic AbtQ^|l bo 6èAi>Aiì) boti £|3e^9A : *) 
'Pf Atltt) bò c^oa6 boc YCtotPy 5 cuf a tf lld ^tl^^e ; 

I b^otUft^5^*> ^e c|t6cAttite Ai|t njAtbtO : Asrf 
^f ft^t^e A9f OA bot6ctb. 

5 tittt a66a 6etc cc§b, ^ ao cpf Aflii^ceòlAC : ^ 
^f tt AV ccUtl^tlSj n^ 5^,c Attb, 

4 ^]}i bo ttt^ c4 IttAcS^tì^S^'^^) ^ 5tt5gttT)A, lè 
4cob4t|: bo 6ÌofA6 5^tt^^SCttf a D^i^torb^b bo lAtf). 

6 À^ti^ è- tnèAb cofbtteAC, 6 a l^^AttQA : 194 a 
i)bttbAt5eAt) AcAtb bo fft)ttAti)ct5e ! 

. 6 9^] CAtc^e bo 6at9e b)t^beAtì)tttl : "^ d{ tìf^foò 
AIDAb^D fo. 

7 tt DttAttt f ^f Atb DA ctoDCAt6 tDAtt ad bt^èrtt, 
AjTf bUt^^ wtle Ittcc otbttt5ce da brttcètbe : tf 
AD flD fctttofCAtt tAb 50 ffotttttt6e : acc acA crfA 
^ttb 50 bftAc, 6 A JtfgeAttDA. 

8 tì)|tt t^èttCy bo D^t"J^e, A t,]^eA^ì)A^ ò]ji t^èttc, 
bo D^tn)^9 tDetct:t6 ftAb: fpttèt^triott Ittcc Ofb- 
T^tS^ ^^ b^f^odtbe tttle. 

9 ttyrf Atl^bedccAit D)A6AticrA tDAft IftDtCoiiD : 
'«)St^*1S^^^ ">^ P^ bolA ^t^ : 

10 <Ì5ttf bo ctf e fDO f ^l 11)0 tDtAD ^tì^ ^^ 1)^1")- 
btb : clrtDt^t^ W clrAf a d^ CfODCtttS èfttstof aid 

II w^tctJtS AD f tt^èttD iDA|t. cftA^ t^Mitt) : n)Att 
cftAD ^èbAttt A ICebADOD f^ffrtò fè. 

12 tÌD Ittòc pUDbrtgfceAtt a ccts ^^ 3^15^^1*0^: 
bUtcf t6 ftA6 A ccttttictb Att DjDèDe. 

13 Do bèAttAtb fòf cottA6 ttACA A VMlf ìè\t i 
4V^t Asvf 6it-6èt6 fjAb j 


14. bJfojtlffvjAft 50 bi!V]l 11)0 £f5S|t^^ rt)o ^^t^" 
Pa. xciii. Dominui regnavU. 

ttcA. Al) ItS^^T*^^ A It.ÌOJACC, AC^ fè À|l t)A 

èubu5A8 |tè n)6|t8ACb : acA. ai) 2L?5g|ti)A 4 pA èub- 
vjAÒTiè i)eA|tc, bo cfteApfiu[5 fè è fèfi). 

2 ?ica AD r^os^xX |!òf A|t t)A ^^lPSOirjAÒ : 30 

lOAC f^felb||t A C0f]tU5A^&. 

3 ftcA- bò CACAOjft |tìo5<v A|t i)A bA|i)5i)lv5A8 a 
lyMòb : 6 f jot|tv|5eAcb ac^ cvf a. 

4 Do co^bAb^ DA ofVce f uAf , 6 a tiJeAftDA, bo 
cò^bAb^ pA o^llce fuAf a d^vc : C6i5ftb da c>?lce 


5^ <S)f ctoò 50CA DA Dvtf5g8 iD6fi DttAcb:8if AC, 6f 
CfOD rboD5A]]t DA iDAftA : ]f uAcbA-f AC 6f ^|tb, AC4^ 
AD 2L]5eA|tDA. 

6 ttc^]b cf:]AjDv]feA8 ]t6 8eA]tbèA : tf boc èfj 
tf ]0ìDCttbv|8 DAOiDCACC 50 l)]t;ac, a tfSeAliD*^. 
Ps. xciv. i>ttf uUhmim. 

ò A 2tf5eA|tDA DfA, b^]t bvAl bf ojAlcAf : 6 a 
2)è, b:8l]t bttAl b^ojAlcAf, beAlft A]8 aidac. 

2 X6|5 cf f èfD ruA-f , A b]te]C]iD D^ CAÌtDAD 5 
CAbA]]i IttAf^eACC bo DUAtb]teAC. 

8 ife^ r-^ ^-^ 8èAD<^f AD C]0DCAC, A tfJeA^tD^ : 

CA- f Ab bO 8èAlÀf AD C]ODCAC CA1C|lè]ID ? 

4 it^ fAb b]A]8 f]Ab A5.lttA8 A^Vf A5 lAbA]]tC 

^e]ce C]ittA]8e : cA fAb b]A]8 ]}Ab A5 f fofCAiDc ad 
ii>è]b 0]bfi]5]Of èfSceAfic ? 

5 i8]itt]5]8 f ]Ab bo 8A0]De, a 3tf5eA]iDA : A^ttf 
baAt8]i]8 ftAb co]5]ieACb. 

6 <nA|ibtt]8 ]]Ab AD bA]DC]ieAbAc, Ajvf ad btttDe 
^ot5C]i]ce : A^vf bo Dfb treAll ajjì ad DbflleAòbA. 

7 ^5ttf A betfi tiAb, $»] f Atcfre ad ^Ì52P^^ !!'> • 
n] ca]5)rt8^A <9Àcob è. 

8 Ì>f5]8e, 41 bfi^bi^iblA A iDeAfS da DbAO]De : T 
(b)} A ÌAOfDe leAiDA, cA bvAt]i be]cffe eA^D^e ? 

9 tÌD cè f v]5 AD clttAf, DAÒ ccltt]Dl?o f è : AD 
cè ^viD AD c]^t^ 9AO bf À]Cf ]8 f è ? 

Digitized by VjOOQIC , 

rqttb|tA]6 fè ACìbYf^i? va6 ? At) cè tòtt^Qiof eòluf 
t>oo bu^oe, OAC tDbf^ ▲ f |0f Afje? 

11 .3ff AicDe b09 lt5$]iUA frottA^tJCtge -ai) b>?i)e : 
5tt|i bjoit)AO]DeAf i^b, 

12 lif f oi)A ♦!) b'^oe, A t]3e4|iOA^ t)oc f njACbisS- 
lof cvf ^ ; A^vf ti)U|i)eAf cr Af bo òlfseAò ; 

15 X>o CAbA||ic fUA]ii)i),tf. bò A ÌAècfb A ijìflc^ 
1)6 50 ccoÒAlcA|t poU boi) cctot)c;AC. 

14 <Ì)]|t t)} ce|l5f]6 Ai) X}5CA]ti)A a bAO]i)e f^lt) 
u>6 : A5Vf Dt C]t$.l5t:t6 fè a otStieAÒb, 

' 15 <S)|ti f ]Upt6 b]te]ceAtbt)Vf cvn} ct]tc : Ajuf 
leAt^fùtb ^ t)utle 6|tieAC a cc]t0]6e è, 

16 4Ìi|A è]]teo6uf fuAf .A]t ido foDfA a DA5A]6 
IttCb bèADCA A Dutlc: c^a cutttf]Of ^ t:è]i) ^ ti)o 
f 00 A t^A5At6 IvccA otb]i]5ce DA bèA5C6]tA, 

17 ^cc tDuoA tDbetc 50 tt^tb ad 3j>i52]tt2 da cuds- 
DAtt) A^AtD : Dì tD6]t da6 tDb]A6 rDADAiD f aì) DUAt^. 

15 ÌÌ DVAtJt' A bubttAf, 6cto]]tvt6 tdo cof : bò 
^oDjb^t^ bo c]t6cA]]te fuAf iDè, a ttjeAtiDA* 

19 % DtotDAbTDO frDUA]Dct5ce tODAtD A fct5 : bo 
CA]CDt5]0bA]t bO COIDf U]tCACbA ttèrt) adaid* 

' 20 ^D TnbtA cviDAD t*|ocf A A5 CArAOtjt DA ^|r|t- 
cotbe : doò cVTDAf èt^ceAtic ttè blf^eAÒ ? 

91 £o]rì)ceAi)5lAtb tAb t^^t^ -^ DA5A]6 adtda a 
Dffjtèt^- A5Vf bAiDD>T5tb ad DettDètPDCAC. 

22 ftcc btAt6 AD ^tSS^^ ^4 CutDbAC AJAtDf A : 
A^Uf tdo 3btA TDAti CAtttAtc 1^0 6}bfD. 

23 ^5uf tirtWFe fè otttA tf^tD A ^ctODCA, Ajvf 
À^ A Dtt]tè6tb seAtttf A f è atdaò ^Ab : f cfitof pA ad 
^ISeAttDA, 4 dX>]a, tAb. 

^•Ps. X€¥. Tifftt^tf) emiUenms^ 
' XA5At6, bèADATD luAt5^t1*e cvrt) AD SfSeAfiDA : 
t^èADArt) fUAtrt) t«^tT**»eAC bo ÒAjttAtc 4 fUDutjce. 

2 ÌA^Art) bo Ucg A A]5te ttè CAb^c bvt6edvtf : 
*] bèADArt) f uAfrt) IvAcJ^tT^eAC òtttsè ttè t^fAin)V]b. 

3 <S)tIttr3C>]Art)6ttADX|5eAitDA: A^ttf flg rt)5tt 
ef cfOD r^ Dvtle 66e. 


Anxix.Là. ìmi 9l&U:nC<n. 4!2ft 

i Hfoii^ l^t") At^|& vle i^]ze bottboe v^ tcXiv^MjV 
A^rf lifft&e t?<i ccooc lO^A curi)ACb'vrb. 

cvii)AbA]t A l^rt)A Atj t^e4i|t^$ cimm. ' 

6 £^5^1^, b|nArt? a6|ia, t cUon^rt) : f tl'^fort) 4 
i)5lù|i)e òf cotpe aij ÌLfSiSAT^OA 4 c£tiuc\i5ceotti. 

7 <&|tt ir etHOt) 4 i>^l^j ^S^r R^e pobAl a tpbjti; 
'Ajur cÀottitS A l^tt). 

8 tt i)]u3 rt)^ ètrctge A 3YC, ijti ctir<vt6t3e bvti 
ccttotbe : 11)4 a l^ ad CACAtse r^D bt:^r^> 

9 ^4 Att c>?tteAb4 btttt iMtCjte cacu^aÒ o\inn) : 
bo 6£t^bvt5eAb4 n)è^ "} bo coQCAb^ rt)otbtteACA. 

10 l>o bj rt)è ò^rt^^l^^ bltAbAtt),^ rt)o buAt^tijg^ 
IMT '^^ V^ì^^^^cYOf T A bttbjtAr : '^fr pobAÌ r^ctt^t^cic 
A 5C|iO|6e tAb ; T i)jott bAtcpe 6òtb n>o fMSceAÒA, 

11 X)Ap. ii)ioDui5tor A9 tt)j:ettt5 : PAC itACAtb;ir 
A r^^^ ^ti) fttAtti)i)eAr* 

Ps. xcvi. CarOate Ihmin^. 

£^t)vt6 bot) JLfSeAttDA cAiDctc dua6 : ct^t)vt& 
bot) XtJeAttDA, A CAUtt) tttle. 

2 £ADttt6 bOD ZbtJeAttDA, beADVtst^ a ^^tm: 
fotUrtSl^ A fl^^>'5A6 6 la- 50 Ia. 

^ -^SfiSI^ ^ TDCArs DA DseiDcgò a 3l6ttt : a fOD- 
5ADCACA A iDeArs DA Dttlle potbleAÒ. 

4 <6ttt ir ^^}} ^^ XtjeAttDA, Ajttr tr iodidoIca 

50 1)1on)AttCAC : ir t^GA^lA è C4| da bvtle 6è^. 

5 (fettt tr to^Atl tttle 6èe da DbAO^De : a<Sc ir* 
AD ILfgeAttDA bo ttt^e da DeAtD^A. ' 

6 %cA slottt A^ttr bACAri)U6b òr a cotDe : ac* 

IjeAttC A^vr r^èl"> tODA f ADCCÒttt* 

7 )tv5ttt6 bOD SJseAtiDA, a ciDèul da bpotblgc: 
cv5At6 bOD StgeAttDA ^lòttt A^ar DeAtic. 

8 £tt5At6 boD ^tjsgttD AD sl^tttir buAl bA tCiDrt) ; 
CV5A16 ortt^llj 1 CA3A16 A rceAC 10DA ctttttctb. 

9 ttbtt^^t^ AD S^tJeAttDA A rcèttt) a DAOtt)èACbA : 
bto6 eA^U ottutb jtottDe a CAlAtb v^le. 

10 tibttAi6e A tDeAtS da D5etDceA6, ftc4^ ad 
^tS^AttDA A tttosACc : bAtD5De6c4 ipòr ad boii)AD, 
30 DAC ccotttdcAtt è ; bo 6èADA rè bttetceAtDDVf 4 
DA potbleACAtb A bt?fttèvDC Acb. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

424 &iU aP€^fi»U An xix. U. 

b|o6 laAC5Ài|te A)|t ad ccaUtò : òèAi^AÒ Ap fl7Y||t 
bnAiiteAÒ, A5Uf 5AC a hpx]l ]dce. 

12 W|D5]o6 AO "7^5 lè lvAC5^i|ie, A^uf a bprfl 
Ao: AOfio lttAt5^||if|b c|iO|ò OA co|ll§6 6f coi^e 
A|5ce AO 2Lj5eA|tOA ; 

IS <S)i|i ACÀ fè A5 ceAcc, A5 ceAcc, bo bèAPAny 
bfie|ceAii)Ovif 4 ao ccaIaip : bo bèA|tA fè bfieic 

^ AP CfAO^Al A bflltèVOCACby A^Uf Al]t f^A bAOIQjb 

lop^fitilòe fèio. 

Ps. xevii. Domimu regnavU. 
ftc^ Ai) JLìJeAitpA A itfosAcc, bio6 IvAcg^iite ^ 
Ap ccaIatp : oèAPAb A i}|on7Ab oilèup 5a||tbeAcvf. 

2 ttci^ 1)èuUA A^Vf bOftCAbVr f A CCVA111C 1)A 

C|ii)6ioU: ftitèrpcACb A^af bttejceArpijuf if ^icbA 
CACAOiit itfogA. 

3 Xèi6 ceioe itO|Tbe : ^yvf lo]f5f e f f a i;Airi)be 

,f A CCVA1|tC DA C|T1)òtoU. 

4 I>OfO|Ufi5 A C|9ceAC ad boii)AD: bo.6oDA||tc 

AD CaIatÌ) f 1D, A^f bO CftlOCDttlS fè. 

5 Do b^b-f DA f lè|bce ^ IgSAb AiDvìt cèiit, q A5A16 
-^^ ^ISSI*''^ • 4 ^S^I^ 2t|55iiDA DA caIidad Yile. 

6 J^oiUifJib D^ f t^icif A f ||tèuDCACb : A^vf bo 
cfb DA bAOiDe u|le a 5ld||t. 

7 00 tda6 clA0i6ce bèi6 ff Ab '^le, doc bo dI f ^11^- 
bff bfoib^lS 51t4^6^lcA, Doò bo di fAb f èiD A,i&bèil 
Af io6AlAib : cIaodv|6 ^h f è^D bò, a 6èè Yfle. 

8 Do cuaW6 SfOD, A^uf bo bf lvAC53ii]ieAc: 
1t]DeAb4 1D510DA ^atoc^ìy fubACVf bo bfifsbo bfieic- 

eATDDttff, Ò A ÌlJeAflDA. 

9M6l|t AcA- cuf A, A tigeAitDA, ;8i|ib dr ciod V^ 
caIfdad ttile ; ac4^ cu 4 c4^|tbu5A6 50 TT/aft òf C|od 
DA DVfle 6èe. 

10 tt 6fteATD lèft bfODiDW A^D Sf5eA]tDA fVAC- 
^Jef 1 AD colc : cof rbèvbvfs f è adidada ^ DAori) ; 
f A0ftuf6 fè f Ab Af Ujri) AD peACAib. 

11 JDo f folA6 f oluf bo Df f ftèuD : A^vf luAC^^iyte 
boD bffteAC A ccitof6e. 

12 «:ttAC5^ffti5i6 ADfA Xf5§itD, Kbif a fflièvDA ; 

A5Vf TD0lui6 CìlTDDe A DAOri)CACbA« 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

JntbL LÌ. &HU »J5U3t^. 42j 

Pb. xcviii. Cantate Dommo. 

|i]$e fè t)e|ce ioos^Pcaca.. 

2 ^o c^|tCAi6 A Utp 6f f : "| a jif; ^^orì^c^ è ^èti). 

3 Do Cìift At) £J5gJtl)<^ A fUl^VJAÒ A ijttnjAil : 4^ 
|iA6A|tc pA ccti)eA6Ad bf OfUffj fè a f f.|t^ti4>cACb> 

4 JDo c>^ri?otS r^ A cfidcAttte, Ajrf a f tftf^e bo 
ct5 ^ffiAel: bo coi^cAbAft teèttA^A i)a caIiÌ)A!7 mI^ 
TW^1S^<^^ Aii i)Dèi)e, 

5 DèAi) tfvAtn) IttAtJt^tP^^^ ^ttit) Ai) H^ìSèAtti?^, 
A ìaIaii) ufle : bèAi) f itAtn) cAtSfttt*? ^^ai) S^IP^ 
^eAOttf , Ajttf c^T) t>f aIid* 

6 £!^!)ttt$ cttii) Ai) x^ jeAtttjA tttr ^^ cot4^ti^nS - 
w ^v s<^i^m3 ^s^r n^ s^ pf aIid* 

7 ilè tfittiDpA^tttb) T |iè 5Vt AD òotiD^c: bèi)At6 
fttAtn) IttAtjAtit^eAC df cofSe ai) 2£tSeAttDA AD*f^ 

8 DèADA& AD ibttfti ii)ODS^pj ^S^ ^ l)t<>^^1^^^ 


9 UttAtVtbtf DA l)AtbDe A ii)bAf A t? a cètle, bètDbff 
DA flètbce .lvAC5i^t^^ ^r cofpe ad ^tjjeAtiDA - ottt 
ACÀ fè A5 ceAcb bo bfiefc btietce Att^ ad ccaIaiì). 

10 Do 6èADA fè btiefieAibDttf 2| àd ccaIaiì) t^ 
|f^t^ètti)CACb : A50f q DA pofbleAOAfb tiè ceAjic. 

Ps. xdju Dommui regmujit^ 
tic^ AD XfseAfiDA A TtìosAcb, bto6 CtÌfOCl)V$A& 
^ DA potbleAÒAtb : f *t]è® t^ 1^t?t DA cepttbfDt^, 
€otttvt5eA6 adcaUiì)* 

2 ^cA AD 2L|5eAtiOA n)à\% a ^^oj) : A^vf tf l^t*^ 
^UTf^^ 6f OfOD DA Dtttle pobAÌ. 

3 ^flolAtbff cliton) Ti)6ti ttAÌjb^^fAC : dttitt^^^*^' 
XA è. 

4 ^Sttf tf to^"?ttfD t^è DOApc AD pfS bpetcjii)- 
DVf ; bAtDSDl6 rh ceApc : bo d1 c^ btietceAri^Duf 1 
ceAttc AD *3f^coo. 

5 fitibttlSI*^ -^9 5fS^-<^l*^ '^l* isJDtAS 1 b^ADAib 
ttiblA6 bo fc5l A òof , 5fti tf DAori)èA è. 

6 ^AOffe A5Vf ftAIiOD A IDgfS A f ^SAtÌtj A5Vf 

;5ATi)ttel A ii)eAf5 DA btivfDse sof ftfof q a titDoy 
too $ot|ieAbAti4 A9 cifseAfiDA, t bo Ctt^^U fè^fA^ 

Digitized by VoiOOQlC 

«36 ait( ]?£tUX<a. Jn xiz. u. 

7 tt'bpilèufi i)è]U bo Ub*^|L r^ pYu: bo òod^* 
bAb^ A tl^StJu^r^A^^j 1 ^^ fieAcbA crs fè 66^b. 

8 <6 A ]t|5eAYtpA, A]i dD]ai^(^, bo cv^U cu ^Ab : 
A^ dbtA iijA]C|!eAC bo b^ Ctt 6òib|^oo, acc ceAijA A5 
bèAi)Ati)'bto5AlcAir 4' A pAiDbliJcrb; 

9 tCfibviStò AD Xì5eA|iOA, 4 Dl?tAi)e, T bfcADrtè 
<'ri)U& cVit) A covtc i)AOit)CA : 5ttt tf OAoiì)ca ao 
Sf JeA|ti)A, 4 i)Dl4oe. 

Ps. c Jubilate Dto. 

DèADA]8 rvAlit) UAC5^it*S^ ^W AD XfJeAftD^ r 
A caUiì) tt|U, bèADvtb r^tntlf ^t) 3ti5eA|tOAr ttè 
lvAC5«it^^j ^tstb 6r coiDe ^ ^iste |tè ^^ttttbeACur. 

2 »jo6 A f|or A5Atb 5tttt bè ad 3ttJST»9A tr ^t^^ 
^r^ bo |t|De iDe, T Dt ri* 1?èto: ir K*^ -^ bAotDe, 
A5vr CAOittts A tDbttt. 

3 *1951& -^^ r^$c AD A 5eAcv|5tb fD4^t^U ftè CAb- 
Att^c hut6eAC>fr9 t09A c^ttctb lè 1D0U6 : tDoUt6 è, 
ASttf beADvtS A ?4t^)n). 

4 <&ftt it* «)A1c AD X'tseAttDA ; tf rlotf^"-!'^^ ^ 
.ctt5cA|ite : Ajttr ^ f IM^^ ^ JiDeAUc 50 ^tDeAUc. 

Pb. cf. Aiuertcordkm et judicittm, ^ 

Xt^òcqe A^ur bttetceAnjDur c^DfAr ^^, • ^^'^r^* 
À tfJeAttDA, Ci^DrAr rt)è px^Xn), 

2 ^ bto6 c>?5re a^aid : a rMse da btAbAcb ! 

3 S,^ bu^ctvcrAr cttètt^AiD? : nuboUbADTOO 
ct5 U cftot6e ioidUd* 

4 9Xt Ctttttt^tob Ctttr uticÒfbOA^ ^tt btc 6r cotoe 
iDo ful ; ir beA5 otittiD 5i)tori)AttcA da DbAOtDe do^ 
èUoDAr : Of ceAD56Ut6 r^ 6foTD. 

5 DeAl6cuf6cttO|6e ffociD^ Uaid: DtAtèDe5cA 
iDè bftoc 6tttDe. 

6 tCD cè r<*'^^l'*'lSlor A cort)AttrA 6r triol : setft- 

IfAb etttOD AIDAC. 

7 <ÌD C^tnACCA A ttA6AttC9 A^ur AD CUAtbtteAC 

A ccttot6e :»UtriOD Df fl^^n> totDCAtt. 

8 )$t^1^ ")o f^U Att 6A0ti)ib fttttDeAÒA DA caI- 
iDAD : tODbur 50 D^tctteAbìfb aid rocAtt. 

9 tiD cf fiubivr A rMs^ ioidI^ii) : tf ^ ^ ^è^^r 

reftbfr bAri)rA. 


ceAls : AD cè bo UbfiÀ]*^ bftèASA, p] 6èAt)c^ cpit)- 
priòe òf coj^e njo fùl. 

U Sjtiiofi:^ njè 50 n?DC uile C1019CV13. ija. caI- 
TT)AT) : |OT)bur 30 i)5eA|ìif A n)è àtdaò ò cacjivi5 ai> 
2^l3^^1?'?^5<^c A i)0|b«t]5eAp èf3ceA|tc. 

Ps. cU. Xhniine, exawU, . 

% £t3eÀ|tDA, cUo- iDunT>Ai3 : Asuf ^36^6- njo 
òonjAlttc cu^AbfA^.- 

? SftA f oIyì3 ca5v|6 o|tttìt) A^f A lò A mbf Ab a 
mbrA^òfigò.: cUoi) CV3AID bo clvAf Aròf a lò 3^f|t- 
riof iijè ; ^(teA3'4 TDè 30 luAC. 

3 (S)]]t bo ci)AO)6eA6 ido Uèce tD^ 6§ca^6 : A^uf 

AC^t^ 11)0 CI)Alt)A Aft t)A.lOf3A6 lt)A|t CjDCèAl) t)A 


4? ftc^ iDO- c]toi6e' 4 t)A 6uaU6, A^nf c]tfoi> 11)4 
fèvft i ò||t bo 6eA]ttt)Aib.Tr)è ii>Aft&p bjce. 

5 X)o b|ti5 50CA tt)o coeAbvfl : ceAa^^Ufb ido 
cD^iDA bori) feo^L 

6 J(f cofTbvilit)è ]t|f AD b]>etfc^i)^ADfAbfOC]tAii)s 
AC^im n)A|t vUcAOCiii) a DVA^^oeAf. 

7 Do r)}m V^]]^y ^3^T ACÀ]tt) iDAft ^eAlbop : t)A 
AOPAft 4 tì)uIIac ad Cf5e. 

8 .ScADU^fb n)OD^yn)òe ii)è 4 t?eA6 ad Uè: ad 
bftoi)3 Ac^ 4 TDeffie AiDf a3A]6, AC«^]b 4 a iDfo^ìflÌ 

-^TD A3A]6. 

9 (^fft A bUAf3 IDè lttA]C, AtDVfl AfteiD : A^Uf bo 

corDtt1f5 TDè TDO 6eoc jtè ^vl ; 

10 Do ^]5 cf etjtsen ^3^V cf?]0CA : 6|]t bo c^rft 
cii fVAf TDè, A^uf bo ce]l5 cu f fof tDè. 

11 ^Y cof TÌ)^¥?l Ti)è ftè f ce^f' le Doc cè^ftDVfJfof : ^ 

ACÀ]ID ATDUfl fèUft 4 CCft'fODAb. 

12 ?icc cufA, 6 <vS'']3SftD^, iD4riT^ 30 riom^^^ ' 

A^vf bo c\?rboe 6 SfDeAiAÒ 50 5fi)eAUc. 

l^ £f]tedcA cu, bo 6èADA cii cftòcAffte 4 <È»fOD : 

5f]t AC^ AflDf fft 5ft^f A bo &èADArD ttfftCO^ A DttA]]i 

ctDce 4 cceAcc 


14 ^itt Ac;& b'%1 A3 bo fentbffe^cAib ^oSa cloc- 
41% : *i bo i7(b cfioAise bA- luAtctteAS. 

15 Ìo$ttf 50 Ti)btA6 eA^lA 2| DA seipqb |ioiii>è 
<t]un) Ap 3tl5S|ii7A : ^3»^ ^ ^l^ NS^I^ t>^ caIiì;a9 
'fioiii^ bo 5l6|ft. 

16 ti 1)l>Atft CttfftfeAf A1) XfjeAftlJA S|0p fVAf i 

bo cì6|:i5eA|t foÒA sldijt è. 

17 DeA|icf:tt|6 fè 4 ttftOAfS 1)a ijYfftfffol : ASVf . 
}^\ CAftcttff oeòòtttS fè A i)5ttf6e. 

. 18 Scftf obcAfi f o bot) 5fi)eAlAC èfocfrAf : T i)a 
bAOfDe CftttfèedccAft, fDolfrvfb a^ £f5eA|ti7A. 

19 <^f ft bf èrè fè A i)ttAf 6 ^f fibe a !>AOii)CAcbA ; 
bo cod^c Ai) 2Lf5eA|ti)A o qa i)eAii)ì(rb, ad caIaiì) ; 

20 Avìi) 50 cclv]Df:eA6 èA^DAC a9 p^f^r**'>^f3 ' 
30 f cAOf leA6 fè cIad ad b^tr • 

21 bJ^ofUffv5A6?lDn)A ad Xf^eAfiD^^ a ^od : 1 
A iì)oIa6 ad ^Jefivf Alefl). 

22 ^flAft cftviDeoidcAft da bAOfDe a DèfDfeAcb r 
A^vf DA ftfo^ACbA CttfD f efftbff» bo 6èADAfb boD 

23 'Xìo bvAf6f6 f è g iDO DeAftc ADf a cflf je : bo 
;5«Af|tAf6 fè iDO Uèce. 

24 %i bvbAfftc iDè, <&^n)o 3C).|a, d* befft Af iDè a 
)DeA669 tDO Uèce : cftè gfDeAUd da D5fO^Uè, 
ACAfb bo blf A^DAf A. 

25 t> cof AC bo fttf 3 Ctt bvD&f c x)^ CAlrbAD : A^vf 
IfAb DA fUfc|f .ofbfteACA bo Uri). 

26 <rfefcf?]6 ff Ab, acc iDAffife Cttf a : ft^òAfb xrle- 
A ceAfceAii) iDAft è^bAc ; 

27 ^Aft cuUf6 bo 6èAD4 ^ n^AUfiic, f bf A^b 4 
DA D|orDUo|b : acc tf cvf a ad cf eèAÒDA, A^ttf 
Df cftfocpoòcAft bo blf a6da. 

28 £.0|TbDe6cttf b cIad bo f ef|tbff^AC : ^ bAfDS* 

De6CAft A flfOCb Ab f fASDttff f. 

Ps. ciii. Benedìcy amma nìetu 

Ì3eAD>»3» 6 IDADAID, AD IfseAftDA : T IDO fODACAft 
mU, A ^*{D1D DAOtÌ)CA. 

2 fieAD^fJ, 6 fDADATD, AD J&f3eA|tDA : T D^ b§fv» 
iDAfb ACfo6Ufcce ttfle; 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Jn XX. Là. QtltC V»U3%^. 429 

S aioc ri?Aicfdf bo c^o^ca u]le : T)oà leij^fiop 
evjle eAfU|oc|3e; 

4 atoc ^UAf sUf CAOATI) O f C|t|Of I l)OC GU|ftfOf 

coft6]p ìt}AfceAfA T CfjòcAf fteAÒA ciDèrlcA o|tc ; ♦ 

5 3loc f ^f uf5|0f ho bèul piè n)^\t : 4^c^ ^6150 4 

1JA h^CpUA^A^ l1?A|t. f oU|l. 

6 Do p^ Ai) 2L|5eA|ti)A ceAjtc A^uf bitejcgrijijuf : 
bo 5AC Aoo A leAcc|ton). 

7 b«Foflln5 fè A flJ5ceACA bo ^AOffe : a Ofb- 
|teACA bo cUijufb .^f (tAeU 

8 ^cA At) S^ìseAitpA 5ftaf An)V|l A^vf Ut). bo 
èftuAfge : f Ab f uflp^eAc, ^ bfoiDub cftocAf fte. 

9 aVi bf Af 6 f è cofòce a i^fti^Ttgfufp : r^ tt)ò c\?5- 
eòcvf fè A feAft5 50 f|of]tvi6e. 

10 9Xf bo ftèfft Aft ccfODCA bo ftfge fè Sufp : T 
V} bo ftèf|t Aft Dèf^cefftc CU3 fè IVAfòeACC bu^o. 

11 %cc, ii)A|t AC^ ;Jvfftbe DA peAri) 6f Cfop v^ 
cAlri)Ai) : AcA A ofDOACJ cori)ti76ft fft) boi) lucc 4 ^ 
hyril A eA^U. 

12 Cori^^Ab lf Ac^ A t)^^b fOfft 6 t)^]tb ffq.: bo 
cì?|t f è 4 bpeACUfbe uAipe. 

13 <n4 bfOf cftvAfJe A5 ACAfjt bJjv clòfD : ff tt)4^ 
jD AC^ cftuAf^e A5 Ai) cXf5eA|toA bot), lucc Alft A 
bf^ A eA^U. 

14? <&fftif Afctje 65 A|t.^f:offtti): cuìri)i)f5foi) fS'- 
juft IvAfCfieAÒ f |5. 

15 fii) bufi)e, 11)4 ^^) Kfèuft Ac^^b a Uèce/. 11)4: 
bl^C Al) ri)A5A ff IDAftfOft) bf Af A5 bUcttjAb:. 

10 <S)tft Cèfb AD 5AOC CAIftff, A^Uf vi bfV^l fèf 

a5 : A^vf Df Afceoi)uf8 a foi)Ab fèfi) è 6 ffp Ati)AC.. 

17 ^cc ACA. cftdcge ad SjJeAftDA o f lof^tvfò- 
eAÒc 50 f fOfftv^beACb ^ ad Ivcc 4 a bf v?l a J5U :. 
T A f f ftèvDCACb bo tt)ACAfb tDAC ; 

18 DoD lucb cofri)èvbAf a cuDftAÒ : bOD lucc 
cufri)Df5fOf A AfceADCA b^ DbèADArij. 

19 DO fUfS AD XfàeAftDA A CArAOfft ItfOjA Afft 
DeAri) : A^Uf AC^A ftjpjjACC A5 jtf A5IU5A6 Of Cf05^ 

A DVjle. 

20 13eAD>^ef} ad ^LìjcAftOA, a Af Djle f èfD- DOÒ 


ks9 fliltt . VmM<ft. Jh XX. Im. 

èz^ «illiocb4 A DeA|iC : A5 coi)5tb^ll a. AtcgijCA r 
A5 cAb^c 4« bo Jttc A b|iiACA||i. 

2Ì ÌleÀDutse AD t|5eA|tt)A, a flaAjf ai) u^le : ^ 
Irèb ^fitièeoilce DOè bo d1 a cotU 

23 UeÀgrtS® ^^ ÌìSeA|iD<^, ^ otbfieAcA tt|le, 
ADf A DV|le ì^\z bA clJeAìiOAf : beA9u]5, d iDADAn), 
^») Xfje^itDA. 

Pà. civ. Benèàky anima mea, 
iJè'ADtttS AD SÌ5eA|tDA, 6lDADAtD: 6A£ì5g|lDA 
IDO Ìt^J ^^^ Ctt [tò :e^^ACCA jlè bOD6tlt, A5ttr |tè 

fDOftÒAdb AC^ Ctt 'èAbvtsce. 
2 tt5 ctt|t folxff ìDA|i èAbAc ottc : A5 fjDeAb da 

BjrUlteAf AIDAC TDAjt Ctt||tC]D. 

d Qtloc cttt|t|Of ADfDA batf5eA6ttib f AtlceACA a 
f e6iDltv|6e : doc bo Di a CA]tbAb bo da Dèulvib^ 
Doc ftttblAf 4 f CIAè^^Dvtb DA ^AOice. 

4 <C5 b|DArD fptoi^^^^ AtDsìlb : ce]De lAfAib- 
U]l bA iDtO]fcè]tttb. 

5 aioò fv]5 bttD^jce da caIidad : 50 d^c ccofft- 
^vfS è 50 b]t^c. 

6. ll]f A DbttbAt5èAD tDA]t b]tAC bFolv]5 cii è : 6f 
ctOD^DA fl]Ab bo feAf AbA]t da brtf^^^^A. 

7 (bb ACibttfADfA ho ce]C]AbA)t: 6 gvc bo coift- 
DtS^ *>o 6e]Cf ]t]5eAbA]t ]to?DpA. 

8 X]<x5A]b DA flè]bce f wAf, t]5tb da ^Ioadca a 
Dv^f : cuìD A DtODAtb bo]tbtt]5 cufÀ 66]b. 

9 35o cv]]t t\x ce6]tA c]bce, doc dac f^t]te6cM6 
j{Ab : 50 DAÒ f |Uf |6 ijAb bf oIac da caItdad*^ 

. 10 3loc cv]]t]0f €0]b]teACA ad f DA 5leADCA]b : 
l'b]]^ DA cDOCA]b f]ttbltt]6 ffAb. 

11]]t|b beoc bu]le A^Dtbt^e ad ibACAt|te : 

C0]f5]b DA bAff A]l f t^^CA A CCA]tC. 

12 aiA bfocq f o coibDtt]t]of èADUtc a DAtsètfi : 
À TDeAf5 DA iDbeADj^D bo Dei]t]b a DSttC. 

13 jHtttCì(?6 fè DA. CDtt]C 6 DA fecrDttv]6]b vac- 
e^AÒ : |tè coftA6 co]b]tecf a bo 1|0Da6 ad caIaid* 

" 14? 1)0 befft fè q ADbfèv]t f^f tyo D^tftbèip: T 
AD lv]b CttiD fDA]ceAf A AD butDO. 


-^suf }:]o\y voò bo 5^l|tbi5]Of cjioiba ap bu]t)o : "J 
oIIa bo be||t 4 4^5^] 6 be^lltvS^ò, *ì Aj^^i) t)eA]tc-^ 
r]3iof c|U)|6e ao bviije. 

16 ^cÀ|b ciioi^ ^V Xl5eAtit)4 Ui) bo f ub : fèitbq 
lebAi)OD, i)oc bo pUpcois fè. 

17 ^Ajt A i)bèADtt]b A !?èAi)lA]fc A i)eAb : ai) 
Tco]tc, ifè At) CTiA$ 51ttri>Air a cjg. 

18 Q(l> ct)0]c :S^|tbA if bibeAO bo i)a 3Ab]iAib 

f!|AbCA : A^ttf 1)A CA]||t5e bO 1)A C01!)]1)fb. 

19 Do )if5e fè AT) 5eAlAC cunj Aiit)ftO]|i6Acb : if 
Aici)e boT) 5|tèii) a bul ]:aoi. 

. 20 £v||i|6 c^ bo|iCAbAf, T b|^i6 a T)oi6ce a5 : 
If a5 lit) f 0^i5ib Att)AC \ile bsc>/i5 aUca t)a coiUg6. 

21 cOa leòriiuit) aj. biiiiti:]6e cvn) a scjteice: 
A5 l^lTviil^ ^ tt)bì6 6 DiA. 

22 /^iitse Ap srilAp, q5l6 f lAb 4 a DAff : A^vf 
Wsi^ l^DA puAti)vib. 

23 IIACA16 Ap buiDo Aii)AÒ cuit) A aibite,i cuiì) 

A f AOCAIft : 50 C1t^CDÒ1)A. 

24« £a l|oD coibfteACA, a tfJeAitDA ; a t)e a^da 
bo itjpe cu i<Kb ìfle : AC^ ao CAUri) Ui) boc f A|6V 

25 U Df Aiiit5e f òf ^6bAl f Aijtf ID5 ; a5 fiD ac^ 
^AC vp f O^tòjof A^vf AC^ib bOAliiri)e, beAcii]5e 
beA^A A^vf ri)ò|tA. 

26 ^v f 1D in)fC]3lb DA I005A, AD tdìoI ii)6p : Dod 
bo c]ittCA|5 cvf A bo fV5]tA6 ad f 1D» 

27 -iFeic]6 UAb v|le o]tc]-A : cuid a iDboACA bo 
CAbAi]tc boib IODA DA1D f èlD. 

28 Do bei]t caf a 6o|b è, A^uf 0|1,uidi5i6 f |Ab è : 
|:òfclAi6 cùbo IaiÌ)^ ^ f^fttlSSÌ^ 1^^ pè ID^IC. , 

29 «Folc>?5 cv CA5M6, A5Vf ACA ^Ab bvA]65]tCA : 
c^D^e ctt A DAD^ll 4 A b^if, A5Vf èA5A]6 f]Ab, ^ 
f]\lp cvtD A lvAi^]ti5 f èiD. 

30 £»v]]ti]t bo f]>]0]tAb uA]b, A^uf c];ittCU]5eAji 
|Ab : ASTf ,ACDUA]6ceA]t A5A16 da caIidad. 

31 §8106 5lo]]t AD 2L]5eA|tDA 30 f ]0|]tui6e : b;> 
6èADA A9 S>i3eA)tDA luAcs^tl^ 1^9^ 0]b]teACAib. 


52 -^èrotttS fè ^ Ai) cc^^Urn, *} cit^ocpufg fè : 
beADrtiJ fè le]f i)Aflè|6ct6, A^uf bo i)ìb be^cAC. 

38 £tii)f Ab boD t|3eAfii)A, ap ccè^i) ii)A]fi^fob : 
cM)fAb pfAln) boi) £ì5eAYtt)A, AD-cceii) b^Ab a-S'. 

<4« I8tt milif too fiDVA|i)C(§ce 6^ CAobf ai> : tyo 
6èAt)Ab 3^t|ibeACttf A^f a XfJeA^ti^A. 

55 €(o f cft|0fC4DA pgccA]6 Ati)AC Af Ai) ccaXaiì)9 
ASvf DA ]iA|b DA o^tfpctttj AD t)fof 11)6 : beADtifJ, 6 
tDAi)AiD, AD 2tf5eA]tDA, bgDttfSe f}b|j ad 2tf3eA|tDA. 

Ps. cv. Confitemim Domma, 

£tt3A|6 bvi6eACvf boD 5.1$eA|tDA, 3ot|tt6 Afji a 
ttfDiD : FotUft3]6 A iD§f 3 da 3CtD§6Ac a ^Dfoib^cA. 

2 it^Dvt6 66, ct^Dttl6 pf awd 66 : lAb|ttt|6 Aftt A 
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eAibD^if ADf A cAlAib tttle. 

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b|tfACAtt'Doc ^ AfCfi^ fè xo feA6 iDfle ^tDeAUc; 

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bo ^f AAC ; 

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bo ^JfTtAel iDA^t cvbttA6 f fofttttf^e : 

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D^AD : IfDe bttft DOfStteACCA. 

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|tf o^Acb 30 bAOtDfb ofle ; 

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^A : Acc cttj Atcfrtoft ^ a f od bo fttSqb j 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

jln xxi. U. aitt fPStC^V^tf. i33 

bosp f Àl5]b i)A bèAi)at6 bocAfi. 

16 ttsuf bo 50|]t fè 'SojicA A|it At) cc^lAit) : t 
bo b]tif fè A i)ttile fcòfi Ajt^io. 

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bo bfoUò ìtjA^ f ei]tb}feAC ; 

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bo cu]]ieA6 A i)]A]tAi) è ; 

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brt]A^|t AO £]SeA|ti)A è. 

20 b^vA^q Ai) ]t]5, A5Uf bo fCAOfleAb è : uaC" 
CAftAi) DA i)bAO]i)e A^vf bo lè|5 è f AO]t ua6, 

21 X)o cv])i f è è OA c]5eAftOA q a c]5 : A^vf t)A 
VACbA|tAi) ]ooA f eAlbu]b rtle ; 

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A cori)At]tleACA cviti 50 9bèAi)A6 eA5t)ttt6e tAb. 

23 tC^uf bo cttA]6 i3ff ftAel bo D^s^pc : A^vf bo 
coti)9af6 ^ACob a ccAlArt) ^Att). 

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A^vf bo |tt$e tAb 1)] btt U]b]tte i)a a v^^tohe. 

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>>fUACV5A6 : A^ttf Ctttl) 11)eAblA' bO bèAQAlÌ) A]]t A 


26 Do ctt]]! f è va6 <nAO]fe a f et]tb]feAC : A^vf 
^Attoi) i)oc bo C05 f è f è]lf. 

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•C0lÌ)AttCA6 : A^Vf A t01)5ADCACA A CCaIaiÌ) itAtD. 

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"bottòA : *! Dlott ceADAtYi5eAb4 A'DA5At6 a b]t]AC4« 

29 Do torDi>o]5 fè a pitffseA^A a b|?vtl : 1 bo 
n)Attb f è A D1Af5, 

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^ f e6tD]tA6tttb cobAlcA a ]it5ce. 

31 Do lAbAtft fè, A5Vf c^t">1<^ ctttDAf 5 bo catl- 
eò^tttb : ASVf tD]olÀ tOD^ cce6]tADV]b vfle, . 

32 Do ttlD^ fè clotcf DftcbA h^ SCgcAtb : cetDe 
lAf AftbA tOD^^ ccaIaiì). 

33 tisvf bo bvAtl fè A btr]DeAn)tttD 1 A ccjtAD 
f 15^ : Ajvf bo bittr r^ ^n^l* ^ ^]t]tt)\U 

2 O 

Digitized by VaOOQlC 

At) CAceftftUem ASttf T)foit bpfet^iji a D^^^ftfori) : "f 
41 bitAb4'A i)tt]U Ivfb to^A ccAÙri), A^rf A'buAb^ 
tttAf co|tA6 A b|:eA]ttit5. 

• SS .tt5uf bo bvAtÌ t^ A 3cèt^eti)e fo^A ccaIaiì) : 
cof AÒ A i)etttc vfle. 

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jtob A3Uf ftè boft : A^uf i)f ttA-jb bì?i)e Tiyetfici)eAC 
A^ A rcfteAbtttb. 

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geAbAft : 6|tt bo cufc ^ De^^ÌA oftftA. 

38 JDo -leAfcDwtS r^ DèvU rDAft f oIao : ^ cefD* 
bo cAbAfftc folvff f4.D D0i6ce. 

39 b^AtftAb^y T BV3 f^ cv^ca da ^eAtftAjotftc-: 
T bo f^fttfÒ fè fAb ftè bAftAD 6 DeAri). 

40 b-,f^Of SAfl fè AD CA]]lAtC, A^Vf bo llD^eAbAfi 

DA bv4f3g&A A1DAC : bo fteACAb^ a D^f^l^^l^T*"?^ 

iDAft f ftvc: 

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bo tCbttAbATD A f etftbifeAc. 

42 <Ì3Vf Ctt3 1^ leff atdac a ri^ttfDCtft lè 3&lft- 
^eA^Af : A'òAo^De-coJcA lè IttAcJ^^fftè ; 

43 tC^ttf CV3 fè &ò|b feAftAD DA Sc|DeA6AC : >^ 
bo 3AbAb4 f A0C4 . DA DbAOfDe TDAft oiJfteAcb ; 

44 .JoDbttf 30 ccoD3TbA|bff a fteACbA f A5Vf 30 
ccotri)èAbA]b|f A blfJ^eAÒ. 

ps. cvi. .Cot^temrù Domino. 
^rtolvfèe AD JtfsgftDA ; òfft ff tdaic è: 6fti id4|6 
A cftÒCAftte 50 ffotttttfbe. 

2 iCfA fè^Af DeAftc AD XfgeAttf A bò èADAri)ìt9 : 
A ri)olA8 ttfler bfotUffvjAÒ^ 

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AD ct feo Dì f iftèVDCAf f AD ufle ATD. 

4 £vrri)D|5 oftVTDf A, d A £t3eA|iDA, ftè fAb^ be 
bAOfDe : ttort^^lS ^^ f*^^ f I^dvJaS ! 

5 J^ODttf 30 bfAfce TDè rDAfC bo ÒAOfDe coJca : 

30 DbèADA TDè 3:^tftbeACVf A IttACS^ffte bo 6A0|Df ^ 

■30 DbèADA n)è sloftt lè cotSfteACb: 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Jlh xxi. Là. (MtC »&U3%^. 435 

6 X)o peACutseAfD^lt U Alt i>Atc|ii^ : bo wSgfi^^ 
cjOQc^^, bo Ttf9e4^n)A|i ueìce coiftpe. 

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^^51PC, 'JÌoi* èiiin)i}i3§^4 lottjAb bo C|tòc4§6A: 
acc bo c§9^5^b4 A5 Ai) n)u|ft, A5 AO^njMjt Hva^. 

8 tiòc c^gOA bo f AO|t fè.i Ab 4 foi>A tionjA f èf v 
crm A cufò^^cb bo òu|i*4^ ^urì)^!. 

9 ^5Uf b|n)6eA|t5 fè ai) mu^it 391ua6,' ^^vf bo» 
^0|tn)u|5eA6 fuAf i : Ajvf CU5A6 0||iAfAi) fjub^il 
A^f 04 Wl5è4i)'^l6, n)A|t A!) i)biocjiArrt). 

10 tC^uf bo f^ofifè ^Ab d i)A Wn)ribf]òVy voò 
bo f VAC<i|5 lAb ; A^rf bfuowf^^il f è^ ]Àb Ati)AC Af 
lÀ*|rì) t)A t)Arì)Ab. 

1 1 ^t^uf bf olyjs v^ btt|f5^A6A A t)«^|ri)be: dìojì 

|?4k5bA6 AOO ACA. 

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A rì)oU6. 

13 £)sftn)AbAb4 50 bofc ^i^OfbfteAGA^: v^opf^ry^ 
AbAft lè DA còri) Atftlè ; . 

14? %5ttf bo |t|5«AbAtt A^cofl ftè bAt9ri)f Ai> f aS' 
^ÌotftArì): A5uf. boòufft^AbA^ cacu5a6 A^^t i^«r 

AbfA DUAt51)10f.' 

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CftUA^Af A fCeAC fO^A ccfiofbe. 

16 ^5ttf 1^0 ci)ucYt5igbAtt ftè ^HAOf fe Ai)f a ccaii)-' 

|»A : A5Uf ftè ^AftOI) AOI) 1)A0rì)CA A4> £f5eAftOA» 

17 b^ofCAtl Ai> CAÌArì), ^, bo flut5 fè'I)^CAi) : 
•j bt:plu|5 fè c6rì)Cfot)ol ^bfftAri).. 

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bO lotf5 *0 Uf Afft f UAf DA CfODCVtJ. 

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bpD to">^1$ leASCA. 

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^Atrij DOÒ fC.fOf t^Sttft. 

21 Do 6eAftrDAbAbAtt DfA A fUDAi5ceo)]t ; Doc- 
x^or ttfDe Defce tD6ftA f ad P^5t?c ; 

22 ^OD^ADCAC A CCAUrì) ^AID : D^lt^ UAcbAf AC4^ 
^Z AD iD^ ÌlluAi6. 

23 U^ttf bo Uo^.fè b^rDtUj^j.iDunAiDteic 3UII- 


4S6 SKfC »«%»'». An xxi. Im. 

fÌV ^'lAOif e A f s|i coJcA A^r^ ii>be^iii>df a co|^ : 
b|on)|»d5 A f et|i5e a^^ÌA, b^sU 50 f cjttoff a6 f è t At>. 

24 ^5vf bo CA|iCYffi>t54gbA|i Ap CAÙti) AOib)^: 
t)0|i cfte)beAbA|i a 6fi|ACA|i; 

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9|Ofi ^]fcefbA|t |tè 5vt AO Xf^eAtto^^. 

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^^ rSMor ^Pf^ bjocftAtii ; 

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ijA 5C)i;eA6AC : A^vf bo ft>ftèA5A6 APf a bucAtg* 

28 <^5ttf bo ò<gi)5Ub4 t^^ f ^l') 1*^ *AAl-t>eo|t : 
A^af btttobAtt ^oòbAftèA iva n}Attb. 

29 tC^ttf bo bftofCttfJeAb^tt è lè i)A D5t>ìoti>ì?fei 
A5rf bo bftff AD fA^l5 a fcoAÒ otfiA. 

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bftetcgtìjDttf A cctifc : t bo cofiti9tof5A6 ad pUtS^ 

31 iC^ttf bon^eAfAÒ ffD bò iDAft fjftèttDCAdb: 6 
JfDeAUc 50 5f i>eAlAc. - . 

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b^b : 1 bo bf til)50 bolc A5 <?lAOtfe 4 AfODfAD* 

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5ttti UbAt|t f 6 50 DeftbcèfUtS*^ ^^ ^^ ^^**^* 

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cctt5 A9 £f5eAftDA AicDe 6dfb ; > 

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eAÒACAfb r t ^o t^ti^eAbAfi a DOtbtteACA bt?05ltttiD; 

S6 ^Sttf bo AbftAbAft bA D|06Alttfb, T bo bAbAtt 
b6|bffOD tDAft pAtDCèAft : A^Vf bo foòbftAbAft A IDIC 

^P'T ^ V]VS\or)^^o 8t^bw ; 

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A iD*c A^ttf A Dt«?S^AD : voò bo toòbftAb^ bo 6f ^b- 
Uf b ^&D^AD) A^vf bo bj AD caUid Ali DA CtlVAllW 

tu5A& i^ r>'fU . 

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1' bò cttAb4 fiè iD^tttb§6ttf lè DA DAtStoDCAtb fèf d^, 

89 ^5ttf bo bf AD 2tt55ftD fST^S-^^ ^ V^ 6A0f Dtb ^ 
-^uf bfttAtAtS f ft A ofJtteAOc t?ètD. 

40 ^5Vf CU5 f è tAb A Uftb UA 5ClDeA6Àc : f 
bo b^bAtt fo DA cctSe4]tOYfb 6f A 3ctOD, A5A ji^t^ 

fVAè OfftA^ 


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> 42 X>o' f Aoji rè r^b 50 mroic ; <X5ur bo bito|x>^- 
eAbAji è lè DA ccorijAjtilt^? ^jrr bo blfltS^AÒtAb 

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At^ACA^ft offtA : A DttA)fi bo òuAUt6 fe a 9èt$ii)e. 

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bobf A1crteAcrf,Afti^1tètti ion?Ab a èfiocAttie : \ 
c«S fè '4 5AC A0t7,b^ 11115 leo t^b a ii)bfiAt5b]oiMf, 
'^f*tt^i3®-&c 6è-ev!)Aii> òdfb^ ^ ' 

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DA ctDeA6AÒA]b : cttii) brtbeAcvf bo CAbAtttr boc 
^^ DA-oibcA, T bo CAtcttè|Ti)tu5A6 a9 bo ri)olA6. 

46 00 iDAb beA§at5 b^Af ^i) £f JeAtiiJA DfA .Jf- 
ItAel^ 6 f tot|tv$eA<>b, 50 fìotttufgeACC : t AbtiAtbff 
V^ bAOfpe vfle, * tinjei). 

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A ctiÒCAttte 50 bftAc. 

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voc bf UAf CAtl f è 'd Utri) i)A bAOffif e. - 

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«^13^1* s CAtèfteACA Afctietbce v] bffttAtt AbÀft ; 

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lft5Af6* A i)At>Àn) todcA. 

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T)Ai5*CAt|i*: bo f AOft f^ t^ ^^* 50uri)5AÒ. 

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6yl 50. CAèttttts^lctttSce. 

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fOOSADCACA bo clotP <>A obAOfpe ! 

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fè AD r ADAH) OCtiAC lè 11)AtC« 

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fS^le A^b^f .: Cìtfttsce a iDbuAt^fijè, t a dk^ : 
2. o 2. 


458 a|«t 9AUa»<n. JbiTSjLUi^ 

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1« <iii 4r Tj^b^nroiD ©«5 T^inw A ccnotfee a 
QttAr ftè baAtbfi«A6 : bo tnnrMSI^^m '^S^r^f T^^l^ 
f eAfi b«^ bt?ii|tCACb. 

13 ti^rr bètJe^bAtt tim av ItìSeA^tD^ fo^A^ 
fijbttAtbfieAb : bo fAOtt t^ t^ ^ ^^ sctttòsAC. 

14 K^ttr C05 r^ AHJAC t'i^ ^r bottCAbrr, 4^5"*^ 
tret^t^ ^i> fe^tf : ^S^f ^o ^T T^ ^ ccvtbfttSce. 

15 ^oUtbtr A9 £tj^t^9tiu Àft^ r^^ ^ cttòcAtt^e t 
^5^f ^ toosADCACA bo òUffi •ijA 9bA0tt)e ! ' 

. 16 ^tt^ bo bt«tr T^ ^A seACAÒA pttMT = ^5*T ^^ 
^eAtft T^ nA bAtttAbA T^t^tttD. 

17 l8ttAt6eAttc4 Àtn^bi^t^ ^^ ^V^t ^ ^V^^^ '*- 
Ajttr bo bt^lS A bt»eAeAt6. 

18 b«^ttACAt$ A 0A9Ai0> i)^le bt^^ : ctSfb a 954 
bo botttrtb AD bii^tT- 

19 tt^vr bo SnJtteAbAtt <Sttii) Ai) £ìSeA^t*^^ 1^5 a. 
94ii)ACAttt r 6 i)A scttibsAò bo f^x^ x^ Hb. 

20 J)o ò^t* T**^ btttACAtt èttCA, T be ìetstT t^^ • 
^ bo cÀttcYt^ r^ t^^ ^ ^^ n)tUeA6. 

21 ,ttbipttt5btr boo 2tt5eAtvòA a iftòCAttte : T * 
to9S^9CACA bo ck>t9 DA obAOtDe ! 

22 ttsvr tp6bt*Atbtr to6bAttCA tijoIca : T rotllf 
IfStbfr A otbtieACA l* lvAC$<vttte ! 

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906 bo t)1 A ijob^ A t)tt1t*5eA6vtb mdttA^ 

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Atrpf 6ac : A^vr cdtstre rtt^r A co^a rtt). 

26 HACAib Ttt^T 50 WS^ DeATÌ), ttAOAt^ rlor 
5«r ^ i)<^t5èAi) : 1^54114^ A i)Ai)Aii) cftè bttAt6fteA6. 

27 Ì^oit)t>ot5ib, *t 5AbAib èottc ii)Att f jft ii)etr5e : 
^ Aca A i)e6lttT'tttle 4 1)4 f^5A6« 

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ttflc cvcA^ • *t bo.bèAttttt6 Aro^òtAb 6 oa ^Ctttb^AC. 

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A cco^A riD t)A ccdfbQatSe. 

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H^b T>'^lri?i;s<i : T cfteaftòc>¥^ lAb 50 cva9 4 ccojle, 

Digitized by VoiOOQlC 

AnjAn.LL SlttC 9S«J«<rf. «9» 

81' ttbrt)"i?3|b|r bov E^5èA|ti)A A ofijeAc : T a toij- 
3A17CACA bo òlofi) PA DbAO^ije ! , 

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T A ijfopAb rì(?3;e i)a }\viI{o\ì iDolAib'if è ! 

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^fSe A ccAfic 

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Al) IvCCA t)OC i*ftflf5|0f A^. 

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«tftim A cr5ofbfifb iffOftvtfje. 

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^i) : 50 t)ttllri)Vf 5Jb CAèA||t cttTi) ^fcftef bce ; 

87 tt^ttf 50 ccvfftfb iDACAfftgbA, T 50 Db$i)Atb 
ITf f)eAri)DA : A^ttf bo bèAftAfb coftAÒ bfffS. 

SB ttsttf beADÒcvfb fè^lAb^ A^ttf n)è|be$cAf;S3*^ 
iDòft : A^ttf Df Ut JbeòÒAtb f è a DeAlÌAC. 

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lyvAf tAb : lè r^ftvjAÒ, Ù boic, T lè boflsìof . 

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tef ft OjftA befc g feACft^D ADf a bfr^f ac, fDAft daò 
BjTtttl flfje Aft bic. 

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tio v] r^ fDttfDceAftA 66 iDAft fcftèvb. 

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1 bftttfbf e A Dttfle èf^ceAftc a bèttl. 

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1 Cttt5f t6 ff Ab ctDèvl 5ftA.6AC ad t^eAftDA. 

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t:Ab pf AtlfD 50 b^^lfifse lè ipo Jl^fft. 

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cSMyf^ò f>f Afln) 6vtcf f a iDeAf^ d^ ^cfDeA^Ac, ' 

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ÌFimSe 50 Dvt5^ DA ff>èf ftfse. 

5 «f 4 càftbvjA^ 6f cfOD DA DeAri), 6 A 3bè ; ■) 
6f cfOD DA CAlri)A9 vfle bo 5l6tft. " ^ • 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

«40 sdtc vsusvm: Anxta. la^ 

Utnrfeetr, A3ur fTieA5A.|fi infe^ 

7 X'o Ub^ JDt^^toQA DAOtncAcb : bo 6§o^&btAè- 
jai|ie, jitoònob €>èòeii7, T cotwòfAb jl^S Svcoc- 

8 ;5r lto»t)r<i 0tleAb, A^^ar ir '^^"^ ^tlAPAf reb : 1 
trè 4p|i<^in? DeAfic njo C|9. 

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pocAt<^oUtc: ce]l3ffob n)0 bn65 CA|t 45boro ; T ba 
6|0Ab cA]C|ièfTD èr'ci'op i^AlerctOA. 

10 S,\^ bèA|iAr iDè 50 CAC|iA|S^4ti> b^bfo : ct^ 
^|ie6|td6vf iDè 50 b^bon) ?:• 

11 0(Iac ob^i>«^ cur^ ^ a ^V^^^^ ^^'^3 ^^'V^ 
fD-'*V ^è ]tACA cv ^krDAC, 6 A Ì^, lè 4 rltt*5A^b ? 

12 £^b4 c^b^ òttto 6 buAt6]teAb: offt tr 0{OtD*« 
AOfD t^vticACb AO' butoe. 

IS ft oDt<^ bo bè^DAft) SAtrje: 1 r^tlceèttuttjio 
f^}X}ox) rfof A7t o^tn>be. 

Ps. cix. Ihv* lauditm.'. 

<& A Ì>è 11)0 ri)oltA,-DVb| Ab coòc : dt|t ac^ bèul x 
Dtt|tc6fbt5,T bèttÌDA 5AD5Atbe t^oroilce Att) A^AtSì 

S 1CAbttìf6 .^^h AT1) A5At6 lè c§D5At6 bft|5At61 

A^ur |tè bfttACftAfb t:VACTT)A|lA bO 5AbAb4 ATl) cfrD- 
Òtoll, A^ur CAtttt5|b ATD A5Àf6 5AD 'Sl6bAfl. 

8 ttftroD tDO 5lt^6A Ac:3itb D^ DSr^^tl*^^ A5Aii>v: 
^Z^rmV^ A5VftDAt3. 

4 ti^ur bo YJOfftbf fttob4 6Atb olc a DA5At6' id a]C- 

^eAr^ : A5Ur f UAC 4 rop TDO 5fi:8C6A. 

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^^CAD 4 ^ ^M"> ^ef r- 

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tOTDt>of3ceAft A uftDAfJ 4» bpeACA6. 

7 <8o tda6 5AD A.lckèce : a^v^ 5AbÀ6 b>ffDe otU A 

01F13- ■ • 

8 U|o6 A cUd DA DbìUgcbAtb: A^ttf A beAD DA 


9 ÌC^vf bfo6 A cUd 4 rgcfie^D bo gD^c, A^ur A5 
^At|tvf6 bèf fice : T A5A t<vt^'«?6 Af da b^fcf b UA.tSDSCA. 

10 (SUca6 f eAft DA bf I AC ad Tbèfb AC^ Alje : T 
«peACA]b}f cot5Cfttct6 a fAOCAìj. 


11 QCl^ bjo& ^v bMoe bo f]D|:e^6 0|i)eAC 611156 : 
Ajttf 1)^ b]o6 A09 bo c^if b§i)A6 cftocAtjie b^ òloi^ 

5^X0 ACAfft. 

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Ojle fCfl]OrC4t]t A1DAC A AIDTI). 

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eA|ii>A : Asvf D^ei fC|t]0fP4 atdaò cfODCA 4^ tb^c^. 
14? Ujbìf bo UcAfii ^t) XjgeAtti)^ bo' Jd^c : 30 
t^seAitiA fè ^njM A ccr]Tb!?e boi) cAUib ; 

15 X>o b]tì5, t)^|t cì?ibi>15 f è cfDèttl bf otUiftttAÒ : 
ACb 50 DbeAtiD^ A]DleADib'v?D Ai]i ad bMDe 0006- 
baA]6eA|tcA, |obttf 50 ii)>r^f eA6 f è ad bìfoe c>rp- 
feAc A ccfto]6e. 

16 <nA|tbo 5rt^6\?5 fè eAf5AiDe, Asvf cf^eA^f 
il : t!)A]i DAC |tA]b b^ A]5e, a ii)beA5tt5A6j. b^o6 fjir 
A b|:Ab rA6. 

17 ^Aft bèAbttfJ fè è i?è]D lè bSfCAjDe iDAft a- 
crlA]6 : in)C]5eA6 f ]d n^Afi a tt]f 50 a fceAC ]opA 
fboA^òD, A^rf tt)A|t oIa ad a cD^^ib'^. . , 

18 IJ]o6 ffD Ai5e 1^-4 a d^^^c lè a bfoWSeAp ^ 
|:è1D : 1 »04 cftiof lè A ccjv^oxliiSiV ^ V^]V *><> 5^^** 

19 00 n)t bè fo lttA]6gcc roeAf ccAffiAb 6p X^J-^ 
S|ti2 : T DA bfiMD^è doc Ubftrf olc a DA5A16 idadiqa.. 

20 ?tòc crf A, A Ìf A 1D0 S>f5gftDA, oibfifj IsiDf'V 
4 f OD ctÌDtDA : bo bfif'Tj ^wii IDAIC bo CftècAiite^ , 

21 ^AOit TDè, 5|ft ff brAi^eAftcA §f&^6§c id6 : T 
Ac^ TDO cfto]6e cfieAcbD>«5ce iodaid a f Cfg.. j 

22 WcafiD 4 DltDcgcc TD4 AD f cA.]le ad cad cIajOD* 

Af : ACa]lD 4 IDO C]t0CA6 Af TDAft AD IScrfc. 

23 ?ica]b tDO gl^De Ia5 c]tè cftof5A6 : A^rf Ac4k 
fDf jeofl CftttAj 5AD tbèAèrf . 

24 %5ttf AC^fiD ATDfCAbAilbdiBffOD: ADr^bo^- 
èfb^'tbft cftofcfb A 5ceAb. 

25 £ÀftcAi5 tDè, 6 A itf^eAftDA iDo 3bf a : f AOff 
iDè bo ftèfit bo cftdcAffte. 

26 .0obttf 50 tDbf A A ffOf ACA jttit bf fo bo lAib*- 
fA: STftcitfA, A tfSeAftDA, bo ftfbe è. 

27 <!lAUui5bff f fOD, Acb bgb^fSTt • ^ ^^^ ^tì^Sl^*. 
clA0f6cf 0]t lAb : Acc b|DA6 bo. f ef ]tbff gcf A IttAC-^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

M 31« »SUy^^. Ah xxiii. L& 

»1$^ìr 1^^ F^IV l^è cUoi6\da|i bv6 U ^ aUr^n^- 

29 ^olf^^ ii}6 Ai> ^t^eAfti)^ lèfp bèul 50 ii>6fi : x 
-^^ "iSfS tO"J<^^ bc^-oiije ri)otp«^r ti)è è. 

30 &]fi rSfF'*^ ffr ^ 1^1* ^*ir ^ WtfteAfbttfJr 
bj^ f aO|ia6 vAÌAf A9 boc bo 6^]n79edcA6 ^ adah}. 

P^cx. DmtDomnus. 

tt babAtTir AD ItS^^^iJ^ lèrt) t|5e<i|tirA.: fxSfj g 
iDO UfTÌ? 6eff, 50 v^^V^ ti)fe cercol boc o^tflJbfB- 
CttlD bo cof. 

2 £atftf?e A9 XfJeAftDA fUc^bo Dftt]*c^")AÒ Af 
jSfOD - bè^D ciAccAft^D^cb 4k iDeA66D bo d^ida^. 

8' Sf Arfb bo 6A0f De lt6 f ODtD^t^ a l6 bo curi)ACbA, 
A fS^t") DAOii)C4kC^A 6 bftofD i>A iDAfbpe: bfAftìr- 
4(5<^bf A bftcicc t6f5ei 

4 ^ mfODttf J At} 3tt5eAfti)A, A5Uf Df bf^]6 Atc-' 
IteACvr 4fft : ^f f ASAftc cttf a 50 f |0ftiYf6, bo fièfft 
ttfftb ^elctfebec; 

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A 16 A f efttse. 

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èA6AC, A5 lfoDA6 A tyrXe ;8ifce lè coftpufb n)AftbA : 
A5 lòc DA cceAD 6f ctoo cffte ri)6ftte. 

7 Jfobvf6 fè beoò Af ad cfftuc 4 a ft6b : Aft a . 
1^^6b4rotD r6t5f:.e f ft. f wAf a òjd. 

Pd..CXL Confitebor tibL.. 
<I1oIai6 Af) ^tìJeAftOA. ^olfTA Tt)'f f f AD ^LtS^flDA « 

]tèTD Cfiof6e forDUD : ^ ccon)6Aflr.DA Obfftgc, A^ufv 

ADf A CCOftÌ)tfODdi^- 

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b| Dafle 6we r A5 a bfrìrl bvfl ^odca. 

^ ^f ^l^lt^j A5af frbAiceATÌ)lACb a obAtft: A^up 
feAfVf6 A f fft&ADCACb cof6ce. 

4 X>o cttf jt f è A toDSADCACA q- cuf rt)De : Aciv ad^ 
^lS«^tii>^ 5Ti^f ATÌ)Vfl A5Vf Ud bo cftuAfte. 

5? tv5 f è bf a6 bOD Ivcc 4 a bfj'^l a .gjjlA i Ofii)-*- 
Die6cv|6 fè A. cODftA6 50 Kft^c.. 

Digitized by VjOOQ lC 

An xxiii Ld. ^U 9&%3%<n. 44$ 

6 Do cA|f bè|i);f è cufb^ccA j^, o^bYisc^ b^ 6ao.ii)« 
jb : bo c^^b^tfic 0|5fieA.cbA i)a psejoceAb 65^. 

7^ifil5e A5^r b|ieiceATi|Li>uf .A n^b 0|b]ieACA ^ . 
laii) : ACÀ^b A A]ceAOCA ujle co|05rollAC. 
. 8 ?lcAib A|i t^A fttJ5|tt5Atii 50 bjijjtc : ttUAii) a 
bpifiiSe T A cceA|ic.. 

* 9 Do cr||i fè f ttAfsUò cttii) A'I^AOtpe, bAttttj.fè 
go f fo||i.^6e A'CopTiA^ : tf DAomcA T oi)6|iac a tt|Tjn>. 

10 ?t fè eAjÌA Xiè cof-AC i)A b©A5i)A : tr 'O'^IC 
-Ai) cu]5fe Ac^ ACAfAT) -mle* bo p| A ^fCeAlJCA ; 
ti7Aiiii5 A ti)oIa6,5o bft^c. 

'Pb. cxii. Beatut'vir, 

<f1olA.t6-AJ) 3ii5eA|ii)A. .3ff 'fotjA ai) bYftje a] (t * 
'bp^il eA^lA Ai) 25»f5eA|it)A : ^^a bf vl bùtl to^A Atc- 
eAi)CA]b 50 ]t5 ri)6|i. 

2 ISu6 cuTÌ)ACCAC 4 ^O ccaIatì) a fltocc: b]A]b 
StDeAUc A i)fi>èfD b§5u|S. 

3 ^ca fAt6b|ttOf A^uftmAOti) ta#Act5: T feAf- 

jpY]6 A f]]fèAl)CACb30 b|t^c. 

4 4ltft5]6 foluf bOD bT^otDS 6]]tt5 f ad 6o|tcAbAf'; 

bOD 5]l-2lfATbl?l,«C]tOCA]]teAC, A^Uf f ]]tèuDCA. 

5 ^ic^ AD brtDe ii)A]C 5]t^f ATbrtl, ^ ^tttlgccAC-: 
-ceAi)f 6ÒAt6 f è A b]ttAC]tA U b]te|ceAii)DYf . 

6 tì)|]t Di co]ti6ccA]t è co]6ce : b]A]6 ai) f t]tèuD 
^ 5Cutri)De.fjo]]ir]6e. 

7 0(1] b]A]6 g^lA 4 ]tO]me 6]totcfcèuWb : ac^ a 
-C]tO]6e b]oi25ri)ÀlcA, A5 cr]t a ^6ccMf f ad S.f5gjtij. 

8 ?4c:iv A C]tQ]6e bfOD^ri^^lcA, Df btA]6 eA^U q : 
DO 50 bf AtC]6 A ri)tAD 4 Iròr a buAt6eA]tCA. 

9 Do fp]tè]6 fè, cr5 fè boDA boccAtb : mqtS ^ 
.ftftèADCACb 50 ffO]]tr]6e; biA]6 a ^v6A]tc A]t da 

1)^ftbu5A6 lè 5l6]]t. 

.10 it]]?e Ai) peACAC t^D, A^ttf btAt6 feA]t5^ : bo 
8èADA fè 5]Of54ii) ]tè DA f ]Aclu]b, A^wf letsfc fè: 
.iDe|Cfe iDtAD AD pgCA]6. 

Ps. cxiii. Lmtdabe, pueri 
<t1olut6 -*D Xt5eA]tDA. ^olttt6 ad 2Li5èA]tDA, 6 
^h^ A~fe]]tb^feACA : iDoltt]6 U]nn) ad StseAftDA. 

Digitized by VjOOfflC 

M SKfC 9iStUX<rt. Jn xxiii. Là. 

2 IttAtS tCt^tti AP £f5eAtti)4 beA$vt3 : 6 uagR 

Aì> £i3e4tii)A ii)ou:a. 

4 Jlf ^|i5 df cto5 A D'wle ctDeAÒAC ai> 2bf5g|ii)A s 
6f cto9 ^A DeAti) ACA A sldiii. 

5 £t^ AC^ cofrijutl tiè 4 c£t5^A]tDA 3^f*, wc 
lt|ibrtSeAf è t^ètD A i)«i|ctieAb : poc ùìòlatjtof è 
fh^ì) bf ècnto ADf i}A i>eAii)ttt^ 1 Apf a caUiì) ? 

6 OtÌoc c^^bttf f uAf Ai) bocc Af AD lvA]C|ieA6 r 
t\(bY}x^of AD cut)te4ifbAC 6 DAO|leAC ; 

7 4KwD A f Mjce A bfocAiti ^tttODfttt^^ • -^ bfrocg 
ptHODfotSe A po|)Atl* 

8 9Ìoc bo betti 4 tbDAOt AtiDttlb i^^z\ieAh f ad 
ctj : DA idAc^ lttAC5^||it5 clotD©» ^oWòfe ad XtJ- 

Ps. CZÌT. J» ^jrt/tt /jrroeZ. 

tÌD CAD bo cv4it6 *3ff fiAel ATDAc 5 D^^ll^c : ct5 

^ACob 6 DA bAOIDtb bAfibAtiCA. 

2 JDo k) A DAOiDCACb AD «9ubAl) : A D^f)tAel a 


S JDo coDAttic AD »b'>^?i KT), Ajuf bo cetc : btoiD- 
?0|S ri^**^ -J^otibAD ^ A Atf. 

4 3Do l]D5eAbA|i da f lè]bce ATt)Atl ttetceAÒ : da 
<DOtC IDAti 65A AD C]ièAbA. 

5 £,^èb bA C]ODCAc leAC, o À ibuttt, Af 4 cefc 
zh : crf A a Jo]ibAD, Af 4 f |U cv a]ì l)Aif ? 

6 Stb]| A flè]bce Af 4 ltD5ebA]]i atda]! ^e^t^Ò ; 

tjbtl A ÒDOCA, IDAtÌ 55A AD CfièAbA ? 

7 itti|ofcD'^6, CVf A A èAlAtib, A lAcfi| AD ^LiggttD ' 
A lACAtti X)è ^Acob ; 

8 adoc toiDpotJeAf AD CAtttA]c A loc4^D Vf5e : 
AD clojccetDe a cctobtiA]b tt]f5eA6. 

Ps. cxv. Nonnobis, Domne^ 
9(1] b-vfDe, ò A ÌtSStiDA, Df b-^be, acc bob tCfDrD 

f ètD CAbAtfi sldtft : 4 f OD bo cfidcAttte, T cf |tt]De. 
2 £|tèb f^ DAtbed|iAtb]f da setDce : /t^c a 

Dotr A b|!ìfl A DDt<^^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

jin xKui Ld. m% V&Um"^: 44.5 

t)f8 bob ^t'''' ^^ir ^<> M^^ V^- 

4 .3ff ^t^'^ 1 ^ì^ ^ Djori)^J3ce : obg l^trbe b'vyjje. 

5 ?tc^ bèrl ACA, ^5*^r ^f lAbftu]b : AC^^b f ^le 
ACA, T i)ì f Atciò i^Ab. 

6 %CA|b eluAf A ACA, T i)t cltttDfb : acA f|tòi) 
ACA, A^vf i)| bolci)rtT5tb, 

7 tCcAtb lAmA ACA, T 1)1 n)oc>i3tb ; Ac^t^ cofA 
ACA, T pj t|ublMb : i)| Ubti>'?6 t|Ab lè da fco|iD>'ià* ' 

8 ?if coftbvfl |ttv AD lucc bo Dt t^^ *• ^ D>ìl« 6>iDe 

CUtttt^r * ^^IS tODCA. . 

9 >& -Jriw^^U c>?tif t bo 8òt5 ADf A Xf^eAttDA : tf 
etttoD A bfeAti c^t^c4iU T a f5tAc. 

10 <& A ct3 ^AJtotDj c>f|tt6ti brfi Dbdt3 ADt^ 
I»f3^A|iDA : tr ^t1ì<^^ ^ bfeA|t c^t^cAU T a fStAC. 

11 ^jbtf Doc 4 ^ ^l^^l §5^ AD 2Lt3eAttDA, c\?ftt6 
butt Db6f3 ADf A £t3eA|tDA : if eff toD a bf eAjt c^tt- 
c^Ia A^Uf A f3tAC, 

12 ÌLx) Xt34gttDA Doc bo cutri)Dt6 tD> beAD6cut6 
f è tD : beADOCttt^ fè cts .3ff jtAel, bgD6crf6 fè ctg 


13 l$eAD6cut6 fè ad lucc A^t a btJVfl ca^Ia ad 
Ef^eAttDA : AD beA3 D^AfUe tttr ^^ iDOft. 

14 <flètbeòcA AD 2tt5®AttDA |tb : ,^b t^èfD A^uf butt 

15 S^ beADUts ftb od cifseAitDA : doò bo fttD^ 
DeAri) A.5uf cAÌAri). 

16 -Jf letf AD cSt3§T^DA DeAri)A da DeAri) : A^rf 
Ctt5 fè AD CAÌAri) bo clotD Da DbAOfDe. 

17 tA] tboltttb DA TDAtttb AD^f5^^^DA: i)6ad 
Ittcc cètb f fof A DrAt5Dtof . 

18 ^cc beAD6cAtiDDe ad XtseAtiDA : 6 DUAttin 
f ttAf, A^ttf 50 bftÀC. <!1olrt6f t AD ZbfJeAttDA. 

Ps. cx?i. Dilexiy quofàam, 
JX ]omn]V l]on} AD aLfgeAttDA ; bo bfttj; 50 
CCltttD fè TDO 5itc AD iDAccùtD5tb ; 

2 X)o bttfj 5tttt òIaod fè A èffbeACb òtt^AH) r 
gAtnF^ ^^ 'iA V^^ ^^ beACA. * 
2 P 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

iM ÙM. l?«tCjnC<f1; Jn xxìv. Là. 

5 IDo t^^bA^ ^I^SYor^ ^V ^^ir ^^ t\n^àio\l : 

4 ^tt)54^|t A^Sttf bob|tdi) bo f ttAfti inè ; Asaf'b© 
^l^tn «>è 4 fttDiV AD 3t'tSeA|io<^ : A3 iU6, * 4^ Ìfs- 
eA^i)<tj S^^l^frt) tuy f Aon to^^DATi). 

* '^f 5n^r'**Ml AD ÌtS«'Al*i)A5 1 ir trftiftrijCA ^ 
A^rf Aclai 4 i)3D|Aoe l«ii) bo cfiitAYse. 

6 iCvit)br|J 40 XfJeAiiDA oa bAOtoe ri^^P^lS^^ 
bo MrMs^A^ ^y ^'S^V *o f^ofi f è ti)è. 

7 JJotDf ot5> è TDADAtt), crrt) bo fttA]TÌ)i)Sf a : 5iit 
bo f ftf c Ai) aLiJeAtiDA 50 c|o6ÌAtcieAC ofic. 

8 JDo bttfj srfi fAOti cù idadaid 6 b^f : mo 
f vle 6 òeòitutb, tDO cof 6 fCiotftAÒ. 

9 SfrbolAb Afi iDAjAib df co|De ad XfgeAttD^-: 
A ccaIaiì) da iDbed. 

10 l>o Cfietb iD^9 uitDe ftD bo UttAtt% tD& ; bo 
b| iDft brAtbOAtiCA 50 bADiD^ : A brbtiAf ad ido 
be|CD|Of, %c^ A Dr|le SutDe b|ièA5AC. 

1 1 £|t6b AD lttA|6eACb*bo bèAtt Af nyè bOD £15« 

eAtU>A : '4 rOO A CAbAfiCAr ^AIÌ) f 

12 0eAbA iDè CHf>4vD AD cfUDtt|5ce : *i 50|ttf §b 
^ fitDID AD XfJeAtlDA. 

18 4!iO|tDlfoDf A iD^ iDO tDòfbe boD SfSstH?? ADotr 
^r cotfte A 6AO|De ttile : tr TDdttlrAis a bf t^SD^r^ 
AD £|5eA|tDA bA-r A DAori). 

14 «t tf5§t^DA, 50 be|tD|D tr iD^ bo f^tttbtrsc : 
.fr iDè ^o f et|tbf f eAC A^uf tdac c|Dtlce: bo fSAOtl 

tà vjo ètttbftijie. 

15 .9f bu|ctt bo 6èADAf iDè fo6bAttèA ad ibolcA : 

^'S^r '4 *1^«> ^^ IfSeAttDA Sofltf |Of tDè. 

16 DfolfA iDè 1D0 iDdfbe f^lf ^V cttJeAtiDA, 
ADOir ^r cofbe A pobAfl rfle : A cc^|tctb cfje ad 
X|5SttD4k, a9 bo tDeA6òDA, a i9e|irrAleiD. ^olr|6 
AD ifseAtiDA. 

Ps. CXTÌL Laudaie^ Domimm' 

<nolrt6 AD tfseAtiDA, t!^ * cti^A^ACA rfle: 
tDolu|6 è, ribfl A r|le 6AOfDe. 

2 <&tti,tr criDAcbAC A c|t5cAt|te ofiviDe : t ^x^ 
rlWDe AD ^tSoAttDA 30 b|iì^iu molm6 A9 ^MSSI*?' 


Pfl. cxvm. Cor^fUemim DomÌM, 

2 tib|iAd ^f jiAel Aijo^f : 30 bfvtl 41 èftòcqe 50 

S tCbftAÒ Ai)0|f cjS tÌA]iOii) : 50 bfrjl a è|i5cqè 
50 flOT|tr]de. 

4 fib|iA]b|f Ai) bitgit) lè|t beAjAÌ ai) 2L]3g]tOA : 
30 bfttfl A cft6cAt|ie 30 f tonttt]6e. 

5 ttnj A,OACAtri bo J^ Tt)6 4 Ai) «EìJeA]ti)A : ^j 
»0 f|teA3A]it Ai) £i3§]tOA, T ba èutit 4 |tè]cg6 mè. 

6 %c^ Ai) i]3eA]ti)A 4 11)0 f ot)f A : v^ b]A eAsU 
0jtuiD c|tèb 6èAi)Af btt]i)e ]t]Oii). 

7 tic* Ai) E] JeA]ti)A 4 iw f ot)f A^ A TDeÀfo Ivct 
fDfr]tcAcbA : A^uf bo òff enjè njo fV|Àp 4 ^^ ^*^^^ 

fUACtt]§]Of 11>è.. 

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bd|3 bo ctt]t A i)bttti)^» 

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b6i5 bo*dw]t A b]i|ttodfA6tttb. 

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fi^ ccttAT|tt Aii|'Ctt9è]oU: A^pfttOTt) At) 7L]^e^^ì)A 
1?^r TSnioff Ab tAb. . 

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41)A Ti)ttÒA6 11)4 ceiDe i)A'i)b]tO]§eAO : 6]]t a i)^ii)n) 
AD X]3eAttDA f 3]il0f l^Ab ]Ab. 

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ccv]Cf]D 5 Acc btt6 è AD 3&f3$]ti>A mpiV' fvì*^^** 

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'ASVf AC«^ 6AtDf A. DA f UduJaò. 

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^ cctSctb DA bfiitèvD : bo d] U»i) 6eAf ad ^làsinr 


16 ftc4t Utb 6eAf AD X|3eA]tDA^ A]t da b^l^^* 
A^ : bo Df ^^ 6èAf AD iÌ]3eA]tDA cftd6ACc» 

17 ai] btrtt|3]0b b^f, AÒc iD^]]»tnM^ '*^S'*T1^^1*^ 
f66Ò4^ ofbiieACA A9 X^fSe^^iDA.^ 


448 OttC VBUn:^. An xxiv. Là. 

18 DcvftDA^cr^J Ai) £f$eATt94^ iDè 30 njfeit: acc 
Djo|t coi|ib||t fè boi) b^f fi)è. 

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|tACAb A fCeAC ^OPCA, A^Uf IDOlf Ab AO 2bJ5eA|l17A. 

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f ]ft6to A fceAÒ aS. 

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50 T^Abv^f bAii) iUA|t f Uuu5a6. 

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l>bèAO<^fl) DA ceAÒ f ^Ò 3cvAli)e. 

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è Ap A|t f iplibDe. 

24 i3fè fo A!) Ià bo |t|pe Ai) £ì5eA|ti)A : bfoti) 
lttAC5^1|teAC» A5uf bèAPAfi) ^tit^^e^Cttf a^. 

• 25 ^oo^f ACCvtOjiiDCÙ, 6 A ìì5!^T*')A • cAfifcATà, 
Atcv|D5|iD cu, 6 A £ì5eA|tDA, fO||tbf5 ADoif. 

26 Jf beAD>75 AD cè c|5 a DttiDiD AD 2ù|5$iiDA s 
beADttl5n)]b f |b 6 ct5 ad aùJseAitDA. 

27 ;Jfè DlA AD liseAftDA, A^vf cr^ fè folvf 
6uiDe : ceAD5U|6 a D]o6bAtTic |t& cèubvtb^ bo 
COTftV|b DA bAlcòftA. 

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iJbtAy A5Uf ^tì^^e^^Ab Ctt. 

29 <nolttt6 AD 3t]5eA|tDA, òtft if ida]C è : ò\\i 
Aca A C|tdCA]Tte 50 bft^c. 

Pb. odx. Seati immaculatL ' 

HX beADtt]5 AD bftoD5 ac^ ]oidI^D ^ flfSft : Doc 
ftciblAf A Dblf5e<^6 ad Ì]5eAftDA. 

2 §9eADAt5 AD Ivòc cofiD'èAbAf AffA^Du^fS^A : 
1A]]tAf è lè C]t0|6e totDJl^D* 
< 3 ^flAft AD 5CèAbDA Df 6èADAtb èAD olc: ffublxfb 
fOD* f Màcibi 

4 bUfCfDCtt CAfceADCAbo coDSrb^fl : SO 51*lO0* 

5 (&, DAC bf rflfb ido flfsce a|ì da D6f]t]V5A6 : 
crn) tìo iteACCA bo cofrb&Ab ! 

6 ^ì) f f 1) x)\ b]A D^]]te OjtttiD : a DYA]ft f èucf Ab 
^oc AfceADCAfbfe ttfle. 



jsk mi. u^ ^ insvam: 44» 

7 ^olf Ab cttf A lè &fo$fittif è|to|8e : m cai) ba 

8 £otiÌ7|bfAb bo ]teACCA:'5^ t>^ ci%èt3 tn^ 30^ 

' Al^fièb lièt^sUnFA bYtije 65 ^ fUS^' |iè Betc 
A]T^eAC bo |ièt]t bo b]tt«cAJt|if7. 

9 Mè ti)o è^iot&e ifixv^\rf bo lo]isr]T» iDè èft : t>4^^ 
crf]i ^ feAcjtko 6b A]ceA9C4^f6 f^. 

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x^t bpeACttfst^ Ab 4fcS*]6. 

4 if be^ttti ^à, d A ì]SèA]ii)A : c^Ag^tfS ^"? 
bo ]ieAccA. 

5 ll^ ti)o ptttf ti^t'^ bo coi^A]]i tt)è ? bfietce4iii)9Vf 
bo bè]l Ytle. 

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a9 a Dvtle f A|6b]t]0f- 

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f èoc]?Ab s^c^ S^^T* 4 ^^ f Ms^lb. 

8 0Ucf Ab AOtbi)eAf ad bo ]t^ACbA]b : i)| 8j]i^ 
f9db|rAb")K) b]i]AC]iA. 

Retriòtte servo tuo, 

£tttctS lè^ bo fetfibffeAC : ^o iDAt]ttS »9^ -^JYf' 
G0trì)èAbt?Ab bo Dttt^c;]tA. 

* •fbfS»ll ")o f>tle: ASttf bo ct|r|]ce too- 
SAPCACA Af bo bl'tsctb. 

3 Jff co]scftfaè Tt)è Atft AO* ccaIaiì): t)<^ 1?olvt5 

'CA]CeA1)CA 0]tttlD.. 

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bf e]ceAii)Dvf s^c tttle ttA]ft. 

5 Do ]fi)8ec^]ts cii ad cvAfbftgò : AC&fb ii)aU>9^ 

1)00 bO Df feACftAl^Òb AtCOADCAfbff. 

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• bo cotti)èAb iD^ c]:tA8DtttfeA8. 

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Att) AtA]8: bo 8èAD^ ^o fefftbffeAC fcvfbèttft Ab 

8 •Wf trfAb c]if AdDttlf«A8 tDAOtbDe*f : »AofD» 
iDO doiDAf ]iW» 

2 P 2. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

450 9|t( VBUSK^. Jnxxr. IM. 

VeA0A]6 niADAH) boo lrAtc|v&A6 : be65a^6 19& 
bo itètl^ bo bfiiAC4^|ft. 

2 JDo òoibAiti iDè A |itr n)0 fMsc^y '^Sur ^ 
òuaU cu ii)è : ce^s^kirs bo Yte^ccA ^Ati?. 

3 £Ab4t]i Ofturt) flfsce C4|ceA9CA bo ca|5f|0 : 1 
bo 6èAPAb rn^oAf t}eA6 Ab ioo3A!>cAfb. 

4 ?4c^ tDAPAtD A5 |ileA6 lè bojljiof : t)eA|iCìr5 

ffOè bO |ièt|i tiO bfif ACA1|Ì. 

6 tCtfii^ VAfit) rl'fje DA Deiibf ffif^e : l aoijc^ 
50 5|iÀtAtt)ii|l 6Aib bo 6lf5eA6. 

6 ^o C05 ti)è flfse 9A f Ififpe : bo dv|fi it>è bo 
bfiefteAitjt>rff df tt)o còf9e. 

7 Do SfieAiOttfS it|è boc fiASt)MH6 "• ^ ^ ^-tSSW* 
V^ D«^inf5 ")^- 

8 &]Cf f ob A f IfSqb CAiceApcA : ti)Afi f A]fif e5t)* 
5Af fi 11)0 cfiO)6e. 

d>isunt(^6 aifc <ntcjD9iie. 


^eA5Aff5 6Att), 6 A tìS^AfiDA, f Ifse bo |t£ccA: 
cofti)èAbf Ab \ 50 bfiÀc. 

2 ^Ab^cuff^e 6Ari), T cofmèAbfrAb bo 6l|5eA6 : 
^ cofiòltoDf Ab è \h tt)o cftof6e |oidIài). 

5 ]^bq 0|tAtt> f^vbAl A CCAfÀD CAfCeADCA6 : dffi 

ir ^^ n^ ^^^ ^o 6>fl. 

4 £Iaod ido Cfi0f6e cutD cf f A5D>^feA6 : Asvf Df 
crtD f AfDce. 

5 ^Ab^ ^ iDo f^lfb 5AbÀfl feACA 6 6fotbAOfD^f 
bfAfCffD : be65ttf6 Ti)è ad bo flfse. 

6 iDAiD5Df6 bo bfif AC4 boc fe|ftb|fgc ; q a bfì?l 

7 -Jon)f>o|5 vAiiD tDO*f CADAfl, Doc ]f s5aI IfoiD : 
6f|i f f iDAft bo bfiefceAtbDv^f. 

8 J^hrcy bo bf froD a^aid ad CAf cgDCAf b : beoj- 
A^6 ti^ AD cf:jftèADCAÒc. 

Et vemat tvper nte. 
SfSbff f df bo cfi5cAf|tèA6A cvsAiDf a, 6 a tfj- 
eAfiDA : t>o fUDtt3A6^ bo ftèffi bo bjtjACAf ft. 


Jn XZY. Là. Odtl »SU:t%^. 451 

2 tCjttf f Yt$56fi;4 mè^ itocaV h}t^o\i rtfù iotjitjce : 
4^c^ mo 8d]5 4^0 bo b]ttACA|t. 

3 ttjvf i)A be]ti Af ipo bèrl foc^l oa 1?||t1$e 50 
ì}]on)U^V: 5tti bo ^e^c njè 4 bo btie|ceAii)i)VfA]bli. 

4 ttsttf cotrbèAbfAb bo òl^seAb a ccòrijiju^^ : 
50 bfiÀc 45uf cotbce. 

5 tisvf fiubòUb SOfAHtfio^: otit bp lott5f]jt 
ii>è bAtce^pcA. 

6 tC^uf Utbeò|tAb 4 Cf t^iòoutn jtbft^ ^ UcAttt 
1*ì<^5 • ^S^r T)t bi^ò i>attte ottuii), 

7 tC^vf bt^^t^ b^-^l A5Afi) fèto Ao t^)ie^f)ZA]h i 
voc bo 5tt^8ttt5 foè. 

8 tt^ttf CÒt5t?tOb f ttAf T1)0 UlTJA OVtl) CAtCeADCA, 

i)oc bo 5lt^6vt5 ii)è : A^vf bo 6èAi)Ab f n)VAt!)eA6 
AO bo |ieACCA|b. 

Memor esto tervi tm, 

Si^\^0\t ^^ btttACAtt boc fetttbtfeAC : ooc 4 a 
cctt^Atf ottttn) n)0 6òccvf bo cvjt. 

2 ;Jf è f o Ti)t?tt1tCACc AÒ Ti)A!)Àc4 i o\if, bo beÒ5r 
At6 bo btttACAft Ti)è. 

3 Do CAttof f otseAbAtt oa bYAtb|tt5 iT)è 50 b^tOr 
lÒeAf AftÒA : 6& 6lj5e^6 ojoft cUoo Toè ; , 

4 Do cv|Tbot5 TOè bo b|tetce<iTÌ)Ott|f 60 cfeAOr 
AjiOfttS 6 A tiSeAttOA : T bo TÒetfOlS "J^ n>^ F^t')- 

5 Do S^b AO CttAcb^f 5ttetT0 61010 '- ^tt foo oa 
jctoocAC ooc bo C|tèt5 bo tteACc. 

6 Do b^bAtt bo |teACCA oa z^^r)Z]C^ A5A10 : 4 
cct5 Tootltcfttse. 

7 Do cvtròotStof ctCtOTO f ao Oot6ce, 6 a t^5- 
e^ttOA : A^vf cotròèAbfTAb bo 6l|5eA6. 

8 /vA^tt loè f o : ìio bjttS 5ttit co|ii)ltoo TOè bo 

Portio mea, Domne, 

l$X cvf A 100 coii>tiot6, à ^ tjseAttOA : bo SeAH 
T0& bo bfttACAtt òo cotn)l|OOA6. 

2 Do gttjb loè CA5At6 itèrt) tttle cftot6e: bèAO 
cfiòc^e Oftvro bo ftèttt bo bfttACAttt. 

3 Do TÌ)eAf loèioo fltjce : A^uf bo toiopQ.tS »0& 
ìOo cof A cvn) fct^t^à^^ir^^^^-** . 


43^ 8911 WenSW^ J^ uf . L£, 

5 Do fUbAb^ r^^Ì ^ jcfo^Wbè ii;è: VìO^' 
aMftHNkl^ i9è b^ 6tf$a4i6. 

6 t49f^T9e48òi|>of8ce ètfe^c^b boe f9oU6: bo - 
bfiìj bfie|ceAri)f>rr cf fftèAijc^cc^ 

T fU^x^ 4jn comf»4^9<0^ a; i^ aot) q 4( bfaf l 
ceA^U : 4^5af bo lacc coffbè^b^^ t^^^tfc^. 

g • 4^ &1SeAft1>A, ACH 4^1) C«l«t9 lt09C4> bOC CfiO* 

CAffte : ceA^Af f3 bo fte^^cb^i 6aiò. 

Binùiaiem fec&tL. 
, J)o ftf9* CY 50 t94^c lèb feAfvbf05A9Cttfg^ d^ ^' 
Sl^f56Aft9^t bO ftèfTt'bO 6fifAC4;vf|t. 

^ £eii5Aff5 ÒAii) CY|5fe rÒAfc, A^ttf e^vf ; oy^ 
bo cfte^b fi)è cAfceApcA. 

S fivfl bo boA^T^fseAd- Tt)è, bo coAfS iDè Afv. 
feACfteM) : A DOff cofmèAbatm bo b]t|ACAft. 

4 ^f iDAfc CÌ34. A^ttf bo 9r ca.iDAiC'-r-cg5Aff5 bo 
fteACbA 6«i9. 

5 3Do òvit)AbAft i)Al)ttAibfif5 bftèA5 AnrAjAflS : 
|ifi c-ftof6e f otDlap coffDèAbff^l iDè CAfèeADCA. 

6 tCc^ A. 5Cftof 6e ftAiDAit iDAft iDèèaf : ac* tdo^ 
tòi\\à.^ bo 6lf5eA6. 

7 ^f tD<^fc 6Afbf A 5a|t bvAf6^eA6 TDè : fODVf - 
30 DbèADfV]D bò fteACCAfA bfòJluffD. 

8 l$x F^Afft 6Afl) blf5ei«6 bo bèfl : d^ da iDf lc« 
bdft Ajuf bAf |i5fob. 

■^^— ■ ' ■■■— — ^— — — ^M I < IW.— >— — PHfci 

3£rottf tueB' feeerunt me,. 
3Do ft]DeAbA|i bo Utì)a iDè, A^itf bo CY?DAb4 iDè r 
CAbAffix>55ff bATÌ), T bo 6§DfAb CAtscgDCA bf òSUpn). 

2 tÌD bfteAiD 4 ^ ^F'*?^ cg^lA, bèfb laAcg^^ftgc 
A Dtt^ bo^^òffiib iDè: dift bo bj ido 66(5 ad cfocAl. 

3 %f A|CDe 6ATb, 6 A £f5eAftDA, 30 b|;.a]lfb bo 
btiefc^ibDMf c^c: A^uf 5V|t a biffftfbe do 50|tco|J 
ta TD^. 

4s I0|o6 A DOf f bo cftdcAifte baiD ibeffDfu5À6 1 ba 
ftfrflt cf!ocÀ|l boc feiftbjfeAc.- 


Anwr.Là. 31% »StC«<n. 45S 

5 £|5e4i6 bo è]i6cAt]ie c^oètilcA casAti), ^opvf 
30 Ti)Ai|i|!]5 : 6i|t ifè bo 61^36^6 ipo Òujt. 

olc ojittit) 5At) ^6bA|t : bo 6èAi)f 4b f ii)aAt!)e4^6 Ad 

7 ^oìDpo|3e|i cu3ATDfA, ai) b|^oi)3 A]|t a bfxjl 
ceA^lAf A : T b^]i bA]CT)e cf ]A3i)tttfeA6A. 

8 i3jo6 T170 c|ioi6e h]ox)^rn'^\z^ a9 bo |teAccA].b i 
fODVf DAC cclA0]6f )3eA]t njè. 

DefecU anma mea. 
tCcA Ti)Ai)ATi) A3 Ti)e|]tcT)]V3A6 ÒVT1) bo fUpìfJce : 
bo bf Ti)o 66ccttf a5 bo b]t]ACA]t. 

2 «FA]ll]3]b TDO f^le c]tè bo bfttACA|t : A3 ]tW5j 

£^ bvA]]t bO bèA|IA]]t f tt]tCACb 6Ati) ? 

S 3S]o6 3Y]t bA coffb'^l fi)è fiè b>|bèal ADf a bjc^ 
»]3 : Dtojt 6eA|iTDA|b iDè bo ]tpACbAf a. 

4 £;a IfoD lAèce bo fe]|ib]f]3 : cSx 1>u4 bèA]tA]]t 
b|te]ceAibDVf 'a 943^^6 da b)to]D3e A]Dlst>Af m^ ? 

5 DoèoclAb4 da bvA]b]t]3 puiU AH) òo]Qe : doò 
DAC ttA]b bo |tè]]t bo 6lt3ef t- 

6 ^CÀ]b cA]ceADCAf A u]lè^ f ]]t]DeAC : A]Dlsi)Ab 
TDè 30 b^A3c6]]teAC ; cv]b]3f] 1]Otd. 

7 Jff beA3 DA]t cDA0]6eAbA]t n)è 4^^ ccaIaiì) t 

V]0\i Cflè]3 IDè CA]CeADCAfA. 

8 «eo5v]6 TDè bo ]tèt]t bo citècqe- : t coiTb|bf4^ 
iDè b|te]ceATbOtt]f bo bètU 

In atemum^ Domìne^ 
. 00 ftotftutèe, 6 A ttS^-^TtDA : ac^ bo bfi]AC4 4 
DA 6AtD3D]tt3A6 AbfDA DeATbv]b. 

2 00 5tDeAlAC A3vf 30 3tDeAlAC ac^ cf ftttbe : 
bo 6AtD30t3 CttAD caIatd, A^vf feAfA]6 fè. 

3 Ìo ttè]]t cotibtttjce feAfV]b a DIV3: 6]]t ]]: 

4 ^ftttDA TDbe]6 3V]t hè bo 6l|3eA6 tDO tt6 CAtt-; 
.D^ATD : AD t;D bo ibe]Cf ]b ad tDO bvA]6]teA6. 

5 Qdf 6eA]ttD6bf Ab 30 b]tÀc CA]ceADCAf a : 6t]i 
1f le6 ftD bo beojvt^ cu tDè* 

6 ;Jf leACf A Ttjè^ c^t*ctt]3 iDè : 6]tt bjAtit tDè 



M4 Gl« »S9LSW^ j^xmi^Li^ 

7 S» M *9 ctoiieAc 4^5 bft4iè ^iiatt^ cMf loo 
i9|llce : lOMn^ mfe cfi4*irnre4^&A* 

a DO imtU lOHtl^tt^ too èoo^o n)è cjk^^i^vi^AS : 
AGC «lu ÌAiB9on 1*^ r<^t!W5* 
Qicomodb diiexi/ 

^ 1^0 6è^i)A Ctt Ti)]fi C]i]o94 6f C]o5 Ti)0 i^^rì^^kb) 
|ièb A]C0At)CA]B: 6tjt AC^]b ajaii? a ccorijDvtge. 
S Xa]5]ii> òj* c]o9 mo Vuèc ceA5A]f5 v]le : d|]t 

4 Xa]5tn> !)]or ft)dr 9«, 9«. t^f]t : bo bfi^ jHf* 

CO(fàp&Ab 19^ C4lf|Ce4bQC^f 4. 

5 JDo coi)5&«^6 mè mo eof 6 ^ai!^ 6ifiot<> flfse ^. 
ijOQbaf 50 ceofiìi^.bf of 9 cfocAt 

6 d)b b]te4ce4Jf)9Vf4|& i^Oft boAlni^ i9# £ dfpi tra 

. 7 £i|iè«> ^ f9]Ure bo |tli|6ce bai9 ÌAfibAfrs ^ftf 
#|Un »lb flwl boi9 hèr\ ì 

8 Òb 4]ceADCA]6 imAftt 196 Q»l5r^ r vfi^e f f9> 

Lucema pcdSm meit^ ^ 

tif Uc]t49 bOi9 cof 4t.6 bo 6]Y]AG4 : ^ folyf bor^- 


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e4i9i)vtr cp]]ièA9t4Cb4 bA èoosip-S^tU 

S Xk> bf i9è A]i 190 bti4>6tte46 50 bton)4]tCAC : 
bedjA]^ i9è, d A S»]5e4jt9<*, bò ttèfjt cfoc^fl. 

4* 0Ab vAtnr fo6b4C4 roc]to]6gè4 tno bètl, 5^6?- 
119 cd, 6 4 Ìf5eA|ti)4 : T ceA^A^rs *^''>' ^ bpetc* 

5 ttcA Ti)A9Ait) a9 T90 Ufn^ 00 S9^c : acc ^fojt 
6e;4]ti9A]b t9è bo 6M5eA6fA. 

6 Do ctttfteAb^ 9A |>$CA|6 ]JA]9c6Att Ati) cot^e : 
5|6eA6 91 6eACttf 4 feACtti^ 6b AtceA^cAtbft. 

7 Do 5IAC i9è i9Att ofJfteAÒc cf tA69utrere 5^ 
hft^bi dfft ]f rol*f boi9 c|tof6e fAb^ 


8 X)o cUoo Ti7$^ fi^O'Cfto0e crit) bo iteAÒCA bo , 

«FiiAtv|§t«) pt)uA]V^]ibe b^omAOftJe : ^^èc jtt^t^ 
xif^n) too iHtS^r^- 

2 ^f cvf A tntof>Ab f oivtgèe Ajvf fijo f ct^c : bo 
h^ it)o 66f5 A$ cpocAl. 

3 ^njct J|6 uAttt), f tbft ^ t«oc t>èAt>CA vjlc : '^ 
' co|it)èAbf Ab^ Atce^^CA 1170 £)è. 

4 Coo5*ut6 fUAf t9è bo ^èi|i bo ft|t7AtAf|t, A^vf 
i^A-ittfe ft?è : -Ajvf i*«tt)attt15 TDè t?t^ti? ^fttcttf . 

5 4oi)5b'^8 f ttAf ttjè, A^ttf bt At6 iDè ^ tjbjbeAt) 5 / 
-^S^r bwè tt)o 6tttl a9 bo tteACb^tb bo Jd^c. |I 

6 X)o f AlcAt]t ctt f jof 4.0 tìjètb bo cva|6 a tfjYJ;^^ 
6b tte^cb^b : 6^]^ 1f t>eftbf ftt|9e 4^ t)5Ai)5A|b. 

7 Setl^ttt VAtc tt)Att 6ttotòtì)tocAi a btnrtl ^o 
peACACtttb Atft At) ccAlAti).:' 4>a t>^6bA|ifoto 5|t^- 
6ttt5|tt) cf tA6i)tttfeA6A. 

8 £t*ioct)ttt6 tDt:eo|l ttè ceA^UfA: Ajvf Acà 
uAttiAO bo b|te|ceAtbi[)ttf ottttit), 


Xo jt^ie tDè ceAftc A^vf biieiceAtt)i;vf : ri^ cot|t- 
btti tt)è bo IttCb tno f4i^ftvi5ce. 

2 Ì5| A t)uttttt5vf Atft bo fetttb^ffeAÒ ctti^ HHtc- 
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èiititeADCA iDAOfbDeAf. 

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Cktmavi injoto corde meo, 

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xotibèAbfrA iDè bo tteACCA* 


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cd|b : AC^fb A bf Ab 5b 6lf j;ieA6* 

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5^1% fttis Ctt i^b 50 f ]onitt0e, 

Vide humlitatenu 
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bftefceAn)i)Vff f fftèAijcA 50 ffOfftttt^e. 

Principes persoctUi sunL 

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bo bf eA^U q Ti)o cftof6e ftèb bfifACAftfA. 

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tf '\ovò>vii\r>\\0n) bo 6lì5eA6. 

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Digitized b;^ VjOOQIC 

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e^ibliar tf Y|ièAQCAcbA. 

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6lf$eA8r4 : T Df oprl co4^ c^^iHlS^ ^ nAs^iS. 

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SH^^S r* l^b 50 ti6 194^. 

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dY|i Ac^ib 190 fMite a|le Ab UcA]fn* 
AppfcpntijMfft dept'tcùitOm 

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CAbAtti crt5ri 6ai9 bo |%ètii bo btttACAtti* 

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6|(tACAtti r^oti 19^. 

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car^ bo tiOAÒCA^ 6Af9. 

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trffièAOCACc cAtceA9CA vtle. 

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bo ttoS^to. 

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A^rr ir* ^o 6ltSeA6 nyAOtboe^r. 

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cntbtSeAÒ bo b|ietceAi99vr Itoio. 

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19^5^: lofiSAttibofet^btroAc; dttt 9fo|i 6stti9Atb 
i9è cAtceAOC^r^* 

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A5ur bo cr aU]6 r^ i9è. 

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6 ceA954i]6 9A cetl^e. 

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> ce954 9A cetl^e ? : roiS^e 5$fiA A9 camAcbAtj, 
i9Atlle jiè 5^forat5 ctiAtò -S^votpeti. 

4 ti i9Atti5 6Ai9r4, bo 9f coi99ttjSe A ^erec : 
30 ccoi99vtSli9 A cCtScfb SèòAtii. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

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5 Jf fAb^ bo (f mi^DÀm i)A cmb9v*i$«^^f 0^4 
Ai> cè : lè DAC t09maiT) f foccÀi9. 

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rio!) cofii 0054)6; 

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cc|OCf 4^ ino CAbAlt^. 

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i^Aib A^rf caUiì)* 

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A9 cè cotmèAbrf crf Ae 

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ì^t}nn)^r\l DA cobUS. 

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eÀt%94^ bo fCtAC q bo Utti) 6etf. 

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f A9 90t6ce. 

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cati9èAbt:A fè CA9At9« 

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bo cscc A fzeAÒ : 6 9^19^0 ai9ac *t 50 ftottioi^e. 

P8.CXZÌL Lcetatuitunu 

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Tièyt^^rti 50 cJS A9 3tf5eAti9A. 

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6 A Jetirf Alèt9. 

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4 9A cott9ceA95Al t9ce f 619 ifh cètle. 

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A9 tt5eAti9A : 50 f |A69Mti JfttAel, drt9 tC^t^A A9 
2Lf5eAti9A bo 190U6. 

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eAt99utf : CAtAottie tito^A if^e X)AtDi. 

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f f0cc^t9 90C Uti bt09ii)^9 cf. 

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A9\bo ^a^Uf Atb. 

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bèAfiAb A 9^f9 b|o6 f foccA.t9 topAb. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

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ÀfCjieAbAr ^9tv^ t7eAiì)V|6. 

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U^tbe 4^ n)Ai$i]Xi|ty 11)4 ACÀjb T^l&hÌA}i^yfft ^mm 
Uf^e A lO^Slftfi^r* • 1f «^4 Vì^ Ac4fb 4 r^lmtye^ 
drit) Ai) XfJsitQ 4 !)Di A, 30 ]iAib.r^ Sf^r*W5^ ^5*>* 

c|idcAtTie o|tat$ : d||i ACliii)M|b 9 4 nè^lf^)^ U 

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IMk ^1^^950 4C4^ 4^ prAtfin)644':i |iè «i^|Uittr9e v^ 
t)r4t6|teAC. .. ^ 

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^lfiQA lObOt^Ai^KfSèA^Arltl^ A« M0Mf|^At>4 

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3 tio ri9 ^ ^i'^Ff^fr 9* l^rirs^A^ 10 *• ^ 

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(frt464C : ^cA 40 Ifoo Afi OA B|itre46, T b)n)t|S- 
eAtOAtftoe r^^^' ' 

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Digitized by VjOOQIC 

d 4>|]% vf 6èAQ4^]6 fUc A0'èo|ibrt6 coib!)tt]8e 4 
è]tA9C4 ry^ b|?f|ièA!) : fopbuf i)ac ffDf ^b i)a tJfitètt) 
A lliii)A An>AÒ crti) co|Àtt^6. 

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A^ttf boo bf ]ieAC A cc)to0e. 

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rTted|tòca|6 ^19 XfJeAHDA ^a^ò lè Ittcc o|bfit5ce a 
Uèi5ce]|ic, 50 ]iAtb ffoccÀfp Ai|i^ntAèL 

Ps. GXXvL /» contier^eiido.. 

tt !)V1| bO àfj AD £f$S]tD4 b|tÀt5b]0DAf SfOD 4 
Atf : b^ cofitm]l id le|f a Db|totD5 bo cf6 A]fl]D5. 

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5j cceADSA ttè lyAtg^^tP^- 

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■fttD^ AD SfseAttDA Dejce xtiò\u>, 65^6. 

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rDAOfb IvAC^^t^^^^* 

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iDAft DA f ttoèAtb btt6 6eAf . 

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A5 CYt!^ A ffl: CfOCf A fè lè htAfcs^t!*^) A5 iaidc^ 
A pttDAD. 

Ps. cxzTÌL Nm Domxim. 

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AOtD*otbttt5tb AD Ittoc foiT*5^l51or^- 

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50 bfofDAOtD bo Dl AD feAtt cotibèAbA f Atfte^ 

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50 betttODAC, voc \b\ox AftliD ad boflStof a : iDAfi 
ftD bo 0èAttAt6 fè cobU6 bti f fo^t 5tiAi|6. 

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D^bftOD A lttAt6eACb. 

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Aiblttti n^ Ac4^ cUd !)a b^tS®* 

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Digitized by VjOOQIC 

408 aMif«9U««. >1PTOÌ,£4. 

Unbfob: 9f Mib cUot6tift4i|^«A«Ut6#9f»ifb U 


t[K)c f tvbUf to^A f MS^^t^ 

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^lttttS * 4 ^^^oSviEi bo tf tc ; 

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4^ cc|ii)ctoll bo Dot|ib. 

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A bpi^fl e^sU A9 t|JeAttt)4i. 

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c^t^t^ ^^ n)At^ ^^eftaf^len) otle Uèce bo bèAtA i 

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^f t^^JAbAtt bttAt6 ottrn). 

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bo f^ipeAbAft A Dtan)At|tt3e fAJo^. 

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Ijb A V^\Vn) AD XtseAitDA. * 

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o A St$eA|t9A, clvtD n>o^ s^c. 

Digitized by VjOOQ lC * 

9 «fbff ««► ^uAf^ ^è^t ò^nf Tfffè^ m S$T**1t?- 

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mj^ n^ M i^p Iròc f 4tfie ^ 4^ ii>A]bfi9k 
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AC^lb iijo f^fe 4 DA ccòjft^fl r^Ar. 

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A Deicfb fO05ADCACA tr ^lìt^^ vi rt)è.. 

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-Affi : fD4 le^DATD 4 ccors ^^ cic ac^ iDAt^ArDrA., 

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fO ATDAC, A3ttf 50 riO]ftYt6e. 

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. Ps. cxxxil,. Jiimon^^^ 2>o«ine» 

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«)o^c^' : tnl^ ^èf 3fiD^ r*^r * W lAAlrAfly c$f)nftie ;- 

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DV]5e bo t>^ cttrbAcbAÒ JIicod. 

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cU0Df4TD ffD r^ CinrD COf-fC^fi A €0^. 

/ Digitizedby VjOOQIC 

4M t»f(9S«UnC1t. jMTatmLLi. 

c» F^O, Agiir ttfiic bo D0]|tc. 

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bè|9btf bo OAOiib lvAC$l^]|ie. 

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A$4t6 ctt|]sà4it6. 

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9f rtUFefèvAbfto; 

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CAt^ottt jS\<ii^. 

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Ao 5C^bo4 50 f fotftitiSe 4f bo CACAOttt t^fos^i. 

. 14 ^tT^ ^ ^S ^^ ^lS^^t^V^ ^1^9 • ^^ ^^MS^ ^ 
fi|4ytt t09^^ r^lS^9 ^^ t^^ 

Ì5 tt fè fo 100 f aAttt)i)eAf 50 ffo|ti>f6e : Aofabo 
6è4^04b c6ii)0vtSe, 6|ii |?ttAtti tt)^ butl t9ce. 

16 I$e4^96c4b 4^ ii7A|ceAf A 30 biOiQAtiC^^ò : f ^tf^ 
edcnt^ ^^ A botcc lè b4|iAir. 

17 tt^uf ètbe6cat6 iDft a f AjAlltc ttè fU^oujAfi : 
t bo6èAi)4|b ^ vM]ih s^tt^e^^cuf ttè IVAcSt^ttte.. 

18 tt^ f 10 bo bèA|tf Ab Att AÒAtltc 3bÀ]bt f 4^f i- 
bo ottbutj ipè folvf boiD IftostAc. 

. 19 £]be6cAb a v^iwt^e ]tfr oÀtfte : acc bU]^^^ 
v|6 AÒ0tt6tDno!) H fètOi 

Ps. cmiii. Ecceqtumbanmm/ 
J^èrò c^t6e AO lòAtc T ao cAOtbogAf tJO : beAti- 
b|iAfCtie bo 6frAi)An) c^trHSe a i}è]Oloi)Ab atoAio. 

2 ^Ati AO beAsoU q AO sceAO) A5 cvtctin 4 ao 
bt?èaf6t5, fèaf65ftA]to]i).: ooòbocvAtb ffof 50- 
fctottCA A èAbV|6. 

3 ^t^ 6)ii^c J&ettfQOO : ooc c»tctOf A|ì f lè^bqb- 

4 *]]i tf Ao ttt) bo Atc]i) AO XfSoAtiOA bsovjA^ : 
OA boAtA 50 ffottiVtSe. 

* Pa. cxzxiy. Ecce nfific. 

J^èucy^Òey beA0Y5t6t{ ao XfseAttOA : H^ ^ f^lP^ 
b]f eAÒA AO £.f5eAttOA tt]le : 
2 Gdoc feAfAf A ccf5 Ap JufsgitpA: f 9A ì)0]6c\h^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

4 00 nA0«Sy^à49 S(f5e4|l9* fÀ4r B^pt iSlteÒr 
rijèeoiiv oiri?e Asvf caWn^xI' 

pB,abcxt. lAtùdtaenamn. 

<noltti6 A.ii) Xt5eA|iDA, ipòtvi^ teft?Ti) Ai) £f2;g|tOA* 
wjòltt]8 è, A. feì|ibf]*eAC-c^ AijXìJeAjt^A ; 

2 ^oc fe^X^Ì À ccj5 At^IijeApp^^ : a^ SCttHicitN 

8 llolTtS A* Ì1S§TiT>4:;*ojtt ^f tOÀ)C AD tfsjpij : 
c^t)Al6 pfAtlii) 6-^ ttiDH) J otfi 4c4^ fè A0]b|9. 

4 Òffi bo C05 A9 £}5eAftp4 J^u:ob 64f^]9* ^-^ 
TiAel bo be^è ija fo^Avf 4^|itS^ ^IS^v 

5 d||i tf Atfttje-ft^iH^ Sttf*' n?^f» ^ 2SfJj|ii)A : T jo 

6 Do liipe A!) £t5e4fii)A 5AÒ 1^6 M tasyfi fèf^ 
f lyMm Anf A|t» c«LMi;t 49r94 f^ttfis^ASMA) i 
APYDA bttll® Af5èAi)tt]b. 

7 Mjlbttid f 4 fVAf t^ MASttfSe * fof^|ii>e aI oa. 
zMi^i9y bo cfSceAd 6'afi> feAfià^^A * 415 t^A^ 
9A S^ofte 4a)4à 4^f a f o$ii^Af<k 

8 aioc bo bttAf l cè]b5eiTO ija b^lst!^ « ^ '^fl*^ 

9 £0 ÒM)ifè coiì)AfiCA6A'4iSiif ^jin^49C4èA.dti3« 
«bf4», A i^5ff>«y *V ^ *e^i) I Afft !>*it^O) Ajttf 
4 A >9le feiftbffeA^A^* 

10 fXfOÒ bo brAfi f^fiH^ Cf 9646416 ; *f bati}4|ib 
ftfjce iDafiA ; 

11 ^fb<ni ftf J »4 ^<Dofitce4c> 4SVf ♦s ftf^t; 
jlÀf49 : 45ttf vfle Ytfo$4CC /tA>,rf^4^^*t 

IS lisftf i«5 fè 4 bti04ti4$ iD4|i^ 07^e4^c t i)4 
0|$fiè4Cb b9ftt4el 4 jftiiuX if^^ 

15 *A£t^e4fiD4, 4C^ctitwS<^ffofttM6e: ^4 
tf5e4ftf^4, M^hacmi\nm t -js^xieiXj^ jo stW4l44^. 

14i #fft bè4f«4f6 A?>Xf j|e4^ bfif'fice^nTi^ttf 4tft 
4 640fi)tb : T b|4t6 ^ttfte^Cttf ^ 4 bt4ob -4 f«t1^ 

1 5 ^f 4fti5|ob ^sttf 6fi, fiMj^fJe ^4 95«l9te4ft t: 
«b4f 1% Ùm 640t9^ 


«66 f3l«9«KJnM. Asmii. Z^ 

16 Utt bèttl 4kCA, 4^5x7 o{ U6|uk|b : au^ì& r^fl^ 

.17 fic^t^ dUu^r^ACA, 4^3»r III *liH9H>: ^sttr^l 
bpil f df A94il }09A mbèftU 

18 ^r cofnxr\l tifa 4^> Iròc bp i^ t^b : 5AÒ a 
5««1MO0 ^ W^fS loocA. 

l^ fC c|J ^ritAel, beA$Yf$ a9 ifJeAjipAr a cfj 
KAjiotQ, beA9a]$ ao Sf^OAtiOA. 

20 fC ctS «èB|, beAout^ ao IfJeAtiO^ : flbR q a 
*ì^ll 85^ ^^ MJ^AW>^ beAoiHSe ao Sf^eAiiOA. 

21 «0 10 a6 beAnv]^ Aò£l$.eA|i94^4tr ^fOO^ voo> 
cùnfnr^je^f aq JeiiYfAleiQ. 


^olr|6 A^ ^fSeAfi^A, ò|ti ir n>A1c è : d)|t m^lS 
A èfidcAffie cofbce.. 

2 <lf<|ki|6 DfA 94 obèet ^fi fOAfl^lÌ^^ C|i(^Af|ie 

5 Hol^ KfSeAtiOA QA ccfjjeAftOAb : 6f p toMFIS 
AÌ|i6cAffie cof6ce. 

4 fCo cè bo of fO05AQCAC4.i06|Mb : 6tj|i i9A^f|it^ A 
c|i6cA||ie cofède. 

5 fio cè bo fifoe 04 t^Uftif l6 b^AjOA : 6f|f 
^Hlfè 4. Cfi6c4t|ie cot6de. 

6 fio g6 bo f fo At04c AO caUjò 6r cfotJ OA OB|r- 
3046 : 6t|i to4tS 4 cfi^c^e èo|6ce. 

7 fCo cè bo- |ii|ee r^^Ufe io6|ìa : 6t|t i04t|t|$ 4^ 
C|i6c4||te cof6ce ; 

^ ^^ SM40 be t*|4SU6i r40 l6r 6ft» lO^tftf J 4 * 
C|t6cAf fte cof6ce ; 

^ fCo 5Sl4c, T 04 ftjlcA bo t»|4SU6 04 bot6ce: 
6|fi i04t|if5 A cfi6cAffie òof6ce* 

10 flO' c6 bo bvAfl A o^pc, TOAfUe ftè 04 cèfb* 
SeiOfb : 6ff% t04f fif5 4 Cfi6c4f fte òot6de ; 

1 1 fCsuf fcii5 JfffiAel Ar 4 103660 fiO : 6fti loflfj. 
A CfidcAf fte co|6ce j 

12 «è Uf 10 Uf bf ft ASttf U ftf J rfoce A104C ; 6ffi 
''^^f fkfS, A'èfi6c4f fte òofb^e^. » 

13 fCo cè bo ftofo 40 ^ìTfi ftti46t 4 ob^ Cif^r. afli 
."^^IWS 4 iè|ii6c4ffte iSof6dei 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

jfn xxviiL Là. aHtl 9&%Tt,<n. 467 

14 ^5«f èus q JfftAel bal èjifb a 196^869: 6i|k 
^^IMS a cjidCAme cei66e. 

.15 *5rf 'bo cUò]6 #4iftAO A5»f a flvAj A^fA 
^vf]! ìlitAi6 : ò\^ lOAtittS ^ t{i5cAf]ie cofbce. 

16 tCo cè bo èfted|tvf6 a ÒAOtDe f a9 bfoc]tAi9 : 
6||» tOA|m$ "A C|t6cAtite òo|6ce. 

17 tCt) cè bo bvAft ]t]^ i96]tA : 6ift m^W^\t a 
c|tdcAt]te òotbce ; 

18 tisrf 00 tl)Att6 itJSèe 6]]t6eA|tCA : 6]]t id4]5 
41 C]tdCA;|]ie co]6ce ; 

^19 ^]1)0D |ttS 9A 9tliD0)t)ceAC: 6f]t ti|A]]t]$ a 
c|t6cA]]te co]6de ; . 

20 ttsvf *5 ]tf5 *A.f AD : 6]]t ti>A]]t] J a c]t6cAlfte 
co]66e ; 

21 ttyvf ctt5 A %treA]tA$ ti)A]t 0]^eAcb: 6]]t 
ti)A]]tt§ A èfi6cÀ^]te cot6ce ; 

22 dt5n«A<^^ *>''riw^^l ♦ feffibffeAc: 6t]t iDgtj 
A Cft6cA]]te cof^èe. 

23 aioc bo crtiijDfS o]ir]o to9A]t fCA]b r]]tff|l : 
6]]t ii)A]fi]2; A cftScAffie èo]6ce ; 

24 ti^uf bf rAf 5A]l ]0 6 4 i):^|tQb]6 : 6t]t tDA]]t]5 
A c]t6cA]]te cof8ce. 

25 3Do be]]t f è A]tAi) bo Dr]le f eo]l : 6]]t iDA]]t]5 
A c]t6cA]]te cof6ce. 

26 ^dlìf6 D]A D]tbe : 6]]t 11)^15 a c]t6c4e 6of66e. 

27 tr^Af 6 btt]6eACUf bo ìf^eAftDA t>A ccf jìjft- 
i}u]6 : 6f jt iDAf]t]5 A C]t6cA]]te co]6cefc 

Ps. cxxxvii. Siq^Jiumma. 

iCAfti) fiè f ]tocA]b *Abfl6D, A$ ftD bo f »15211)4, 
bo Jtt]leAtDA]t ]:6f : ti)4 bo CttfiDDfJeAtnAft ^f^D. 

2 J)o cftocAtDAft Aft 5clAtftf OAèA : 4 f \ple65Aib 
fopA tt)eA6oD f t^. 

3 df ]t AD^ ]fD b]A]]tAb4 AD Ittcc bo ]tY5 a Uftì) id 
b]i]AC]tA ceo]l, Asrf ai) b^tgii) bo ]t]De cA]tpA]i) bf^ 
lvAC5^]]te : A5 ]tA8, £ada]6 8tt]D> crfb bo cA]t)- 
c]Cfb &]O0. 

4 ^ifODtff CAD]?At1) C4l]1)C]C AD 2tfSg]tDA : A CCaI- 
Ati) C01tì)C1^A6 ? 


«6» amfNSmSWU dnmìàLUL 

i9AbA6 ii)o Utò Se^i* A jlfMÌf . 

6 SiBA^^Uè iqot ceAo;^ bMèco|i fHor ti^tl, m«OA 
cc>rti>9f5« fQ& ^ltcr^ t nHU}^ n3ln^«^fi|è Jettaf^feii) 
6f Cfo« o^iilUlS i^ f ^♦'lf • 

^ iCtt|ii)i)15, 6 A &Qe4(}io;is ^1*9 «*0B^ ^ l5 4è* 
|irf Alom* voc A MbAfttc : loòUtft, coèUf^ ^ 30 
V^ise A b1ocbA|i. 

B <K A t^a# #4b]ld9, D^è^^oèUtlttSsn- ^^ 
f OQA A1) cè A]c8ìolf Af leACf A bo lMf$e4Mèc, 9oè 
60 bfol c4 l|#e. 

9 «a8 f ODA Ai) cè i)oc jUcf Af : T bvAflirfOf bo 
9^6f9 4^ iH$4tÀ i)A CÀf|(Se. 

Ps. cxxzvìii. CoT^tefRtr Hbu 
^tlotf A fi)è Ctt lèri) \fle cpoièe ; 5f coiSo DA Dbèe 
c8^i)f A ipè t^f4liD 6ujc. 

2 Do 6gT2 iDè 4^6]!^ cvn) f>M;S^ff bo D^on)C4CCA ; 
1 ii)olf A iDè ct(]Dn), 4t* fOD bo ctiòc^e, T èfiwe : 
^lfi bo iD6|tAi6 ctt bo b|ti4C4 fièb tCiDtD uile. 

3 t(DTA l6 tD4^H bo 5^]% iDè» bo f IveAji^ cu. iDè : 
bo f AiitftD5i6 cr De^itc ad tdadatd. 

4 <S) A £»ì5e4|tD«if iDolf Afb V'XSce da caIiì^a^ <^u : 
òifi bo cYAUbAit biti^citA bo bèjl. 

, 5 ^5»f bo 6$4rD4ib ceòl a fllscib ad ItSgt^t)^: 
6|it ir ìD6|t 5l6t|t 4D JtiJeuftDA. 

6 i8jo6 5tt|t a|tb AD I»t5eA|iDA, 5i6eA6 bo ct fè 
AD cùidaI : 1 AiCDise f è ad crAib|tftAC a bf Ab uaS. 

7 ^4^ ftrbWiiD A IWA60D AD Cttit)5At6, Atcbe66- 
dcttt6 Cttf A TDè: 4 t"OD feiit^e ido D^ibAb f^Dfe cit 
itAtc bo Urb, T cft-|ic66At|t iDè lè bo Utib 6etf. 

, S XÒtlbMoDf A AD'2tt5eA|lDA A 0b4 4 IDO fODfA : 

Ac^ bo c|t6cAt|te, 6 a tjJeAitDA^ 50 f |ot|trt6e ; D^k. 
C|iè|5 obAflt bo Urb. * 

Ps. cxzxix. Domne^ p^Mii 
<S) A 2tt5eA|iDA, bo cttAttctt|5 cd iDè 50 lèf fl, AJUf 
bAtcf9 tò iDè : tf AfcDe 6mc tdo f itfge, 1 iD^|tt$e; 
cttt5e zCi iDO fiDttAiDeA6 a bf Ab uAfc. 


2 ^fopA ctt n)ù ÒAXWf Ajuf mo l>f6e f |of : T 
-ATli cii edlAC Ai|t ìt)o rltjcib r|le. 

S fCi) CA9 pAÒ bir>?l A9 f ocaI a5 n)0 ie^r)'5^)6 : 
trèuc, 6 ^ ìtfseApoA, |r Aicue òìfCfe ftD uile. 

4 ftio ^1A|5 T jiorijAri) 5AbA]6 cu Ati) c|ii>cioll : 
leA5Al6 cr bo IaH) o^rti). 

5 -3ff iot)3A!)CAc ceòlr f 6f nxo c|op ; ac^ f è Ar.pb, 
p^l j^Abr|iD |ioc&u|i) crije. 

6 £ei b^ic ^ |tACAi6 n)è d bo fpjop^b : t>ò c^, 
^^fs A ccej5f e iDè 5 bo |i4i64bftc ? 

7 ^^ cètjiri) f uAf 50 |rlA]ceAn)Drf, ac«^ ^uf^t 
^: i^À uUri)r|5|io ti)o leAbA]6 a DtFt^lOD,, l?èuc/ 

ACÀ l^f A A l^CA]]i. 

8^ "^^ 5^bu|ti) fctAcA.1i) DA ii)Atboe: T n)^ cori)- 
i^tttSl'iJ A tiAD^tb tro|tt|on)UcA D^ toa]*^ ; 

9 tir} fio fof ctte6ftdcr|6 bo l^viDfA w)è: A^uf 
co]De5cr|& bq l^ri) 6eAf iDè. 

10 fi5ttf n)\ bettt|n), .if^Qtledcat6 ad bo]tcAbrf 
fi)è 50 be]ri)|D: bt-c^l^ a DO]6ce 50 b4|]tbcA D4^ folrf 
A19 ttrDCtoU. 

11 fip botiCAbrf fèto DÌ 6o]t6rt5to9 uAtcff, *f 
tfo bet|t A DO|6èe f oluf rAtce iDAti ad l^ : iDAtt aii 
DbO]tCAbuf tf Aiblttt6 ftD ACA- AD folrf . 

12 <S)ttt bo feAlbr]6 cr iDo 6abAtD : ^t^olrtj c(i 
ii)è A iDb]tot9 TDO ri)^CA|t. 

13 ^olt?A tDè ètt, bo bftfj 50 DbèAÌtDA6 tD^ 50 
btoD5ADCAC, A5ttf 50 b$5AlAC: ]f *5]]t6eittc èofb- 

jt^ftAèA, T ACa A f|Of ftD A5 tDADAtDfA 50 ]td ri)A]C. 

14 9(l]]tAtbtD0 DSt^c A bffoUc oftcf A, adcad be 
|ttDe6 iDè A DrAt5D10f : T bo 1)Otb]t]5eA6 iDè 50 

1)eAlA6ADCA, A ftADA]b fOCCAfl^CA DA CAlri)AD' 

15 Do coDCAbAft bo f ^le ido ibeAll, tDfocrtDCA : 
1 bo b^b4 iDO bofll uile fCftfobcA ad bo leAb^fA; 

16 £0 ftfbeAb A Db~6tlb l^ Aft l^ : ad cad DAC 
ttAfb AOD bfob. 

17 tCft A D^bAftfOfD cftèb è ri^dftlrAfS AC^Xfb bo 
fiDttAf Dqjce 6AibrA, 5 a I>\)^ : cftèb è iDèrb 4* 

1« 33A. DM!^"WStV tA^j 1t If-* 1 Ab lè A 5Cdri)Àf ftgri) 
V^ AD S^1%"> • ID^^t^lMtDf 1 AO«itlD bO jD^iC A^Abf A. 
2 R 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

470 Wtt JPStCW^n. Jn xxix. U. 

20 aioc UbfiAf Ab A3A16 50 bvficatbjc : T bo 
Da^tri^e betjt tii^ryrt) 50 bton)4kOtP. 

21 aiAÒ bf^fl fVAjè A3Ari)f A OjtiA, 6 4^ Ìt321*0<^> 
^5^ bfMÌ f VAC Oficf A : ' A3iif tjAÒ bf^l f gti^ o|%vn) 
letf A Dbtiott)3 ètT*51or T^^^r ^^ ^S^t^ ? 

22 9Cè fVAt btoi)5ri)^lcA f uAtct3ifi) t^^^ * AZ^]b 
iD^tt !)M")^^ 4^3^11). 

23 tvAticì^ ì!)è, 6 4 l5è, A3uf CM3 nyo ciiot6e : 
ceAfCttt6 ii)è, A3uf cv|3 !t)0 ffi)uAti)C]3e. 

24- tt^uf f èvo Ai) bf^l fMSe 4 b|è C|0!)cac fo5- 
AH) : A3Vf cftedttutò w)è a fltSe t)A f fotti^ÒeACCA. 

Ps. czl- ^npff me, Dofmne. 
' SAOtt tt)è. 6 A ^tSS^^A) ^9 bttoc6tttT)e : o f to|i 
A t)foittèt3|t) cottbèAb n)è ; 

2 OÒU>c^fn)UAtDiof vtic6ib a 3cttot6e : 4 f g6 ad 
Uè cttut$13|b A 3ceAD a cètle cvn) 003^^6. 

3 JDo JèAttvtsoAbAtt A cceAD^CA Arbvtl Atc|ti 
D|tì)e : Ac^ i)tti) t)A DAfctteAC to^A tnbèul. 

4 £otn)Sb n)è, 6 a ì>t3$t^DA, 6 lAn)Atb da cc-ton* 
CAC : bfbtJ) n)è 6 f |ott a t)f 0|ttèt3tP, voo f AOtÌtof 
11)0 coffcètn)e bo clA0t6. 

5 b,^oW3eAbAtt da b^Atbttts ad f^At^cèAft Art) 
cofDe A^ttf còttbutse ; bo f {DeAbAtt l|oi) t^è CAob 
V^ fMs^^^* ^o CMttCAbAtt iple Art) co]De. 

. 6 ^ bttbAtttc n)è ttjf AD cXfJeAtiDA, tf cuf a n)o 
l>tA : cltttD, è A IfJeAttDA, 3VC n)ACCttt!)3eA6. 

7 tì> A tfseAtiDA, A Ì)è, DeAttc tt)o fUDvnsce : 
bf oltttS zà n)0 ceAD a lo ad òaca. 

8 ai4^ beÒDttt^) ^ A tfJeAitDA, n)]ADA da ^ctop- 
CAc: A3Vf D^ cttfocDttis a Db|toc c|ODf 31)^11), 30 
DAC D^tttbe6cv]b tAb f ètD. 

9 ^ft fOD ceAD i)A DbAOtue, D06 c|!DctoUAf n)è 
'f ^ 3Cv4c : folcA6 cvbAtfbe a n)hè]l fèfD t^^* 

10 XttfceA^ 3ttAl otttA : cetl^ceAtt ApfA cefoe 
f Ab A bpolUib bot!Ì)!)e, fODbttf dac Dètttjtb. 

11 OJA bAtD^otcfott feAtt DA bftotòceAD^CA Aft 
caUiì) : f OAjt A Df ojttètsfp bo 6èAD^ vttcotb feAl- 
A3 q cvn) A 6|beAttcA* 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^n xxix. lA. 0(1% Ì?.Sfi-J«<n. 471 

12 4r Atcoe 6Aff); 50 DbèAi)4 AD XfseAiii)^ Cg|tC 
t>ci? buAiSgfiCAC ; T b|ie]C§tt)i)rf bo i)ì?itgfb>?6e^c. 

13 00 betrblP fi)olf ^ ao Fl^èriJ! c%|Oii) : b]At6 
^x) ce^jic pA cotbpri^e q ca^a^S. 

Ps. cxlL Doniine dttmavL 

tt tfSeAjiOA, èisiTD crsAbr^ b|D beicf||i cu3- 
A117 : CAbA]|i ètfceACc bon) ^rc a9 cai) 5^iti) Oftc. 

2 ^joò fi)tt|ipAì5 4 i)A biittujAÒ 6f cotpe ÌAi^ce 
fijAft c>?f: cosbail frAf ti)0 Uii) ti)Ait ìobbAi|ic At) 

" d tr||t, d A tf3Sltt)A, F^e ^ ttjo bèul : co]n)èp 
feojtttf 11)0 ptttffi)eAb. 

4 9(((à cUoi) f*)0 c|tot6e òuti) b|to|ci)efce : cuid 
bfiotc5i)fotì)A bo 6èAt)Ait) pè bAOtDtb poc otbntJt<>f 
uttdòtb ; T D^ l*t5 ^^"> t^® ^^ Tt)btA6tttb tt^tUft. 

5 ÌuAt'*^*^ ^^ T!t**tti) ii)ftj btt6 ctDeiìl 6Atì) t?T) "• 
^5f ttD6eAtt5A6 f è iDè ; 

6 Iflltt6 oU.ftD DAC fDbtttftfi6 iDO ceAD s bf^^t^ 
K^f iDO Jrt^e led joda DADACAt|i. 

7 ^Att bèjb A tDbtietceAtbtttD A|* D^ ccetl^toD 
f fbf lè cAobtt]b DA CAt^^e : a5 fiD elttiDf^t^ "?^ 
bfttACttAfA, 5ttt tr AOjbtD lAb. 

8 ^flAtt coclAf DCAC, A^rf fcotlcfOf f è coda6 4 

AD CCAUtb : AC^tb A(t 5CD^tDA A|t DA fSACAÒ A 
CCtlDCtoU bètl DA bttAtje. 

9 ^CC Òtt^Abf A, A ÌtA 1D0 tÌ5St*^A, ACAfb IDO 

f^le: tODAbfA bo CM|t iDè iDo65t5, D^ lèt5 ^^^^^ 
3AD bfbeAD. 

10 £ttrt)bttt$ tDè Att DeAfic ad fAtDcèttt, Doc bo 
frtJeAbAft ATD cotD^ : aS^T ^tr* l^^l^ IrccA oth- 
fitsce DA bttpc5|be. 

11 XtttceA6 DA C|ODPtttS tODAlfoDCAtb t?ètD : ad 
feA6 bfAf iDtft A5 bttl CAtt^tr- 

Pfl. cxlii. Voce mea ad Domliiiim. 

l^èrD ^uc bo 5^tl^ ">& CtttD AD Xf^AftDA : ì|tètD 
Juc bo t^t^tof iDo srtbe ÒYm ad SfseAttDA. 

2 l)p 65tttc iDè 1D0 JeAttliD AfD^c 5f a cofDe : 
bf^otUftS iDè iD^9ACAtt* 10D«^ ftA6Dtttfe. 



^ Digitizedby VjOOQIC 

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V] t^tb Aoi> bo A^t^òÒAÒ fi)è. 

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ctCt9ftl ; 1 Abfnrtb 9A f 1ttèl9 Af9 ctf^ctoi^ ^p b|A>6 
cvfA cloòUtceAc 6ai9. 

Ps. cxlSL Jb&mmt, erimX. 

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AèctpT)5e : Aft èflttt^e f^èS^ ^^> 1 ^9 tf fft Ji)ca6c. 

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6ttt 9f trfttèA9CAp 9eAC bed a9 ctftA6t)tt|fe. 

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f9At99 bo leA5 T^ 19A9AI9 cttf9 f>A caIi9A9 : èvj fè 
optti9 cdf99ttt5e bo 6èA9Afi| A 9bottÒAbAf, tb^ft a^ 
6ttaf9S ACA tÌ)Attb ttè pAbA. 

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t90 cttot6e t09Ai9 A fct5 f^eAjtvtSce. 

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T9& 4 tdfbtieACtttbfe vtle c bo fi9VAtf) t^è Attt 016'»' 
|teACAtb bo lArì). 

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cètb f fof A9f A I05. 

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f9Atb|9; ^t|iir t09Abf A C(ttptt9 190 6^15: caWiii 


:jiHXTcix.Là. ax^ »««^<rf. 473 

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ir cv54ibfA tò^ha]n) prAf ii)Ai)4rt). 

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^bfA ce^qn; bom f oUc. 

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^IA : C[te6|tvf5eA6 bo 6è]5fp]0{iAb n)è a |xeAc a 
ccAUrb A!) b|o|t5vtf . 

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^èÌQ : A1) CffltèApCACb bèAftAf CU I1)A0ATQ ATI)AC 
Af A1)ACA]]t ; 

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'V^ìmbe : Ajvf f cfttoff A cu 5AC a ccf 5 a cC|*dcioH 

tDAt)n)A, 6t|t if 11)6 bo fetftbffeAC. 

Ps. CxlÌv. Bene£ctui Dominut, 
00 ii)a6 beApvfj; ai) Xf5eA|ti)A ti)o CA||tx?c : poò 

vb^QIOf 11)0 lAlÌ)A CVT1) CACA9 Tt)0 Tbè||t CUtl) C05A|6 ; 

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iDFSlt f AO|tCA, TDO f5tAC, ASUf AD Cè AD A SCXpiTD 

TDO 65|5 : Doc àrblu] JfOf iPO ^AOfDe f 6td. 

3 % Ìfà81**^^3k ^T^^ ^ ^'' b^De> Af A iDbetttfOD 
cu AfCDe ^ : tdac ad bwe, Af a cctt^Ab cu n)§f ^ ? 

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lAèce TDAtt f cAfle A5 bul f eACAb. 

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CMfÌ VAfC ATDAC bO fK)l5be, A^ttf cfA0t6 tAb. 

7 4Jutft uAfc bo Utd 6 A D^Af : f AOft n)è, f cA|t* 
èAf J TDè 6 DA b'V'irS*^^'*!^ TDÒftA, 6r Utw) V^ clofDe 

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Uib 6eAf 5Vft Utb 6eAf bftèfS^ t» 

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cf AjlTDceòUc : T 4 lOtJr^ftYTDAtDc 6efè ccèAb cAd- 
tJAf TDè pr^l^") 6V|C. 

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èAftcutSlof DAfbf A fefftbffeAC 6 clofbtOTb a d^Ic* 

11 lÀfttufs, T x^^J^ ^^ 6-Utib clotbe ad cotib- 

2 R 2 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

474 .am 1H6%3Km. . Jn xsx. JLi. 

Uii7 6eAf srji Uiii 5e4f bfièfse j. 

12 Jiù^x ^ |iAbAib A|i mfc ip^ji pU^bnije 
iii^ A5 f àf ]o^^ p6]5e j 4^ pi9^fM^ 194 àloò^ 
e|iì(9e) 4 t^ DSeAm^^ be ttèf |v dor^^mUòc pairUrr- 

IS tifl rSt^^l'-^^ ^S CAb4^|||l» A 9ì9U Ct9^1ll 

fcoffii ttACA : Afi bcnè4bA A5 bfefi iò|lce *i betc 
i9lUe t09Afi rP^^b. 

M «ifi DbAfib l^bffi ctf^otbfiiSe; 549 bfitre*6 
A txeAc, 9^ bttl AiQAC : v^ seAfiAD A9 4 rÌ^Y^b. 

15 ^r roo>A 94^ bAotne Ac4^A9f^ tM^^^.' ^T fo* 

^ t>A bAOfpe^ AJA bfr^l A9 &|Ì#Atl9A^ 9A Ì)\4ì A€^* 

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dcAb ttltotn cofbce, asvt 50 bfti^* 

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cofbèe, A5vr 50 bfi^è. 

5 Jr n)^^ M t^i^eAfiDAi *f tr fOWòlcA ^o fi5 
^ffiACCA : A^uf t)\ Drttfl cttAfiCtt5A6 4 ^ n)d|i6Adc. 

4 ^nolr^ 5IDeAlAc tofbfieACA bo 5|i)èAlAC ofle: 
^S'^'r f P|tlf eòcAfb bo tofoipA critJACCACA. 

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6ActACA : ASttf Atfi bo gpfoìbvfb foi^^ADcAÒA ; 

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VAtblifAc: t ròftlfeòcA i9lff bo it)6|t6Acb. 

7 1CA]be6ttvi6 f |Ab 6f ^ffib Cttfitjpe bo t9A]CSf a 
i96fYte : A^vf c^^fnfb Cf tftèAt)CACb. 

6 fic^ ^9 Hb]teAtti>A g|ti^fAt9>H, Ajvf U9 bo 
cfivAfse : rA&rvttt95fceAO, Ajvf m^ftcftocAttteAC. 

9 Ìff i9Atc A9 ÌtS^Afi^A bo 9tt]le : Asvf acA a 
c|i6cAtfte 6f ct09 A ojbtteAC ttflè. 

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bèA^Òctttb bo 9A0ti9 Ctt. 

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bo6èA9Atb CAt9C Atft i^o t^eAfic ; 

Ì2 JDo cvji A fi)6|tt59totbA, A5vr tt)6tt6ACb jtdtt- 
t9Att A fif 05ACCA A ^vrbAfl : bo clot9 V^ 9bAOt9^* 

13 Ìf ttfo^Acc f fOftivt6 60 fi'togACCf A : ASVf bo 
cvi^ACbA cpè Pttjle 5f9eAUc. 


JÌH XXX. Là. .«« »«f( A«?T. ^YB 

cv^ctfD : Ajttf tdrbr^ f »àf idi t)«|le cUooAf f lof. 

15 «^efctb f ^le a pmU oficj*^ : Agvf bo 6e|fi ca 
A ti7btA6 66fb to^A AH) t^èf^. 

Ì6 /ofcU|8 CY bo Uib : Aswf r^r'^lS ^ "^W 
A i)utU i)etci& bedff 

17 -Jf fifiòunt^ ♦vJtlJeAtHJA te^A fMscib : T tf 
:i|Aeif)CA to^A otbfitb ntU. 

Ì8 Jf fosiif AP ÌtjeAiiPA bo 54C 409 SotHifor 
4 : be 84rò A0*> S^lritof 4 A br1|*lSe* 

19 £otrblloi)f A fè iptAt) PA btiufDse Att^ * btrìrl 
A e^sU > 1 eÌMDt^e r^ a «^5^t1** 1 r-^ofitfA fè ^^b^ 

20 £otri)^Abu]5 AD SrfJeAtiDA ad tbètblèft btoi)- 

ibtttD è t Àsrr r^ntorr.^ r^ ha fcutU c]oncm. 

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beADtttseAb a DutÌo f eotl %t9<9 a 9AOii)CACbA 
co]6ce, A3rr 50 b|iAC» 

P8. cxlv!. LàiOài aMihà mea. 
tfi) A)ÀDA«), n)ol ADtfS^i^t^^A ; iDolfA <Dè AD ÌfJ- 
eAttDA A^ TDO'beACA : cADfJAb pr^l^"? ^^^ ^l^ ad 
|reA6 iDAttirfo^* 

2 9tlA cvttif^ bttti Db6|5 A bp|itODprt3]b, d5 a 
iDAc Ai) bvtDè : a9 i)Aè fe^V'tl rl^tDce. 

3 £ètb A adaI atdac, fitlft^ r& curD ACAlti)Ai): 

fD^AèAtb A r«)VAtl)CtSfcè AD U f fi) f ^ID. 

4 ir N'Ji ^ft ^^ ^S^ ^l^^^l^ ^H -3f Aòob Afse ri)4 
'caB4 • ^S^ ^f^^'^ ^ ^*Ì3 ^^'r^ *'f5Sf*T>A, A t)| A fètD- 

5 9Xoc t>p titD© DgiD 1 caUiì) ; Ai) iì)ìrtt, T à D>?le 

1)f6 AC«l tÒDCA '! DOC CODSlftAr t\^\V^ t^ ri^tl^^^® r 

6 %3 Cttti btiètceATl)D>?r -* 3Ct*tc boD cè bo Uj- 
ut$èA6 ; À3 CAbAtfic AtiAtD bo D5C|tAò. 

7 i/^ttArcUt6 AD EfSeAtiDA DA Pt^foruDAtS : ifòf- 
5U16 AD £fSeÀti»)A rufU i)A DbAlÌ. 

8 X53btt{6 AD XfJeAtiDA rttAf ad 6^10^)5 cUot)Af 
rfor : tr t^DmuiD Utr aD cttseAttDA dA t^]>.è)^. 

9 4Ìo|ri)èAbu|3 ad ^LfJèttDA Ài) b>^Dè cotsòttfce ; 
AD 6f IUacca t ad bAtDC|teAbAC cS^bAt^ r^ r**^r ' 
Acc Cttftit6 rè f^fSe Ai) ctoijcofg buD 5r ctOD. 

10 ÌJtAf6 AD SjgeAttDA A ttìòSACC ^d r1òtti^6e : 
bo Ìl^f A, 5 A èjot), 5 SfDeAlAÒ 50 sìdoaUò. 

^ Digitizedby VjOOQIC 

«76 Sdft VBVJK^n. JnXJL^Là. 

Pb. cxlvii Xoitia^e Dmmmm, 
itolv^Sfl Ai) 3L{i;sTti>A ; 6^]» if iDAfc pr^ilff? bo 

^ fboUb, , 

2 «^ont5i)iJe AD £fteAfiDA JefiBf Aleti? : C|i^i5 
f è A 5ce4iQ A 6èf le bfDeA|tcof5 <9f|tAel. 

3 *«lSìnS At) biiifce A ccjiAOfbe : t ceAD^l^ 
fUAf A i)boflSiof A. 

* ^lfttblS fft 'n^^ll* i)A fièvlcAD.' bo beffi fè 

'ADtQADA OfftA vfle. 

5 Jff ii)6|i 4 cSfJeAttDAj A5nf ff ti)6|iCvif)ACCAc: 
Dl bfVfl Af fteAii) Afi A èvfsfiD. 

6 lòsbtifb AD X'ISSTtDA fVAf AD cs5r«S : cetl- 
5^6 A9 cf ODCAC ffof can) da CAlri)Air. 

7 £ADAt6 bOD ÌlseAfiDA ftò idoIaÒ : c^d^i^ 

pf AtlfD CVID Afi DXè Af tt AD S^l^tltflS > 

8 Qdoc f plcttf DeAiD ftè D^ullatb) Doc vlliDis^tof 
feA)tCtttD bOD caIaid : Doc bo 6et]i 4 ^ PFè^*]^ f ^f 
^lfi DA f lèibc|b. 

9 I>o betii f è bo DAtDibi6e a b|A6 : A^vf bo da 
f tACOtb axA Doc S^tjtiof. 

10 3lf DfOD A bù^l A DOAfiC A Det<S : Df b]OD b^l 
.Atje A ccof Afb AD bXDe. 

1 1 19] bà]l A5 AD cX]J;eAftDA ADf A luCC A|]l A 

iDbJ A oa^Ia : Doc c^ftfOf bòtj ]0DA c]t6cAtne. 

12 <nol AD ^lS^^ì^^^j 6 Jejtvf AleiD : iDolf a a* 

XfSeAftDA, 5 A &fOD» 

13 difi bo DeAftctttS fè bAt]ttt6A bo 6ot]tf] : bo 
beADV]5 fè bo lefDtb ad bo ii)eA66D. 

14 €>v|5]6e fè f]oc64i]D ad ^idjoI: tè iDèACAf 
C)ttt]CDeAccA f ^fttijq fè l\x. 

15 iC>;]t]6 fè A ]t^6A A]|t AD ccaIaid : ''f ]t6 Itt^u^ 

ti]ttOf A b]t]ACA]t. 

16 J>o be|]i fè va6 fDgccA Aib>|l oIad : fF|tè|6e 

fè AD ffOC l|AC AlÌ)Vfl IvAfC. 

17 £e]l5]6 fè AiDAÒ A l|^c 0]6]te n)4 StiSi9ADA : 
C]A f èAbAf feAf Alt) 6f CMbe A feACA ? 

18 £tt|fttr|6 fè A b]t]ACA]i ttA6, A^ttf Ioaja f6 
f Ab i fèjbfe tè DA A:^r^|l, A^vf n|C]b da b^rSS^^- 


^^ XXX. LL adtl 9Sti»tt. 477 

19 iiFoiUnse fè A 6|i|4bi4ii» bo ^Àcdb : a tXAC* 

20 Qdf 6èA|iMt6 Ai9ltt]6 f |!> bo c|t}eA6 4 b|c : *i 
^ b|ie]ceAiì)9Vir 9f<^ bAftOe 6dtb ]Ab. 

]^. cxlviii* LaudaU DofhinunL 
^oltt|6 At) 3t]5eA|ipA. <noltt]& Ai) SfJgltOA 6 1)A 
■©eAftjuib : ti)oltt]6 è AoriJA b^^^v^b. 

2 <!1oW6 è, Aitjjle f èfD ttile : idoIì?6 è, a f IuaS 

3 <noltti6 6, A Sftf Ai) Ajttf A SeAlAC : nj6W]6 è, 
A r|le jièttlcA AO crolif]'. 

4 <noltt]6 è, A peAiÒA i)A ^eÀiì; : i i)a bttl]'3è6A 
ACA 6r 0]d9 i)A i^OAtt)* 

5 <nolAib]r tl]i)n) AD tìSgtiijA : 6]fi bò A]cif) r^j 
A^ttr bo C]tvèa]^A6 ]Ab. 

6 ttgyr 60 6At9$i)t6 rifr òot6èe Asur 5« bn^jic 
{Ab : Ctt5 r^ tidAèb ua6, Ajvr DÌ r^tt*^^^^^!^ 1' 

7 ^Uit6 AV Kf$eAtti)A 60 ccaLaiì) : A 6ttA5(iQA, 
Asrr A Ytle 6o]ii)i)e. 

. S Ketoe Ajttr elotcfDeAcbAj r^e^^^^ T ^'Sc^ ' 

5AOC A1)rA6AC, A3 OOtl9lf01>A6 A btltAtAttt« 

9 0(li r^ètbce, *i 9A b^W C901C : C)iet9 èottAt6, 
A5vr ^ ^5^1^ ^AbAtti 

10 ti9 ^CAÒ aUca, Ajnf A 9irle Ati)tb16# : ^ac 
T>f6 f O^lSlofj ^5^r fett<)Utè re^^z^v ; 

11 iH5cei)ACAltt^Ài)ii t)A h^hb 6A0t^ : t^t^foo- 
roije, Asrr tt]le btie]ceAtt)tttD v^ caIidad r 

12 *i5f]]i A5vr ròr iDAtSb^ooA 55A, rs^^^i^^ 

A^rr letD]b, iDolÀt^fr ^IW ^V £ìSeA]tDA : 6]ft 
AC^ A tC]DiD An)^]V A]! DA Àt^btt5A6 50 1)6t]t6e]pc, 
ACli A 5l6f]t 6r C]OD DA caIidad A^ttr DA DeAti). 

IS ti^rr b^t^brts rè a6ai]ic a 6A0tDe ; tDolA6 
A DAOttb r]le : cIada Hf^^eXy v^ bAO]De ac^ a 
btro^rr b6, 

Pb. cxUx. Cantate Domòio. 

<noltt]6 AD 5£fSsftDA ; c^Dttt6 boD ^f $81*1)^ c^]D- 
c]C DttA6 : b]o6 a iì)oIa6 a 5eotibctOD6l da d^ioid. 

2 D$da6 .9r]tAel IrACS^ttte tob^ ò|tttCA]5ceojtt : 
bè]Dbjr cIad èfoD r^l^r ^V A JHfJ. 


47» 911« I^SICJX^. An xxx. ZJ. 

«>bi5, 1 A]]i Ao TOUiiinS cM)Atbfr i^rAriitt) Mr^tj^ 

4> <6||| Ac^ brjl a; ^i) tli^e^\it}^ }OÌ^ SM}V^h : 
rcètmij r^ ^9 ceAPprtS ttfe r^^ijrj^ò. 

5 S^OAtbfr i)A iMOtii) lii4^t5Ì|]te 4 Dsldtfi: con?* 
S«ttl*^fr lo5<^. le^tbvtò. 

6 l9jo6 Attbn)oU6 £è a9 a n)b&al : *i crotStolii 
6à r^ob^^t^ t^^^ ^^l'^ > 

7 JDo 6èAi)Ari) b}otAlcAtr ^ V^ S^lORb : r"J4i6c- 
utjte Atfi i)a bAOjOto; 

8 JDo ce05Al 41 t*Ì3^'5 ^^ r^4^^P^^**l^ • ^ OttAtHe- 
l* r^l5l5lb lAtittVP. 

9 JDo cvttAi) bftetcearbDvir X^ì^}^^^ ^ 5^1*1^ 
otjiA : tr o^^M^ r^ ^^ i)Aori)à|b vfle. 

Ps. cL Laudate Dommum* 

^olat6 Ai) £f$eAti04i. ^olttf6 Dt^ to9'A f)Aori)- 
CACC : iDolYf^ è 4^ rp^ll^lb A crri)ACC. 

2 <nolat6 6 t094^ ri)dt^$1>f^^^l^ • i^latt^ è^ 4U 
9toti)4ib 41 ri)dftbACb^. 
• 3 ^olttt6 è ttè 5rt 4H) ctiriDpA: ii)olaf6 è letr 

AD crAicAttt ASttf letr ^^ s^iMpnS' 

4 ^olttt6 è letr AD bcMiatti tDbtS A^rr letr ad 
bpfob : 1D0W6 è lè A6b'^6tb cèrb 1 letr ^ WttSÀD^ 

5 <11olrt6 è U 50icAtb 9iJn!bA ty^ bfreAb^D : n)oW6 
è letr AD bt:eAb^D 5CA0I50CA6. 

6 <f1ol>f6 A Dvtle AD^t AD 3£fS^At*9* • i^olttf^ri 
AD XfJeid^t^DA. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Digitized by VjOOQIC